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Glastonbury Festival - Glastonbury, England
June 28, 2003
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'There There'
'2+2 = 5'
'The National Anthem'
'Talk Show Host'
'Where I End And You Begin'
'Climbing Up The Walls'
'The Gloaming'
'No Surprises'
'Fake Plastic Trees'
'Sit Down Stand Up'
'Go To Sleep'
'Sail To The Moon'
'Paranoid Android'
'Everything In Its Right Place'
'Karma Police'
'Street Spirit'
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Submitted on: JULY 29, 2003 00:24:20

I'm guessing pretty much everyone who saw them is still at the festival right now. My review comes from the coverage on BBC THREE and BBC2.
The Flaming Lips were on the Pyramid Stage (the main one) before Radiohead and I think they did a really good job of warming up the crowd ready for the headliners. In their usual style the Flaming Lips were on stage alongside many people dressed up in large animal suits etc which was quite ammusing.
Radiohead came on stage at 11 and opened straight away with There There and then went into 2+2=5. The entire crowd seemed to be jumping up and down throughout both songs which looked really good on camera. Radiohead covered material from all of their albums except Pablo Honey and Amneisiac, concentrating especially on OK Computer and HTTT. Amongst the set list were Lucky, No Surprises, Karma Police, Go to sleep, Morning Bell, Where I end and you begin, Paranoid android, Climbing up the walls, The national anthem, Talk show host, Sail to the moon, The gloaming and Backdrifts. The BBC's coverage wasn't perfect becuase they stopped showing the concert on BBC THREE and switched it over to BBC2 and then back over to THREE again with several interviews etc during the switch. Thom did a lot of energetic dancing, especially during Ideoteque and seemed to put a lot of energy into the performance which really made it worthwhile watching.

Submitted on: JULY 30, 2003 05:38:28

The gap between the Flaming lips and Radiohead lasted a life-time. In the time I had pushed myself to the fith row, so i had a great spot. When they did appear; Thom ran on and shouted "HI" to a massive crowd. They started off with the likes of 'There there' and '2+2=5' to which the crowd exploded in applause to.

A brilliant version of 'Talk show host' seemed to get the crowd going. Thom seemed very energetic all the way through doing his clubbing dancing to 'The Gloaming', which sounds so amazing live. Thom also did what seemed to be an impression of David Gray (the head bobbing every where with the body stood stiff)

Lucky was dedicated to REM's Micheal Stipe, which caused a great applause from the fans. Thom did forget the setlist as he went back to the piano after 'sit down, stand up' to play 'Sail to the Moon' when the rest of the band were supposed to play 'Go to Sleep'. Thom did have a mock stress fit when he was informed by Jonny, which caused lots of laughs from the crowd.

Songs like 'Climbing up the walls' and 'Sit down stand up' seem to sound amazing live. The band is certainly playing the best live music ever.

The 1st encore consisted of 'Just' and 'Karma Police'. The audience sung along after shouting for more before the band came back. Thom stayed on stage after 'Karma Police' to sing "Phew for a minute there i lost myself" with the audience, which created a buzz through everyone present. The second encore was 'Street Spirit (fade out)' which ended the show on a high.

After 8 years in the waiting; seeing Radiohead for the first time at The Glastonbury festival was one of the most amazing experience of my life. I went away on such a high. A great show.

The setlist was finished with the usual 'Idioteque and EIIRP' combo.

Submitted on: JULY 30, 2003 09:24:44

After watching Supergrass and the Flaming lips in the glorious sunshine there was no better way of capping the day off than watching Radiohead perform, and what a performance! 114,000 people crammed forward, torch lights in hand to whitness the gig of the year !Amazing. Thom was on form looked excited to be there. He arrived on stage took to the mic and after seeing the crowd he shreeked, then the party was ready to begin. Jonny seemed like he wanted to rock out and produced some fine improvised stuff during there there. The strobe lighting used by the band on stage was wonderful, flashing to every beat of idioteque it really added to the atmoshphere. They also played the gloaming which saw Jonny on a laptop and Thom dancing like he'd taken something!! The last song of the first encore was Karma Police and Thom ended it alone by singing without music "for a minute there I lost myself" going hand in hand with the lost weekend theme of the festival. Thom then leaves the stage to an enormous ovation, but the crowd want more. After minutes of cheering the crowd, as one, burst out in song, they call Radiohead out by singing "for a minute there...." it was amazing! They all come back looking amazed at the reception and finish the show with Street Spirit. Best day of my life.

Submitted on: AUGUST 01, 2003 02:58:49

Well my Dad reckons they just sound a bit moany, but how little he really knows. Thoms voice was powerful and the opening track There There was amazing with the drums kicking things off with style. Karma Police was a highlight with Thom hesitating to leave the stage to come back and sing "phew for a minute there I lost myself" on his own. After leaving the stage the whole crowd then began to sing the lines instead of the usual shouts for "more"...magic! No creep, like in Oxford, but it wasn't really needed now, due to the long list of other powerful and beautiful crowd pleasers they have up there sleaves! Street Spirit closed the show and was mint! Other highlights - 2+2=5...just so good, Talk Show it and The Gloaming...Thom's crazy dancing. Radiohead = highlight of Glastonbury? ...without doubt!

