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Tweeter Center - Camden, NJ USA
August 18, 2003
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01 the gloaming
02 there there
03 sit down. stand up
04 where i end and you begin
05 exit music
06 backdrifts
07 lucky
08 paranoid android
09 sail to the moon
10 kid a
11 go to sleep
12 like spinning plates
13 i might be wrong
14 talk show host
15 idioteque
16 fake plastic trees
17 the national anthem

Encore #1:
18 nice dream
19 my iron lung
20 no surprises
21 karma police

Encore #2:
22 2+2=5
23 everything in its right place
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Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 04:47:37

i have to go ahead and agree with rachel when she said that this show was a bit of a disappointment. i'd go even further and say that this show was a BIG disappointment. i have been a fan for a long time now, and i have watched their music go from places of conviction and inspiration to money-making drivel with no meaning or intention. because i love the band so dearly, and have for so long, it took a lot to admit to myself that this new album is seriously lacking. i also have to agree with rachel on the venue being commcercial, overpriced, poorly set-up, and uninviting. the liberty state park show two years ago was all general seating, thus whoever got there first got the best seats. there was a sense of unity in that crowd, and a real connection between the band and the audience. i felt that thom was going through the motions that he invented - doing a very good impersonation of himself at a time when his music really meant something to him. what is this new album about? what does it all mean? where are they coming from with these songs? perhaps my disappointment in the band and the new album spilled over into my perception of the concert, but the people around me agreed that the band has seriously lost where they were coming from in the first place. it really saddens me that the band lacked such conviction on the album and live, and i can only hope that the money-making machine that the band has become, soon breaks down and some real music is made.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 07:11:15

This was my first radiohead concert and it was great. They opened with the gloaming which i thought was weird but thom was dancing about half way through and everyone went nuts.The first few songs were from hail to the thief with some ok computer songs but they played paranoid android which was a highlight.They also played kid a which i wondered how they were going to play it live but it sounded just as good if not better then the studio version. After that they played go to sleep and jonny had a huge solo at the end that lasted for a good minute. They finished with like spinning plates i might be wrong talk show host idioteqe of course fake plastic trees and the national anthem which sounded great without the trumpits and other stuff. They suprised everyone with nice dream and were going to play some othewr song but thom stoped and then played my iron lung. Before playing that i told my friend that i was going to go nuts if they played my iron lung.After that they played no surprises and karma police and thom came back on the stage and sang the for a minute i lost my self part and everyone sang along.They finished the night with 2+2=5 and everything in its right place which souds so much better live with jonny and ed messing around with samplers and such for 3 minutes. Overall i thought it was a great concert with a variety of songs from all of their cds except pablo honey but its was still great. My only disapointment was thom didnt come out and play true love waits, airbag, packt like sardines in a crushed tin box, and life in a glasshouse.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 09:56:44

We sat directly next to the production booth. The good and the bad of that was we saw the setlist before the show even started. Myxamatosis is the song they were going to do but had equipment problems. The replacement was My Iron Lung. The show was incredible. They were incredibly tight, and Thom's voice was dead on. I think they were dying to perform after having the Toronto show cxl'd 2 nights earlier. I can honestly say I don't expect to see a better show again, and am totally saitisfied if that is the case. Thank You !!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 04:47:17

ADA & Rachel I don't Know where to begin. This concert was mind blowing!! I saw people crying for pete's sake. Maybe you guys should stay home, concerts are for the big boys, I bet you guys are the radiohead fans that listen to " creep " over and over & think it is their best song. I feel sorry for you. Open your mind and let the knowledge in, trust me you won't get hurt. Mommy can't hold your hand forever!!

Rachel I'm sorry Thom & co. could not provide the adequate bass for you, you were only 2000 feet from the stage after all. Maybe you thought this was a Public Enemy or Run-Dmc CONCERT !! As far as another venue in philly, good luck, the only option is a venue of 500 to 1000 people or the Vet ( which is worse than the tweeter I saw U2 there trust me on this ). The FU center was booked that nite, O.K ??

Furthermore Radiohead has no control ZERO over the prices of water. It is what it is. You know this going in , get over it. If you were smart, which I am assuming u r not. You would have bought a water, then refilled it in the sink. And Finally you DID pay $35 to stare at a screen you silly silly girl and Thom personally thanks you. I paid $ 60 for an 8th row seat. You get what u pay for. Maybe you should fork over a bit more $$ to see the best show out there, I guess you need to save the $$ for your anger pills. Remember life's a bitch then you marry one. Nag Nag Nag !!

I wanted to tell everyone that Radiohead paid A fine before going on stage to the tweeter center. I think it was $ 10,000. The fine allows a band to play past 10 pm on weekdays. It has to do with the noise late at nite. So let's thank those guys they put up a chunk of change to play late for us!!

ADA are you still tryin to figure out Hail to the thief ?? Well stop because your brain might explode. It is not Ok computer. The band is evolving and getting a bit dark. Are you scared to delve into it. Personally I think it could be as good as Ok, but that is not the point. Thom and Co. want you to change , like the album , hate it and be confused. That is why it is so good. Stop comparing it to any other album.

" where are they coming from with these songs" you said. They are sneaking up right behind you from a dark alley and they want to bitch-slap you so hard beacuse you are so dense it hurts 2 think about it! That's where they are coming from, get on board or step aside because Radiohead might be too smart of a band for you!! May I suggest Creed.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 18:20:06

I jsut got back form this concert an hour ago, so excuse any "lacking" this note may have.

for about two of the songs johnny's equipment wouldn't work in the beginning and he would have to take a minute to fix it, while thom mocked him while leaning against his upright piano.

the group played many songs, but these were the ones that stood out:

they opened with "the gloaming" which had a great beat, and really got the crowds going.

