Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Beacon Theatre - New York City, NY USA
June 5, 2003
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1. There There
2. 2+2=5
3. The National Anthem
4. Morning Bell
5. Scatterbrain
6. Kid A
7. Go To Sleep
8. Climbing Up the Walls
9. Backdrifts
10. Sail to the Moon
11. Sit Down Stand Up
12. No Surprises
13. Talk Show Host
14. Where I End and You Begin
15. Paranoid Android
16. Idioteque
17. Everything in its Right Place

18. I Might Be Wrong
19. The Gloaming
20. Punchup at a Wedding
21. Fake Plastic Trees

22. Karma Police
23. Lucky

24. True Love Waits (Thom)
Show Notes
Show was also broadcasted live to various theaters in Canada.
There are 34 reviews for this show.

Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 19:23:18

I would have loved to have been there, but unfortunately had to settle for second best. So as I sat back in my comfy movie-theatre seat at Famous Players Collesium in Ottawa, I didn't quite know what to expect. I mean, I've seen Radiohead live in Montreal a couple years ago, but watching from a movie theatre, hundreds of miles away? It just couldn't be the same.
And it wasn't. Not to say it didn't have its own charm, but I would have much preferred being there in person. But enough about me. The band sounded amazing, opening up with "There, There", and continuing their two hour set with old favourites and strange, new, wonderful songs, ending with a beautiful acoustic of "True Love Waits" by Thom. I felt rediculous, sitting there in a movie theatre, eyes closed, taking in the new tracks in my own little way. But in the end, no one cared, and it didn't matter. I loved the show, am still undecided whether the movie theatre thing worked well or not, but mostly, I'm so anxious for the new album to come out, its not funny.

Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 19:32:27

Watched it at Famous Players Colliseum (Missassauga, Canada) and was very pleased. I'm sure it wasn't as good as the real thing, - but 2 hours of non-stop live Radiohead was amazing!

Huge setlist - I wish I could remember it.

Backdrifts was awesome! The piano seemed a little quiet (my fav' part!) but Johnny's outro on guitar blew me away.

Thom's transition into Everything In It's Right Place caught me offguard as well. Johnny pulled off the cut-up and mixed-up vocals really well. I found it interesting how Phil was using a lemon-shaped shaker... fits with lyrics 'woke up sucking a lemon'.....

The band also did a very nice version of Kid A, with clean vocals. Totally changed my perspective on the song.

Can't wait for MTV2 to air it so I can relive the moment!

Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 19:35:00

It was awesome, especially for a show in a theatre.
Such brilliance everytime from this band its unbelievable.

Great choice of songs like true love waits, karma police, lucky, 2+2=5, a whole bunch but I cant remember them all with the lack of sleep.

The cameras werent that bad, Thom was a happy little soul on stage, so was everyone else, the crowd was so into it, not one person was sitting, not one.

Comments that I remember, "this is a dirty song, for dirty people" thom said, then they played i think it was talk show host.

It was also great being a musician and seeing a big band still making mistakes, makes you realize its ok to screw things up and have fun with it.

If the band ever reads this.....thank you for the immense amount of inspiration, i hope to play with or to you one day and inspire you all as well.



Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 20:44:56

Yes, Great Show, We all love Radiohead, blah blah blah. However, as excited as I was to see the show at the Beacon, I was disgusted with the way ticket sales were handled. Radiohead seems to be defending to display lyrics but why aren't they outraged with the way their fans were treated after spending nearly 2 nights on a filthy sidewalk. Thom and the boys and MTV owe an apology to the non-industry regular folks who were cheated out of an amazing once in a lifetime performance this evening.

Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 21:12:23

I arrived at the Beacon Theater at 7:00 without a ticket. I was hoping to get a ticket for 40 bucks, boy was I wrong. Tickets were starting at $250 from scalpers and the streets were a mess full of people waiting to get in and people trying to find tickets. I saw a guy with a sign that read " Lucky Bastards!" This gave me the idea to make my own sign in my sketchbook it read" Hail to the Thieves I need a Ticket!" As I stood there holding my sign up I saw Elijah Wood waiting around with two aquaintances. Elijah Wood was really nice and he shook my hand not something one might expect from a moviestar. Anyway the guy that inspired me to make my own sign came back to me with a ticket of his own for free and told me to wait by the VIP entrance . Apparently some lady saw him with his sign and said "Lucky Bastard?" You need a Ticket? Sure enough his hard work paid off and he scored a ticket for free. I could not believe that he got the so in a hurry I went to check it out. Everyone saw my sign but no one really responded so I started leave the madness. I thouhjt it was too good to be true. As I turned my body to leave some guy from MTV came up to me and said "Let me see your sign!" I showed him and he handed me a ticket. I could not believe what had just happened. At one point I even told the guy that I loved him. THANKYOU whoever you are. It is because of you I had the best time of my life. I have to say that I was really pissed to see that many of the ticket holders didn't even like Radiohead or didn't have a clue as to what songs they sing outside of Creep. There was one girl on line that thought Radiohead was a new band. I wanted to steal her tickets and give them to a real fan that was hastling like myself to get a ticket. Another problem I had was that many of the people that got tickets either knew someone from MTV or was working with MTV that would explain how Elijah Wood got in. I don't think that he was waiting on line last Saturday. Ok enough with the backstory.
Radiohead started at around 9PM ET. I almost cried that's how exciting the athmosphere was. Here is the setlist:
Intro- Where Bluebirds Fly
There There
National Anthem
Morning Bell
Kid A
Go to Sleep
Climbing Up The Walls
Sail to the Moon
Sit Down. Stand Up
No Suprises
Talk Show Host
Where I End and Where You Begin
Paranoid Android
Everything In It's Right Place
( Encore 1 )
I Might Be Wrong
The Gloaming
A Punch Up At A Wedding
Fake Plastic Trees
( Encore 2 )
Karma Police
( Encore 3 )
True Love Waits ( Thom Yorke acoustic solo)

