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Earls Court - London, England
November 27, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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There There
2 + 2 = 5
Sit Down. Stand Up
Where I End And You Begin
I Might Be Wrong
Paranoid Android
Go To Sleep
Sail To The Moon
No Surprises
The Gloaming
Exit Music (For A Film)

Like Spinning Plates
The National Anthem
A Punchup At A Wedding
How To Disappear Completely

We Suck Young Blood
The Bends
Follow Me Around
Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 22:51:59

Wow! what a show. The boys were in rare form tonight. brilliant!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 13:03:45

Jonny Greenwood is a crazy magician. Turning the shrill, serrated squeal at the peak of 'Just' into a delicate, fragile thing of beauty was, for me, equal in genius to his imitation of 'The National Anthem'-style mad brass in the middle of 'Where I End And You Begin', of all places.

People also now actually dance at Radiohead gigs. Though most of us, we must admit, not well. 'Tis a shame, a little like the fact that, sat next to utterly awesome displays of songwriting skill like 'Lucky', new slow ones 'A Punchup At A Wedding' and 'We Suck Young Blood' sound, franky, pants - though even the latter was turned into a special moment tonight as a fun audience clap-along section.

The real points, though, run thus:

1. Only a band with a neat, dark sense of humour would follow Just with Exit Music with Idioteque.

2. Most bands would kill for a song like 'Follow Me Around', whilst Radiohead haven't managed to get around to recording it yet

3. When a band can leave out Pyramid Song, Fake Plastic Trees, and Truve Love Waits, and still play a great set, you know you're onto a winner.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 21:39:02

WOW. What else can I say about the best live act I've ever seen! This was the first time I've ever seen them live and they blew my high expectations out of the water.
Playing a packed set (at least 22 songs in less than 90 mins) to a packed audience, it included almost all the tracks from HttT with almost all of the classics as well (Yes they even played Creep :) Also Just, Lucky, Exit Music, Paranoid Android and some highlights from Kid A/Amnesiac. All accompanied by a mind-blowing lightshow with lasers, colours, flashlights and a fantastic atmosphere from the crowd. 2 encores rounded off a mind-blowing evening. Unfortunately, I had to leave during the 2nd encore to reach my train in time, but the rest was great

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 02:33:57

What a show. I have always been a huge fan of radiohead, but just seeing live just made me realise that they really are quite possibly the best band in the world.
The Hail to the Thief material sounded so much better live, There There and 2+2=5 were both fantastic. But literally everything was amazing, i cant really say anything bad apart from the fact that they didnt play long enough. Was probabily one of the best nights of my life, oh and they played creep.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 04:19:13

Yes Radiohead are the greatest band around.My 8th gig and by God it was special. There There kicked things off,awesome.2+2=5 the moshpit erupts like Mt.St.Helens,the band so tight it was unreal.More stuff off HTTF WHICH WORKS SO WELL LIVE.
Then just when u think the band are chillin out we get CREEP,it was amazing,and the venue went ape,words cant explain the emotion it generated and yes i wept like never before.Thanks guys.
Sail to the moon proved how great Thom is as a vocalist.Exit music,and,Like spinning Plates made the hairs on your neck stand to attention.Idioteque,learn to dance Thom and stop bouncing Colin!!!!!!
How to was the most beautiful music landscape,and i doubt i will witness anything that special again,u did us proud guys.
The Bends,Follow me around(release it guys)and,EIIRP,closed the night.
In conclusion the band cant get better than this,it was the best show I have witnessed, dare i say better than Glasto 97.I T WAS AN HONOUR TO BE THERE.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 07:21:09

