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Il Lazzaretto - Bergamo, Italy
July 7, 2003 with Low
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There There
Talk Show Host
The National Anthem
Sail to the Moon
Kid A
Where I end and you begin
I might be wrong
Fake plastic trees
A punchup at a wedding
Paranoid android
Everything in its right place

The Gloaming
Pyramid song
My iron lung
Like spinning plates

Exit music (for a film)
Sit down Stand up
Karma police
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Submitted on: AUGUST 07, 2003 20:59:25

Great!!! Finally, the dream has come true!!!
Radiohead in my little town...
It's been a wonderful show, a perfect mix of old and new, Radiohead have been playing ROCK for two's really been a very rock concert, with drums and guitars feeding the people with their powerful sounds and rhythms.
And Thom Yorke was really inspired, singing dancing and fighting against mosquitoes!!!
To remark: Exit Music, Fake plastic trees, 2+2=5, and the final Karma Police.
Nothin else to say but that Radiohead keep on being the best rock band of our times!!!
Have a nice day....Cristian

Submitted on: AUGUST 07, 2003 21:10:04

A suggestive place around,
a great wall of light behind and
a powerful wall of sound on the stage.
An imponent 'There there' opens the show and people start to sing...for 2 great hours.
Yorke & Co. never miss a hit, shifting from a desperate disillusion to an emotive electro-shock.
Jonny Greenwood is like a mad painter that colors the air where the elf Tom jumps and runs.
Simply brilliant - over all expectations.

Submitted on: AUGUST 07, 2003 23:45:57

The place (an historical site where pestilence affected people were recovered in '700) was almost full. Thom seemed to be quite pissed off with flies assaulting him while singing but al in all the show was great. Amazing red purple lights turning into green creating such fascinating atmospheres. The crowd seems to like the techno-minimal parte of the show - with huge jump'n'grind on National Anthem, Idioteque, Sit Down, Everything - and that was quite a nice surprise to me. Worth notice Thom announced only the two songs that certainly didn't need it: Paranoid Android (anyone got insane) and Karma P., which still remain today the audience's favourite tracks. Strictly personal opinion, i get a bit bored when thom is sitting behind his piano, while i was quite impressed by the band's energy and obsessing sense of rhythm. Almost no one asked for Creep, and that's a good thing, so i think it's time to play it again!
My setlist' faves: National Anthem, Paranoid Android, Idioteque, Lucky, 2+2=5. They did two encores as usual, but be sure pepole there wanted more and left the place only when the white lights tuned on.

Submitted on: AUGUST 08, 2003 09:05:33

The gig has been amazing as usual!The audience couldn't wait for Radiohead to get on the stage(during the opening act of "Low" we kept shoutin "Radiohead, radiohead!").
During the performance of "Low" we saw Colin at the side of the stage and everybody shouted.
When Radiohead came we were out of our head and they started playing "there there" and "2+2=5".
Although they played many songs from HTTT most of the people knew them so that every song was sung by all the audience(Lazzaretto was crowded!!!).
Thom had problems with flies(there were really many bugs) at the beginning of the concert and kept complaining about that for long!
Anyway he performed and danced wonderfully for about 2hrs. Johnny and Ed left us astonished with their wonderful guitar effects.
Thom was very happy to perform in italy and he often laughed with us and the other members of the band.
During "Fake plsatic trees" and "Exit music" the band really touched my heart and many other people was almost about to cry!
I just wanna thank the band for the amazing performance. Without Thom the world would be a worse place!!
Rock on!!!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 08, 2003 21:54:58

yes! bones is back, such a great lesser-touted track from the Bends to play. And in limbo, what a treat. The encores were perfect. Oh my god this band is a godsend.

Submitted on: AUGUST 14, 2003 03:45:58

Hallo everybody, this was the third Radiohead concert Ive ever seen ans surely one of the best for the set list.
The site was particular, as usual not so impressive as Verona Arena but very amazing. The stage was essential with a large use of red and violet lights.
The choice to start with a very powerful There,there was perfectfollowed by the best, in my opinion, song of the new album 2+2=5.
Thom was really in form dancing and turning all over the stage with a voice strong and clear.
To remark: of course Paranoid Android then Idioteque, the sad and wonderful Exit Music (the crowd was completely silent).
I hope to see them in Italy very very soon

Submitted on: AUGUST 14, 2003 14:16:33

What an amazing show! I hlmost dided when they played 2+2=5! Everyone went nuts! The crowed was great. The setlist was perfect, filled with new songs old classics and a few surprises('BONES', I never thought I would hear that live. But now I am sad who knows when they will be back.
Just fantsatic!

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 01:03:25

I was on vacation in Italy and when you hear that Radiohead is going to play there...your going crazy. But you get really crazy when you were there, there at the Lazaretto. It was my best show ever. It was so full of energy and the people who've been there, felt it.

The highlights for me were: 2+2=5, Lucky, Where I End And You Begin, I Might Be Wrong, Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android, Idiotheque, Exit Music, Sit Down Stand Up and Karma Police.

Submitted on: AUGUST 23, 2003 21:37:58

What can I add that hasn't been said?
The lights were amazing, I really liked the green blinding ones on Fake Plastic Trees and the writing FOREVER running on the background at the end of Everyting. Thom is really great on stage, like all the guys: it was funny how Phil danced near the drums when they played Backdrifts (which was much better than the studio version).

This was my first Radiohead concert, and it made me understand how much their music ROCKS! We jumped and danced all along... Even with KidA, which was one of the highlights of the night.
The best was Talk Show Host: even this was better than the studio version. And every song (except There there) had a perfect sound, I've never heard something of that quality coming from a stage.

I'd have liked A wolf at the door instead of Scatterbrain or Sail to the moon, but I must say the setlist (they played Pyramid Song, how could I ask for more?) and the playing were nearly perfect.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 06:22:26

unveliebable, im from a small island in the caribean, so i had never got the chance to watsh radioehad live, but this show was way too much for me,
im still impresed and its already september

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