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Stravinski Auditorium - Montreux, Switzerland
July 5, 2003
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01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 morning bell
04 talk show host
05 scatterbrain
06 national anthem
07 backdrifts
08 sail to the moon
09 wolf at the door
10 no suprises
11 sit down, stand up
12 go to sleep
13 you and whose army
14 paranoid android
15 idioteque
16 everything in it's right place
17 where i end and you begin

encore #1:
18 the gloaming
19 myxamatosis
20 just
21 how to disappear completely

encore #2:
22 my iron lung
23 street spirit
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Submitted on: AUGUST 05, 2003 22:04:22

I got there 10 hours early because I really wanted front row. It was really crowed but manageable. It was such a international group, 8 languages being spoken out of everyones mouth. Tom and Co. were very excited to be there and they were dressed in jeans and t-shirts. I can't remember the set list right now, but a lot of the songs were from HTTT. It was so wonderful to here Sail to the Moon, 2+2=5, etc. live. They have perfected mixing the computer based sounds with the live performance and they seemed to really enjoy all of there keyboards, Powerbooks, and synths up there. On Everything in its right place, they had huge flashing lights reading FOREVER, which kepted running after the members had left the stage, and the sounds loops continued. It was filmed very well, and aired on Channel 18 Swiss, so we should look for the performance floating around. Hopefully someone recorded it. Last time I saw RadioHead was Summer 2001 in Atlanta. Both conecerts were great and incomparable. Great to know that we have musicans out there like them. I took several photos and once I get them developed I will post them on my website, or send a link here.

Submitted on: AUGUST 06, 2003 09:47:17

In one word: Outstanding!
Definately the best gig I have seen this year from all points of view and to be able to see this band in one of the world's best acoustic envirnoments (the legendary Stravinski Hall) was half the bliss.
I'm not here to give you a minute to minute show but the following points come to mind and were burnt into my memory cells for good:

1. Tom's dancing was out of this world and the energy he gave to the audience was electrical.

2. A year ago in Lisbon Tom was amazed by the way in which the portuguese audience clapped in rhythm, flamenco-wise, to the end of Morning Bell...I noticed last night that the band added some kind of sampler clapping sound to simulate the clapping riff of that Lisbon show. That electronic rhythm guide got the crowd to clapp in rhthym. Was this deliberate I don't know.

3. Cristina, yes, you were right...this is the best rock act around today and FOREVER .... FOREVER....(it was in the lights for those of you who were there.)

Signing off from Montreux...
Ciao tutti.

Submitted on: AUGUST 06, 2003 21:44:01

well first of all i'm a little bit confused about the setlist here.maybe it got a little bit mixed up with:"morning bell/talk show host/scatterbrain",cause that would be my order.the rest is just fine.
plus they did play "where i end and u begin" before "paranoid android".i'm absolutely sure about that.or maybe was i dreaming? ;)

i've seen them play live back in the days with "pablo honey" in zurich/ch and then again in wintherthur/ch with "the bends"and they s*cked so much live back then! sorry, but it has to be said right here.

but now it seems like a whole different band to me.well i would say it all started with "ok computer" anyway.even that "the bends" is an awsome record.

to the "montreux" concert:
it was just perfect for couldn't be any better.
all the songs were played amazingly with no exception!some much drive and power! wow!
*bows down*!
the highlight for me was:
and when i say highlight,i mean highlight!;)

(from my point of view their best song so far)

thanks Radiohead for i night i will never forget!
and to anyone of you out there! go and see this band live if you have the chance to!


Submitted on: AUGUST 07, 2003 23:51:22

Sorry, but I thought the Auditorium was terrible, I was about 15 people back from the front and couldn't see anything. Every now and again I got a glimpse of Thom's head.
If Thom had been standing in my place he would have seen bugger all!!!
after a couple of minutes I gave up trying to see the band, closed my eyes and let the music take me. Beautiful!!! I still get cold shivers when I think about. Perfect every.. song was special in it's own way, so many highlights...but for me 'the raindrops, the raindrops, the raindrops...did it..have been waiting hear that live since I got the album..
I feel blessed to have been there........Gods

Submitted on: AUGUST 10, 2003 01:19:18

What a show!!!

Saw them last time at T in the park, summer 1997 in Scotland (Stranraer being my home town). This gig totally eclipses that.

The new stuff is fantastic and it was a great feeling to be involved with such a performance.

When are Radiohead coming to Zurich or Baden for that matter?!?!

Here is a recording of the concert in real player. It takes 2 hours to download but well worth it!

yours truly

A enigmatic Scot mixed up with the conservative Swiss!

Submitted on: AUGUST 17, 2003 22:40:01

Hi !

Yes indeed, that was an amazing concert.

Just one thing about the setlist. There are two mistakes in it :

Scatterbrain/Morning bell/talk show host is in wrong order. Correct one is Morning bell/Talk show host/Scatterbrain.

The second one is that you forgot one song : they played "Where I end & you begin" between "You & whose army?" and "Paranoid Android"

That's all folks !

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