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Rock Werchter - Werchter, Belgium
June 26, 2003
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There there
Morning bell
Talk show host
Kid A
National anthem
The gloaming
Where I end and you begin
Sail to the moon
Fake plastic trees
Go to sleep
I might be wrong
Paranoid android
Everything in it's right place

1st encore
Exit music
Sit down stand up

2nd encore
Pyramid Song

3rd encore
Karma police
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Submitted on: JULY 28, 2003 01:59:51

So the night I had been longing for finally came… Packed like sardines among thousands of beer drunk Belgians, I made my way through the crowd and managed to secure a very reasonable place, roughly in the middle, slightly on the left (Ed’s side). After about half an hour’s wait, Bjork took the stage with her funny green wing-like things on her ears. She was quite impressive but a better word is: strange. Anyway, she doesn’t make us wait too long because everybody there is looking forward to RADIOHEAD. Another half an hour’s wait with sleepy reggae music and then everybody starts cheering: the intro is finally being played. A few minutes later the 5 stars of the evening take the stage with roaring applause. Thom grabs his guitar, Colin (who turned 34 today) his bass, and Phil, Jonny and Ed their drum sticks: There There is waiting to be released… The tension builds up, the cheers become louder… and it takes off. Jonny starts beating the hell out of his drums, Ed keeps the rhythm and Thom begins the new almighty and tribal Radiohead tune. The sound level is so high (and maybe a bit too high) that the ground literally shakes. You can almost feel the tribesmen running in your direction, wanting to put you in their cooking-pot. The following 5 minutes gives goosebumps to all Radiohead fans and convinces the others that what they’re seeing is simply the best band out there. 2+2=5 comes next with Jonny walking all over the stage confidently playing the arpeggios of this great new song. Thom shows all his energy at the “payin attention” part, yelling and shouting like a mad-man. Then comes Morning Bell. Thom introduces it by saying “this is a song about divorce, it’s something that happens when you get older”. Great as usual. The following songs are all amazingly well performed as usual: Talkshow host, Lucky, Just, National anthem, The gloaming, Kid A, Sail to the moon, Fake plastic trees, Where I end and you begin, Go to sleep, Sit down stand up, I might be wrong, Paranoid Android, Idioteque. Just is especially remarkable with an astounding guitar part from Jonny. At the end of the song, Thom even asks him “That didn’t trash you Jonny, did it?”. Finally, they play Everything in its right place and leave the stage (Ed is the last one to leave, he stays for an extra minute, fiddling with his effects). We all start cheering and applauding like maniacs and the desired effect takes place one or two minutes later: they come back. They play two songs: Exit music and Pyramid song. At the beginning of Pyramid song, Thom sings “I jumped … what did I see?” and laughs a little bit but continues playing since his omission goes unnoticed by most. The ending is particularly nice with Jonny’s warm guitar sounds. When they were finish, Thom says “enjoy the rest of your evening”, thanks all of us and the band leaves again… only to come back a minute later. Thom declares “The next song we’re going to play… is a song… called… Karma Police”. And so they begin playing one of their greatest songs ever. After the final distorted part that marks the end of the song, Thom thanks us again and the band begins walking away, but Thom comes back to the mic and sings with all of us the chorus of Karma police “For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myseeelf, phew for a minute there I lost myself, I lost myseeeeeeelf”. The applause is really loud but most of importantly, Genuine. Radiohead had captured everybody’s heart, as usual, and definitely not for the last time…
A small detail that I noticed: Ed had changed the pickups on his black Stratocaster. He had a humbucker at the bridge (two black single coil pickups, maybe Lace sensors), a white pickup in the middle position (most probably a Lace sensor) and another Lace like pickup at the neck. Jonny’s influence probably… ;)

Submitted on: JULY 29, 2003 17:25:44

Seeing Bjork and Radiohead at the same the same day!! AMAZING!!!

Submitted on: JULY 30, 2003 11:06:18

It was very good, your show. I enjoyed it very much.
Thank you all for giving me the best time in Werchter for years.