There you have it. The show was amazing. Radiohead once again proves that they are an extraordinary LIVE band, and that they still have what it takes to write new music. Hail to the thief is awesome I have been listening to it non stop since the day I downloaded it. ( I will buy it on Tuesday don't you worry.) I think the album is the "Ok Computer" of the previous two albums. It should not be compared to Ok Computer although many stupid critics who know nothing about the band have said so in thier reviews. The album is seperate from the others and should not be judged against the bads previous masterpieces. The show rocked and I was so lucky to be there. I want to thank all the true radiohead fans in the crowd and all those who could not be there because of stupid ticket sales. Hopefully Radiohead will be back in NYC to promote the album in August. Until then there is always Field Day ( Giants Stadium ) to look foward to.
The moral of the story:
Radiohead $2 Bill Show= A+
Definitely worth the money.

Jonathan Your Site ROCKS!

Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 22:08:34

I am now back in Yale Town listening to "There There" on repeat after witnessing the band who prised open my eyes a few years ago in dreary Hull, England. Being sat in a cinema in Vancouver, surrounded by Canadians eating popcorn to satisfy their weed induced hunger was odd. I am English and therefore am used to walking from the doors of a gig covered in sweat and piss, not like tonight where I was met by Metropolis's many candy vendors (closed) and the tired minimum wage cleaners (closed). How much of an event was witnessed by the many but still the few tonight? The new single sounded as if it had been echoed around most arenas for years, not weeks. The other new tracks played tonight sounded just as tight as "Fake Plastic Trees" (thanks for the treat by the way Thom...). The band have been unfairly goaded in the past regarding their ever evolving sound, but to see and hear it live should come as a reminder to all concerned that real music, such as this is like a fine meal, not a fast food hole filler. Johnny's guitar playing is scarier than anyone who plays around at the moment. To make that old and battered friend of his still sound more relevant than most other bands lyrics is testament to being part of "Todays Most Important Band". Thom sounds and appears to be off the drip of dull contractual obligation after tonight. The audience seemed as hungry as he was to prove a point (after their participation in sticking a middle finger at "democracy" in the lines; "bring down the government, they don't speak for us"). If this ever reaches any one, don't you think "Idioteque" shines far more than S-Club 7's "Reach for the Stars??? Ahhh...reality...thank you x

Submitted on: JULY 05, 2003 23:36:01

I also saw it at the IMAX theatre (Mississauga), not in person. From what I saw at the theatre I was blown away, so to be at the Beacon must have been truly mind blowing. The band sounded clean and seemed to look/feel very comfortable on all seemed to be in good moods. Thom did a few little dances, Colin was hopping around all over the place and singing along. Ed was his cool laid back self, Jonny was in prime shape...ripping that guitar like no one else, and Phil was his usual dapper self ( including a glass of wine).
Since I first hear "The Gloaming", I wondered what it would be like live...and I tell you, I was not disapointed. Other standouts for me were "Scatterbrain", "There There", "Backdrifts" and "Sail To The Moon" from the new album. And then there were the "older" tracks like "The National Anthem", "Everything In Its Right Place" & "Karma Police". But then...2 songs happened, "Kid A" & "True Love Waits", 2 songs I never thought I'd get to catch live...but now that I have, I'm glad I did. So overall...a kickarse show!!!
Thanks to the band for an AMAZING performance and to saying hello to us Canucks a few times (lol). And to a new friend I met waiting in line for tix to the show a few weeks back...I'm glad I got to see the show with know who you are ;)

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 00:02:26

I'm also one of the poor Canadians who had to trek to the local mall to see tonight's $2Bill, but of course its Radiohead, so even the most annoying of Silver City's attractions--firebreathing dragon, Sphinx with laserbeam eyes--couldn't keep me away. I've seen the band live before too and it's not at all the same, but I think because it was less exciting I could almost appreciate it more, i.e. I wasn't in an excited blur, so I could kinda just sit back, watch and listen. Some highlights: Kid A--it's great to hear songs live which haven't been played live before. Fake Plastic Trees--like many I'm sure, this is a favorite. They didn't play it when I saw them on their last tour so it was a good moment. Of course, True Love Waits. Thom introduced it by saying that it's an old song that went away for a while and sort of came back, but should be played more often. A perfect end to an excellent show. Radiohead's energy is another fantastic thing about them. Thom's nuts, which is awesome, and he always gets the crowd going. But the rest of the band too. I love seeing Colin jump up and down before the start of a song. Or Ed dancing, if only briefly. You can tell watching that they really love to play their music.

