Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Alpine Valley Music Theatre - East Troy, WI USA
August 23, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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Sit Down.Stand Up.
Where I End & You Begin
Kid A
Paranoid Android
We Suck Young Blood
Fake Plastic Trees
Go To Sleep
Sail To the Moon
No Surprises
The Gloaming
There There

Encore 1

You and Whose Army?
The National Anthem
Street Spirit (fade out)

Encore 2

Karma Police
Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 13:59:15

the only show better than your first is your second

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 16:11:13

AMAZING. that's all i have to say. words can't even describe how amazing they are. it literally brought tears to my eyes. thom yorke really got into the songs and was just going crazy onstage, dancing all over the stage. i loved it. they're nothing less than an amazing. i'm definitely going to go see them live again.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 05:47:39

All I want to know is... what drug was Thom on and can you hook me up, because I've never seen him so energetic. I'm glad I got to see the chicken dance in multiple occasions as well.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 06:32:37

The Radiohead concert was just getting started moments after we arrived. Our group sat on the top of the hill, nicely accompanied with some nug and hash. When the conert began, I felt like a wide eyed child, in the process of being de-virginized by 2+2=5. Comprehension was not there yet, so standing kind of nervously rocking to their pimpin intro, I couldn't get into it. A younger kid, we suspected to be using MDMA or acid, was doing what looked to be dancing similar to Thom Yorke, but more in a Pow Wow Native American style. Even though he was blocking my view for much of the show, it wasn't any bother to me as I enjoyed the emotion these fans had for Radiohead. I think I caught my breathe by the time they played "Fake Plastic Trees". The alternate melodies Yorke sang for the "she just crumbles and burns" gave me chills, in fact the chill didn't leave my spine and is still there as I think about the song right now. I remember harmonizing with Thom Yorke. It was beautiful. I was in love with everything at the time. "No Surprises" was the most aesthetically pleasing song on their set list. There was no rocking, it was so gentle and perfect. "Bring down the government, they don't speak for us" brough the fans to interrupt the music with some scattered cheering. Johnny Greenwood sounded excellent on the xylophone. This was the most serene experience I've had for awhile. To top it off, as we left the parking lot listening to a live version of "Idioteque" from the I Might be Wrong recordings, an old couple pulled up alongside us. We were assuming they were in their 60's or 70's. I rolled down my window in curiousity. They were blasting "Idioteque" louder than we were, singing along to the lyrics, and grooving "here i'm alive, everything all of the time". I was amazed at how hip these old people were.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 18:45:31

I am 41 but swear i feel 21 after this show. The mystery earlier this year of where my Radiohead Cds were disappearing to was solved when I heard Fake plastic trees coming from my 16 year old daughters room. So she and I and her boyfriend and my friend escaped from nebraska to Wisconsin of all places to experience the most innovative and ultimately most influential band since the boys from Liverpool(no not Echo and the Bunnymen and not Clinic either). I had no idea they could sound this good outside the studio. I loved that the placed was packed and people were singing along and some guy high-fived me when they played fake plastic trees because he had driven by himself something like 7 hours just hoping to hear this song. Hail to Radiohead.
(p.s. fondest nonradiohead memory from concert will be seeing narly dude wearing Aaron Carter T-shirt. He raised the bar ladies and gentlemen.......)

Submitted on: AUGUST 30, 2003 01:33:12 let's get a few things straight....this concert was the most incredible thing I have ever witnessed...and will prpbably hold this title forever...i drove almost 6 hours to this concert, and it was worth every minute of the ride. I don't know what else to say about the concert itself that hasn't already been mentioned, but WOW.
Alpine Valley is a piece of shit though...8 poprt-o-lets are supposed to satisfy thousands of people how???

It was incredible to be around so many fans that apprectiate this band as much as I do, thank you all...

Actually, not ALL...those mother f*ckers that were standing behind me, commenting on how much i may or may jnot have been "trippin'"...f*ck you guys, didn't you have anything else to concentrate on, like maybe the most amazing show ever??? OR did you really find it necessary to focus your attention on the fact that I "may or may not" have ate some mushrooms earlier that night, and was having the time of my F*CKING life?!?!?!?

F*CK those people sitting behind me in the lawn seats...that is the ONLY problem I had that night...Every thing else was PERFECT......Thank you Thom, thank you Wisconsin, thank you fans, thank you mushrooms, and hold up... WHERE THE HELL WAS AMNESIAC?????

HTTT was awesome, and it was a mind f*ck to hear some sh*t off the bends...but seriously, only ONE song from Amnesiac?!?!?!?!??!

OK, so this concert made me walk away a different person...I even creid, yes, cried, during fake plasitc trees...simply, yet not simply at all, amazing...

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 14:08:50

Amazing... thats all i have to say. Im probably going to fly out to Cali. or somewhere else to see them again....HELL YA!!! best concert ever...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 10:24:05

As a 42 year old father of three - it's been at least 10 years since I have been to a big concert like this. The last time I was in Alpine Valley was in the late 70's for a Rush concert.

What a way to end the drought!!

The show was unbelievable. I had heard that Radiohead "turned things up" for their live performances - that was an understatement.

I now have a totally different level of appreciation for Hail to The Thief.

They need to come back through Chicago so I and all their other midwestern fans can see them again.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 03, 2003 18:40:40

My first Radiohead show, and I was drowning in anticipation in the days prior to the show. So . . .

It was a great show, performance wise, but they didn't even play two hours! Sure, it was high energy, and musically, they are a tight and creative band onstage, but c'mon. They have tons of great songs they didn't play, and the two hours was padded by the two 'encores'. So, for $40, I got about 100 minutes of music. Not very impressive. I saw Willie Nelson the following night at House of Blues in Chicago - he's 70 and none of his songs are over three minutes, and he played for over two hours.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 05, 2003 16:12:40

My first R show. Hopefully not the last.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 13, 2003 05:13:23

This was my second Radiohead show ... the first one I ever saw was when they played in Chicago's Grant Park in August 2001. That show was easily the greatest show I've ever seen, and so I was looking very forward to this show. My girlfriend of a year and a half was going to be seeing her first Radiohead show, and I was so excited for her. She's only heard about the 01 show a million times over these last 18 months!

