Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Parc Jean-Drapeau - Montreal, Canada
August 15, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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1. 2+2=5
2. Sit down. Stand Up.
3. Where I end and You Begin
4. Kid A
5. Backdrifts
6. Lucky
7. Paranoid Android
8. Sail to the moon
9. Punchup at a wedding
10. I might be wrong
11. Just
12. Scatterbrain
13. Go to sleep
14. Pyramid Song
15. Idioteque
16. The Gloaming
17. There There
18. You and whose Army
19. The National Anthem
20. Wolf at the Door
21. Street Spirit
22. Karma Police
23. Everything in its right place
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Submitted on: AUGUST 19, 2003 13:13:19

I predicted hours before the show that most of the people there would be college kids (or pseudo-intellectuals with their damn emo glasses), and I was right about the college kids part (though I did see some of those damn emo glasses). I'm 16 years old, so I was one of the younger kids there. I got there around 5:45, and thanks to a friend that I met who was waiting in line for 45 minutes, I got in about 10 to 15 minutes later. They don't take away your water bottles at Parc-Jean Drapeau, they just take away the caps. So for future notice, before you get to the "water rent-a-cops" (or the H2ORAC), just take off the cap(s) to your water bottle(s) and put the caps in your pocket and tell the guards that you chucked them in the garbage.

So onto the show. The Jicks came on first and, unfortunately, failed to entertain the crowd. From then on my memory gets really hazy, because I bad tripped during the show, which made it a miserable experience for the next hour. The next opening band came on (whose name escapes me) and got the crowd going a bit. Way better than The Jicks.

I was dissapointed because I heard on MuchMusic a long while back that the Flaming Lips may open for Radiohead on their North American tour. Boo-urns for the lack of Flaming Lips.

Radiohead shirts were 40 bucks. 40 BUCKS!? What's with that? I'm guessing because they're imports. Bah! I was looking foward to buying one, however, I don't think a shirt would be worth 40 bucks.

Finally, Radiohead hits the stage, opening with the amazing 2+2=5. I was surprised because I thought that the "Because you're not paying-- paying attention!" part would really get the crowd going, but the crowd wasn't really moving until their next song, Sit Down, Stand Up, when Thom yelled "The raindrops, the raindrops..."

The stage itself was amazing. For every hint of agression or anger, a strobe light would hit (ex: Paranoid Android), otherwise the lights would be moving around in different colors (one color in which I've never even seen before -- it made me drop to my knees and cry.) Then, at the end of their set, the lights behind them formed a scrolling marquee reading "FOREVER". I didn't get it, but fuck, it's Radiohead, I never understand a fucking thing from them, and that's why I love it.

The show was fantastic, better than any concert I've ever seen. Was there anything I didn't like about it? Well, the expensive Radiohead shirts, the fact that they didn't play Fake Plastic Trees (my favorite song) and that I was too stoned to enjoy half of the show (but that's not Radiohead's fault).

Amazing. That's all I can say.

Oh, and if those guys who were sitting behind us that put acid in my friend's drink are reading this, fuck you and go to hell. You could've fucking killed him if he didn't realize what you guys did.

On a lighter note, if there's anything wrong with what I said or you just want to comment on it, email me at .

Submitted on: AUGUST 19, 2003 13:18:43

My turn. I came from Atlanta, GA to see this show and it was well worth it. The following songs literally blew me away, they were very intense:

Where I End and You Begin - the power behind Thom as he sang 'I will eat you alive' was amazing.
Street Spirit - mesmorizing
There There - Intense
Lucky - Perfect

My only let down was 2+2=5 ... When they played this at The Field Day Festival, the whole place erupted after Thom yelled 'BECAUSE' and the band kicked in. Maybe it was because it was the first song this particular evening, but the crowd didn't seem to react. Montreal is a great city and I particularly enjoyed the open atmosphere of the show. Next .. Atlanta .. I can't wait!!!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 03:33:39

Radiohead sums up what music should be an expression of the human soul. During the show we were given a view of the bands impressions of both the good, the bad and the ugly.

