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Waterfront - Belfast, Northern Ireland
May 19, 2003 with Four Tet
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there there
i might be wrong
exit music
kid a
subterranean homesick alien
sail to the moon
dollars and cents
go to sleep
where i end and you begin
paranoid android
everything in its right place

encore #1
the gloaming
punch up at a wedding
fake plastic trees

encore #2
sit down stand up
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Submitted on: MAY 24, 2003 19:13:44

Last night was one of the greatest experiences of my short eighteen year old life. It was to be my first time, my first experience of being in the same arena as the greatest band in the world. Me and my friend, Ryan, travelled over to Belfast from Newcastle airport, our flight leaving at around 7.10am. We?d been up since 4.15am and as I?d been too excited to get a wink of sleep, I was understandably exhausted. By the time we got into Belfast it was only 9am, so we had to waste away the hours until the opening of the doors of the Belfast Waterfront Hall. As the day wore on, the excitement began to build, but the overwhelming feeling that there was fuck all to do until we actually went to the gig was building at an even faster speed. After a trip to the tourist information building, and a visit to see what the Waterfront Hall was like, we wandered around aimlessly. To cut a long story short, we ended up going to the venue with the other fans who wanted to get their place at the front after a trip to the cinema. Despite the fact we were seating, and didn?t even have to queue, the excitement began to rise from the minute we got into the venue. The fact that whilst sitting on the steps Phil casually strolled out into the foyer (then turned round and went straight back through the door he came through) only served to heighten our anticipation.

Anyway, lets get to the part that you all want to hear, ?fascinating? though the story of our day was! Yes, that?s right, our journey home! What? You want to hear about Radiohead? Well okay, don?t blame me if you fall asleep though! Okay, well lets begin with a little description of the inside of the auditorium! It was Nice. Okay then, now onto Four Tet, the support act. I think that his act can be best summed up with 3 words, ?Fuck?, ?As? and ?Boring?. Now its up to you to put them in the right order!!! If I wanted to watch someone fiddle around with a computer I?d stay at home and watch myself on my web cam. It wasn?t just the fact that there was no engagement with the crowd, it was the fact that his music was completely unoriginal and highly dull. So when he finished his set, I clapped loudly, not in appreciation of his set, in appreciation of him leaving the stage.

