Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Thunderbird Stadium - Vancouver, Canada
August 30, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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1. 2+2=5
2. Sit Down, Stand Up
3. Where I End And You Begin
4. Kid A
5. Backdrifts
6. Myxomatosis
7. Lucky
8. Paranoid Android
9. Sail to the Moon
10. You and Whose Army?
11. Go To Sleep
12. I Might Be Wrong
13. Like Spinning Plates
14. The Gloaming
15. Idioteque
16. No Surprises
17. There There

Encore 1:
18. The National Anthem
19. A Wolf at the Door
20. Airbag
21. Street Spirit

Encore 2:
22. Karma Police (featuring Michael Stipe)
23. Just
24. Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 10:20:57

Setlist (I don't remember the exact order)

2+2=5 (opening song)
Sit Down Stand Up
Sail to the Moon
Go to Sleep
Where I End and You Begin
The Gloaming
There There
Wolf at The Door
Paranoid Android
Karma Police (with Michael Stipe of REM)
No Surprises
Street Spirit
Kid A
Everything in its Right Place (last song of the night)
The National Anthem
You and Whose Army? (Thom looked at the camera on his piano and made a bunch of hilarious expressions while singing)
I Might Be Wrong
Like Spinning Plates

I'm pretty sure that's all of the songs they played. They played a lot of Hail to the Theif (a little too much IMO) but the show was still incredible. Sometimes the crowd didn't seem to be really into it but other times the energy was great, especially on songs like The National Anthem, I Might Be Wrong, and a really amazing version of Kid A. The bass was clear, loud and amazing. Along with Phil's drumming, the band was great and very tight. Thom sounded amazing during the whole night and played beautifully.

The venue was really pretty, most notably when they were playing Sail to The Moon and the moon was very visible in the barely lit sky. A surreal and awesome show. Would go again in a second.

Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 12:01:21

not a review of their show, per say, but Thom Yorke did make an appearance lastnight with REM in Vancouver, joining the band for Ebow the Letter and It's the End of the World As We Know It. Looked like he was having a lot of fun, dancing around like a muppet before stealing peter buck's guitar and chasing michael stipe around with a microphone! Peter buck, now guitarless, just stood there and did jumping jacks. Very confusing end to a great show. Looking forward to seeing radiohead tonight.

Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 20:23:26

Having seen Radiohead in '97 and '01, I know the impact grumpy Thom vs. happy Thom can have on the concert experience, and it appears the new, comfortable and entertaining happy Thom is here to stay.

The crowd was diverse and, for the most part, full of educated fans as the "play creep" crowd was greatly outnumbered.

About half of the material from HTTT made the cut and translated seamlessly live. They started off with energetic versions "2+2=5", "Sit Down, Stand Up" and "Where I End and You Begin". The live rendition of "The Gloaming" was absolutely epic, an electronic masterpiece. "A Wolf at the Door" proved a challenging sing-a-long and "Sail to the Moon" replaced "Pyramid Song" as the pretty piano tune. To my dissapointment, "A Punch Up at a Wedding" was absent and "There There" was almost anti-climatic, both in performance and fan reaction, as it seems to lack the 'oomph' live of the singles off the last few albums.

The usual suspects were there, too, as a selection of "Kid A" and "Amnesiac" were tossed in, reminding us how incredible their transition is live. Thom did his playful paranoia camera-closeup routine during "You and Whose Army?", getting a few laughs from the crowd.

But the highlight for most people was Michael Stipe (REM playd the night before) coming up during the 2nd encore to add vocals to "Karma Police". Truth be told, his musical contribution was rather subtle but the sight of Thom and Michael was exciting enough. For good measure they saved "Just" until nearly the end, and, thank god, "Creep" didn't make it.

As the concert ended the text "Forever" scrolled across the light display. We can only hope so.

Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 20:46:23

2+2=5, (possibly the best opening number in history) was in and of itself worth the ticket...

The sound was phenomenal. Crystal clear, from the bassy thump of "Myxomatosis" to thom's sparkling guitar on "street spirit". All good.

Michael stipe's appearance for "Karma Police" was a surprise, and the audience went wild. Not that they hadn't already, because by the time the band rolled head-on-second-encore into "Just", the energy could have been cut out in chunks with a knife and fed to the masses.


Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 22:49:26

What an absolutely amazing concert at thunderbird stadium!! all the way from start to finish (2+2=5 to Everything in its right place) the show was nothing but non-stop radiohead bliss! to just experience the presence of such a musical icon right in front of you was enough to blow you away. The trances and the focus that he put into performing the songs is what really grabbed my attention. Not once could I depict a wrong key or a wrong note played in tonite's concert. it was almost sickening to hear a band play so well and so in tune with each other. Radiohead truly has a gift and is portraying it quite well.
My favourite moment out of the whole nite was actually watching the opening band Stephen Malkmus. The band itself was good, but where i was standing, i could see thom backstage listening in on the opening act. He looked over to me, i started bobbing my head as he looked over at me, and he started bobbing his head too!! i don't know if he actually started bobbing his head because i was bobbing my head, but it sure felt that way and it was amazing.
I was soo psyched when i started hearing the infamous guitar riff for street spirit. I didn't think they were gonna play it, but in the first encore, my prayers were answered.