In the end you leave with a feeling that cannot really be described by words. The music speaks for itself.

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 05:35:12

Radiohead started the show while it was still light out, which is always a mistake. They had about five songs in before it got dark enough to truly experience the light show. It was probably three or four more songs before the energy level picked up at all.

Overall the show was good, not great. The thick beats of the new songs don't seem to draw the crowd in, so there wasn't much dancing. Though the crowd sang the end of Just back to the band, which shows they weren't entirely out of it.
I like they way Radiohead are incorporating recording technology into the live show; lots of immediate sampling of the band which is played around with to good effect. Also, the live backward guitar solo Johnny copped during Backdrift was supercool.

The highlights for me were a sped up I Might Be Wrong and the techno take on Everything In It Right Place. Otherwise it was a workmanlike effort. Thom danced quite a bit, Johnny seemed chained to the equipment. But poor Ed he had nought to do for quite a bit of the show.

The new material is great on my headphones, but it just doesn't move the crowd in a live setting.

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 08:48:09

Yes, it's true ... it was very hot and sort of humid on the Friday of this incredible concert. However, once Thom hit the stage, he made me forget the awful heat and the god damn stupid line-up outside Parc Jean-Drapeau. What is up with that anyway? This was my second Radiohead concert and it was even better than two years ago. Thom and the boys are true artists as someone else said in an earlier review. They write music to point out the harsh realities in North American society as well as around the globe. They're concerned with war, poverty, superpowers, giant corporations, the environment, you name it. I practically memorized the whole album this time (HTTT). They surprise me each time. These days, I only listen to Radiohead regardless of where I am. Perhaps I should just sell all my other CDs. I don't think I'll need them. The only negative at this concert was some annoying people pushing their way to the front and not respecting others. Thom was in a good mood! I just love it when he looses himself during a song. My favorites were Where I End and You Begin, There There, The Gloaming, You and Whose Army. There is no comparison. There is only one true band in this world: RADIOHEAD!

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 16:35:34

if anyone has an audio/video recording of this show, please email me at and i will help spread it
not to much to add in review, i think everyone covered it
i'm an avid live music collector and am trying to start up my radiohaed collection
anyone know some good servers where to get shows?

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 17:06:10

Puisque le show était à Montréal et qu'une grande partie de la foule parlait en français, je pense qu'il est important d'écrire au moins une "review" francophone, alors voilà:

Nous sommes arrivés à peut-être 6 ou 7 mètres de la scène, il était environ 17h. La foule nous entoure. On entend du Bob Marley. C'est vraiment, vraiment cool. Mais le meilleur arrivait.
The Jicks ont bien entamé le show avec des chansons accessibles et énergiques. La série rapide d'une dizaine de chansons nous a réveillé après 6 heures d'attente sous le terrible soleil et nous a bien préparé au nirvana incroyable qu'a été encore une fois la performance de Radiohead.
Le band avait vraiment l'air heureux d'être là, particulièrement Thom qui ne pouvait s'arrêter de danser (ou de courir sur place pour atteindre le clavier pendant Backdrifts). À mon grand bonheur, ils ont joué Just à pleine puissance, peut-être en souvenir d'il y a deux ans, quand ils l'ont joué à la demande d'un criard dans la foule ("...Cheers?...Oh, Just! Yeah, we can play that..."). Les chansons s'enchaînaient rapidement et la fièvre montait jusqu'à ce que toute la foule saute ou danse comme Thom créant une atmosphère parfaite pour Idioteque ou Paranoid Android. Pendant les chansons plus douces, comme Pyramid Song ou Sail to the Moon, on pouvait sentir le vent frais passer sur la foule et c'était parfait aussi. Si je résume: c'était pratiquement parfait.

Et les imbéciles qui bodysurfaient n'ont pas empêché ce 15 août 2003 d'être la deuxième plus belle soirée de ma vie, la première étant un certain soir d'août en 2001, devant un groupe appelé Radiohead.

