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Greatwoods (Tweeter Center) - Mansfield, MA USA
August 13, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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Sit down. Stand up.
Paranoid Android
Kid A
Morning Bell
My Iron Lung
Where I End and You Begin
Sail to the Moon
The Gloaming
Climbing Up the Walls
Like Spinning Plates
Go to Sleep
The National Anthem
There There

1st encore:
A Punchup at a Wedding
Everything in its Right Place

2nd encore:
No Surprises
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Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 12:16:48

wow..... wow.... this show was the best concert I have ever been to. The opening band probably would of seemed cool any other time but they sucked just becuase I was waiting for radiohead.
The opening 2+2=5 was an insane opening song followed by another insane Sit down, Stand up. Then Thom says in a strange accent (mexican?) Now we're gonna play this one. Hmm which song could be this one... Paranoid Android of course. Radioheads probably best liked song was insane live.
Then they started with a Kid A which along with all the smoke in the pavilion, made me need to sit down and close my eyes. Backdrifts well ruled of course and I sat back and enjoyed this too but eyes open.

Morning Bell, nothing else needed to say

Iron Lung was fairly good but not the best I think they could of done a bit better no?
Where I end and you Begin, Yet another great song but then they kicked in Sail to the Moon, which is an insanly good song and another sit downer.
The gloaming though not really nessecary was another hit and Also climbing up the walls
Then I was like What The HELL becuase what would you know but they starting playing creep a song not heard in the US since probably the OK tour. AND IT RULED.
They followed it with the only Amneasiac song in the concert Like spinning plates. Go to Sleep didn't really make anyone do just that as people kept jumping up and down in their seats.
then a "song for all you lovers out there" scatterbrain. Thom starting humming a song normally heard at baseball games not concert halls and then They kicked it up a notch with a great resitle of The National Anthem. Then they started Playing There, There which some how is better live than on the CD. Eds and Jonnys relentless beats just... well no words can explain it.
Lucky dedicated to REM (?) was another hit. Oncore: Punch up at A Wedding is another song as good live if not better. Airbag, sadly the only song from The Bends, was great. Everything in its right place... I love this song no words every invented can describe it with Love scrolling in the backround. No surpises: Insane. Idioteque closed it but what a closing song! Another song that in no way can be back.
The only wish I have is that the played more from The Bends, and that i didn't have to wait 2 hours. A++++++++ preformence!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 10, 2003 12:55:11

One thing i sort of read or didn't read in all these reviews. There was a point when Thom sang "No Surprises" and I knew what line was coming up and I was wondering how the crowd was going to react. I mean this concert took place in the bosom of middle class comfort.
So he sings "bring down the gov., they don't speak for us," and it gets this huge 5 sec. ovation and the Thom skipped the next couple of lines. I was far away and out of it so I don't if he was crying or what but it was magic. And yes seeing Mars and a big moon on the herizon when Sail to the Moon was beautiful

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 13, 2003 18:38:07

Radiohead was awesome tonight! They took the stage around 8:45 and played until 10:30 or so (with encores). Thom sounded great tonight; the whole band was definitely on.

The best part of the evening, and probably the most shocking... They played "Creep." Thom and Jonny had done a radio interview yesterday in which Thom said that he actually likes the lyrics to the song now. Maybe that was a sign of what was to come?

Well, all I can do is gush about how great tonight was. Amazing! I'd like to be more thorough, but I'm still letting it all sink in.

As always, Radiohead rocked.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 13, 2003 18:50:43

this was the best concert ever!!!! SO MUCH ENERGY from the band and from the crowd!!! played a bunch of songs off of HTTT, among them 2+2=5, Where I End you begin, A Punchup at a Wedding, Backdrifts, There There, Sail to the Moon, Sit Down Stand Up..Scatterbrained. all of them were amazing!! also they did a handful of songs off of OK Computer including but not limited to Airbag, Paranoid Android, No Suprises, Lucky...!!! AHHH so great..!!!! no songs from the Bends though. but....they played CREEP which absolutly shocked me. it was incredible. they also performed Like Spinning Plates, the National Anthem, Idioteque (the final song for the night).... the best concert I ever been to!, hands down!!!! Thom was amazing, the way he danced around. He made people like Sir Mick Jagger seem so ridiculous. oh it was so amazing. and Ed and Phil and Jonny and Colin were at the top of their game also. when those lights went down just as the concert started I have never heard the chants from a crowd so loud and so excited!! I was crying when they played their first number of the evening 2+2=5. all around amazing evening. Merchandise was fairly priced, and for once a shirt actually fit me. kinda sad they did not play Karma Police and Street Spirit, but the night was amazing and magical anyway. the lights were brilliant. I will never forget this night. also a memorable part of the evening was when the screen behind the band said "THANK YOU FOREVER".....well, thank YOU forever, Colin, Ed, Jonny, Phil, and Thom, you have done so much for your fans! THANK YOU!!!! I could just tell they were having a great time onstage. and that is the most important thing of all.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 13, 2003 20:48:33

This concert was my first Radiohead concert and probably the single greatest concert I've seen in my life. The music sounded 100 times better live than it does on the albums and the band was in top form. Jonny's guitar solos really shined as well, including some extended solo sections that really rocked out. Some of the highlights included the great opener of "2+2=5" "Sit Down, Stand Up" and "Paranoid Android" in succession, the spectacular encore of "Ideoteque", Ed and Jonny drumming on "There There," and they played "CREEP"!!! I was especially excited about this last one (as was nearly everyone else in the audience I can imagine), seeing as (by my calculations) they haven't played "Creep" live in the U.S. in five years! Overall great show and one I will remember forever.