Thom's voice is amazing. I honestly believe that this man's voice and the entire bands sound, sounds better live than on CD. That in itself is a rarity that should be taken as a priveledge.

Michael stipe also made an appearance in the show to sing along with the band in Karma Police. That was a very moving site as everybody was singing the song and it was soo cool to hear!

well anyways, i will definitely be seeing these guys live again no matter what the cost... if u haven't seen radiohead live yet, i suggest u drive over to your nearest radiohead concert and go!! well worth the money paid for and just an amazing experience overall! Cudos to radiohead! hail to the best band in the world!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 06:05:37

WOW! I had a chance to see them at red rocks, but I was on my way out to school, and decided that as cool as red rocks is, I couldn't pass up pit tickets at USANA with a cute girl. We arrived relatively early, and got on the front railing on Johnny's side of the stage. it was a little bit of an angle, but worth it to be in such close proximity to the best part of the stage.
The energy was amazing from the first song. The lighting and sound were great. I can still feel the warmth that seemed to surround me during "lucky", the bright orangy lights that exploded with the chorus.
Thom's antics were as entertaining as ever, from his elf-like stage moves, to his making of faces during "You and Whose Army". He had a camera right up to the piano, and during the first half of the song, he would make all sorts of crazy, hilarious faces and emotions at the camera, which showed everything quite well on the screen. The entire audience was rolling. that was probably the funniest part of the evening.

Johnny was as even more impressive than I expected, delivering the most amazing solo I have ever heard at the end of one of the HTTT songs, I forget which one. He had his guitar sounding like an electronically-enhanced machine gun, and kept going off after the rest of the band had silenced. It was so awe-inspiring. Johnny's playing and ad-libbing on other classics was as good as ever, but the best part was probably watching him play thet pretty lead part at the end of "Street Spirit" while using the headstock of his tele to play a few ambient notes on his synthesizer. I have never seen anyone even attempt to pull off a trick like that.
Everything was good to excellent, from the sound-quality perspective, and the band was as tight as you could get. The show was well-produced, although it did seem to be watered down with a little bit more commercialism than I wouldve liked, but was on the whole pretty original and creative. Luckily, we was on the upwind side of the smoke machines, which were running fairly often, or else my girlfriend and I would've had problems. The only real complaint I had about this show was the lack of older material, especially from OK Computer. I really wanted to hear "Karma Police," "No Surprises," "Subteranean Homesick Alien," "Exit Music," and some other older songs, but we got almost every song from HTTT instead, which wasn't too bad I guess. I was only really bummed out that we didn't get to see him end with "True Love Waits". I was disapointed that they are going with the canned ending (although it is a reasonably good one) of electronic loops from "Everything in its Right Place". I mean, wasn't that the cool schtick on their last American tour? I dunno, we are probably just not as lucky in our American shows, and I guess i can't blame the band if the tour here takes on a little bit of our lousy canned commercialism. I just really wanted to hear that song.
All in all, it was the best show I have ever been lucky enough to see, and I really hope that Radiohead will come around a little more often, and that they will continue to perform at such a high level. maybe I will just have to move to Europe so i can get more of them.

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 08:09:54

Thanks. Still the best.

The crowd was excellent, the weather was excellent, the geese were excellent and radiohead blew the fucking roof off (i know there's no roof at thunderbird)
anyway, thanx - still the best

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 09:15:53

last night's concert was incredible. i have to say, we were all 'packt like sardines in a crushd tin box' at the tbird stadium. radiohead opened with 2+2=5 and the song after that, thom simply announced "this one's a new song, its called 'heads on sticks', it's a happy song". that song is unfamiliar to me..havent heard it before. i dont have the setlist in order but i do know they played 24 songs overall. all amazing, of course and performed w/ such passion by thom yorke and co. there were 2 where thom sang karma police w/ REM's Michael Stipe(s)..the bald guy.
most songs from HTTT were played. 'just' and 'fade out' from the bends. my favourite ones from ok computer, Paranoid Android and No Surprises, were played! and naturally, the crowd went crazy when Ideoteque came on. despite the fact that 1 fellow fainted (possibly from dehydration) in our section, we yelled at the first-aid people...and some idiots nearby who tried to distract the security guards just so they could get to the headzone area but was unsuccessful and as a result got kicked was a great concert overall AND was all worth it after waiting for 4 long hours at the lineup. thank you Radiohead for coming to Vancouver.

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 11:26:56

Another f'n brilliant display by the lads last night. Clear skies and a crowd clearly psyched for some music. A Hail heavy set which for me was just fine indeed. I apologise for not being able to remember song titles(CD disease) or the order in which they were played, but every note and sound was pure and true. About three songs in there was a moment which can't be overlooked. Across the field, above the stadia structure came a perfect V formation of Canadian Geese. They powered on high up and over the stage and on into the distance behind me. The crowd livened up with ample cheering as the geese made their fly over. F'n brilliant!!!!
The rest of the show rendered me to a state of utter peace. This being my third show, I'm always so proud of the thousands of people amongst me. No attitude or agressivness, just a great bunch of people coming together to be taken away from it all for a couple of hours.
Thank you Radiohead for another smashing display. We are genuinely lucky to have you come to our city and grace us with your talents. Wonderful indeed.

