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Molson Amphitheatre - Toronto, Canada
August 16, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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Show Notes
Show is postponed due to massive power outages.
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Submitted on: AUGUST 19, 2003 10:20:53

Yes, please don't postpone it till September 27th for that person's sake, but in my eyes this is GREAT NEWS.

Because Radiohead's original show date (08/16) was MY wedding date.

And when I found this out, my fiance and I were devastated. AND NOW WE GET TO GO!

Submitted on: AUGUST 19, 2003 13:34:56

Well, I got there and I was happy that there was no line to get in. The security was really shitty because there wasn't anybody there to even take my ticket stub. I was in the front row (though there was nobody else around me) and waited for hours for Radiohead to perform. Around 1AM I realized that Radiohead had stood me up. *sniff*


Submitted on: AUGUST 19, 2003 14:59:46

My friend Chris and I drove 17 hours Friday from Halifax, Nova Scotia to T.O. just for our first Radiohead concert. Along the excruciating long excursion, we were told not once but three times by the folks at the Molson Ampitheatre that the show would go on. WRONG!
When we go word of cancellation on Sat. a.m., we were furious. Why couldn't they postpone it on Friday and save us the trip.
Anyway, it was a long 17-hour trip back home the next day. Hopefully, we'll see our first RH show in the near future.
How about touring to Hfx guys?!

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 06:42:44

It would make sense for them to reschedule a date somewhere between October 7th and November 9th. They'll be in NY during the beginning of October so they'd be close by and after that there are no dates scheduled until November 9th. I know they'd probably like a rest but the anticipation will kill us all if it's not soon!

Submitted on: AUGUST 20, 2003 10:37:07

Flew into Toronto from DC Late friday night to find out that gig was canceled. What a way to waste money on flights. Now who knows what will happen/if i will get to see them. Hope it is rescheduled on a weekend so I may have a chance to go.

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 09:34:38

Hey guys so sorry the show got called off I know your hating it.See review from 8/13/01 then take a look at 8/20/03 i know it sucks now but boy do you got something to look forward too!!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 11:30:19


I lived in Torornto until march of this year waiting for radiohead show, and i missed itm so when i knew about radiohead show on aug 03 i was too angry that i had missed it, but i would have missed it anyway so it a shame that all the fans missed the show and also you guys didnt had electrical power so i have to say

haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaa

Submitted on: AUGUST 22, 2003 07:53:08

This would have been my first time seeing the band live. I really don't know what to say on the matter other than blackouts have the worst time of happening. I'm from Niagara Falls and was looking forward to making a 2 hour commute with me mates for a little road trip. I've waited so long to see them, and the day finally came where I thought I was, and I get the call that it was postponed. I wonder what the band thinks of all this. As long as they reschedule it I'll be fine. Until then, I'm in limbo.

...let down and hanging around, crushed like a bug in the ground....

Submitted on: AUGUST 23, 2003 07:39:15

Alright so the lights went out in NYC. They hadn't come back on Fri morning but we were determined. We took off in the dark and arrived in a shiny Toronto. So we wake up and go to the CN Tower (No SkyPod) and the SkyDome (no tour). We walked everywhere (no subway or trolleycars). No Ex. No Radiohead. Alright so this officially sucks. But Toronto is a hip town. And we got to stop and see Niagara Falls. Very cool.
We'll be back for the postponed show. Damn right.

Submitted on: AUGUST 23, 2003 12:08:24

The concert that was supposed to end my summer with a bang, is no longer, and instead my months of anticipation end in a whimper. So there is only one thing I could do to salvage my summer's end... fly to B.C. and catch the show out there. I still cant beleive its not sold out ... AUG 30, its gonna be a glorious day.

Submitted on: AUGUST 23, 2003 20:42:19

Guess what, I had tickets to Field Day and Toronto, so this is actually the 2nd time I've tried to see Radiohead only to be shutdown.

Although there's no one to blame except Ohio this time, lol.

I hope the new date is soon.

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 06:26:35

I can't wait for the new date to come out. I don't have tickets so if anyone can't make it to the next show, i'll buy them off you. Thanks!

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 03:19:14

I've been waiting my whole life for this!!!!!!!! Never seen Radiohead before but they are my very favourites. I just cannot believe it happened. I hope they make up for it and put on a good show somw time soon!

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 06:39:35

Has anyone heard anything about the new date yet? They said 10 days (which is today). I cannot wait any longer....somebody help!!! :)


Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 09:39:24

I flew from Halifax and probably won't be able to afford to go back to Toronto for the new show, whenever that may be. This sucks ass.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 10:33:26

This was supposed to be my first Radiohead concert...long time fan, but never been able to see them live.

And then...this.

And with UofT going into Fall semesterin just two, I'm hoping to hell I won't find myself in a debate between finishing an assignment worth 30% of my final grade, or the concert.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 03:43:44

I'm sorry Toronto, it's all my fault. I brought my bad karma from Washington DC and caused the cancellation. I've had tickets to 3 no shows in DC (Tibetan Freedom and twice at Bull Run) and all were cancelled because of acts of God (lightning, flooding). Now I live in Rochester, NY which is a short drive to Toronto and God spites me again and causes a mass power outage.

I don't think I should ever buy tickets to Radiohead again. Notice how the DC show goes as planned this year. This is proof that the DC area isn't cursed; it's me. Is there anyone else who had tickets to all of these shows?