P.S. The opening band, Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, was also quite good. If anyone is going to see Radiohead on this tour, make sure you get there in time to catch the opening act. I know I'm biased because I'm a Jicks fan to begin with, but they do put on a great concert and their music is fantastic.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 13, 2003 20:59:30

Kickin' it off with "2+2=5"? Ending with "Idioteque"? Man whatever. It was a rockin' show. All you suckers under the pavilion roof totally missed out. The split second they started to play "Sail to the Moon" that yellow tinted moon started to rise over the pavilion roof. Seriously. It was so surreal. By the end of the song all of us in the center lawn could finally see the beautiful full moon. Definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life.
Driving down from New Hampshire I got caught in some intense downpours. I didn't even think the show would still happen. But it was beautiful down at Greatwoods and those storm clouds totally just passed us by leaving us with an amazing lightning show during the whole beginning of the show. It definitely added a huge effect to the performance of "Paranoid Android".
Thom didn't utter more than ten words the whole night. He said thank you a couple of times and deticated "Lucky" to R.E.M but that was really about it.
Some other memorable performances were "Kid A", "My Iron Lung", "Where I End and You Begin" (when Phil dropped his stick) and "CREEP". I couldn't believe they played Creep. Don't they like never play that song in the States anymore? Oh well. That song consisted of a lot of drunk frat boys singing the lyrics wrong and out of key but it died down soon enough.
The show was amazing. Even better than the last time I saw them in Boston on the Amnesiac tour. I think I'm going to try and get tickets to see them up in Montreal on Friday. Make sure you see them at least once on this tour, you'll all truly love it.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 02:04:04

Well, It's now 8:00 AM and I arrived home to bed at 2AM. The show was amazing. Even being in a far up section... it still rocked. People everywhere were rocking out. The sound was great. they had so much energy from having time off. I fully enjoyed it.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 02:55:45

On this particular opening night show, arena-rock/electronic wizards Radiohead broke out many songs that are not usually played live, and tended to stray away from some of their mega-hits. Backed by an incredible light show, which looked like an exploding supernova soundboard, at one point scrolled "Forever" across the panel.
The show opened with the first two tracks, "2+2=5" and "Sit Down. Stand Up." off their new album "Hail to the Thief." These songs, two of the favorites on the new disc, put the sold out Tweeter Center in a frenzy, only to add more fuel to the fire by playing their greatest and perhaps most beloved song of all -- "Paranoid Android," which leadsinger Thom Yorke prefaced by saying, simply, "We're going to play this now."
Next came a gorgeous, piano driven version of "Kid A", the title track off their 2000 masterpiece. On the album, Yorke's vocals strain in and out, masked by a bubbling and churning effect; seemingly impossible to recreate live. However, Yorke's now famous whine and his incredible vocal range emulated the album perfectly. I for one have new respect for this song now hearing live for the first time.
"Backdrifts," another seemingly impossible song to play live sounded flawless, as if the boys simply but in "Hail to the Thief" and went to track four and let it play for us. Next Radiohead played "Morning Bell," marked by drummer Phil Selway's intermittent snare roll and, again, Yorke's signature wail. One of their more "violent" songs as Yorke put it, he sang eerily, "Cut the kids in half." "My Iron Lung" came next, a rock ballad off their groundbreaking "The Bends" album, and one couldn't help but admiring the range of talents this band had only over their first seven songs. Not even half way through the show, we had heard a piano ballad, two rock masterpieces, an esoteric, half-backwards sounding composition, etc, etc.
Three songs off their latest release followed -- "Where I End and You Begin," "Sail to the Moon," and the very haunting "The Gloaming." In this mini-set, the band went from the most gorgeous part of the show to perhaps the downright coolest. "Sail to the Moon" was a sweeping, beautiful piano driven song, this time marked by Yorke's other signature tradmark -- his lovely voice. At the very beginning of "The Gloaming" Thom went up to the microphone and said, very casually, "thought control." The crowd thought nothing of it. As the song neared its end, guitarist Johnny Greenwood had apparently recorded Thom's "thought control" bit, and the last 1:30 was Greenwood sampling those two haunting words over and over, like a club DJ might. The effect was mind-blowing; the response was incredible. It was cool as it was original, and the crowd loved it, not to mention Yorke's coniption fits like dancing onstage. The band then played two songs the don't usually play often, "Climbing Up the Walls" and their smash alt-rock hit "Creep." "Climbing" is quite a scary song, with such lyrics as "Open up your skull, I'll be there," but what was even scarier was how incredibly and flawlessly the track was carried out. At the end, "Climbing" rises to a great crescendo, the air filled with blasting keyboards, bombarding guitars, and a slick bass line courtesy of Colin Greenwood. This song was definately a highlight of the show. "Creep" which is always a crowd favorite, came next. Right before each chorus the guitars churn out two heavily distorted "ka-chunks" and as this occurred, the scrolling lights in the background exploded into a brilliant white shine, which lit up the entire stage. It was as if the sun had, in one moment, and only for that moment, ascended on Mansfield, blinding the crowd, only to sink back down immediately. They threw in "Lucky" and "Like Spinning Plates" as well; a live must. "Lucky" was wonderful -- Johnny's reverberating riff and Yorke's soundscape vocals made the live version unforgetable; not to mention the great rock-and-roll ending, with all five members playing full tilt. For "Like Spinning Plates" the band improvised. The studio version, like "Backdrifts" is a half backwards punching swirl loop; the live version is avery minimalist take on the song, with Thom sitting over his piano, crooning beautifully.
Without a brass section, I wondered how their next selection, "The National Anthem" would be possible. Of course, the greatest live band ever knew what they were doing, they simply replaced the trumpets and saxophones with Thom's guitar. The result: if you were blind, you were positive there were horns playing. Truly, this showed off Yorke's talents as a guitar player, something he is bery underrated as. It was great to hear a juiced up keyboard in that song, something overshadowed on the album by heavy bass and a crashing brass section. Another interesting tidbit about this song is that Johnny creates a static-y sound over the bass line by bringing out a radio and twisting the frequency nob back-and-forth, which picks up bits and pieces of actual music, talk, and plently of static.
They closed the main set with their recent hit "There There," a mesmerizing, captivating song, with three percussionists leading the way. This song holds you in its tight grasp for the first four minutes, only to release you by the end, floating over the chanting vocals and now wild guitar.
Radiohead didn't make us wait long for their first encore, and came out to play "Airbag" of all things. Firstly, it's one of my favorite Radiohead songs, one I desperately wanted them to play. But was I thought it was wishful thinking; they barely played it on their "Ok Computer" tour, nevermind six years later. Needless to say, this was an awesome moment, and once everyone calmed down from the shock that they were actually playing this gem, Radiohead had a wall-to-wall filled Tweeter Center rockin' out. In a complete volte-face, they played "Everything in its Right Place," the first track off "Kid A." This song is marked by crisp keyboards and Yorke sounding like he's drowning at the beginning, before gloriously emerging from from his water-logged choking singing "Everything!" Again, an album quality version of this song.
For their second encore, they once again stunned the crowd with "No Surprises," a rare live track. The key element in this song is actually a xylophone over a soothing drum beat. Thom delighted the crowd with the lyric "..bring down the government, they don't speak for us." Apparently, Radiohead fans are not fans of the Bush administration, as a huge cheer went up for this Yorke-ism.
The night ended with my favorite part of the show, "Idioteque," a furious, up-tempo, dance crazy song that whipped the crowd into a frenzy. They had lulled us and cradled us into a surreal state with "No Surprises" only to unleash "Idioteque" at just the right time, waking everyone up immediately. The slow sway of "No Surprises" quickly morphed into an arms swinging, heads bobbing fracas as Thom Yorke danced crazily onstage, jolting the microphone, his voice shaking uncontrollably, yelping, "The first of the children!" over and over. It was a glorious finish to say the least. And for a show not to have usual live staples like "Karma Police," "Pyramid Song," "I Might Be Wrong," or "Fake Plastic Trees" one might think it was a little disappointing. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The set list was brilliant and masterfully executed and everyone left satisfied. For a band that wants "No alarms and no surprises," there were plenty of both, and once again Radiohead has proved why they're the best band in the world.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 05:28:45

