Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Blossom Music Center - Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA
August 21, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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01 sit down. stand up
02 morning bell
03 lucky
04 myxomatosis
05 kid a
06 backdrifts
07 there there
08 where i end and you begin
09 go to sleep
10 paranoid android
11 sail to the moon
12 a punch-up at a wedding
13 2+2=5
14 idioteque
15 exit music
16 the national anthem

Encore #1:
17 a wolf at the door
18 dollars and cents
19 no surprises
20 the bends
21 the gloaming

Encore #2:
22 street spirit
23 everything in its right place
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Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 02:53:15

Thoughts from an old geezer... I saw Pink Floyd on the "Dark Side Of The Moon" tour 30 years ago this summer on the very stage that Radiohead played Thursday night. As much as I enjoyed Floyd and as much as "Dark Side" has stood the test of time as great music, Radiohead blew me away even more. What an amazing show and an amazing band. Thank God there are still groups with the balls to be different. Too bad that greater Cleveland has no real radio stations that play bands such as Radiohead other than the college stations. Oh well ...

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 06:09:21

This was a phenominal concert. I'd never seen them live, and the friend who went with me, had never really even listened to radiohead. Sit down, stand up was a clever opener, and showed off the incredible lighting from the beginning. The crowd was going insane by the time they came on, because of the late start, and this song which has a nice groove to it really got them going. Morning bell was next, and I leaned over to my friend and said, "This is my least favorite Radiohead song, and it's on TWO albums." So I had to sniker again. The concert started to build though, with a good version of lucky, and then a phrenitcally brilliant version of Myxamatosis. I was really starting to move to that tune. Kid A was good, with more awesome lighting and effects.

The concert really started to build on backdrifts, where they started getting an incredible groove going. Then they played the BEST SONG OF THE NIGHT (with all due respect to 2+2=5 fans) There There was incredible. I'd never given this song that much thought, but, they came out with 3 drummers on this song, and laid down and incredible driving beat that was almost primal. The crowd was MOVING. I didn't see anyone that couldn't help but move to the beat. The crowd was going nuts, and the beat was so much more pronounced than the album. It was such a fantistic counterpount to the haunting melodic voices. It was so good, I never wanted it to end. And then when they went into Where I End... wow. It was such a great followup, with that fantastic baseline, the crowd was going crazy. I wish that they'd followed this up with another great driving rhythnm song, like, I Might be wrong, but Go To Sleep was good, and transitioned nicely to the 2nd best song, Paranoid Android. What an indescribably great performance of it. Then the somewhat mellowing sail to the moon. Which a lot of people went to get a drink during. But Myxamatosis to Paranoid Android it was the driving heart of the concert.

Then, came punch up, which is kind of a clever song, with that funky piano I love. Then 2+2=5, into idotheque. Both these songs were amazing. "It's the Devil's", "Who's in a bunker?" two fantastic songs, that were tied for 3rd best. Then a peaceful denoument with exit music and national anthem. Both great.

I thought the 1st set was so good, that it couldn't be topped, and of course the encores were a bit of a letdown (turnin' around) and while good, didn't really build into a frenzy like the first set did. Wolf at the door was a good one to come back on, and I thought it'd only get better, but dollars and cents, into no surprises mellowed things some more. The bends was a welcome surprise, and it was slowed down just a touch. Very cool, and you could really notice the fantastic camera and lighting work from the side screens, and the bright orange backgrounds, and then into the witching hour with the gloaming. This will be one of my favorite halloween songs forever. Very cool and creepy.

The final encore was a fantastic exit, as street spirit's melodic progressions, and the echoing, "We hope, you choke." Were ironic and forecefully stated. Finally, "This song is for the good days," he said as the chords for Everything in its Right Plce, started. As they kept going, I walked towards the side of the hill, watching the biolet lights on the beautiful writhing crowd. I knew it was a moment that could not last, even though I wish it could've all night. And I walked up hill, and turned around to see them looping his voice and the music, and exit stage one by one. What a fantastic statement, and no other band would have the guts to walk offstage before their song was over. Fantastic performance from one of the last great bands. Everthing was in its right place.

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 09:15:40

Well first of all, I was a virgin. Last night was my fisrt Radiohead show; and compared to everything else I've experienced music or performance wise this show was carved out of mohogany. So well crafted and thought out. You see other bands (who perform way less complicated material) and get soooo disapointed, not tonight. I love all of the old stuff so much but really wasn't prepared for how good the httt pieces were going to be. Everthing was better live but The Gloaming and Myxamatosis left me standing still. The Gloaming should be a performance piece. They were like mad fu*king scientists up there. In a time were you really feel ripped off on a consistant basis, I was so thankful to be standing on that small patch of grass last evening.

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 12:33:42

I've been an avid Radiohead listner for bout' 2 years now and this was my first show. I was absolutley blown away. They opened with 'sit down stand up' (my fave from httt) and from threre it just got better and better. I was glad to hear almost all my fave songs from all the albums. All in all the lightin, energy, and mood were absolutley phenomenal. I can't wait to see them again.