Oh yeah, Thom mentioned Canada a few times, dedicating Karma Police to us, saying we had bad Karma for sitting in the theatre--maybe 'cause he knows we've sold out to the dragon.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 03:29:27

I watched the show via live simulcast in a movie theatre here in Ottawa. I wasn't sure what to expect (whether they would just stick to material off the new album, what the format would be), but I was very happy to find that it was a full live show, with a normal (perhaps slightly longer than normal?) setlist combining material from the Bends up to the new album. The band seemed to be in pretty high spirits, with Thom throwing out references to Canada (it was simulcast to theatres throughout Canada) quite frequently. The new material had a little extra life to it when performed live (at least compared to the tracks I've heard, some of dubious origin, on the net), and blended nicely with classics from OK Computer and The Bends. Personal highlights included a very energetic performance of Paranoid Android and great performances of Backdrifts and Sail to the Moon. Thom came back on for a third encore and did a solo performance of True Love Waits and after several hours of fantastic performances the show was over.

(One minor note: a "classic rock" station here in Ottawa attached their name to the broadcast locally and had a DJ introduce the show. Unfortunately for him, he called the new album "Hail to the Chief", which brought down a chorus of boos.)

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 03:31:25

To see a great rock band at the top of their game, in a venue with wonderful acoustics, with a crowd that appreciated what they were experiencing, is a splendid thing. The music is still in my head. Especially Thom's "True Love Waits" to close it.

You got the sense that the band knew how much people endured (days waiting for tickets, then days waiting to get in), and were very much appreciative of those efforts. You also had the sense that they were relly digging being the city, and playing for the nyc crowd. They worked hard, sounded perfect, and played choice songs for our enjoyment. The music was gorgeous. The vibe was great. And the band was clearly enjoying themselves, especially Thom.

It was a truly magical evening. Just may have been the best live musical experience I have ever had.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 04:26:33

Watched the show in the Imax from Calgary, It wasn't the same but you wonder why more bands don't do this. An amazing way to get your music out without having to actually come to places like calgary. So I really hope the vancouver show is a go!!
The actual show itself was amazing, the band sounded great and the camera work for the theatre made you feel like you were right there, but the speakers at the Imax were struggling with the bass at times so once again, please, come to vancover so I can get up and really feel that shit. For all you canucks who saw them for the first time I have to say i've never heard them sound so tight, thanks radiohead!

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 04:35:25

My first Radiohead show after years of bad luck and I have to say that there could never have been another show better than this one. Besides being able to sit about six feet away from David Bowie (among the many other high profiles there) the band was definitely on top of their game. It looked like they were enjoying themselves and that was given back through the music. Just when you think you can't be a bigger fan, you see a show like this, and it changes you even more. As far as the treatment of the fans, I have to say it was one of the worst handled events I have been to and would not have put up with that for anyone but Thom and the boys. Absolutely amazing, the 300 dollars I had to pay to get in was worth it.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 04:41:31

It was a great show. I was about 20 rows back. I was nervous because of the MTV aspect and the general admission policy, which could have blown up in their faces but didn't. I saw the San Sebastian shows last Summer and the setlist was very similar. As expected, the new songs are much tighter. There There and Punch up at a Wedding both rocked and can already be considered staples. Colin and Phil just dominate on "Punch". I had never seen Kid A live, so that was a treat. What an amazing stretch towards the end of the first set and into the encores with No Surprises, Talk Show Host, the usual Android - Ideoteque - Every Thing in its right place trio, I Might be Wrong, Fake Plastic, Karma, and Lucky. For me, it's always in that stretch that you realize that this band is on a different plain than everyone else. Of course, any show that closes with True Love Waits is automatically a night to remember. But I always leave a Radiohead show thinking the same thing - There really isnt a way to describe the talent of Johnny Greenwood. I usually spend the entire show watching him, which if you asked me is why its best to always try to sit stage right. Just when I'm convinced his greatness is defined by his ability to manipulate sound on his various toys, he picks up the guitar and just kills it. As my wife says - he plays it like he's in a fight with it. When all is said and done, with no disrespect to four other incredible musicians, he is what makes Radiohead separate from any other band today.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 05:00:00

This show changed my life. I've seen Radiohead before, but *nothing* like this.

I've been swimming in memory since last night. Even scored another ticket for 25 bucks and gave it to a friend...

This band is one that is respected and can be understood by people from so many different backgrounds - and to handle it with such poise.

I'm so excited for Saturday!

