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Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO USA
August 26, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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Where Bluebirds Fly
There There
Kid A
Where I End and You Begin
Paranoid Android
My Iron Lung
Sail to the Moon
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Talk Show Host
Exit Music (For a Film)
Sit Down Stand Up

encore 1
We Suck Young Blood
A Punchup at a Wedding
Go to Sleep
Karma Police

encore 2
No Suprises
Big Ideas
Everything in its Right Place
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Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 08:38:11

Radiohead has been my favorite band for over 6 years now, but for one reason or another, I had never made it to see them live. Sitting 15th row-center and witnessing possibly the most musically talented band on the planet, I could not keep an ear-to-ear grin off my face all night.

As others have mentioned, the "Karma Police" sing-along and and "Talk Show Host" were defining moments. Personally, I thought "National Anthem" was a highlight. The song sounds much less convoluted without horns, and Colin's bass was extra raw and funky.

The night was completed for me when I heard my absolute favorite Radiohead song. A song I spent hours learning to play on the guitar in my dorm room years back. "Exit Music For a Film."

This band is simply the greatest.

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 08:38:47

The show was great. But whenever you couple Radiohead with Red Rocks, that's pretty obvious.

The highlights were the odd song choices Subterranean Homesick Alien, Kid A and, of course, Big Ideas, which appeared to be completely improvised, as everyone but Thom seemed to have no clue what was going on.

When Thom sang the last bar of Karma Police by himself, that was really cool, as was his gestures to his heart as the show ended.

Their shows seem to go so damned fast, though. I wish they'd last forever. Still at the risk of waxing sentimental like so many of you exceedingly do it was an amazing night.

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 15:05:25

Wowie-wow-wow! Worth every loving minute of it. My sister and my best friend left Nebraska Monday night, and arrived at R.R. at about 2 hours till the gates opened. Good thing we did. We were about 8 rows behind the reserved seating, and our enjoyment and view was hardly deminished. I felt sorry for 1,000s of poor souls behind us who probably didn't get that great of view. Ah, but sweet judas, what a show! Malkmus was great (great version of "Jenny"). Great that we didn't have to wait long for Radiohead to begin. For the next 2 hours, it was pure bliss. Let me say a few words about Radiohead live. To capture the experience of Radiohead performing live, you must find a picture of them performing live, dig through your mp3's and find your favorite live recording, and watch and listen to both simultaneously. However, you will miss the 2 most important elements to any live Radiohead show. 1. the people (many and great in number) and 2. the MUSIC. YES. Radiohead is not a spectacle. They're musicians. And their ability to replicate their "signature" sound (if you so wish to term it that) is impecable, priceless, and brilliant. More bout the show: Thom was so happy and energized to be on stage, w/ him dancing like a madman. "Sometimes I think they SHOULD put me away...What do you think?" The king died, so they made the court jester/troubadour king. And king Thom held court wisely and with true showmanship. Highlights: definitely "karma police" esp. the sing-a-long, "exit music", "There there", "kid a", and my persoal fav "sub. homesick alien". it f*ckin rocked my mind! YES! I SAW THE FALLING STAR...but i disregarded it because i didn't believe anyone else had seen it. and you know how those things can't just tell your friends, "i saw a falling star" because by the time they ask "where?" it's gone and gone. this is my first radiohead concert and my first time at red rocks. it was magical. seeing my favorite band for the first time. what can i say? red rocks was the perfect venue, on a perfect night. i'd do it again FOREVER.

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 17:50:03

August 26 2003 will be a night that I will always remember with a smile! Radiohead thank YOU! I saw them June 2001 after their I think 5 year hiatus from Denva' when their gear was stolen! Thanks for coming back guys. I was front row center last time (technically 2nd row since 1st row is ultra-reserved for our much loved wheeled friends). This show was even better in the way back and I did see the meteor it zipped over stage N to S it was a fast one, my friends didn't see it! Looking around and singing and dancing and I caught that. I composed the idea of a "people slide" for when the show is over I would like to build a multiple lane slide for us to all sit down and ride out of there! But on the way out there was some altercation like the running of the bulls! And oh on the way in some dude in a black convertible got evicted from the parking lot for behaving badly toward a parking usher. Poor lil' jackass! I can't even Imagine being angry while on my way to the show! I mice-elf was so happy all the way up in the back and created SO much other happiness and laughter and that's about all I'll add to this for now. But to whoever else was there - yeah this was PHENOMENAL! This show really let you lose yourself for more than a minute there, a couple hours we'll treasure FOREVER! (And hey self-proclaimed hippy girl I hope the peace signs we were spinning over your head registered so you and your boyfriend can be happy! That arguing was uncalled for just have fun! I did save your beer at least twice from getting kicked over! And your boyfriend's seat from someone else's spill) OH AND the absolute end of the show "FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER!!!" For a minute there I'll always lose myself. THANK YOU RADIOHEAD AND US THE FANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers friends!

