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Plaza de Toros Las Ventas - Madrid, Spain
July 16, 2003 with Low
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0. weird electric stuff
1. there there
2. 2 +2 =5
3. Morning Bell
4. Talk show host
5. Exit Music
6. National Anthem
7. Myxamatosis
8. Climbing up the walls
9. Sail to the moon
10. Where I end and you begin
11. Backdrift
12. I might be wrong
13. Go to sleep
14. Pyramid song
15. My iron lung
16. Idioteque
17. Everything in its right place

-1st encore
18. The gloaming
19. No surprises
20. Paranoid android
21. Like spinnig plates

-2nd encore
22. Sit down stand up
23. Thom sang the rain drops part solo
24. Street Spirit

-3rd encore
25. True love waits (Thom acoustic solo)
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Submitted on: AUGUST 16, 2003 21:31:48

I'm 27. This is my 3rd Radiohead concert. I've been in thousands of concerts in my life and, one day after Radiohead played at Madrid, I think I can say this: IT HAS BEEN THE BEST CONCERT I EVER SEEN. I promise. They were great, the sound was perfect, the audience spectacular, the complicity between Radiohead and Madrid was awesome. I got nothing else to say, but congratulate everyone in Las Ventas last night. We were really fortunate audience. Love to all my friends. Love to Radiohead.

Submitted on: AUGUST 17, 2003 10:29:31

Well, It's difficult to summarize all things I felt last night.Maybe the first thing I should say is AT LAST!!!! Finally I attended to a Radiohead show!!! When I heard that they were going to play in Madrid, I didn't think twice....I asked for two days holliday, I bought my ticket, I booked my hotel and my bus from Barcelona to Madrid.
Second....Thanks guys for this amazing show, thanks for make me feel alive, there are a lot of thing that makes our life worthwhile and one of these is the music, and you contribute in this way babies!
We could see different Thom's facets: the romantic one in True love waits, the angry one in Backdrifts (sometimes Johnny is too much creative), the excited man (fool dancing in Myxomatosis ang Idioteque)...this nice little elf is able to cause us a wide spectra of sensations!
The beginning was like shows of last summer, the same intro and There There( uff! Such powerful two drums!) highlights..Climbing up the walls, like spinning plates, Talk show host, Go to sleep,
Street Spirit, True love Waits...all show was a highligt in itself...and also the excited audience, of course...singing, clapping, and behaving as they were in a football match!
Now I'm at home, I've just arrived from the capital and I still feeling my heart beating fast.


Submitted on: AUGUST 17, 2003 14:26:13

Brilliant Radiohead night, with all their magic and their weaknesses.

They started with their already usual initial pair combining "There there" and "2+2=5", absolutely amazing to see them playing in such an energetic way! Then "Talk Show Host" and "Morning Bell" were the promise for and unforgettable night. But they fucked up "Backdrifts" and the climax sort of dissapeared for a while. Highlights: "Street Spirit", "Like Spinning Plates" "Idioteque" "My Iron Lung" and, specially, "True Love Waits". Thom's voice was at its best. Jonny in supreme form. Colin a bit distracted though.

The setlist lacked "Karma Police" or "Fake Plastic Trees", that could have gone instead of "The Gloaming" or "Myxomatosis", but it was a very good show anyway, only that it could have been much better. But perfection is so difficult to reach.

Submitted on: AUGUST 17, 2003 23:33:49

(ill write a more or less long review since i doubt anyone else will post)

i had mixed ideas of what to expect from radiohead last night.. so much hype and counter-hype surrounding the band, and never having been to a show of theres i was very nervous but excited.

someone had bought the tickets for me and miguel, and they happend to be the more expensive seat tickets. now why anyone would want seat tickets i have no clue, it was way far away from the stage and you would not be able to dance around. but we waited in line there for five hours to make sure we got a good place at the bottom if it was worth it.

finally we were let in and yes we got a great place there in the bottom; a mere two meters from the stage, a nice low one.

we had to endure hours of mindless reggae playing on the speakers while people filled the plaza de toros. i dont know if anyone else found it ironic that our nice vegetarian animal-friendly band was playing in such a stadium of cruelty. ha.

the opening band comes on. "low". very unexciting music. very boring. oh but the singer hits his guitar and smashes it around a bit in one of the songs. and one of them was pretty with some jinglebells. ok its over. yes! no!; more hours of mindless reggae while they set up the equipment and fine tune the two dozen guitars on the racks.

