Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Giants Stadium - East Rutherford, NJ USA
June 7, 2003 with Beastie Boys, Blur, Beck, Underworld, plus many more...
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there there
the national anthem
kid a
go to sleep
climbing up the walls
sail to the moon
sit down stand up
pyramid song
no suprises
i might be wrong
where i end and you begin
paranoid android
everything in its right place

exit music (for a film)
talk show host
how to disappear completely
Show Notes
This event was to be a two day Festival in Calverton, NY but due to permit problems, it was moved to Giants Stadium where it was shortened to one day.
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Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 19:15:48

So we'll get the other stuff aside first. this would not be "the great" Field Day" we hoped for. Giants stadium was not a great venue and the rain speaks for itself. Liz Phair was ok when she played old stuff but her set was short (she seemed to have some sound trouble). Then there was Beth Orton who seemed funny and all but man was her set a bore, her songs don't offer muchin a live setting. Spiritualized was pretty good, they work their prog r & b pretty well (though weren't as good as msg with Radiohead 5 years ago). Underworld seemed to get the crowd going but, not me. Blur's set was good though the fact that they only played 4 non-"Think Tank" songs was kind of a disapoinment. My Friend returned from Bright Eyes second stage set and sadi he premiered some excellent new songs and did an excellent version of "The Calendar Hung It's Self"Beck's last minute removal from the set was a huge blow to the atmosphere, it began to seem like the show was just doomed. But something happened as the Beastie Boys hopped on stage. Namely the rain stopped. And so with that the second best live act in mainstream music lead us through a gloriously unproffesional show. The highlight for me was the throbbing bass of their new track they premiered.
So with spirits lifted we were greeted by the main course. Kicking the set off with "There There" seemed an odd choice, for the best live act in the world (ever?). Half way through the incredible set "There There" seemed barely a memory, not to any fault of its performance which as rythmic a Radiohead moment i've ever witnessed. It's just when the song is followed up by an earth shattering "2+2=5" and the brilliantly odd "Kid A" (the personal highlight) it loses some bite. I was glad to see Thom dedicate a song to Beck. The other highlight was the performance of "Talk Show Host" which somewhere in the middle became a classic post punk groove song, showing that Radiohead are about a dozen times more relavent than hot hot heat, liars or the rapture. All in all this less than ideal football-"Field Day" was a pleasure. FUCKIN' LONG ISLAND!!!!!

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 19:36:56

The was show was brilliant...the new material sparkled...especially Sail to the Moon and There, There. Paranoid Android was seemless...Talk Show Host was defiant and intense.

For the encores, Exit Music (for a film) was fantastic, delicate...and eerie.

All told, the show was worth dealing with the wet weather, annoying venue change, etc. But hey Field Day promoters...can't we at least get a free t-shirt for being dedicated fans??? Just wondering.

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 20:44:01

Despite the last-minute venue change, the rain, and Beck's injuring himself, everything was worth it to see Radiohead tonight. Fabulous setlist, and the guys really looked like they were having a good time out there. You could see that Thom was really into tonight's show, as if they wanted to give the fans a treat for all that they've been through over the last few weeks.

Highlights include "The National Anthem," "Lucky," "Sit Down Stand Up," and "Paranoid Android." However, the best performance of the night was of "Exit Music," during which the crowd was absolutely silent. As a result, the song grew even more eerie was it went along, and the mood was just absolutely pefect. Now that I think about it, the four encore songs might have been four of the best five or six songs of the night. I was especially excited to hear a funky version of "Talk Show Host." Suffice it to say, every song was great. "How to Disappear Completely" was a perfect ending for a perfect night, and then began my sprint to the bus, which I made in pretty good time. =-)

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 20:50:44

Radiohead's set at the Field Day fest was do-or-die. Either ride the whole ball of flames into the ground, or pull of a great show and save the day.

Well, they saved the day.

With everything up to that point (RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, the "injury" to Beck, and the less than stellar performance of the Beastie Boys), it would have been easy for people to just cut their losses, go home and call it a day. Radiohead made it worth staying till the very end.

An unusually upbeat Thom Yorke turned on the charm (actually even smiling MORE than once) and the band turned out an awesome set. The new stuff sounds beautiful (Sail To The Moon, especially) mixed in with the OK Computer/Kid A/Amnesiac material, and is a good mix of all three of those albums. Tonight they threw in Talk Show Host for good measure, and kept the set almost Bends-free.

Thanks to Radiohead for saving the show, and the weekend. Looking forward to more dates later in the summer!

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 22:29:16

wow, this show was so forth every bit of bullshit surrounding it! Radiohead sounded so great, i actually liked this show better then Beacon (which had more songs but was a little more basic). The mix was great (at least on floor), and the guys were really rocking out and experimenting with old favorites, and some nicely showcased new ones. They are loving their success now, phil; was crying throughout the set, and thoms connection to the crowd, and performance for it was astounding. Idioteque especially is so unbelievable now, and really evrythging they played showed mastery and sounded great. Also the light show is spectacular, Radiohead truly are the pink floyd that never was, and they handle arenas amazingly. Nothing more to say!

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 23:22:18

I've always wanted to write a review of this astonishingly talented band, but always 30 up by the time I get there, so not tonight and here we go..first I want to thank the lovely 'kids' who took an older guy, on Wed.night, and took me into the group who knew each other and dryed me off and helped me sleep... (chris, rich, maryna, rachel, all the rest, lots of love and thanks). I'll skip the horrific treatment at the hands of the beacon staff, but this is a need to discuss both shows, for there was a great difference in purpose and the band is frighteningly adept at perception and format, the Thursday show was indeed a show for 'real RH fanatics, the diehards, and Yorke new it, and fed off the energy and the performance was blistering, loud like thunder, because the Beacon has a limited PA, and the blistering inferno in the performance was outrageous...that night Thom had so much fun, it was his friends in the front and he knew it so he could do 10 new songs and the audience knew all the words and stood up and sang them with him, much to his delight, and they blew the roof off the joint, the musical hero of the night was Jonny who played like a posessed demon, he reproduced sounds on the guitar that he used to use effects for, but without the effects, yeesh, and his sheer virtuosity was intense and spectacular, Ed grinned at him all night...lots of songs, lots of encores, and I even had a "tom yorke moment"...I'm kind of tall and so being in the 3rd row center, we locked eyes a lot all night, I thought it was my imagination...but on the last round of "this is what you'll get" on Karma Police, I cracked up and so did he and he hit a wrong chord and I fell back on my seat, I made him laugh and he wasn't pissed tonight at Giant Stadium, they couldn't even think of trying that show because even though many of us were there, it was a varied crowd for other artists and they wouldn't have understood so they got 'lucky' and then a raving 'just' for a 4th and 5th song, to keep it familiar to those who aren't devotees, and it was great...the real hero of tonights show was Nigel, who this time had an incredible sound system to play with and somehow let them turn a huge venue as close too intimacy as possible... instead of compensating for lack of toos with sheer volume and intensity (this is by no means a complaint either), he mixed the band so that the drums were smashingly fat and used the subwoofers to make the stars in the sky dance, and tonight, the fifth time I've seen them, Thom Yorke's vocals were so up front in the mix, so pristine and clear and vivid, like liquid crystals swimming in your mind, just absoulutely gorgeous and pure, when he did Exit music, I was so stunned by his voice I almost cried...good on you Nigel, a big tip of the hat, and also, tonights guitar hero was ED, who just ripped, while you could see them loving him come not a little but a lot more foward and especially on Talk Show Host, he seemed more like Jonny, he was blistering and off the rails. Tom apologised for the circumstances and felt badly for us, and for Beck...for those who like to know, he dedicated "Lucky" to Beck, and after a rousing 'Just' he said 'lots of dreadfull songs to go', said it twice, and with that silly smirk , he's a very funny man...after a dance-your-pants off 'I might be wrong', he just said 'WICKY', maybe you know what it means, I don't...maryna and I got filmed dancing during this song for a documetary being done, that was fun, I look like a spazz, she looks cool, o' the very end of the show he said "You have to go home, it's cold and wet go home, drink something hot, get hot, with someone hot and please don't have a siezure" , then he broke all our hearts again with that band, that voice, and that song,'how to dissapear', and that was it, he danced like a firecracker was in his pants, and showered us with love...but this was a show as much for those who don't get them, he won everyone over with his huge heart matched by his huge voice....the Beacon show was exactly like the MSG show in 01, all RH devotees, he knew and the bar of intensity was raised considerably....tonights show was more like Liberty State Park,
huge and grandiose, not too intense, but just as jaw-agape-dropping.....this is the most important band in the world and they seem comfortable with that now, nothing to prove, they can go where they want and we aren't leaving....I could write tons more but I'm sorry to have gone on this long...I do have one minor gripe, they appear to have dropped my personal favorite song "Airbag', three shows in a row without it and we were begging him to do it...almost did at the beacon, Yorke either thought so or was playing with us cause when they started lucky instead, he grinned like "Oh, well errr, oh'...but 'Where I end and you begin" has some similar chords and sounds, just a very different drum pattern and vocal, but they are similar so maybe it's been replaced...anyway thanks to the whole amazing band (oh yeah, one more, Phil was in a suit and very controlled on Thursday, tonight he ripped and did amazing fills and beats, he really showed off tonight, along with Ed, way cool), and the lovely audience it has new friends, who came up tonight and hugged me and were glad I was there...thanks for all of this experience...forgive the length, it is heartfelt..cheers, mates

