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International Arena - Cardiff, Wales
November 24, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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The Gloaming
My Iron Lung
Where I End and You Begin
Kid A
I Will
Talk Show Host
Sail To The Moon
Paranoid Android
Go to Sleep
Sit Down, Stand Up
Fake Plastic Trees
There There

Encore 1:
Like Spinning Plates
The National Anthem
A Punchup at a Wedding
How to Disappear Completely

Encore 2:
We Suck Young Blood
Karma Police
Everything in its Right Place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 14:35:07


Just got back to Cradley, tyres burning after 130 mile round trip - bur boy was it worth it. From the opening track The Gloaming to the finale of Everything In Its Right Place was pure brilliance!!!!!

Even managed to sneak in Just which was AMAZING and despite We Suck Young Blood and Asian Dub Foundation it was pretty much the PERFECT EVENING!!!!

Cheers Guys - top notch!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 16:39:44

OK, so Asian Dub Foundation were up first to warm everyone up. (Ed, we all saw you dancing off-stage!)

When Radiohead came on they bursted out with The Gloaming which turned very 'EIIRP' towards the end, which was a great thing because it was done with great prominence.

All the band members seemed in high spirits as usual. It was very hot inside the NIA and Thom called out for water to be passed out to the fans, which he was applaud at for saying. He was so thoughtful :-)

The setlist was somewhat mixed. Starting mainly with Hail To The Theif songs and darting back and forth across the years with the likes of My Iron Lung, KID A, Paranoid Android and Like Spinning Plates. The Song 'KID A' wasn't really recognised by even the most die-hard Radiohead fans because it had an ambigious sound to it. But it was still unique nonetheless.

The set was brilliantly finished of with three great live tracks: How to Disappear, Karma Police and Everything in its Right Place, which brought the night together to a great ending.

Best moments: The Gloaming, Thom dancing to Sit down Stand up + Idioteque, I Will, KID A, Jonny's imput to Fake Plastic Trees and How to Disappear.

A fantastic show.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 00:18:33

To swim with dolphins would be uninspiring in comparison Radiohead are a band I have longed to see for years and now wish to see for years. Awesome!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 01:03:32

The show was grand, its the first radiohead gig i've been to and my expectations were met, the band did good. The support asian dub foundation were aslo grand.
The only drawback to the gig was the extortionate prices for drinks and the fact that two people collapsed near to me due to dehydration. This tells me that opening a few windows wouldnt go a miss. but overall very good.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 09:07:29

This was the first time I went to see Radiohead (i've seen them numerous times on the TV) but it simply does not compare! They truly are one the best bands ever. The set list was awesome, the sound quality was exceptional, and I had a great veiw right in front of Ed! Some songs were played that I never expected (Punch up at a wedding, Kid A, I will)and all were technically accurate and no mistakes atall! The Asian Dub Foundation were also very good, but a tad bit too bassy. I'd give the night 10/10, Thom Yorke has the biggest stage presence you will ever see for a man who hardly speaks to the audience!When Fake Plastic Trees was played, the hairs just stood up on the back of my neck! My highlight of the evening however, was calling Ed a lovebucket (!) I'm sorry, but I could not resist (even though I had many odd looks after doing it). Meh. Not that I'd need to tell anyone here, but you must see Radiohead, they are truly one of the most inspirational, individual and damn great bands you will see. well worth it! Fantastic!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 09:18:30

Amazing. Second time I've seen Radiohead this year, the first being glasto, and........... I'm lost for words. The support from Asian Dub Foundation was surprising, and crap, to be frank, but who cares? Maybe if ADF had done a Radiohead cover........... *shudders*.
The band was on fine form, and all seemed in great spirits. Had a good view all the time, and could even see Phil, even though he tried to hide behind a cymbal at first (but just maybe that was where I was standing). Much of the setlist was from HTTT, and the gig opened with a storming version of The Gloaming to open. Unfortunately, they didn't play Wolf at the door, Bulletproof, Black Star or Exit Music, all of which I would have loved to hear after they weren't played at glasto. However, every song was great, and the songs played instead definately made up for it. Radiohead played a 2 hour set, and many of the songs were more cult songs from the albums, rather than the singles, which seemed to make up most of the Glasto setlist.

Stand out songs were Talk Show Host, which I have never heard a better version of than this gig's, Kid A, which was great to hear, as its not all that commonly played by the band, and sounded refreshingly different without Thom on vocoder (he just did normal vocals). Like Spinning Plates was definitely one of the highlights, due to the simple layersing of voice over piano, and its sheer beauty. How To Dissapear Completely was also superb. Actually, everything was brilliant. Couldn't fault a song. The only things I can fault were the choice of support act, and also the merchandise on sale- the current T-shirts etc aren't a patch on the stuff from the OK, Kid A and Amnesiac periods.

Quibbles aside, a grweat night, with great music, and a great crowd, as expected. Definately on a par with Glastonbury, and a longer set was played. Best band in the world today. Hopefulyy someone has recorded the gig........... if so please e-mail me!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 05:29:08

First time I've seen them since Glastonbury and they were on real top form. "We suck Young blood" in the encore stole the show for me - after about two minutes the crowd finally got the clap rythym correct and the band seemed to really enjoy themselves!

I can't remember the set list because I think Cardiff was going for 'the most skunk smoked at a concert' award and my memory is somewhat fuzzed. The only other comment I'd like to add is that I think 'Sail to the Moon' is one of their finest ever songs and hearing it live is something special.


