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Corn Exchange - Edinburgh, Scotland
May 21, 2003 with Four Tet
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there there
national anthem
sail to the moon
where i end and you begin
go to sleep
we suck young blood
no surprises
sit down stand up
pyramid song
paranoid android
my iron lung
everything in its right place

encore #1
the gloaming
wolf at the door
like spinning plates

encore #2
talk show host
karma police
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Submitted on: JULY 03, 2003 18:07:18

I know that this might make me very unpopular but this gig,just like the last one I saw in the circus tent,was a bit of a dissapointment.Too many new songs as yet unreleased lead to most of the crowd standing wondering if the songs are good or not.Their is no substitute for watching your favourite tracks played live...Radiohead simply didn't play enough of everyone's favourites to make it a great gig.That little rant out the way,when they did decide to delve into the back catalogue things were considerably better.The National Anthem sounds great live,Lucky and No Surprises were beautiful,My Iron Lung and Paranoid Android were awesome as was Idioteque. Radiohead will continue to be one of my favourite bands to listen to at home but I'm not sure that I could part with 30 again to be half entertained.

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 07:59:34

I don't know what was wrong with the other reviewer but the gig was amazing and as the NME put the best of the brief tour. Obviously I can't comment on the rest through. Myself and my mates drove up from newcastle expecting a dominent HTTT setlist with hopefully some classics thrown in. As the other reviewer stated it was a hour long wait, after several false cheers from the crowd Radiohead finally entered the stage. With being so close to the band it was especially good, one expected a quiet affair with the venue being small and compact (like when I saw air 2 years previous), and the anti mosh/crowd surfing posters outside. However "there there" kicked in and the crowd went mad, I'm no shy baird having seen both primal scream and the foo fighters at the front row live, but you just expect radiohead fans to be more conservative through. I'm not complaining this intensitfied the atmoshere and the set list was well composed, I admit I had familarised myself with internet recordings prior to the gig (but don't tell anyone). Indeed the band played more songs than I had expected and there was little room for complaint althrough fake plastic trees would of top it off but of course it never happened. The only downside to it was that a few of the audience momentarily seemed intially to be more interested in the football untill thom said something like "either fuck off and watch the football, or stay and clap along to "we suck young blood" which was echoed back by the crowd "fuck the football".

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 08:51:46

This was my second Radiohead gig (the first was Glasgow Green in 2000). I couldn't believe I managed to get tickets for this show! To get the chance to see my favourite ever band up-close, at a venue only ten minutes away from my house, seemed like a dream come true. And Radiohead didn't disappoint. They were absoultely fantastic. There was a really good balance of new and old material, and the band were in great form throughout. Thom's onstage chat was pretty limited, but he seemed in good cheer. The ongoing football slagging match between him and Ed was great (Ed kept updating the crowd on the UEFA cup score, much to my friend's annoyance- he'd been trying to avoid hearing about it til after the gig - and Thom kept slagging him off for it because he couldn't give a shit about football).

I'd heard the new songs from the previous shows in Salamanca, etc, but had kept from listening to the leaked versions of the album online, so hearing 'Backdrifts' and 'The Gloaming' (especially the latter track) for the first time were the highlights for me. They were absoultely fantastic. The Bassline during 'The Gloaming' made my body shake, and Thom's voice, put through a weird vocal-effect, was brilliantly eerie. I can see this as being a standout track on 'Hail To The Thief'.

Thom (who I hadn't realised was so tiny) was completely immersed in the act, and went crazy during 'Idioteque'. Phil, wearing his now customary pin-striped suit, looked more like an accountant than a musician (and all the cooler for it), Jonny was either shredding away at his guitar or hiding behind his bank of antiquated moogs and synths, and Colin looked like he was having a blast the whole time and kept complementing Ed on the cool sounds he was getting from his Pedals. After the set-opener, 'There There'(which is always best live), Ed threw one of his drumsticks into the crowd, who went wild. They also gave fantastic performances of 'Like Spinning Plates', 'Talk Show Host' and 'Wolf At The Door'. Thom laughed his ass off during 'Karma Police' when Jonny gave a little improvised twist on his piano and compeltely offset the ominous mood of the track. It was great to hear them being so self-deprecating.

It's easy to take a great band like Radiohead for granted when you just listen to their records but I don't think you can really appreciate how truly great they are or how amazing Thom Yorke's voice is until they're fifteen feet away from you giving a note-perfect rendition of 'Sail To The Moon' or 'Everything In Its Right Place'.

With regard to the other review here slating the gig because the band played too many new songs- don't listen to him! These shows were a blink-and-you'll-miss-it chance to see one of the world's greatest bands in small, intimate venues showcasing the new material from their upcoming album. The fans at these shows were the absolute hardcore, most of whom had come from America and Japan just to see Radiohead play(A guy in the crowd, from San Fransisco, had been to the last 16 consecutive Radiohead shows!). I was more than happy to hear the old favourites but I personally came for the new songs, and I'm sure the crowd would have been pleased to hear 'Hail To The Thief' played in its entirety. This was evident when each new song was greeted as rapturously as the old classics. Indeed, my only niggle with the gig was that they never played 'Myxomatosis' or 'A Punch-up At A Wedding'. But beleive me, that doesn't mean I was dissapointed at all. The NME said that the Corn Exchange gig was the best of the tour up to that point and I can well beleive them.