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 13:37:01

excellent, excellent, excellent. there there was in my opinion best song of the night. and thom's voice was great. jonny is still the best stage presence ever, ed and phil were having a good show, and i even saw cozzie venture to the front and jump a bit with his bass during myxomatosis. thank you, raidohead, for a concert that me made cry the day after, because it was over and it was SO GOOD. i wish they'd played:
-fake plastic trees
-motion picture soundtrack
-i might be wrong
but it wasn't lacking. the HTTF material was great, that remix of the gloaming was great, and i have to wonder what the next few generations are missing out on when radiohead disappears eventually. i feel honored to have seen them live. may their music be eternal!

thanks for a good night, boys,


Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 13:56:16

Let me just say that this performance was absolutely beautiful in every way. I was astounded when I first saw the amazing visual display as they kicked into sit down stand up. Some sort of giant wall with strips of television screen running vertically displaying a flame-like pattern, was behind the band while sets of telivisions displayed live video of the band on either side. Stand out songs included lucky, myxomatosis (this song was a definate hit with its high energy performance and excellantly incorporated lighting), where i end and you begin (the crowd loved singing "i will eat you alive" back at thom), paranoid android, 2+2=5, idioteque (thom surprised the crowd after it seemed to be over by violently yelling "this war is for the children" for about 30 seconds unaccompanied by the rest of the band), exit music(from a film)(always haunting and lovely), no surprises (was absolutely lovely with johnny on the xylophone), the gloaming (one of my least favorites from the album but the live version was great), street spirit (fade out)(another classic with less lighting and lots of emotion... it gave me the creeps and i loved it), and everything in its right place (was lovely... thom started it with "this one's for the good days". It definately seemed that these are the good days as the entire band seemed to be thrilled to be there. Thom graced us with his lovely fits of seemingly possesed dancing (frantically flailing every limb, shaking his head violently, and nearly frothing at the mouth... the fans loved it). The atmosphere was wonderful as everyone stood in awe of the wonderful display of musicianship and art. As the band left (after the second encore), "forever" scrolled endlessly across the video screen. In closing... radiohead at its finest.

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 16:33:22

The show was amazing and the boys were right on the entire night. They opened with sit down. stand up which was absolutely amazing and a wonderful song to get the crowd excited. Lucky was another song that appealed to me as Thom cranked out "pull me out of the aircrash" to the amazement of the entire crowd and blew me away with the vocals. Go to sleep along with sail to the moon were also wonderful and it seemed as if Thom was really into each line he sang. The highlight of the night for me was exit music. The entire crowd was silent for the first 30 seconds of the song and Thom's voice was all that could be heard. I felt about 20 different emotions at once during those 30 seconds. Exit music was eerie, beautiful, and overwhelming all at the same time. Other songs that highlighted my night were no surprises, the bends and street spirit. The crowd went nuts after hearing Thom say, "this is called... the bends" and we all thought there would be no better ending than to hear "immerse your soul in love" before we went home. But that wasn't all, Everything was jammed out before the lights came on and Colin and Johnny left the stage. And the word, FOREVER, appeared on the screen behind the drums...

Submitted on: AUGUST 25, 2003 18:27:49

Blossom music centre is just not a nice place. I wish people didn't stand up cause it was hard to see. Lawn People stuck together helping eachother and organizing themselves so those around them could SEE.

"Sit Down, Stand Up" when i hear those words i knew the music was gonna be great..the light show was just Radiohead style.
i wish the crowd listen to SIT DOWN. spcially those in the seating area there was really no point to Standing up..

GENERAL ADMISSION is much better first come first serve all shows should be like that, we bought our tickets 10 minutes after the sale. but TICKET MASTER ONLY KEPT GIVING US LAWN. So we settle for it. we had Toronto tickets too but it got canceled. so we gotta waited out. BUT THE SHOW WAS AMAZING. THERE THERE hightlight of the whole night. Johny and ED doing the drum beats along with Phil. amazing!!! again i would like to point out the the best radiohead show for me was in BARRIE , ONTARIO CANADA,GENERAL ADMISSION there were people camped out there the day before and i think is people like that who should get front seats not those with $$$$$ But LAWN PEOPLE YOU ROCK... OH yeah thanks to those girls who gave us their extra blanket if you read this THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! HOPE You enjoyed the show as much as we did.

RADIOHEAD- if you do read this for some weird reason please come to DETROIT and see you when "We" open for you.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 04:59:08

Well, at the risk of being flamed, I'm going to be honest. The concert was good, but the worst Radiohead show I've ever seen.
To begin with, Thom and Jonny weren't at the top of their games. Thom was so flat at one point during Drunken Punchup I actually cringed. He's Thom, so he still sounds great, but it wasn't one of his better nights.
Something involving Jonny's guitar was definitely off during Paranoid Android. It seemed to cut out at wierd places during the first fast bit and then it was like he got a beat ahead of the rest of the band at the end. I also wasn't too impressed with Jonny's 'backwards' guitar additions to Backdrifts. Something got screwed up in Idoteque...I'm not sure if it was Thom's mic or Colin messing up, but Thom didn't actually finish the song until after the rest of the band.
Also, the band did not seem to be as playful or happy as they had been in the past few shows I've seen. I think this resulted in songs like Wolf at the Door and I Might Be Wrong seeming lackluster because of a lack of energy.
On the other hand, there were some excellent moments. Wait until you here the Gloaming live! They have completely figured out how to play this's so much better live than on the album. Jonny samples Thom's voice and it's just fantastic. Dollars and Cents, 2+2=5, Kid A and Myxomytosis were outstanding. Sit Down Stand Up is a fantastic opener and the band turned in a great rendition of The Bends.
Apart from the big screens cutting out during Street Spirit (the second to last song), the lighting was amazing as usual. Everyone in the cheap seats seemed to be amazed by it.
All in all, it was still a good show. I encourage anyone who was there to see them again because then you'll get a better idea of how truly amazing they are live.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 17:06:05