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 12:47:28

I loved it. even before any bands came on they had ska music blasting (I loved that). then the opening act came out. and they kicked major ass. I think tommorow i might just go out and buy there album. And then after a LONG wait. Radiohead came out. and the crowd went nuts. I was into the show from the first song (a wonderfull version of 2+2=5). to the very end (everything in its right place, of course with its funky chaos pad effects.)

my high-lights would have to be:
you and whose army (thom kept joking around with the camera mounted on the piano), just (its just). and karma police (he brought on the lead singer of r.e.m. to sing the parts with "this is what you get..."

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 16:18:54

Obviously the show was incredible. From the beginning of 2+2=5 to Everything In Its Right Place. Thom seemed to be having quite a good time up on stage, especially when he was making faces at the camera for You And Whose Army?. The entire show was pact with one perfection after the other, with amazing lights and even a visit from our ever loved Michael Stipe. Though they did play a fair number of songs that they played in 2001, it was more than welcomed, especially Karma Police.
Also, the transition Thom did in 'Sit Down, Stand Up' from Piano to the microphone (when he started singing "the raindrops, and the raindrops") was completely out of this world.
One thing that I did notice, is that they played Street Spirit again. This was interesting as I've read an interview saying:

"We all have a way of dealing with that song, it's called detachment... Especially me. I detach my emotional radar from that song, or I couldn't play it... I'd crack.
Our fans are braver than I to let that song penetrate them, or maybe they don't realize what they're listening to.
It's why we play it towards the end of our sets. It drains me, and it shakes me, and hurts like hell everytime I play it, looking out at thousands of people cheering and smiling, oblivious to the tragedy of it's meaning, like when you're going to have your dog put down and it's wagging it's tail on the way there. That's what they all look like, and it breaks my heart."

As they were playing this song (of course, near the end of their set) this interview almost automatically popped into my head. The look on Thoms face (as soon as the song was over) said it all.
Radiohead has always amazed me. And last night was no exception, I was blown away again.

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 19:18:47

Great show. By far the best live act out there today. All the new songs from HTTT translated great for the live act, along with the unexpected suprise of A Wolf at the Door. Go to sleep and Myxomatosis were the best IMO along with the heavy guitar of Airbag. Missed Talk Show Host though.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 00:45:07

my first radiohead show lived up to all my expectations, which were extremely high. this band was made to play live, thom yorke is all over the shop on stage, dancing, sitting, junping, and working the crowd. unfortunately, the crowd didnt live up to my expectations, tens of thousands of people, just "laying there" so to speak. no one was giviner like they should have been.. but i was there for radiohead, not the crowd. and radiohead fucking rocked.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 05:07:43

First off I've seen alot of bands live, but these guys were by far the best live band that I have ever seen. I was in the Zone area about a meter or two from the center of the stage with a perfect view.

They opened with 2+2=5 and the crowd went absoulty nuts. The whole show was great, each song they played carried a different type of energy and emotion. It was like watching a great movie, and experiancing all the different emotions that come along with it.

In terms of highlights, well there were quit a few. As the band played Kid A , and the sun began to set, a flock of geese flew right behind the band, it was truly a beautiful sight. The Gloaming was totally amazing, the song was tweaked giving it more energy and thoms words got thrown in the mix, by the end of the song he was marching all over the stage. Like spinning plates on the piano was outstanding, the whole crowd just stood there entranced by the song. During You and whose Army, A camera was mounted on the piano, and Thom took full advantage making signals to the crowd too "Bring it on" Everyone went bizerk. Those are just to name a few but I suppose the coolest moment of the night was when Michael Stipe stepped out on to the stage for the second encore and did a duo with the band to Karma Police. By the end of the song as Thom and Mike bellowed out "For a minute there I lost myself" The crowd had gone into a total frenzy singing at the top of their lungs (where i was you couldn't even hear either singer as the crowd was so loud!!).

It was the best show that I have ever seen, seeing them live is like popping in anyone of their albums for the first time, it's a totally new experiance. These guys are bar none the best band in the world and if you haven't checked them out live yet, then by all means do what it takes and go see them.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 11:59:40

Well, Radiohead sounded great. The light show was amazing. The only problem was, where was the emotion? I mean really, I felt like I was just listening to a CD, not watching a live band perform. Don't get me wrong, I had a great time at the show and enjoyed myself. But it really was not worth the $60 and such a long wait in line. I do though, however, reccomend everyone see Radiohead at least once in their lifetime.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 15:23:30

priceless moments of bliss for me were when a flock of geese..or ducks..loons(?) (..they were birds..) glided ever so gently in the late summer breeze in a flying-V formation--directly above the stage when Thom played the piano to the song Sail to the Moon. it was beautiful just perfect. we all noticed it in our section and we were all thrilled and happy like little children clapping our hands and pointing towards the birds. it was phenomenal of course..what are the chances that happens when a beautiful mellow song is being played by Radiohead.

bliss #2: at some point during the concert when i looked up towards the heavens, the gorgeous night sky was filled with stars. it felt nice to be alive at a Radiohead concert.

