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Piazza Castello - Ferrara, Italy
July 11, 2003 with Low
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There there
Talk show host
National Anthem
Sail to the moon
Kid A
My iron lung
Where I end and you begin
Go to sleep
Exit music
A punchup at the wedding
Paranoid Android
Everything in its right place

1st encore
Like spinning plates (piano)
No surprises
The gloaming
The tourist

2nd encore
Sit down stand up
Street spirit
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Submitted on: AUGUST 12, 2003 02:48:59

nearly the same setlist of songs listen in florence, the amazing opening act with "there there" with Ed and Johnny at the percussions, the song of the last album really works on stage, Thom really excited can't stop moving, the best moment in the night is when Thom start Exit music and all the people sings with him (just a little whispering... really magic)A lot of shakin' mhen they play my iron lung, paranoid android and 2+2=5 closing act with street spirit.

Submitted on: AUGUST 13, 2003 00:33:15

First of all: For me, it was simply touching, energetic and brilliant.
And it was incredible how well-tempered Thom was. He grinned most of the time, made fun by mimicing an entertainer every now and then, even encouraged the audience to sing or dance sometimes and made funny comments ("And now, a love song, called Street Spirit"). You would not believe that this is the same man that hated performing so much and really seemd to suffer great pain on stage.
Not that he or the band have lost their (often thinking, concerned) minds or intense feelings, gone nuts and now "everything is fine" to them. Its more like, they have set their minds free again and now the enjoy doing what the do so so very well. And it's a really joy and sort of an enlightening thing to see them act like this.
The audience was really under the band's "control", were quite when it was required (e.g. when Like Spinning Plates was played. Thom introduced the song by the words "dedicated to all men that lead nations into a unjustic and misery future and only cause pain to those concerned."), freaked out when it was "appropriate" or stood there wondering.
Yeah, and the music the played was great. ;)

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