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 10:21:45

All I wanted to do was see Radiohead....well okay Ed but my plans for putting my thing down flipping it and reversing it was dashed when the friggin power went out!! DAMN!! WEll at least it wasn't cancelled! Argh

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 04:23:58

I talked to the people at the Molson Amphitheatre to find out why they still haven't picked a date. They told me the band can't find the right date. They're out west now so it's unlikely they'll come back anytime soon. They're in Brooklyn in October before a month off. Then they're in Europe. Possibly they'll play in October after New York and before Europe. But at what venue? The Amphitheatre isn't open then. ARRRGGGGGGHHHH! Then what do I do with my ticket if it's not at the Amphitheatre? I don't want a stinking refund - I just want to see the band.

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 13:02:00

So long as the show isn't cancelled, then i'm ok.

They should swing by toronto on the break in their tour in between the end of aug and sept......lots of unoccupied days in there, and the people of toronto would greatly appreciate that!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 16:14:59

I have never seen Radiohead live before and I was up all night the 15th listening to the live album and watching all my bootlegs. I could not belive it was postponed. I hope that they come back.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 02, 2003 14:48:14

The sympathy is greatly appreciated Jose...not only did I miss Radiohead on the 16th but I also had/have tickets for Steely Dan on the 14th. That was a brutal weekend. At that point I had never seen Radiohead (don't ask me why) and was crushed. So what is a desperate fan with the next Thursday off work supposed to do? Well he buys tickets to the closest possible RH show off the internet, piles into a car with three friends and drives to Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio!!

Victory! Our seats were ridiculously better and it was the greatest concert I have seen in my short concert life. Not even Murphy's Law-esque car accident the morning of the concert could stop the trip (he fucking sneezed at the wheel and bashed his radiator in!). The show was brilliant and I am now hooked on the drug that is RH live. And once its rescheduled I will get my second fix. YARRR! I'm livin the life of a pirate, nothing but good times, pillaging and heady concerts. Perhaps wenches.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 03, 2003 12:46:27

according to the toronto show has been rescheduled to wednesday october 15 at the air canada centre.

heres a link:

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 04:50:51

AHHHHHHgggggg....Me and my friend Ryan, who also has never seen a live radiohead show waited all summer. Well i guess we will find out within the 10 days or so when its on.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 13:49:52

According to ateaseweb:


The Toronto show that has been postponed due to the power outages has been rescheduled for October 15th at the Air Canada Centre. If you got your tickets through w.a.s.t.e. you should get an annoucement on the changes.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 10:24:09

Rumour has it this show has been cancelled and moved to a new venue. Oct 15th at the Air Canada Centre.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 09, 2003 19:57:48

I heard that they are playing at the air canada centre (thats in Toronto for those who dont know) now as opposed to the molson amptheatre. If its true they could sell way more tickets because the ACC seats a lot more people.

And this is a note to "Alex" from America, i saw on CNN (an american news station) that the cause of the huge blackout was located in the U.S.A, so its your own guys fault. (I love the states tho, just not alex and bush)


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 12:34:58

ARGH!!! After several conflicting reports, we finally found out it was official- the show has been postponed. No word on when it will be but I guess we will hear within the next ten days. And I looked forward to this all summer...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 05:01:04

'when the power runs out...we'll just hummm.'

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 06:27:01

We'd planned to drive 6 hours from central michigan to see this show. Toronto is such a fun city, and many in the group had never seen radiohead before. *sigh* Hope and pray it's rescheduled for a weekend so we can make it!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 07:15:29

It was the third time around for me at a radiohead concert. I've seen them two years ago at the same place and at the molson centre in 1997. The line up to get in was a real pain in the ass i don't what change at the parc Jean Drapeau but it wasen't like that for previous concert.
Back to the radiohead show it was super the band sounded great and thom Yorke was on fire.All the songs from the last album were there (I knew that reveiwng the set list from previous concert) they played two of my favourite Paranoid Android and Fade out.Hard to say if it was the best show of radiohead i've seen but the one i've seen two years ago was also grandiose. Looking forward to see the guys in a inside gig (bell center)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 07:43:15


I can't believe it....i waited SO long and patiently....oh well, went up to the KEE to see SLOAN....awesome show, get the new album....Radiohead better be coming here SOON....or I'll go crazy

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 15:47:27

I'll say!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 07:44:43

So sad that tbe show was would have been nice to see them unplugged that night under the stars........

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 16:15:21

this - will be/would have been - my tenth radiohead show.

PLEASE do NOT re-schedule on the 27th of September... because this is the only day I would not be able to go to a radiohead concert...

Why? because i am getting married that day.

Cheers to all


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 04:38:29

Well, although I live in NYC and got caught in the black-out EXACTLY as I was planning on leaving work at 4:10 pm to drive up to Montreal, I still made it to that show (thankfully, to say the least), and I'm fresh back from last night's unbelievable show in "Philadelphia". I wondered if the Toronto show ever happened, given their situation, and I'm sad to hear it didn't. So I'm writing this for those poor souls who missed out. Seems like this is not the year for Toronto, and everyone who had to miss Radiohead on account of my home country's incompetence (since it seems the blame for the power outage has finally landed "south of the border") has my deepest sympathy. But maybe the band will swing through again later on in the tour...?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 15:32:51

I flew to toronto from edmonton just for this show. Now I will fly to toronto again on oct 15 just for the new show. I must say i was disappointed when they announced the show was postponed. But now i'm going again! can't wait!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 02:27:40

I went to the Oct.15th show last night! The concert was awesome. The lightshow and video screens were great.The band played about 8 new songs and then split up between past albums. 2 encores with 4 songs in each encore. I drove from Buffalo N.Y. to Toronto and enjoyed one of the best cities in the world. Radiohead is the best band in the world. I will come back to Toronto to see them again and again and again...

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