"lucky" was one of the most beautiful performances. the lighting and everything.

thom dedicated "paranoid android" to all the people who sat in the lawn seats.

to my surprise they performed two oldies from the bends: "nice dream" and "my iron lung". both were played flawlessly and almost identical to how they sound on the CD's

karma police was phenomenal as usual, the whole crowd singing along. After the song was done, thom said goodnight. Less than 5 seconds later, thom runs back out, grabs the mic and sings, "phew for a minute there, i lost myself"- the last verses of karma police, solo without the band, and everyone sings along with him. It was an awesome moment. Everything was quiet except for all the singing voices of the audience and thom. Then thom leaves again. people in the audience started lighting their own lighters and holding them in the air, until the whole crowd looked like they were holding up lighters. Soon enough, radiohead came running back on stage and played "everything in it's right place". Thom is at his keyboard for the most part, as johnny messes with thom's voice effects with various distortions. Then, thom gets off his keyboard and dances around, and gets the crowd going by waving his arms in the air to the beat of the song. As the song comes to an end, thom disapears and soon enough the only person left on stage is johnny, who is still messing with the distortions. They go on and on for a long time, and in the backround of the stage, the words, "FOREVER" scrolled across for the remainder of the song. Finally, johnny finished the distortions, and ran across stage, and finally off stage like the rest of the band members as the crowd continued to go wild.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 18:35:27

A fantastic show (surprise). Two things that were most notable: A setlist with pleasantly surprising variety, and the quality of Thom's singing. Thom has a remarkable voice in any case, but tonight he was in fantastic form, and his pitch was really spot on for a live performance. Plenty of spastic dancing as well. Johnny played with his usual frenetic enthusiasm. The opening half of the show featured only tunes from HTTT and OK Computer (the first 9 of 17 songs, before the two encores). The big surprises were Talk Show Host (song 14), and a deep selection from The Bends for the latter part of the show: Fake Plastic Trees (song 14 of 17 in the main part), (nice dream) (!!!) as the opener for the first encore, which was followed by My Iron Lung when the set-up for Myxomatosis didn't pan out (I think some fault with Johnny's equipment).
Thom didn't interact that much with the audience, although he was clearly having a good time. Notable highlights were Paranoid Android dedicated to people on "the lawn," a lengthy false start for Sail to the Moon (more problems with Johnny's rig--guitar distorting--Thom feigned impatience as he propped his head on the piano waiting for things to get resolved), and Karma Police which ended the first encore and really pumped the crowd. Thom dedicated the song to "peace, love, and harmony--and less crazy people." At the end of Karma Police, all members bowed and began to exit, but Thom approached the mic and a capella sang again the last line: "Phew! For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself," to the crowd's delight. The second encore featured 2+2=5 and wrapped up with Everything In Its Right Place about which Thom said, "This is a song about the good days." The show closed with Ed and Johnny messing with samples taken live from Thom's performance of EIIRP, while Thom walked about the stage apron beaming and waving. A great time.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 18:45:07

solid performance all around. started off with The Gloaming and went through four or five new ones before hitting off some OK computer...some minor tech problems led to some hilarious antics by thom and johnny...highlights of the night included My Iron Lung, Kid A, Nice Dream, & a powerful version of Fake Plastic Trees...would have liked to have heard some more off Kid A, but what can you do?...good show

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 18:52:20

Beautiful night for a beautiful show...

Saw them 5 days ago in Boston....this time with much better seats.

The thing that stuck out most to me at this sshow was the numerous technical difficulties. Johnny was having all sorts of problems. His guitar was making all kinds of weird sounds as Thom tried to start "Sail to the Moon". They had to wait while a roadie changed guitar cords for them. Tom was not very happy with this....he puttered on the piano for a few minutes and then got up and stormed around the front of the piano...kinda like a little kid. Funny! It was a long awkward moment...I kept yelling "say something to us!" But....he didn't really say anything.

There were also some major problems during the 1st encore...during fake plastic trees, Johnny's keyboard wasn't working. The next song was going to utilize the keyboard too so they scrapped it and played "My Iron Lung".

All in all....a moving show...nothing out of the ordinary or special. It is really nice that they change up the setlist from night to night....really great. 5 different songs than the show in Boston...and all 5 that they took out were the weakest ones too...which was really cool. No "Creep" this time...which I was happy about.

The best surprise of the night was "Talk Show Host". Really tight!

I really wish Thom would talk more...give us something beyond the music...we have the DCDs for that. He needs to relate to the audience....pull us in a little more with some words of wisdom. The other guys should talk too...why not? Thousands of people there to see them and they can't even give us a little lip? Tell us some meanings behind the songs...or stories about the songs....something....anything!

Oh well...I guess that is not their thing. I can't complain...the music speaks for itself!

Does anyone know what song they scrapped when the keyboard wouldn't work? If me!


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 19:07:15

Radiohead was absolutely most entertaining show I've ever seen. They played from every CD, not primarily HTTT. They kicked things off with The Gloaming, got in with Fake Plastic Trees; Paranoid Android; Exit Music; Karma Police; Kid A; Idioteque; Like Spinning Plates; they ended the night with Everything In It's Right Place; and had about 6 from HTTT in between. Plenty more as well, including one that surprised me, Talk Show Host.

It was fantastic, and I couldn't have been more pleased. I'm glad to hear a variety, and not just stuff from the new record. I'd say go to the Radiohead show when it comes to town, and you couldn't possibly be disapointed if you're a fan.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 19:13:27

I just got back from Camden; it was my first Radiohead concert. Although I've seen Metallica, DMB, Dream Theater, and Godsmack within the past few years, I must say this was the best show I've been to. I couldn't have asked for a better setlist (I don't remember it all but I'm sure it'll be posted soon.) They played many songs from the new CD but didn't skimp on some of my older favorites. Exit Music was very amazing. At one point during the show, they were about to play a song and then stopped and said something was broken. Iron Lung was played while some Techs worked on the problem. I don't know what the problem was or what song they were tring to play, but if anyone knows, I'd like to find out. The crowd was friendly and even though I got lawn seats the view was better than many other venues. The only negatives were: $15 parking, the opening band (The Jinks) wasn't very good, no one directing traffic when we left, and the camera guys did a faily poor job and Tweeter's screens for the lawn section had a 1 second delay so if you watched, every move looked off. These small details are quite minor and I give this show a 10/10.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 20:28:30

the show opened with four or five straight hail to the thief songs... followed by a couple of random OKC. lucky was incredible. the set design was ridiculous... i almost had a seizure during paranoid android. talk show host also came into the set half way through which made my brain melt. two encores consisting of mostly bends material, 2+2=5, and everything its right place... some others... i'm too lazy to remember. all in all, an amazing concert. thom can dance. my only complaint, no airbag. grahh...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 01:57:54

This was my first radiohead show, and ive been a fan for about 5 or 6 years. I have a new respect for the word radiohead now. that was the single most exciting experience of my life. i know question my motives for never seeing them live before. karma police and 2+2=5 was absolutely amazing, paranoid android was amazing also. the lights and sound quality was out of this word. i was disssappointed they didnt play myxomatosis, but that dissappointment lasted for a short short time because the rest of the show was absolutely incredible. best 45 dollars EVER spent. if u do one thing in ur lifetime, make it that u see radiohead live. God bless