Submitted on: JULY 07, 2003 23:50:56

Lets see where do I start and where do I begin. First off the lights and stage set up was perfect streaming up and down with sparkles of various colors to please every taste! Lucky was one personal favorite it was played with sooo much enery and wow! just simply spectacular as was idioteque. Kid A was just an awesome song with Thom dancing around like he was really enjoying himself along with the thousands of fans it was mezmerizing. No suprises was a suprise and played with it's distressed mood feeling. Climbing up the walls was creepier than you could imagine very dark and full of guitars and effects just made you get crazy. Every song seemed more perfect than the last and this was the best Radiohead show I have seen since there 2001 world tour. Keep listening headfans much more too come!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 01:46:28

rain. rain all day long. the concert stadium was full of colorful poncho people. quite a sight.

the crowd got really into it during underworld but I think that was just to show them all that everyone was ready to have a kickass time at field day festival no matter what the conditions (so maaaannnny conditions). rain stopped in time for radiohead. and you could tell that everyone who performed before them seemed like an extended series of opening acts-- at least to me they did.

there, there was the opener and it was magnificent. i had been waiting all week to hear the specific words "why so green and lonely?" come out of thom's mouth. simply brilliant. I had not heard the new material prior to the show (except for TT) since I did not download it and am waiting anxiously to get my hands on the album (only 2 more days!!). as far as I can tell, the album will not be a disappointment. I found myself wanting them to play more of the new stuff because it was just soo good. it's darker and richer and more emotional than any of the past albums, and I think thom's vocal skills are just totally showcased -- as they should be. that man has the most beautiful voice I have ever had the pleasure to hear.

sit down, stand up was fantastic. esp towards the end when thom keeps repeating "the rain drops," (indeed). other high-lights were "i might be wrong" (which is remarkably better live than on the cd), "where I end and you begin", "sail to the moon" -- a v unusual and unique radiohead song --the audience was mesmerized during this..., "idioteque" -- changes for every performance, "everything in its right place" - as it is just before the encore and the exits of each band member are synchronized with the exits of their instrument starting with thom's voice and ending with ed's guitar. I think that is a brilliant way to go out. and I love how they all wave good-bye as they leave one-by-one. heheh, actually it reminds me of the sound of music, auf wiedersehen. heahe.

but of course they return, eventually...

the encore was lovely, starting with exit music (for a film) which was my personal favorite performance (I don't even love this song that much but) overall and throughout, thom has increasingly embraced his voice, and this was most apparent and highlighted I think by exit music. thom just let it fly out-- it was sickeningly smooth.

myxmatosis was dark and just awesome.
during the ending-- how to disappear completely (probably my favorite radiohead song)-- the rain started to fall in a drizzle again. it was perfect. just perfect.

thank you radiohead!

some of thom's comments during the show:
"how are you all doing?? ...that's what you're supposed to ask during festivals."
he apologized several times for the rain, (he's so polite).
and also apologized about how unfortunate it was that we had to be here (referring to the suffolk county fiasco -- I have to admit giants stadium isn't the nicest venue, sounds fine's ugly.)

ps thank you mr. percy for this amazingly informative (and beautifully designed) site. if it were up to me, you would get back stage passes for every single radiohead concert that you could go to. without you, i don't know if I would have been able to get tickets to any shows and see radiohead live, so all that you've done has been priceless. thank you, thank you. you rock.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 01:49:13

Radiohead shone on stage with a scintillating performance. It was my first Radiohead concert and from the first tom hits of "There There" to the last swells of "How to Disappear Completely" (my favorite Radiohead song...), I was in a state of heavenly bliss. God was in the music that night! I might be reduced to saying "Oh my radiohead!" from now on...

All in all a great set, and I cannot wait for them to play another show in NYC!!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 04:14:31

rain = sucks
radiohead = amazing

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 04:49:41

If it wasn't for Radiohead the Field Day Festival might have been remembered as another Woodstock 99; for its riots. The Beastie Boys were, like always, terribly unorganized and uninspiring. Beck tripped over his own two feet and was a no-show. And the wait between sets was more often then not longer than the bands actually played for. When Radiohead finally came on the rain subsided and the atmosphere was incredible. Kid A was Amazing, worth $80 to see by itself- yes it was that good. Thom dedicated "Lucky" to Beck. The Idioteque performance reminded me a lot of the SNL performance a few years back. Thom skipped around on stage having a seizure before throwing his microphone down abruptly. Everything in its right place was phenomonenal, Thom waved goodbye and left the stage followed by Colin, and Phil. Then Johnny played with his wires for another minute before leaving himself and left Ed up there for some time to play with something on the floor (his guitar I assume). Finally Ed left and the music still played for another 3-4 minutes before the stage crew had to come out and shut everything off.
Before Thom played the final encore song, he instructed everyone to: "go home and sit near something warm, and drink something hot, with"

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 05:47:30

I have to say, that was the best show i have ever seen in my entire life. First of all, the weather. It was horrific with all the rain preceeding Radiohead, but at the time they were setting up, it stopped, and it was perfect weather. When Radiohead finally came on, it was just...just awesome. "There there" and "2+2=5" were played perfect, perhaps sounding better than what they are on the album. Songs like "Lucky", "Sail to the Moon", and "Pyramid Song", were so emotional, and yet played with so much power. Radiohead got the crowds even more ecstatic when they played "Just" and "Idioteque" - two very powerful performances. The 8 HTTT songs were all outstanding. Their encore was just as good. Overall, that was such a wonderful performance, I was happy. Thom Yorke looked the happiest I've ever seen him, also.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 06:08:28

