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Evening News Arena - Manchester, England
November 22, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 lucky
04 myxomatosis
05 where i end and you begin
06 backdrifts
07 fake plastic trees
08 paranoid android
09 sail to the moon
10 i might be wrong
11 climbing up the walls
12 my iron lung
13 sit down. stand up
14 scatterbrain
15 the national anthem
16 exit music
17 idioteque

Encore #1:
18 the gloaming
19 go to sleep
20 the bends
21 street spirit

Encore #2:
22 a wolf at the door
23 karma police
24 everything in its right place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 22, 2003 13:56:17

the magic piece was without doubt fake plastic trees it was amazing the crowd an band were one it was so good to be there karma police was also great, the only bad point was fools making noise in the intro to exit music

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 02:45:22

We all know Radiohead's gigs are the best - the countless reviews here saying just how rediculously good they are show that, and this one wasn't any different in that respect!

Not a poor performance for any of the songs - it amazes me they can still play their older ones like they're brand new.
They played Climbing Up The Wall, which I don't think they do often - everyone went crazy.

Thom kept saying merci to the crowd - I don't know if he does this everytime, but it seems like a coincidence seeming as I had just watched their Les Eurockennes, France performance where he (unsuprisingly) kept saying merci.

This was my first Radiohead gig, let's hope London 26/11 will be just as good - I'll be there too...

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 04:26:53

This is was my first Radiohead gig and boy, what a show!
From the first drumbeat of "There There" to the strains of "Everything In Its Right Place", Thom et al rocked the MEN Arena in its full capacity.
Particular highlights for me were the amazing "Sail To The Moon", "Lucky" and of course "Fake Plastic Trees". The crowd really got going when the guitar melodies of "Paranoid Android" and "My Iron Lung" got underway, and also with the electronica of the set-ending "Idioteque". Thom's dancing was, as always, bordering on schizophrenic during "Where I End And You Begin" and "Sit Down. Stand Up", driving the crowd wild. Much appreciation to the band for applauding the crowd on coming on stage for the first encore, consisting of "The Gloaming", "Dollars and Cents", "The Bends" and "Street Spirit". During the second encore, after "A Wolf At The Door" and "Karma Police" Thom led the audience into an a capella sing a long of the final coda of "Karma Police".
Only a couple of qualms; the audience continually whistling during "Exit Music" somewhat spoilt the mood and the fact that there was much less atmosphere for "Scatterbrain" as for every other song; probably because fewer people knew it!
All in all though an amazing gig; I look forward to seeing them soon in the future.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 05:49:43

First time I have ever seen radiohead, and I want to see them again as soon as possible.
Cant remember the setlist, but it included:

Fake plastic trees
Paranoid Android
The bends
Street spirit
most of hail to the thief (which makes backdrifts and the gloaming sound amazing)

Thom looked pissed off for most of it, and refused to join in with the chorus of land of hope and glory (due to englands world cup rugby win).

Quality gig though, and asian dub foundation were brilliant

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 06:27:59

Wow, my first time seeing Radiohead and probably one of the best live acts I've seen in my life, second only to seeing Iron Maiden at Download festival.

A set list comprised of the "essential" classics, (Paranoid Android, Street Spirit, Karma Police, Fake Plastic Trees etc) with a majority of HTTT songs as you'd expect, with some surprising extras included, such as one of my personal favourites My Iron Lung and also a stunning rendition of The Bends.

Surprise song of the night though was Backdrifts, which on the album sounds ok, but not excellent. Live, this track is brilliant, with Thom's impassioned vocals really adding to the music.

Wolf at the Door was even better live than it is on the album, with Thom reminding me very much of a rap/hip-hop vocalist, nearly bending himself in half at some points in the song.

One last couple of things, firstly when Thom sat down to play Everything In It's Right Place he seemed to toy around for a few seconds with something that sounded very much like a piano version of True Love Waits before launching into EIIRP.

Secondly, is it just me, or does Jonny look almost like a giant spider when he's hunched over messing with his gadgets and when plays guitars/drums (in There There) you know, arms and legs being flung out every where, almost like a marionette in fact.