Radiohead was as impressive as they've ever been. There's not another band in the entire world that can duplicate the total perfectionism that Radiohead brings into their performances. Their live versions of songs (such as Kid A and The Gloaming) are even better than the studio recordings, and I appreciate their efforts to never rest on their laurels. They never insult their fans with duplicate performances, or albums for that matter and I appreciate them so much for that. A song is never quite complete, and they're just as likely to play material from their latest album as they are The Bends, or even Pablo Honey (as they did in Chicago when they played Lurgee).

It was my first visit to Alpine Valley and I'm still trying to get over it. Wisconsin strikes me as a very strange placce ... It might seem that I'm a complete "city slicker" and that's probably a fair thing to say, but being from Chicago, I felt like I was seeing Radiohead in another country. Radiohead playing in the middle of Wisconsin! I'm still thinking that it was some strange dream!

The crowd was different than what I saw at the Chicago show. There were a LOT more fans interested in seeing how much pot they could smoke at this show than the other, or how much cheap beer they could drink in two and a half hours. That was disappointing since I believe that the band stands for more than that ... They stand for a lot more. It seemed like a lot of the people there were just "there" because there's nothing else to do in Wisconsin. I guess that I can understand that, but as a fan of my favorite band, it's always been nice to connect with other devoted fans on a level much higher and deeper. I felt none of that at this show and I came away feeling very disappointed about that.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 17:27:12

I thought there would never be a show to top that night at First Ave. during the bends tour, the only other time they have come anywhere near MN. I was wrong. Did anyone else see the lightning that was produced, Im convinced, by Radiohead? Johnny Greenwood is an alien, whose talent is topped only by Thom York. Thank you whoever you are for allowing this band to exist.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 23, 2003 21:16:01

Amazing. Thom and the band had never had this much energy at a show. Opening with "2+2=5" got the crowd going. Some highlights were an amazing job with "Where I end and you Begin" but the song that stole the show for me was "Fake Plastic Trees" The vocals that Thom sang were beautiful and Jonny's guitar playing was insane when it broke into the heavy part of the song. I was impressed with "The Gloaming" They played it right on with a few twists. Once again Thom came back to hear the crowd chant "phew, for a minute I lost myself" and it was like nothing I had heard before. The best part of the show was Thom's playing around with the camera at his piano. One of the first times I had ever laughed out loud at a show but what an entertainer. And when they one by one left the stage the crowd was so into it they had little left to thank them back. Just an amazing show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 03:04:39

Incredible show! Radiohead hit the stage early in the evening (around 7:50) with a trio of songs from Hail to the Thief: "2+2=5," "Sit Down/Stand Up" and "Where I End and You Begin." The band played with amazing energy and in great form. The sound was PERFECT.

The show, not surprisingly, was dominated by tracks off of Hail to the Thief; they performed 11 of the album's 14 tracks. The songs took on a whole new dimension when played live - simply incredible. "There There" features a massive percusion assault with Johnny and Ed hammering away on two portable drum kits.

Other songs from Hail to the Thief included a beautiful rendition of "Sail to the Moon," a perfectly erie "We Suck Young Blood" and a pulsating version of "The Gloaming." "Backdrifts," "Go to Sleep," and "Scatterbrain" were all part of the set. Thom introduced "Myxomatosis" as "a dirty song for dirty people."

The rest of the show was a healthy mix of songs from The Bends, OK Computer, Kid A and Amnesiac (No "Creep" at this show, which was fine with me).

Amnesiac was solely represented by "You and Whose Army." Four tracks off Kid A: "Kid A," "The National Anthem," "Idioteque," and the show-closer "Everything In Its Right Place," were brought to life with every conceivable piece of equipment on stage. Johnny often raced between guitar and his switch board...even playing the keyboard with the head of his guitar.

Classics included: "Fake Plastic Trees," "Just," Street Spirit," "Paranoid Android," "Karma Police," "No Surprises" and "Lucky."

This was the third time I've seen the band (I saw them for the OK Computer and Amnesiac tours) and I must say it was the best. They look happier on stage and have more fun with the audience, although Thom is still a man of few words when it comes to the crowd.

Now if they'd only release bootlegs of all their shows...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 04:03:26

WOW!!! From the "2+2=5" opener all the way through their final encore "EIIRP," this show simply blew me away. The only problem where I was, in the pit, came from Alpine Valley's pathetically porous security. About halfway through the show, it seemed that they were letting anyone, wristbands or not, hop the barrier gates into the pit. It created a situation where some exceedingly rude people would force their way forward through the crowd without concern for those who actually belonged there.

That aside, Thom seemd really animated and playful, and appeared to be having (almost) as good a time as the crowd. "Just" was a pleasant surprise, the bass line in "The Gloaming" really rocked these old bones, and "Myxomatosis" was a particular favorite. Thom introduced it as "a dirty song for dirty people," the fuzzed bass started in, and the audience loved the "I...don' I...feel..." singalong.

The crowd reaction to the "bring down the government...they don't speak for us" passage in "No Surprises," overwhelmingly in agreement with the sentiment, was also a big thrill.

I saw the boys Monday in Camden -- lawn seats -- and I'm seeing them again tonight in St. Louis in the pavilion, but this will almost certainly remain my favorite concert experience. Again, just...WOW!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 04:13:40

Definately the best concert ive ever been to. The band loved the show and were constantly dancing around and joking with the crowd. The set list also was out of this world.