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 05:07:53

got to the beacon yesterday around 2 and immediatly scored a ticket from some saintly girl named maria. met some great guys from england who came to nyc on a 24 hour jaunt just for the show. i'm sure i could bore you all with the pre-show antics but thats probably not why your reading this.

the show was fucking mind blowing. i really don't know how else to put it. the energy in the beacon was unprecedented, as was the bands energy. their was a collective, and continuous "mind blowing" between the crowd and the band the entire evening. sitting 12th row dead center the sound was amazing.

having only seen radiohead twice before this show and in far larger venues i had never before been able to really appreciate what they do as a live band. don't get me wrong, i got it before, but the intimacy of a theatre show goes such a long way. the new material sounded outstanding, as did all the old gems. paranoid android and idioteque stand out as times when i thought the roof might blow off the beacon. for anyone who cares: thom played neil young's into the goldrush (two versus) by himself before segwaying into everything in its right place with the entire band....just gorgeous.

anyhow, about a half hour before the show MTV did their whole TV introduction, with panning crowd shots of us all going nuts. well, i'm the guy with the yellow t-shirt sticking my middle finger up at the camera yelling MTV sucks...well i was wrong, dead wrong. they put on a fucking great show, no secrutiy, no problems...just lots of trans-atlantic love, and the best show i have ever seen.

thanks to all those involved!


Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 05:11:25

I went to the Beacon last night hoping to score an extra ticket; but even some of those who had tickets did not get in. Had I seen a $250 ticket, I might have bought it . . . but there was nothing for sale. Each person who had a ticket was given a green wristband as they went in the front door; when MTV ran out of wristbands -- at about 8:20 -- they stopped letting anyone in, ticket or no. There was also a passle of VIPs who apparently did not get in due to similar problems; they had to wait on two lines to get in.
I and about 12 other enterprising fans found two 8-inch-square holes in the theater where wires had been run through; the holes afforded a backstage-area view, with ooccasional glimpses of all band members but Phil. We could also hear, and it was the next best thing to being there. My knees ached, tho! After about an hour, the security guard who had been affording us this little privilege suddenly turned nasty and chased us away -- so then I hovered around the side doors and watched the action on a little monitor in a nearby video truck. It was not like being inside, but it was "being there . . . "
I also had some fun encounters as I tried to find tickets and "stolen glimpses"; Michael Stipe walked within 12 inches of me as he headed to the side door; he smiled when I waved to him. And I shook hands with Merce Cunningham, who was standing at the front door by the ticket booth at around 10:30; he said that his collaboration with Radiohead and Sigur Ros seems to be set (tho his assistant was more definitive about it than Merce), and that they will be doing a live performance with RH and Sigur Ros at BAM.
I also saw Elijah Wood and various MTV types; Ian Robinson was bitching to Elijah about a security or other person who was hassling him. (If an MTV2 VJ cannot get in, who can?)
I also heard that only 900 tickets were available to the public; the other 1,500 or so were given away by MTV.
Looking forward (?) to a soggy Field Day tomorrow. Tickets are not selling well, it seems; hope it isn't called off again! At this point, nothing would surprise me! :-)
-- Dave

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 05:13:54

Nothing can compare to Radiohead live in person, but I must admit that seeing them play a 2-hour live set on the big IMAX screen for $15 was the next best thing! I would go again in a second.

The new songs sounded fantastic. 2+2=5 was intense. I also really liked Backdrifts and Sit Down Stand Up. Thom seemed to be having a great time. And he was sure to say hello to everyone watching in Canada too. I think he has a soft spot for us. My only complaint is that they didn't show enough footage of Johnny or Phil. Idioteque was a real crowd pleaser as well.

Radiohead are rumoured to be coming to Toronto in August in case anyone hadn't heard.

If anyone from the band is reading this to hear feedback about the live broadcast to went over REAL WELL! I'm there if you ever do it again.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 05:20:55

There was David Bowie, the lead singer of R.E.M, even Q- tip, and Tyler the guy from the Food Network! But all the celebrities in the world couldn't compare to the feelings that I felt last night. It was a sad, happy,and an exciting night that I won't forget. The sad thing was, after "Idioteque" I was all tired out from the adrenaline rush and amount of dancing I did. LOL Thom ending with "True Love Waits" was the perfect ending. And I was glad to hear some songs from "The Bends." I waited and waited and waited, impatiently, but Radiohead showed me it was worth the wait. Beacon Theatre was the right place to see them. It was small enough for me to feel the energy coming from Thom as he danced wildly ALL OVER the stage. I'm sorry for people that missed this amazing concert. I even took my mom! LOL She loved! She screamed "GIMME MORE!" hehe. I ended up making the conclusion that Thom's voice is the rock version of Ella Fitzgerlad, perfection. Oh god. Thank you Radiohead, it's a night I'll never forget.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 11:16:44

Never a dull moment. Those of watching from Canada had that sign flashed on our screens more than a few times, and I can't think of a better way to summarize the band's performance last night. Radiohead have quietly turned themselves into a band that is capable of producing as many amazing sounds onstage as they do in the studio. There were some seriously unique jams that came out of the strangest places last night (the end of Go to Sleep, Backdrifting). What the setlist doesn't tell you about the Beacon Theatre show was that these boys were having an amazing time--particularly Thom, who on more than one occasion (Sit Down Stand Up, Idioteque) blasted all over the stage and whipped the crowd into a serious frenzy. There seemed to be an incredible amount of energy in that room. I can only imagine what it would have been like to be there.