Plus- the night before, on Princes St. (which is the main shopping street in Edinburgh), i was standing waiting on a bus, listening to 'Kid A', when who should walk past, but Ed and Phil! I almost had a heart-attack. The best two days of my life.

Submitted on: JULY 29, 2003 08:19:03

Having never experienced a Radiohead concert before, I was very fascinated and excited about the prospect of seeing this incredible band at such a small venue as the Corn Exchange. I got to the venue later than i had wanted, and a large queue had already formed. When the doors finally opened, I rushed in to get as close to the stage as possible. Some reggae music was playing in the distance and there was a mysterious, almost hypnotising turquoise glow from the stage. After a sizeable wait, the band finally appeared much to my delight. Phil, Ed and Jonny were all playing drums for the first song "There There" which looked and sounded fantastic. When Jonny's guitar riff came in, the concert really took off. From then on in it was a tense and emotional night. The UEFA cup final was on and the crowd seemed on edge as well as being blown away by the sounds of Radiohead. This made the atmosphere even better. "The National Anthem", one of my favourite songs, sounded very good, and had a radio sample at the start to kick it off. Then to "Lucky", a true anthem and it sounded glorious. There was a run of five new songs next which got a little tedious as i hadn't really heard alot of the new album. However, the songs will grow on me as i listen to them more often. When "No Surprises" started, i knew that this was going to be a special night, shivers were sent up my body due to the sheer beauty of that song. "Sit Down, Stand Up" was good, and "Pyramid Song" was exceptional, with the jazz drum beat pushing it along towards the end. Thhen the run of the night. When the titanic guitar opera of "Paranoid Android" began; my all time favourite song; I went out of my mind. The riff, the solo and everything about this perofrmance made my night. Brilliant. Then "My Iron Lung" and "Idioteque" came on to my disbelief and i was truly in musical paradise. The conclusion of the night was brilliant, with "Talk Show Host" and the anthem "Karma Police" rounding things off. This band are special and this concert was the best ever.

Submitted on: AUGUST 04, 2003 02:02:05

Radiohead were my favourite band in the world before I went to see them, but after seeing a live performance, I like them more than ever. The 21st of May 2003 is my life. It's almost all I talk about.
The new stuff was amazing! Majority of the crowd didn't know it, but everyone was well diggin it. The classics were, by far, the best. "phew for a minute" and "It's gonna be a glo-rius day!" were the best lines of the night. The whole crowd sang along.

My review is crap, thats cause I honestly can't stress how amazing it was.

The best few hours of my life, the best day, night. Moment. Fantastic, un-believable absolutley fooking amazing. I can't explain it. Every time i hear a Radiohead live recording it literally makes me shiver. Everytime I hear certain songs, I laugh! It was fantastic. Heaven.

And I'm going to see them again in November :D

Submitted on: AUGUST 08, 2003 01:52:34

The earlier reviews go into the real details of the gig, this is more a reply to the first reviewer. This was a fantastic gig, one of the greatest bands of all time showcasing new material to what was supposed to be hardcore fans. The gig was superb with the band playing the new material excellently. The only downside was the fact that there were too many people like the person who wrote the first review in the crowd. They didn't play enough from their back catalogue??? Did you completely miss the point of this tour? It was to let fans hear the NEW material. It was because of the number of morons like this that there was something missing from the atmosphere in the corn exchange. I mean who the fuck shouts about football at a gig? Radiohead were fantastic, I just got the feeling a few folk in the crowd would have been better off sitting at home listening to creep. Then they could have given their tickets to real fans.

Submitted on: AUGUST 16, 2003 03:10:33

Just a few points really:

i) If I ever had any doubts of the benefits of downloading the unmastered MP3s of HTTT then this gig rid me of them entirely. Having familiarised myself with the MP3s (I have since bought the album) I was totally into each and every one of the new songs performed. Unfortunately the same can not be said of the majority of the people I was surrounded by who only registered any enthusiasm when tracks from the Bends and OK Computer were played. The rest of their energy was spent trying to determine the Celtic result.

ii) Sightlines not all that great. This venue is a multi purpose hall which means they do dinners and functions and seminars and everything in between. It is not a dedicated live music venue which is not ideal when you want to see the best live band on the planet.

iii) Was the sound all that great? I was pretty near the speakers and could still hear quite clearly the conversation of several people around me (usually regarding the footie). Is this because of the inadequacy of the sound system or the verbosity of my fellow giggers. My ears were not ringing or feeling any worse for wear when I came out of the Corn Exchange which suggests it may well have been the system.

iv) Radiohead still rock, and I will be there at Earls Court in November

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 07:59:33

Btw... I don't see why people cant like the old material. I really enjoyed this gig even though i was too hot to go right into the crowd. It was great and people did ruin it with the football thing...

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