P.S.: À tous ceux qui n'ont pas eu la chance de voir le show de Radiohead une fois dans leur vie: ne manquez pas la prochaine visite.

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 08:50:00

I've got to agree with all the above. I was lucky enough to see them in Boston on wednesday and Montreal on friday [where we coincidentally checked into a hotel that they had just checked out of! And they would have still been there if they had not cancelled the Toronto cool would that have been!]

Both gigs were immense. And very distinct somehow. Significant differences in the playlist [no Creep in Montreal, no Street Spirit in Boston..both excellent and both songs that I did not expect to hear live bearing in mind Thom's musings on each]. I don't know exactly what..the difference between an arena and a "fully outdoor" concert maybe...anyway I'm just glad I went to both. Technically they were excellent...and the sounds they can create live are unbelievable.

Highlights on wednesday: Everything in its Right Place, Creep, There There

Highlights on friday:
Lucky, Backdrifts, Punch-up, Street Spirit.

I couldn't tell you which gig was better...maybe friday because finally my wife realised what she had been missing all these years.

Submitted on: AUGUST 24, 2003 05:32:30

I have to tell.. the radiohead concert was awesome.. Thom yorke was in a very good mood, perfect sound and a espectacular ilumination.. i think it was the best concert that i've been, the new songs are awesome too..

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 09:40:23

MAGICAL SIMPLY MAGICAL! I'm feeling so many emotionsright now I don't know how to explain it. radiohead was just so beautiful and after this concert I have so muh more respect for them. The higlights of the show wee whe everyone sang along to Paranoid Android And Just. Not one erson wasn't singing. Johnny was genious and Thome seemed so muc more confident. He was dacing and really with the croud.It felt like he was an old friend. All that waiting and standing and heat payed off at the end. It was all worth it.It was like we were under their spell. I wouldn't trade that moment for the world.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 12, 2003 14:05:26

Well its been a few weeks since ive been to the show so i cant recall to many details other then it was truly...great.
I will remember the feeling of the audience singing along, and it not even bothering me. It was just what i needed. To feel like somthing
was worth while in my life. I want to thank the band for such a great show. For such a great memory, and for everything.
Even though those bastards i went to montreal with stole my pins.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 18:01:17

Awesome show. Highlights: The setlist overall; The Gloaming and Go to Sleep were something else - wow. Lowlight: no inner-barrier this year. Thom was in a great mood and his showmanship was matched that mood (even when his voice went a little coarse near the 2/3 mark) and Johnny wailed away beautifully. Crowd was dancing and did not push and sqeeze into tiny cracked - even near the front where my friends and I were. Note to crowdsurfers: no one likes you idiots; stop bothering the people trying to enjoy the show. Don't miss Radiohead'd Hail tour, it rivals the 2001 one. Again, awesome!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 18:27:52

Great show. I liked it a lot, not the best radiohead gig I've seen but definitely a good one. There's been a lot of songs from the new album. I was suprised to hear Just and Fade out, since old songs are rarely played nowadays. During the first encore, right before the band started Wolf at the door, Thom sang a bit of Big Ideas. I really thought they were gonna do it, but he stopped and started Wolf. Also, in the second encore...I'm Pretty sure that I heard the beginning of Big boots!!!A couple notes, just as a tease I guess, 'cause Karma police came up right after it...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 06:24:38

The show began with a bang with a tight and energetic 2+2=5 and Sit Down Stand Up. The crowd new immediately that Thom and the boys were there to play. Parc-Jean Drapeau is on an island overlooking Montreal's skyline, a beautiful place for a Radiohead concert. Due to the surrounding water ther're a lot of shade flies that Thom made mention to throughout the show by simply saying "flies...FLIES", he even took a moment to brush them off of his piano. The first set of songs were a good mix of new and old including Just and Paranoid Android. Johnny seemed especially hot this night with a rocking performance at the end of Paranoid Android. Two encores ensued, one of which in between songs Thom teased the crowd with an accapella rendition of Big Ideas that broke into I believe was The Gloaming (memory is a bit fuzzy). A beautiful performance of Street Spirit was enjoyed by the crowd and they ended the night with Everything In It's Right Place and indeed everything seemed to be that night at Parc-Jean Drapeau. (though no fault of the band the parking arrangements and entrance line-ups were ridiculous and very poorly laid out by concert organizers)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 10:41:39

French person speaking reviewing so please show some indulgence to my written review.