..that is all.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 16:36:48

my first radiohead show, and hopefully there will be more to come. this show was amazing, the only downfall for me was no pyramid song, that was the one that i wanted to hear. i loved getting 2 songs from bends (an excellent street spirit, and a rocking just being the second to last song), and there were 3 or four from amnesiac. from waht i've read from the other concerts, i liked the set list for this show better than all of them. i knew national anthem was going to be good but didn't know it was going to be that good. good thing thom and jonny are such showmans cuz the others don't do much, ed seems to like to stand closer to the crowd than anyone but he doesn't do anything. 2+2=5 is THE quintessential opener, paranoid android is the ultimate song. and how about this, michael stipe and rem were in the crowd at the front and he came up and did background vocals on karma, along with him singing the "this is what you get" line in the lowest baritone he could manage. it was so funny that thom and jonny on acoustic and piano respectively lost it laughing and for a couple of seconds the song was in complete disarray. no worries, they picked it up again for the big karma finish, with about 20,000 of us in the field singing the classic "for a minute there i lost myself part". i'm so glad this show was general admission as compared to you poor souls with the bleeding noses in the ampitheatres. highlights were: myxomatosis, national anthem, karma police, the bends songs rocking, wolf at the door (love how cocky thom was when he was singing it), you and whose army (with goofy piano cam intact), and pretty much every other song that appeared.

low lights: ummm, they were pretty minor but thom's voice cracked twice on the otherwise spectacular like spinning plates, and i thought the raindrops part on sit down, stand up was kind of weak

other than that it was the 2nd greatest concert i've seen in my entire life after the great paul mccartney last year, and that says a lot because i've seen: pearl jam, audioslave, jane's addiction, blur, foo fighters, ozzy (ok that one wasn't good), incubus, badly drawn boy, goldfinger, moby, outkast, roots, strokes, beck, flaming lips, and more

i'm so happy i was able to see what i consider the best band to exist in my lifetime

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 18:57:48

This show was simply incredible. The sun was setting in the background as they started out with 2+2=5. They played a diverse sampling of stuff from OK Computer onwards, playing very little older than that. A beatiful show resulting in 3 encores, and a very satisfied crowd. Easily one of the finest live performances I have ever seen. Thanks guys!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 22:31:04

To the 20,000 strong there, Radiohead made this date seem special and there was a definate feeling that this was not just another concert/engagement that the boys had to fullfill for the promoter/record companies.
Outdoor venue with clear blue skies and sun to start . . . melting into a warm and pleasent late summer night.
Thom seemed to be in fantastic form and really into the whole show, making references to the ever famous BC buds, dedicating a song (Lucky) to REM, and having Michael Stipe come out and sing Karma Police with him during the second encore.
Song selection was fantastic as all the Hail to the Thief songs were right on rythm and sounded so refreshing.
Highlight of the night: Thom on the piano singing, You and Whose Army. The camera was soley placed on Thom and he was ever the showman playing with and cheekily taunting the camera with the two big video screens catching everything for the masses. The sun was setting and a large flock of about 20 Canadian Geese flew in a V formation high above the stage as Thom continued to sing and play with the camera. THe crowd roared in approval. Very theatrical and oh so beautiful. From that moment on, we knew we were in for something special.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 02, 2003 09:46:54

Malkmus was a shock. For anyone used to seeing Pavement, the new band were astonishingly tight.
As for Radiohead, it's very difficult to use hyperbole as they were extraordinary, playing to an obviously partisan crowd. This being a Vancouver gig, the atmosphere was uh, frivolous, with rounds of applause for flights of birds passing the stage, an attitude that seemed to rub off on Thom, who mugged for the camera, grinned and generally acted against stereotype.
The post-OK Computer material really came into its own, particularly the closer, Everything In It's Right Place, and the new material was recieved warmly. The general impression was of a band who no longer feel they have to try too hard, which makes for excellent performances. Symptomatic of this was Thom's hilarious taunting of Alastair Campbell, which must have gone over the head of 99% of the audience.
Michael Stipe came out for Karma Police, his ragged, Cohenesque rasp a testament to REM's previous night's performance at the same venue. The stars of the evening, however were Colin and Phil who must by now be the tightest rhythm section in modern music.
All in all, yet another great Radiohead performance, and it's great to see the boys so obviously enjoying themselves these days.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 02, 2003 13:05:49

Wow. The show in Vancouver was absolutely amazing. I wasn't really sure what to expect since this was my first Radiohead concert, but I went armed with a very intense die-hard fan who had the time of her life, so I would say it was a good show. It was hard to get close since the "pit", or the area right in front of the stage, was for special ticket-holders. It was impossible to see through the crowd so we made our way up on the grassy hill and enjoyed the whole concert from where we could actually see it. It was a very surreal experience, and I'm not sure if that's just what it's like, or if I'm alone in feeling that way. I know what happened, but at the same time it didn't feel real. All the songs were great, especially Kid A. Enough old stuff to make me happy and just enough new stuff to get me interested in HTTT. Myxomatosis is a fantastic song live. And of course, Karma Police sounded incredible with a special guest to help Thom out. That's right, Michael Stipe from REM sang with Thom during Karma Police. Definitely an experience that all of us shared in at the concert. I walked away from my first Radiohead experience needing to listen to more and wanting to see them again live. Any band that can basically remix their songs live deserves a whole lot of recognition. Radiohead is by far the best band I've ever seen perform live.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 02, 2003 21:11:11

what a mind blowing show! the lights,the songs, the great vancouver vibe. Radiohead are the obvious successors to Pink Floyd, and anyone who has the chance should see this band at their peak so they can tell their children in later years..........
a lot of "thief", couple of "older" classics, and help from Michel Stipe on "Karma Police". I'm still in awe three days later.............