This was my first time seeing Radiohead. I wanted to go the last time they were in Cleveland but I had a prior obligation and couldn't make it. The three hour drive from Ann Arbor was more than worth it. Easily one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

They held me in complete and total awe for the entire duration of the performance. I've been to hundreds upon hundreds of concerts in my lifetime and I have never seen anything like this. The music, the showmanship, the effects, the lights, the crystal clear sound, everything... the crowd was great too, a very attentive bunch of folks (although I was a bit unimpressed by their clapping at inopportune moments... what the hell is it about being in a crowd at a large concert that makes people want to clap in unison? I think it's tacky).

Highlights for me were 'Kid A' (nailed... sonic perfection), 'Where I End And You Begin' (the "I will eat you all alive segment" was hypnotically mindbending), 'Go To Sleep' (Johnny is a madman, his solo in this was possibly the most cohesively avant garde thing I have ever heard), 'Punchup At A Wedding' (I love this song), and of course... 'The Bends' (this was the song that got me into this band... it reminded me of what it was like to be an angst-ridden teenager and somehow it felt strangely good. The really nailed this one. The raw power coming off the stage was electric and caused every hair on my body to stand on end).

I'd love to write more but I feel words cannot do any justice to it. I loved the show so much I made the 7 hour drive to Alpine Valley a couple days later to see them again. And I think I may go check them out in Atlanta again later this year. I'll never miss a chance to see these guys again.

Submitted on: AUGUST 26, 2003 20:12:14

This was my first radiohead show and i must say that Thom and the boys really blew me away. Absolutely amazing. Thom's dancing about the stage really got the crowd into it. And The Bends was definitely the highlight for me.

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 11:17:56

HyperFix: Aug. 21st 2003. Me and 5 of my best friends all traveled from Franklin (20 min. south of Indy)Indiana, to see this show. I got a speeding ticket, 2 of my friends got into a fight. But in the end...the show was 10x better than any of us could have imagined. Myxamatosis and The Gloaming kicked some serious ass. The Gloaming's middle eight got a bit weird as unhuman sounds screetched out from the stage.
The Bends was a special treat. Very unexpected. The crowd definately enjoyed the surprize.

Submitted on: AUGUST 27, 2003 18:08:56

Exciting to hear Sit Down Stand Up as the opener, considering that's never been done before. I was a bit sad at first, hoping for 2+2=5 to be the opener, but it somehow had never occured to me that Sit Down would be just as good. They're very similar songs, after all.
Morning Bell was far more intense than it was two years ago.
Lucky also topped the performance two years ago. They could play this song every show for the rest of their career and I would not be disappointed... it always comes off so well live.
Myxomatosis was a stunner.
Kid A was nice enough, but I don't know what all the raving about the live version is about. I prefer the studio cut any day.
There There was primal and perfect.
Punch-up was good enough, but it lacks the intensity I'd like from a Radiohead live performance.
It turned out saving 2+2=5 for later in the set was a masterstroke. It was just what the set needed after punch-up.
And then to go into Idioteque right away? Incredible. Unfortunately, at that song's climax, Colin messed up the keyboard part and Thom abruptly approached him and told he and the rest of the band to stop. He then, apparently in frustration, approached the mic and sang the ending a capella.
Exit Music was marred slightly by blowhards who feel the need to howl during any quiet song.
National Anthem was exciting to hear. Last time, it was the opener and it didn't rock as much as I thought it should have. No complaint this time!
I would have chosen some different songs for the encore, although Wolf at the Door and the Bends were great surprises. The Gloaming became a stunner live as opposed to a relative snoozer on record.
All in all, one of the greatest shows I've ever witnessed. If I sound critical, it's only because I hold Radiohead to the highest standard. No matter how many petty complaints I may have, it was magical.

And to anyone who dislikes the Jicks... you certainly need to get your head on straight. Pig Lib is a masterpiece and Pavement is 2nd only to Radiohead as 90s bands go.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 04:00:13

what a night! if only i could play it over and over in my head. with the music so loud and perfect, i felt like aliens would beam down and take us all away.
2+2=5 "because you have not been paying attention" so true

on the lawn i stood like a sail,to take it all in. only to be blown away to somewhere else.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 13:07:36

hail to radiohead for putting on the best show i have ever seen. everything was "in its right place" from the sound to the beautiful lighting. highlights were 2+2=5, "where i end and you begin" and of course, "paranoid android". watching thom get down on stage made me dance even harder. thank you radiohead for making aug. 21 one of the most memorable nights of my life.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 16:11:53

I've had a week now to absorb my first radiohead concert and I still find myself shaking my head in disbelief. I arrived with the highest of expectations, having been a long-time fan and knowing that they put on a great show. Somehow, they still managed to outshine their reputation.

Highlights included everything in its right place, dollars and cents, paranoid android, 2+2=5, exit music, street spirit, the national anthem, and, well, most everything else.