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 02:39:38

Last night I saw my favorite band and it was my first of many shows seeing Radiohead. I was blown away totally. The music, the lights, and the eneergy from the crowd was simply perfect. I have seen many shows in my 22 years on this earth and never once have I felt my legs give out from under me and last night I felt like that. Thom was just freaking on last night as was the rest of the band. Highlights included a great version of Talk Show Host and surprisingly, Nice Dream. They had some tech problems with Johnny's keyboard which led to My Iron Lung which is so much better live I thought. As a matter of fact, the songs from Kid A were incredible. I love that album but being there, hearing the songs in their purest form was amazing. I have so much respect for these guys. In one of the encores, after Karma Police, Thom just stood at the mic by his lonesome and sang the outro to that great song and just let the audience sing with him. It was amazing and I was glad to be part of it. Simply the best band around. Opening with The Gloaming was pretty cool too. They played 22 songs and each one was just flawless. I love Radiohead and thank you to Green Plastic for having this place for the fans to come to and let out their feelings on the best band in the world. Peace.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 04:12:35

Simply put, last night (my first Radiohead concert) was one of the most amazing nights of my life! Radiohead opened up w/ "The Gloaming" - the bass that is in the beginning of that song sounded friggin awesome, (yeah, go ahead - play the song and listen to it - now imagine that coming out of like 300 some odd speakers) and surprisingly it got everyone (including Thom) to get up and start dancing! That set the mood for an unbelievable concert under an unbelievable summer sky- Thom was going absolutely nuts throughout the first set of songs, dancing and slapping people's hands in the first couple rows. The band played a good mix of new and old stuff (but no Creep!)- oh and they played "" but Im not so sure how often they play that - anyway, just before the first encore they played Karma Police, and at the end, Thom came back out and sang acapella "Phew for a minute there I lost myself" twice, and the whole crowd sang w/ him and it was just amazing! An impressive version of "Everything In It's Right Place" rounded out an even more breathtaking concert that seemed to embody the title of that last song perfectly.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 04:32:28

This was my first concert ever, plus it was Radiohead, so I was really, really psyched before the show.

The opening band was one I've never heard of, sm&jyncks, I believe is how they spelled it. They were alright, but it was very difficult to understand what they were saying. They played for about 45 minutes, and then they cleared off. For the next half hour, everyone was anticipating Radiohead as they played this weird Jamaican/reggae filler music. As the song ended (it was on repeat), the crowd would cheer in hopes of bringing Radiohead out. At around 8:45, they finally graced the stage and opened with "The Gloaming," which was surprisingly incredibly high-energy live.

I was a bit disappointed by "Paranoid Android." I guess it wasn't as high-energy as I had anticipated, but it improved towards the end. The band was having problems during "Sail to the Moon," but they finally got it right on the third try with encouragement from the crowd. "Talk Show Host" was a nice surprise, and "Fake Plastic Trees" was really awe-inspiring.

After an awesome rendition of "National Anthem," Radiohead went offstage but came back for their first encore. "My Iron Lung" was definitely a standout for the night, and the crowd really enjoyed shouting back "Bring down the goverment! They don't speak for us!" in "No Surprises." (I'm just guessing there weren't many Bush fans in attendance...) "Karma Police" was also memorable, most of the crowd knowing all of the lyrics. Thom dedicated it to "love, peace, and less crazy people," which I thought was amusing. After the song, he sang the last bit of the song a capella as the crowd shouted along.

We cheered them back out for a second encore, in which they played "2 + 2 = 5," a song I had really wanted to see live. The crowd enjoyed this one as they did "No Surprises," with everyone shouting "All hail to the theif!" Their final song was "Everything in Its Right Place," which had extended distortions of Thom's voice after the band left the stage.

I had an amzing time, and it seemed like the band did as well. Thom was jumping around and dancing on stage. My experience was absolutely beyond words.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 04:43:47

Hey Jon -

Just to let you know, I had a typo in my review of the Camden, NJ show - I left out the song title of "that song that the band might rarely play" (I think I just left quotation marks where the song title is supposed to be) anyway, the song is "How Can You Be Sure"

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 04:47:32

You'll hear this all tour - the show was fantastic. Radiohead is one of the best current rock bands on the planet and they do it their way ... which happens also to be the way the fans prefer, perhaps to the dismay of the band. One note to band - especially Thom - you're good. You're damn good .... deal with it! At least this time around it looks like they're all having a blast. Watching Colin mouth the words to just about every song brings the band down to the same level of the fans - respect of the music.

This show had everything from inspiring new songs, like the surprise The Gloaming opener to the surprise gem from the Bends - Nice Dream. From Talk Show Host to an arousing Paranoid Android. From the odd placement of Exit Music to the completely made over live version of Kid A, a tune I never thought they'd start to do in concert, but pull off with great abandon and a song where Thom is very vulnerable. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the night (or at least a close second to Nice Dream) was how Backdrifts is being played. It was raw and rockin', but still had the touch of techno-grunge guitar rock that Radiohead is so good at.

A spectacular show by a spectacular band. Although it seems they wanted to play Myxomatosis, the setlist was still a joy. See this band now.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 05:38:59

Excellent show. Thom clearly loves Philadelphia. Stirring renditions of of "Sail to the Moon" and "Karma Police". Also nice to hear "My Iron Lung" with Johnny wailing as usual.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 06:08:47

From the opening chords of There There, I knew this concert was going to be amazing! Althought I've been a die hard fan since the beginning, this was my first live experience with Radiohead. I went in not sure what to expect, but hoped for something the caliber of the I Might Be Wrong live video. The wonderful thing is, I feel like I truly got what I was hoping for. Technically, they were tight from beginning to end. My friends turned to me at one point and said "are you sure this is live?" Not to mention, I've never seen a band who seemed so genuinely excited just to be on stage. Jonny was dancing and singing and clapping and generally making all kinds of merryment throughout. In between songs everyone from Thom on through were laughing and smiling with each other, only to fall back into a trancelike passion when it was back to business time. There were a few "technical problems", but they were handled gracefully and the band didn't miss a beat. In one case, Thom attempted to count off the beginning of a song, and each time he tried the piano microphone wasn't working. After three attempts he walked away, crossed his arms and legs, leaned against equipment and tapped his foot, waiting for the problem to be fixed. It was done and the song went on without a hitch. They played everything from Paranoid Android to National Anthem, Karma Police to 2and2=5. The show ended with a stunning encore culminating with Everything in It's Right Place- a lone sound distortion machine left on stage to play in the dark after the band exited. No matter how many times you listen to the CD's you truly haven't experienced them until you've seen this band in front of you pouring their souls into their music for your enjoyment.
As someone who has attended MANY different concerts, it truly means very much to me to say that this was the best I've seen.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 06:22:28