radiohead runs out onto the stage while there is some electronic intro playing, and then start with there there... i cant get over how much thom reminds me of yoda with those little cables that look like pointy ears and his facial expressions...all these songs from the new album. everyone sings along. then exit music. go on to play some kid a stuff, more new stuff. they played some kindof funky song none of us recognized. unfortunatly they didnt mention the name.
i was blown away by how high they turned up the bass for climbing up the walls. more new songs. yay. then all of a sudden they start with my iron lung. me and miguel were not expecting that at all and we start screaming like little teenage girls. everyone is dancing around having a great time. they play some more kid a/amnesiac songs, and end with everything its its right place. i dont know if anyone else noticed the bars in the back scrolling the word "forever" at this point. they walk off the stage. we scream. they come back. and then during that encore they play paranoid android. now im really screaming. no surprises and then they leave again. we scream again. they come back again. more songs. play spinning plates a bit differently on a piano. then.. oh my! street spirit. this was great they were playing all my favorite songs from all their albums! they leave again. and of course, we scream again. and this time (third encore now) thom comes out alone and plays true love waits for us. the end. more reggae from hell as we walk out.

they started out mildly enjoying it, thom was just acting kindof weird on purpose. almost sarcastic at times, like in myxamatosis. by exit music they were already really into it. thom was all smiling the whole time, johnny and the rest of the guys jumping around alot with their guitars and stuff. he almost left once when one of the songs went wrong. maybe he was just pretending. anyway.. during the more technoish songs he would dance around very dorkily.. everyone would follow suit and have fun. i think they really enjoyed the gig. at the end he was oh so very thankful and stuff. and three encores is kinda good i guess. over two hours long.

Submitted on: AUGUST 18, 2003 08:23:21

Don't remeber the setlist very well, the concert was WAY too good. I'm putting down all my experience, since I'm mexican and flew to Madrid to see the show. I came in two days before the concert and date with a spanish girl, so we were touring the city. We were having lunch at the Plaza Mayor and we were joking about meeting the boys around, when, suddenly, 15 meters away from us, Thom, Colin and Jonny appeared. I stood up and greeted them. They were a little bit lost. I pointed the way and left. Did'nt ask for autographs or photos, too cheesy. 15 minutes later Thom and Jonny came back, sat at a terrace and asked for some beer. Introduced meself again and asked them if they could play Motion Picture Soundtrack. Thom looked at Jonny and said the hadn't played it in months. He told me he wasn't sure they could play it, because they didn't have all the sounds. He promised they'd soundcheck it and if they could, they'll play it. Concert day. The venue was packed. Beutiful day, not a single cloud in the sky. Low played good, but their music is not very interesting. Anyway I think it must be very challenging as a band to open a Radiohead show. Night came. Show began. There There. People jumping all over. My second RH concert had already begun. 2+2=5 sounded like it never had. Thom's voice is better with each passing day. One of the major highlights of the evening was Jonny's solo at the end of Go To Sleep. There were a few minor glitches, with Colin coming in a few bars early in Where I End And You Begin and Thom forgetting the lyrics in Backdrifts. But it was amazing all over. The crowd completely into the music, the band playing their best. We had three encores, Thom playing True Love Waits before saying "Thank you very, very much." No Motion Picture Soundtrack, though. Next show, maybe. An amazing night from one of the best bands in the world. Period.

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 00:21:53

I'm not going to write down the bible. Extraordinary Radiohead concert. The crowd was great all night and we've a very powerful sound in Las Ventas. "Where I end and you begin" live let me very impressed. I love "Go to sleep" and its wonderful "4/4 - 3/4-3/4" measure. But, where's "Scatterbrain"? Anyway, the best rock concert i've ever seen. Thanks for that unforgettable night guys.

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 12:16:15

Difficult to describe what a great concert to me. I have to remark, after have being in Salamanca last year, it is much better for the band play in these big venues because apparently, it seems much more natural, not only the stars up in the sky but also the energy of thousand of people feeling the same things. For me it was a lovely day with a special girl, who was first time in a Rh concert. After this, there is no doubt about which band is the best in front of the people about to fall in love of the sounds of each song. I have congratulate Tom, for getting me nearer with its voice to the lungs of the girl I love to be one in everylasting peace... My best wishes to the band and everybody who contributed to make the concert a differtente place out of the crazy world

Submitted on: AUGUST 21, 2003 20:42:45

The weird electro stuff titled as 0 at the setlist it was the beginning of a B side (there there single).
The show was great, but it was best last year in Salamanca.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 23:36:40