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 03, 2003 10:43:19

This was the most amazing show i have ever seen.I love radiohead even more now and i reccomend theyre show to anyone. The set list is as follows:
Sit Down Stand Up'
'Where I End And You Begin'
'Kid A'
'Paranoid Android'
'Sail To The Moon'
'You And Whose Army'
'Go To Sleep'
'I Might Be Wrong'
'Like Spinning Plates'
'The Gloaming'
'No Surprises'
'There There'
'The National Anthem'
'A Wolf At The Door'
'Street Spirit (Fade Out)'
'Karma Police'
'Everything In Its Right Place'

The songs they played were all amazing, and the order they played them was great. i enjoyed every single performance. the first 3 "HTTT" songs really got the crowd going. And "Kid A" was a nice surprise."Backdrifts" was highlighted by some incredible guitar work by johnny and it sounded ten times better than the album version. When Thom sang "myxomatosis" his voice was somewhat raspy and i enjoyed the noticeable british sound that resulted. Thom dedicated "lucky" to "REM" and that was quite a performance. "Paranoid android" got the crowd going and most people recognized this song.

Thom sang "you and whose army" incredibly and he was very interactive with the crowd, making faces and such. "I might be wrong" brought new life to the crowd and i was very impressed by the way it was played. "like spinning plates" was a smokin song and we lit up a few during it.

I enjoyed the performance of "the gloaming". When i heard the opening to "idioteque" i was excited and surprised and they did not disapoint... amazing performance of an amazing song. "No surprises" was also a great surprise.

"There There" was an amazing performance. Both guitarists johnny and ed each pulled out drum sets and it was very impressive. Mid song johnny put down his (4) drumsticks
and started up a reichous guitar riff, after his riff he grabbed the sticks and kept goin without missing a beat.(johnny is amazing)

"The national anthem" was wicked and they left out the sax and trumpets which was cool and allowed them to do theyre own thing.
I liked "wolf at the door" it was mind blowing.

"Airbag" was Incredible. Absolutely undescrible.

"Street spirit" was chill and a nice surprise.

Then Thom had Micheal stipe from "REM" come out and help sing for Karma Police which was wicked. The whole crowd was singing along with them.
"Just" was so unexpected it sent the crowd into a frenzy.
There final song "everything in its right place" was a great ending to a great evening and really did leave everything in its right place.

These guys are so good at what they do. Its incredible to see them in action. Thoms voice really hits home, while johnnys guitar screams at you. I was mostly looking at johnny and thom but my buddy was really impressed with eds backup vocals and phils drumming. Not to take anything away from colin i just couldnt see him very well.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 10:42:22

I travelled 9 hours to see Radiohead in Vacouver. Once the show started I learned quickly that it was well worth it. I have been a fan since 1997 but I had never seen the band live. Thunderbird Stadium was the perfect venue. The weather was awesome. A few dozens Canada Geese even flew over the stadium while the band played slower songs. It was incredible. Although I hadn't much enjoyed the band's new material since Kid A, Yorke and the boys really made me appreciate it that much more. I will soon visit my local music store to purchase the last two albums.

I hope I have the chance to see the band again in the future.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 11:00:59

I missed Radiohead last time they came to Van because I'm an idiot but there was no way in hell I would miss them twice. Super tired I shelled out the 60 bucks and booked to T-bird stadium and got there like 2.5 hours early. I thought the opening act tried too hard and I'm pretty sure most of the crowd was with me on that one, no one seemed to be into it. Honestly though, when you're waiting for a band like Radiohead, who cares who opens, no one in vancouver did.
Finally after a bunch of reggae( the pauses in between songs seemed to get longer every time but I'm not sure if that actually happend)the boys took to the stage and belted out a decent version of 2+2=5 which was very close to the album but with way better bass. I dig that song so I was super stoked for the rest of the night. I won't go through the night song by song but there were some obvious highlights that merit mention. I think it was during the second song that a massive V of Canada geese flew right over the stage, huge rise from the crowd, we were all proud. Thom and his camera antics, those were sweet. Street spirit was eerie in an excellent way. The dude a bit behind me who was screaming "bring back the geese!" was cool, then more geese flew by, I think Thom acknoledged them kinda but I don't remember. One could almost SEE the karma during Karma Police. Every song was solid beyond belief, anyone who had seen Radiohead live can understand that. Just an all around great show, untill you try and leave the stadium.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 15:22:33 one else has reviewed this show yet. Anyway it was just amazing. I had never seen Radiohead or REM and the whole weekend was one mind-blowing experience. First during the REM show when Thom Yorke came out on stage to perform E-bow the Letter and End of the World... I was so amazed. REM put on a great show, but Thom being there dotted the third exclamation point on the evening.

Radiohead's show the following evening was like heaven on earth. In fact if I never see another concert I can die a happy man. Every song was amazing, not one sticks out above another. However, I can't get the loop of Yorke saying "Allister Campbell" on the Gloaming out of my head. Hearing Just live was a real treat, and of course it was rad when Michael Stipe came on stage for Karma Police. Being outside with the fingernail moon on the horizon, the v-shaped flocks of geese flying over us, and the sounds of Radiohead in the air...what more can you ask for???

