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Piazza Michelangelo - Florence, Italy
July 8, 2003 with Low
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1. There there
2. 2+2=5
3. lucky
4. talk show host
5. scatterbrain
6. the national anthem
7. backdrifters
8. sail to the moon
9. kid A
10. bones
11. where i end & u begin
12. go to sleep
13. exit music
14. punchup at a wedding
15. paranoid android
16. idioteque
17. everything in its right place
18. the gloaming
19. no surprises

encore 1:
20. the bends
21. i will

encore 2:
22. sit down. stand up
23. street spirit

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Submitted on: AUGUST 08, 2003 21:04:18

Magic!! there are no words to describe such a superb concert! Radiohead live are really great! after a non convincing performance of amerians Low and a 30minute waiting, here we are THEY ARE IN!! Tom starts with there there, 2+2=5: we are in another world... They played 11 songs from the new album but also old songs as the bends, bones, no surprises, paranoid android,... but the songs I liked the most were I will from the new album in a beautiful acoustic version and street spirit that ended the performance!
I can't describe the emotions I felt in this concert, but I'm sure I will bring them with me for all my life!
This is radiohead
This is music
This is life

Submitted on: AUGUST 10, 2003 22:25:34

Being in Florence at the time of Radioheads performance in the city, the shows in Piazzale Michelangelo were a must see for me. Besides being a cultural landmark on behalf of the rennaisance,it is also the birthplace of one of literatures greatest poets-Dante Alighieri. Upon my visit I was curiously compelled to draw erie comparisons between Dantes Inferno, and the sum of most of Thom Yorkes lyrics which pretty much display images of a modern
day hell. With such a vivid picture in my head, I am glad to acknowledge that the band lived up to my self imposed hype. The songs along with the band superbly triumphed. The city of Florence was a matchless background for Radioheads'psuedo phrophesizing material. I am assuming that the current state of global politics is providing the band an extra zest in performing these songs of individual dismay within a chaotic world. Musically the band was in mint condition, serving up a variation of musical styles that in my opinion are inimitable. Radioheads level of comfort has also seemed to reach a new peak as Jonny Greenwood fantasically displayed in a barrage of guitar, synth, and effects work that was from beyond this planet. My take is that there musical mastery has strengthened there confidence, they no longer seem to dread the fact that they are indeed a very talented group of musicians. Having said all this, I beleive that there were still a couple of minor problems within the show itself. One obviously being that the mundanaity of playing certain songs over and over again has set it's toll on the band(particularily Thom Yorke) perhaps this is what he was pointing out in saying that the band would be unrecognizable in another 2 years. For me the better parts of the show were when they performed Kid A, Backdrifts, and the National Anthem. These songs probably due to their more imaginative structures were the ones that stood out, being the most mutable in the setlist, they provided the band more leeway to trnsform them from their original format. Unlike songs like Paranoid Android, Lucky, and so forth what Radiohead did with these songs was basically rewrite them in a very adventureous way. Overall the show was excellent, I know the band has plenty more tricks up their sleeves, for now the touring is enough.

Submitted on: AUGUST 16, 2003 11:15:36

01, There there: Ed and Jonny playing percussions!

09, Kid-A: voice without filters!

13, Exit music(for a film): silent people like in classic concerts!

18, The gloaming: basses very penetrating

19, No surprises: a little bit slow...

21, I will: only Thom, without backing vocals

The bends songs were the best! What an energy! Their best performing since Milan 1997 through Florence 2000.

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