This has been my first radiohead live experience, and I must say that it was definately the most amazing experience ever. the lighting was terrific, the sound was magnificent, and of course, Radiohead was phenomenal. But aren't they always? My highlight was definately Climbing Up The Walls, Creep (yes, they played the rarely played creep!!), and Idiotique. I just have to say that this show surpasses every single other show i have ever been to, and I hope to see them more in the future.

thanks always Radiohead!

- ani -

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 05:34:21

My first Radiohead show and it was amazing. My favorite part was that they played Creep and you could hear Thom start to laugh at the beginning. No surprises,Idioteque, Paranoid Android and Scatterbrain were also great.Only complaint is that they didn't play a third encore when everyone was expecting Karma Police or Fake Plastic Trees.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 07:05:40

This was my very first show. I can't find the words to encompass how amazing I thought this concert was (and I was way up on the lawn). The energy of the band (especially Thom), the lights, the sound was all top notch and all I can think about today is how I'm going to get tickets to the Madison Square Garden shows in October.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 07:35:36

Well...this was by far the best concert I have/will ever go to. Highlights included creep (still amazing no matter how much I hear it) my iron lung, lucky, like spinning plates, and a final encore including everything in it's right place, punchup, and a phenomenal performance of idioteque as the last song of the night. One will never find a better live act out there...ever.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 08:19:25

okay, so we drove all the way from upstate new york to see the show. it was a really great set and full of energy. As many of radiohead's songs speak of rain, it was somewhat ironic that thom and the guys had an outdoor venues crowd singing, "rain down on me", "it should be raining", "the raindrops, the raindrops". It was a pleasant surprise to be watching the electricity on the stage and in the sky but to be saved from a deluge of water which was not the case back at field day. Spinning Plates, and many Kid A songs were a highlight. Thom even sang some of the star spangled banner as a hint to the forth coming National Anthem. Yorke's fits and spurts dances give you insight into what it would be like if your grandfather were to be crossed with a club kid. great show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 08:22:33

