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BBC TV Centre - London, England
May 30, 2003
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There There
Fake Plastic Trees
Show Notes
Radiohead were guests on the Jonathan Ross show. Thom and Jonny were first introduced while sitting in a back room on a sofa with Shania Twain. Once the other guest interviews were finished the band played "There There" (with Ed and Jonny on drums too), after which Thom and Jonny were interviewed. During the interview they readily agreed to perform as the UK entrant to the Eurovision Song Contest (a Europe wide, very cheesy, pop competition in which points are awarded by the voting public of each partaking country), and Thom was told that he looked like someone that Fagin (from Oliver Twist) would have in his gang of pickpockets!! The band then performed a marvellous rendition of "Fake Plastic Trees" to finish the show.
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Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 23:11:02

As was expected from "one of the greatest bands ever", the two pieces performed: "There, there" and "Fake plastic trees" went fantastic, except for one hitch.

The sound was quite poor, and all amps were turned up wrong. At the end of fake plastic for example: Thom's acoustic/electric guitar was almost inaudible, and the drums were too loud (except in there there, they're supposed to be like that).

Watching Thom dance warmed my little heart, and their immaculate playings of their songs just make me get even more excited abomut going to see them in november.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 11:53:21

The show was fine, apart from the small abovementioned sound errors. What irritated me was Jonathan Ross, who set out intending to be the star of his own interview. He didn't quite "get" Thom Yorke, and it showed. Nice to see them on tv though. ;)

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 16:10:19

I really like Jon Ross and his show.
I dont think he wants to be the Star in his own Show ..I like the way he deals with situations and people. Like he does with RH and Jim Carrey. Both stars, both characters that can turn your show down or make it cooler than youd ever thought of.
The Interview with Thom and Jonny was hilarious. They both were really shy but Jon didnt gave up asking questions like the one about Thoms hair.. loved that.
The Performances of There There and Fake Plastic Trees were great..wonderful..and I have to admitt that I didnt notice any problems with the sound, maybe I was too hyped about the Show haha..

(Please excuse any faults english is not the best but Im trying hard to improve it..thanx)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 21, 2003 20:23:00

amazingly good show. i have had a chance to see radiohead perform many songs many times, but this show was cool because i got to see them interviewed and it seemed more personal than seeing them perform their songs.
very funny interview. thom looked cool :)

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