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Shepherds Bush Empire - London, England
May 24, 2003
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there there
national anthem
morning bell
kid a
go to sleep
climbing up the walls
sail to the moon
sit down stand up
no surprises
talk show host
where I end and you begin
paranoid android
everything in its right place

Encore #1:
i might be wrong
the gloaming

Encore# 2:
fake plastic trees
how to disappear completely
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Submitted on: JULY 01, 2003 05:39:50

Awesome gig. The best I've ever been to.

We were on level 2 at the back of the tiered seating on the right hand side.
That way we could stand up to get an even better view and take pictures.
Only trouble was that for most of the gig Johnny stayed to the extreme right of the stage so I didn't see that much of him.

Hightlights for me were:

There There, with Ed and Johnny on drums whilst Thom played the guitar part. Fantastic start.
I hadn't heard 2+2=5 before. Absolutely love it now.
It was great to hear Kid A played live. And Thom seemed to enjoy playing his mini keyboard.
Climbing Up The Walls sounded truly awesome. Hadn't heard it live before.
Sail To The Moon is a beautiful song. Hope its going to be one of the singles.
No Surprises and Paranoid Android were both as fantastic as ever. The latter got the biggest cheer of the night.
I Might Be Wrong was one of the few occasions when Johnny ventured across to Ed's side of the stage. Looked like he was having a good time.
Lucky is always great and tonight was no exception.
Thom introduced Fake Plastic Trees as "an old song". It was the oldest of the night but was played beautifully.

Far too quickly it was all over.
In total the gig lasted around 2 hours.

Between two of us we took over 150 photos, some good, some crap. If you want to take a look head to and follow the Radiohead link.

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