The venue was great, but it took forever to get there. There were some accidents on the way and the traffic was horrid. I showed up after Radiohead came on and missed the first couple songs. I came in during Paranoid Android, which completely kicked butt. The highlight of the night was hearing Creep! I didn't think I'd ever hear it live. Idioteque rocked the house, everyone went nuts. The show was very good, Phil was like a robot behind the drums and I thought Johnny was going to fracture his arm the way he was pounding on his guitar. The distorted attack during creep sounded like an explosion. Johnny is fun to watch, especially since he plays so many different instruments. Every song they played sounded so good live, they are ready for an awsome tour. It's too bad I missed Steve Malkmus and the Jicks I hear they started early because it was lightning outside. I'd give this show and 8.5 out of 10 and I missed a good peice of it. If any of you get a chance to see Radiohead live don't pass it up, it's a chance to see the greatest live act of our generation.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 08:58:22

One Word.Creep,I was in 7th Heaven when they
started the opening riff.I thought they were
just goofing around.but they really did it
Creep live.they opened with 2x2=5 which is a better song than There There to open a show excellent show but I think the sound was better at Suffolk Downs 2 years ago.and God what a nightmare getting out of the parking lot.the show was over at 11:00 but we didn`t get to leave till 1:00.Thom was in good no sad songs,no Bulletproof,no Exit Music,no How To Disappear
,no Street Spirit.oh I said an excellent show.highlights were The National
Anthem,No Surprises,Creep,Idioteque,Everything In It`s Right Place,Where I End And You Begin.see them Live!.they are the best live band around
and you won`t leave disappointed.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 09:09:25

Wow, what can I say. I have been a Radiohead fan for years and years, but until August 13, I had never got a chance to see them live. Though I only had lawn seats at the Tweeter Center, I still had a great time seeing the greatest band in the world. They were in top form form start to finish. Highlights from the performance include Paranoid Android (though too early in the set!), There There, Lucky, No Surprises, Go To Sleep, My Iron Lung, and The National Anthem. Oh and the most amazing part of the show. I almost died when I heard the first few notes of Creep! A song the band hasn't touched in years gracing my ears, live! Stunning show over all. Especially Thom's dancing and Johnny Greenwood (best guitarist ever) making some amazing sounds. The only complaints I have are that the sound could have been louder and I expected the audience to get into it more. Oh well, still the best concert I've ever been to!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 10:11:19

They played fucking creep! How long has it been?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 11:13:13

Mmmm. Nights like last night make me want to climb tall buildings and shout things like Radiohead is the bestest band in the woooooorld!

Lets begin at the beginning. The show started with "2+2=5". It was pretty amazing to watch because at the end they shift into "Sit Down, Stand Up", the techies throw the piano (full, real piano) to the front of the stage, and Thom breaks into the next song, but then the build for "the rain drops the rain drops the rain drops" starts (which is a moment that turns me into a bit of a puddle) and Thom leaps from the piano, hurls himself at the microphone, grabs it and starts singing his ass off into it, while pulling it back up to full height all at the same time. Wow. They don't make their transitions easy on themselves. This was the first show in the American tour though, so perhaps that'll get easier on them as the work out the logistics of the piano throwing and the leaping from piano bench back to the microphone.

So much of the show was about the transitions and they placed their songs really really carefully. There was a cross-section of songs from basically every album and then they put them in these batches to create certain mixes, breaking the sections up in really interesting ways. For example, the concert began with two newer songs and then they moved right into "Paranoid Android". I hadn't listened to the OK Computer songs in a while and hearing them come up through out the show was like getting a little jolt of something. The same for songs from The Bends. When they mixed them in with the newer material, they made for these really sharp and pretty moments. "Sit Down, Stand Up" is so frantic that it almost has static in it, but then that one bit of guitar from "Paranoid Android" starts and it was so clear and crisp, with nothing else playing. It was a wonderful moment and you completely broke from the space you were in just seconds before. But, by the end of the song, everything had built up again and it was back to frantic, only different and mainly done by only using the guitar. So it lead you back into the next set of songs, but maintained that older sound.

Which, at that point, meant going into "Kid A" which just pushed everyone completely and totally into a another type of noise. I love how they're able to take a song where normally the vocal bits are so distorted and then just make it completely work live. "Kid A" transitioned beautifully into "Backdrifts", which, ach... When he hit "you fell into our aaaaarms" for the first time... The music was moving so fast, but the singing on top of it sounded soooo simple. That song lead into "Morning Bell" and my roommate eeep'd next to me with glee, because "cut the kids in half" is one of her favorite lines. All three of those songs have something to the music and the beat that's very similar and moves you from one to the next seamlessly, but, once all the pieces are there, the songs manage to be so different.

At that point, like earlier with "Paranoid Android" they used Iron Lung" to create another sort of break. Suddenly it shifted and the sound was just so different. But, again, as the song developed, those loud loud loud guitar bits slowly pushed in, and everything built up again until that final, massive bang at the close. (Much bouncing by moi took place at this point.) I have never seen Thom have so much energy. The man was a twitchy leaping fiend last night. Colin was bouncing all over the place too, only he more pogos instead of twitches. It made for a nice contrast.

Then we reached the point in the concert where I freaked out, sang my ass off, leapt all over the place, and visited a few other planets. Because they started into "Where I End and You Begin" and good lord, good farking lord. Is there a better song? No! I think not! Not on my planet there isn't! Thom's voice was really really strong, everything he sang he just completely nailed and this song, live, was just so beautiful. It's got that beat running in the background so so sooooo quiet and then those lyrics, which just kill me. He started the "four, five, six, seven" count and everything began getting faster and faster and faster until they hit the point where the song breaks. Suddenly everything changes and it was really beautiful, but it's flipped and things are getting very very creepy and intense until it just shuts off completely.