OH AND to those people who find it necessary to do that piercing whistle, that whistle sucks! Please refrain and stuff.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 07:26:36

It was unbelievably good, somehow managed to exceed my really high expectations. I thought the first few songs were not as cohesive as they could have been, but by the time myxomatosis came around, they were in perfect shape and my mind was blown.
I'm really happy they played so much new stuff. My favorites from the night were sit down stand up (the ending of which almost pushed me over the edge, it was amazing), exit music, kid a, everything in its right place, talk show host, and karma police, particularly the part at the end when Thom took out his ear pieces and sang "for a minute there, i lost myself" with us. I sat shuddering in the car for at least a half hour afterwards, unable to hold how good it had been.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 08:27:42

An amazing performance, all around. As soon as the Jicks(who did a great job) left the stage, the anticipation in the crowd was quite palpable. When the lights went out and "Where Bluebirds Fly" started to play out over the audience, the sound was inhuman. I have never heard a noise like that. "There There" was amazing, as was 2+2=5. "Lucky" was really unexpected, and soaring...the light show complimented it perfectly. The seating arraingments became meaningless as soon as the concert started, so I was able to move down from an already decent view to about the fourth or fifth row, which was crazy. Thom was in high spirits, although I have to admit the sight of him skipping around a piano was somewhat disturbing. The encores seemed to just keep coming, and it was a great surprise to hear "Big Ideas." Not too many people in the audience knew what it was, though. The only low point: the insistance of some drunken college boys on "Whoo-hooing" during the first verse of "Exit Music". I think it pissed Thom off a little bit-"Apparently there are some wolves in the audience tonight." Other than that, the best and most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 09:42:37

Me and my friends had general admission seats to this amazing show, so we were determined to get as close as possible. We arrived at the venue at 7am to find there were only six people in front of us. We sat dead center in row 26 (closest for GA).
Anyway, the show.
UNBELIEVABLE. by far the most amazing show I have ever seen. Why didnt anyone mention the lightshow? The lights on this tour blew my mind constantly. and the video footage was the most avant-garde expermintal live video footage I have ever seen.
Wow, the set list was pretty much all HTTT and Ok Computer. But I was cool with that. Im glad they didnt play "fake plastic trees" because that one always makes all the girls get all "awwwww... I love this song".

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 12:00:10

This was my first time seeing Radiohead (they always sell Red Rocks out in under 15, I believe...) and what an amazing show! I believe that this concert was the greatest that I have ever seen and I'm almost tempted to fly to one of their shows where tickets are available ^^; Our seats weren't bad... still in the reserved section behind the sound booth a few rows, pretty much center. The night was beautiful, and the acoustics at Red Rocks complimented Radiohead's amazing performance. Like others have said, "Karma Police" was beautiful.. to hear that many people singing along to the song at once was incredible. Thom was touched...or at least I think it seemed so... he seemed fairly awed and I was happy that he came back to sing acapella for us. He sang like an angel the entire night and I believe that their music sounds infinitely better live than it does even on recordings. What an amazing band! I feel so lucky to have seen them live. PS - I saw the shooting star too ^-~ Perfect.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 18:00:12

Absolutely amazing beyond words breathtaking. Best concert I have ever attended. Phenomenal venue and a fittingly phenomenal band. A perfect summer night in Gods country, the air was electric with naturally beautiful surroundings, a great audience, spectacular lights and a stunning musicianship. Thom Yorke was a gracious host giving ultimate respect to the fans and if I didn't know any better, I'd say the band saved their best of this tour for the Red Rocks show. Legendary stuff, man....

