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Telewest Arena - Newcastle, England
November 23, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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1. The Gloaming
2. 2+2=5
3. Morning Bell
4. Where I End And You Begin
5. Sit down. Stand up
6. Kid A
7. I Will
8. Myxomatosis
9. I Might Be Wrong
10. Paranoid Android
11. Sail To The Moon
12. Talk Show Host
13. A Punchup At A Wedding
14. Just
15. Idioteque
16. No Surprises
17. There There

Encore #1:
18. You And Whose Army?
19. National Anthem
20. A Wolf At The Door
21. Karma Police

Encore #2:
22. We Suck Young Blood
23. The Bends
24. Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 12:18:19

Just back from my first radiohead gig
and it was fantastic. the last time i saw a band that gave me the same buzz that i had tonight was back on a friday afternoon in august 1991 when a certain up and coming 3 piece band from seattle played the reading festival
highlights for me - there there and no surprises !

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 12:51:05

Perhaps the best thing i have ever seen in my life, and that i ever will see. They were phenomenal, Thom was hilarious, and they played The Bends. I don't know when i've ever smiled more

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 22:06:44

Totaly blown away last night,seen them at glasto this year.Different set from glasto
cant think which song stood out as everyone was so excellent.They did the Bends
2ND from last wow.Ended with Everything in its right place..a night to remember.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 23:48:22

Anyone who missed this, missed out!

As the everyone there sang out "For a minute there I lost myself, I lost myself"

I think everyone did lose thereself it was amazing.

The fact they played "Talkshow host" WOW

On stage they were full of life and played everything perfect.

It was one great night.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 03:14:41

Last night I went to see my all time favourite band and they did not let
me down! The whole band seemed in good spirits and Thom's dancing on stage
is quality! Unfortunately, too many pre show
beers means I can't remember the set list
so these are my highlights from the show...

1. Sit down Stand Up
2. Where I End and You Begin
3. Paranoid Android
4. I Might Be Wrong
5. You and Whose Army?

They are my top five songs from last nite
...Cheers Radiohead for a great night!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 03:30:09

Better than Glastonbury??...Maybe!
The light show was fantasic, the set wasnt the best but the classics were played namely, karma police, no surprises, just and the bends.
Highlights: Ideoteque, the first encore with Thoms almost horror humour towards the crowd escpecially sat behind a piano, colins trip to yes....almost three feet to the front of the stage and jonnys fading on set finisher everything in its right place...even the crowd detected a hint of creep but neverless was well worth the trip and money. Mint

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 05:00:16

This was the first time I had ever seen Radiohead live, and it didnt disapoint. The crowd was fantastic, the band was on top form and they played The Bends! Overall a great gig.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 06:58:58

With my head against the window pane flying back to London Gatwick from Newcastle I recalled the intimate moments during last night's show; Close up image either side of the stage set of a joking Thom just retaining the verses of 'You and Whose Army' as he chuckles and raises his left eyebrow to the camera.

Magical and emotional; The new material comes alive as it did in Oxford two years ago. The older songs intermingle with the new and newer; Idiotheque, We Suck Young Blood, Paranoid Android...

The closing moments of 'Everything In it's Right Place', sampled loops accompanying horizontal scrolling of the text "FOREVER" to a stage populated by only the tools of 5 geniuses from Oxford complete a fantastic show. Thank you Radiohead.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 10:50:10

Simply, simply... awesome. Starting with THE GLOAMING, a song that's growing on me more with each listen, Thom Yorke delivered our evening in explosive style. Following up with an amazing 2+2=5, which had the entire crowd dancing madly and shouting their lungs out, you couldn't help but love Radiohead who were absolutely ON FIRE. Highlights were the aforementioned 2+2=5, Paranoid Android (stunning... just STUNNING), Just, which left us bellowing for more, A wolf at the door (always fab), no surprises, and the joys of Idioteque.

I'm no radiohead pro, at least not in concert terms, but I know what I like, and I know what I'd pay 28.50 for. And I know I'd pay more than 28.50 for that, cos it was amazing. Sure, there was no 'creep', but there was never going to be, was there? A lack of fake plastic trees was a shame, but made up for by the astouding THE BENDS, and all in all, there weren't a whole lot of duff notes. We suck the young blood was a bit iffy, as was Morning Bell, but that's just choice...

But why complain? Why complain when you had Thom's fabulous spiel about George Bush pre-myxamatosis ("Please, please, please, don't say anything incredibly f**king stupid")? Why complain when you had MYXAMATOSIS?! (Man, that was good) Why complain when you had the argument with Thom and a member of the audience that made us all laugh/worry? Why complain when Ed O'Brien was clearly having the time of his life?

Why complain at all? Ultimately, sure, there were a couple of duff notes. But they were on for 2 and a bit hours. They were the best band I've seen on stage. And those duff notes were a hell of a lot better than a lot of bands' best, melodic and sad and beautiful.

Ultimately, it was awesome. I'd go again in a second. Atmosphere was great, and having 20000 people singing along to Paranoid Android will stay with me forever, as will the (really rather attractive) girl next to me saving me from getting my head crushed, and in truth, I loved every second of it. I've said too much now.

But to end. Myxamatosis. Dancing. Meeting random people. Talking to Ed. Just. And, variously, madness, people elbowing me in my spine, mild whiplash (I THINK), and the best evening of my life so far. Go and get tickets if there's any left.

Radiohead RULE.