"In the Gloaming" was next and it took the quiet from the stop in "Where I End and You Begin" and slowly began to fill noise back in. Then Thom got to do the "this is the gloaming" line and he looked like he very much enjoys making that face and putting on the spooky voice.

"Sail to the Moon" moved really quickly and was just fucking lovely. Thom's voice is perfect for that song and the other vocal layers add in to make it so eerie. Then they went into "Climbing Up the Walls" and I swear he's still changing the lyrics on that, but that could have been me. However, after that they actually performed "Creep" and everyone collectively gasped in astonishment. Suddenly the place turned into a happy, jolly pub and boys everywhere raised their beers and sang "I'm ah creeeeeeeeeeeeeep" verrrry heartily. "Creep" then hopped into "Like Spinning Plates" and "Go to Sleep", again taking us firmly back into the newer material.

They do such an amazing job of taking the mixing and the studio effects they play with and bringing them into their live show. Instead of just finding ways to replace the noise with instruments or back up singers-- which can be very effective and add a really nice but different intensity-- they always actually do effects on the music, just, right there in the moment, and I love the different ways they play with it. "Scatterbrained" came in next and they very carefully put in little computerized twists that added to everything and shook youup a bit. Can you imagine if they did a club night of some sort? It would be the most amazing, odd, twitchy, intense thing.

The effects on "Scatterbrained" led in beautifully to "The National Anthem". And then, when we were at that total high, they started "There, There". Perrrrfect timing. This song is this point where their old material, the new stuff... everything meets. Instead of being only intense or building and stopping, any of that, "There There" always feels very complete and on its own; like it comes complete with a beginning, middle and end. It was a lovely finish.

Except, of course, there was an encore. First he dedicated "Lucky" to REM. Next was "Punch Up At A Wedding" and I loved it live. It changed the song for me somehow. I'm not sure what it was, but he's talked about it in interviews as a story and suddenly it felt more like that. After this there was "Airbag" and all three of those are songs that feel very complete on their own somehow. You have your moment and then it finishes up and you're brought out of it, which made "Everything In Its Right Place" this craaaaazy, biting end song. They mixed the hell of it. It was totally live to start but then they started very subtly doing things to it. I can't think of how to describe it, but suddenly I was realizing, waaaait he's not singing that, he sang that a moment ago and now he's onto something else. They built it in so that they each almost replaced themselves slowly and then exited one at a time. It's like they were singing a round, only a machine was slowly coming in and picking it up and filling in for them so they could pull out.

Ooooo, it was awesome. The song went on, slowly people dropped off the stage, slowly the sound started fading out, but then we were just supposed to leave? After that? No no no. I turned to the roomie and declared "there's no way they're leaving already! We're getting them back even if it involves highly embarrassing chanting and risks scene points!"

So we all went crazy again and draged them back, there was serious chair pounding taking place. They came back and looked pleased at us and started into "No Surprises" which is just, like, the prettiest thing. Particularly after that "Everything In It's Right Place" and the extended close. Everyone started screaming on the "bring down the government, they don't, they don't speak for us" line, in a predictable, but moment-appropriate way and Thom looked rather pleased with our rebellious sentiments.

At that point I thought, okay, that's a nice thing to come back with, everyone's exhausted, I'm sore as hell, but that just made me feel all happy and nice and that's it maybe? But no! "Idioteque"! They closed with "Idioteque"! fjskrjlejrl!!!! So we went from slow and gentle into that, just, eeeeeeeeep! That soooong! It moved so so so so fast and he was just yelling and yelling into the microphone and it had those bits where it switched into him singing "heeeeeeere I'm aliiiiive" and "everything all of the tiiiiiime" and then that moment where the "ice age coming" verse starts always just kills me, every time, but hearing it here was amazing. I go crazy just listening to this song on the album and this was live live live live. So he was yelling "take the money and run take the money and run" and I swear, two minutes earlier I was ready to stop moving and sit for an age, but there I was, bouncing all over the place, they're all bouncing all over the place, the audience is all bouncing all over the place and there was that pop! And It was done.

Or, well, that part was done and then we entered hell, because we sat in that parking lot, in the line to leave for almost two hours. From 11:15 until 1:00 am. And did. not. move. It was hellish. I got home and to bed by 2, barely. Now I'm just exhausted and beyond sore, but just typing about "Idioteque" again made me forget everything except wanting to do it again, so clearly it was beyond worth it.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 17:17:45

oh my god. i lost my radiohed vriginity last night, and it was absolutely the best concert i have ever seen, bar none. they played a fantastic set, including "creep" and "my iron lung" and then they had the coolest second encore of "no surprises" and idioteque". i had lawn seats, which sucked, but there was no one standing right behind me so for songs like "the national anthem" and "everything its right place" i just flipped out. thank you so much radiohead!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 14, 2003 18:58:39