Submitted on: AUGUST 01, 2003 05:12:18

It was a great show...Bjork was amazing..Radiohead of course was good them selfs.. i pretty much went to see bjork... but i stayed for was great being around so many was nice they had bjork first.. did not make us wait :) radiohead.. cute show :)

Submitted on: AUGUST 01, 2003 06:10:20

Werchter was great, but Radiohead was the best!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 04, 2003 02:01:30

The show was just amazing, i came all the way from mexico city to see radiohead playing Werchter and to be honest i couldn't have asked for anything better than the show they gave.
First of all, i was extremely lucky finding a really comfortable and safe spot (u could notice most of the people were there mainly to see radiohead so it wasn't that easy), the sound was too loud, i must admit, but the quality was amazing, i could listen to every single detail in the music, which is not common when u are seeing a band live.
Somebody else has talked about the setlist, so i better focus on the vibe i could feel during the concert.
I was extremely surprised by Thom's happiness, u could see he was really enjoying it, i think a good proove of that was his dancing moves during idioteque (if i am not mistaken) and when he made the people sing karma police's chorus, IT WAS JUST MAGIC!!!!

But wanna know what was the best part of the entire gig for me?? I was one of the lucky bastards who got one of the drumsticks Ed used for: There, there.
Can i ask for more??? I DON'T THINK SO

Submitted on: AUGUST 06, 2003 10:50:36

Grand. Un groupe qui a grandi a chaque étape, pour devenir aujourd'hui un géant. De la tête, des épaules, de la guitare, de la boite a rythme AU DESSUS de tous les autres. De vrais grands artistes, je crois que c'est ce qui les définit le mieux. Une réelle envie de jouer et d'emmener loin un public pas nécessairement conquis (on ne va pas me faire croire que tout ce monde connaît Kid A / Amnesiac / Hail to the thief par cœur et l'apprécie à sa juste valeur) mais qui suit les chemins tortueux sur lesquels le groupe les emmène. Des morceaux faciles a écouter et très difficile a jouer ("Paranoid Android" et ses contretemps, breaks, ambiances changeant sur 7 minutes avec une intensité rare et sans fausse note) qui alternent avec des morceaux plus durs, mais qui prenne l assistance aux tripes ("I might be wrong"). Les morceaux de Hail to the thief passent vraiment la rampe superbement, malgré leur nouveauté. Je m'attendais a l'ouverture sur 2+2=5, mais je m'étais trompé, puisque ce grand moment n'est venu...qu'en deuxième position seulement, la transition au moment de "YOU HAVE NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION" comme une sorte de zénith précoce du concert, un 7 ème ciel que le groupe ne quitteras plus. Son excellent, un groupe qui respire l'envie, l'entente, l'énergie, et qui, je trouve - finalement - rayonne une certaine paix. Thom Yorke s'approche, se laisse filmer docilement par les caméra, en paix. Une paix agité, ou une guerre contrôlée, c'est selon. "I feel better and there is nothing wrong". Qu'on se le dise, Radiohead sait regarder ses propres démons et ceux du monde dans les yeux. Comme cette caméra qui fixe le chanteur, ce festival, tout ce qu'ils représentent de laid dans un "Music Business" qui a terrassé Cobain, et dont Radiohead joue et se joue aujourd'hui. Grand.

Submitted on: AUGUST 19, 2003 10:32:39

I just wanted to thank Radiohead for this great show!
You guys made me cry...
Thanks again and come back whenever you want!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 06, 2003 04:28:06

Radiohead were amazing at werchter, probably the best there, sparing the datsuns and coldplay. their music caught all eyes, even dislikers (people i know). hell and there were more english there than i thought.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 09:10:46

My first time going to werchter and the first time seeing Radiohead perform, what could I ask for more?? Before I had bought a couple of albums and liked them, but I could'nt imagine that they were that good live!!! So much energy, such an atmosphere it was something i'm never gonna forget!! now, a couple of months later, i still talk about it and relive it everytime i listen to their album!
thank you so very much for that wonderful experience! you've got a new fan!

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