Dead good show, if you've not seen them live yet, you definitely should do.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 07:08:05

Radiohead's first show in England since Glastonbury, and they continued their fine form with a really rocky set. I was suprised just how many of the more guitar based favourites played, like My Iron Lung, The Bends, Street Spirit, 2+2=5, I Might Be Wrong, Paranoid Android, Go to Sleep. The crowd and the band were really up for it, with the sing alongs Karma Police, (with thom singing the 'For a minute....' bit solo with the crowd in full voice), and Idioteque. Thom seemed to be having a great time smiling and dancing as only Thom can! Some of the newer tracks went down really well, with great reactions to There There, Where I End You Begin and Sail to the Moon.
It was my third time seeing Radiohead and once again they gave a suberb performance, cant wait to see them again!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 09:28:18

I could write pages about Radiohead, theyre my favourite band and Thom is a gloriously gifted singer and is now a real rock personality.

This is about my fifth time to see them. Ive seen them four times now in Manchester. Twice at the Apollo and twice at the Arena. Both times the Apollo gigs took my breath away - they took me to another world - they made me physically stop and think I had done something special - I wasnt aware I was at a gig sweating profusely being incredibly uncomfortable in the pit at the front, I was with Radiohead the whole night and they were with me. Both Arena gigs and certainly last night were disappointing. The new songs are sticky sounding and simply DO NOT suit the cavernous space that is the Manchester Arena. Conventional rock that you can jump to suits the Arena. I would have loved to see The Bends tour there it would have been amazing. As it was I saw them at the Apollo then and the Apollo a few months back and they were simply unmatchable.

Last night however, I just wasnt with the crowd, I felt like the only REAL Radiohead fan there. As though if they played a rare track Id be the only one to acknowledge the band or even realise what track it was. As it was they played a conventional set and chucked in a few of the big records. Obviously this is the first time a lot of the new fans will see them and you cant expect them to play the Apollo four times on the trot so as to accommodate the amount of people who want to see them.

All in all though they are the best British band by a mile and they still enchant you like no other Climbing Up The Walls a standout as was Everything In Its Right Place, Idioteque, and Karma Police with the ad lib at the end, awesome! For me though, I have to be involved and it felt like I was watching and not taking part, I might as well have bought a good seat. Roll On Earls Court, and lets have some moshers!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 11:03:40

From the opening beat of There There to the final note of Everything in its Right Place, this was Radiohead at there best. This gig probably had the least KidA/Amnesiac tracks, of a radiohead concert for a long time. About five tracks were played from Ok Computer and four, yes four from the Bends, with Fake Plastic Trees probably being the most well recieved track of the night. This doesnt mean the newer material was ignored though, much of the best bits of Hail to the Thief were performed brilliantly and with superb energy. Apart from a couple of slow songs like Scatterbrain, Thom spent alot of time dancing and moving round the stage, with unrivalled energy, which was very entertaining at times. This was especially evident during a superb Idioteque, which was a fitting end the main part of the show. Karma Police during the encore is always a highlight and it didnt dissapoint here.
Overall the concert was still short of, what you might call a greatest hits collection, but it certainly did give some of the older favorites an airing at the expense of the likes of Morning Bell and How to Disappear. I think a better balance was found between the last five albums though, with perhaps Amnesiac being under-represented here, but one of the most exciting parts of a Radiohead gig is you never quite know what your going to get.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 02:04:06

ABSOLUTLY AMAZING. I went with a fellow radiohead nut and we were blown away. I cant see how anyone can say Thom doesnt enjoy performing. They played a great set with a good combination of old and new, a fantastic performance of exit music, myxomatosis, my iron lung, the national anthem, well basically everything. I think it was three encores, finishing on everything in its right place. We were about 7 meters away!!! Only one regret. That they didnt play all night.
Please Thom consider that the older stuff has just as much magic as the new stuff. Even though its nowhere nearly as complicated. Wish theyd played let down and lurgee.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 03:39:42

I must say watching Radiohead for the first time was absolutely amazing. It has to be one of the best nights I have ever had. In the concert they played a variation of tunes from all of the albums which I was hoping they would do but was unsure if they would.