Awesome, as usual. A heavy dose of Hail to the Thief of course. They also played just about everything from OK Computer, which delighted me to no end. Had a little trouble with equipment in the encore set after Thom announce that the next song was about being in a mental ward. They skipped over to Iron Lung, then after resolving the problem went back to play No Alarms No Surprises. Karma Police closed out the first encore, with Thom reprising the chorus a capella ("For a moment there I lost myself"). The show was triumphantly finished with Johnny Greenwood's haunting sound effects work closing out Everything in Its Right Place. All the band then left the stage except Johnny, who continued the sounds as the word FOREVER scrolled across the backdrop in changing colors for what actually seemed like forever. Also played were several songs from Kid A (National Anthem, Idioteque, Everything in Its Right Place), a couple from Amnesiac (I Might Be Wrong, Like Spinning Plates), and a few classics including Nice Dream and Iron Lung. Another triumph for the band. Thanks Radiohead!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 07:49:52

I saw both of the shows in Boston and Montreal before this one, and I must say this was the better of the three. The crowd was unbelievable, by far the most enthusiastic and appreciative I've seen. There was a genuine energy you could really feel throughout the night - it was great.

Highlights for me Exit Music. It was pretty cool to see such an excited crowd become totally silent to hear every note of a great song.

I wish Thom continued to sing Big Ideas after the false starts of Sail to the Moon. I suppose the tease was nice though. It's nice to see the band mess up - it reminds us that they really are human.

Fake Plastic Trees was great. Nice Dream was a pleasant surprise. My Iron Lung was played to perfection.

Karma Police was breath-taking as always. Another good example of how a great crowd can make such an impact at a show.

I also met a brown-eyed angel named Liz from NJ. Liz if you see this drop me a line milkit3@yahoo.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 08:07:42

Think this will be a favorable review? :) Amazing show, of course, and right on par with the Field Day show, in my opinion. The sound might not have been as crystal clear, but the energry from the crowd was just captivating throughout. Opening with "The Gloaming" took me completely by surprise. Thom's dancing during this one was hilarious. Speaking of dancing, Colin's just insanely energetic! He just would not stop jumping up and down! "There There" really got the crowd into the show as that triple drum attack is just enthralling. Jonny played plenty of his signature freak-out solos, including a great one at the end of "Go To Sleep" and of course he destroyed(in a good way) "Paranoid Android" and "My Iron Lung". Probably the two absolute highlights were "I Might Be Wrong", which grooved relentlessly, and, of course, "Idioteque", which is just made for a live setting. "Kid A" sounds so bizarre live; totally unique sounding song. The false starts before "Sail to the Moon" were hilarious and I'm honestly not sure what Thom started playing on the piano, because I was laughing and it only lasted a few seconds. When the actual song emerged, it was beautiful. Segue coming...likewise "Exit Music" is just haunting, though this is one song during which I'd love for people to shut up :) "Fake Plastic Trees" is my favorite Radiohead song, and this version was as beautiful as ever. That third verse still owns you. Closing the first set with "The National Anthem" is a great idea, as well, as it makes a perfect opener(2001 tour) or closer(well, now). The ultimate surprise of the night was "Nice Dream". They haven't played that one in forever, and I don't think anyone saw it coming. Great rendition, as well. Then there was the hilarity of not being able to play "Myxomatosis" and the band deciding to completely rock the house instead with "My Iron Lung". "No Surprises" is completely beloved at this point and the applause during the "bring down the government/they don't speak for us" lines is just fabulous. "Karma Police" got the crowd together in a monster sing-along, capped off with Thom's accapella version of the coda. As for the second encore, "2+2=5" seemed to come completely out of nowhere, and it ruled mercilessly. Freaky moment when EVERYONE in the crowd chanted "Hail to the Thief, All Hail to the Thief"!...kind of scared me :) Closing with "Everything in its Right Place" was a perfect choice, because of the band members leaving one by one(ok, I know Colin and Phil leave at the same time, but bear with me). In the backdrop video screen could be seen the word "Forever" and though I have no idea what that refers to, I'll say it sure felt right! Let the countdown to MSG begin...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 08:09:57

i'd waited years for radiohead to come to this area, so last night was a long time coming. it was fabulous and amazing and wonderful and bombastic. big highlights for me were idioteque (i'd seen and heard so many live performances of this song and i really wanted to experience it for myself), kid a (i'd never heard it live, i was always curious how it would sound), paranoid android (!), my iron lung & nice dream, 2+2=5 (i went nuts!), and EIIRP (so great live). i went to a lot of shows this summer but this was the only one that gave me goosebumps. i just wish that radiohead sold bootlegs or their shows like pearl jam does.

oh, and steve and the jicks were awesome as well. last night was the second time i saw them.


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 09:02:50

Radiohead, not surprisingly at all, managed to keep the crowd riveted and transed into the melodic, fast, slow, and hypnotic sounds and rhythms all night long. An ecclectic setlist that included oldies such as Nice Dream and My Iron Lung also touched on classics like paranoid android and Karma Police which all were performed with a real sense of perfection. Karma Police was real favorite becuase of the crowd involvement. The entire place seemed to completely unite for that song and everyone was completely in touch with the emotion the song that was being evoked from the band. The new stuff also sounded amazing. Sit down Stand up really was played better than I thought possible and Backdrifts was lenghtened and changed a little but it made it truly amazing. Overall, the 23 songs that they played seemed to last 5 minutes because the energy they had on stage was just so intense that I never really wanted it to stop. The conclusion with "FOREVER" being scrolled over and over again was really dramatic and left the crowd only wanting more. I would have liked to hear songs like Street Spirit(fade out) and Myxomatosis but either way it was quite life changing. Anyone reading this, before you die go see Radiohead because otherwise your life is not complete

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 09:10:04

Out of the four radiohead concerts ive seen, I would say this was maybe my second or third fave.
1. 1997 I saw them at the masquerade in atlanta which held about 500 people. amazing
they even played let down, albeit poorly
2 and 3. either field day fest or this show
field day fest was quite remarkable
4. 2001 in atlanta, pretty good, at least i was close
i notice my seats get worse and worse
i see them 2 more times in october at msg
and my seats are worse then the tweeter center
but they always put ona good show
i guess i just need lasix
excellent setlist at camden
my fave surprise being (nice dream)
never heard that one live
it was great

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 09:16:57

Thom and Radiohead,
Karma Police, Paranoid Android, 2+2=5, Sit down Stand up, My Iron Lung, National Anthem, and the plenty other highlights of the night put me into another spiritual world my friends. Not only did I enjoy the music and wild antics of Thom, but I actually felt my brain melting into my body while listening to the insane melodies put together by one group of deranged men. This is a new high in my life and there really isn't any review to make becuase if you weren't there than engligh words cannot do justice to the experience as a whole. That is all that can be said.