No field and a lot of rain.These are just some of the problems that plagued the Field Day Festival yesterday. But the crowd stuck through the weather, and the canceled acts (beck) and were treated to a fantastic preformance by Radiohead.
Radiohead opened there set with there new single, "There There" in wich Thom plays a spacy guitar rift while ed and johnny fiercly bang on drums.
As the night went on Radiohead went through an awsome(National Anthem) and sometimes surprising set of songs(Just).
The highlight of the show goes to Idioteque,in wich every member of the band feeds of each others musical ability, wich makes the song unbelevable live.Kid A was anthor song that so beatiful you almost forgot that you were in a football stadium.
Radiohead's new matierial was right on.Mixed in with a welcoming set songs, 2+2=5 and sail to the moon were played perfectly.And then came the encore.Radiohead a 4 song encore that was amazing.Exit music (for a film)was so powerfull that the stadium went copmpletly quite.Next came Myxamotosis in wich thom daces around franticly to fuzzed out bass,and gives out an almost anthem chant.Talk Show Host was next and was follwed by the beatifull How to Disapeere Completly wich put a perfect ending to the night.In all Radiohead proved they are on top of there game.They also shut the mouths of anyone who doubted the new material,wich mixed into the set with grace.Radiohead are the best live act in the world today.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 06:18:56

What can I say? Radiohead saved the day. After braving unbearable waits in the rain throught the day, everyone knew Radiohead was going to make or break the show. Boy did they make it. The first six songs were unbelievable. There There and 2+2=5 were out of this world; better than the album. Other highlights were the sheer intensity of the first set closing trio. Being my second show, (MSG being the other one), I was a little disappointed that I only heard two new back catalog songs (just, kid A). However, in the end, it did not matter. For all the crap that everyone went through, it was worth every minute of it.

Also, the crowd shots before radiohead were very entertaining. Our little section on the floor were making fun of everyone. We were just a few feet ahead of the first flashing girl. You would hope that people would realize that giving the finger was a little stale after the 500th time.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 06:43:41

Thank God for Radiohead. After getting rained on for about 8 hours straight and sitting through some less than steller performances from the likes of Spiritualized and Beastie Boys(Blur was fine though), not to mention the absence of Beck, we were all ready for Radiohead to save the day, and, of course, they did. The first two songs from the new album were played incredibly well; the first perfectly restrained and the second full of energy. "The National Anthem", of course, got everyone rocking with that killer bass groove. All of the slower songs were just perfect as Thom's voice was really high in the mix and just chilling (especially "Exit Music", which might have been the best song tonight). It was the first time I'd heard "Kid A" live and it were eerily great. Thankfully they brought out "I Might Be Wrong" and "Just" to offset all the slower numbers. Of note was how much fun Thom seemed to be having; he was literally smiling half the time. The "Idioteque" dance made its usual thrilling appearance as well. Like someone above said, the way they end EIIRP is great because it allows the other members to each get their own ovations (and you gotta love Ed on stage alone with his pedals). Jonny was insane throughout as well, with his drumming, radio tuning, sampling, xylophone work and extremely energetic guitar playing, among other instrumental prowess (Ondes Martenot?). They were on stage for about two hours, which easily cancelled out the ten or so I spent waiting for them. I anxiously await their return (later this year I hope!). Also, it was great to hear the crowd cheering during the "bring down the government/they don't speak for us" part of "No Surprises". Oh, and "Myxomatosis" rules!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 06:52:36

Nevermind the ridiculously priced food, the terrible weather, the trimmed performance list...the most frustrating thing was seeing a huge Field Day banner - you know, the one with colourful tents on a sunny, grassy field hanging right smack over the rain-soaked stage at the Giants Stadium. Talk about rubbing it in.

Arrived at the arena just in time to hear one of the promoters try to cheer up the wet, cold, surly audience after the Beth Orton set:

Promoter [enthusiastically]: Everybody having fun?!?!?!
Audience [decidedly]: NOOOOOOOOO!!!

Full credit to Underworld for getting the party started. Wasn't a single happy camper until they came on, and not a one miserable face afterward. Can't wait to see them headline. Underworld aside, the festival wasn't that mind-blowing. Spiritualized were sheer religious terror, Blur's overrated and Beastie Boys - mediocre. The "second stage", or rather the refurbished elevator with some musicians in it, was exiled to somewhere in the vicinity of Staten Island, so I stayed in the main field arena. Was SO looking forward to Beck (well, me and 49,999 others), so the news that he slipped going up the stage stairs, is in the hospital, and won't be performing did not go over well. Overhead many be curious to know whether Beck really did "take a spill", or if that was just code for "thought Field Day sucked ass and decided to back out." Still undecided on that one.

Radiohead, though.... god, if there was ever a reason to keep on living... that band is a fucking godsend. Thom Yorke takes the stage and streams of energy flow over the stadium. Just like when they breathed life into the stale Madison Sq Garden in 2001, tonight's set was powerful enough to make the Giants Stadium pick itself up from the ground and run around New Jersey on its chicken legs.

Thom [wishing everyone a safe trip home]: Go home, sit in front of something warm...and drink some warm...and be with...someone hot. words. Only regret is that they didn't play "Wolf at The Door" - a personal favourite from the new album. But "There, There", "Sail To The Moon", "Lucky", "Talk Show Host" and a breath-taking "Exit Song" more than made up for that. A Day in the Field this was not, but Radiohead were, as always, worth the rain, the pain, the cold, and the $97.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 08:00:04

It rained, everyone was cold, wet, and hungry. Then, Beck "took a nasty spill" and couldnt perform... which totally pissed me off (as well as a good majority of the people there). Next, the lighting guys took more than an hour to change about every single light just so the Beastie Boys could suck. But, the rain stopped. Finally, Radiohead came on. Every one in the crowd was entraced by the songs, and I was no longer cold, wet and hungry, I was floating upon the surface for the birds... the birds... the birds

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 08:07:11

despite the fact that im short and could hardly see. radiohead never fails to impress me. amazing. it was also great how the rain stopped for them. the new songs sounded incredible live and i can not wait for them to come back to ny.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 08:07:39

Hey all. Well the rain did suck. Beck not playing was fine with me, though.

The show was great, on par with the Liberty State Park show in Aug '01. (No fisheye Thom piano cam, though).

The HTTT songs were strong. I've downloaded the album so was pretty familiar. New song highlight for me was "Myxomatosis". Killer driving beat. Radiohead's rhythm section live is much stronger than on album.

Some Thom comments: He appologized about all the fiascos with Field Day. He just shrugged and said, "Live to fight another day." He dedicated "Exit Music" to "The Powers that Be." As mentioned above near the end, he told the crowd, "It's cold, go somewhere warm, drink something hot, with someone hot." Before "Kid A" he said, "This is a joyful song. We have lots of joyful songs."

"National Anthem" was wonderful, much better than record, same as "I Might be Wrong". Both come across with a strong driving beat live. I thought "Kid A" was mystical. Thom would hit the note on his keyboard, then smile at the audience.

Great moment: During the mesmerizing "No Suprises", after the "don't trust the government" line, the entire crowd cheered. (Side note: Reminded me of when I saw Roger Waters. During "Mother", after the "Mother should I trust the government?" line, the crowd screamed "No, No!!!")

"Exit Music" is the quietest you will here a crowd of that size, be had the audience in his pocket. "Talk Show" was straight from the record, but not a favorite of mine. "Disappear" finished, and was worth it.

Great show, got warmer once the rain stopped, which I thought would never happen. Fairly sober crowd, I think the rain dampened people's enthusiasm to really get trashed.


Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 08:13:18

Struggling with lousy ponchos that we were essentially forced to buy after having our umbrella taken from us by the almighty stadium management wasn't as much of our idea of a good time as you'd think. Neither were the interminable pauses between acts or the incessant rainfall. But once the rain let up, Beastie Boys came out with nothing short of a crowd-pleasing performance, and suddenly the whole energy of the place was revived. After a long time of waiting (and a few amusing crowd shots including girls flashing the camera), the moment we'd all been waiting for arrived. The guys came out onstage, and the exhilirated screaming commenced from all of us.