Felt I had to give my perspective on what was a memorable experience for me . Indeed experience because one can only qualify it this way - an outdoor concert on a perfect...clear, warm, just a tad breezy...night. With the Montreal city downtown skyscrapers city light in the background. An incredible setting to say the least.

Worth mentioning was that tremendously beautiful and youthful crowd. It seems to me that Radiohead appeals to the thinkers of this new generation. And this crowd was truly amazing to me on how well behaved and willing to live and open their selves to what, I guess, will be remember, many years later, as a unique moment in their live.

I think it is also important to point out that being 35, I'm kind at the high end of the average age of a Radiohead listener.

But it also gives me kind of a unique perspective as well. Having seen many concert in my life and being a somewhat unfulfilled -and what is now very occasional-musician, I think I should be given some credibility when I say that it was a privilege to assist this concert.

Assist is a well chosen word because I do believe that a performer is transported by a crowd. Vibration, or whatever you wanna call it, gives a direction and a depth to a live performance. And to that extent, I feel we had a communion between the band members and the crowd to lift a normal concert into what as become a memorable concert.

These artist, searchers, explorers and thinkers of the 21st century lived up their reputation of being one of the most influential musical band of this new century. I'm not gonna list songs, debate selection or their rendering, or anything to that effect, I'm not a fan on that respect, not to mention that others will do it far better than I can.

Also for me, maybe one as to know first hand to understand that all those multiple details, not to mention everything else’s, that goes on a production of a live performance makes it i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e to come without any flaws. Not to mention that just like any of us, a band member can have a bad day too.

So to me, it is always irrelevant to bring minor negative points when I feel that overall a performance of that stature is offered to me.

Years later, if we only keep small particles of memories of a concert. For me one thing that remain is the general feeling that it provided. On that respect, I will keep the memory of what a perfect night in Montreal.

Many, many thanks to the band members and its crew.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 19:45:04

The metros buzzed this Friday with the arrival of over 24 000 concert goers, all here to see one band; Radiohead. The opening acts tried to grab our attention, but the excitement of this crowd could only be brought to a roar by the headliner. The energy in the crowd was an electric hum as all these Radiohead aficionados sat and waited. Their wait was not in vain. Radiohead played an amazing show; they opened with the first track from the recently released album, Hail to the Thief: 2+2=5. They riled the audience by playing old hits, such as Paranoid Android, Airbag, You and Whose Army, Kid A, The National Anthem and of course Karma Police, which had the crowd chanting “This is what you get when you mess with us”. They timed the songs perfectly, playing Street Spirit (Fade Out) just before leaving the stage. As if hearing all your favorite songs wasn’t enough, the band was truly in top form; Jonny Greenwood’s guitar sounds were unparalleled, Ed O’Brien was of course and asset onstage, Phil never misses a beat, Thom had a little trouble with the flies on stage but was otherwise very animated, even thanking the crowd for their applause in French (mercy) and Colin was of course amazing. The most awe inspiring thing about a Radiohead show is the crowd. If you fall, they pick you up, they sing and dance, enjoying the music as they watch it being made. It is not only a band for the young, but also the young at heart; this particular crowd was made up of all different ages and sizes. They were also there to support the band, buying t-shirts at 40$ a pop. The concert goers coming off the metro were actually insulted by the scalpers trying to hock tickets at the last minute. The comment “keep your tickets, it’s going to be a great show” could be heard while walking towards the entrance line, we were not disappointed.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 12:31:11

Well what a full day that i'm still exhausted from, AWESOME day though.