Thank you. Thank you.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 10:08:33

This was my second time seeing Radiohead, the first was at the Field Day Festival. Thom seemed much more relaxed and even cracked a smile once and awhile. I do not think that I have ever seen a better staging/lighthing design. The lights, and hearing the band live made for a flawless evening. I just wish that Thom and the other guys would open up a little more and talk to the audience.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 10:51:52

Radiohead is the best what can I say. My first of many concerts I hope. Everyone's pretty much touched up on what happened but my thoughts are why Thom keeps teasing us by playing a little bit of "Big Ideas" everyonce in awhile at the concernts. He did last night before "Sail to the Moon" while Johnny was supposedly fixing his guitar (I think they do that so Thom can play a little of "Big Ideas") I don't think many people heard him do it but he did and I was hoping they would play it...who know maybe on a future album "Big Ideas" and "Manowar" (I'm dreaming)...anyway words can't describe the emotion I had at the concernt...just simply the best...only wished to hear "Wolf at the Door" Oh well!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 11:13:35

This was my second time seeing radiohead, 1st in the states. everyone else that reviewed has summed up the night pretty well, so I'll just say what stuck out in my mind. The new songs were amazing. Everything off of HTTT was spot on. I was so glad they played Spinning Plates, it was a beautiful version. Nice Dream and Fake Plastic Trees were also great to hear. Paranoid Android was a little weak. Not nearly as rockin as the first time I saw it played. Does anyone remember Thom saying "We're going to take Johnny's guitar away from him" and what songs it was between? What was up with Johnny anyway. He kept doing these spastic fits of guitar rage, it was strange. I also thought I heard(and I might be wrong) Thom change the lyrics to the one line in My Iron Lung. It sounded like he sang "When the power went out, we were really hosed." I guess refering to the cancelled Toronto show. All in all it was a great show, a nice mix of songs, and alot of energy. I'm glad to see The Boys enjoying themselves.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 11:25:20

It was an amazing show. However, they did not play "Climbing Up The Walls", "Street Spirit", and "Creep". I really wanted to hear Climbing. Besides that, it was amazing show. I attended the show with my brother, and we couldn't believe how they could replicate the sounds that are on their cd's. If you get the chance to see them on this tour, get there!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 11:37:50

So, last night i saw Radiohead... for the first time ever. I have liked them for a year or so, but now i have a new and greater respect for them. The concert really began for me when they started playing the glooming, which was the first song. Since I'm such a big fan, i went all out and danced... just like thom did.. They were amazing and it was clearly the best show that I have ever been to. It didn't really matter to me that I had a lawn seat, because the concert was to intense to worry about little things like that. I almost had a seizure when they played paranoid android and also when they played 2+2=5... I never expected the concert to be so good...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 11:59:26

the most amazizing experience of my life. similar to an orgasm, however this lasted for about 2 hours. the selection was excellent and the view was great, even from the lawn seats. highlights were fake plastic trees, my iron lung, karma police, and talk show host. the new cd is even better live. i would recomend radiohead to anybody, it was well worth the money, i would have paid much much more.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 12:05:38

The second Tweeter Center concert was even better than the first! It was a better venue in Camden than in Mansfield, with a better view, including the waterfront and Philadelphia. The immediate surroundings gave us a lesson in sociology: one HAD to feel for the people who actually have to live in Camden. The concert was literally in a combat zone - we got to witness a car being stripped as we concert goers were heading back to the highway, passing the shotgun shacks and heading back to our "pretty houses". This is America!! :0) Despite some minor glitches, the sound was MUCH better than the first show: a little louder, and with more of the great BASS! In fact, all the technical side was better: There were more screens, including one huge one, with the two screens inside next to the band having MUCH better clarity...and there was an actual light show (and it 'twernt pompous at all!) The band just sounded more inspired - this crowd was larger, louder, and looser. Thom's voice was not as fresh and sweet, but still a miracle. Most importantly, Thom and the band were MUCH more animated, as was the crowd. He introduced Karma Police with a nod towards a change in leadership in the U.S. and U.K. governments, which most loudly harrah'd!! And, the way the band closed the concert was BIG... We all wanted more......forever !!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 12:31:14

This show being my third Radiohead concert was much anticipated by myself and my friends. I absolutely adore Hail to the Thief and couldn't wait to hear the songs live since I had only heard the cd and the acoustic session that they had in Philadelphia. THE SHOW WAS BREATH TAKING! I had lawn seats but I was pressed against the gate and I could see Thom in his little black shirt and white pants. I must say his dancing has improved since the last concert..hehehe..HE JUST BRINGS SO MUCH ENERGY TO THE AUDIENCE! It's as if he radiates it. I love to dance at Radiohead, I love to feel the music. Anyway, getting off topic Thom didn't talk very much but they had two encores and the best variety of songs ever sooo I can't complain. I was dissapointed that they didn't play more off Hail to the Thief. I really wanted to hear Myxamatosis, We Suck Young Blood, and Wolf at the Door. Oh well, maybe next time. The most incredible moment was during Karma Police. You see, I was noticing the audience singing to the other songs, but not too loud(I was screaming at the top of my lungs mind you) BUT during Karma Police I stopped singing and I could really hear the audience getting into the song. I think Thom definitely felt it too because when he was done he sang "PHEW FOR A MINUTE THERE I LOST MYSELF" very softly soo he could hear the audience sing along.. It was wonderful. I think it must be incredible to be on stage and get that kind of feed back. AND RADIOHEAD DESERVE Only the Best! Oh, and I had a couple of questions for radiohead fans reading my review. During The National Anthem did they loop in some GEORGE W. BUSH stuttering or was that just me? AND what do you think the scrolling FOREVER sign at the end of the concert meant? It was kind of creepy wasn't it? They never cease to amaze me. I would like to hear them play TRUE LOVE WAITS sometime live, that would be a treat.. BUT the band did a great job at the song KID A(which I had never heard live before) and Idioteque made me want to jump off the walls, it got me so pumped! I was SO ANGRY when Thom played Exit Music... No, I wasn't angry at the band I was angry at the audience. THE BEGINNING OF EXIT MUSIC IS SOFT AND SAD AND BEAUTIFUL I DONT NEED TO HEAR PEOPLE SCREAMING AND CARRYING ON WHILE THOM IS SINGING! It was incredibly rude. I mean I cheered when Phil came in on the drums But JESUS DONT SCREAM AND CLAP WHILE ITS JUST THOM AND HIS BEAUTIFUL GUITAR!! AHHHH!!!Does anyone else agree or am I crazy?!? It was wonderful to see the ocean of lighters though and clapping to the beat of Everything in its Right place was exhilirating too soo I guess the fans redeemed themselves...but now I must listen to some radiohead so I HOPED YOU HAVE ENJOYED MY LENGTHY REVIEW OF A FANTASTIC PERFORMANCE!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 13:24:05