This was both of our first times to see the band do a full show, and it was absolutely incredible. Thom looked like he was having a blast and even seemed (gasp) goofy at times. "There There," aside from being a great single, was a great opener, and it only got better from there. National Anthem, one of our favorites, was totally rockin'. It was a treat to hear Colin's bassline on this song live, and I was impressed by Phil's drum work on this one especially. Lucky [which Thom dedicated to Beck] and Just were a treat to hear. We were pleased to get all of what we call the "water songs"--Pyramid Song, How To Disappear Completely, and Sail to the Moon (quickly becoming a favorite, it's gorgeous and Thom's performance of it was amazing).

The show started with high energy, but when Thom suddenly transitioned to slower stuff like Sail to the Moon, the crowd remained in rapt attention. There was complete silence during Sail to the Moon and Pyramid Song, and for the most part No Surprises as well - but after each, the crowd simply erupted. You could feel the emotional release in these songs. No Surprises in particular I see differently now, I think it's not as depressing a song as I'd figured.
Sit Down Stand Up is another emerging favorite, and how fitting it was when Thom repeated "The raindrops."

The band's gradual departure on Everything in its Right Place was priceless, as was the encore that followed. Exit Music was breathtaking and elicited another hush from the crowd. Myxomatosis was funky and wonderful - intimidating, yet still rocking.
Speaking of priceless, Thom's dancing during Idioteque... it's hard to describe, it just has to be experienced. Perhaps not since Mick Jagger in his heyday (c. 1850) has a rock star out-and-out pranced around the stage so successfully.

Talk Show Host is a rare treat. The stop-start dynamics are really interesting - I've never seen count-offs used as such an important feature of a song. And How to Disappear, oh my... hauntingly beautiful, one of the best in the band's catalogue, I think. And an interesting choice as a closer - just like Thom's voice and Ed's seagull guitar cries floated, adrift on Colin's bass, the audience slowly drifted out of the stadium, transported.

I was really hoping to hear Street Spirit and True Love Waits, and Karma Police would've been nice too, but the setlist was still fantastic and had scores of favorites. A truly transcendent concert.

There are few bands out there that can ROCK as hard as Radiohead did at the beginning and ending portions of the main set and also pull off such intimate, quiet songs - without compromising either 'side' of their sound.

And despite the wildly different sides of the band we've been seeing on their recent albums, the songs have a unified feel live, which is another difficult achievement. There's my 2 cents (pence?) on why Radiohead is such a remarkable band, anyway.

Some quotes (from a pleasantly chatty Thom):
"This is for Beck" -preceeding Lucky
"...Sorry it had to come to this... we'll live to fight another day." -Preceeding Just--was he talking about the difficulties with the show? The war? Something else? You decide. ;)
"We're going to do a joyful song now. We've got lots of joyful songs for you." -before Kid A
"Is everybody OK? [crowd cheers] That's what you're supposed to say at festivals." -before he introduced Sail to the Moon
"All these people keep coming up to me and saying 'great record'... I say, 'it's not out yet!'" -Thom, taking a light-hearted shot at internet thieves, perhaps?

This was the quote of the night, as a roadie fixed his guitar before Myxomatosis (said in an Andy Kaufman-type voice): "The microwaves... they fuck with your head!"
And Thom's parting words were quite good as well: "You all need to go home, drunk something very hot... WITH someone very hot, blankets and all." [Good advice, and it got a big laugh, too.] -M&Em

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 08:36:40

oh my. that was my first radiohead concert. ever. i have been waiting years to see them and they were worth the wait. after being excited for field day for weeks, the event was not what i thought it would be. however, the night was one of the best ones i've ever had.
besides being with my best friend (and die hard fan), the rain was actually quite refreshing to me. it made the struggle to be there even greater, but the payoff. oh the payoff!
radiohead was spectacular. even better than i imagined. paranoid android, lucky, climbing up the walls, and i might be wrong. some of my favorites done with such passion and intensity. you could tell that radiohead was giving us the show that we wanted. they were making up for all the screw-ups of field day.
the new material, which i heard a few times before, was excellent. it made me very excited to go out and buy the album in 2 days. only 2 more days!
the encore. oh the encore! exit music (for a film) -perfect. eerie, smooth, the entire place was silent, hanging on thom's every word. myxamytosis- really rocking.
and can i just say thank you radiohead so much for playing talk show host. i was hoping, just hoping so much, that they would play it. i kept hearing the opening 4 notes in my head all day. and when i heard it live, onstage, it was better than sex!
ending with how to disappear completely. wow. the rain came down in drizzles. there was nothing but love for the band.
thank you radiohead for the best show i've ever seen. can't wait for the next one!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 08:48:43

I just personally want to thank the beasties for warming me up with their immense energy, after standing in the cold rain since 11ish. Because of them, i was not on the verge of fainting when rh came on, and was able to fully enjoy every second of the performance. so thanks, beasties.
highlights for me were myxamatosis, 2+2=5, pretty much all the new ones.. i might be wrong was particularly exquisite as well.
there was just so much energy, everyone in the band was just rocking out to every song. thom was incredible with the crowd.
i think i just reiterated what everyone else said in their reviews. oh well.
did i mention that myxamotosis was incredible?

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 10:18:18

I don't really know how to say besides, radiohead are gods, and made eight hours of pre-radiohead "festival" worth every penny. I watched as much of the other acts as i could.(my morning jacket was perhaps the best, beastie boys were a sham of their fommer selfs) but they all just seemed like openning acts for the greatest band in the world. Thom did not disapoint, he saved the day quite frankly and added to the living legends that they are. Thanks guys truely a "religious" expierence fo me.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 10:45:19

never before have i felt every single emotion possible flowing through my body. thom's voice gave me the chills, especially during how to disappear completely. the instruments were mixed well, kudos to the sound crew. the set was really cool with all the lights and what not. the whole vibe made me totally forget that half an hour prior i saw an amazing beastie boys set. all the stress, money, refunds, and rain... who the f ck cares. bBoys and radiohead ESPECIALLY put on a hell of a show

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 12:55:22

All I can say is Thank God for Radiohead. They saved the Field Day Festival from turning into an all out riot.

The rain completly sucked. I arrived early at 8 a.m. waiting to be one of the first in line so I could get a front row view of Radiohead and the other bands. I was one of the first to get through and assumed my seat in the center of the front row. I found Liz Phair to be good, but her set was too short. Beth Orton was funny, but her songs left a lot to be desired. One of the many dissapointments of the night was the band Spiritualized. Nevermind the fact that there a religious band, which is bad enough, I thought they completly lacked any energy at all. At least all of the other bands talked to us and moved around a little. The lead singer for Spiritualized just sat on his little stool and didn't say a word. By this point I was getting extremly irratated and disappointed. I do have to say i found it funny that the announcer came on and told us all to wear rain gear so we didn't get hypothermia and then not even 10 seconds later, emptied out the water on the roof of the stage onto me and about twenty other people. By this point I was EXTREMLY cold and aggitated and was about to leave my posistion in the front row but Underworld came on and really got the crowd going. I was able to move around and dance to there music which helped to warm me up and build up my spirits again as well. I thought Blur was absolutly amazing and I really really enjoyed them, especially Boys and Girls, Crazy Beat, and Song 2. The lead singer was very energetic and he really got the crowd going, which was something that needed to be done. Then came the biggest dissapointment of the night, the supposed accident of Beck. I still question if he really indeed did fall like they said, or if there was something else going on. They did set up his set though, which leads me to believe that he was planning on performing. By this point the crowd was really really getting pissed off. It took forever to set up for the Beatie Boys because they were having problems with the light set up which lead the crowd to chant "Fuck the Lights" and "Refund". The Beastie Boys finally did come on and even though I'm not a huge Beastie Boys fan, they did entertain the crowd. When the Beatie Boys were done and they were setting up Radiohead's set, the camera man went and took shots of girls taking off there tops, people making obscene gestures, and even a guy holding up a box of Tampax. I as well as the crowd found this entertaining. Now for the highlight of the night.

