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Nottingham Arena - Nottingham, England
November 29, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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1) 2+2=5
2) Sit down. Stand up
3) Morning bell/amnesiac
4) Where I end and you begin
5) Kid A
6) Backdrifts
7) I will
8) The National Anthem
9) A wolf at the door
10) Paranoid Android
11) Scatterbrain
12) Airbag
13) Climbing up the wall
14) Pyramid Song
15) Idioteque
16) The Gloaming
17) There there

Encore 1
18) Sail to the moon
19) Just
20) A punchup at a wedding
21) Street spirit (fade out)

Encore 2
22) You and whose army?
23) The bends
24) Fog
25) Everything in its right place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 01:31:55

Radiohead are without doubt the greatest band ever. This gig was bliss, who'd of thought heaven would be in Nottingham? Playing songs such as 'Kid A' and 'Fog' was fantastic, and then to play 'You and Whose Army?' was the icing on a very sweet cake. To recieve 'The Bends' and 'Just' and the same night was a honour, and 'Paranoid Android' was the song that reduced me to tears for the rest of the night. 'Street Spirit (fade out)' ends with 'Immerse your soul in love' and it now appears that the only way to do this is to see Radiohead live.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 07:57:59

Fantastic, awesome experience, even better than when I last saw RH in London 2 years ago. Setlist was first class and it was great to come away not thinking 'I wish they had done more from The Bends and OK Computer. I have one question - why do a msssive number of people in the audience simply sit there and listen with arsm folded? Surely, if you go, you are a fan, and if you are a fan then this music makes you want to get up and let everyone know you love it? Any thoughts?

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 08:41:53

another amazing gig!!!
airbag, street spirit and the bends my favourites!!
they are the best band in the world, and they know it! i cant believe they played 11 different songs to the cardiff gig! they must love their fans!
I love Radiohead.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 08:55:57

My first Radiohead gig. Wow.

I was blown away by the sound quality for a start, and not one member missed a note.

To top it all off, we were treated to a great setlist. Highlights were Kid A, I Will, Climbing Up The Walls, The Gloaming and - of course - Fog. Perfect.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 11:58:17

Blown away - took my 14 year old neice to only her second gig and have probably spoilt her for all future gigs unless she gets to see RH again - she's not stopped talking about it since. Also went with my 18 year old son - we had been looking forward to this since Glastonbury (he had a standing ticket and was down at the front). Glad to see I wasn't the oldest there - couple behind us must have been around retirement age and were well up for it - great to have confirmed that the appeal of this band has no boundaries.
Where to start - ADF put on a great set, but my son later explained to me that it's too much for those at the front to be wild for 2 bands, especially after the queuing and waiting around - shame 'cause ADF deserved better.
Then RH came on and it was like mainlining the music (to pinch a metaphor). Had seen comments about how good a dancer Thom is and now understand why - he put ADF to shame often (and they were good - full of heart and rhythm) - shades of his DJ days maybe. Highlights - watching Ed and Johnny play guitar virtually nose to nose, and eyeball to eyeball, feeding off each other (during either 'Where I End' or 'Backdrifting' - details getting hazy) - very intense, but that's what the band are like live. Also very moved by Colin's playing of what looked like an electronic double bass during 'Pyramid Song' (hard to have RH favourites, but.....). Just about the only song my son and I agreed on that we hoped to see ('I Might be Wrong') - being the peverse creatures that they are, wasn't played, but we got a roof raising 'Just' during the first encore (which Thom introduced as 'a rock song'). 'Climbing up the Walls' was played with, I'm sure, a deliberately sonically unsettling bass sound, and visually disturbing lighting combination of green and purple, turning to red and then orange for the latter part - I've read that orange is Thom's favourite colour - maybe he likes to be unsettled, and likes the rest of us to share that. Same type of effect achieved with 'The Gloaming'. We got a beautiful and heartbreaking rendition of 'Fog', I loved 'Scatterbrain' (another of many favourites), and Thom had the audience in the palm of his hand during his 'You and Who's Army' antics. The 5th song in I wasn't 100% sure of, but now I believe was 'Kid A' (judging from other reviews) - the lyrics sounded different (copied down the line 'stay in the shadows at the end of my bed', but too enthralled to note more), music was different too, although one theme was familiar. Thom spent a good few minutes staring unblinkingly at someone near the front during one song (maybe 'Idioteque') - must have been hard for that poor soul not to wither away. Ed was having a laugh with those in front of him during one of the encores - he looked like he was really enjoying himself (maybe something to do with his uncharacteristic sartorial elegance - no merchandise gear in sight!). Thom introduced 'Paranoid Android' with 'Radio One used to play this song' adding with his sarcastic growl 'not no more', at which Ed said something about R1 not playing any RH songs no more. We didn't get much chat otherwise, but the band communicated with us never the less. Final comments (if you bothered to get this far - had to get it all in, sorry if I've bored anyone) - couple of tracks were much 'rockier' versions than on record (maybe 'Morning Bell' and 'Gloaming' if memeory serves) and the loudest singalong was with 'Street Spirit', I think. It was lovely to see the band clapping us as they left and returned for each encore, made it feel like a real and genuine mutual appreciation society. We got the 'Forever' lighting message at the end following the last track (and Michael Eavis's apparent favourite).I wrote down the songs as they were played, the only distraction I allowed myself as I wanted to remember it all - off now to do a re run with the originals:-
Sit Down Stand Up
Morning Bell
Where I end and You Begin
Kid A (99% sure)
I Will
National Anthem
Wolf at the Door
Paraniod Android
Climbing up the Walls
Pyramid Song
There There
Sail to the Moon
Drunken Punch Up at a Wedding
Street Spirit
You and Who's Army
Everything in its Right Place