I agree with others that the lighting was a huge bonus and really took the experience to a higher level. Especially the vertical bars of perfectly timed lights in the background which set the mood nicely for each song.

The only disappointment I felt came at the end of go to sleep. After hearing the studio version, I expected some killer improvisation on that funky guitar solo but it ended up sounding a little weak.

As far as complaints about Blossom, I only have one: I, along with hundreds of others, were utterly lost trying to find our cars at the end. Other than that, the venue was outstanding both acoustically and asthetically. Quite possibly the best show I've ever seen!

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 19:57:18

Kid A, then @ the begginning of "Backdrifts," Thom says something like.."Here's a song when you feel like growing into a tree," something weird, but funny..Backdrifts was fablous as well..

Okay, I'm sick of it. I love the boys. Like family, almost, as sick as that is.

a) overglorifying a poor show
b) wrongly attributing quotes

= worship. Don't worship a band. Love them. Radiohead screwed up the show in Cleveland. They under-mixed Johnny the whole FIRST HALF OF THE SHOW!! They had to cut out all the guitar part on "Where I End and You Begin." Paranoid Andriod was shit from the lawn. Hey, he rocked it in and rocked it out later, but only a coward would deny that they absolutely dropped the ball on the first half of the show. The encores rocked, yeah.... but COMEON!

And, come on buddy: "Here's a song for when you feel like you're growing into a tree." He said that before "There There." Get it? "Just cause you feel it/ doesn't mean it's there." Come on man.

Don't deify a bad show. Review it. I love 'em. Poor show.

Derek Birch

1001 State Street
Ann Arbor MI 48104

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 12:22:46

I am 47 years old, and have seen many bands and shows.(Noteably, Yes,several times, Floyd-Dark Side Of the Moon tour at Blossom,Kinks,Peter Gabriel, REM,and Korn recently).It just doesn't get any better than the Radiohead concert at Blossom.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 12:57:28

Everyone has said everything that can be said. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life, and by far the best live show I've ever experienced. I'm positive Thom and the rest of the quintet are from a different world. It was artisitic genious on display for all to see. Amazing.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 17:49:21

that was hands down the coolest thing I've ever seen with my own 2 eyes. I have never seen radiohead before and a dream of mine came true. 2+2=5 was an unreal opener and the light and stage set up was the most amazing set up I've ever seen. I'll be back for that. againandagainandagainandagain...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 02:48:55

I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I enjoyed. THE best show I've seen so far on '03.

I was one of the older farts in the crowd, and I was pleased with the atmosphere and peacefulness of the throng. Hope they're back soon.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 11:09:10

Radiohead was pretty good, my first show. Not quite what i expected. Thom's singing was a bit obnoxious, and a few times they turned towards me and i was like "...what!..." I guess i was expecting a more personal friendly kind of thing, but it was just another big-time factory driven rock show. Oh well, live and learn (haha).

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 13:40:21

This was my first Radiohead concert and wont be my last. The show was excellent, regardless of a couple of errors. The errors made were made up by the true enthusiasm of the band.. Thoms vocals were almost a CD replica.. the bass was amazing, the set shocking and unique.. and johnny's everchanging riffs were crazy.. The three hour drive from Michigan and the $150 tickets were well worth it for us. We sat 15 rows from the stage on the right.. a perfect angle for johnny.. my favorite guitar player of all time. The gloaming had my chest pounding.. the crowd was absoluetly insane.. everyone was dancing... IT WAS WELL WORTH IT.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 07:17:31

My mate and I got there early, around 4ish, to try and exchange our lawn tix for seats, and lo and behold we got em!! So I was euphoric.

I've been a fan for 7 or 8 years, and I saw RH two years ago at the same venue, but having the seats made it WAY better... The songs sounded better and i could actually see the band...

The bad parts about the show: The opening band absolutely sucked. Not allowed to smoke cigarettes in the seat area. Stupid girls kept shouting out "CLIMBING UP THE WALLS!!" during Lucky (and I told them to "SHUT THE FUCK UP!!"). and getting out of Blossom Music Center was a hssle again.

But the guys in the band were really playful, and really cool. A lot of people in their reviews have been saying Thom was out of key, and Jonny's guitar sounded messed up. Well no offense but the real fans don't notice stuff like that... The real fans just have a kick ass time! And that's exactly what I did.

The best song: Where I End and You Begin. I thought I was gonna crap my pants when they played that, cos it's my new RH favourite. And of course I was surprised to hear Lucky too. I could have done without hearing The Bends, I think Just would have been better, but hey it's all good.

Radiohead, COME BACK SOON!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 18:37:24

Hey...just got back from the show...and yes it was amazing. There was an instance at the end of idioteque where it seemed colin was a bit off on the keyboard thingy. Thom stopped dancing and at the end it looked lilke he was sorta yelling at collin and collin looked defensive. But i may have been imagining things. Anyways after the music stops thom starts yelling "THis war is for the children" like he normally would have during the song. Hmmmm

Highlights were Myxamatosis, Gloaming, Street Spirit, 2+2=5, The Bends...i'll add more later...goodnight

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 19:24:03

amazing show, they played all of httt except for we suck young blood, i will, and scatterbrain. stand out songs were kid a, sit down stand up, the bends, paranoid android (of course), and myxomatosis
I saw them in 2001, they have managed to out do themselves, i am in awe...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 20:17:59

Thom was in vibrant spirits tonight with his fancy footwork. It was nice to hear Johnny really explore his creative horizons with numerous improvs. He really added alot of color to the new album with some nice solos.