Sit Down Stand Up
Where I End and You Begin
Kid A
Paranoid Android
Sail To The Moon
Fake Plastic Trees
We Suck Young Blood
Go To Sleep
No Surprises
There There
1st encore
You and Whose Army
National Anthem
Street Spirit
2nd encore
Karma Police
Everythings In Its Right Place

Some of the highlights were an undistorted version of kid a, the flood of lighters during "rain down" from paranoid, Jonny's extend solo during go to sleep(just proves how amazing he is and how much i love the guy), Idioteque really got the crowd pumped along with Thom and the entire band dancing,Thoms insane faces during whose army,the whole crowd sand to karma police and Thom sang "for a minute there" without the band and just the crowd, and then we were left to listen to repeating samples before jonny came out, turned them off and waved. Nothing can ever come close to beating how amazing this show was.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 06:52:54

What an amazing show! The light show was outstanding! Each member was full of energy, especially Thom. Thom was dancing all night. Colin was dancing a bit too. I wish he wouldn't have played so far back on the stage. Jonny was amazing, playing all kinds of instraments and was realy into it. It was kinda hard to see Phil, but he was never off a beat. Ed was fab too. The show started off with 2+2=5 and a bunch of others from HTTT. They played alot off of each album, except for Palbo, which is no suprise. They even played a good number of songs off the bends. Not much was said that night by the band. Just a lot of thank yous and mumbles that I couldn't understand.
Hightlights of the show: Opening song, "2+2=5". The song just pumps you up and you are still in shock that the band is actually on stage. "Kid A" was one of my faves that night...and its one of my least favorite songs to listen to on an album. This shows you how great this band is live! Thom was going nuts on this song. If you have ever seen the movie "The Jerk", picture Steve Martin dancing at the end of the movie. Thom had a very similar dance to it. "Paraniod Andriod" was obviously great. I really was glad to hear a lot of the bends. "Just","Fake Plastic Trees", "Street Spirit" were all there. Everyone in the crowd went nuts when they played "Idioteque." Thom did his usual crazy dance to it. "There,There" was also a favorite of mine. Ed helped drumming and the whole crowd was singing along.
They started their encore with "You and whose army" of my absolute faves. All of the big screens were zoomed on Thoms face. This was one of the most memorable parts of the show. Thom would look right into the camera and make some creepy, yet hillarious faces such as having a huge smile and making his eyebrows go up and down. After their first encore. Thom said "Just a little more." The encore included "National Anthem", "Karma Police", and they ended with "Everything with its right place." The best concert I have ever seen in my life.
The only problem I had was that the ticket said the show started at 7, and SM and the Jicks played way before them so I missed their whole set. The parking lot didn't move for a good hour and a half, but I had no problem with that, since everyone was talking with everyone and playing frizbee, etc. Amazing Show!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 07:52:30

it took about a half hour for the show to start. up until 7:30, we listened to reggae and we all seemed a little nervous for radiohead to appear. the guy next to me was really nice. he was from chicago and offered peanut m&m's to us.
they started out with "2+2=5". their setlist included songs from their last 4 albums which was awesome. some songs included were:
fake plastic trees
paranoid android
karma police
no surprises
kid a
national anthem
you and whose army
sail to the moon
there there
and more
they played my favorite song, "no surprises" and played it beautifully. when thom started playing "you and whose army" alone on the piano, he was singing to the camera and he had this suggesting look in his eye like, "bring it on". they also played an amazing version of "fake plastic trees". it had me in tears. it started with only thom on his guitar and everybody else started to join in. everybody in the audience sang with. it was a beautiful moment. the last song they played was "everything in it's right place". and at the end of the song while jonny was the only remaining member on stage, distorting thom's voice, the background lighting screened "FOREVER".
then they made us go home.
the turnout was amazing, the lighting was beautiful, and the music was usual.
the parking lot was packed and people were trying to sell "radiohead maracas" to us. they were plastic bottles filled with pebbles.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 08:26:15

I own everyradio head cd, plus a shit load of bootleg appral via the internet. However dispite my appreciation of all the great music radiohead has put out, i've never made it to a radiohead show. Well all of my dreams an asperations that I had of radiohead was satisfied last night.
The Alpine Valley parking lot was buzzing with hot chicks and lots of beer. A scene in which i can not complain. After downing a few millers, and eating some sweet brats off of the grill we headed in. It couldn't be earlier than 6:15, right as we headed in that the jicks came on. They're no radiohead but the ex frontman from pavements new gig wasn't bad at all. They managed to get the crowd warmed up with a few jams off of their new record, which i though sounded great and was getting down like a five dollar stripper at a cocaine buffet. I don't know what that would have made me though when radiohead came on, cause i was really groovin then.
Radiohead came on real early right after that. It was probably 7:30 (The jicks only played like 6 songs). Radiohead was just perfect, they sounded just like studio, only better. They pretty much played their whole cd hail to the theif, highlighted in my eyes by there there and 2+2=5. After reviewing set list from other concerts put on earlier this year. They're all set up in the same format and that's how it was last night also. They play the new cd, mixed in with some old goodies to get you going. I wish i had the set list availible so I could explain which songs exactly. And then came out for two encores. In which karma police was played also loved by all. You also couldn't ask for a better venu, in wisconsin at least. Alpine valley is set up pretty nice, it's located on a big hill slightly inclined upward so everybody can see big or small. Plus they had a great screen set up. Two huge screens at the top of the ampitheater, and two smaller split screens on each side showing different members of the band. The huge screen in the back played a big part in illuminating trippy effects and phrases. Like after they left the stage the first time. A bunch of disfocused letters came flashing across the screen keeping everyone focused. And then right then the screen stopped and the letters stopped moving, the lights turned on and they made out FOREVER! And then the band came back out for the first encore. Well worth my 40 bucks, and i can't wait till they come around next time, i've been to 6 different shows this summer and radiohead is number one show for quality and all around performance, keep that shit coming boys.
There was one downside to the whole show though. The fucking exit. If that wasn't one damn cluster fuck, chineese firedrill, LA traffic during rush hour. Dammmnnn. Alpine Vally has to do something about that god damn parking. After the show it took us an hour to get to the car. Three hours to get out of the parking lot. The show ended at 10:00 which i thought was weird in itself but that means i could have gotten home by like 12:00 if they had a correct exit route, but instead i arrived home at 2:30 am. Shit. That was the only down fall of the show though, and you can't complain about that.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 13:52:34

Excellent show, Thom came out full energy on 2+2=5 and the rest of the show was a delicate mix of powerful songs and melodic piano songs. While playing You and Whose Army, Thom made faces in the camera and amused everyone. A big surprise to hear Just and Lucky. All in all, the band members seemed in high spirits and it rubbed off on everyone in the crowd.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 14:23:53