Wow. Now that was amazing. First time I have seen Radiohead live, and I can promise it won't be the last!
As soon as I arrived (with others) and got to see the actual arena, I was breathtaken. We had seats near the back to the side, which didn't have the best of atmospheres, but a great view. First up were Asian Dub Foundation, who were really very good, even if not my type of music (Jungle/R+B). I wondered why they had been chosen to support Radiohead (not because they were bad of course, just because they were nothing like Radiohead), but I soon found out when one of the members gave a shoutout to anyone who had participated in a recent Anti - George Bush rally.
Now on to the main event. As soon as Radiohead came on stage, not only did the atmposhere become incredible (even where we were), it appeared that the crowd size went up too. They opened with There There, much to my dismay (as fantastically as they played it, I had made a bet they would play 2+2=5 first, which actually followed!) After the two brilliant openers, we heard more from their new album, before some greatly recieved classics, including the totally unexpected, and probably nominee for biggest singalong of the evening - Creep! What an experience it was to hear that one.
This was followed by Just and Paranoid Android: Now my memory gets a little hazy at this point (I'd had a few...), but I can remember the utter joy at singing along with everyone else on Just, and the awe inspiring technicalities of Paranoid Android (even if Thom did stop to tune halfway through!). I can also remember (not in much of an order) Go To Sleep, Sit Down Stand Up, Sail To The Moon, Where I End And You Begin, The Gloaming, No Suprises, Backdrifts and Myxomatosis (some of which might have been before the older ones). We then heard from Kid A and Amnesiac with Like Spinning Plates and the frantic, even faster than usual Idioteque (best dance of the evening Thom!)
I may have missed a few out (more than likely in fact), but I then remember them walking off, but quickly returning for the first encore of (I think) The National Anthem, A Punchup At A Wedding, The Bends (joyous song) and We Suck Young Blood. Some of those might have been the second encore, like I say, I can't remember, but if there's one song I can definitely remember from the second one its Everything In It's Right Place. That was amazing, always been one of my Kid A favourites, everyone loved it. Also somewhere around there was How To Disappear completely, which I remember my friend loving to bits. Also, a slightly less well known one (but I still knew it, haha) was Follow Me Around.
And that wrapped up the evening nicely, but still left me pining for the likes of Karma Police, the one I hoped they'd play most of all :( and My Iron Lung and Climbing Up The Walls. I knew they'd never play my all time favourite though... Sulk :) So I didn't bother getting my hopes up.
So all in all, a fantastic evening, and I hear something about it being filmed for a Radiohead Video! Or at the very least some broadcast in America. Everyone should see Radiohead at least once!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 11:18:37

Well, what can I say? It was radiohead, it was my virgin gig it was fecking fantastic. They played lots of stuff from Hail to the Thief which to be honest, I think are not as good as the classics, but the fact the whole joint was jumping (or in true radiohead muso style, nodding heads satisfactorily) goes to show that radiohead still have the 'power'. 2+2=5 and There There went down really well and started the gig off to an drum-induced groove. The real highlights for me where Idioteque, The Bends and Lucky. Despite being in realitvely out-of-it seats, we still bopped along and sang until our voices were hoarse. And of course, Creep was played- old, overplayed but it so so still works. It was fantastic even thought they didn't play my favourites- Fake Plastic Trees, Karma Police or Street Spirit. Quite simply, they played their instruments pretty darn well.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 11:35:06

what a gig!!! and they played creep. thats i really need to say.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 28, 2003 11:37:00

Quite simply,Radiohead rocked.In thier own way,of course.Opening with a sublime rendition of 'There There' quickly followed by a frenetic '2+2=5',the momentum never ever let up.By the third song,even most of the seated crowd were on their feet,dancing,singing,clapping and bawlling along to every syllable out of Thom's mouth.The between song banter was good,Thom adopting various funny accents and saying strange stuff ("We must move on,or the silence will kill us.." just before the unexpected and magnificent rendition of 'Creep' being a highlight).We got old stuff,newer stuff,a lost single,the Jonny Greenwood fanclub (there were frequent cries of "JONNY!JONNY!JONNY!" ),Thom's funky dancing,an improvised five string solo during 'Paranoid Android'after Thom broke a string on his Spanish guitar,lots of close up's on the video screens,moshing,a massive light show,full on audience participation on 'We Suck Young Blood'(handclaps all round!),lots of smiley faces and TWO ENCORES!

It was my first time seeing the band and to be honest,I couldn't ahve asked for anything more.They could have played the phone book set to music and they'd have still been awesome.At the ned on the main video screen a word appeared:FOREVER.I think this'll be one performance people will remember for that long.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 29, 2003 01:47:40

The setlist was:

1. There There
2. 2+2=5
3. Sit Down Stand Up
4. Where I End and You Begin
5. Lucky
6. Backdrifts
7. I Might Be Wrong
8. Myxomatosis
9. Creep
10. Paranoid Android
11. Go To Sleep
12. Sail To The Moon
13. No Surprises
14. The Gloaming
15. Just
16. Exit Music (for a film)
17. Idioteque

Encore 1
18. Like Spinning Plates
19. The National Anthem
20. Drunken Punch-Up At A Wedding
21. How to Disappear Completely (and never be found)

Encore 2
22. We Suck Young Blood
23. The Bends
24. Follow Me Around
25. Everything In It's Right Place

Overall it was amazing, with the band in good spirits, except for Thom who appeared to be quite angry if anything in the earlier songs. Tracks like 2+2=5 were delivered with bile and made this show a fantastic spectacle. Highlights included Creep ("We must move on before this silence kills us all"), a groovy Backdrifts and The Gloaming (with bass so loud and heavy you could feel it in your chest).

Myxomatosis though was the most perfectly delivered of all the songs; Thom prowling around the stage like a man possessed, the crowd enraptured. Just and Idioteque were their usual explosive selves and I Might Be Wrong gave us a bit of rare banter: "Not too slow Jonny" Thom asked, and Jonny gave a wry smile before launching into the riff, lurching all over the stage during the track.