first time seeing the flesh and blood that is Radiohead.
So...they started off with an odd but cool choice: The Gloaming, which was somehow performed in a way that made you dance like a madman WHILE it creeped the crap out of you.
There There sounds cooler in person, and I feared that the Tweeter would collapse towards the climax. Thundering.
Sit down, Stand up had was just as amazing as on CD, which in itself is impressive. And loud.
Exit Music For a Film...bone chilling. the lighting was exceptionally exceptional when the drums kicked in. blue band, blinding white background.
Paranoid Android. yes. this is the best song ever written and all, the lighting was incredible...fiery orange, cold, cold blue...then back into the inferno. "i think im being shocked by a wait, thats just Johnny playing guitar."
Kid A. well...i never, ever expected to hear Kid A. i felt it was one of the better moments of the show. Radiohead brought a mellow yet energetic vibe with them for this song. i used to think i couldnt dance to it.
Talk Show Host. i'll put it this way. i'm glad i went to the bathroom before the show.
Idioteque liquified my internal organs and made my brain leak out of my ear. played with an energy level comparable the Big Bang.
Fake Plastic Trees...keeps getting better with age.
The National Anthem. if this performance had been in California, Los Angeles would currently be an island. the boys kick us in the gut with something that can best be descibed as thick and and bloody. Colin drops a bassline that stings like a papercut on your brain.
My Iron Lung rocked my face off. Johnny throws lightning bolts from his guitar again.
No Surprises was, not surprisingly, awesome.
Karma Police. you know, its kinda cool when you can here Karma Police with a 30,000 piece choir singing backup. When Thom ran back onstage to sing the final lines with no band, no felt like he was trying to be a personal friend to everyone in the audience. individually.
and last but not least: Everything in its Right Place...made you forget you were on Earth for a short period of time. and touch at the end...coolest part of the whole show. I could have sat there FOREVER and while the sonic aftermath or EIIRP rippled through the cosmos. nothing short of a stunning show. Oh...and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks (thats their actual name) weren't too bad either.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 13:57:08


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 14:31:56

Tonight was absolutely great. Although I have been a fan for years this was my first show. I was blown away. Lights were great. Thom's voice was phenomenal. The crowd was really into it. The highlights I believe were: The Gloaming, (I could not believe how great that was), There There (sounds better live), Idioteque (Crowd really got into it) and 2 + 2 = 5, (which as a prediction will go down as one of Radiohead's crowning achievements.) I've listened to a lot of rock in my day but after the show tonight I really think it is safe to say that before all is said and done Radiohead will go down as one of the greatest bands of all time.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 18:30:37

Hello all! I have seen a lot of shows in my life, including radiohead once before. This was the best sounding show I have ever attended!!!!!!! The Tweeter Center has great sound and is in a prime location on the waterfront. Thom and crew played with high energy as usual. A few problems with gear didn't put even a slight damper on the evening. I bought a 12pack of buttons and handed them to people I met that night whom had never seen radiohead live before. The last song of the night, "Everything in its Right Place," was an exclusive version with an added beat and extra bells and whistles. I am begging somone to email me with a recording of that song from this night!.
Just got home from seeing 50Cent, Busta and Fabolous.. I will let you just ponder that


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 18:31:11

Wow! this is the third or fourth time I've had tickets to see Radiohead, the first time I've seen them. F'n unreal. Amazing! I have been extremely bitter about the Bullrun shows for a couple of years, and all I can say is that seeing this band was worth the wait. I've been going to see "shows" for 17 years, and I've never seen anything that compares to this band. Lucky was the highlight for me personally, and I just can't wait for what is tonight @ Merriweather!!!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 18:53:09

I got into radiohead sometime between OKC and Kid A and have been a huge fan ever since. this was my first time seeing them live. not knowing what to expect, I was actually surprised by which songs they did and did not play. "exit music" threw me completely offguard as it is one of my very favorites, and one that I didnt expect, although it didn't dissolve into as much mechanical-electronic-chaos at the end as I thought it would. they must really love OKC! no "creep," which I thought was interesting...and no "myxamatosis," which I was all ready to be overwhelmed by live, though I understand now that it was probably a technical problem (all the way in the back of the seated section I couldn't quite tell what was going on). couldn't really understand thom when he spoke but strangely I heard lyrics clearer than I'd ever heard them on the albums, as well as instrumental layers that came alive in the same way, particularly songs from the kid a era on.

all in all, left me very pleased. I can't wait for opening night at madison square garden, and there is a decent amount of time until then to gear up for it again. also, if anyone is listening, if they're going to do a bends encore, they might as well do the two songs I love the most out of their whole collection: "the bends" and "black star"...hint hint, hehe.

as mentioned by others here, outstanding moments were: interactive "karma police," being surrounded by hundreds of lighters in the dark before the encore, stunning lighting effects, and thom and the audience spazzing out together...the true beauty of concerts. I echo the sentiment of wanting to hear more commentary from the band. oh, and I second brett on this being an absolutely incredible site, between the lyrics section and the gigography...I'll be back for sure!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 19:34:24

i had very high expectations for this show, and i was still completely blown away. there were many highlights of the concert that really stuck out for me. they played kid a very different from how they play it on the album, and i loved it. the best surprise i think was talk show host. they played it flawlessly. i was in the pit, and we all started screaming and cheering during 'no surprises' when thom sang 'bring down the government; they don't, they don't speak for us.'
they band was wired and gave a lot of energy to songs that i had thought were more laid back and mellow than others (for instance, the gloaming).
i must also compliment thom on his dancing...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 23:09:08