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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 14:35:10


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 22:23:13

What can I say? They were awesome. Again. This was just the most generous performance by a band at the top of their creative power. Watching Jonny Greenwood career about the stage like a kid in his bedroom was just magical - in my opinion he's where Jimi Hendrix would be now if he was still kicking. And thom Yorke, that voice just rips you apart! Perfect.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 23:20:53

How can you possibly describe this? It was my first radiohead live experience and is not going to be my last. The beauty is that they make every song 10 times better live. Kid A, Airbag, The bends . . . . . very unexpected but worthy inclusions. The set list was faultless, 2+2=5 fueled the crowd from the off. I will was just thom and his guitar-beautifully played in his spotlight. It climaxed with climbing up the walls, pyramid song and idioteque, the latter making me realise my life is now complete. They went off, only to come back and treat this lucky crowd to not a 5, not a 6, not even a 7 but an 8 song encore! Just set off and the bruises are still there. Fog was unexpected but manifested the crowd to be awestruck by his brilliance. Everything in tis right place ended it, they were that night being adored by every last fan in the crowd, faultless!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 23:32:56

yet again Radiohead surpass all musical boundries. What more can i say..........FOREVER

Submitted on: DECEMBER 01, 2003 03:02:07

No "Fake Plastic Trees", no "Karma Police", no "High & Dry", no "Creep" - not that anybody there seemed to care less. This was an absolutely blinding gig - the sight of several thousand folk clapping along (Yes! CLAPPING ALONG!!) to "Kid A" is one that'll stay with me for quite a while. Other hihglights: an awesome "Climbing Up The Walls", a downright FUNKY "A Punch Up At A Wedding", a lacerating "The Bends", a soaring "Pyramid Song" and plenty of beautiful, semi-abstract electronic FX. Plus, Thom's hamming-it-up during "You & Whose Army" was simply hilarious. The band seemed to be enjoying themselves throughout which was great to see. Seriously impressive!

Submitted on: DECEMBER 01, 2003 06:03:18

Where was Myxomatosis? Don't get me wrong; what a gig?!?!?!? but I was so desperate to hear it live, oh well next time it is then....

Submitted on: DECEMBER 01, 2003 07:00:22

totally stunning. i hadn't even hyped myself up much for this, and hadn't seen them since 1999 in newport, wales. i was totally blown away, they were truly incredible. spectacular.

Submitted on: JUNE 24, 2004 03:48:38

this was the greatest gig i have been too. The best part was thom looking into a camera and almost looking into his mind, wow

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