Submitted on: AUGUST 03, 2003 11:28:20

Glastonbury 2003

Radiohead-Saturday night

This was the third time Ive seen Radiohead in the space of three years. All of which have been very distinct. The sets on the Kid A tour and South Park concentrated more on Kid A and heavily on Amnesiac.
Yet the Glastonbury set disregarded all of Amnesiacs songs and played only three songs off KID A. I wasnt surprised, however. Prior to their performance at Glastonbury, festival sets in the US and Germany insinuated a similar set, with assortment of songs from hail to the thief and classics from the bends and ok computer plus a special rendition of Talk show host to treat us fans. Before Radiohead took the stage I reluctantly, for my own welfare had to get out of the crowd. I was quite near the front and couldnt stand being there much longer. I was literally going to be crushed if I didnt. There were people with Radiohead T-shirts who had no respect for others. I couldnt watch Radiohead like this and decided to leave. Once I got out I walked about 30 yards back, left of stage and watched them from there. I had a great view, but still would have preferred to be a bit nearer and moreover with my friends to share the experience.

The stage set up was quite different from a couple of years back. Long stripes of neon lights lined up instead of the long ribbons of tin foil. Moving on with the set then

They kicked off their set with There There, which is no surprise if youre familiar with previous sets, but people surrounded me didnt seem to no the song at all. Still, I was in my element as this was the first time I had heard any of their new songs performed live. The thumping drums heightened the songs intensity live, perfect. Then to 2+2=5. Short and sweet with honourable support from crowd for a more rock essence song.
The first of the Ok computer songs was to follow. Lucky. Dedicated to REM, their teenage heroes; wouldnt have been great if Michael stipe performed lucky with radiohead again? Very appropriate dedication. Beautiful.
I was surprised to see that in previous sets that the National Anthem was played mid way through sets, as for years this song was always a great opener. But, it sounded great, no swirling jazz, but still, Colins bass gently circling on top on Thom vocal. Absolutely fantastic live track.
Talk show host is one of my favourite live songs. The song intensifies into something so different from the recorded version on street spirit single. Thats what I love about this track. Sends shivers down my spine. Distorted drums and the effects Jonny makes towards the end lifted the crowd to a different place.
Next song was Where I end and you begin, third hail to the thief song of the night, followed by my one of my favourite songs, Climbing up the walls. Jonny and his transistor radio in operation! Creating the eerie feel of what this song pre-empts unquestionably. Slightly rushed in parts. I wasnt surprised to hear The gloaming, which was the next song. In fact, I almost expected them to play it. It was so grotesque-very different from album version- haunting. Its a shame they didnt capture the same sound in the studio.
No surprises was the next track, followed by the eminent fake plastic trees. Crowd sung along. My all time beloved Radiohead song. The next was another song off hail to the thief-sit down, stand up- the neon lights falling like rain drops over Thoms haunting vocal rain drops, rain drops
Then came another hail song Go to sleep-the next single. I dont think the crowd really warmed to this song-unlike 2+2=5 and the gloaming. When Thoms piano was brought on stage, I thought maybe morning bell, but sail to the moon it was. Recurrent, unearthly vocal. Now that it seemed most had gone to sleep after three songs from the new album had been played, paranoid android was to lift the festival crowd. A song that everyone newGucci little piggymoving to the change in metre; 7/8Absolutely mind blowing in every respect. Momentous song in a great setting-Glastonbury.
Even though Idioteque doesnt grasp any guitars, bass its such a compelling song live. With Thoms lyrics whos in a bunker, women and children first, and the children first and the children/ice age coming, ice age coming, let me hear both sides, let me hear both sidesHere Im allowed, everything all of the time, over the seamless cling-clanging beeps. Climaxes with the crashing drums, which certainly thrilled all of Glastonbury. Highlight I think. Always seem to change the song overtime because there is always room to mutate it with electronic implements. Kid A live is antic, unlike other songs from the bends where there is nothing really compelling in them anymore. I think their new stuff is just dazzling live.
The electronic noise of everything in its right place followed and as I was saying before-totally transforms itself as a live track. I knew this would be the last song before the start of the encores. One lady said, where has he gone?-Thom that is. Thom always leaves that song. I love the bass in this song over driving Thoms echoing vocal on the keyboard. After a short time, Radiohead returned to the stage for the first encore. I was thinking Karma police, just, my iron lung, street spirit or how to disappear. The crowd was treated by just-ROCK as Thom called it before they started. Everyone singing the first words Cant get the stink off, its been hanging round for days1,2,3,4Karma police almost forgetting the words to the first line. We were treated to a great rendition and when Thom came back on stage after the encore and sang fora minute there I lost myself etc I looked up at the screen and could see his sheer emotion from his facemy favourite moment. From this point, the crowd wanted more. I predicted it would be street sprit-there was no way they would play creep, to my utter surprise I didnt hear any idiots chanting it! I was hoping for how to disappear, but street spirit was just as good. No more idiots in chargewell put Thom. The apogee of the evening came from the closing of the song. Everyone just looks in amazement.