My friend and I got to the venue at around 1:30 just to check it out. We had no intentions of standing in line at that point but once we saw that the line was already huge, we began waiting... and what a long wait it would be.

at around 6:00, we were finally INSIDE the park. The place was beautiful, such a gorgeous day for a Radiohead show and i was thrilled.

After paying an exorbitant $3.75 for a 591 ml of Sprite, i decided that would be the last of my food/beverage spendings for the day. So i settled in and watched the opening act.

Stephan Malkmus was FAR from what i thought he'd be, and that's a good thing. It's great to see an opening band with such happy energy and see them having a good time. I'll definately be checking them out. Bassist was pretty damned cute too!

Once the band was through, it was time for the one, the only, RADIOHEAD to come out. They came out with huge energy, each member running out as if they came there to have a good time and it wasn't the drudgery of another show to play. Luckily, my friend and I caught the setlist at the end of the night, so here's the full set.

Sit Down, Stand Up
Where I End and You Begin
Kid A
Paranoid Android
Sail To The Moon
A Punchup At A Wedding
I Might Be Wrong (One of the best of the night)
Just (Another of the best)
Go To Sleep
Pyramid Song
The Gloaming
There There

You and Whose Army?
National Anthem
Wolf At The Door
Street Spirit

2nd Encore---------------
Karma Police
Everything In Its Right Place

The final songs were the perfect cap to the evening. And of course, Thom was swatting the shit out of some flies all night. I could imagine how annoying it was, but he took it very well and was hilarious as he yelled at them.


So after that, we got back to the hotel as quickly as possible and laid the fuck down. As awesome a concert as that was, it was just so relieving to take a load off my feet.

In closing, this was the BEST concert I've ever been to. Their energy kept me going all night.

P.S. - If the girl in the Fitter Happier shirt who was with her parents behind me in line reads this, drop me a line at ;)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 12:59:41

This had been a hot, humid week in Montréal. It stayed that way until Friday night, when Radiohead set foot in Montréal for an outdoors show for the first time in two years. Fortunately for the 20,000+ fans in attendance, a little breeze floated across Parc Jean-Drapeau, helping those that couldn't afford $3.75 water bottles.

Slightly after the scheduled time but still way before dusk, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks hit the stage. A great performance, although it is sad for such a great act to be warming up a crowd. He did his job perfectly however, and the reception he got was more than polite, much warmer than the Beta Band's in 2001.

After about 30 minutes of setting up the stage and repetitive reggae music, the boys finally took the stage and started strong with 2+2=5 / Sit Down Stand Up. It took a few songs before the crowd really got into it, with Lucky and Paranoid Android. The evening took off from there, with Thom's constant comments about the presence of numerous flies on the stage. As the night settled, enthusiastic fans were treated to about half "old" songs and half HTTT (that was almost entirely showcased).

Lighting effects were key to the success of this show, creating various ambiences depending on the song being played, but remaining interesting all through the show. The sound quality was sometimes poor, with electronics and recorded beats covering up the rest of the sound, but overall it wasn't that bad.

After a few hours of pure pleasure, of "Jonny! Jonny!" chants and 23 songs later, the crowd headed out to that bad reggae music again, sweaty, tired, but having spent a great evening with one of the best bands in the world. People clapping somewhat offbeat to Everything In Its Right Place, the final of 6 encore songs, seemed to add the final touch to this magical evening, and it was as if the people clapping were praising and thanking Radiohead. The vast majority of the crowd left completely stunned by what it had just witnessed, with a wide smile on its face, which wasn't the case for me personally because while the show was simply sublime, I lost track of the girl that was standing next to me while getting out of the place and have tried to track down ever since without success, which made me feel a lot of sadness, which is not too good after leaving a Radiohead show. Catch them while you can.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 13:24:56

Overall a great show. First time seeing the band, so nothing to compare it to, but I loved it.

