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Nmes Arena - Nmes, France
July 14, 2003 with Low
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there there
talk show host
the national anthem
backdrifts "this next song we dedicate to your bastille day."

kid a
my iron lung
where i end and you begin
sail to the moon
no surprises
go to sleep
exit music (for a film)
paranoid android
after the goldrush
everything in its right place


i will
the gloaming
the tourist


sit down stand up
karma police


fake plastic trees
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Submitted on: AUGUST 15, 2003 22:40:52

Nimes, France, 14th July 2003

The last time I saw Radiohead live was in Oxford at the now infamous South Park gig. Seeing them again 2 years later, in a different country and in such very different surroundings (a bullring, everyone speaking in french, hot and sticky weather) was a strangely familiar experience.

A good mix of the old and new was presented to a crowd who were well educated in the art of crowd surfing (one guy went around the arena on his back for a good 20 minutes) and singing along to tracks nobody, including Thom York, knows the lyrics to.

The big difference I noticed between the Radiohead of today and that of the band I saw 2 years ago was the new found confidence that they seem to have in exploiting the tricks of the dance music trade. The crowd was exposed to big beats and breakdowns like I haven't experienced since I was a young nipper 'avin' it large in Club UK back in '92. Thom even had the oldskool hand and leg movements going on there for a while.

Yes, they still do the skitzo soft piano/hard guitar thing like no-one else and yes they are still the greatest live band around today but the one thing I bring back to the UK with me (not including sunburn) is the knowledge that Radiohead are now also one of the phattest bands out there. Scream if you wanna go faster!

Paul C, Oxford, UK

Submitted on: AUGUST 15, 2003 22:47:28

Having travelled from oxford to see radiohead before November, I was exhausted but the prospect of seeing the band made it worth the tiredness. It was a sweltering night, about 27 degrees and I was probably on my fourth bottle of water before the band started.
The setting was amazing, a roman amphitheatre, 2000 years old. Half had been sectioned off and I was in the free-standing area in the pit at the bottom.
The support band, Low, were coutry, christian rock, not too well recieved by the crowd.
After playing for around an hour, Low left, and we were left waiting while reggae music played. After what seemed like an eternity, the lights dimmed and Radiohead ran on and burst into 'there,there.' Then 2+2=5. It just got better, and to top it all off, the show ended with three encored, karma police the ultimate singalong as the penultimate tune, then fake plastic trees to finish it all of.
I got out at about twenty to one, well worth the money I paid.

Submitted on: AUGUST 17, 2003 14:01:11

The beast that is a radiohead concert crowd was fed some more by the band of bands. The setting was too awsome for words, which consequently made me feel a little ditached from it. Being a northern Englander added too the felling aswell.

They were flawless with there flaws. Toms dancing on 'sit down stand up' was superbulous!!!

All was superbulous!!

Cattle in a bull ring,
Crowd surges beneath the arches,
Screams of painful extasy!

Go tell the Romans,
Radiohead are here!!!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 00:58:06

what a show! after a decent and well received performance by low, and an interminable wait, on came the oxford quintet. the nimes arenas were packed (13000 people according to a local newspaper). radiohead looked genuinely pleased to be performing (long gone are the days of ''meeting people is easy''), and the smile never left thom's face for the whole evening. the place erupted as soon as the opening tribal beats to ''there there'' were heard, and the atmosphere was just as electric through the whole concert (trust me, i was in the front row!). sound quality was perfect, johnny was mesmerizing, thom was sublime...
the crowd especially appreciated the band dedicating kid a to our national bastille day, held on the same date as the concert. we were treated to 3 encores and a great finish with fake plastic trees. highlights of the show: 2+2=5, my iron lung, kid a, the gloaming, bones, karma police, idioteque...
only disappointment: no songs from amnesiac played.
overall, a fantastic performance.

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 07:46:38

absolutely undescribable
the greatest day of my life

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 13:14:34

Yeah ...
it was a really glorious day. so my emotions after this concert are out of words, it was so incredible, that i've never expected for, never foreseen.
it was a great opportunity to me to visit this gig, 'coz the group didn't visit (and I don't know, whether they'll visit my country sometime) Russia. it was like the sharp edges of the stars ruthlessly piercing the sky, it was like the comet, which has put you a burn with its sparkling tail ...
completely indescribable impressions, which will stay forever in my memory - game of light which blinding the eyes, pulsing electronic sounds both biting guitars ... and Thom's voice, which is sinking down in the core of my soul ...
we're still waiting Radiohead's gig in Russia ...

p.s.: fantastic, so beautiful to be true and the sound's quality was brilliant!