Thom controlled things well. I even spotted him queing Colin to stop the melody to Idioteque to keep things on schedule. The setlist could have been a little more diversified, but that's being too picky. Go to Sleep was interesting without the folky guitar (instead more of a distortion) sound.

A nice change of pace during the middle of the set included The Bends and No Surprises. Paranoid Android was kept short, but with good reason. But the highest focal point was hit when 2+2=5 was performed. It is by far their best live song on HTTT.

Even being near the back of the venue was a great experience. Everything was in its right place.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 03:13:47

First off, I just want to say how excited I was to see the way the crowd treated the band. Based on the smiles and the laughs from the band, I really think that they were excited to be there last night, and even more so after the warm and loud cheering they received after every song they played. Last night was definitely one of the most memorable evenings I have ever had. Now to the review.

I'm not going to review every song, as there really is no need. But, I will point out the highlights of the evening. Probably the most outstanding song of the evening for me was "2 + 2 = 5". The album version of the song is remarkable in and of itself. But, when played live against the backdrop of one of the most spectacular lighting sets, the song rocked even harder! "Morning Bell" and "Lucky" were also my favorites for the evening. "Exit Music" was absolutely beautiful and true to form. And "Myxomatosis" rocked the crowd. To watch Thom dance during that song was amazing. The boy's definitely got rhythm!!!

All in all, I definitely don't think the band could have put on a better show. Every aspect was just perfect - the sound, the lighting. I just wish that the band could have played for hours more. But, the heat was exhausting. I still don't know how Phil wears a suit in those conditions.

Radiohead - thank you for one of the most memorable evenings of my life! You brought out in me every positive emotion that I have. I love all so you much! Thank you!

- Scott

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 06:17:58

This was my first Radiohead show after a long tenure as a listener, and it was all I hoped it would be and more. Radiohead played a great set list, and the highlight was definitely Exit Music. Thom's vocals were perfect, and the atmosphere was amazing. I can't wait to go to another show, after seeing just how amazing Radiohead is live.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 06:30:04

Do I even need to say that this show was amazing!?! This was my second Radiohead show. Let me say, no one can ever top Radiohead, this is why I was willing to drive 5 hours in the nasty, muggy weather with no air-conditioning to this venue in the middle of the Cuyahoga valley. They surprised me by opening with "Sit Down. Stand Up" (which has always been my fave from HTTT). I definitely believe a highlight from this show was "Myxomatosis," it was just unbelieveable. Another big surprise was to hear "The Bends." I'm glad they mix up the songs they play from that album. Thom was excessively smiling last night. That's not a crime, but he seemed to really enjoy performing in front of this enormous crowd. One song missing from the show (for me at least) was "I Might Be Wrong." Oh well, I know I'll be seeing Radiohead again sometime in the future, maybe I'll hear it then.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 09:02:26

'Twas an amazing show last nite, the first song was 'Sit Down Stand Up' the raindrops were excellent. The climax of 'Paranoid Android' was unbelievable!! I cannot express in writing how amazingly grand the concert was, it was UNREAL. Theirs was truly the best show I have ever seen...amazing. I was elated when they performed 'The Bends' and 'Lucky'. Thom's voice was so mournful and beautiful. The band was really enjoying themselves and getting very much into the music. J. Greenwood j/ in perfect form, he's fabulous on that guitar of his. This was my 1st radiohead show. I am having trouble expressing how grand i thought it was... RADIOHEAD IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Karma Police, i was surprised, but hey i can't complain I SAW RADIOHEAD!! During No Surprises when Thom sings "bring down the govt, they don't they don't speak for us" we all cheered in agreement. What a great sense of unity. Idioteque was amazing as the end Thom didn't sing "the fathers and the children" but the lights went out it went quiet then he sang and the audience erupted in "WOOOOOO'S!!!!!" All in all, it was a GREAT experience and i feel SO grateful I had the opportunity to see these amazingly talented musicians.
aim: wytlghtwytheat

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 09:35:08

for starters,
thank the heavens that blossom got their act together and opened around 3 to allow the fans to at least get inside and park. last time around, as most readers know, they opened as late at 6, causing HUGE traffic jams.

while someone else will most likely provide setlists and such i will focus mainly on what impressed me the most.

if you have ever stood, mid-center of the lawn, and took in both the architecture of the facility and radiohead's light show, you might think you're on the set of Close Encounters. its a real site to see.

about 15 minutes in, kid a kicked in and my
heart skipped a bit. radiohead did not play
this song last time and i wanted so much to hear it. if memory serves, i dont think they played "kid a" at all during the last tour. well this time i got my wish and needless to say, it was an absolute gem.
thanks thom...

another great suprise was how well they
altered, "the gloaming" for a live performance. i have to admit, i didnt much care for the album version but like a lot of
radiohead material, sometimes its a dish best served AMPED! the gloaming took the award for most impressive and greatest suprise!

last time, for those who heard it, that award would have gone to the piano version of "like spinning plates". what a jaw dropper that was! absolute fantastic time.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 09:53:34