I think we can safely say, that Radiohead have buried their demons from 97 and even had a bit of chatter with the lighting engineer. Theyve moved on-not only with their music. They were so happy with their performance. I wasnt particularly happy with the set, bypassing all of Amnesiac and no how to disappear. Despite this, I loved the new songs live and I think I witnessed something very special even though it wasnt my best Radiohead gig. There were a lot of idiots in crowd-what do you expect at a festival though! Atmosphere was electric and Radiohead were in high sprits all night. A vintage performance.

Submitted on: AUGUST 04, 2003 06:05:50

best gig ever? no, it was far better than that

Submitted on: AUGUST 09, 2003 03:35:25

Me and my friend joined the audience during Supergrass's soundcheck, and proceeded to ruthlessly shove our way to the front. We reached the barrier, and spent what seemed like an eternity (despite the Flaming Lips doing a good set) struggling to keep our places.

It's the first time I've seen Radiohead live, but I would pay any amount of money to see them again (luckily I've got a ticket for Novermber's Earls Court gig). I was in raptures to hear Talk Show Host, with is a favourite of mine, and amazed by just how good their new stuff sounds live. The band - particularly Thom - seemed so thrilled by the response they got. At one point he imitated the perennial Glastonbury call of 'hash for cash'.

There were several absolutely magical moments - like when 30,000 people were singing 'for a minute there I lost myself' (and I think we all had), and Thom playing it up to the audience throughout. No other concert can ever live up to that!

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 11:38:34

i just downloaded the set live from internet, and everytime i listenin to the bit in karma police where it goes 'phew for a minute there i lost myself' i get al shivery and goosepimply.that was a truely memorable moment where i felt the crowd sang so loud i couldnt hear the!inspiring and mindblowing, radiohead are a band i want to tell my kids about.thankyou radioheed

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 05:16:12

yeah! exactly what the last person said. I so wanna get a version of thom singing alone with the crowd following karma police, but I can't find it anywhere! it was the moment of my festival and i NEED to re-live it, so anyone with any info please email me, :-) thank you, you shiny happy people

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 23:28:45

Wow, i'd always known radiohead were a great band but unfortunately i didn't really get into them until 2 years ago, they've completely changed my life and my views on music, and so this gig and of course the whole festival was the best thing i've ever done.
The setlist was excellent though it wouldn't have mattered what the had played, to be able to perform sail to the moon, paranoid android and idioteque together was incredible and just shows radioheads range of styles, loved the singalongs to fake plastic trees and karma police too.
Lost count of the times i drifted away at this gig.
Thom Yorke- greatest songwriter ever!

Tom, oxford

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 07, 2003 02:13:39

Like the person who mentioned having to get back due to crowds... Me and my girlfriend didnt fancy getting crushed, so after being right up front for the lips we moved back. Unfortunately we were around people who seemed like they were there just to say they had seen radiohead and werent interested in the newer stuff so much - fair enough, but there was a lot of talking going on (as was the case for REM the night before, its music LISTEN to it or go away!). There also seemed to be some sound problems on There There and 2+2=5 where i was standing, meaning I could only hear drums, bass and thoms voice - which was a shame. But dont get me wrong, this was a very, very good gig - but cant wait to see them again in a smaller venue with just their fans there.

Highlight of the festival: Sigur Ros, blew everyone away.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 07, 2003 04:47:24

First time I ever saw 'the Head live and wow! Pretty much exactly what I was expecting from the band... a great performance. 'There There' was amazing - especially when everybody started jumping around during the guitar solo. 'Idioteque' was definately a highlight - I think it even surpassed the live version on the I Might Be Wrong mini album. Also, it was great to hear Talk Show Host live, especially good to hear them playing it as laid back and relaxed as they were. The band fell a bit flat on 'the Gloaming' though - seems to be too much of a 'non-song' to work live. I was really surprised avbout the inclusion of 'Climbing up the Walls' - one of my favorite Radiohead songs. 'Fake Plastic...' and 'Paranoid Android' had to be the defining moments thought. The latter's guitar solo a real mobiles aloft moment!
Great to hear the new songs working so well live. Better than the album version in some cases... like '2=2=5' and 'Go to Sleep'.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 12:07:54

Now, I'm ever so sorry to the people of, because I know this is not a chat forum, HOWEVER, I read Kate's review, and she said that she downloaded it off the internet. I have KaZaA, and I'm downloading things just fine, except for the bit after "Karma Police" when Thom sings with the crowd. It wasn't on TV, it's not on KaZaA, there seems to be no evidence that it actually existed. I would really love to hear it again, but I just don't know where. I don't expect this "Review" to get put up, but I would like it for someone (i.e. Kate, as she seems to know) to tell me (perhaps via. e-mail on WHERE I CAN GET THAT BIT OF THE GIG. Thank you for reading, whoever you are.

Hoping to hear from you,
T.L. Freikmann

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