Radiohead opened with There There which I found to be a more than decent choice. They then went into 2+2=5 which is my favorite song off of the new album. Radiohead really put on a fantastic show and I couldn't believe that I was actually there in the front row only a few feet away from Thom, Ed, and the rest of the gang. A few of the highlights were when Thom was singing No Surprises and he got to the part "Bring down the government/They don't speak for us" and the crowd went ape shit, JUST!!!!!, Thom saying "A lot of people come up to me and say I really like your new album and I say It's not even out yet", Paranoid Android rocking the house, Sit Down Stand Up, No Surprises, Pyramid Song, Exit Music, and especially Talk Show Host. I also felt that ending with How to Disapear Completly was a great choice. I have only seen Radiohead once before in Madison Square Garden and there performance last night totally outshines that one. Thom and the whole band actually seemed happy and you actually saw Thom smile a few times.

Although I was unhappy and disappointed with a majority of Field Day, Radiohead made it feel that none of that mattered. There is a reason that Radiohead is the best band out there right now, and if you were at the show last night, you know why.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 13:09:31

Ok, to start. What rain? I forgot it was raining the second underworld took the stage. They rocked the place their whole set. I got put on the big screen when I was dancing hehehe. The Beastie Boys though definitely unorganized were very enjoyable. Love how they started the Punjabi Mc's beat and didn't what to do. Poor Blur having to follow Underworld. What a let down. They did give a good performance though.
As for the "BAND THAT CHANGED ROCK", it was a religious experience. I felt like I was in heaven and God was a little elfen fellow by the name of Thom. Honestly they blew me away and I never wanted it to end. They truly are the best ever. Couple questions though. What happened to Pablo Honey? No Karma Police either? I would have been happy with just one song off of Pablo Honey. But they ignored its existance. Just made my day, it was intense. How to Dissapear Completely was the perfect closer and was performed at a level I have never experienced. All in all great concert. Radiohead are (and I coin the phrase)"the band that changed rock".

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 13:37:57

Let me just say that standing for 12 hours in rain, $5 ponchos (plastic bags with hoods), $4 hot dogs, annoying teenie boppers, beck going to the hospital, and radiohead playing a short fucking set made Field Day the best festival EVER..................................................

I'll make this short and simple. Wet.......and hot. I was crushed in the pit when Blur began. And i realized that not everyone uses deodorant and shampoo. No wait, nobody smelled good. It smelled like pure ass. I had been standing since 10:30 and I could barely feel my legs anymore. Underworld was good. A lot of dancing happened.
The wait for beck was terrible. Everyone was packt like sardines as we waited in the sauna. Then we were told that beck took a spill and wouldn't be playing. another 30 minutes passed until the beastie boys could come on. What a mind/body fuck. I was not enjoying it much.
The Beasties were good. But people started moshing and shit. And It was hardly comfortable. SO let's get to the point: Radiohead.

Well, to keep the huge crowd occupied, the camera man started displaying random people on the huge screens that stood beside the stage. I have to admit there were some funny assholes out there. Quite a few women flashed their tatas. one of them was....ewwwwwwwwww.
I was pretty psyched for radiohead. But then the people around me started to piss me off.
1) there was the "know-it-all" girl with the butch voice who sang as loud as she could in every song, even the quiet ones with no words.... and she wouldn't stop commenting before each song. ex) "Oh they're gonna play go to sleep! New album! Next single! Track #5. 3 minutes and 21 seconds!"
2) Two fucking 13 year old girls next to me smoking out of their pipe and talking about how funny the people on the screen were. They repeated "funny people" at least 100 times. And then they kept on saying how happy they were, 100 more times.
3) and then suddenly i felt a big ass hit me in my side. some random 10 year old fucking hitting me with her excuse for a dance. So fucking annoying. Then thom was like "this song is for the powers that be" and she was like " be" what's that???

Radiohead was top notch. But they ended so quickly!!!! jesus. after everything in it's right place, they only played one short encore. and that was it. I was quite dissapointed but also relieved that i wouldn't be surrounded by skankasses any longer.

Beacon was better. 'nuff said.



Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 13:48:21

radiohead was like losing my virginity the 2nd time
they created such a rush of energy

field day in jersy saved me an hrs worth of driving

F suffolk as someones shirt read

me and my friend were the 2nd ones in line for the GA 7am...talked to some cool people around us for a few the end of the 12ish i was on my feet for so long....

oh the raindrops
oh the raindrops
i had 4 layers of t shirts..a hoodie..and a poncho and i was still soaked all the way through at the end of the evening

what made me happy is that i ran into so many people from the new school...progrssive mass educated...

liz phair and beth were alrite and cute..
spiritalized seemed to be pissed off
UNDERWORLD had great energy getting wet and;s all about systhesized music..the show got good from that point on.not too many people were feeling it though...but i was..some stupid girl tried to squeeze her way where we were in the front.she was looking for trouble..i saw her on a stretcher later that evening

blur was pretty good.everyone went crazy during song 2.......and we lost any space to move in the front..i decided i needed to get out of was too tight and i didnt feel so good..i realized that i would not be that close later..but i really needed air
i got some over price hot coco
and jammed a bit to the beasties...i wasnt feelin them that much...beck busted his bum so no beck.which made the wait for radiohead shorter..everything felt like an opening act to radiohead

however the sound checked were a pain in the ass

when they came out..all my anguish disappeared
it all went away
i lost it mentally hearing all these wonderful and new songs live...bootleg downloads dont count..
idioteque was so TIGHT..i was jumping around mad
sail to the moon was the hi point of my evening....some how the entire stadium was quiet except for thom and piano
radiohead had total control of my body moving to every chord...every riff..every blip.........
and the analog synthesizer was so cool in constructing beats
i cant think of words to describe radiohead..its as if i died in my sleep and went to heaven and then woke up in the morning with a taste of ambrosia on my tongue..wanting more

myxamotosis played on all of my emotions..and i reacted like i was possessed by thom's voice

their songs were more subtle overall..and i liked that..the silence..the lack of obdience to thom and the gang
but when the intense songs went on..we reacted just as intensely..u had to be there

i saw them at msg 2 yrs ago
such a long wait..but worth it

and girls
if u arent cute dont flash your boobs

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 14:16:51

I thought the performance rocked,Radiohead is a cool live band.Thom Yorke's voice is freaky and scares me and he was actully cheerful.And for anyone wondering, Beck slipped and cracked his rib while dancing to Underworld.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 14:45:50

First off, I love how they still called it the field day festival, even though there was no open field, no "festival" and there was barely a day. It was really rough, everyone on the floor including myself were completely drenched. There were alot of interesting people, just trying to make the best of it. I remember this couple made me a poncho out of a garbage bag that was great.
When radiOhead came out on stage everything changed, the empty stadium was filling up and all of the hopelessness that saturated the event started to fade away.
They totally rocked, they were poking fun as us desperate fans sang along to new unreleased songs, the set list was perfect, they truly were at thier best.
I remember Thom talking about the sound equipment, he was like:
"The microwaves are sick"
"The microwaves, they fuck with your head"
If it wasn't for radiOhead, field day would have been a joke, thanks to them and all of the amazing people there that I met!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 15:16:54

Concert was amazing, surreal. It was my second time seeing them (liberty state park was the first) but this one took the cake. And in the middle of a packed crowd that was so attuned to every single word, riff and vocal intonation (at least everyone near me was) is nearly indescribable. Did ANYONE make a bootleg??? i'd love and be so so thankful to be able to re-hear and re-live the experience, and i'm sure so would a lot of other people who were there. Please please post info if anyone made a recording!