This performance was amazing by Thom and the band. This gents put on a fucking spectacular show and I give Radiohead two thumbs up for the light show and the choice of songs. The fans were wild loving the concert. I'll remember this show for a very long time.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 10:13:22

After and 8 hour drive because of Chip's directions Chris and I arrived at the Blossom Music Centre. It was my first Radiohead concert and I must say I'm still pretty blown away. I really can't remember the set list, but Lucky, The National Anthem, The Gloaming, Idioteque, Exit Music, and The Bends come to mind right away as highlights of the show. The band was in excellent form, the best concert I've ever seen by a longshot. Thom really seemed to enjoy himself. His dancing is the best. No one else come close -- go see for yourself.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 11:14:59

my husband and i went to the cleveland show last night. it was amazing! we had some pretty great seats and i got to watch everything that was going on with my own two eyes! i'm 5 months pregnant and i think the babe enjoyed it too, i kept getting all sorts of kicks! i can't remember the exact setlist but they played a lot of HTTT- 2+2=5, sit down. stand up., sail to the moon, backdrifts, go to sleep, where i end and you begin, the gloaming, there there, a punchup at a wedding, myxomitosis, and a wolf at the door. all of these songs sound so great live. thom was really getting into myxomitosis, dancing around and kind of encouraging the crowd to sing along with the 'i don't know why i feel so tongue tied/ skinned alive.' the gloaming was amazing live- the bass was so intense! the lighting was also right on. it really helped enhance the mood during different songs

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 12:46:03

i went to the show last night with high hopes and i was not let down a bit. from the opening drum loop of sit down stand up, to the band exiting, the show was intense. thom's voice was on and so were his interesting(to say the least) dance moves. there seemed to be some technical problems during idioteque and with jonny's guitar cord during paranoid android but the mistakes seemed to keep the band on their toes and give room for improvisation. When the band abruptly ended idioteque thom went to the mic and sang the end by himself, and it was definitely interesting. i came to the show hoping that exit music would be played and it was. i was in awe of how good it sounded live, as i was with street spirit. the songs from the new album sounded great and it was cool to hear how good the guitar rock of the bends sounds mixed in with the new stuff. i can only say it was awesome.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 15:03:58

After being the 3rd car to arrive @ Blossom..I knew it would be a special night. Even though we waited from about 4.00 - 5.30 pm for a soundcheck and we never heard it. (Does anyone know if they did it before, or didn't do one or what?) Anyway, the gates opened a little late...around 6.15 all the lawn people rushed to get seats, but I calmy walked in, as I had dead center..Section 35 Pavilion Seats.

After sitting down and hearing those 4-5 god foribidden Reggae being played over and over I almost burst. The Jicks opened on time @ 8.30 and it wasn't great, they aren't neccessarily bad either, just not that good..

Radiohead comes on...and since this was my first Radiohead concert, I was mainly impressed by the lighting at the show. The lighting could almost be given an award itself, it was so spectular, so brillant. Timed perfectly to certain songs..A+ for that..

As the smoke cleared and the first few beats of Sit Down Stand Up came in everyone starting jumping around and going crazy. The buildup in the middle was a great way to start the concert, as Thom running from the Piano to the Mic!

Morning Bell was a nice little surprise being next..and Lucky..Thunderously rolled on..

Probably one of the best versions so far of any show this year was was simply great, with the purple and green lights..A great song to play live, I feel it sounds better than the HTTT version.

Kid A, then @ the begginning of "Backdrifts," Thom says something like.."Here's a song when you feel like growing into a tree," something weird, but funny..Backdrifts was fablous as well..

There There and WIEAYB back to back where amazing....With the lighting perfectly timed up with the drums on There There..

Go To Sleep, then one of the many highlights of the show..Paranoid Android....Brillantly performed along with the lights, (bright and white right into the crowd, you could see everything.) One of the top 3 songs of the night...

I was a little disappointed then, with Sail To The Moon, not with the band, but alot of fans after all that energy during Paranoid Android, many sat down during Sail To The Moon...That's wasn't cool at all..

A Punchup was next, followed by 2+2=5 which I feel was a great place in the set-list...not an encore or opener, but a middle ground song, and the crowd naturally went crazy!!!

Idioteque was probably the best performance I have heard of the song...I loved it when Thom came back out and sang "This one is for the children, this one is for the children," breath-taking moment.

Exit Music, another top 3 song spot...Although I was getting pissed when people started clapping along, Exit Music is some a beautiful song and some people ruined it! The green and blue lights were such a compliment to it as well.

The National Anthem, another pecuilar moment, at the beggining you know when Johnny always loops those little "news," clips I like to call them (also the same @ the begginning of Climbing Up The Walls) if you listened closely, and kept up the with news in West Virginia, you could hear the faint sound of:

"40 year old male, dangerous criminal, from West Virginia," relating to the sniper incidents in Charleston right now..I thought that was VERY VERY weird!

Next was Wolf At The Door, a brillant performance and a crowd favorite, great intensity!

Followed by first time played on the 2003 tour, Dollars And Cents, and if you look @ Blossom 01's setlist I think Radiohead tried to mimick this gig, with this song and Exit Music both through in, as opposed to the other gigs this year so far!

No Surprises sing-a-long to "They don't speak for us," raised Mr. Bush's eyebrow.