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 19:22:49

saddly, i think i am only the only one who felt a bit detached and disspointed from this show. the lighting was incredable, they sounded great, but they played mostly songs with no energy, and when they did they just went right back into a slow song. Maybe i was just sitting too far back, and maybe i just don't really care for the lastest album as much as i did past ones. I had been looking forward to this show forever too. Oh well, at least i luved the one they played a couple years ago. If i hear "we suck young blood" one more time though im gunna kill myself.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 20:25:46

it's been 3 days afeter the concert and i can't believe i was there yet. I'm from Chihuahua (yes, like the dog; it's a city and a state) in Mexico, and i did all the trip (Chih-El Paso-Phoenix-Denver) just for the concert; and trust me, it worth it! I was sitting at a reserved seat at row 12, and the view was great. What more can I say about the show? Truly amazing. 2+2=5 was one of their best, sure as Paranoid, Exit, Karma, Lucky, Sail, Talk, etc. And Jonny with his come and go to an instrument to the other. The acoustic at Red Rocks is simply perfect, and it became remarkable when Thom sings a cappella: "For a minute there, i lost myself, i lost myself" followed by all the crowd. I loved when they played A punchup at a wedding, simply perfect. Oh, and Kid A was a terrific live version too. I can't explain how much I enjoyed the show, it's a dream come true. But where was High and dry, Fake plastic trees, Nice dream and Wolf at a door??? Maybe at another time...but what a f***ing amazing show it was!!! The only thing that I didn't like was when some IDIOTS were shouting at "Exit music". F***ing drugs man.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 06:30:02


I cannot put into words what I saw that evening. And I feel that I was not alone.

Brian Plunkett

Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 17:28:25

This show was absolutely incredible! The crowd roared before and after every song. Thom whaled around like a maniac, which was definitely appreciated and mimicked by a few obsessed fans. The whole venue sang along to every song like we were in an enormous choir. Not only was it a perfect night shooting stars (apparently), brilliant music, beautiful people and an incredible light show. I must say that the last message of the night was heard loud and clear FOREVER was spelled out in lights after the 2nd encore and right before the floodlights were turned on. I dont know about the rest of you, but at that moment I let out a huge sigh and held my hand to the heart. I have never in my life been so mesmerized.

Radiohead, we will love you FOREVER! Thank you!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 02, 2003 12:03:29

Unbelievable show!!! What an amazing experience, and there is absolutely no better venue than Red Rocks! Did anyone see how bright MARS was that night? It was the closest it was to earth in 60,000 years that fitting.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 18:02:20


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 09, 2003 04:13:57

This show was probably one of the most profoundly beautiful and stirring performances I've ever witnessed. As a musician myself, it was incredibly inspiring and reaffirming to see an audience so connected and engaged by such a thoughtful, intelligent band. It was just so great to see that many people completely rapt with deep, authentic, genuinely substantial music. No lip-syncing; no garish backup dancers; no gyrating, surgically-augmented pop-stars flopping around in front of a giant neon Pepsi endorsement... just a group of supremely talented musicians and their instruments, making music. There just wasn't any bullshit. There was nothing disingenuos or obliquely commercial about it. Sure, there was an amazing light show and some fairly spectacular effects going on, but at the root of it all was the MUSIC; soaring and powerful and immediate-- the way it *should* be. It was so nice to see proof that a huge ampitheatre can in fact be filled by a band that actually has something to say. There was something amazing about standing there with a massive crowd of people who actually *listened* to what the band was playing and what Thom was singing. There was this very real, palpable feeling of interaction between the audience and the band on stage-- there was a sense of genuine mutual respect and appreciation, like you were being *involved* in something, like you were being provoked and moved and related to on some basic emotional level. Radiohead wasn't there to seel t-shirts. They weren't there to bolster album sales, or secure their nomination at the VMAs. They were there to communicate with the audience, and do what they love; to play music. That's the impression I got, anyway. There was just something very pure and uncorrupted about it. Something earnest and sincere and redeeming.... which is becoming woefully rare in music these days.
I dunno... in the midst of all the pre-fabricated, bubblegum crap that passes for music now, it was just really heartening to know that there's still a place for bands that show sonic complexity and skilled musicianship and cerebral, artistic lyrics. Basically, I was just really happy to see that a truly gifted, intelligent band can still get somewhere in this world, with a smart audience to appreciate them, no less. As cheesy as it sounds, it gave me hope. It made me feel like maybe modern music is still in good hands after all... anyway, if the show I saw at Red Rocks is any indication of what's to come, I think we might be allright.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 09, 2003 19:38:19