Usual first encore set, including a stunning piano led Like Spinning Plates ("This is a song about living in cloud cuckoo land") and the stunningh National Anthem.

We were treated to a jaw dropping We Suck Young Blood and heartening rendition of The Bends before rariety Follow Me Around (with Thom solo on his Rickenbacker) and usual set closer Everything in It's Right place finished us off. At the end Thom looked really happy, applauding the crowd and mouthing "thank you" to us all.

A great night in all.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 29, 2003 03:50:38

Well, well, well… what do you say about Thursday at Earls Court? Emotional, spectacular, mesmerising, out of this world…a truly phenomenal gig and all my doubts as to whether Radiohead were equipped to play a big, characterless space have been blown out of the water.

I had that special feeling before I got the tube. I said to my brothers that if they play “Creep” my dream would have come true. My intuitive feeling that tonight was going to be an extraordinary night also came true. They didn’t just play “Creep” they performed the set in such a manner as to be ingrained on my brain for the rest of my life. Radiohead gave a totally awe-inspiring, special performance full of inspiration, invigoration…a rocket of a show that took off and flew high into the air wishing you could launch it again and again as soon as the final bleeps and hums of “Everything In It’s Right Place” faded.

I criticised the Manchester Arena performance…maybe I was too critical. This set had something else though. It flowed, soared, took me somewhere…a real experience at the front, in the throng. Amidst the sweaty hypnotism we would stand and gawp as beautiful cascades of sound filled your ears and your were entranced by the brightness of the colour that fell on Thom as he drenched those fortunate few with the magic of his voice. “Like Spinning Plates” was just incredible. Thom on his own, as the rest of the band watched and applauded like newcomers to Thom’s gift seemed caught in it all. “Lucky” seemed more magical, “Myxomatosis” more intense and annoyed, “Just” and “The Bends” more electric, “Exit Music” more upsetting… “How To Disappear Completely” so completely enchanting…this band can take you places and this band took us somewhere…I wish I was still there.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 29, 2003 08:55:21

They played Creep.

Enough said? :-D

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 05:30:12

Superb concert. The start was explosive with "There There" and "2+2=5", two of my favourites from the new album. Some bands sound great on recorded material but poor live. Radiohead are the real thing. I nearly fell over when they played "Creep". The whole arena seemed to stand up as one and the atmosphere was electric. Would have loved to hear "Fake Plastic Trees", "Karma Police", "High & Dry", "Street Spirit" and "Knives Out", but that would be greedy.
I would love to see them again. 10/10.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 13:56:46

Transcendental. Epic. Grandiose. Rewinding slightly, Asian Dub Foundation were decent enough in support but there was a tense agitation about the crowd, who were only truly invigorated with the close of ADF's Jungle-infused set. After an interminable 20 minutes or so spent loitering about in the already litter-strewn Earl's Court basin watching hairy roadies lug equipment around and fiddle with guitars, Radiohead appeared and quickly launched into a frenzied There There; the twin snare drums straddling the stage had been a clue. Early reservations about the venue's acoustics were quickly forgotten. An impish Thom Yorke revealed a preposterous grey waistcoat beneath his discarded jacket, complimenting outlandish freestyle-esque dance-moves: hopping, tripping and limbs writhing across the stage in a seemingly whimsical fashion. He was in good spirits, grinning and joking between songs. Jonny Greenwood was predictably mesmerising on guitar throughout, his jerky manic-robotic histrionics coupled with trademark aggressive thrashing were somehow hypnotic, particularly on Go To Sleep; breaking a string on 2+2=5 (or some early track) proved no deterrence. The album-flat Backdrifts was transformed into a seething digital orgy, and Myxamatosis's fat, scale-descending keyboard riff filled the cavernous auditorium. Crowd-favourite rockers Paranoid Android and Just were duly churned out with remarkable vehemence; Creep was unexpected and perhaps marked the climax of the gig, the moshpit erupting into a pulsing, crushing mass of flailing bodies during the staccato-riffed chorus. Sail To The Moon was sublime, as was Thom's solo piano rendition of Spinning Plates, both performed with impeccable falsetto. How To Disappear Completely's keyboard-strings soared majestically and provided a synergic juxtaposition with the metronomic qualities of the earlier Idioteque and the mantraic, heavily-improvised riff of I Might Be Wrong. The National Anthem was yet another zenith, featuring Colin's monotonous bass-riff and Jonny grappling with an FM radio. The Bends simply rocked like a beast (which rock apparently). Follow Me Around (unreleased) proved a welcome oddball to the set, a Yorke-on-acoustic affair. The set closed with the almost celestial Everything In Its Right Place, Thom leading on the Rhodes electric piano pushed to the fore while Jonny electronically manipulated his vocal on-the-fly. The band left at intervals during the track's computer-looped outro, concluding a truly seminal gig.

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