This was the first time I've been able to catch Radiohead live. Thom Yorke is by far the best live singer I've seen in a long, long time. All of the songs were spot on. The sound was perfect and just a great time all around.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 15:27:12

amazing show. right from the beginning, 2+2=5 was awesome and sit down stand up was really energetic. lights were amazing, with long bars of light in the background. thom was crazy the whole time, dancing around and playing with the cool camera angles while he was on his piano, especially during no surprises. highlights for me were paranoid android, idioteque, and kid a. myxamatosis and street spirit in the encore were awesome. the surprise highlights of the show were an awesome the gloaming, with the bass turned up real high, and a real slowed down and trippy we suck young blood.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 16:11:31

this was my first raidohead show, and it was unbelievable. holy cow, i have never felt so much energy vibrating off the stage and into the massive crowd. even the lawn seat people seemed to catch the surge. what fascinated me was how everyone ebbed and flowed to the music while singing along to each and every song. the band seemed happy and each time the band came on, colin was first,running and enticing the crowd to clap in syncronocity. i also thought the lighting effects were great, and the little carefully placed cameras made the stage reek of coolness. overall, a brilliant show and if anyone has the chance to see these guys, CARPE DIEM!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 16:43:21

I have seen some good concerts this year, but this was unreal. It was better than could ever be imagined for my virgin live experience with the best band in the world. Anyone out there still waiting to see them this tour for the first time, it is worth the wait.

My dreams leading up to the concert had them leading off with 2+2=5, and they did not disappoint. I was trembling leading up to the entry of the guitars. By the time they were belting out "We are not even listening!" I was jumping off the ground with everyone else around me. They followed with a great version of Sit Down Stand Up and Where I End and You Begin. There were so many highlights in this concert, I don't even know where to begin, but I'll try.

They haven't played We Suck Young Blood much this tour, but they played a great version here. The audience provided the claps, and much to my surprise, Thom nailed the piano-pounding part in the middle of the song. I mean, flat out NAILED IT. Exactly like the album. It was incredible.

Fake Plastic Trees was absolutely beautiful. I've loved the song from the day I heard it, but I'll never forget this version. Absolutely amazing.

They started out the first encore with You And Whose Army?, and Thom hammed it up for the camera in close up. It was really cool to see Thom having so much fun with it. He sang the words with the facial expressions we can all imagine.

Paranoid Android was incredible. Even better live than the fantastic album version.

Idiotheque is a great concert song, and it was mixed really cool at this concert in the middle. Obviously, Thom's dancing was really cool too.

I definitely wanted to see The Gloaming live, just to see how they do it. Very interesting to see, one of the highlights for sure.

Lucky is one my favorites, and it did not disappoint. Extremely wonderful-sounding version.

Myxomatosis is great live! We were lucky to get it.

2nd encore was Karma Police followed by Everything In Its Right Place. Karma Police is the classic singalong song, and Thom played it up, singing it a capella with us after the song was completed. Very cool. Everything In Its Right Place was the last song, and we erupted. Outstanding, outstanding version, mixed to near perfection, with FOREVER scrolling across the marquee as each member took their turn walking off the stage. I couldn't help thinking that I wish the concert could last forever. 23 songs seemed to take 15 minutes. I could have stood there all night, singing along to every song they have ever written.

There will never be another band like this one. I couldn't afford the road trip and the ticket to see these guys, but I made it work because you never know how many chances you'll have. Please, all fans, make an effort this time around to see them if you haven't before. I'll never lose this experience as long as I have my memory. Thanks Thom, Colin, Johnny, Ed, and Phil.

P.S. It took two hours to get out of the parking lot, but almost everyone was real cool. Playing frisbee, taking shots of Jag, meeting new people, it was even a great time waiting in this massive traffic jam. Thanks everyone for taking a potentially annoying situation and making it fun.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 17:26:19

My first Radiohead show. wow. Wow. WOW. I don't really know what else to say. Killer set list done to perfection. Loved them before, but am now a die hard fan for life.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 17:32:53

Good god was this a good show! I was expecting greatness but wasnt expecting this, the most emotional show I have ever been to, they did not play any of my top favorite songs (Climbing Up the Walls, Pyramid Song, The Tourist, Dollars and Cents) but it still was crazy. Idioteque was the highlight of the evening, by a long shot.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 18:35:50

First off. We were standing so close that I feel guilty, and feel the pain of the thousands who littered the lawn seats--as I have been there many times myself. This was my fourth show, and was thankfully much more temperate than the last (in Grant Park, Chicago).

Anyway, myself and the 36 others who rode the same bus in as I did are all still awestruck. What a show. What a show. Very short break between sets. Nice to have the fellas come to Wisconsin. Highlights (while nearly indiscernable because they are the living highlight reel) were the song KID A, I am fairly certain that my head was on a stick at that point.........Thom's incessant reminder later in the evening, which was a mere repetition of the words"THIS IS THE GLOAMING. THIS IS THE GLOAMING......"

Seconds later my body (very near the speakers) began a bass shiver that reminded me the witching hour was upon us (are terrorists witches?).

I'm not completely certain of this, but maybe someone out there can the beginning of the show, I held aloft my magic ale and apparently had a brief and nearly vicarious toast with Ed.

The band seemed quite happy to be there. Euphoric waves of the universal mind and catharsis seemed to be overtaking the crowd relentlessly from the first note to the last--but that could just have been me.

I loved: just, everything in its right place, 2+2, Sit down Stand up, Karma police, street spirit, you and who's army (piano cam again--never gets old), idioteque, the national anthem (begun with thom humming the first line of the american anthem), WE SUCK YOUNG BLOOD (excellent live), There there (complete with guitar players/drummers), myxamatosis, scatterbrain, go to sleep, and whatever ive forgotten. These are all the songs that I can recall, in no particular order, and I--along with the entire racous crowd, savored each moment.

Of course we could all weep about the songs unsung (no wolf at the door, no killer cars, no rhinestone cowboy, no wonderwall :0) but time certainly constrains a band. I just want to thank the angels of Oxford for gracing the famed valley with the presence of the greatest band alive and touring. The worst part of the show was realizing it was over.

Saucmologist, I am sorry you did not ride the bus of junkies and drunkies, but hopefully this line putting your name in code on the world wide web will serve as some solstice.