Anyone who still thinks OK Computer was the apex of radiohead's career should hear those songs now, with post-Kid A nuances supplementing them. To be honest, I was actually a little worried about the concert in Manchester. After a week in Boston and New York, and one fantastic Grandaddy/Earlimart/Patrick Park concert saturday night at the Paradise Rock Club (in Boston), I wasn't sure Radiohead could provide the necessary exclamation point to the end of my vacation up here. I was also curious to see if such a big venue could compare to the sincere intimacy of a small club. I've been to many large venues before, and felt that were inferior in retrospect when compared to standing five feet away from a band. The intimacy it loses in it's gargantuan size, however, it more than makes up for with the spectacular lights/media display. Future concert goers, you're in for quite a treat.
Highlights for me were hearing Kid A live, which was a first, and morning bell. And of course creep was great, for both the humor and lightheartedess of it's delivery, and also the exclusive feel it cast on the audience. backdrifts is amazing with live guitar, and all the other concert staples (nat. anthem, climbing up the walls, airbag, etcetc) were great too. all in all it was amazing (surprise surprise) and i can't wait to see them in atlanta. i only wished 'ole stephen Malkmus had gotten a little more crowf support.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 04:31:19

Hot and muggy but happy to be about, oh, 4 or 5 feet from the stage. I was thinking about everything the critics write about the band, how the wags say the guys conduct their private lives, and what the music means before they came on stage. I don't care, its about the sound for me, I don't even know all the words to the songs even though I could look them up. This is music I can listen to over and over without getting it all and, happily, noy having to analyse every meaning about its influence on the world, the passion play of my own life, or how I may or may not be getting screwed over. Now thats entertainment. I was in a space where it was all right, surrounded by very nice kids, with a huge production being arranged, and waiting for my favorite music.

It was, as always, a greatest hits set. What else could it be? Old and new getting better all the time. There was lightning in the sky outside but all the action was on stage. The guys were dressed right off the Goodwill rack except for Phil sweating bullets but looking dapper. The stage's electronic light show was right out of an OK Computer fantasy with all dashes flashing in different colors. The band was rocking, hard, soft, even, oh my God, grooving! Jonny, was a mad scientist who gave me an ultimate gift. You brought back the memory of a concert I saw in Boston on August 6th, 1971, The Who. Pete is good but you rock plus, plus, plus.

The best part was that everyone, the band, the audience, everyone was happy. Towards the end I thought, yes, another peak emotional experience that only a fan of Radiohead would have. I spoke with several people who have season tickets to the venue and who, while not disappointed, just missed the moment. I thought, lucky people, they have all the Radiohead albums to listen to and, when they have the great accounting for all bands in the future, they will be able to say, "and I was there!"

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 17:22:25

This was an amazing way to kick off the American tour. Starting the show with 2+2=5 and surprising many by playing Paranoid Android 3rd. Playing each song perfectly, and Thom was certainly at his best. But the highlight of the night came when the band played the infamous "Creep". The band just seemed to throw the song in (12th on the setlist) as if it was nothing. But judging by the crowds roar, it was certainly special. Playing 10 out the 14 HTTT tracks, we only heard "My Iron Lung" from The Bends, and there was no Fake Plastic Trees nor Karma Police, which was a bit of a "let down" The band played 2 encores and surprisingly closed the show with "Idioteque" Overall, this was the best show I have ever seen them play. They certainly never cease to amaze us, and I'm sure the rest of the tour will just as great

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 16:54:42

This was my first radiohead show and it was everything it could have been. Anyone who has ever seen radiohead would agree, they are honestly one of the best live bands to grace this planet. Thom's voice is quite possibly BETTER live, if that is even possible. The whole band played every song with as much passion and precision as their bodies could offer, every song was flawless and everyone in the crowd was so into it. I was hoping someone would post a setlist since I gave up after the opener 2+2=5, but I will try and recall some of the highlights. The band played Paranoid Android early in the show, number three I think, which was perfect, Jonny's solo's never dissapointed the whole show, Kid A, which i've always wanted to see live, Scatterbrain, Thom's vocals were nothing short of angelic, My Iron Lung, Jonny added a few extras in the main riff which were pretty cool, Lucky, Airbag, Climbing up the Walls, Idioteque, Everything in its Right Place, No Surprises, Go to Sleep, which is one of my new favorites, Sail to the Moon, which was breathtaking, Backdrifts, which was carried out much longer than the album version, Morning Bell, Where I end and you begin, and without a doubt the biggest surprise of the night, Creep. Yes thats right, the triumphant return of their first monster single. It was a pretty amazing feeling to be the in the first crowd that wintessed the mighty return, and the boys defintly didnt dissapoint with the preformance. I'll admit that Creep is not my favorite Radoihead tune, but the crowd's energy made it worth it. All in all, I will never forget it. Thanks to Radiohead for a memorable night.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 17:19:06

I was dead center in the pit. Yet another mind-blowing show. Two items of note right off the bat:

1) They blew-up the order of the set list they've been playing since they debuted the new material in Spain last year. They didn't start with There-There, and they didn't close the first set with the usual Android, Ideoteque, EIIRP medley. Nice fresh start to the NA Tour.

2) They played Creep! I hadn't ever seen it (it's so rare for them to play it) but it's very good. As much as it's been overplayed by radio seeing it live reminds you of how revolutionary it was back in the day. When JG kills those couple of chords it's nothing but completely overwhelming.

On to the show: I wasn't writing down the set list so I don't have the exact order, but I know they played these 18 songs:

2+2=5, Sit Down Stand Up, Paranoid Android, Backdrifts, My Iron Lung, Climbing up the Walls, Kid A, Sail to the Moon, Where I end and you Begin, There-There, Punch up at a Wedding, The National Anthem, Creep, Airbag, Lucky, No Surprises, Ideoteque, Everything in its Right Place.

Every show is amazing of course, but I thought these were the high points of this show: Iron Lung, Where I end and you Begin, Creep, There-There (in just one year it's already by far their best live song), and Ideoteque, which closed the show.