First off, the venue was amazing, having just been in Toronto for Pearl Jam, this was a breath of fresh air. In TO we arrived 30 minutes before PJ took the stage, but still missed the first two songs due to the ridiculous security procedures. Also the beer lines were far too long, and despite having about the same size crowd we had way worse viewing location.

As for RadioHead in MTL, it was perfect. We arrived halfway throught the Pavement? guy's set, walked easily through the sensible security, grabbed a beer in less than two minutes, then situated ourselves pretty close for the show. All night was a text book on how to run a concert - no long waits for bathrooms, beer, and a good viewing area for latecomers like us.

As for the music - excellent, great sound quality, good mix of old and new, but it did seem a bit short, would have liked to hear about 4 more songs. I believe it was only about two hours ( I could be wrong:)

So great show, great venue - and a word of warning, don't buy the knock=off concert t-shirts - paid 10 $C for a T, but it spelled the album title as "Haill to the Thief", and instead of World Tour it said "Tour World". And it's a bad fit. Oh well, another shirt for doing dirty work in.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 13:46:37

Montreal was the third show for us of this tour, including being in the 11th row at the Beacon Theatre, and it was easily, in our opinion, the best one we've seen. Thom's voice was exceptional in each song, hitting all the highs in Where I End, Sail to the Moon, and Pyramid, and he reached truly great heights in Scatterbrain and Street Spirit, just to name a few. Jonny's playing was, as always, clean and mesmerizing as he took his guitar to new depths in Kid A, Backdrifts, and Go To Sleep. Ed's harmonies were so on it was like listening to the album versions of the songs, and his guitar playing was superb. Colin and Phil, also as usual, played impeccably. But the highlight of the show had to be hearing Thom belting out the first verse of Big Ideas--it was one of those once-in-a-lifetime Radiohead moments. I should also say that the Montreal crowd was great again this year, adding a real positive energy to the show's overall experience.
Thanks, Radiohead.

Will & Sarah Fleming

P.S. If anyone has access to a recording of this show, I would be forever grateful for a copy in any format.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 14:24:15

I totally agree with all the previous reviews, comments and facts about the show. I'd like to add that Radiohead are what should be called true artists, musicians and people who move our society towards something better. They do that not only by their extraordinary music, which is just getting bigger and better, but also through their lyrics, actions and behavior. In artistic point of view, I'd like to add, as well, that what they did was, in addition to a fantastic rock concert, an artistic master piece in terms of play: light, mise en scene, and special effects.
Their music is beautiful, full of positivism, hope, spirit, heart and soul.
Us, the spectators, we had a unique chance to share their energy, and we did that!
Us, the spectatares, we had a unique life- time chance maybe to share their energy, and I'm happy we did!!!
P.S. Sail to the moon( just think about this title ) opened all its magnitude and beauty. Everything was hard to describe.!

AUGUST 15 2003:
Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 18:45:04

"wasnt that a killer show?!" first phone call message i get the day after the concert.
absolutly magnificent and it kicked off immediatly, even before the opening song, colin greenwood jumped on stage with the happiest facial expression ive seen all year. Looking extatic as if on wonderful drug, 2+2=5 took the fans to a great hight. awsome moshing but there wasnt enough. Fuck u if u think crowdsurfing is bad, cowdsurfing is just another expression of thanks to the band. no one tell anyone not to clap, because clapping is saying "good show" and i dont know what says good show any better than being launched into the air by musical energy. AMAZING laptop solo by J.Greenwood, lasted so long and was totally crazy

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 05:12:06

What can i's Radiohead! This was my first Radiohead concert and since i go to Montreal every year this was unreal. The atmosphere was great. The crowd was roaring as soon as Radiohead opened with 2+2=5. The lights were in sync with the bang of Jonny's telecaster. Thom's voice was amazing but, I'm sure he needed that extra 5 min after each encore along with the rest of the band. They played pretty much everything I wanted to here including the tracks on HTTP and especially "Lucky" from OK Computer. The final ending with "Everything In Its Right Place" was spectacular and the band left the stage touching each person in the crowd.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 06:11:54