Side note: I stood next to two men who'd never heard any radiohead songs and got tickets from a friend. I am fairly certain that they both bought out's inventory today after their enlightenment last night.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 19:30:35

My first concert ever. It kicked ass. Idioteque, karma police, national anthem, no suprises, and myxomatosis were the high points for me. Horrible venue for parking/leaving. The non musical highlight was definitely the puke covered grass that became the place for people to put their cigs out in.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 19:52:18

this was the first radiohead show i have ever witnessed. no band will ever measure up. it was all perfectly seamless. the lighting, cinematography and sound were just awe inspiring. its hard to know what to say. i think the highlight came during the first song of the first encore. a piano was rolled out and thom sat down and began to play "you and whose army?," which seems like an odd choice for a moment such as that one. but mr. yorke made up for it ten fold. he pressed his face right into a camera situated in the corner of the piano and pulled faces throughout the entire song. he winked and made suggestive little eyebrow moves and all the while had his eyes glued right into the camera. it was completely hilarious. i've never heard of him being so jubilant during any performance, and i've read alot of reviews. the rest of the band was in top form, colin was about ready to jump out of his skin and johnny hit every note of every solo while flailing all about. i guess it pays to be in the same band since you were 14. ed and phil were pretty cool and professional. the only dissapointment for me was that they didn't play any b-sides. i was especially hoping to hear "talk show host", since they played it at field day. the strangest moment came during "we suck young blood." i didn't really know whether to fall apart with laughter or dissolve in a fit of terror. every person in the audience managed to hit every clap in the song, without any prompts. 30,000 people clapping every 8 delayed counts to a funeral durdge has to be a moment the average person will never witness. wow. radiohead fans. that about raps it up.


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 05:25:34

an incredible show, however I don't feel Thom's voice was in as good a shape as the Amnesiac tour. Maybe he has a cold. The lawn seats were okay but for my pregnant wife they proved to be a little uncomfortable. So, we moved to the right side of the stage to the multi-loft decks of the beer garden and had an unblocked view of the stage. Not to mention we did not have to deal with any drunken idiots pretending to be Radiohead fans. The highlight for me was "Lucky", my favorite Radiohead song. In the last two shows I've seen they have reserved this song for the encores so it was quite a surprise to hear it near the beginning of the show. I was a little disappointed to hear only one song from Amnesiac. I expected to at least hear "I Might Be Wrong" or "Pyramid Song" but like I said the show was incredible! I hope they make it out to the Midwest again soon!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 05:38:12

I don't know what to say that hasn't already been said. Radiohead is the greatest band in the world, but everyone already knows that. In fact, there were so many people at the show I felt really unspecial for being a diehard fan. It's thus pretty frustrating that they play so few US shows when they have such a huge rabid fan base. But we made it, driving from Minneapolis, and joining so many others for a concert on a beautiful evening.

Why they could not have found a better opening band I don't know. Even more perplexing was the shitty reggae music they played on the speakers before and after the show. But whatever.

The band started with 2+2=5, and when the anticipation of the "paying attention" part was met with this incredible energy, it was just magical. Johnny is absolutely incredible, and he went totally nuts on Backdrifts, one of my favorite songs on HTTT, making the guitar do all sorts of things I can't even begin to describe. Fake Plastic Trees was the best it's ever sounded, period. The camera on Thom's piano showed just how much fun he seemed to be having on You and Whose Army. Everything in its Right Place was amazing, with Johnny and Ed just playing effects pedals, letting the scrambled vocals continue on into infinity while the word "forever" scrolled across the screen.

Overall, a great concert with lots of surprises. It would have been a little bit better if the people around me hadn't been such assholes (you know who you are) and if I had been able to see through people's giant heads. But in the end, great.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 07:06:33

I drove six hours to see the Best Concert Ever, by the Best Band in the World!!

Radiohead's energy and the crowd's energy combined was beautiful.

Phenomenal Show!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 09:15:34

This was the best show I have ever seen! Radiohead once again proved that they are the BEST band in the world. I only wish I would have been closer to the band, but as far as I was, the vibe was amazing! Can't wait to see them again!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 09:21:45

After being disappointed 6 years ago when Radiohead came to Minneapolis and then played their show a day early with almost no warning (resulting in me missing it), I finally experienced them live! I couldn't have asked for more. Being in the pit made the show so unbelievably good. I was so impressed by the band and the crowd. It was amazing to look back at all the people on the hill going nuts. When Thom's voice cracked slightly and he smiled during Fake Plastic Trees, and when Colin couldn't stop singing along and hopping around like a madman, I knew the band was having as much fun as the rest of us. I also highly enjoyed Thom's camera expressions during one of my favorites, You and Whose Army. It confirmed for me why I love that song so much. The music was beautiful, the weather was beautiful, and I'm a better person for having experienced Radiohead live. I hope they come back!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 09:35:37

Themes of this review:
-my 1st live Radiohead show, after years of listening to concert bootlegs
-missing the first five songs due to traffic and the band starting so early
-loving every moment of the show
-I own a bootleg of the Aug 23 show
-I need a copy of Aug 23-Missouri show

I had been listening to bootlegs of Radiohead concerts for 4 years--but I had never seen them live. (When they came to Chicago in 2001, I actually had a ticket...but with a final exam that week, decided to study and sold my ticket to a girl who agreed to take my bootlegging equipment and record it for I have a copy the show on cds.) I was the first of my friends to learn back in May about the Aug.23, 2003 show in Alpine Valley. Due to religious reasons, however, I couldn't buy a ticket when they went on sale. And unfortunately, none of my friends got tickets. After listening to cds this July of their 2002 tour shows, I knew I had to see them live--so I went and paid THREE TIMES regular price and bought tickets for me plus friends. Finally--my 1st time seeing Radiohead LIVE. Showtime was supposed to be at 7pm and we left Chicago at 5pm, supposed we had to drive 10-25 mph for most of the trip! We found relief, though, from being a part of a long single-file line of cars of Radiohead fans on the expressway for the second half of our trip. Saw some girls run out of their car and pee in front of someone's house, behind some trees (and there was a person in the window of the house watching!)...also the driver right in front of us throw several cups of pee out his window.

