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Hultsfred Festival - Hultsfred, Sweden
June 13, 2003
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there there
2 + 2 = 5
morning bell
iron lung
kid a
pyramid song
go to sleep
the gloaming
sail to the moon
sit down stand up
no surprises
where i end + u begin
talk show host
paranoid android
everything in its right place
national anthem
a wolf at the door
street spirit
karma police
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Submitted on: JULY 16, 2003 01:02:26

The show was terrific - but no one would have expected anything else either... A huge crowd (probably the hugest crowd during the whole festival) had gathered around the stage earlier then excpected.
The band kicked off with a fantastic 'There There' which assured you that the show was going to be good. My personal favorites were/are 'My Iron Lung' (which really really took your breath away), 'A Wolf at the Door' and 'Just'.
Jonny felt really present on stage. Before the band came back to do an amazing first encore Jonny was left alone on stage with Colin (or Ed, couldn't see who properly) sitting down, fiddeling with the last part of 'Everything in it's Right Place' - and no, the audience wasn't bored. I can honestly say that everyone around me was mezmerised by Jonny (including myself of course).
The lights were really something else and without doubt the best lighting during the whole festival (no other band came close) and RH managed to dazzel a crowd for 2h in many ways.
... there's nothing more to say but 'excellent', a five star show in my book.

P E T T E R:
Submitted on: JULY 16, 2003 02:40:52

So my third time seeing Radiohead was not as good as the first two (Stockholm 2001-09-08 and Salamanca 2002-08-07) but great nevertheless. Except the obligatory festival attenders asking for Creep and not recognizing any songs post OKC i think evryone was very impressed with the show's amazing lightshow, the band's happy and energetic appearance, and the impressive blend of all the different strands in the bands career from the straight guitar rock of Just, to the pure electronics of the Gloaming, to the beautiful piano ballads.

Thom had a big smile on his face all through the 2 hour concert (surprisingly long for a festival gig) and made lots of silly voices and dances.

I was happy to finally get to see Kid A (introduced as "this is music to dance to") live, but was still wondering if it was a smart choice to play such an obscure and not very direct song at a festival. Lots of confused faces in the audience.

I've also got some doubts about playing Karma Police as a closer. They did that in Salamanca too. I realise it's prolly a good idea to play it at a festival since it's such a big hit (even though it does absolutely nothing for me these days). But as a closer? HTDC or MPS or TLW would have been much better choices.

Highlights for me were:

Scatterbrain - has Thom's voice ever sounded better?

My Iron Lung - Thom with a smirk to himself: "Ahh, now we're doing *this* one..." This song always kicks ass live, but this time i think it was better than ever. Jonny totally freaked out in the end.

Go To Sleep - another freakout by Jonny. This boy gets nutty when he holds a guitar.

The Gloaming - this song grows so much live! it's supercool on the record but absolutely great in concert! The lightshow made Thom look like a little green goblin dancing around in circles. Spooky!

Wolf At The Door - and i just go ooooooooo.....
Street Spirit - my first time seeing it live. Amazingly beautiful.

All in all very, very good for a festival gig!

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