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 16:38:03

this was my first time seeing radiohead live, and i must say it was amazing. they opened with 2+2=5, and the crowd went insane when the drums came in. some guy got arrested during the first few songs and it was a bit distracting, but oh well. highlights for me were 2+2=5, you and whose army, street spirit, paranoid android and karma police.

during you and whose army, thom would look into the piano camera and sing to it/make faces, and then he'd run up to the front of the stage and raise his arms. he did this a whole bunch of times for the first bit of the song, he seemed to be in a great mood. and NO ONE can touch his dancing abilities, heh.

a bunch of people started leaving after the first encore, poor bastards. michael stipe came out and sang karma police in the second encore. i was a little bit disappointed that they didn't play a few songs i was hoping to hear, but i wasn't expecting street spirit or you and whose army, so i am not complaining.

on a side note, the merch was WAY too expensive!! nothing was under 40 bucks, except for the posters (which were 10). :(

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 18:19:39

Wow, Radiohead put on an amazing show. The crowd had to wait for almost a full hour after the opening band, for the set-up crew's final preperations. Radiohead started things off with a bang with 2+2=5 which was very energetic song. It was followed by Sit Down,Stand Up. I loved the raindrops part. Canadian Geese flew over the stage in a flying-v, about 3 songs into the show, it was really cool, alot of people cheered Their techno/rock sounding songs were perfect if you wanted to dance. Paranoid Androind was performed amazingly. Johnny Greenwood went crazy. In the more recent songs Thom Yorke dance around, and was in his own little place. It was awsome. In concert you realize how little he really is, the amp looked like it was almost at his knees. I loved Myximatosis, the National anthem was lots of fun too. Idioteque had tonnes of energy. In You And Whose Army Thom made funny faces into the camera while he was playing the piano, which got the crowd laughing. I wish the crowd could've been more into it during the concert. Most people seemed to have just been standing there. It must have been because of all that B.C. pot. There There was one of the highlights of the show, with 3 drummers, it was outstanding. No Suprises and Sail To the moon showcase Thom's incredible voice. Those 2 songs put the crowd in a different place. Karma Police was played, in I beleive the 1st onchore with the REM vocalist singing "This is what you get" in a funny sounding voice. I was so glad they played Wolf At The Door, I was looking forward to it. They ended the show with "Everything in its right place," with the vocal paybacks, and cool stuff that Ed fooled around with. The band's energy was very high throughout the show, they were very into it. I think they've really matured as a band since the last time I saw them 2 years ago.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 19:23:45

this show was hands down the best live show i have ever seen!!! i have waited quite a long time to see radiohead in concert since i missed them the last time around. it was worth every second of the wait. it was almost a spiritual experience for me. i spent half the show with my eyes closed, just absorbing the art they had to present to me. the other half amazed (and open eyed) at how energetic and happy the boys seemed to be. i will remember this night as one of the best for a life time to come.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 06:23:21

Awsome show...espescialy Planet telex near the end of the setlist before the encores.Not on the setlist though.I know it's not me,does anyone at the show remember it?excellent show all round!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 06:36:01

This was an awesome show. I went 2 years ago to the gorge in George WA, and that show was awesome. Finally I got to see spinning plates live, and the gloaming made me take a step back and take another look at the song.

Karma Police was awesome because of the apperance of REMs Michael Stipe. Near the beginning of the set there was a moment where Nature and Art combined, creating a surge of excitement through the crowd. A flying V of canadian geese flew over the stage bringing out the nationalism from all who were canadian. The worst part about this concert was the fact that it ended. I could have sat there and watched them play every song they have ever written, or at least every song they now play on tour, but the concert has to end sometime. Before anyone realized it they left the stage and it felt too soon like we weren't getting our moneys worth. But after review you realize they had played a lot of songs but time flies when you are in aw.

They are still the best band I have ever seen live and I recommend anyone to check them out even if they aren't into radiohead. The live show is worth it.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 08:00:41

This was my first time seeing Radiohead live, and it definately won't be the last. Simply put, they are the best live band in the world. The show was chalked full amazing moments, but the highlight for me was the second encore. Michael Stipe sang with Tom and Ed on 'Karma Police', which just blew my mind, and then they folled it up with 'Just' and an amazing rendition of 'Everything in it's Right Place.' Wow! What a show...what a band...too bad we hot tub problems afterwards. Nick & Kessy know what i'm talking about. But SNL was funny. Sure.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 15:28:21

