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Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA USA
October 27, 2002
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Street Spirit
Morning Bell (piano)
Nice Dream
I Might Be Wrong
Sail To The Moon (piano)
Like Spinning Plates (piano)
True Love Waits
Paranoid Android
Show Notes
Thom played an acoustic set at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit concert.
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Submitted on: MAY 25, 2003 11:42:16

I saw that the set list has already been posted, but I figure I could add some review flavor for Sunday's version of Thom's performance. Although tonight was more 'old stuff' (he played 2 songs off of The Bends!), it was nonetheless a great performance.
Here was the set list with my take on it:

1. Street Spirit - Thom Yorke has shown what a capable guitarist he can be by flawlessly performing this song live, showing every Radiohead fan in the vicinity that he has improved much in his guitar playing.

2. Morning Bell - He sat on the piano, picked up a mug, and mumbled to himself "mm, nice cup of tea," before starting into the Kid A version of Morning Bell. This song was played wonderfully in a solo performance,

3. Nice Dream - Back on the acoustic, he went right into this version while delivering an almost perfect vocal copy of the original song, complete with all the wails and echoes.

4. I Might Be Wrong - Probably just like last night, with Thom going somewhat crazy during the end of the song.

5. Sail to the Moon - Like last night, he introduced this as "a new song." If Radiohead's new album is even close to how beautiful the first few chords were, no one will be disappointed.

6. Like Spinning Plates - Remaining on the piano for one more song, he busted out with the typical live performance of Like Spinning Plates, never missing a single note on the piano while delivering piercingly accurate vocals.

7. True Love Waits - Anyone at this show should consider themselves lucky (pun intended) to hear perhaps one of the best acoustic songs Radiohead (or Thom himself) has ever written.

8. Paranoid Android - Before applause could subside from True Love Waits, he started into the all too familiar intro to Paranoid Android, which instantly became a jaw-dropping experience. He managed to pull off an entirely solo/acoustic version, while completely going nuts during the heavy guitar section.

Although we didn't hear There There, Pyramid Song, or Lucky, getting to hear Sail to the Moon, True Love Waits and Paranoid Android today was probably more than I could have ever asked for.

Submitted on: JUNE 29, 2003 17:01:52

The idea of Thom Yorke playing solo, brought a very dedicated, distinctive crowd, but this also means that Thom's fans were distributed vaguely among the thousands of people. It was interesting to see the reaction of the people who weren't use to Thom's creepiness. It makes you wonder what sense Leanne Rhymes(she played the same day)fans made of the music. Maybe it made Thom happy to know he was really only playing for a few us, because it seems he played comfortably to an unfamiliar crowd. It was a wonderful show full of suprises that no one will ever see again!haha

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