Ryan- I think the song they were going to play when the keyboard broke was Myxomatosis. Too bad- that song would have been great to see live.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 03:39:43

WEll, I finally attended a Radiohead Concert. It was clearly one of the most amazing concerts Ive ever seen. Radiohead is clearly the best band hands down. I was quite amazed how they reproduced the songs live. It was amazing. I really dont like the tweeter center but radiohead made this an enjoyable experience.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 06:25:55

it's been a few years since i've been to a concert. never in a million years would i have thought i'd get to see Radiohead. what to say that everyone else hasn't already?! not much, except that these men were on fire and i'm damned grateful i was able to get close to the flames...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 06:32:57

i've seen radiohead once before two years ago at liberty state park.. and now i understand what was lacking in my life since then. this show was amazing..i loved how they played songs from each album..fake plastic trees, paranoid android, spinning plates, exit music, no surprises, idioteque, sit down stand up were some which stuck out for me. and when thom came back out singing for a minute there i lost myself of karma police i thought my legs would give way..and of course talk show host--well a beautiful show! and all of them seemed to be in a really good mood.. thom can really dance. one of the best shows i've seen if not the best..
also does anyone know what happened to that person who jumped in the river..

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 06:56:47

radiohead's performance monday night in camden was... amazing, to say the least. even from my well picked spot on the lawn, i could see the stage perfectly. not that i wouldn't have minded a closer look at thom, but i'm not complaining. it was without a doubt the best concert i've ever been to. their setlist was wonderful, i don't think they could have played a better variety of songs, though at first i was starting to think they were just going to play songs from httt and ok computer. i would've liked it if they had included motion picture soundtrack, but their performance of lucky was enough to make up for it (for me.) thom's voice was... for lack of a better word, beautiful. talk show host was a nice surprise... karma police was played beautifully, with the crowd singing along, and thom coming back on stage to sing "phew for a minute there i lost myself" solo... my boyfriend spent the entire concert waiting for 2+2=5... needless to say he was happy when they played it during the final encore. he doesn't really like radiohead. (sacrilege...) but he enjoyed the concert. it would've been nice if they'd played i will... and i think the setlist you have might be missing no surprises... but i'm not sure. radiohead was incredible. i'd like to go see them play madison square garden in october... who knows...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 07:12:51

i was wrong, no surprises is in the setlist. (at least i said i might be wrong.) thanks radiohead.

~and thank you greenplastic for being the best radiohead fan site.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 07:26:06

wow. 2 years of waiting since liberty state park was more than worth it! the band brought their usual electric energy, and this time it really seemed like they were enjoying themselves. colin looked almost gleeful at times, singing along with every song... thom was exuberant, dancing all over the stage and working the crowd into a frenzy without ever even talking to us between songs much. surprising opener of "the gloaming," but of course, they made it work. "there there" was absolutely amazing after that. they ran through about 15 songs or so nonstop, most of them so breathtaking that you wanted them to give you a break before moving on. the light display was relatively uncomplicated yet stunning.

no major disappointments... they didn't play a few of my favorites, but how can you expect everything when they've got such an extensive and outstanding catalog. also, i was expecting a huge climax in "sit down, stand up" but the driving bass wasn't really there during 'the raindrops." but i'd be a jerk to really complain... what a performance!!!

if you haven't seen this band live, you're missing out on the world's greatest, most relevant rock band in the middle of their prime. GET TO A SHOW!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 07:28:11

Just thought I'd like to add that while they were trying to fix the equipment problem before sail to the moon tom played a bit of big ideas (don't get any). It was just the piano and it kicked my ass. Then he stopped and went into Sail to the moon. Ugh I was pissed.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 07:41:19

Well we all know about this show. Radiohead is awesome, Thom yorke et. all are incredible performers, they are the best band in the world, BLAH, BLAH BLAH !

This was my second show, I saw them in N.Y. for Ok computer. What I have noticed is that they have improved live (save for a couple minor glitches, DAMM COMPUTERS! )since then. That is quite a statement considering they were so tight back in that tour. Radiohead is one of the few bands that SOUNDS better live, I am not factoring the actual onstage presence. If you were stuck in the toilet but could still hear them, I think you would agree.

They have been playing Creep lately so I had a little hope of hearing this, but no complaints. Thom once said if a song is played the gig before and it sounds great they won't play it the next show. In his words "fuck them that's how it goes".

I was a bit surprised that a few people were not moving or singing at all. They looked half asleep.Meanwhile me and a friend Rob were going nuts! Were they stoned?? I kept thinking you fucking maggots there are 100's of people dying to have your ticket. We were in the 6th row a bit to the right, not bad for $70.

This was the first show for my pal rob, I was most happy that he was blown away by the music. It is now the day after and just like my first show I am deeply depressed today. Call it it post-parting syndrome.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 08:32:40

My first Radiohead show... it was in the top three of any show I've ever been to. Incredible despite the technical problems. Thom seemed to have a sense of humor at one point when he talked with an American accent and dedicated a song (can't remember which) to "the crazy people running this country.. and mine."

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 10:54:23

What a great show, the weather was beautiful, the philly skyline was beautiful, the light show was spectacular! Wow, what an incredible concert. The first song "The Gloaming" was an unexpected but brilliant opener, I never thought it would sound that good live. "like spinning plates" was performed with Thom on the piano and sounded hauntingly beautiful. "Idioteque" as always sounds ten times better live, and Thom totally ROCKS the coolest dance mooves I've ever seen. fake plastic trees, Nice dream, and My Iron Lung, I didn't think I would here these. Everything certainly was in its right place at the end of the show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 11:06:25

I've been listening to Radiohead for years now and have never been to a live show until monday night. It was by far the greatest thing i've ever done in my life. They opened up with "The Gloaming" and you knew from the second they started that it was gonna be an electrifying night. Lots of HTTT at the beginning before setting into the classics. "Fake Plastic Trees" was absolutely amazing..."Talk Show Host" was a surprise, I really didnt think I was gonna hear that song, and was very happy when i did...I was very disappointed when they didnt play "How To Disappear Completely" but oh well, you cant have negatives during the show except when the event staff took my smoking material...$15 bucks to park was insane along with the struggle of getting out of the parking lot after the show...all in all, GO SEE RADIOHEAD!! RUN TO YOUR COMPUTER AND ORDER TICKETS RIGHT NOW! it will payoff in the end.


