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Earls Court - London, England
November 26, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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The Gloaming
2 + 2 = 5
My Iron Lung
Where I End And You Begin
Kid A
I Will
I Might Be Wrong
Sail To The Moon
Paranoid Android
Go To Sleep
Sit Down. Stand Up
Fake Plastic Trees
There There

You And Whose Army?
The National Anthem
A Wolf At The Door
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

We Suck Young Blood
Karma Police
Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 12:50:30

This was my first time see Radiohead in concert. The doors opened at 6pm, and we arrived about half past. When Asian Dub Foundation began their set at 7pm, I was rather embarassed at the fact that hardly more than a few hundred people were at the arena. Maybe it's a London thing, but in America I'm used to most of the crowd being there by the opener.

ADF put on a really high-energy set, quite enjoyable to me! I would really like to see them in a smaller venue headlining.

Radiohead began at about half past 8pm. 24 songs I was captivated! The stage setup and lights were fantastic, I really enjoyed them. There were two large screens set up for audience members far away to see, although most of the time you couldn't really see much on them.

In the first encore Thom came out and says "Last week our nations capitol was hijacked." Of course, this is in reference to George W. Bush visiting London and the 150,000+ protestors greeting him. Thom then sang "You and Whose Army?" coyly into the camera, a closeup on his eyes and his expressiveness. Classic.

Overally this show was a perfect mix of old and new Radiohead. I was completely taken away and had goosebumps during "Street Spirit" and "Where I End & You Begin." I'm also always a sucker for audience singalongs, and in "Paranoid Android", "Fake Plastic Trees", "Karma Police" - you know, all the "oldies" - the thousands echoed verses.

Overall, I had goosebumps for 2+ hours. The sound was amazing, the vibe was positive, and Radiohead continue to be my favorite band.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 14:13:18

I've just got home after my first ever Radiohead concert. And I was surprised by the fact that a setlist has been submitted by 1:16!!! It was very much amazing. It was the best gig I have ever seen. There were so many best bits, where to start. During, You and Whose Army, Thom Yorke started playing with the camera on his mic by looking really closely and then getting up and playing with the crowd. Everyone was laughing so much that Thom started laughing!!! Fake Plastic Trees was awesome, Paranoid Android, Lucky, the Classics were all there. The Asian Dub Foundation were pretty cool, but I wasn't particularly listening, I kept realising that I was about to see Radiohead. My Iron Lung was amazing, and hearing Myxomatosis live was cool, the lights looked vaugely like the Matrix which was worrying, but awesome.
Anyway, slightly too euphoric and exciting to write too much coherent stuff, so I'm finishing. But I will be going to as many others as I can afford!!!!!! Radiohead rule!!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 14:20:45

So as I sat next to my friend Mark, kicking back in row Z of the largest venue ever*, Radiohead played a glorious gig:- Generous with the oldies, excelling in the newer stuff (people still seemed perplexed by some of it. What did they want? Radioheads Greatest Hits tour?) As I turned to Mark, three songs in, I realised that I had run out of superlatives to describe the musical greatness I was witnessing. I just kept repeating "amazing... unbelieveable" until I realised that I was in a loop and just had to Shut UP. They really are that good, aren't they? The sort of band that concert reviewers start their reviews with lines like "The word Genius is overused, but..."

Selway played in his white suit (I could just see it) and drummed like a metronome, such was his rhymic tautness. Colin kept it all pinned down with his groovy bass lines, Ed Rocked and helped us to clap for "We suck young blood" Jonny spazzed himself into the guitarist of the universe no. 1 slot (again) and Thom... Well Thom cut the perfect alternative frontman. Dancing like a dervish, his voice golden like the morning sun (is that too much? sorry). And his Blair bating on "You and whose army?"- He played to the camera, and all Earls Court laughed with Thom. and Radiohead are a miserable band?
Ben Lewis.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 23:05:30

Was a great gig - I hate sitting though.


You and Whose Army...
Dedicated to the worried look on our PM's face while George W was in town. Thom had a small camera on his piano and made funny faces and beckoning motions into it while singing "come on...". Very funny. Of course, Thom ended up laughing himself right before the song breaks.