Simply Awesome! 1st Radiohead I have been to and I was just blown away! These guys prove their abilities and musical talent on every note. Switching up instruments and having musical energy. Just awesome. The crowd was good, scenery was great..."A Life changing experience" as one friend would put it!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 06:22:12

C'étais un Vendredi soir parfais... La performance de Radiohead à commencé vers 8h. Il on commencé en force avec 2+2=5 qui est à mon avis une excelente façon d'introduire le groupe.. On a eu droit à quelques vieux succès, paranoid android, karma police, lucky, just et street spirit. J'ai particulièrement apprécié Lucky, qui est ma chanson préféré et qu'ils ont joué d'une façon incroyable ! Il on presque joué leur nouvelle album au complet. On croyait entendre l'album tellement que le son et la voix de Thom était excelent! Le groupe était en pleine forme. Johnny à donné toute une performance à la fin de Go to sleep, un solo de guitare complètement sauté!

J'avais assisté il y a 6 ans à la représentation au Centre Molson, il se sont énormément amélioré.

J'ai adoré, tout était parfais : 10/10 sans hésiter.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 09:32:16

My friend and I arrived at Parc Jean Drapeau with only 20 min left of the show due to border traffic and job issues. Security would not let us buy tickets that late so we were stuck outside the gates. No problem...we just climbed a knoll where we could see most of the stage. Undoubtedly there was some sort of hypnotic magical energy in the air that night. An incredible warm breezy Montreal summer night. The band was and is amazing. I will be going to see them in West Palm, Atlanta, New York and possibly Los Angeles because of the feelings I had this night. If they ever play this Parc again I will be sure to leave home that morning...forget work!!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 11:09:32

What a way to see Montreal for the first time. The beauty and accessibility of the city almost made me forget for a few minutes that I was on my way to see Radiohead, the last great rock band.
Sadly, my friends and I were still trying to squeeze off the metro when the boys opened up with "2+2=5". There is something to be said, however, about exiting an underground glorified bunker to the pulsating bass sound of Radiohead in full swing. My heart was pounding.
It took a few minutes to get a beer (overpriced Molson, at that) and get a proper space to see the band. I had a great view, but unfortunately I couldn't see Johnny, which was a setback. As a guitarist I was hoping to get a good look at his style and his rig, as it is really the best way to "de-code" brilliant guitarist's methods. Having seen Warren Haynes, Dean Ween, Kirk Hammett and Trey Anastacio all in the last several weeks, my cup was really running over.
As far as highlights go, man, they were all pretty spectacular. The ferocity "Punch up at a Wedding" was delivered with surprised me, as well as the Lennon-esque progression of "Wolf at the Door". I really can't say enough about Colin and Phil as a rhythm section. They are beyond underrated. They really shined on "National Anthem" - which had the entire venue pulsating - and showed no hesitation about Johnny and Ed joining them on the brilliant version of "There, There".
I wish there was a way to more accurately describe what an incredible live band Radiohead are. Chances are if you're reading this, you already know it, but it just can't be said enough. Thank you guys, for an incredible evening. See you in Maryland.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 12:44:18

As everyone said, an excellent show: the hot weather, though unbearable during the day, made the event a total success. The show itself was amazing, balanced and varied. Great sound, great musicians, great lighting.

Only problem was the organization. I was there at ten in the morning, hoping by all means to be inside the barriers. Not only were we--the most enthusiastic fans--treated like garbage, but they let about 500 other people enter before the first arrivals.