I think the only experience i will ever have that can match the energy at that show would be another Radiohead show. Simply incredible. From the opening (their best opening song for sure) with 2+2=5 until the the end, this show was everything i thought it would be and much more.
For everyone who has yet to see them live, do it! Karma Police and Just were amazing, the whole crowd was singing along. Nothing can compare.
I won't ever forget it.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 06, 2003 19:53:49

this is the second time i've seen my 2nd favourite band of all time, last being 2001 at T bird, and this show blew the other away. this is the best concert i have been to in my almost 18 years on this planet. me and my friend figured they were going to start with 2+2=5 and of course, we were not let down, and thom did. if you ask me, there is like no greater opening song that that band could do, its absoloutely incredible, and going right into track 2 (or sit down, stand up), what a great transition.i was sooo surprised to hear two selections, two i would have never thought radiohead would perform live - Myxomatosis amd Kid A. they were incredible, sooo rad hearing them live. i also thought that the Gloaming was terrific, cause that opening bassy feel just shook the entire place, very very excellent. Sail to the moon was played (my favourite radiohead song) and at that point, yes, i had to light up a J. the crowd went really really wild when R E M head man Mike Stype made an appearance during Karma Police, and ended with a hug by thom yorke. i loved how they still manage to play a couple tracks off of the bends (street spirit, and just) and surprisingly they played the second highest album cuts from OK computer, playing a wide selection off that (i thought no surprises and paranoid android stood out there) and a good amount off of Kid A. i personally would have liked to hear way way more off amnesiac (they played only 3 off it) but like spinning plates on that piano version is just amazing, i loved it. ohh idioteque was absoluttly soo cool, i lOVE The dance he does.... but of coures, i t was the best because they played 10 YES 10 off of their newest (and best) album HAIL TO THE THIEF... they only missed Four off that (we suck young blood, I will, drunken punchup at a wedding, and scatterbrain).. man when they did backdrifters, it also like the gloaming, just shook the audience,such a great song. wolf at the door was performed amazingly and thom yorke looked like he was having the time of his life on stage, putting allll his energy in it (during you and whos army he looked into the cameras and made funny looks to the audience). This concert was amazing, and i hope that anyone in the area that radiohead may be coming to next, will definetly go out and buy a ticket. they are SOO amazing live, the put ALL the energy into it, and all the lights make it sooo trippy and cool. i had SOO much fun, and so did everyone else that i've talked to who went to it... and yeah, none off pablo.. i think that album is like forgotten by the band or something ???

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 06, 2003 21:45:58

This was the first time I saw Radiohead live and it was the most fantastic thing I have ever experienced. I don't have anything to compare it with because it was my frist concert ever actaully. They opened up with 2+2=5 and that's what got me pumped (the opening band wasn't very impressive). They played alot of their new songs... I was hoping they would play Pyramid Song but I suppose Sail To The Moon was a nice replacement. I was very pleased and I would go see them again any day.. How bout now? Come back Radiohead!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 14:35:15

The sky overhead was a fading fusion of blue and orange, with the sun itself slipping out of sight to the left of the stage to make room for the band. They were playing the third song of the night, Where You End And I Begin. As Thom Yorkes ethereal voice sang I am up in the clouds, I am up in the clouds, and I cant come down..., a perfect V of Canadian geese appeared in the sky above the stage, and soared from right to left. The rest of the show was just as beautifully timed with the effects of the night sky: A chipped dinner plate moon and a chorus of stars filling the black sky during Street Spirit . Another flight of geese during the sobbing, throbbing piano lines of Sail to the Moon.

If you ever considered Radiohead to be a mellow or boring group, the August 30th concert at the Thunderbird Stadium at UBC would have ripped all your preconceptions to shreds. All you had to do was watch Johnny Greenwood locked in an all-night, all-out and frenzied war with his guitar, long black hair flailing in front of his face, his entire body bending and convulsing as he attacked his guitar with full swings of his arms. Or watch Thom Yorke in his maniacal thrashes and twitches across the stage, repeating the words the raindrops 47 times at the outro to Sit Down. Stand Up. From the raging tag-team openers played as placed on Hail to the Thief, 2+2=5 and Sit Down. Stand Up, to the improvised 15-minute Everything In Its Right Place which closed the show, Radiohead proved themselves to still be one of the most versatile, entertaining and original bands of our time.

This fact was proven most clearly in the their unique ability to approach the most inconspicuous and drifting studio track, take it to the stage and make it explode. For example: the song Kid A, from the album of the same name, is a confusing and incomprehensible number on the CD. Thoms electronically skewered voice skitters over the lullaby sounds of a childs ceiling mobile. However, when they performed the song in concert on Saturday night, with Thom singing the words live and the entire band backing him up, it became fully alive; a demon of a song with driving, pulsing, irresistible motion. The song ended with Thom screaming COME ON, KIDS! over and over, tearing at his head like a madman.

The vibe from the crowd wasnt the violent and aggressive feeling youd expect at such a formidable show. Maybe it was the blanket of smoke from the fresh BC pot that calmed the crowd down. Thats probably the case, but theres something about merely being in the presence of such an iconic group like Radiohead that entrances and hypnotizes you into a stupor. When Lucky bathed the crowd in a warm sea of orange lights and aching harmonies, you could look around and see almost every fan in the crowd mouthing Its gonna be a glorious day with their eyes closed and heads tilted heavenward. But when the roaring fuzzed-out bass from Myxamatosis shook the very grass on which we stood, every single person was on their feet and moving.

But there was still strong personality behind the distant thrum of the epic band playing their epic songs. Perhaps the funniest moment of the evening was during You and Whose Army: Staring at a piano-mounted mini camera, Thom would lean in close to the lens and contort his face, bat his eyelashes, and smile like a lunatic while singing. The camera sent the images onto four screens to the left and the right of the stage, and simply the sight of his facial expressions matched to the ominous sounding song gave the crowd a few good laughs.