Incredible. After the show I sat in my seat for a few moments to let it all sink in. 2 wks. later it still hasn't. To be able to witness 5 incredible musicians play incredible live music for two hours is a pleasure. I only hope all Radiohead fans have the oppurtunity to someday see them, because it is more then worth it. About the show: I was 12 rows up and even with Jonny, which was a highlight in and of itself. It all seemed so fake yet incredibly vivid as it took place, and seemed way too short while still being able to capture everything. My highlights were Talk Show Host, Lucky, Karma, and my favorite part of the show, Jonny's amazingly vicious outro to Go To Sleep. In addition, I received one of Jonny's picks from a security guard after the show, and am grateful. Thank you mostly, however, to Radiohead for providing me with an incredible night worth eternal memory.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 19:28:45

A wonderful night! I was pretty close The highlights for me were Paranoid Android, Talk Show Host, Exit Music, Idioteque, No Surprises and Karma Police (the sing along at the end). They played too much of HTTT, but that's just me, oh and no Pyramid Song :( It was awesome that Thom did Big Ideas (Don't Get Any) though. *and he told us he loved us in sign language at the end of everything in its right place* :)
Oh! and did anyone else see that shooting star? Priceless~

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 20:17:32

i could hear (literally) the choir sing as the band entered the stage of red rocks. what a night! the air was comfortable with clear skies and the suburbs of denver floating in the distance. i had never been to this venue in particular, so it was all quite memorable. it had been a while since my last show (liberty state park, night ii) so the anticipation was boiling over.

the band was loud and clear, with full force. and they were rockin'!! they opened with "there, there" and walked off the stage, one by one, after playing "everything in its right place" (in the second encore). everything in the middle was just outstanding. i noticed that ed was having technical difficulties with something in the first few songs, but this was cleared up. "lucky" almost brought a tear to my eye. a radiohead show wouldn't be complete without thom jumping all over the place like a lunatic. go thom! the band was on time in each song, like seasoned pros. in a way, i think it's kinda funny when thom sings out of key, which he did a few times. his piano work sounded every bit of impressive. we were graced by songs from hail to the thief, kid_a, and o.k. computer. they even played "talk show host," (which, btw, kicked ass) and "my iron lung." thom also brought us back to the solo acoustic days with "big ideas." just he on the acoustic, later joined by the rest, but decided to cut it short. i thought it was great.

i left the place feeling like a million bucks. having just moved to the area, the show complimented my emotions nicely. i had an extra ticket, so i brought with me a non-fan (it was last minute) and felt bad that a real fan couldn't have gone with me instead.

once again...thank you, radiohead.

did anybody else catch that meteorite ?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 03:45:30

Last night my friend and I showed up at Red Rocks about an hour before the show. We originally had reserved seating row 15 which were not bad at all but since the place was still filling in we decided to see if we could sit even closer without getting caught. We got kicked out of row 10 when some people showed up but then I happened to see my two friends who were dead center row 2. My friend and I went down to chat with them and I asked if we could squeeze in their prime spots with them in hopes of watching Radiohead from these amazing seats. Luckily we made it through Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks without getting caught by security and once Radiohead came on, the seats became even more packed and everyone was on their feet so the security nazis had no chance of checking tickets for the rest of the show. It seemed unreal; Thoms mic was literally 10 feet directly in front of me.

They started the show and set the tone of the night with an electrifying performance of there there. Some other highlights for me during the night included: 2+2=5, lucky, paranoid android, talk show host, exit music, national anthem, no surprises, iron lung and an awesome performance of big ideas. It was a pretty good balance of songs covering all of the albums, although I was hoping to hear a little more from the bends era. I am always impressed with the lighting that the Radiohead crew displays during each song, and this night was no exception filling the brisk Colorado skies. The stage was full of mind blowing lighting effects, the best I have ever seen by far. The band as a whole seemed in really high spirits and Thom seemed to be really enjoying himself the whole night, smiling and dancing his way across all areas of the stage.