Next, the ultimate moment of the night. First encore, or second I forget. Thom comes back up with his electric..says "this next song is called," pauses for quite a moment...then


The orange and bright white lights complimented this song perfectly, and this was by far the best moment of the night for me! I was so glad they played something from The Bends! Thank You!

The Gloaming was another great encore..

Street Spirit (even though I hate the song) was a fan favorite, and complete silence rang throughout the building as Thom picked through the chords..

EEIRP place ended it all out with the "Forever," scrolling across the big screen as we headed out of the venue. It was my first and hopefully not last Radiohead experience. And It was priceless! Thank You!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 17:16:20

That was the thid time i have seen radiohead, and they just keep getting better. Blossom music center is not a good venue, but the band made up for that with music, really good music. I wish iwas going to redrocks

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 18:00:23

My first Radiohead show after being a fan for several years. I was absolutely blown away. As a fan of many bands that typically play a large crowd of about 500 people, a concert of this magnitude was very different. I have been to large concerts before, but not too many. Radiohead made me feel close though. No other band I have seen in such a large setting has made me feel so connected. Thom Yorke's demeanor was so warm that his smiles seemed to be at you. Radiohead is a band that gives it their all, and pushes boundaries no matter what the pop charts are doing. I absolutely love the Radiohead despite being such a big band. So many bands start on the "odd" or "experimental" side and tone themselves down to sell more records...but Radiohead does not.

Highlights of this show for me personally:

An extremely powerful "The National Anthem" (that bass line is more intense than any death metal or hardcore song I swear. So simple, yet so effective. Amazing.)

"Idioteque" made me dance like crazy. Mesmerizing. When the lyic "Ice Age comin'" kicks in, it's like an avalanche. It builds and builds and when it hits that point...Yorke kicks it into full gear and lets the energy of the song blast away the crowd.

"Paranoid Android" was soooooo powerful. The crowd was absolutely entranced and it was one of the most amazing songs I've ever seen performed live. Mesmerizing.

The dragging out of song endings into longer electronic soundscapes. Blips, whistles, and electronic glitches galore. Reminded me of a Sonic Youth style experiment in noise. Beautiful, intense. Being a fan of noise artists like Merzbow and the whole Hanson Records crew I loved it. I don't know that the whole crowd appreciated got a bit harsh at times, but in general it seemed people recieved it well.

"Sit Down, Stand Up" = perfect opener

This show gave me chills. Beautiful...amazing. The video projections and stage show were also very well crafted. It was extravagant but not cheesy. The stereo-equalizer thingy was slick. When the video projections starting glitching, I thought it was actually part of the show! then I realized it was an error...but it looked good and intentional anyway.

Downfalls: Opener was a bit weak. Good, tight, energetic. Just sounded more like they were COPYING their influences rather than simply being INFLUENCED by them. Oh well. They tried hard and I gave them my attention and applause. They deserved it. Just nothing too original or anything.

No Karma Police. Several people dissapointed with that.

Crowd was definetely ready for another encore and wanted it badly it seemed. I think they should've played it out to another couple songs. In other words...felt a bit short to me.

$30 T-Shirts. For a band that seems to pick on capitalism so much, it was a bit of a dissappointment. I doubt it's their fault and all...I just wish they had more of a Fugazi style in the sense that they pushed to control prices a bit more. $40 to see them was more than worth it. $30 for a shirt is not. Come on.

Radiohead as a musical force though...amazing. But we all know that ;-)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 18:51:10

The venue was awsome and allowed for great ascoustics~! One great moment was when Thome sang "This One Is For The Children" while the band was getting ready for the next song, he was singing by his lonesome and the crowd was going crazy....Didn't play "Talk Show Host" or "You and Whose Army?" but made it up with "The Bends" to seal the deal!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 22:36:13

To sum up the show in one word, it was great. I was stuck on the lawn, but could still see the stage decently. I had never heard of The Jicks, but they played around 6-7 songs, and they had a unique style. The audience seemed to like them as well. Radiohead played mostly their HTTT stuff, but they pulled out a couple old favorites, like Paranoid Android, Idioteque, and a few others. The place was packed, and there was a generally good vibe... (although weed probably had something to do with that ;) Didn't get to stay for the encore, but it was a great show nonetheless.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 03:41:24

Good show. Have to admit, walked away a little disappointed because no Karma Police or Creep like at other shows, and Jonnie only messed with his radio once. Band seemed happier and more animated than last go round.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 06:08:48

As a loyal Radiohead fan I was blown away by the set list and overall performance. The mood of the band has shifted to elaborate on old songs by combining them with new ideas from Hail to the Thief. The flow of the set moved fans from stone silence during Street Spirit to full impact energy during songs like Myxomatosis. The Blossom show kept old fans interested and impressed virgin listeners. Radiohead remains at the very top of both studio recordings and live performances. Most bands cannot translate their studio albums into something so phenomenal.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 11:47:20

What can I say, Radiohead is the best band I've seen live. Their performance was amazing. They played most of Hail To The Theif, and it was unbelieveable. The Gloaming, 2+2=5, and Sail to the Moon were my favorites from HTTT that they played at the show. Kid A was another song that sound amazing live. I was a little disappointed on Jonny's solo during paranoid android, because the guy running the mixing board didnt do the greatest job of turning Jonny up. Other songs that stood out for me were National Anthem, Everything in it Right Place, Dollars and Cents (one of my favorites off Amnesiac),and Go To Sleep. The band also played the Bends, no my favorite Radiohead song, but this version kicked ass! All in all one of the best live shows I've seen.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 13:45:25

