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Piazza Castello - Ferrara, Italy
July 12, 2003 with Low
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(where bluebirds fly intro)
there there
morning bell
talk show host
kid a
the national anthem
sail to the moon
fake plastic trees
go to sleep
where i end and you begin
pyramid song
wolf at the door
paranoid android
everything in its right place
i will
the bends
the gloaming
how to disappear completely
sit down stand up
karma police
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Submitted on: AUGUST 12, 2003 22:49:31

Stunning performance with York in a total creative frenzy; the location of the concert was great with the big ancient castle overlooking the crowd and the colours of the stage. The band seemed to be extremely relaxed and perfectly at ease with all the new songs from Hail to the Thief (most of the songs setlist being part of the latest album). Bare and essential stage with lights varying from blue to violet. Karma Police as the last encore, the audience shouting and singing as one. Unforgettable!

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