See you in Philly.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 18:37:11

Well... what can I say. I saw them in Suffolk Downs, and that was the best night of my life. Until I saw them August 13th. It was simply AMAZING. I was kind of pessimistic at first, because I'm not the biggest fan of "The Gloaming." But I came away singing even THAT. My personal favorite of the night was "Climbing up the walls." They didn't play that in 2001, and I really wished they did.

This is by far one of the most creative and odd set lists I've ever seen, but it worked. The only thing that stunk was at the end, we were all wanting more. The crowd thought we were going to get True Love Waits after seeing "Idioteque," but we didn't.

Johnny went PSYCHO. I've never seen him in a video/live or even read about him like this. He was constantly throwing out solos during songs like "Airbag," "My Iron Lung," and "2+2=5."

Creep, eh... I'm not the biggest fan, it's not a great song in my opinion(even though "not a great radiohead song" is still an amazing song), and half of me wishes it could have been replaced. The other half realizes what a lucky bastard I am to have seen it live.

Summary, the single BEST night of my life and I will never forget it. To add to the mood, there were these coulds out there with lightning happening behind it, it was stunning. I didn't mind the 2 hour wait stuck in the back parking lot after.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 13:55:13

I drove from Raleigh, NC to see this show. One thought, unbelievable.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 17:13:44

first radiohead concert ever. ive heard a lot about how they put on a great live show and they did not disappoint. im not a huge fan of the venue (tweeter center) because the last couple of shows ive been to there havent sounded very good. the sound quality at this show couldnt have been better. crystal clear and perfect volume for all of us out on the lawn.

the lights and tripped out video screens were a major plus too. the lightning going on in the distance was a nice touch too. no rain though!

and of course, the music kicked ass. wicked good setlist. im a big fan of HTTT and they played the best songs of that album. i was psyched to hear creep but after reading some of these other reviews im even more pumped to find out that they dont play that song live anymore. what a treat. maybe theyll continue with it on this tour. well i just wanted to put my 2 cents in. theres tons of other reviews and they all sound the same things. just shows how much these guys rock.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 23:34:58

Although I will probably rot in hell for saying this, that was the most striking night of music I've heard since Red Garland and Philly Joe Jones, (Miles Davis rhythm section giants), played until 7a.m. at Lush Life in the Village back in '82. I arrived at the Tweeter expecting pleasant music from an inventive band, but it was much better than that. It is hard to believe that twenty thousand young people will pay to listen to music that good. A few observations -- since they have the capability, it would be nice to hear Radiohead not adher so closely to the recorded versions of these usually interesting tunes; I haven't seen that much marijuana since music school; the Tweeter Center has the worst designed parking lot of any major venue. (Silverstone, U.K., would be a close second).

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 06:06:02

This was my first Radiohead show. I've always listened to them but never really gave the band much thought. Until now. I've been a huge Blur fan for years and finally saw them in Boston a couple of weeks earlier. The concert was nothing special, it was nice to see them live but that was about it. Then I went to see Radiohead and I just melted. Thom was intoxicating. Utterly brilliant and beautiful. I'm so in love that I'm kicking myself for not seeing the genius that has been in front of me of all these years. The whole concert just flew by and before I knew it, it was over. I wasn't ready to leave, I wanted more. It didn't feel like 2 hours it felt like 2 minutes. This was the most awesome concert I have ever been to. I will never forget it and I hope to see them again and again. Thanks for a great show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 08:36:31

There simply is no other band out there today that can pull off an amazing show like Radiohead can. the performance of Kid A was one of my favorites, along with The Gloaming (which included Thom screaming "this is the gloaming" in the voice of an old witch or something) and oh yeah, Creep, which hadn't been played in the U.S. in something like six years. there is just way too much to say about this show, it was the best concert I've seen in my life.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 09:36:05

This was my 3rd adventure in Radiohead land, and of course they didn't let me down. As opposed to the last time they were around (suffolk Downs), I could see them clearly instead of watching them on a screen. The setlist, lights, and sound were right on also. Everybody was into it which was good to see.

The thing about Radiohead is they are not for everybody and I am glad it's that way. They are like a secret that only a select few have the privilege of being tuned in to. Even if a select few amount to 21,000 screaming people!

The fact that Radiohead is HUGE around Massachusetts reminds me that people around here for the most part really know good music. I first saw Radiohead in 1997 in Wocester, Mass and Thom announced that the show was the only sold out show on the U.S. tour. That just shows how many people around here know a good thing when they hear it!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 15:21:37

There are quite alot of reviews already so I'll be short.

Simply put, the show was unbelievably remarkable. Seeing the band coming onto the stage was a shock: I could not believe that Radiohead was in front of me. On stage, they are as Gods. Thank you Radiohead...

If you ever have the chance to go to a Radiohead concert, take it. I cant wait to see them live again.

Please come back to Montreal before 2006!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 09:09:15

first radiohead show experience---and my favorite concert. hearing and watching the boys of england rock out totally made my week--and who could forget the lightning before ths show and the moon rising up above the stage during 'sail to the moon'? absolutely amazing. totally psyched to hear 'creep', but saddened not to hear 'street spirit'....doesn't matter-----was definitely one of the best experiences of my life. peace.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 10:46:20

Anybody notice how happy and appreciative they all seemed? Seen them like 7 times and never seen them so content and into a show. Could have used a few more Bends tracks but overall everything fit together well. Idioteque to close it out was a dope call. Would have liked Wolf at the Door though :( 2nd best show i've seen of theirs.