Karma Police...
After the song Thom led the congregation in a chorus of "for a minute there I lost myself...". Great moment.

We suck young blood...
Everyone clapping in the right places. Made it very eerie.

Fake Plastic was amazing. So was Street Spirit (as usual). Loved My Iron Lung (just wish I could have been standing at the front!) and Just. EIIRP was so cool and it was great to hear The Gloaming and Kid A live.

It was all great.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 05:18:06

What a great night! Never seen the boys live before. Was "up in the clouds" far from the stage, but the sound (Thom's voice in particular) was stunning. Highlights for me were "Lucky", "Idioteque" and "There There". Also, great to hear "Fake Plastic" live at last. Only criticism, not enough from "OK". "Climbing Up The Walls" and "No Surprises" were sorely missed. Colin, get yourself down to the front of the stage now and then and jump around with the lads. Phil will understand. And Thom, that impromptu version of "After The Goldrush" might just be a goer..

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 05:21:49

Thom and the boys appeared on top form playing to a packed earls court crowd... amazing atmosphere and i think i speak fro many to see a revival of many old favourites... Just, street spirit, iron lung... some great classics such as these, paranoid android and karma police intertwined with the modern techno style stuff. somewhere inbetween a dance rave and a rock concert thom found the time to conduct the audience with his crazy style dance moves and eyeball antics... great night

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 05:22:23

WOW. This was my first gig ever, way to set a good standard by seeing one of the best bands in the world perform in a relaxed way with all my favourite tracks (They played Just!). Asian Dub Foundation were ok but no match for the godfathers of alternative music. All in all it was a great show and the best day of my life to date.
Cheers to Tunch and his mates

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 05:33:32

not going to put setlist up because I don't know the order of the songs, but I remeber all that they played perfectly. Beautiful, Stunning. A truly wonderful emotional experience, I have never cried at a gigi before but yesterday I cried twice. God bless Radiohead

set highlights: 'you and whose army?', 'fake platic trees', 'karma police', 'lucky'. But all was beautiful

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 10:54:11

This was the first gig I had ever been to, having ordered the tickets back in the summer; I had enough time to think about the show before hand. A live experience, though, is absolutely different to anything else and my expectations didn't matter once inside the venue. It was going to be fucking excellent, because Radiohead are fucking excellent - Radiohead can’t be bad.

The support act – Introducing themselves as ‘Westlife’, fortunately they weren’t said band, but they were ‘Asian Dub Foundation’. They were an interesting blend of 'drum and bass' and rock, with a political edge. I'm not a big fan of rap artists, (although having said that, 'Rage Against The Machine' are excellent) artists such as Dizee Rascal and Mike Skinner of 'The Streets' should be shot for being so overwhelmingly shit. But the rapping of ADF was a little less discordant to the ear than the likes of Mike Skinner. ADF were very energetic and bass heavy - an intriguing and intense act overall. Nothing could prepare us for Radiohead though, (not even the half-hour wait.).

Opening with a very captivating rendition of 'The Gloaming', Radiohead were on top-form. During '2+2=5' one bloke from behind me said to his mate "See, he is God!" (Referring to Thom), a bit over the top perhaps, but the whole gig did have an atmosphere of a Second Coming (or, arguably, a first). The song itself, though, was gloriously energetic – the front rows al jumped around pointlessly as I was pushed backwards and forwards. ‘My Iron Lung’ was next and it provoked a similar reaction from the crowd. ‘Where I End and You Begin’ was an epic tune. ‘Myxomatosis’ was bone crunching – I felt it more than I heard it. Lucky was mind-blowing, as I (along with the whole arena) sang along to a beautiful masterpiece. Straight after Lucky came Paranoid Android and it was expectedly intense.

I won’t bother listing the set-list out, it’ll be somewhere anyway. There were 2 encores as Radiohead played for about 2 hours (8:35-10:35), it was an amazing set, Thom’s singing was excellent, everyone knew that this was the best thing to ever happen to them. Whilst writing this I am listening to Xfm’s broadcast of Thursday’s gig and am very miffed that Creep, No Surprises and Exit Music were played. Nevermind. Thom’s singing is worse on the Thursday gig. Still, no moment could replace singing along to Lucky, as everything in your life comes into focus and you know that you’ll also perform in massive locations like this, hoping to change someone’s life in the same way.