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 15:38:00

Not really a review here--just a side note on Beck. I heard from someone I trust that he didn't fall--that he was hit by a security guard. The way security was at the 'festival' I wouldn't be surprised. Just wanted to float that out for others.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 15:42:57


that show was amazing! whats more, with their divine powers, radiohead stopped the rain! incredible performance by all members! cant wait to see them again!

the microwaves! they fuck with your head! ~Thom

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 17:14:57

All I can say is the hours of tourture
were worth it. Radiohead was too amazing for words. Talkshow host, Go to sleep and 2+2=5 were phenominal. It's great when bands appreciate their fans.

Submitted on: JULY 08, 2003 18:59:21

for the person who complained about the length of the set, i have pictures i took during the first song and walking off the stage and according to my camera they were taken 1 hour and 48 minutes apart. Thats a fairly decent set if you're not phish or springsteen. I wish it would've lasted all night too, but don't fault them for that.

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 02:08:37

Radiohead = auditory orgasm

even though the NY Times gave their beacon theatre show a horrible review, Radiohead's performnace was worth everyone of the $80. And it was worth standing in the rain for 14 hours. I would kill to see them play paranoid android again. "oh the raindrops"

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 03:55:33

It was a real treat hearing "KID A" live. I think it worked really well. Phil's drumming is a lot more aggressive and the "skaness" of them really stand out. They just rock!

The whole show was fabulous! They saved Field Day from total oblivion. Their close-to-two-hour-set was refreshing. The new songs sound amazing too!

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 05:19:47

My first Radiohead show and it was brilliant. After a rainy intense Field Day, Radiohead made the soaked feet more forgettable. They opened with 'There There' and played alot of OK Computer stuff which I enjoyed(though I missed Airbag)...

KID A was excellent. It was nice to hear it without the distorted vocals. I'm not one to run down every song but the new record is massive and Radiohead continues to push the envelope. HAIL TO THE THIEF!!!!

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 05:25:18

Well, this was the fifth time seeing Radiohead for me, and somehow my friends and I got into the front row. The promoters (I lost count of how many ways they screwed us over) let photographers take pictures for the first three songs for every act, and they completely blocked our view and said mean things to us. Radiohead came out to "Where Bluebirds" and all we could see was the very top of Ed's head. It was quite frustrating, but, after the photogs were kicked off the stage everything was stellar.
Here's two interesting tidbits for those of you who weren't talking to security guards all day...Beck was actually supposed to come out before Radiohead and play three songs. I believe that is why Radiohead was set up so far back on the stage. If you recall, they sound checked a mic and a guitar for about 20 minutes. Then they took it all down. I have no idea what happened, but Beck was supposed to do a short set. Also, I think Radiohead were planning on playing "I Will" for a second encore, but doing so would've put them over the sound curfew, so the promoters turned on the house lights. We got really excited when we saw the roadies tuning up the guitars again after the encore, but then the house lights came on. Makes you wish they hadn't been fixing the lights for thirty minutes before the Beastie Boys, doesn't it?

Colin, Phil, and Jonny tore up "I Might Be Wrong." It was by far the best live version I've heard. "Talk Show Host" was unbelievable because Ed was doing some awesome work that added a new dimension to the song. For "Climbing Up the Walls," Jonny tuned into a biblical station on the transitor radio, which definitely put a unique spin things. Thom shook his finger like, "You better listen to the preacher."
The entire band were in great spirits. Thom was doing funny things during the entire show. For example, during "Kid A," he would punch a key on his sequencer/keyboard and then make a pose, then sing a lyric. At the end of the show, he said, "Now we should all go somewhere and get under a warm blanket with a hot drink...and a hot person. But don't get sick." Plus, his voice was MONEY. It went everywhere he wanted it to go with ease.

Phil sang back up well, and Colin and Ed were singing all the lyrics all night.
Jonny messed up on "No Surprises." Mistakes are always fun for me to see and Ed and Thom were laughing at him.
Out of the HTTT songs, I think "Sail to the Moon" and "Myxomytosis" were particularly potent live.

Somehow, Radiohead get better every time I see them live. The new songs just add so much more to the setlist. Despite all the problems with Field Day, it was totally worth our drive from Ohio and standing through 13 hours of rainy and chilly weather.

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 06:42:00

I was one of the lucky fans to stand in the front. At first it was bittersweet. I got a great look at all the bands, but in order to save my spot in the front, I could not eat, use the bathroom, or sit for over 12 hours. The music got progressively better, as time went on as the crowds moral got progressively worse. When hope started to become lost Underworld saved the day with their upbeat unique techno music. They got the crowd moving. Blur showed some sympathy by throwing some ponchos to the fans. When Beck was withdrawn from the concert the crowd became restless. They began yelling phrases like "F*ck the lights" when the stage crew was setting up the beastie boys. The beastie boys didn't do anything for me, all their songs ran together and they never seemed to stop. After they left the stage the camera crew zoomed in on fans to distract the crowd from the wait. Then the great Radiohead came on stage. They were by far the highlight of a very long painful day. They were very sensitive and greatful to the crowd. They put together a great setlist of songs for all to enjoy. Thom got the crowd moving with there there, 2+2=5, and Myxomatosis. He got himself moving to ideoteque. And he silenced the crowd with Sail to the Moon, Exit Music, and Pyramid Song. All in all it was the greatest show I have seen in my life. Radiohead never ceases to amaze me.

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 06:47:56

I see noone has mentioned i might be wrong, and I might be, and i might be alone in this, which is better. The bass was going crazy and made me want to lock myself up for months to play it. The song induced an orgastic type weeping in me. It was fucking amazing. I was ready to leave after that, only to carry on with the rest in a post-weep settlement. ah. and ps- the girl that flipped off the camera was super nice, i stood by her at one point. pictures soon, i was 10 feet back with a monster zoom lens.

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 08:12:14

I have been thrown off by radiohead since I was the mere age of ten years old since I saw their video "creep". I had no idea what I was getting myself into. To say the least most of my friend didn't get it at first calling it "depressed music" but, they are now warming up to them which is nice to witness. Listening to music that they have created would never depress me, it's hopeful thing to see their love for the music, even through shitty times (we all have em'). I have never had the oppurtunity to see them live living in MT until this summer when I came to NY. The "festival" was a test of endurance for my body to stand still impatiently for over six hours in freezing rain with my last dry tee-shirt and five dollar poncho. To see them walk out and get the crowd finally going was worth any hardship during the day. Honestly they blew my expectations. I had no song demands in my head I just leaned over the front row bar and took it all in. It was fun to see Yorke interact with the crowd, esp when he said to go home drink something hot with someone hot, it made me miss my boyfriend far away in the mountains of CO, but when I go back west in August, I will have to make a stop in Utah and hope they play scatterbrain and we suck young blood.

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 09:04:29

Originally, I was highly disappointed with the final outcome of Field Day Fest, including the food, the stadium vs. a real field, the Beck incident, etc. Although, my negative attitude quickly diminished when Radiohead walked on stage. The played a brilliant set, and despite the weather (which conveniently stopped before Radiohead began and returned again when the show was over), I would have stayed to listen all night. However, when How to Disappear began, I felt completely content and fulfilled for the rest of the night.