Natalie, Moscow.

Submitted on: AUGUST 22, 2003 09:18:51

After four obsessive hours of sweltering in the heat outside the Nimes arena they finally let us in, soaked in sweat, fried to death and buzzing on something so much more powerful than ecstacy. The feeling of expectation fluttered inside so violently that i almost fainted when i saw Jonny sat up in the arena watching low.
To think I had never been to a radiohead gig before is painful, how much time have i wasted watching crap performers singing crap songs in crap venues? And now i am a radiohead gig addict. I have been an obsessive fan of their music for just over a year but i never thought that there could be anything as perfect in the world as the felling i got watching them play. But there is something so powerful in the way they look at the crowds in their rush of songs that leaves you feeling complete. Shaking with happiness and singing along to fake plastic trees you get this sense that everything is ok, that everything is perfect again. I don't think i've ever been happier than i was for that 2h24mins. And in a scary way i worry i'll never be as happy again.

God forbid they ever split up.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 10:50:43

after a supremely dull set by low and a long time listening to looped reggae, radiohead came on to where bluebirds fly and blasted away on rocking there there and 2+2=5.
the band looked really happy to be there, colin especially-- if he wasnt playing he would bob up and down and grin like a child. phil wore a white suit-- on backdrifts he manned the drum machine and swayed- he looked like a swank club owner.
it was easily the best show i've ever been to

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 12:16:44

well to explain friendship, love, devotion, happiness, pain? Just remembering july 2003, the 14th.
On the Bastille day, my radioheadaholic friend and I, took 2 trains, from Turin,Italy, to Nimes, France, to see 5 peeps on a stage in an roman arena.
That was my second radiohead gig, the first for my friend. She was so was I.
Things didn't start good that day, I didn't pay the ticket for the bus I took to get to the railway station (it was six o'clock, it was too early to get one), so they fined me.
When we arrived in Nimes I had to find a place for my bag, quite cumbersome cause i wanted to travel through France for a week after the gig, but that wasn't possible in the railway station so I had to ask some hotel but sometimes in France when they understand you are italian they aren't very kind (this is by no meaning a charge against french people, it's just a matter of fact). In the end we finally get to the arena...that was so cute...a perfect place for gigs. We were pretty drunk, I have to admit it...the police control wasn't very strict...water can be alcohol sometimes, but not so much to miss a single note from the band! I loved talk show powerful and desperate, Lucky has been played just for my friend (she stated so so I have to trust her), when we heard Fake plastic trees we hugged and I felt so solid, so unbreakable.
I have to beg the other ppl forgiveness cause my friend and I sang all the songs at an incredible volume, we danced like fools and maybe someone was a bit pissed off.
I've noticed this difference: in Italy everybody sing, dance, scream, take part in the gig. In France there's a religious silence, they want to listen to the music sung and played by the band. I respect that, but i can't help myself kicking my ass off when i hear thom's voice!!
Such a shiver when in his not so bad french he said: "merci merci"...
At the end of the show we lyed on the grass in front of the arena cause we have to wait till morning to get somewhere with a damned train so at two o'clock we saw the band get out of the arena to get on the bus.
My heroes paraded in front of me and they seemed to human. No need for great security service, no Backstreet hysteria scene with whining teens.It seemed more like a friendly backstage. Paul has been the nicest friend screamed at him "Goodnight" and he relpied!Then I think he signed almost 50 autographs! He was dressed in a funny way, a white tuxedo and a straw-hat.
I took some pix but they really sux cause i had no flash on my camera!
I won't describe you the rest of the night on that grass and the day stomach still remebers how it feels to drink only alcohol and eat cookies and baguettes cause they were the cheapest food i menaged to find.
But I won't forget this 14th july, it improved my summer...maybe it'll improved my life...surely i've grown up.
Thanks Radiohead, thanks Livy (my friend).
I apologize for my bad english...

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