By James Angove.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 00:35:44

they played creep!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 03:10:54

After 6 months anticipation, this was by no means a classic encounter and compares very poorly with the radio-broadcast gig on the 27th from the same venue. Perhaps it was the caged seating, or the Camp X-Ray style security guards, but apart from a scintillating lighting rig, this evening lacked the flourish, exuberance and emotional intensity of the following evening's show. It felt more like a farewell concert ('..OVERFOREVEROVERFOREVER..' streamed the lights at the finale), which makes last night's (Thurs) performance all the more welcome for its indulgent and brilliantly conceived set-list.

Nevermind, maybe it was the venue, or the 'London audience', except that the Thursday show at the same venue was immense. On Wednesday, we did not get 'Exit Music', or 'No Surprises', and surprise, surprise, no 'Creep'. What did we do wrong, Thom? He didn't even say 'Thank you', (not that he needs to, of course)!

Can't wait to see them again, but never again at Earl's Court, which felt more like an indoor car-park or a low-down ice rink. On Wednesday, it was difficult to say 'I lost myself', let alone sing it.

I was blessed in attending the South Park concert, the like of which one could not reasonably hope to hear again, but then the best hopes are the most unreasonable ones..

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 03:55:21

Brilliant gig and being up the front made it 10 times better. Asian dub foundation opened and I thought they were quite good, I spent most of the time nodding appreciatively and was mildly impressed with their enthusiasm and excess energy. After a brief (or not so brief) intermission Radiohead came on and opened with 'The Gloaming' the whole night was brilliant from their on in.
Highlights for me were: 'I will' with Thom's beautiful singing, 'Fake Plastic Trees' because I love that song, ' You and whose army' with Thom pulling faces at the camera on his piano, 'We suck young blood' everyone clapping and 'Karma Police' with everyone singing along with Thom at the end and the simple fact that when Jonny wasn't sitting down at the piano before the beginning of the song Thom said 'Are you playing? Sit down then.' He was joking, Jonny laughed.
Overall it was fantastic. I spent the majority of the night dancing like an idiot, as did Thom, (though he can pull it off) and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I have also decided that my ECO wristband will stay firmly on my wrist for at least a year, just to show my appreciation. I'm dirty like that.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 29, 2003 03:43:40

There were so many songs i wanted to hear on Wednesday that i almost left Earls Court feeling sad that they didnt play all of them! But it was a fantastic show that'll stick in my mind for ages. They played all of HTTT but Backdrifts, A Punchup At A Wedding and Scatterbrain (the three songs i wanted to hear most!), and then some of their older tunes. I was chuffed when they played You and Whose Army? especially when it was dedicated to Bush/Blair and then when Thom cracked up half way through after making all these bizarre gestures to a camera at the end of his piano. He was busy doing his strange strange dancing all night too, and they finished with an absolutely amazing version of Everything In It's Right Place, building up to a great crescendo and then gradually dropping off one by one.

Next time I'm getting tickets for both nights!

Submitted on: DECEMBER 01, 2003 00:28:11

Bugger. Was sitting right near the back, and I'm a bit short-sighted. Consequently, Yorke looked like a little dancing blob and while I imagine Jonny was somewhere around playing with a sampler for much of the set, I couldn't quite make him out. So there are gigs I've been to where I've felt less detached, I have to admit. Still, was a good show, some nice crowd interaction toward the end. Hail To The Thief rocks like a b1tch live (last time I saw the 'head it was Kid A era) and the set-list worked quite well. Didn't see ADF unfortunately, wasn't expecting them to be on quite so early.

Highlights: Lucky as always, Sit Down Stand Up, You And Whose Army.

Lessons learned: 1) Get into the fray, NEVER buy sitting tickets, 2) It's grim up north, but London is HELL, and 3) When he's got everyone else clapping on the offbeat, CLAP ON THE SODDING OFFBEAT.

Simon, Sheffield.

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