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 02:54:46

Here is a review from an older Radiohead fan. I have been going to concerts for many years and have seen a lot of shows. I can honestly say that I have never been to a better show than Radiohead's show at Tweeter. I've seen Radiohead three times and this show was even better than the other two, which I didn't think could be possible. Thom was amazing in both this vocals and his level of energy. The band is very very tight and play flawlessly together. It was great to hear so many songs from Hail To The Thief along with so many of my favorites from OK Computer and Kid A. I would like to have heard more from The Bends, but hey, they can't play everything. The light show was the best I have ever seen. The weather was perfect. It was a glorious day! And they played Creep!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 05:36:22

I've seen the Rolling Stones, The Who, U2, Pink Floyd, Yes, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton, Grateful Dead, R.E.M, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Emerson Lake & Palmer etc....

But I've never seen anything like this Radiohead show - Amazing.

Rock is dead?....Long Live Rock!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 18:58:25

Mabey after the field day I set my expectations too high? They sounded good in the tweeter center but not like that night. Well, the highlights for me were cliimbing the walls, kid a, where i end and you begin, and of course idioteque. The let downs, trafic(hearing but not seeing 2+2=5, sit down stand up) and the half hearted creep. I had a giant smile on my face the entire time they played creep but the diffence between that and the music they make now and that is striking.
I think that httt might be remembered as Johnny's album(I could not belive the samples he let loose on the gloaming) or as there success at the beatles theory of "get back."
Anyway they were awesome and I hope to see you in Atlanta.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 08:33:35

Watched pink lightning clouds before the show. Show was all highlights, one after the other. Thom saying "Thought control!" before "The Gloaming". Dedicating "Scatterbrain" to "the lovers out there." Jonny soloing on "Airbag", on "Gloaming", on "Where I End and You Begin", on...everything. Phil looking like bad motherfucker in pinstriped suit. I got choked up at "No Surprises". Band jumping up and down, laughing, waving. Not jaded or bored. How is it that this is not the most popular band in the world? How can poeple hear these songs and not be struck down, helpless? **Everything about the show was beautiful and just outside my ability to describe in words, but just all perfect notes, even down to "Bread not Bombs" on Colin's t-shirt.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 17:01:42

Boy, do I hate to be the sour grape in a bunch that's so clearly sweet. Let me begin by stating that, when I saw Radiohead at Suffolk Downs almost exactly two years to the day earlier, I experienced the most amazing and captivating concert I've ever attended. And I've been to a whole slew of great shows.

With that said, I found myself walking off towards the jammed Tweeter parking grounds feeling disappointed after this show. With Hail to the Thief being the current album, it's no surprise that this show would be focused on promoting it. I quite enjoy the new album. While it's not my favorite, it's an excellent recording well worth an infinite amount of listens. However, I don't believe that it's completely a good *live* album.

There were some highlights - including Punchup and There There - but the rest of the new songs left me cold in the live environment. When 2 + 2 = 5 kicked into overdrive, I moved. Nearly in a manner parallel to that of Thom himself. But through my flailing, I noticed that no one else in the entire section around me was moved by the music - at least not physically. As the show progressed, I shared their apparent opinion. The problem here - at least for me - is that Hail to the Thief is an album better enjoyed on your own than in a large-scale concert setting. It lacks the blast of energy that I seek when attending a grand concert. What's ok for a small club gig is not always what's ok for a venue the size of Tweeter.

If you consider that while comparing this show's setlist with that of the Suffolk show from August 2001, then you may understand what I'm getting at. Only one song from Amnesiac? One from The Bends? A handful from Ok Computer? The best part of the show was the strong representation of Kid A. What this concert needed to achieve greatness was a little more energy. An Electioneering. A Knives Out. A Pearly. The Bends or Black Star or anything else with physical impact. I can be moved mentally and emotionally by Radiohead at home. I come to their shows to *experience* an energy that cannot be duplicated in my living room. That's why I feel this show fell short.

Not the band's fault - they played *very* well and *very* tight. Just not the right atmosphere for the challenging material that's on the new disc. I still look forward to seeing them again, as they're very talented and very capable of delievering again. Thanks for reading.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 19:46:25

the show was spectacular especially because i ate about 3 grams of blue was so intense!!!! i did not want it to now im going to the show in new york city at madison square i cant wait radiohead knows what they are doing...........

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 22:11:30

Goodbye Elvis.
Goodbye Beatles.
Goodbye Michael Jackson.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 17:31:09

I get chills up my spine remembering how amazing this show was! The lighting... everything was amazing. It was the best concert I have ever seen. I am so jealous for those who got to see the moon rise during "Sail to the moon." I cannot wait til the MSG show!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 10:39:54

I have to say that this was the most amazing concert I've ever been to. They were there singing and letting himself go in front of thousands of people. I have much so much admiration for them as musicians. I can't wait to see them again in London on the 26th of November. I'm sure that it will be just as amazing if not even more.


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 27, 2003 17:40:22

best night of my life. period.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 29, 2003 12:09:29

this was my 4th Radiohead concert and it just keeps getting better and better... Went with my little brother for this b-day (his first time) and he summed it up like this:

"this is the best present anyone has EVER given me"

it`s mystical really, and I can`t stop dancing like a maniac through all of it.

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