I was a little bummed because the Red Rocks security found my digital camera and made me drop it off back at the car before I entered the venue. I even called earlier in the day to see if they allowed cameras and the lady said that they allowed normal cameras as long as they werent the professional ones with external lenses so I figured I would have no problems. I have been to shows before at Red Rocks where they allow photography but once I got to the gate, the security folks werent allowing anything in. Luckily I spotted a girl in my row that snuck her smaller camera in and was snapping pictures all night. I asked her if I could possibly get a copy of the pictures and she was really cool and willing to mail me the pictures on a CD once she arrived back in LA later this week, so needless to say it worked out in the end! Now I am just waiting for the bootleg to surface J

This show would probably have to top the previous Radiohead show that I attended back in 2000, also at Red Rocks, mainly in part of my incredible seats and view it was truly magical. All in all a terrific show!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 04:36:59

Wow. A truly amazing show in every sense.
Where to start....Well I had read that Radiohead was playing "Creep" on this tour, but they chose not too last night. This was not a disappointment however as Thom, unannounced, started to play "Big Ideas". What an amazing song. Watching Thom stand there, acoustic guitar in hand, singing, and directing the other band members to chime in with the other hand, was truly breathtaking. The song ended simply with Thom speaking into the microphone "And end... now."

The entire band was extremely energetic. Thom was dancing around the stage like a whirling dervish on speed, and talking to the crowd. "Sometimes...I think I should be put away...Do any of YOU ever feel that way?"

The ad lib during "Where I end and you begin" was also impressive. Johnny did things with his guitar that I did not believe was humanly possible. You couldn't help but ask yourself "Those sounds are actually coming from Johnny's guitar..right?"

The entire night was brilliant. Getting to hear most of the new album was wonderful, the songs from Ok Computer were as good as ever. They performed the song "Kid A" and it was so unrecognizable, I had no idea that was what I was hearing until Thom leaned into the microphone and said "That song is called Kid A, you wouldn't recognize it though."

"Karma Police" was also a highlight of the night. The song ended and Thom walked back up to the microphone and directed the audience to sing "For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself" with him: no instruments.

The whole band is brilliant of course, and I came away with the knowledge I had witnessed a truly cohesive BAND. Each member has a truly intricate part to play in who they are and it was obvious in every song. However, I have to add, I never fully realized how talented Phil Selway is until last night. His drumming was phenomenal.

All in all, the night will be one I will never forget. Each song was amazing, and the only thing more I could have wanted was for Radiohead to have played through the night.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 04:44:19

There are not enough descriptive adjectives out there to describe how incredible this show was. I was absolutely blown away. Their level of musicianship and energy was just simply impressive. They opened with There There and 2+2=5. It was clean and crisp but also very high energy. Then they went into Lucky and that was a surprise. Myxamatosis followed lucky and it ROCKED. Thom danced and enjoyed himself and the band just pounded out the song.
There was only the one song from The Bends, My Iron Lung. 6 songs from OK Computer, Paranoid, Subterranean, Exit Music, Karma, No Surprises, and Lucky. 4 from Kid A, Everything, Kid A, National Anthem, and Idioteque. Nothing from Amnesiac. And then 11 of 14 from Hail to the Thief. They threw in Talk Show Host, and then Thom did this acoustic thing that was really good but I wasnt sure what it was.
The first set ended with Sit Down Stand Up and then two encores followed. Everything in it's Right Place closed the night.
Red Rocks is a beautiful setting in and of itself. The stars were out, Mars could be seen just to the right of the stage and the city lights could be seen flickering in the distance.
This was one of the most memorable experienced of my life. Amazing.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 05:19:55

What can I say...My 5 year old dreamed amazing dreams during an incredible set. She now has wonderful memories of her first rock show. A gorgeous night.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 06:23:32

Last night was my second time seeing Radiohead and I was prepared for an awesome show - they did not disappoint! I was in the 2nd row near center and could not have had a better view. The band seemed in pretty good spirits Thom kept getting this huge grin on his face and was of course dancing around like crazy. I was trying to make eye contact with Ed (my favorite), but Im not sure if I did or not.

The setlist is as follows (may not be in the exact right order I cant quite remember)
there there
kid A
the gloaming
sit down, stand up
where I end and you begin
go to sleep
paranoid android
sail to the moon
talk show host
exit music
national anthem
a punchup at a wedding

1st encore
we suck young blood
subterranean homesick alien
no surprises
my iron lung
karma police

2nd encore
big ideas
everything in its right place

I was really happy to hear some of the older stuff especially lucky, exit music, no surprises, talk show host, and of course, my favorite, paranoid android. During exit music, people were shushing the crowd and when everyone was silent it was so beautiful just Thom and a guitar. They really alternated super mellow songs with super energetic ones, which was pretty cool. The crowd went crazy when Thom sang the bring down the government line in no surprises, which made him chuckle a bit. The new songs were, of course, fabulous and it was great to hear them live. I would have loved to hear a wolf at the door, but what are ya going to do? Oh, and I ended up getting one of Thoms picks, which was a great bonus!

