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Southside Festival - Neuhausen ob Eck, Germany
June 20, 2003
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there there
my iron lung
morning bell
national anthem
the gloaming
where i end and you begin
exit music
go to sleep
sail to the moon
i might be wrong
paranoid android
everything in its right place

fake plastic trees
sit down. stand up
karma police
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Submitted on: JULY 22, 2003 05:57:12

Great show, the band was very into the show. Nothing to complain, except the fact that they only made one encore. I understand it since the German audience is not so enthusiastic but still I wanted more! Saw them last year in Lisbon and we could see that portuguese fans give a better feedback to the band.

Submitted on: JULY 22, 2003 13:38:36

The show was amazing.....but unfortunately the germans are too drunk to celebrate such an event. Was the best concert i've ever seen, so thanx a lot guys....

Submitted on: JULY 23, 2003 10:55:12

I watched the concert from behind the Press Area and it was definitely the best concert of the festival with a lovely light show and a great set list. The only thing to complain about at first was the fact that they only did one single encore. But when I talked to one of the techs backstage he told me that they were only allowed to do one because the crew had to prepare the stage for the first band of the next day. I can't see why they would do that at night, but I didn't want to cause senseless conversations... Really great concert, though, anyway.

Submitted on: JULY 23, 2003 14:12:54

Wow! Radiohead is amazing. This was the first time I have seen them, and they were awesome. Everything they played from HTTT was incredible. I damn near crapped my pants when they started playing The Gloaming. Unfortunately, the Germans never scream for an encore so the band only gave one. However the show was great anyway.

Submitted on: JULY 24, 2003 22:31:17

Radiohead just came , and rocked out, then left.... I liked the way 2+2=5 sounded like it was going to suddenly end and then They kicked it up another notch!Im glad they played Karma Police...sounded great! Another highlight was "National Anthem"...You never realized how awesome that song really is until you see it and hear it live!I took pictures, but they kinda came out definatley would love to have a copy of this show

Submitted on: JULY 28, 2003 01:39:56

For the second time in my live I have had the opportunity to see Radiohead in concert, and once again I would say Radiohead is one of the best bands, and not only because the amazing lyrics they writte, is as well because they know how to make music and to play it in such a perfect way, that your ears are so delighted to hear them... The only complain was the lacking of emotion from the German audience and therefore just another reason to have only one encore.. but anyway an amazing concert!

Submitted on: AUGUST 01, 2003 12:59:12

Being a huge Radiohead fan, I ditched university courses and exam preparations to make my dream come true see the greatest band on this planet playing live. Me and some friends struggled ourselves early enough through the crowd to the front rows, when Underworld were still performing and Radiohead were scheduled to start in just over an hour and a half. After I found a nice comfortable spot for myself, I already got excited at the sight of all the fans in Radiohead t-shirts who were enjoying the appetizer and waiting for the real show to begin. As Underworlds set neared conclusion, between the cheers and applause, the people at the front shouted, Radiohead! Radiohead! between each song bad for the performers, good for us ;-). Then after what seemed like an excruciatingly long wait, as stagehands shifted gear about and our patience was being tested to the limit, we could suddenly discern some strangely familiar sounds that die-hard fans quickly recognized as Where Bluebirds Fly, the b-side on the There There single that the band had used as an intro throughout 2002. Then I knew it was real. Radiohead appeared on stage to a roar of applause and crowd frenzy and started banging away on the drums to There There I had waited so long for this moment - it was surreal. And so was the crowd, they went absolutely NUTS. It was like as if some wild spirits had taken possession of them: they started jumping and pushing and causing a massive upsurge it was totally insane! My attention was dedicated to ensuring my survival (so that I wouldnt be massacred by the crowd) and I couldnt focus on what was happening on-stage, let alone enjoy the music, it was that wild. So my memory of 2+2=5 is a rather nightmarish experience, which might fit thematically to the lyrics, but it was no fun, believe me. After three songs (My Iron Lung came as a surprise) I thought I wouldnt be able to leave the show in one piece but somehow the crowd slowly snapped out of their frenzy and things calmed down considerably. From then on it was pure magic.
Lucky pleased crowd and band alike (you could see that they enjoyed playing it), the song hadnt lost any bit of its greatness over the years and it was great to hear it live. Before starting Scatterbrain, Thom said, Were going to play some new songs and then were going to play some older songs. Then we go to the disco. It reflected the high spirits the band was in, and was greeted by cheers from the now mild-mannered, but nonetheless enthusiastic crowd. The soothing piano of this beautiful song undoubtedly contributed to the now more relaxed atmosphere after the wild frenzy at the start of the show. German radio preceded the buzzing bass line of The National Anthem which really came to life when played live and by far surpassed the Kid A version! Afterwards came one of the real highlights of the evening: A surprisingly energetic performance of The Gloaming. Thom had a broad grin on his face and started dancing and wriggling about in his weird idiosyncratic way, and the crowd went frantic again! But it was within healthy limits, and we thoroughly enjoyed the moment. Colin was bobbing up and down, visually having a good time, and so were we. Next we were treated to a perfect rendition of the excellent Where I End and You Begin, which was beautiful in a sad, tragic kind of way. This is my sisters favourite song on HTTT, and it was cool to hear it live. Then came Just, the ultimate jump-up-and-down-and-go-crazy guitar rocker, and it did not fail to achieve the effect. Jumping like mad and shouting You do it to your self!! at the top of my voice was an absolutely fantastic experience. Exit Music was next, Thoms voice clearer than ever, as knowing crowd members silenced the uninitiated with hisses of shhhh! The crowd sang along anyway, and by the end of it everybody had joined in. Go to Sleep had a very cool guitar jam by Jonny, with the crowd cheering him on in excitement. The sublime Sail to the Moon gave us some time for contemplation, while the groovy I Might Be Wrong promptly took it away and replaced it with energetic urgency. Just great. Then the two favourite songs I had been waiting for: Thom introduced the moment by announcing, This ones called Paranoid Android. The guitars kicked in and we all went crazy! Wow such a great song. The band continued without a pause and soon the unmistakable thundering bass of Idioteque penetrated our skin and bones. I felt like being in another time and space, the beats, the lights, the moment everything came together, and when Colins keyboard started playing the simple yet haunting introductory notes, I was simply overwhelmed. During the bit where Thom stops singing and Jonny and Ed distort everything and Phil works the drums to a climatic max, Thom approached the crowd and cheered them on, waving his hands in the air, grinning from cheek to cheek that was an unforgettable moment.
The Encore Fake Plastic Trees was particularly moving, and Sit Down, Stand Up had an exciting pace and feel and a general warmth that is missing on the CD. We havent got much time now, so were gonna do this one, shouted Thom, and the anthemic Karma Police had everyone singing along and made a worthy finale to a spectacular evening.

Submitted on: AUGUST 03, 2003 23:50:02

It was the best concert I've ever been to ! I like Radiohead very much . I especialy enjoied Thom's dancing part while they played idiotheque and Jonny's guitar part in I might be wrong . But , unfortunatelly , I couldn't enjoy the first two songs , because the crowd was standing so unquiet !!!

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