"There is joy in this song," Thom announced before heading into Kid A, "forsooth". And there was. The version of Kid A they played last night might be the best thing I have ever heard Radiohead do. It was much different than the album version ... more patient, soaring, lilting, majestic. That song alone is enough to make me hope they release this as a live album or on a DVD, because it deserves to be seen and heard, many, many, more times.

Many of the new songs have been played live for over a year now, and it showed. There really never was a dull moment. Neil Young came up in conversation during Thom's interview at Musique Plus on Monday, so perhaps that's why he chose to use one of his songs as the intro to Everything in Its Right Place. I don't know how many others noticed, but that was a special moment.

A moment among many, each one gorgeous. Yes, Thom's lyrics can be dark. But the secret is that he and his band turn them into optimism with the music. Seriously historic event last night.

Do NOT miss them this summer.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 11:28:20

what can i say that hasn't been said already? this was the best concert i have ever seen and most likely i will never witness another one this great. no even radiohead themselves could top that performance.

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 12:49:05

This isn't really a review, since I was among those less fortunate souls that didn't get into the show. First of all, I want to say that even though there were obvious problems with the overall ticketing on the part of they-who-put-on-the-show, I'm happy for those fans who were able to get in and have the intimate experience which tomorrow's Giants Stadium "alterna-stock" is not very likely to be." I'm sure it was a magical, not-to-be-missed event.

Which brings me to why I'm writing. It occurred to me that, since other bands routinely take over the Beacon Theater for a multi-show stand (e.g. The Allman Brothers to name one), the theater is obviously open to this sort of thing. And since even those of us who insisted on lingering in the area despite the theater staff's repeated entreaties to pack up and go home, I think everyone must have realized that Radiohead fans appear to be a peaceful bunch and are not likely to present a public menace. If they tolerated thousands of people living on the sidewalks for days at a time, they can certainly welcome a couple of consecutive shows.

So I'm wondering if someone could suggest to Thom & co., or to whomever the idea should go, to seize on the success of the Beacon Theater event, and pitch them on a multi-show stand for their next area appearance. It doesn't have to be a 6-10 show run like some of the other groups have routinely done, but how about three nights? And since most bands since the Grateful Dead pretty much play the same setlist at every show, with only a few variations, maybe most fans would be willing to be content with seeing only one of the shows, in the interests of allowing everyone a fair chance to get in. might perhaps limit the number of tickets per individual to two, and for only one night, and make them available to the "faithful" before the scalper scum snatch get a chance to get there miserable little claws on them.
They really were the villains at the Beacon--only after the theater had barricaded the entrance did they drop there prices to $50, but by then nobody non-VIP would have been able to get in, so I think they wound up "eating" their "extras". I personally would probably have paid them $50 when there was still a line to get in, but at that point they were olny interested in buying, not selling, and in either case I'm glad I didn't contribute to their filthy enterprise. Hail to the thieves, indeed!

(PS--to the person who wrote the review about the "Lucky Bastards!"/"Hail to the Thieves" signs--congratulations! I think I may have seen you at the moment of your ticketting, and I wish I had known that creativity would have gone rewarded. I'll know what to do next time!)

So anyway, this is my heartfelt entreaty to get the idea out there for a way to pull off having Radiohead play again at an intimate venue, without all the drama and heart-ache undergone by so many this past week. I'll be eagerly waiting for the June 17th MTV2 re-broadcast of the show...

Submitted on: JULY 06, 2003 20:51:25

I was at the Beacon show and I have one question for anyone reading this...Where can I get the song "True Love Waits". It was the last song in the set, everyone was floored by it, just Thom and his acoustic. It's an incredible song and I have no idea where to get it. If you have any info please email me at I would greatly appreciate it.

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 06:05:13

I won my tickets + airfare + hotel stay from my radio station here in Miami and my god, this has to be one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and quite possibly the best show I've even been to. I've been wanting to see radiohead for almost 10 years and I knew it would be great but I never thought it would be so incredible.

My favorite song of the night was easily "Scatterbrain" as Thom sang his heart through it. I lost my cookies when they played "fake plastic trees" and "karma police" and "talk show host" and "idioteque" and I loved the way Thom jangled around the stage and how much energy he put into the music. "paranoid android" was amazing as was the total shock and silence when Thom did the acoustic outro solo of "true love waits" and the "shit." from Thom was also fantastic. :)

Every song took a piece of me really and I'm in total awe still and can't quite comprehend exactly what I've been through. Thanks Thom and Radiohead for making life so much more pleasurable.

I feel bad for those of you who wanted to get in but didn't. There were quite a few people who left early. including some people from my bunch because there were 22 of us (11 winners + 1 guest each) and 4 people left some 20 mins into the show. I later ran into them at the hotel and would've kicked their asses for you but I was loving radiohead too much. sorry. :)

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 06:05:13

I won my tickets + airfare + hotel stay from my radio station here in Miami and my god, this has to be one of the greatest experiences I have ever had and quite possibly the best show I've even been to. I've been wanting to see radiohead for almost 10 years and I knew it would be great but I never thought it would be so incredible.

