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Musique Plus - Montreal, Canada
June 2, 2003
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i might be wrong
sail to the moon
go to sleep
a punch-up at the wedding
no surprises
i will
there there
everything in it's right place
karma police

encore #1
like spinning plates
Show Notes
Thom and Jonny performed an acoustic set at Musique Plus in Montreal.
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Submitted on: JUNE 03, 2003 16:19:21

Radiohead was here in Montreal yesterday from 8pm to 10pm at Musique Plus (our MTV). This recording will air inJuly's Artists of the Month. The show opened with Thom York and Johnny Greenwood on there very intimate MP stage, performing to a crowd of 150 contest winners, and to the 100 or so people standing outside watching through the glass, listening from the exterior speakers (myself included). They started the set with "I Might Be Wrong", and went on to play "Sail to the Moon" (Thom stopped into the beginning of this one and asked Johnny to start over saying the timing was wrong), "Go to Sleep", "A Punch up at a Wedding", "There, There", "Everything in it's Right Place", "No Surpirses", "Karma Police", and "Like Spinning Plates". To everyones surprise Thom played "Creep" on his accoustic, but extended this version to comment on Bush as President... just kidding.

This was a very intimate show, probably as good as it'll get seeing these guys, a shame they weren't all there, but I'm not complaining. After the performance Thom sat down for a one on one interview, and sneaked sips of what looked like champagne in between questions, giggling at the crowd outside. He seemed fidgety as usual and but gratiously answered the silly questions that came his way. One of his replies had Thom saying how he would want to be a Prime Minister, saying something to the affect "It ain't to bloody hard, is it?". He also mentionned his son and how the world as we know is pretty much coming to an end and quite matter of factly said we have 20 years left.

Once Thom was doen he left the stage and out came Johnny Greenwood, this time joined by his brother Colin. They answered more of the technical questions of making the album. They mentioned how Nigel Godrich convinced them to come record the album in LA, where he had great experiences recording the 2 Beck albums and the Travis album. I don't want to bore you with recording details that you can probably read in any and every article on these guys, but there was a funny story about there LA experience. Johnny mentionned how they got to drive around LA each in there own Mini Coopers, and would drive them in formation down Sunset Boulevard. One of the on-lookers, explains Johnny, yelled out "There goes Austin Powers!".

It was a great experience, just wanted to briefly share this with the rest of you. If I recieve any more photos from the actual taping I will be sure to send them in. If not for those of you that catchMuqisue Plus, tune inin July. They will possibly air this on Most Canadian stations since this is there only Canadian stop.

Submitted on: JUNE 06, 2003 03:26:23

great show !!!!!!

last night
thom yorke and jonny greenwood
performed in a packed studio
at our music television here in the greatest city in the world
(other than new-yorke)
at musique plus
here in Montral, Qubec.

supposed to be an accoustic set
jonny played electric guitar
(and piano on no surprises and karma police)
a beatbox added dimension
but was unnecessary
as other beaty songs without the said beatbox
were beaty enough.
an artistic choice.

...and thom alternated between
accoustic guitar
and piano
(except I will, solo electric guitar)

the set list ? :

i might be wrong
sail to the moon
go to sleep
a punchup at a wedding
no surprises
I will
there there
everything in its right place
karma police

like spinning plates

they recorded interviews with thom yorke
and later with two radioheads present
with audience participation.

thom talked of parenthood
the abuse of power which will hold no propaganda

it will be broadcast on musique plus
5 may and 17 may 2003 at 20:00hrs

since the tickets were the hottest thing in town yesterday
i couldn't get in.
musique plus told me there wouldn't be sound outside
but there was.
we watched the boys through the glass
and when banging window for attention
got the said attention,
thom asked if the windows would hold.
they did.

i might be wrong (thom on accoustic guitar with beatbox)
sail to the moon (thom on piano)
go to sleep (thom on accoustic guitar)
a punchup at a wedding (thom on piano with beatbox)
no surprises (awesome !!! thom on accoustic, jonny on piano)
I will (awesome !!! thom on electric guitar, one voice. perfect !!!)
there there (sounded iffy... thom on accoustic guitar)
everything in its right place (thom solo on piano with beatbox)
karma police (thom on accoustic, jonny on piano)

like spinning plates (thom came back on stage
it wasn't scheduled... will this be broadcast ? i think so.
solo piano and voice)

great show !!!!

wish you were all there

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