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Apollo - Manchester, England
May 22, 2003
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there there
national anthem
morning bell
sail to the moon
sit down, stand up
kid a
no suprises
we suck young blood
paranoid android
my iron lung
everything in its right place

Encore #1
the gloaming
i might be wrong
the tourist

encore #2
talk show host
fake plastic trees
Show Notes
Before The Gloaming, Thom announced "It's Philips birthday", which resulted in the crowd singing Happy Birthday to Phil. Jonny also sampled the word "Philip", and fucked around with it during the song. Thom announced "This is a song from our third album. We've got six now. That means that we're old."
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Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 03:32:00

A fantastic, energetic performance of class
songs, old and new. Stand out new tracks were opener There there and sail to the moon ("this is a hopeful song, we've got lots of hopeful songs, haven't we boys?" Thom). After the set closer everything in its right place, the boys delivered superb rendtions of the tourist and fake plastic trees.

Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 22:57:38

ok so it was ace fantasic gig..but im SURE thom didnt start the birthday song for phill. when queing we all arranged to sing to phill at the beginning of the first encore!! not thom starting and the audience following!!! *shrugs* ah really was good. talk show host/lucky/just and the tourist were all unbeliveable!! the new stuff rawks too!!! :D

Submitted on: JULY 02, 2003 10:50:07

Radiohead have been my favourite band since 'the bends' yet this was the first gig i've been to and it did not disappoint. I was chuffed to hear just, lucky, i might be wrong and the immortal paranoid android. The best song for me though was mymatosis due to atmosphere, fake plastic trees however was almost tear jerking. I've got tickets for MEN gig in November aswell, hopefully i'll get to hear spinning plates and street spirit live!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 06, 2003 05:22:32

Amazing gig. The drums at the start of There There were great and it was the perfect way to start the gig. Thom announced Phill's birthday, which prompted the singing of "happy birthday", which was a nice touch.

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