E X I T:
Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 02:05:39


284,926,903 out of 10 methinks.

after a nail-biting wait they came onstage to a thundering rendition of 'the gloaming' the bass sounded outstanding as it did later on a raw thumping fuzz-filled rendition of 'myxomatosis' - dedicated to george bush. thom slipped into 'i will' beutifully but the highlight had to be the use of the piano camera into to which thom was taunting the crowd to the words 'come on' in 'you and whose army', raising eyebrows and winking - the crowd went crazy, it was fantastic. the reapperance of 'the bends' brought a gigantic singalong as did no suprises and karma police thom finishing the latter continuing the vocals after the song had stopped.

there was a great dirty fast version of 'i might be wrong' - jonny getting the best out of his guitar before strangling his trademark tele for 'just'.

in all the new material was sublime.

the only down side was a slight hickup by phil on 'we suck young blood' coming in to early for the 'loud bit' and idioteque had a few moans by thom about tempo, but quite frankly i couldn't care less as it was by far one of the best gigs i've ever been to ending on a lovely groove bassed rendition of 'everything in its right place' that sent everyone home with such a warm glow we didn't care about the -1 cold outside.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 04:52:35

It was a strange sight looking on as thousands of bemused Radiohead fans, brows furrowed, stood stock still whilst Asian Dub Foundation did their thing. Few managed to even nod along, leaving only a handful of hardcore ADF fans to pogo along to their hearts content. Still, it warmed the Telewest Arena to something significantly higher than the freezing air outside.

When Radiohead finnaly emerged, we were met with the trip-hop beats of the Gloaming, an odd choice to open with, but Thom appeared to be in that sort of mood, mocking fans at the front and stciking a finger up to another group. This is not to say that he was clearly enjoying himself, when They played We Suck The Young Blood, he was in full on comedian mode, queing in the audience to clap along.

All in all this was an amazing gig, we were treated to an awesome and quite different version of Kid A. Old favourites like Paranoid Android, The Bends, and even the much loved Talkshow Host were on the setlist. However good these old songs may be, they were overpowered by the shear enormity of the newer, fresher sounds created by Thom, Jonny, Ed, Colin and Phil,who were clearly loving every minute of the undying attention from the crowd.

When people say that Radiohead are the best live band in the world today, THEY ARE NOT LYING, Radiohead were simply amazing, a spiritual event for all fans.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 09:30:32

FAntastic, the show was only marred by the fact i was out on the piss all day and incredibly dehydrated, so much so after idioteque i had to move out to the fringes from the pit, but luckily i caught most of the rocking songs pit style!

highlights for me where I Will then "and now for something completely different" BUM BUM BUM BUMBUM(myxamatosis btw ..) and the absolutely stunning Go To Sleep, the light show on that song was so fantastic and Jonny's solo so long it was pure groovy shit. Karma Police was absolutely anthemic as always and There there stupidy good. The Asian Dub foundation as a support act seemed a very talented bunch and didnt get as much love as i would have hoped from the crowd.

anyhoo, Radiohead rock and i cant wait for Earls court tommorrow. They have completely affirmed my belief that they are the be all and end all of the live scene at the moment.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 07:05:09

Radiohead have got to be the best band ever. its my first time i seen them and i love their music,and seeing them live is just another level all together.
This was easy the best gig ive been to and i have been to quite a lot now. Even the songs which i wouldnt of expected them to play and which i would ocassionally skip on the album sounded amazing live. All round it was a very dancy sort of gig. The atmosphere was emense especially when they played the classics like 'just' and 'the bends'.I would definately go and see them again and advice anyone else to as well. I had tickets for sitting but i was so amazed by it all, i ended up jumping all over along with my mates (apologies to anyone sitting behind us).
I hope they play again up north soon!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 09:27:18

The gig was absolutly amazing!
They un-expectedly opend with gloming and also suprised the crowd with paranoid android, the bends, just, no suprises and karma police! I was in the front row and damn proud of it, the Asian Dub Foundation were realy cool too but i dont know any of the song names. All in all the gig was more than i bargined for and especially from the front row!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 02:19:09

All I can say is f***ing amazing,as I knew they would be!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 12:21:35

One of the best nights ever.I am actually depressed at the thought that I may not see the live for a while.Passionate, powerful, thought-provoking, beautiful, emotional and simply wonderful. I could watch Radiohead play live forever.
The most honest people in music.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 22:11:53

I got to the gig late and sadly(?)missed Asian Dub Foundation and the first two tracks of Thom and co's set.
It was a classic mix of the old and the new with snippets of Pablo Honey and The Bends mixed mostly with tracks from OK Computer and Hail To The Thief. Wolf At The Door blew my mind, Thom got all the words smack on and sung it with his usual gusto and feeling. They did the usual rendition of Karma Police which always goes down well with the crowd.
Myxomatosis and No Surprises were the highlights for me though. We Suck Young Blood was very well done and the crowd even managed to clap at the correct time (mostly). Funniest moment of the gig has to go to Thom's leering and funny version of You and Who's Army. A mini camera perched on the edge of Thoms piano was the object of his attention apart from occasionally turning to the crowd and beckoning us all up on stage to 'have a go' !!!!
Brilliant gig all in all, not quite as earth moving as South Park Oxford but he who's complaining.

Submitted on: DECEMBER 01, 2003 07:04:00

The Show was INCREDIBLE. I've never seen them before but i was truly amazed. Thom's stage presence fully lived up to its reputation. Highlights....Myxamitosis, the Bends and of Course- JUST.

Overall a fantastic show- except for the prat at the front who kept shouting at "tommy"

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