You can then imagine our surprise and my dissapointment when--after walking from parking lot to the entrance gates--WE HEAR RADIOHEAD ALREADY PLAYING "WHERE YOU END AND I BEGIN" (THEIR 3 R D SONG) AT 8:00 PM!!!! I was, and still am, disappointed. Turns out the opening band's set was early and short. While making it through the entrance gates...through the lawn...through the our seats, they played two MORE songs--"Kid A" and "Go To Sleep" (<- I think).

My time and fun at the concert OFFICIALLY started with their 6th song, "Lucky". I got my bootleg recording equipment ready and on, and instantly forgot all about missing the first few songs. The sound of Colin's bass was so full---worlds different than listening to cd bootlegs of shows I didn't attend. They truly delivered a Bends/OKComp/KidA/HTTThief buffet--never touching Pablo Honey and only playing "You And Whose Army?" from Amnesiac. Something surprised me, though--there was virtually no Thom banter on the mic, the band simply moved from song to song. It wasn't until "Just" that Thom began to move away from the mic stand, shake, and feel the stage and the audience. To me, it appeared as though the band didn't begin to really FEEL this show until "Just" or "Idiotheque". And even on "Idiotheque", Thom's dancing around seemed planned, rehearse, calculated...down to his abrupt stop on the final kick drum....and his immediate switch to mellow for their next song "No Surprises".

SUPER-SUPER-SUPER-HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NIGHT include: the fact that they played "Fake Plastic Trees" = } ; during "Scatterbrain", the tv screens which had displayed close-ups of different members of the band instead showed the soundwave pattern of Thom's vocals; Ed and Johnny vigorously beating body-worn drum sets (tom toms, with added rimshots?) in unison on "There, There"; during "You And Whose Army?", a camera on the piano allowed Thom, with his back to the audience, to play
solo and make a variety of faces close-up in the camera--from grinning to wide-eyed smiles to sinister eyebrow sneers--all for the crowd's amusement on the large tv screens above the stage, where he would pause to turn to the crowd and conduct us with his hands. Although they did two returns/encores, the show still seemed to end earlier than we had expected (between 10-10:30).....though it was probably me just wanting them to come back out and play "How To Disappear Completely" or "Pyramid Song". Overall, the concert was beautiful. I have to admit--I had expected a little more talking during the show, more movement from the band around the stage while playing, and visuals on stage (images displayed on screens), based on Radiohead's involvement with media on the web, y'know? But I am SOOOO glad I went. Not like THEY'LL read this, but thank you guys for such a wonderful experience. And please start later next time, ok?!

Note: I have an A+ minidisc master bootleg recording of the Sat. Aug. 23, 2003 - Alpine Valley show (but it's missing the first 5 songs!) . Does anyone else also have this show, but complete?
And more important, does anyone have Sun. Aug. 24, 2003 - UMB Pavillion in Missouri?
If so, PLEASE visit my website and e-mail me!
live shows. including this one.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 10:43:26

I felt a little old at this concert (41)and that was not helped by my best bud having to ice his lower back down from to much roughhouse with his kiddies HOWEVER, the show that Radiohead put on was so full of energy that I felt 18 again. I am new to the band and have been to hundreds of concerts. But,I can not remember being so seriously :)entertained. Aline Valley is a natural theater and I never ahve heard it sound so good. I do not have the specifics of set list and the like. Read Greg Kotts review in Chi Trib 8/25/03 Wow is right. I hope that they comeback again soon. All I can say is they are my new favorites Artists and will start to learn more through websites such as this. IF you are thinking about going to see them go you must go. Thank God the true spirit of Rock and Roll has not been completely co-opted by corporate america. Rock on Radiohead fight the power. God Bless

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 12:23:59

First Radiohead show I've ever seen and without a doubt one of the best two shows I have ever seen. Highlights for me were: Myxomatosis, Kid A, Fake Plastic Trees, No Surprises, and Scatterbrain. And Lucky. And the first three songs. And pretty much the whole damn show.

Sit down. Stand up.
Where I End and You Begin
Kid A
Paranoid Android
We Suck Young Blood
Fake Plastic Trees
Sail to the Moon
Go to Sleep
The Gloaming
No Surprises
There There

Encore 1:
You and Whose Army?
The National Anthem
Street Spirit

Encore 2:
Karma Police
Everything in its Right Place

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 14:38:21

Wow! This was my first radiohead show and it was quite euphoric. Granted, I could not see them on stage since I was located in the lawn seating, I mean, lawn standing. All in all, I was quite impressed, but since I have loved them since pablo honey, I had built this show up to be the one that would play the perfect set list I have held in my melon for the past ten years including some of the greats which they did play such as fake plastic trees (which I bawled my eyes out to), lucky, no surprises, karma police and street spirit. I was slightly disappointed with the fact that they did not play exit music, how to disappear completely or talk show host, but what we received from what I believe to be one of the most influential/ get you through the toughest shit in your life bands was something I will remember for the rest of my life and no one will ever take that experience and connection away from me.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 15:05:34

I'll limit myself to things that have not been said:

1. Set was great but could have featured more "experimental" material for my tastes (although "The Gloaming" and especially "Kid A" were fantastic).

2. Crowd was into it and knowledgable about the songs--except you could tell that there were a few undeserving connected people with good seat (by undeserving, I mean rich and that they don't know anything about Radiohead).

3. Malkmus played a great set. No Pavement songs, though like his much-rumored last appearance in Wisconsin. Whatever. Most of the crowd quite disappointingly didn't know who Malk was anyway.

4. Is anybody actually still reading this?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 16:55:10

First off a quick summary: Best show Ive ever been too, period, no questions asked.

Rather than add to the volumes already written let me present the secret to enjoying a concert at Alpine Valley. Take a break from todays fast paced life and dont hurry! Forget the cell phone.. come early and leave late. Bring a grill, food, chairs, and a cooler full of brew. Hang out and meet the others around. A parking lot full of Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota (and the occasional Canadian) Radiohead fans is a very friendly place. You arent going anywhere until midnight so you might as well enjoy it. The cool night air after a long hot summer was refreshing. The guys we met were awesome, a tribute to the friendliness of folks from Minnesota and Wisconsin (Loved the sampling of Brak on the car stereo) And I wonder if that one gal ever got a guy to make love to her Kia for an old flat draft beer?