My favorite song of the night was easily "Scatterbrain" as Thom sang his heart through it. I lost my cookies when they played "fake plastic trees" and "karma police" and "talk show host" and "idioteque" and I loved the way Thom jangled around the stage and how much energy he put into the music. "paranoid android" was amazing as was the total shock and silence when Thom did the acoustic outro solo of "true love waits" and the "shit." from Thom was also fantastic. :)

Every song took a piece of me really and I'm in total awe still and can't quite comprehend exactly what I've been through. Thanks Thom and Radiohead for making life so much more pleasurable.

I feel bad for those of you who wanted to get in but didn't. There were quite a few people who left early. including some people from my bunch because there were 22 of us (11 winners + 1 guest each) and 4 people left some 20 mins into the show. I later ran into them at the hotel and would've kicked their asses for you but I was loving radiohead too much. sorry. :)

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 08:26:18

ALthough I would have killed to have actually have been at the show, seeing Radiohead's performance in the theatres was pretty damn amazing. They sounded just completely AWESOME. Every song was as exciting as the next and Thom sounded beautiful. The songs they played off of their new album were excellent- especially 'there there'(of course!), '2+2=5,' Scatterbrain,' 'Sail to the Moon,' and 'Punch-up at a Wedding.' And all of the other favorites like 'Idioteque,' 'Fake Plastic Trees,' and 'Talk Show Host.' Everything was absolutely perfect and I highly envy everyone who got to see the real thing! Can't wait until Radiohead comes to Vancouver!!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 13:38:58

I got to the beacon at 8:00 b/c of terrible traffic coming in from the east side, so I got seats in the upper mezzanine. I was freaking out b/c i thought they were going to start at 8. Anywho, I ditched my seat to sit at the bottom of the balcony stairs so I could clearly see the band as I stood against the railing.

They started playing at around 8:45. It was amazing to see everyone going crazy as they started There, There. What a great opener! Ed and Jonny were playing their own single drums like a fucking kyoto drum band. I love to see Jonny move to the music. He rocks so much.

The band played a bunch of songs from HTTT as well as old songs. From what I can remember, they played the following from HTTT: 2+2=5, backdrifts, sail 2 the moon, where i end and you begin, punch up at the wedding, go to sleep, scatterbrain, sit down, stand up, and where bluebirds fly. The best from those was 2+2=5 and the worst was where bluebirds fly.
They mixed all of the old songs with the new. So they played : Paranoid Android, Karma police, true love waits, climbing up the walls, fake plastic trees, talk show host, IMBW, everything in its right place, lucky, no surprises, morning bell, idioteque, national anthem. They didn't play much from amnesiac. My faves of the old were Paranoid android and lucky. No bad songs there! haha.
Oh yeah and they played that neil young cover.
they played 3 encores. in the final encore thom played true love waits solo.

After everything in its right place, thom left the stage and came in through one of the exit signs. Not everyone realized except for those near the exit door. IT was great! I don't think i've ever danced so crazily to Paranoid android. You should've seen me!

My friend was sitting behind david bowie and michael stipe. After the show, as we were waiting for our car, i noticed the strokes were standing right next to us. and that was the end of the night. AHHH!!!!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 17:25:00

My first glimpse of the show from my seat in a Famous Players theatre in suburban Montreal was a headshot of Thom wearing those earpieces that seemed to accentuate his ears even more than usual. It was a nice visual touch, a comfort, reminding me that Radiohead is a group of musicians absolutely devoid of glamour. I laughed, and then sat back for a little more than 2 hours, proceeding to have my mind twisted, reformed, and then stuck back into my skull slightly different than before.

What amazed me the most was how much the five guys on stage had grown in even the last 3 years since "Kid A". They were comfortable, happy, enthusiastic, passionate and tight as a snare drum up there. More gadgets have been acquired and assimilated into the collective repertoire, resulting in beautiful, sometimes cathartic noise waves. But now nothing is spared the trip, as these technological doodads (like the sound manipulator that Jonny used between the Rhodes piano and Thom's mic and the PA system -- that was cool) are now just as important as a guitar or piano.

The comfort along with the new toys allowed them to really let loose. They were so upbeat that some songs were noticeably up-tempo from the album versions (namely "I Might Be Wrong", "Idioteque", "The National Anthem" and others), which made the show seem even more exciting to the audience.

Seeing the show in a movie theatre allowed for a great moment to be captured up close for me. The last few minutes of "Idioteque" had transformed Thom into human electricity, jumping, punching air, seducing the crowd with his madness. The song ended, and the Rhodes was rolled out to the front, and the camera caught Thom, bloodshot eyes,heaving chest and all, showing just how much he gave us . . . I was honoured . . . and then I was blown away with two verses of "After the Gold Rush" by Neil Young (which seems appropriate for the times that we're in all over again). It was a moment of glorious contrast, showing that the medium may have changed, but the message can stay constant.