All in all this was the best show I have ever been to in my life even better than their show in 2001 (and mostly because I was so close). Phenomenal music, awesome venue, great crowd, and perfect weather what more could you ask for?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 09:23:33

this date will be forever engraved in my mind august, 26, 2003. this was by far the best live performance I have ever seen. Hell, I will without hesitation say it was easily one of the best experiences of my life. A naturally stunning venue, a warm and colorful night with mars illuminating the night sky, great friends, an awed crowd, the most amazing lightshow I could have imagined, and of course.the most lush, enveloping, hitting, challenging, beautiful, massive musical offering available to the inspirationally thirsty masses (in my opinion anyway!).
I planned a month long cross-country vacation around this show with the knowledge that it would be an unforgettable experience. I couldnt have begun to imagine the impact it would eventually have on me. There were these unbelievable moments of intense quiet during pauses in thoms acoustic songs giving the feeling of suspension, that we were all taken on board their beautiful ship anticipating the next move with patience and excitement. Ive never witnessed a massive group of people hanging on words and sounds in that way, just lingering on the next note, lyric. It was as if were all completely f*ing stunned and amazed at what we were witnessing. No wordsjust jawdropping headshaking eyerolling f*ing amazement.
The night seemed to go on forever and yet was over in an instant. I have to admit I cant remember every song played, nor did I even know all of the songs that they performed that night. But I find myself listening to OK Computer, HTTT, the live album, etc. and a certain riff or song that I hear will literally punt my consciousness back to that night and my surroundings and its as if Im there. Ive seen Radiohead 3 times and this show, I knew going into it, would be remarkableon a different scale. It was
Thanks to the good people of Denver, CO for playing along and making this dreamy night a reality.
By the way::::Did anyone else hear their sampling of blondie's Rapture during one of their last songs?? Was it just me?? I heard a speeded up version of rapturehave I lost it completely?? (don't answer that...)

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 06, 2003 12:50:20

amazing,I missed radiohead shows 2 times, but this time no way. radiohead in the red rocks "extraordinary man", I really liked when they did talk show host, great man

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 06, 2003 12:52:01

That's about all I can say. This was without a doubt my favorite-ever Red Rox show. I came to appreciate Radiohead pretty recently, and I love the new album, so surely that helps since a lot of the show was from HTTT, and I got some chemical enhancement on too. But seriously- I don't think the sheer brilliance and the actual meaning of their songs came through fully till I saw the band live. The lights were great, and the sound was the best I've ever heard at RR. I was hardly close either- row 44. The highlights for me were Myxomatosis, Airbag, Subterranean homesick, and of course Karma Polis. Or just about every song. This band can replicate their studio sound live if they want to, but they love to push their musicianship with different interpretations of the songs. Like the acoustic "no surprises" which resonated through the crowd. They rock way louder and way looser than I thought. Thom's lyrics take on more meaning in these fucked -up times... and I think the crowd that night was there with me. OK, enough babbling.
Oh- yes, I saw the shooting star.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 13, 2003 15:26:17

My brother, a friend, and I did not get a ticket because they went out in like, 5 minutes. So we snuck in. Sorry to all those who paid, but a man has got to do what a man has got to do. We got caught also, by a meathead security gaurd who told us stories about Iraq. Hes cool because he let us in. Then the fun started. It's not
"might be" but definetly the best show i have been to. They're are a fucking orchestra with Johnny and Ed on drums for "There, There". And my favorite was the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" lights. Even though we were in the second to last row it was still spectacular. The highlighting moment was when Thome was dancing in a circle and it made me happy to see that he was happy. But when they played "A Punch up at a Wedding" it gave me chills and a grin. It was really cool when they all left one by one. Colin and Phil then Thome, then Ed, and last Johnny. Thank you RadioHead.


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 20:44:47

absolutely incredible, wonderful show...undoubtedly the best concert experience i have been to...anyone know how i can get a copy of the sweet show ever?? please please let me know...

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