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 07:37:58

They were great but i would have liked them to play more classics like No suprises,the bends nad creap.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 00:45:24

this was the second time i had seen radiohead, the first being at glastonbury this year so they had a lot to live up to. i wasn't expecting the same sort of atmosphere or performancnce from the band but it turned out i was wrong. the whole thing was just as amazing and soem thought it was better. the band seemed really into it and happy to be there. thom talked to the crowd a lot and made lots of jokes, jonny was in a really rock out mood, ed smiled a lot and was really good on the backing vocals (especially his amazing yell on karma police), colin was quality and phil was just amazing on the drums. i hadn't realised that he played on almost all the kid a stuff cos its so precise that it sounds like a drum machine but its him. the setlist was brilliant, although there are still a few songs i'm desperate to hear them play. they kicked off with the gloaming so we were treated to a new style of thoms crazy dancing. they played all of hail to the thied except three songs (sadly they missed wolf at the door). the rest of the set was made up of a lot of kid a, and a few off ok computer and the bends, with only spinning plates off amnesiac. songs that really stood out include national anthem (it started with tony blair on jonny's radio, before thom came up to the microphone and did a mocking sneer thing just before the guitar kicked in. fake plastic trees was brilliant, as was paranoid android and talk show host. we suck young blood was really good, mainly because thom got the whole crowd clapping at exactly the right points. karma police was (obviously) really good, esspecially when thom sang on his own with the crowd at the end. i was really happy with the inclusion of my iron lung which i didn't think they played much. the whole thing was so good that its hard to put it into words, and as before with the glastonbury performance its really hard to remember! all i know is that it was an amazing performance and i won't ever forget it. thanks to all the band for being so psyched up on the night and for giving everyone there a brilliant evening. chris

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 04:43:25

Absoloutley unreal. The best performance of the year by the guys. Great version of 2+2=5. Jonny was loving it.

But audience were blown away by 'Everything in its right place. There were actually 2 lads in front of me crying their eyes out and bowing down to the band!!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 06:24:09

Radiohead were fantastic. Opened with 'the gloaming' which was great start. It was nice to hear an older track early on - 'my iron lung' was played third after Radioheads latest single '2+2=5' which is 15th in the charts. It was interesting to see 'kid a' being played. Jonny played on the rhodes organ and thom was playing with a small keyboard at the front. Thom played 'i will' after that and when he finished he said 'and now for something completely different' and went into 'myxomatosis'. 'Like spinning plates' opened the first encore, which was brilliant, there was a slight change in the progression of the intro which made for a great rendition. In 'the national anthem' jonny mixed in some radio and it sounded like the news about bush and blair. Upon playing 'we suck young blood' thom announced that 'some clapping is needed in this.. or it sounds pants.' the crowd proceeded to clap together in the right places led by ed. Radiohead finished on 'everything in its right place' where the vocals are mixed by jonny. Thom walked off the stage when he had completed his part followed by phil and colin, who was wearing a dashing pin stripe suit. Ed and jonny were left sat in front of their peddle boards mixing the track and adding effects until the left it playing and walked off.

During the Asian Dub Foundation previous to Radiohead, I spotted Ed on the far left of the stage behind the main set playing some backing guitar which was nice.

I was fortunate to get jonny's setlist at the end of the show which i have kept. The penultimate track radiohead played was 'karma police'. On the setlist it was written 'karma police/the bends'. They may have played 'the bends' instead but 'karma police' was excellent.

'what's good for the goose, is good for the gander'


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 09:57:12

The best night of our lives.
They were on top form! Played a great set, the songs which stood out most being; How to disappear completely, Just, We suck young blood, Karma police, and not forgetting Paranoid android!
How about Thom changing his shirt half-way through the set? We got quite worried, thinking the show had finished early!
We got near to jonny, and after shouting his name out a few times he acknowleged us :D
Fantastic evening in Cardiff, even met Yvette from channel4's The Salon and her husband the lovely James Redmond (from Hollyoaks and BBC's Casualty!)

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 10:02:26

Helluva tight gig. Came all the way up from Plymouth to see them play and it was worth it. Oh, and the politically motivated support was amazing too - Asian Dub Foundation - 'No-one is illegal!'. They really worked hard with the crowd, but the most surreal thing about the whole gig was everyone just stood there with blank faces - there was hardly anyone dancing. They kind of just stood there. In fact, I think only my girlfriend and I danced the whole gig (and sprayed everyone else with sweat) - even when Radiohead came on, so that was pretty much the weirdest gig I ever went to...
Also, Asian Dub FOundation were hella tight. And a lot of people booed them. So it sucked that the crowd was so shitty. Never mind, Radiohead played good.

Highlights included:

Like Spinning Plates - solo on piano
Talkshow Host - I can't believe they played that one
Myxomatosis - fuckin awesome
How to disappear completely
Kid A

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 10:44:23

fantastic show.crowd loved every second of the 2 hour set,but where was `no surprises`?Where was `true love waits?`come to wales more often lads.kid A songs were brilliant,especially `national anthem`.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 29, 2003 05:16:44

Almost a week on from seeeing Radiohead and I'm still to get over how amazing they were. Set opener "The Gloaming" seemed an odd choice but worked fantastically as it seemlessly led into "2+2=5". Most of the new album was aired and now they feel as much a part of the 'Head catalogue as anything thats gone before. "Sail to the Moon" is a song Thom Yorke writes in his sleep and Chris Martin in his dreams. Of the oldies "My Iron Lung" soared, "Lucky" made you weep and "The National Anthem" made you boogie. Two encores - highlighted with Thom leading the crowd in an unaccompanied chorus of "Karma Police" - A Special night.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 08:53:08

Another incredible display from the greatest band of all. A 400 mile round trip from Cornwall was well worth the effort.
If you have not experienced this band you are missing out. It is always a mind blowing experience.

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