Watching Jonny reminded me of why I became a musician in the first place. I defy anyone to name another musician who shows that much range in any setting. And look at that horrible slacker posture of his! Wonderful.

Demerit points to Famous Players for putting minimum wage amateurs at the controls of the event. They fiddled with the volume a little too much for my liking and sound cut out altogether a couple of times for a couple of minutes each. Unfortunately, IMAX was sold out far in advance, but this did just fine. It was a great experience overall.

And Thom, you wear the hell out of those earpieces!

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 11:26:56

an incredible show! worth the wait for the tickets- worth the wait to get in for GA. as always lucky was completely mesmerizing- and closing with true love waits was a definate heartstopper. most of the fans were extremely knowledgable of the band and polite considering the madhouse to get the tickets. the audience knew most of he songs since they have been out on the net for so long - 2+2=5 was a highlight as well as sail to the moon. thom's energy was incredible especially on kid a and idiotech. this is the best band writing and performing today- there wasn't much played off amnesiac except i might be wrong. most of the ballads like exit music and how to disappear were no played. but the faster and more comsuming songs wee in the set. the cameras did not to seem to hinder the show whatsoever- there was such electricity in the air knowing that thousands were watching it that moment. there there opening with johnny and ed on jananese style drums which was exciting- its great to see them jump from instrument to instrument for each song- the way they've grown over the years and how there music has developed and how wonderful songs from 8 or 9 year ago play beside their new stuff. the new album plays very well live- puch-up at a wedding has a cool sexy peter gabriel style beat with a sense of humor to boot. i hope to see them again this year but a feel little could compare to this show

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 12:31:24

i stood for six hours on saturday. and i did not get a ticket. perhaps i didn't deserve one, and if being late was the cause of that, i would have been allright. but the ticket handling was utter bullsh*t, as i'm sure all of us noticed. a boy behind me had been sleeping on the sidewalk for two nights and did not get a ticket. so, this is my disclaimer of disapproval for MTV and whoever handled the business of promoting this and selling the tickets.

however, i managed to get tickets from a friend who works for that corporate music business stuff, and i managed to get a decent seat since i arrived around 2 PM to stand on line for said decent seat. and man. it was worth all 11 collective hours i spent standing on line, and more.

the best part of the show? perhaps the small venue, the fact that everyone in there could see the band's faces clearly. or perhaps the fact that every fan there had sold their house or at least stood on line for a very long time to get a ticket - everyone was ecstatic to be there, everyone was happier than they'd been in a very long time. or perhaps even the lighting, which was very impressive. or maybe just the fact that radiohead is an amazing band who played an amazing show.

personally, i know that paranoid android - never even one of my favourite radiohead songs - was probably the best four minutes of my life up to this point. i thought i lost it during talk show host, but when paranoid android started, something more happened. and fake plastic trees and true love waits? yes, i cried.

radiohead played with such energy - you could tell that they were having a great time playing and the fans appreciated that. the music got into everyone's blood - everyone was either dancing or singing or having convulsions or anything (aside from the men in suits who took up a lot of the back of the theatre. hrm. mtv and viacom cronies, ya think?). after idioteque i literally collapsed back into my seat, exhausted. it was amazing - the band played so well and so energetically and everyone was so glad to be there.

anybody who has ever claimed radiohead to be even mildly depressing ought to see them live at a show like the beacon theater one, because quite honestly, that was by far the least depressing experience i have had.

Submitted on: JULY 10, 2003 15:50:13

I somehow lucked in to two VIP tickets and some free water from the bouncer guy that took a liking to me. It seems that David Bowie was sitting two rows away. The only thing that really bugged me about the concert, it was way too commercial. There were hundreds of people waiting in line for tickets, and only the ones that camped out since two days before got tickets. You must have really had to know somebody who knows somebody to get a ticket. Luckily I know somebody who knows somebody. It was an incredible concert. One of Radiohead's best I think. During Idioteque, the entire crowd was dancing and singing along. Even thought there were seats, nobody was sitting in them. Lots of energy. My review in one word : awesome.

Submitted on: JULY 13, 2003 18:56:16

my birthday was the sunday after the show. thank you radiohead for the time of my life. it was the best birthday ever. it was rediculous everyone had to sleep on the dirty streets of nyc twice to buy tickets and before getting nto the show? it would have been nice if tickets were numbered when we bought them on saturday. the new songs are sexy and the concert was intimate to say the least. thanks for getting us off.