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 12:57:51

Great show, my only complaint being too short and would have loved to see some more from the Bends and Amnesiac. (I understand they have a new able to promote, but if your a Radiohead fan you'll buy it regardless.) The lights were killer, the rain did suck, and the roadie hitting Beck nearly ruined the night, but Thom came back to save the festival.....

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 13:22:32

radiohead seemed to be four times better than the last time i saw them (at liberty park- thursday), and back THEN i thought they were perfect. this time they were much crisper and tighter, changing most of the old songs at least a bit (most notably a gorgeous trimmed down 'kid a'.) the vibe was strong, why wasnt everyone dancing? i was promised the lighting was going to be 'disturbing', and i must say, they pulled it off (though it did take about 4 1/2 hours to set up... couldn't they have done this while beck was falling or the beastie boys were not giving a shit?)

livingstone from officespace was two people away from me. everyone started shouting 'lumberg sucks' and i felt bad for him.

a note:
making middle finger and 'open lips' finger signs at the camera was really middle school, guys. and thumbs up to the girl who feigned 'im about to flash' and gave the cameraman a big fuck you. that guy was a typical a/v club sleeze. i felt like i was at a motley crue show until the head took the stage.

Submitted on: JULY 09, 2003 20:10:00

I'm not usually into drugs but all I can say is thank god for shrooms cause that's the only way I was able to get through the rain and the waiting. The only bad part was my friend and I were so cracked out we thought we missed Beck's set completely - didn't find out till later about the calamity.

I thought Blur really captured the frustration and wet and misery of the day well, and the crowd really got into it. But The Beastie Boys sucked. They'd get the crowd worked up and then just when the beat was about to drop they'd fuck up something. It was just annoying.

Finally the rain cleared and so did my head and Radiohead came on to blow everybody away. I left feeling like a different person, like it was all worth it.

Submitted on: JULY 10, 2003 05:14:58

The radiohead show was unbelievable. Back not showing up and the rain put a damper on the fest, but radiohead stole the show with their memorable performance. I would however like to appologize to radiohead for the lack of enthusiasm that the crowd seemed to show. You guys have so much energy and I don't know what it was, but the crowd fell far short of showing you the respect you deserve. Maybe it was the rain or the venue but the energy radiohead provided was not deserved by most of the audience. How the energy of five men was paramount to that of thousands is to me disrespectful. Perhaps if everyone would have felt the music in their hearts and heads as some did, we could have seen the final unplayed encore "I Will". Although I am sure I can catch it again another time, it just won't be the same. To Thom, Jonny, Colin, Ed, & Phil (if you read these) thank you, I'll remember this performance and how well you handled all the confusion for the rest of my life.
B. Angel

Submitted on: JULY 11, 2003 11:04:21

I meant to post this days ago, but I haven't had a chance. Figured I'd add my personal story before it too diappeared completely...
It's a little long, but bear with me, it has a happy ending!

I was one of the heart-broken shut-outs from the fairy-tale Beacon Theater show we all heard so much about. In fact, I was the one who posted the review suggesting Radiohead try for a 3-night stand there in the future. I was so disappointed at the impossibility of getting into that show, and so horrified at the prospect of a stadium show, that originally I wasn't even considering going at all.

But then, the day before the show, I found myself jonezing, and checking the TicketMaster website, only to find tickets still on sale at an "affordable" $80 + TM charges (much less than the $150 they were asking outside the Beacon!). And since I would be staying at my girlfriend's less than 20 minutes away in Jersey, I thought I would wound up hating myself even more if I passed up my second opportunity to see them on this swing-through. So there I was, about to enter my credit card info. for two tickets totalling $190 (with no plans to catch any bands besdies RH), when the light bulb went off and I remembered the dismal weather forecast for Sat. night. Since my girlfriend would have never forgived me for making her sit through a chilly, windy thunderstorm, to see a band she'd never seen before, I nixed the whole idea.

Saturday was by all accounts a DISMAL day, as those who were at the stadium all day can attest. With all the weather forecasts proimsing even worse weather for the evening, it was looking pretty slim for me & RH. But then I caught a piece about the show on the evening news, and was surprised to see the stadium almost half-empty, as well as the welcome addition of video screens. Then the spirit overcame me again, and I pitched my girlfriend about spontaneously driving up there and checking it out. She said "yes".

My heart in my mouth, we sped up the turnpike, parked quickly, and proceeded to walk in with our two huge umbrellas (just in case). At the gate, the loudspeaker informed us umbrellas would not be allowed, so we had to turn back to the car. By the time we got back to the gate area, the story was that they had stopped selling tickets. What's this?! The last 4 tickets to be found had apparently just been sold for $40 apiece by some guy who claimed to have no more. My only hope seemed to rest with a shady-looking guy who told me to "bear with him", that he was waiting to hear from his friend who had about 6, but who wasn't picking up the phone. I began to really curse myself for getting my hopes up again, and for not having bought them on-line the day before. The shut-out nightmare scenario was happening to me all over again!

Just then, a young couple came out of the stadium. They asked us, "you're going in NOW?", and we said yes, that we were only interested in seeing Radiohead. In an attempt to be helpful, they gave us their Field Day wrist-bands, and their used ticket-stubs, and said that maybe they would help (I think the girl originally offered them to us as "do you want a back-stage pass?", but I never followed up on that). But I knew that neither of them were likely to get us in, and the shady guy with the line on the 6 tickets seemed to get disgusted with us when he saw the transaction, and moved off. So we were still nowhere really.

At that point I decided to approach the girl giving out will call tickets at the gate, and tried to plead my case. I told her that the show wasn't even sold out (I had seen it on TV), that I was prepared to pay, that she couldn't imagine what I'd gone through to see this one band all week long, please don't let this happen to me again! Then all of a sudden, even though she kept insisting there were no more tickets to sell, she reached behind her little stack of will-calls and produced two general admission tickets, saying "here's what I can do for you--take these over to gate C--but they're field tickets only". "Bless you", I replied, and we sped off in search of Gate C. I was so excited that it was only about 3 minutes later that I realized we had just gotten in for FREE!! (I had expected that we would somehow "redeem" the tickets once we got to Gate C). Then there was another brief bout of anxiety as we found that the entrance to Gate C was closed down completely, but eventually we found one semi-barricaded entry point where they would let us in.

Once inside, I remembered that the other ticket-stubs the couple had given us were for actual seats, and since I knew my girlfriend would prefer seats to standing on the field, we used the combination of ticket-stubs plus wrist-bands to bluff our way past the security guards into the seating area (apparently they had tried their best to segregate the field tickets from the seating tickets, and were confused as to how we had gotten on the other side in the first place...)

So to end a long story, 45 minutes before showtime found us in very nice seats, with good views of both the stage and the view-screens, barely able to believe what had just happened. And, as everyone knows, it NEVER RAINED!!! So all was good.

As for the show, as everyone knows by now, the show was great. I hadn't seen them since 2001, so I can't vouch for how it compared with any other recent shows, but overall I'd have to say that their sound has gotten a lot more "professional", and that, to quote a recent interview I read, they've definitely "found their swagger". My girlfriend, a non-committal fan at first, was quite moved by the whole thing, and admitted that they've got it going on.