I waited 4 years to see a Radiohead show, I couldnt do the last one in Chicago and I regretted it until I managed to catch this one. It was everything I had hoped for and then some.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 03:25:07

I have seen five Radiohead shows to date, but this one hands down topped them all. Every song was right in the pocket. Thom has never had so much energy. I don't know what else to say to describe it but wow, wow, wow. Now I am certain that Radiohead is the best band ever. The set-list was superb also.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 10:24:25

hate to be the one naysayer of the bunch, but this was by far the worst radiohead show i've ever been to. it wasn't their fault, though, as i'm sure their set was great. i wouldn't know, however, as i was stuck in the back of the lawn with the drunks and the idiots that don't even like radiohead. the voices of those singing along were louder than thom's, and the stage was all but invisible. i watched the whole show on the screens, which were interesting but somewhat impersonal. all in all, it was still a radiohead show, but after seeing them several times at smaller venues like the riviera in chicago (O.K. Computer, these stadium shows pale in comparison.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 10:40:21

it was a religious experience.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 12:21:42

This was the first time i have seen radiohead in person. I knew it was going to be awesome because they are the best band in the world, but their sound live just blew me away. I don't know what i expected going in, but it paled in comparison to the actual event. I was definately glad to hear them play so much off the bends (fake plastic trees, just, street spirit), but where were the rest of the songs off amnesiac? Don't get me wrong though, i'm not complaining. The new material they played
(practicly the whole album!) with a dash of the classics was definately awesome.
Some high points:
-hearing thousands of people sing the end of paranoid android on a hillside full of little lighter flames
-you and whose army for the first encore with the camera right in thom's face
-hearing street spirit because before the show i was like "they gotta play fade out, they gotta play fade out" (and they did!)
The low point:
-driving home across three states in the back of a jeep wrangler while puking into a cooler
P.S. The set list at the top of this board is wrong, the guy who wrote the whole thing out has it right though

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 17:35:28

I had an absolutely MARVELOUS time at this show... and that is saying alot considering that Alpine Valley is my second least favorite outdoor venue in the country (behind only the World Music Center in Tinley Park, Illinois). I've traveled all over the country to see various bands, and after a particularly weak Phish show back in the summer of 2000 I vowed that I would never return to Alpine Valley... no matter WHO was playing. But after seeing Radiohead for the first time a few nights ago in Cleveland I had to reneg on my vow. I sure am glad I did.

I've seen a fair number of shows at Alpine and this was the best sounding I have heard yet. I was up on that grotesque 75 degree angle monstrosity they call a lawn and for the first time ever the sound there was crystal clear. Even in a venue of 35,000 people the show still managed to have a sense of intimacy amongst all the arena-rock spectacle.

The highlight of the night for me was easily 'Just'. It was hands down the most blisteringly powerful wave of energy I have felt come off a stage EVER. It honestly was never one of my favorite Radiohead songs but this version had me nearly in tears, feeling like I was being repetitively struck by massive bolts of lightning. Jonny Greenwood is quite possibly the most uniquely creative guitar hero in the industry.

It was nice to see 'Karma Police' and 'Fake Plastic Trees' because they didn't play them in Cleveland. I also would have liked to see them play 'Creep'... I don't care if it was a BIG HIT way back when so it's not cool to play it anymore... I still think it's a great song and I'm glad they brought it back this tour. I was really hoping to hear it but it's really no big deal. I also would have liked to have seen 'The Tourist' or 'My Iron Lung' but I guess all of these will have to wait until a later date. I'll definitely never miss another chance to see these guys play.

"You do it to yourself. You do.
And that's what really hurts.
You do it yourself. Just you.
You and noone else.
You do it to yourself."

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 17:40:20

This was my second RH show... basically in my backyard... talk about a dream come true. I was actually disapointed with several aspects of the show. First was the length... maybe I am just being selfish, but with the amount of music that this band has put out, there is no excuse for playing less than 2 hours. Especially when charging over $50 for seats.

I also would have liked to seen a couple of surprises in the set-list, you know a b-side, or an old relic, perhaps even a cover.

Still an amazing performance, exit music was awesome, fake plastic never disapoints, and they nailed all of the difficult and emotional points in the new material.

The band did seem happier than the last time I saw them (ohio-amnesiac).

I think that it proves their the greatest band in the world when they can play a short predictable set, and still rock the house like no one else.

Musical brilliance!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 17:33:56

Holy damn! I have been waiting 3 years to see Radiohead in concert...and I can tell you I won't be waiting 3 more if I have my way! I drove 12 hours, and spent more money than I can honestly afford to see this show, but it was sheerly amazing. Of all the concerts I have seen, and there have been many, I have never seen a band look so incredibly happy to play. Nothing shines through like a band that loves there music more than their fame. Radiohead IS that band, and the energy was AMAZING! I was all the way back in the general admission lawn, even back that far the vibes were overwhelming. I heard people talking about goosebumps and saw people in total awe. I was in awe with goosebumps.

Thom's stage antics really got the crowd into it. The faces he was making during You and Whose Army had everyone laughing. I've never been to a show where the entire crowd breaks out in laughter during a song...or at least not because the band intended it to be that way!
The only problem I have with the show is that it has ruined all other concerts for me...I will never be as impressed again.
Absolutely amazing, I didn't expect Radiohead to have the best light show I've seen on stage, and I didn't expect to have tears in my eyes. I was so disappointed when they went off stage without playing Street Spirit...only for them to come back and take my breath away during the first encore!
The best show I've ever seen, with the most energy...I'd drive twice as far to see them again...anyone have a quarter?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 03:42:14

sadly would have to agree with the few negative reviews -
setlist was fairly "average" with the surpising exception of kid a

malkmus played only six songs (slacker...)

half the crowd on the lawn must have been "nothing else to do this weekend" high school punks

on further note - ate lunch next to the capitol street team am convinced they are posturing corporate hacks after witnessing them chew out a young high school kid wondering who had the radiohead van and what they were doing

end conclusion - never pay $50 to sit out on an overpriced ski slope to watch off in the distance concert, stick to small venue shows with heart and real fans.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 09:53:38

I'm sure no one will read this but.

