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BBC Broadcasting House - London, England
May 31, 2003
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Sail To The Moon
Show Notes
Thom played a solo 'Sail To The Moon', after being introduced by Jonathan Ross as 'the most famous miserablist of modern rock music, who has recently decided to cheer himself up somewhat'.

This performance followed a light-hearted interview, in which Thom seemed in a good mood. Jonathan Ross bemoaned the fact that Noah wasn't in wedlock, but Thom seemed to shy away from the comment somewhat. Thom said that Noah was 'a pretty good painter' and also told us that Noah and himself play with the drum machine together. Thom recommended Beat Pitch Control, Mode Selector (on the Berlin label) and The Black Keys.

He also revealed that Jonny used to get very upset about the numerous inaccuracies in the Radiohead songbooks (published by our good friends Warner/Chappell) but now it doesn't trouble them as much.
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Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 09:52:27

Not the greatest performance of Sail To The Moon.. a few vocal errors, and the song loses a lot when it's just Thom on the baby grand. Jonny seemed more than pleased, predictably, though. Thom was a lot better on Ross' TV show the previous night.

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