Now, drum roll please, lets talk about Radiohead. After roughly 20 minutes of the technicians tuning and setting up the instruments, the familiar electronic bleeping of their ?intro? began. Then the masters casually strolled onto the stage, picked up their instruments, and got ready to begin. Despite my sheer exhaustion my excitement levels were nearly through the roof as Phil counted in for the first song, ?There There?. The first thing I was struck by was the amazing quality of the sound, the drums were clear as a bell and everything sounded perfect. When Thom stepped up to the microphone to sing the first line of the song, this was when our jaws dropped. ?Fucking HELL? exclaimed my friend, as the little maestro?s crystal clear voice floated around the arena. What followed was nothing short of magnificent, the even more rocky version of the song setting the tone for the entire evening. Indeed, although the song is different from last years live version, and now sticks closely to the studio version, Thom gave his guitar a damn good thrashing as the band went all out. As I said, this set the tone for the entire set, as all songs seemed to have an extra rocky edge. They followed up with this breathtaking ?2+2=5? and followed with live favourite ?I Might Be Wrong?, which had a truly inspired performance on the outro. Next followed an absolutely awe inspiring of ?Exit Music?. We had the usual hushings of the crowd, and the expected twats who shouted things, trying to be funny. As Thom strummed the first couple of chords over and over again, waiting for the shouting to stop so he could begin singing, he said ?in a hurry are we?? (or something like that anyway!). Tears sprang to my eyes, and were then wiped away as the drums and fuzz bass kicked in for the last part of the song, which seemed to sound even more bitter than ever. As the crowd were in raptures, the band launched into an absolutely brilliant ?Scatterbrain?. Thom?s vocals were so good, and so warm, you couldn?t help but feel overjoyed. Next, came possibly the highlight of the entire gig for me, ?Kid A?. Thom introduced it as ?this is a joyous song, we?ve got loads of those, it?s about children and rats?. The organic live version of this song is a joy to behold, and gives the song a whole different feel. It lead to some funky dancing from Thom, and he also got some laughs with his vocal delivery and the way he pressed the keys on his keyboard (also when he pressed two at once by mistake and said ?oops!?. Next up was ?Airbag?, which was cut off halfway through after Thom stopped singing and was talking to a technician (apparently he snapped a string). The band carried on but it sounded almost as if they were jamming without Thom at the forefront. He then came back, and changed the settings of his guitar, making it louder. He said ?should we bother with that one again?? and was greeted with a loud ?YES?. So there it was again, sounding incredibly loud, passionate and rocking (or should I say RAWKing?). Now came the biggest surprise of the night, ?Subterranean Homesick Alien?. It was the first time that it had been played live for years, and was just as brilliant as ever. After ?Backdrifts?, which was very cool and saw Thom doing more dancing (he?s a good little mover!), came the beautiful and ethereal ?Sail to the Moon?. Another massive highlight, with Thom?s vocals absolutely flawless. The biggest indication to how brilliant Radiohead were last night, was that when they then played ?Dollars and Cents? (one of my least favourite Radiohead songs) I absolutely loved it! ?Go To Sleep? is a showcase of Jonny?s massive talent with a guitar, he absolutely makes this song live with a bit of well, showboating really towards the end. Brilliant, brilliant versions of ?Myxamatosis? (great bass from Colin and wonderful drumming from Phil) and ?Where I End and You Begin?. The latter is one of my favourite of the new songs, with superb moody synth from Jonny, and an amazing performance from the rhythm section. The next three songs were a throwback to the Kid A and Amnesiac tours, with ?Paranoid Android?, ?Idioteque? and ?Everything In Its Right Place? following one after the other. ?Paranoid Android? drew a massive roar, and was absolutely intense. ?Idioteque? sounded really tight and was brilliant as always. We were also treated to a prime piece of Thom during ?Everything In It?s Right Place?, when he went all out and held a vocal line for a ridiculous amount of time. As the song carried on, Thom was the first to leave the stage, the rest of the band followed, waving as they left. Last to leave was Ed, who was greeted with the loudest cheers. As the band came back for the first encore, they waved to the crowd, smiling. They were treated to a cascade of clapping and cheering, a reception truly worthy of such a great band. Thom introduced the first song of the encore, ?The Gloaming?, as ?a song about the right?, then joked with the crowd before starting the song. I have to say that I much prefer the live version, I?m not sure what it is but it got stuck in my head and I couldn?t get it out. After ?Punch Up At A Wedding? (one of my favourites of the new song, and it didn?t disappoint). Then, I got more than I ever could?ve asked for, I was almost in heaven. After playing ?Just?, they followed with ?Fake Plastic Trees?. I was in tears (again!) as Thom delivered an absolutely beautiful vocal take, reminiscent of the version played at the Astoria in 1994. Sticking to the rather rocky mood of the night when the song kicked in, it REALLY kicked in, magnificent. This was the end of the first encore, with Thom saying goodnight to the audience. As the band took to the stage again, they played ?Sit Down Stand Up?, another song I?m not totally sure about. It was pretty good, but possibly the most disappointing song of the night. It did feature a great leap from the piano to the microphone at the front of the stage from Thom though! Finally, the closing song, possibly one of the most important songs of the gig. ?Lucky? was chosen, and boy what a good choice it was. They launched into an absolutely beautiful, haunting, perfect version and I couldn?t help but shiver as Thom sang ?kill me Sarah?. The perfect end to a perfect gig!

All that?s left now is to talk about my night in Belfast International Airport (which was SIK) and journey home, but that?s another story.

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