Frustrating, but worth it!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 14:33:19

C'est vraiment le meilleur show que j'ai vue de ma vie!! Contrairement pour Metallica, mes amies et moi nous nous sommes préparées pour l'attente... Alors elle a été moins pénible. Le groupe d'avant était pas si pire mais redondant... l'ambiance jamaicaine pendant les entractes donnaient le goût de danser.. et là... Radiohead rentre en scene... J'étais historique! mon band favori qui est là devant moi en train de jouer presque le nouvel albulm au complet! Lorsqu'ils ont joué paranoid android... ce fût l'histérie! Yavait même une fille en avant de moi qui se bouchait les oreilles tellement je chantais fort... désolé!! J'étais trop dedans! J'ai été un peu déçue qu'ils ne jouent pas spinning plates parce que cette chanson live est une de mes favorite... Cependant, j'ai été contente qu'ils jouent street spirit, lucky, etc. C'est vraiment le meilleur show que j'ai vue jusqu'à date.

C'est un rendez-vous lorsqu'ils reviendront à Montréal!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 17:42:36

C’etait hallucinant!! Thom was in perfect shape, he have a great energy on the stage!!
He look like a man who will be crazy, and we like to see him like that ! he’s too good ! Yorke say some words in french and the french crowd has appreciated !! The lightning effect was really hot too! Specialy during Street Spirit!!
Some good songs are not be played ... like Creep and No surprise !
But anyways, the show was really nice, Thank you to all the group, they are the best! :)


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 20:01:37

Always great to see Radiohead in the hometown. My expectations were high given the hot 2001 Kid:Amnesiac tour show they had played at the same venue, and the Beacon theatre show I had the benefit of seeing via a live satellite feed.

The shows seem slightly shorter this tour, but they pack just as big a punch. Highlights included the Sit Down, Stand Up, Kid A (which might be my new favourite live song, since seeing the Beacon theatre version. I just love what they've done to it), a fantastic Just (I'm not the biggest Just fan to begin with--would love for them to hit some of those other rarely touched tracks from the Bends, for one--but this version RAGED), a haunting A Wolf at the Door, complete with a Big Ideas intro, and The Gloaming which gets nice and nasty live ... keep your ears open if you catch this one on tour, much different than the album in the later stages.

If I had to have a complaint it would be that the shows are more or less predictable. I'd love to hear a Planet Telex or Subterranean Homesick Alien now and then, but hey .... when the band is playing as well as they are, I'd just as soon keep my mouth shut and dance my ass off. And I did.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 05:39:42

Well the road to the show was a bit bumpy.Having injured my knee that morning and getting on the island and finding a mile long line was not what I needed.Sorry to those people I cut in front of.
My wife and I traveled from Raleigh,North Carolina to see the show,our first Radiohead gig.(we were shut out in D.C. a few years earlier)Karma must have been on our side since we made it out of Newark with 30 minutes to spare before the blackout.My brother who lives in Toronto was on vacation,thus bringing us to Montreal.(show postponed in toronto)
I like Malkmus but was happy his set was short. Radiohead took the stage shortly after 8 pm and sailed away thru the best concert I ever attended. The sound was great the setting was great,the lighting was awesome. I only wish the show could have lasted longer. It felt like it was over in 60 minutes. Great times always fly by. My personal highlight was Paranoid Android. Cant beat a classic.
May have to get to Atlanta after that road trip.Cheers.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 12:51:42

Un spectacle que je n'oublirai pas de sitôt. L'équipement d'éclairage était très impressionnant. J'ai été très surpris qu'ils jouent Kid A, mais ça s'est révéler une des meilleures du spectacle. Ensuite Go to sleep avec Johnny qui s'enporte vers la fin de la chanson avec des solos aussi impressionnants que bizarres, la foule a commencé a scander son nom après sa performance, tout comme a la fin de backdrifts. Je ne peux pas tellement comparer ce show avec les prcdents car c'est le premier auquel j'assiste mais j'ai trouvé ca vraiment bon. J'aurais aimé qu'ils jouent Exit Music mais bon..très bon show. Points faibles: Colin Greenwood qui se trompe dans wolf at the door et les bodysurfers qui avaient pas rapport dans un show de Radiohead, gang de laids.

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