Highlights for me, at least on this occasion, included "Pyramid Song/No Surprises/I Might Be Wrong", the latter never having been one of my favorite songs. I liked the radio chatter during "Climbing Up The Walls", and the live "Kid A" definitely lived up to the reviews I'd been reading. As someone pointed out in another review, "Exit Music" was amazing, as was "How To Disappear Completely". It's a shame that they only came out for one encore, as I was hoping for a few more songs, i.e. "The Gloaming", or "We Suck Young Blood", and "Fake Plastic Tress" (for my girlfriend). But it was interesting to hear them do "Myxomatosis", and I thought Thom's performance on "Go To Sleep" was also a highlight. I'm also happy to have heard more than one song from "Amnesiac", which unfortunately seems to be getting a lot less play than it's predecessor--it's probably my personal favorite, but then I always root for the underdog. It seems to me that they could easily keep a few more songs in regular rotation, like "Knives Out" and "Like Spinning Plates".

Overall, I was very impressed with the energy of the band, their obvious joie-de-vivre, and their goofy comments (i.e. "it's a shame it's come down to this", "sorry for the rain--but it's better now", and "the microwaves fuck with your mind"). And I especially liked watching all of Thom's dancing around the stage throughout the show--my kind of guy/band!

Can't wait for the summer tour (and the June 17th MTV2 broadcast)!

Submitted on: JULY 12, 2003 05:09:32

Well all I can say is that it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life..They proved once again why they are the best band in the world...I want to move back to europe just so I can see them live more..Thank you Radiohead

Submitted on: JULY 12, 2003 18:40:57

This was my first Radiohead concert, and needless to say it was one of the best experiences of my life. I was at the stadium the whole day and was soaked to the bone within fifteen minutes of being there. By the time Radiohead got on stage, the rain had stopped and the clouds had formed this eerie dome over the open stadium. I have seen some very good live acts, but this experience was magical. Somehow the dampness, the dedication of the fans, and all of the nonsense surrounding the concert culminated in a weird energy which the band delivered perfectly. I was very unfamiliar with a lot the band's music, but was pleasantly surprised with their performance and clarity. In one word, it was magical.

Submitted on: JULY 13, 2003 08:02:27

Even though it was a bad thing the Field Day Concert did not go as planned, I was somewhat glad that they moved it to the Meadowlands. I was very upset after the Beacon theater ticket fiasco. I thought I would not see Radiohead at all because even the August tour still just a rumor. Let me tell you, if it wasn't for this website I would have missed the concert, and missing a Radiohead concert for me just like when you feel you are reaching an orgasm and then you loose it.....So frustrating.

Anyway, at 4:55PM I found out that the tickets would be sold through ticket master starting at 5PM. Those were the longest 5 minutes of my life. I bought 5 tickets for my husband, my two sisters, my father and myself, almost $500, am I crazy or what. Don't worry they will pay me....eventually. Although we knew Saturday would be a wash out, for almost $100 a ticket we thought "let at least see the 4 main bands". So, we prepared ourselves for the concert, some snacks, fleece, raincoats, and drinks. We got there at 5:30 ready to see Blur, but between finding a parking spot, getting our tickets, getting in and finding our seats Blur was over. OK, we missed Blur, so what!, Beck is next.... NOP, He hurt himself and had to go to the hospital. Meanwhile we were waiting in our seats all wet and kind of cold, but it did not really bother us that much.

Finally, the Beastie Boys took the stage, the rain stop, and the spirits were lifted. It was the first time we so them live, and we thought they were good. They can really get the crowd dancing. We all danced to the music except for my father. He thought they were OK, he was there more for Radiohead that anything else. I liked the Beastie Boys, and I thought it was funny that they forgot their own song, maybe a little unprofessional but who cares, they made us happy and they made us forget we were all soaked to the bone.

While waiting for Radiohead, the cameramen were taking candid shots. Some people were funny, like the guy pointing at his watch telling to the cameras to hurry up and get the show started. Also, some ugly girls sick for attention flashed their boobs. My father liked that, he was cracking up, and my sister who is only 10 was covering her eyes...She is so innocent.

Finally, Radiohead took the stage. It was my third time and my family's first time. We all raved as they started playing. They open with "There there", and it's been added to my favorites. When they finish the song my little sister turned around and all happy she told me "They are real!!!!!" and she giggled.

I loved the music from their new album. I never downloaded the online version out of respect because I new the band was not happy about the leak. I thought the new songs were great. I think they have a very energetic feeling, specially "2+2=5". The highlight of the night for me was seeing Thom dance. I don't think I have ever seen him dance before. That to me says that he is also happy with his music, and as many of us know for a long time he has not been really happy or satisfied with his own songs. He also apologized for the bad weather and everything we had to go trough to be get to the concert. However, I would have liked them playing "Creep" as an apology. I bet we all would have been speechless and the people that missed the concert would have been green with envy.

The show was great, but as they have newer music, they have to take off the list some older great song. I really missed "Green Plastic Trees" "Let down" and "Street Spirit".
My favorite song of the night was "I might be wrong"
My sister Andrea said "How to disappear completely" made her feel like the aliens were coming to take her. She loved it.
My father said Radiohead reminded him of a Pink Floyd concert... a classic.
My husband was glad he finally so them. And my little sister told me "I love you, thank you thank you, thank you!!!!" and she hugged me.

Now that that everything is in the right place we are all happy and eager to see them again, however hoping the next time the fans are treated with more respect.


Submitted on: JULY 25, 2003 08:50:46

Beautiful and vibrant performance that redeemed Field Day for all its failures.

Lots of songs from HTTT, which I had not listened to in its entirety until this morning. "Sail to the Moon" was simply amazing -- Thom lulled the audience into a lucid dream. "There There" served its purpose as opener -- upbeat, envigorating. "Myx" was intense, as it ought to be in concert. I only wish I had listened to the album sooner.

Old favorites found a perfect place in the setlist - "Just," "Paranoid Android," and "Lucky" all fit the groove and tempo of the evening. "Exit Music" was incredibly moving as the crowd hung on every word in silence.

This was the first time I had seen Radiohead. I almost saw them at Bull Run (thank you rain gods, mudslides, and I-66), and have since been waiting for a second chance. As expected, the wait was worth it.

This performance proved to me that Radiohead is the most meaningful musical act on the planet right now. Period.

Submitted on: JULY 29, 2003 11:22:50

Reading all the reviews was inspiring - so I had to include my own. It goes without saying Radiohead were UNBELIEVABLE. After riding on a bus for over 40 hours from Florida (yes greyhound takes that long), finding out the show was cancelled (ahhh), having to purchase new tickets (and they were seats), and waiting through the rain and the dissapointment(Beck, Beastie Boys)-Radiohead came on. Fortunately the day brightened up for my 3 friends and I as we, like many others, snuck down into general addmission (Thank you Sean and some kids with the last name Zimmerman for the ticket stubs). When The first recognizeable song The National Anthem came on (i vowed to wait for the new album to come out despite the numerous opportunities to downlaod it for free) I felt more energy than I have ever felt in my life. The only words that come to mind are..... Well shit there are no words they devalue the experience. All in all every bit of rain (actual and symbolical) dried away in that 2 hr time frame. Radiohead blew me away.

Submitted on: AUGUST 19, 2003 11:38:30

RADIOHEAD - they are by far one of the best live bands I've ever laid eyes/ears on. Sooooo tight. Thom and crew were amazing. True brilliance.

About BECK....I was wondering if anyone caught the song Thom dedicated to him...I'm one of the BIGGEST BECK fans in the Universe and I was soooo upset not seeing him that day...but yea, Radiohead made up for his absence...just wondering if anyone remembers.

OK, tis it


Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 01:18:14

man what a show. i was geared up to see a lot of great bands and ended up only seeing a few. i traveled all the way from texas for field day... flew to chicago then drove from there. anyway, radiohead is the best band around right now...

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