It was worth every single penny and the response from the crowd was amazing. The atmosphere was absolutely stunning and it was clearly obvious that everyone was having a great time

one word to describe the night : FANTASTIC

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 03:47:25

Incredible night, Wolf at the door was completely unexpected which made it all the sweeter. That's the first time i've been that close to the stage whilst they were performing and it was immense watching them put so much into every song. Enjoyed the now obligatory mass sing-a-long to Karma Police and Thom's (ironic?)crotch grabbing during "she screwed me in a vice"

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 06:19:00

As with many this was the first time id seen my favourite band in action. Id been so excited at the start of November and i loved every second of it. The fact these guys have been doing this sinse May did not show one bit, their performance was superb. Starting with excellent sound as the played There There, slumping a bit around the time the played Scatterbrain they came back in force in the encores. They played an exceellent version of The Bends which I totally was'nt expecting. The crowd in parts was excellent and responding by going mad for songs like 2 + 2 = 5 and My Iron Lung. I have to say i was extremally impressed with Thoms energy, he simply never stopped dancing and watching the audience in his traditional fashion. When the lyric raindrops starts towards the end of Sit down stand up he jumped up from his piano and started going crazy to which the crowd responded in similar fashion. To anyone who has not seen Radiohead if you have the slightest chance at all get to it, im telling you, you will not regret it!!. I just hope i have the pleasure of seeing them again

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 11:28:35

What a great show. In my mind second only to the awesome gig at Oxford.
I took my wife for the first time and although she likes some of RH material she does not share the same enthusiasm as me. Anyway suffice to say she was impressed by what she saw and vowed that she would definately go see them again.
The opener was predicable but also brilliant and set the tone for the whole performance.
I was a bit dissappointed to see a bit of an exodus when they played Sail to the moon, which is a shame because to me this is
one of the best songs on HTTT. Also Myxamotosis received much more of a cheer and yes it is great live but it is far from being the best track on the album. I guess some of the audience did not appreciate the slower numbers.
It was also great hear Exit Music( stunning performance)
Although I have seen RH perform live several times since 1996 this is the first time I have managed to see them perform Climbing up the Walls (fantastic). It did take me a bit by surprise though, for the first few notes at the beginning I was unsure what song they were about to play. Again another Exodus from the arena, what a pity this is another great song and a privilege to hear it performed live.
The old favoirites were fantastic including my own fave Fake plastic trees and my wifes, Street Spirit. Idioteque and Paranoid andriod again did not dissappoint.
No Talk show host or Morning bell which was a shame.
I remember in 1996 at the Apollo in Manchester a great performance of bullet proof ( at least I thought bit was ), it would have been great to hear that again and High and Dry. I also recall at that gig a cover of a Pink Floyd song, can't remember what it was but that was brilliant (any ideas anyone).
It would also been great to hear Spinning plates and Dollars and Cents but you can't have everything I suppose.
Another highlight tonight was the inclusion of Scatterbrain and Wolf at the Door.
Thom doesn't usually say much but tonight it seemed he didn't less than usual, limited to the odd thanks and at the end thanking Asian dub foundation. Still the music does all the talking.
All in all it was a fantastic show and I can't wait for the next.

The only downer was the poor seating position we got. Normally I would be inclined to stand and get near the front but on this occasion I went for the seated option. We were close to the bottom but quite far back yet we ordered our ticket through the Waste ticket shop the moment they went on sail, so how did we get to be so far back I don't know. I also managed to be seated next to a guy with the biggest head who kept blocking my view of the stage.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 05:42:54

An amazing night!! Radiohead kick arse live, enough said.

Submitted on: DECEMBER 01, 2003 00:04:46

Radiohead Were Awesome. Second To Iron Maiden somebody said?? I don't think so somehow do you!!

Submitted on: JUNE 22, 2004 09:06:04


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