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 11:26:07

Echoing the sentiments above, it was an AMAZING show. This was my fifth Radiohead concert since 1998 and it was among the best. Every time I see them it seems they're better than the last time. They were more comfortable and loose than ever while still maintaining their usual intensity. Despite the technical difficulties (bummer about the aborted "Myxomatosis"!) I thought the sound was excellent. "Nice Dream" was a huge stand-out (aural orgasm!) since I've never heard that one performed live. Jonny seemed especially inspired, spacing out/into the music one minute, thrashing the next, and Thom (agreeing with NODATA) right on pitch. I'm continually awed by how they can morph from soaring guitar band to jazz band to funk band all in a 2-hour set, with complete fluidity. As much as the video screens were pretty annoying they provided a nice almost backstage view, and it was the only way from where I was standing to see a spring-loaded Colin (the heart of the band :) singing along. It's difficult to convey just how meaningful it is to see Radiohead in concert (how many of our friends understand our devotion??), so it's nice to have this forum to share thoughts and impressions. I think we're all lucky to see this band right now, clearly at the top of their game. Can't wait until October/MSG!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 12:35:23

radiohead was absolutely amazing live. i had been waiting 6 years to see them and i was very pleased, a highlight of the summer. pretty much everything that could be said about the show has been but i just wanna say that exit music was very beautiful live and i think thoms vocals were the best during sail to the moon. i love his dancing as well. you know he's getting into it. the show leaves me with a feeling that i must see them again

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 13:42:43

this was my first time seeing radiohead live, and i was completely was euphoric...the energy from the crowd was amazing...thom's voice is ethereal...i floated all the way home...and i wasn't even bothered by the 1hr trafficjam in the parking lot. it was a completely dreamlike experience.
(sorry this is mostly me gushing with nothing critical to say)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 02:54:52

They mixed things up y opening with the gloaming, which sounds much better live. Some of the greats that stood out were National anthem, fake plastic trees, 2+2=5, iron lung, and exit music. The fact that they played a lot of classic songs from the Bends was great. They always play a great show and this concert was no exception.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 11:47:40

This was my first Radiohead concert, and it was better than I ever could've imagined. I thought "The Gloaming" was the perfect opener - it really set the mood for the concert for me. I was beyond ecstatic when they played my favorite song, "Lucky". The light show that accompanied that song, mixed with the carefree dancing & singing of the crowd on the lawn, made it an unforgettable experience. The set list was amazing, the encores were fantastic, and not even the technical difficulties could spoil the mood or ruin the show. I absolutely loved watching Thom dance frenetically about the stage, and watching Johnny twist about as he played his guitar. The acappella singing at the end of "Karma Police" was a fantastic little surprise. All in all, I was over the moon when it was over. I hope I get to see them again!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 12:10:50

Just a few thinks I notice that the others haven't mentioned yet- when Johnny was having problems with his guitar before "Sail to the Moon", Thom had begun to play "Big Surprises(Nude)", but Johnny's equiptment was fixed before the song was really started, which was really dissapointing; I love that song. Another thing is that Thom at one point had danced in a circle for so long that he threw off his balance and proceeded to stagger around the stage for about 30 seconds. And something totally unrelated to the performance, someone got pushed off the ferry following the concert.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 21, 2003 19:55:49

The performance was excellent (except for some equipment problems ) but having to stand on the lawn really took a lot away
from the show. Could barely see Thom at times. Songs sounded great, especially "There, There", "Go To Sleep", "Kharma Police" (which Thom finished solo) and "Paranoid Android". Only exception was "Fake plastic Trees" which sounded a little sloppy. Nice to hear them sing a couple more from The Bends
("Nice Dream" , "My Iron Lung). Hoping to go see them again at MSG in October. Hopefully, this time I'll get a seat.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 22, 2003 05:50:22


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 20:17:49

your setlist is wrong the show ended with tom
doing the"for a minute there" part of karma police acapella after the rest of the band left the stage

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 09:03:14

This was the first radiohead concert I have ever been to. Honestly I found the show to be a bit of a disappointment. Radiohead sounded awesome but from my lawn seat viewpoint I couldn't much see anything. The venue itself was horrible. The overhead screen was handled by a bunch of inept camera men. Most of the time what was projected onto the big screen consisted of shots of a piano with no one there and microphones left unattended because the band members were in a different part of the stage. In addition, this particular venue did not have large speakers set up for the massive crowd assembled on the lawn. The speakers were inefficient for the large crowd. I did not feel their music pulse through me. I did not feel the ground vibrate from the bass. It was like watching cable. What I'm wondering is why radiohead would play in such a horrible venue? Granted I understand they have to make money and the large amount of ticket sales increases their personal fortunes. However, I do feel that radiohead should give shows at less commercial/"$5 a bottle of water" venues. I did not pay $35 to stare at a large overhead screen showing an empty piano and listening to the muffled sounds of radiohead. thanks but no thanks.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 17:40:01

I went to the camden show. I felt that radiohead was great however I honestly do not understand why they would play in such a commercial venue. I was pleased with the bands performance, however they were just little blips on a bad overhead screen that continually had random shots of the piano and not the band members. what has happened to style? Oh well. A disgruntled, never going to another commericalized radiohead concert again.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 22:10:52

i've been a huge radiohead fan since 99 and missed the 2000 tour even though i had a ticket. this made up for it. i could have paid 100 and still have been this happy.the gloaming was a nice intro...good lasers through all the show. i like the encores couldn't ask for anything concert i have ever been too. everything i was hoping for and more!!!!!!!! shame on ye who dare not go!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 05:22:27

I saw Radiohead at the Tweeter Center and at Field Day Festival, and they were both one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Despite the 10 hours of non-stop rain at Field Day, the performance was just beautiful. There was this kid next to me who kept putting his head on his girlfriend's shoulder to cry. Wuss haha.

At Tweeter, I was about 10 feet from the stage the entire time. We got the best seats, which weren't seats at all, but standing room. It was just fuckin awesome. They played Karma Police, one of my all-time favorites.

I was gonan go to the Opera show in NY on October 14th, but sadly tickets sold out, and the only one's left were $500 a piece, and I'm poor and can't afford that.

Thanks for the great shows Radiohead!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 05:50:22

this was the first radiohead show ive seen and it was great. although the venue kind of sucked for it, they still put on a great performance. Man I don' remember much.....except the kickass performance of Kid A (without vocal distortions)
If anybody has a copy of it please e-mail it to me (, 'hope to see these blokes again sometime soon.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 05:58:12

this was my first radiohead concert and it was pretty kickass....thom's dancing is the shit. i can' remember the whole night but the great versions of Kid A and everything in its right place... if anybody has recordings of these two email them to me....please (

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