Someone asked me to write a review of this concert...this guy just needs a little bit of entertainment....and well, I will give him the pleasure.
This has been my first Radiohead concert and I am still amazed of it.
Somebody told me that they would be not very dinamic and someone else said that we would stay on the same spot all evening and that it would be more of a relaxed show.
What really happend was something completely different...
Las Ventas was so crowded that you couldnt move. But then started THERE THERE and all changed...evryone jumping and dancing like hell! The band seemed to have a lot of fun and they kept us under adrenaline the whole show through and Tom Yorkes looks and moves left me and most of the audience half crazy!!! Man, is he great!
Madrid screemed and sang the tipical fooball-hymn and the band transmited all of their psycodelic energy and gave an awsome gig!!! Man, for me its impossible to describe the feelings.
They just were FUCKIN A!!
or maybe lets express it in a more bitish way:
xoxox Chris

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 04, 2003 22:16:10

i don't know if i was at the same show as the people reviewing it but i certainly have different memories of the show to the ones recorded here. to begin with came with slightly false expectations as i had seen the two days before in nimes, which can only be described as a religous experience. and after having seen them twice previous to that i felt i had a right to know what to expect of the show.
all was normal in the radiohead camp, through the opener low who were dull overdrawn and going nowhere, until it came to them coming on. they played a b-side from the there there single first, but they didn't come on,which is normal enough as its just a short electronic track. they then finally came on for there there but there was something definitely wrong in the band, thom seemed to be down he seemed as enthusiastic as charles was marrying diana. i would not have noticed this if i had not seen him enter the stage at nimes with such bravado and gusto. this in comparison was a man looking lonly desperate walk up to the mike and just start.

i can safely say that for the first 11 or so songs of the concert radiohead were not the band i knew and loved and they were definitely not the best band in the world either. the sound was all wrong and they were out of time but worst of all thom was not into it all rarely 'performing' for us, his voice wavering and weak his body static and when he did move it looked put on and unatural.
on exit music the technitians fucked the timing on the pa and the band where out of time and the sound quality was poor. on climbing up walls the bass although intense was far too loud and drowned out everything including his voice and anychance of really feeling this song at its best.
but the low point of the concert came about in backdrifting when Thom stopped singing and just looked at the crowd with his hand on his head like a deer before headlights. he stopped and then said, "lets move onto the next song." but this weakness in thom only made the crowd stronger and as the crowd pulled with the rest of the band things really started turning for the better until a few songs later when they played my iron lung things where at the europhic high again and radiohead were at home. it was like radiohead reached into thier archive and used the energy from the song to really start to perform again. im not saying that the old stuff is better than the knew, on the contary i am much bigger fan of the newer stuff, although i have an undying love for the old too, but it seemed that a quick returned to old boosted them and they kick started the show again. from here on they were not only back to thier best but completely outdoing anything i have seen them do before hand.

it was a mircalous change that brought the part of the crowd i was in to a breath taking trance.
the sound system started to perform and thom flowed stright into idioteque and then ripped up the encore has his voice peaked like no others could. they played like spinning plates and street spirit and paranoid andaroid to the delight of the crowd to finish off the the two planned encores. at the end of the second thom turned to the crowd to say something but emotion seemed to overflow him and he could only stutter and walk off stage. this change in thom was amazing, he was now radiating and his voice was following suite. thom then returned solo to the sounds of ole ole, surely the greatest compliment an artist can recieve. he then played true love waits which was unbelieveable and perfect, and then the high point of the night came, thom at the end of the song turned to the crowd and thanked them, not only for being their but he specifically said "thank you for your support," not a general comment but one specific to the crowds work in transforming him from depression and mediocirty to sublimeness.
alhtough nimes was incredible i have to admit that madrid was the more rewarding concert. seeing a genius like thom yorke drop to such lows and for him to reveal such weaknesses then reach such highs in such a small space of time and thank the crowd for their support and patience was too amazing to even have hoped for.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 01:24:55

Simply the best
tank you radiohead for the 2:30 h in concert.
It was amazing see radio head at concert for the third time.
Every time is getting better. Hope next year we will see you again

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 05:55:30

hello, i'm portuguese and as portugal is not included in radiohead's 2003 tour i decided to see them in madrid!
it was my 2nd radiohead concert and i loved it!
i cried on exit music!
i read in other reviews things like:"the angry one in Backdrifts (sometimes Johnny is too much creative)"
and " they massed up in backdrifts"
that's not true! they didn't massed up, we did, for many songs crowd sang lauther them thom, i didn't like it, that's why we stop singing bcakdrifts... we should never still someone's voices, i think it's ok to sing, i love to sing in a concert, but not lauther than thom...
beside that it was a great concert!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 01:15:00

Una buena noche de rock and roll, o deberamos inventar un nuevo concepto? dejemonos de historias! Radiohead mantn tu inspiracin!!!

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