I had never seen Radiohead live before, but from all I had heard they were even better live than in studio, which for me was incomprehensible. So I couldn't help but have high expectations.

The concert met and exceeded most of these with a few exceptions. I missed Malkamus because of my irresponsible ride, which depressed me greatly, but Radiohead made up for this. 2+2=5 was a great song to open with, straight forward and clean. As soon as people heard this, they started charging down the hill, which was a little too steep at points. However, the best songs in my opinion were Kid A (they added a more standard drum beat and some great sound effects to make this really different and interesting) Myxamatosis (I had been waiting hopefully for this song to be played, and it was probably the best song of the entire show. As soon as I heard it I got madly excited and started spaz dancing, which I try to resist normally as it makes me look like a goofy bastard. The bass riff had this crazy hum behind it which totally engulfed the audience. I'm actually surprised not too many other people listed it as their favorite), Where I End and You Begin (simply awesome), You and Whose Army (straightforward, but Thom's camaera antics were hilarious) and lastly I MIght be Wrong (this isn't listed on the set list above but for some reason I remember tehm playing it...I'm probably thinking of The National Anthem, but I'm ashamed if I'm remembering incorrectly. This was great because we all just started dancin like fools and no one cared).

Criticisms: Way too much early stuff played. I don't mind a few crowd pleasers, but true Radiohead fans understand that Kid A and Amnesiac are where Radiohead becomes more meaningful than rock music. A total of five songs were played from these two albums, which depressed me. I got the sense that all the fans present were hoping for early stuff, and every time the band played something off OK Computer or the Bends, the crowd went crazy like they were being granted some privilege. I also was hoping the band would finish with A Wolf at the Door, which would have offered some symmetry, as they played 2+2=5 to start with. No luck there though.

Alpine Valley isn't the best place to see a show either. I spent a lot of time just making my way down the hil so I could actually see the band somewhat closely. If you can get seating, by all means, do it! Also, get there really early and go up to the front as quickly as possible. Oldguy gave a good review and advice about this concert venue. I wish the stage had been higher so we could all see Radiohead. Also, the camera crew sucked badly.

Why would you drink at a concert? Smoking makes the music better and provides for a more psycadellic experience, but drinking does nothing of the sort. I saw so many drunken idots who were dying to piss but couldn't get past the crowds or didn't want to lose their seats.

And lastly, kudos to Thom Yorke and his magical dancing; combination of swing, R&B, british nerdiness, and god knows what else. I could've sat there and watched him dance and not heard any of the music and I would still have been entertained.

All in all, a great concert and a perfect intro to live Radiohead.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 08:58:10

my first radiohead concert ever and it was ON MY BRITHDAY. surely this is proof that thom loves me.

greatest concert ever... i still get shivers at the thought

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 10:37:34

My first concert that I have ever been to......I'm seriously thinking about following radiohead around for the rest of my was so cool....amazing....if you ever get a chance to see radiohead....DO IT!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 20, 2003 05:39:15

I would love more than anything to hear Creep live in the future, if bearable. I think the fans are more than appreciative of Radiohead's new stuff, and for any of the fans that have known Radiohead from the start would truly appreciate a familiar song.

However, I have waited a long time to see Radiohead and this was by far a quench for a craving.I never expected Thom and crew to play anything old, and when they played No Alarms, NO Surprises-I just about cried. Thanks to the Band for an Amazing show.

Cassie from Wisconsin

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 10, 2003 18:35:07

Obviously this show was undescribably, etc...
At one point I had tears in my eyes, during sit down, stand up - the base came in/lights awesome.

To the point though, is anyone else disappointed with the similarities in their setlists. Throw in a few b-sides? I guess I just wish I could have heard just one rare song or something unexpected (i suppose you can count kid a). Two years ago I saw them in Chicago and then Ohio and found almost exact same set/style. Disappointing for the 9 hour drive (except they played like spinning plates-piano first time). It's things like that you remember. Mix it up a little, maybe I'm just babbling, but how cool would it have been if they played killer cars, or how can you be sure, thinking about you??? high and dry??? Maybe I'm just babbling, but you don't hear these. I guess they're old.

I got unlucky in the fact that they played almost all of HTTT and we didn't get to hear wolf at the door (that would have been an amazing end to the show). Also killed for I Will or punchup...

There's just so many songs that are so good I guess I'll never be happy in that respect.

Radiohead is the best concert you could ever go to.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 10, 2003 23:51:22

Hi from Mexico i live in a city named guadalajara i dont know if any of you have ever heard of it but...i traveled from mexico to chicago and then to wisconsin only to see radiohead live...and it was just amazing...theres no word to describe it...i have never seen something like that before and i think i will never do it only hope is that radiohead comes down to mexico in a while...theyve been here..but it was in was like 10 years old i didnt even know them...

Best concert ever!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 15:42:53

Ugodly- shed tears before, during and still.
Kudos to the band- and all else involved...
Thomas- never fails to amuse me with his jigs.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 15:28:19

Wow fookin amazing. this was the first radiohead show ive been to and its definitly not going to be the last. Thom Yorke and company...i love u all.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 21, 2003 07:47:33

I will echo the chorus of "This was the most fucking amazing show i've ever been to." Does anything else even need to be said? From the insane suspense of the first minute of 2+2=5 building to the fallout, to the digital bliss of the gloaming and idioteque back to back to hearing the joy in Thom's voice during fake plastic trees, and finally ending w. the incrEDible everything in its right place....

...god damn.

one complaint: where the hell was amnesiac? one of the albums did not show up for the concert (save you and whose army). i realize it's not the critic's or the fan's first choice of an album, but come on. I might be wrong is an incredible song, as well as Packt..., and Knives out? all of these were just skipped, which definately sucked.

But the show was so good w.out amnesiac i probably would have shit myself had i heard anything else.

kudos to thom, johnny, ed, phil and colin. thank you for the best night of my life. no joke.

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