...ohio is a differant kind of place, drove six hours to get to the show and would have driven triple the amount easily. even though two years ago at this venue we were treated to a new version of "spinning plates" this show stood up musically just as well. thom danced and gyrated and even had puppet hands to the crowd, often speaking, only not understood, almost every track off the new album was played with such fierce determination it nearly knocked you down. and yes that was collin pogoing up and down, and yes phil was hitting the skins like a madman. from my twenty-second row seat i swear i even saw them smiling.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 17:35:27

This was my 2nd RADIOHEAD concert experience. After the 3hr drive from Canada, i felt the butterflies settling into my stomach. Though we had Lawn seats, I still could not wait. We soon placed ourselves at the front of the lawn section and waited anxiously. But when the show began, the people in the comfortable seats infront of us decided that it would be best to stand up through the entire show, and by doing so, they blocked our entire view of the stage, we soon realized that we had to fight our way through the drunken crowd into a reasonable spot where we could barely make out the band's figures. I would like to thank those people for making the night a little bit less special for myself and for the the other 200 or people behind you. yeah, this is not a review of the concert itself, but more of an experience. I remember when concerts were about the live music, and the band's presence, and not about buying overpriced cheap alcohol by the under age masses, or about which fan knows more Radiohead trivia. I think i'll just stick to Canadian concert dates instead. People seem to make the night more rememberable here.
The performance itself was great. Thom danced through out the night. They did 2 encores, one of which started with Thom saying.." so you want some more..?". So that's that !

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 11:51:05

This was first radiohead concert, and i have to say i was in awe the entire evening. Opening with sit down, stand up was genius, just the song i wanted them to open with. The set list was awesome,as well as finally getting to see radiohead live. The entire band is excellent on stage, and being about five feet away from ed was a pretty big thrill. And can you believe it, they played the bends...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 14:45:31

Previous to this show I had never seen Radiohead live. I now consider myself a man. It was undoubtedly the best concert I have ever been to. From the moment the first beat of "Sit Down. Stand Up." pulsated, until the last note of "Everything In It's Right Place" sounded, I was in complete awe. The next several minutes were spent attempting to catch my breath. The highlights for me were "Exit Music", "2+2=5", "National Anthem", and "Street Spirit". I also enjoyed it when Thom introduced "There There" by saying "This one's for when you feel like wood, and you want to climb into a tree". Over all it was an unbelievable show, and I have even more respect for all five of them now, than I ever have.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 15:14:53

Excellent show, although a bit too many songs were from HTTT (11 of the 14 tracks on the CD were played!). Otherwise quite enjoyable, just missed a few of my old favorites (Optimistic and Like Spinning Plates would've made it soo much better). Band was at it's best musically, an amazing show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 17:17:14

The last time Radiohead came to Ohio was Aug 2001 where i sat in the lawn at the wonderful Blossom Music Center. A great venue, really cradled into the ground, a very natural, beautiful looking space with great acustics and a unique looking pavilion. The only problem is getting into that pavilion. Twice i've ordered tickets for Radiohead/Blossom the millisecond they went on sale; 2001-lawn, 2003-second to last row. I simply do not understand.

Well, with the negative out of the way, the show was far from a dissapointment. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks came out just late of their 8:30 scheduled start time and proved to be a perfect opening act. The ex-Pavement member provided a dynamic show that held attention, but just enought to wet the appetite for the heavy weight match.

The crowd began showing signs of impatience, screaming every time an intermission song fadded out. It wasn't until the house lights blacked out, however, did the crowd really burst open. I saw the members waddle out as silhouettes onto stage. A few brief moments later and the electro-rhythm of Sit down. Stand up. came on. The stage's hard to miss centepeice was a huge teletron with it's rows of 'pixles' spread out into glowing rows of orchestrated light in tight vertical rows. Thomes voice sparked the expected excited vocoal response from the crowd. As the song crescendoed, so did the crowds reaction until the they both lit up in a 20,005 person pop.

The show was lulled by with enchantment with some semi-older material (morning bell, lucky), the crowd quite enjoying the new classics. The beat picked right back up with Myxomatosis, a pulsing green lit wave that electrified the crowd. Dominating the set list were Hail to the Theif song, being played about every other song. The music was a perfect blend of album reproduction with an appetizing hint of live diffraction. The crowed seemed to respond as though they had owned Hail for 9 months. The bands execution of music was very tight with one real exception coming from Idioteque about halfway through the set. There seemed to be some confusion on stage between Thome and Colin as Thome walked over to him. The song ended, in que with the lights but Thome preceeded to the mic to sing 'this is one for the childern' over and over. It really seemed more like a special treat than a misshap though. (the other 'misstep' moment was when the crowd clapped in the beginning of Exit Music, who claps on the beat to that song?)

All-in-all the show was very satisfying, mostly new stuff for the avid fan and a few 'oldies' for the saps. Now while i may never get to see them closer than 100yds away again (the down side to their success), i can at least say i am more than greatful for shows like this one. God bless you Radiohead.

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