Submitted on: JULY 19, 2003 18:23:59

It was an amazing morning, waking up to the local radio station call out my friends name for the winner of the trip for two to see Radiohead in New York! Airfare and hotel all paid for. I knew he was going to take me because I got his name in the running by calling and getting through and giving out his name cause my name was already in the running. The key to getting through on the radio is to double fist it, u got to have a phone in each hand. We always wanted to go to New York, and not to mention that Radiohead is our favorite band! When we got to the Beacon it was packed! We started to get worried thinking we might not be able to get in. but after a slice of "New York's finest pizza" and some vodka while waiting in line we were assured that we were getting in by the bracelet we received. Once we got in we were incredibly stoked to see how small the theatre is. One of the security guards told me to make a move closer to the stage once the show starts and the lights dim. Not that my seat was bad, I was right behind the sound board where I could see the entire set list. When There There started I noticed that Thom and I had the same outfit on, I guess brilliant people dress a like. anyways I made a move for it. The bouncer by the stage saw me and made a move for me so I bailed back to my spot. I was totally pumped with the list of songs, of course like most of you out there I was A thief and d/led all the new stuff. It actually seemed like many people at the show had never heard the new stuff, they weren't too into it. At least not like I was. Maybe they just weren't big fans. When paranoid android came on I lost it and made another move closer to the stage in a dancing manner. The same guy comes up to me again so I bail once again. But this time he is not having it so he kicks me out of the theatre. I couldn't believe it, no warning or anything. I was furious. I had to get back into this show no matter what it took. I did a loop around the building, noticed there were a lot of hardcore fans standing by the back of the building just trying to hear whatever they could. I talked to them for a bit, then made my way back to the front of the building as they wished me luck. One of the bouncers says for 50 bucks he will try and get me in, I give him 40 he takes it and doesn't do shit. so I end up somehow just walking briefly by security and make my way back to the show. It was during the end of Karma Police. I made it back to my original spot and greeted my old, new friends. I enjoyed the rest of the show but was a little upset that I missed a few great songs. After the show I bought a shirt and then found that shady security guy who took my money, he eventually gave me back half of it. Then my friend and I walk around in the streets of New York while I call the radio station back home to thank them once again. We then come upon a homeless man with a guitar. I ask if I could play his guitar. So I end up playing a bunch of radiohead songs of course while pedestrians walk by. That was a great moment as well. Overall I had an extraordinary experience and can't wait to see them perform again! Steve,

Submitted on: JULY 21, 2003 10:19:16

I too am one of the unfortunate people who spent 19+ hours outside the Beacon Theater for Radiohead tickets........I got about 5 yards from the door...sooo sure I was gonna make it...when all of a sudden...
I cried...then slowly and sadly walked back to the subway where I made my way back to Penn Station,(LOL I went up to the MTV building first to see if anyone was protesting...but they weren't so I just went to the train...) feeling like sh*t not only because I hadn't gotten tickets or because I had stayed up all night long or even because I payed way too much for coffee at the Starbucks I was staring at for most of the 19+ hours on the NYC sidewalk...but because I had more faith in MTV than that and they seriously made me sick in the way they handled things...I didn't even have a fair chance (people behind me all night ended up WAY in front of me and walked away with tickets while I was still rummaging through my bags to make sure I had $4 in singles...another thing they decided to leave out until 5 yds from the door...not to mention, the Beacon Theater employees who didn't know their asses from their elbows...(my favorite was when the biggest security guard of them all yelled out to the crowd "if you don't have a number you're sh*t out of luck"...if you were there you should know what I mean.....and just for the record..that Ben kid messed it up for all of us..I'm sorry I don't suck c**k for my place in the front of the line.....I hope he didn't get in...sorry if I seem bitter)
Oh, and listening to KROC non-stop for hours and days didn't do a damn thing either...because most of the people who won tickets from them were teeny boppers who only like Radiohead because they think Ed is hot...but whatever...trying to surpress my bitterness a bit....
I'm still very sad that I missed this once in a lifetime experience...
Radiohead is amazing..I hope that things turn out better if anything this special ever happens again...
To all of you who actually got in...I hope you really really appreciated it and loved it and I hope you cherish it for the rest of your lives.
Cheers :)

Submitted on: AUGUST 06, 2003 04:57:25

Had the pleasure of experiencing the work of art that was Radiohead at the Beacon Theatre last night, 11th row, center. What can I say? It was a very moving, very psychological and emotional experience. The "There There" opening with Jonny and Ed on drums was explosive, followed by an even more heavily charged "2 + 2 = 5." Thoms voice on "Scatterbrain" was angelic, as it was on "Sail to the Moon," "Fake Plastic Trees," and "No Surprises." Dare I say his voice just keeps getting better with each passing year? "Morning Bell" was flawless, and "Climbing Up the Walls" was unlike any live version Ive ever heard. "Backdrifts," "The Gloaming," and "Kid A" all skittered, churned and pulsed around the Beacon, permeating those untapped little corners of our brains, and Thoms voice and brooding guitar coupled with Jonnys billowing sound effects on "Talk Show Host" were bewildering. Following a very animated and energized "Idioteque," Thom tipped his hat to Neil Young with the first verse of "After the Gold Rush," which then led into a swirling "Everything in its Right Place." Jonnys piano work in "Karma Police" was brilliant, and throughout the night his guitar work was mind-numbing, particularly in the "Lucky" encore, lifting us to places most of us have probably never quite been before. At the close of the night, some of us held back the tears while others let them roll as Thom strummed away and belted out "True Love Waits," playing his voice like a finely tuned instrument.

Thank you, Radiohead, and thank you, Chris, for making it happen.

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