Yes, Thom Yorke is a strange, strange person, and the music of Radiohead as a band is often quite a puzzle to figure out. But there can be no denying that despite the alienation theyve endured as theyve ventured into the more experimental side of their music, Radiohead still knows how to rock. At Saturdays show, they ripped it up with Paranoid Android, grooved like no others during Idioteque, and simply exploded by the time the second encore rolled around and the band busted out with Just.

By that time, I figured the show couldnt have gotten much better than it already was. It turned out, however, that after 21 songs had already been played, there were still more treats to come. When the band reemerged for their second encore, it took a few seconds to realize there was a sixth person in their number, and a few seconds more to recognize the bald guy as Michael Stipe, the lead singer from R.E.M. But there was no delay at all when he started singing Karma Police with Thom Yorke - I dont think Ive ever heard a crowd cheer so loud to hear somebody tell them what theyre gonna get.

After Stipe left the stage, Thoms keyboard descended down the familiar introductory staircase of Everything In Its Right Place and led the band into a pounding and exploratory 15-minute version of the song. It drifted down darker streets and sailed through brighter skies than the album even hints at. It was a dance song and a dirge all at once. When the song hit ten minutes, Phil, Thom and Colin simply walked offstage, leaving Johnny and Ed kneeling entranced on the floor at the front, bent over samplers and chaos pads, manipulating Thoms vocal tracks over a drum loop, setting up thicker soundscapes by squirting space-rock chirps over all the noise. Johnnys swaying mop of black hair hid his face as he knelt, making him look like some sort of sinner turned saint, lost in prayer. Or maybe just possessed. They took Thoms Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon line, twisted it up, tied it back up and looped it over the rest, and then Johnny left the stage too. So it was down to Ed, still kneeling on the floor at the front, seemingly hypnotized by the tools in front of him. Then he too stood up, and walked offstage, while the ghost of Radiohead continued to play in the form of Ed and Johnnys loop. The stage faded into blackness, and by then, the sky was dark too. It was simply starlight overhead when the loop was cut.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 16:35:53

This, like many others, was my first experience at seeing Radiohead live and it was AMAZING! I never thought that a concert could be so intense and have such an impact on me. Every song was just awesome- 'Sail to the Moon' was surreal with the moon slowly becoming more and more visible by the second, as the sun went down on the thousands of eccstatic fans that made up T-Bird Stadium. Thom Yorke was a show just in himself- I loved his jeering and comical jestures from behind his piano for 'You and Whose Army?'and of course his wonderful dancing :) The set-list was just incredible though- everytime you had to feel the disappointment of a song ending they rose our spirits with an amazing follow-up. It was, the BEST concert I have ever been to and I can't wait until I get to see them again one day!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 05:22:15

Well I won't go through a set list since everyone's pretty much covered that for me. All I will say is that I flew in from Toronto to see them and it was such a beautiful and spiritual concert for me. Radiohead concerts usually are, but being in Vancouver, at an open venue put a completely different spin on it.
Thom playing Street Spirit saw me lose it! So beautiful, their songs leap off the stage and soothe your soul. I noticed that Thom has really come a long way, he was showing us a more playful, and dare i say it happy, side to himself. I guess having a child and maturing does that to you. Thank you Radiohead and thank you beautiful Vancouver.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 20, 2003 17:55:04

This was the fist time I had ever seen Radiohead live. Everything was awesome, and it was honestly the best show I have ever seen. Little things like the Canadian geese flying over the stage, or closing with "Everything in its Right Place", it just made the show so much more of an intence and deadly experience. And being only 25 feet away from the best band was the best luck ever. Definately will see them again no matter what.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 22, 2003 11:47:17

Like most, I was almost reduced to tears when the Canadian Geese flew over head. I got that feeling in my gut, i couldnt decide if i was going to puke or cry or scream or convulse. A feeling that i still get when i listen to Hail to the Theif. I drove from Edmonton to see them,the band not the geese,and it was well worth it. What I loved just as much as the music, was the audience. And looking around at the faces during Street Spirit just gave me chills. You are all so beautiful.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 10, 2003 10:12:02

What a night! I went with a larger group of people, I think there were 10 of us. A couple of us had been long time fans but mostly they were casualy aquainted with the music of Radiohead. What was completely agreed on by all of us is that the show and the music were incredible. I marveled at how tight and seemless they sounded, especially on the more dynamic and "tricky" songs. I think everyone in our group at one time commented on how excellent the drummer was. Phil had to play live on what was for some songs programmed into samplers on the album versions, and he did it flawlessly. The setting couldn't have been better. A mild summer evening in the outdoors, the moon chasing the sun to the golden horrizon.
Thom made mention of how much he admired our corner of the world. He mentioned how we have openly gay priests accepted in the church, and that we have great weed, which of course drew a spirited reaction from the croud that in know doubt knew exactly what he was saying.
I really liked how they had unmanned cameras placed all over the stage and you always got a glimpse of what was going on up there in the large media screens that they had. There was one camera set at the piano THom plays on and at one point he showed some rare openness and comic play when he sang right into the camera with a cheeky look and a swanky spin on his vocals.
I can't wait until the next oportunity to see them. I have seen a lot of big bands..U2, INXS, R.E.M., Nirvana, and radiohead outclassed them all.

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