Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

UMB Bank Pavilion - Maryland Heights, MO USA
August 24, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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the gloaming
sit down, stand up
where i end and you begin
knives out
talk show host
wolf at the door
sail to the moon
paranoid android
go to sleep (amazing)
i might be wrong
no suprises
there there ("this is for all the people on the lawn, that we can't see.")

encore 1
pyramid song "this is song about the future"

how to disapear competly
Climbing Up the Walls
encore 2
National Anthem...(Hunting Bears at the end
After the Gold Rush/Everything in it's Right Place
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Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 14:03:43

Best show I've ever seen. I am a huge radiohead fan though, so I'm a little biased. Best moment of the show was hearing wolf at the door. No one was expecting that and it sounded great. For me another great moment was "sit down stand up". I never really liked that song until I saw it live. When Thom jumped up from the piano and started chanting "the rain drops" beside colin, I got chills. Now I listen to that song a lot and I can't stop thinking about that concert.

The thing that makes radiohead great is the dedication they have to the music, they're talent and they're creativity.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 18:30:30

This concert owned. I mean I finally got my chance to see Radiohead. I loved everything about it especially when they picked such a good setlist with songs like "Bulletproof" and "Airbag" along with mor Kid A and Amnesiac stuff as well. The lights matched the music perfectly and I loved how the songs were played out and all the electrical and unique instrument work was just so much better to see live. Johnny's solo at the end of "Go To Sleep" was bizarre and great at same time. Phil's unique percussion work kept a great rhythm. Ed's vox and guitaring was much better to see live. Colin really got me going in "Gloaming" and "Airbag" with such intense bass. Thom's vox were great as always and as i expected. Thank you once again Radiohead for the best experience of my life.

Submitted on: AUGUST 28, 2003 21:04:43

This was my first Radiohead show, and I have to say that I was not "Letdown." (I couldn't help myself.) Some friends and I drove six hours north to St. Louis from Cleveland, Mississipi, to see this amazing band. Neither of my friends had seen Radiohead either. The set was amazing all the way through. This was definitely a great night to see Radiohead. They are most definitely on top of their game. They played everything that I would want to hear, with maybe the exceptions of Optimistic, Letdown, and Dollars and Cents. I can't believe they didn't play Karma Police. I believe the person who submitted the setlist failed to include Myxomatosis, which is a song I have a new love for since hearing it live. I was really blown away by Wolf at the Door. I did not expect them to play that song. Thom was so awesome pacing the stage while half rapping and half singing. He definitely has a career in hip hop. Ha Ha. I was a little worried after the first encore because they hadn't played National Anthem yet, but they did not disappoint. I love how Thom compensates for the missing horns with his guitar. I was on the lawn for this show, and I was pretty bummed that the people who had seats were not using them. It was difficult to see over them at times, but I would probably have done the same thing. I have sworn to myself that I will get pit tickets to see Radiohead.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 07:53:48

radiohead put on an incredible show..... unfortunately, their was another show in the fifth row that made me want to vomit.....the two hick girls on ecstacy in front of us couldn't have been fans....i think they were just there looking to breed...god help us

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 09:30:43

I drove from Kansas City to see Radiohead play. This has been a band that I have dreamed of seeing for about 7 years. It was a life changing concert. Just like the previous reviews say, I walked out a totally different person. Thom, like most of us there, wasn't too happy with Clear Channel. Hands down the best concert I have ever seen in my life. The scrolling word "Forever" across the light board at the end of the show was genius. I think that people were changed after seeing that show. A 4 hour drive in 101 degree weather, getting home at 4:30 to have class at 8:00 the next morning, it was absolutely worth it. No one should miss the chance to see these musicians.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 11:39:52

After looking at the setlist above, and comparing the recording I'm listening to of the show, there appears to be some dicrepancies. Here is the correct running order of songs:

01. The Gloaming
02. 2+2=5
03. Sit Down, Stand Up
04. Where I End and You Begin
05. Airbag
06. Bulletproof...
07. Knives Out
08. Climbing Up The Walls
09. Talk Show Host
10. Paranoid Android
11. Sail To The Moon
12. A Wolf At The Door
13. Go To Sleep
14. I Might Be Wrong
15. Idiotequ
16. No Surprises
17. There There
18. Pyramid Song
19. Myxomatosis
20. Just
21. How To Disappear Completly
- encore 2-
22. The National Anthem / Hunting Bears
23. After The Gold Rush
14. Everything In It's Right Place

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 12:23:49

I had plans to see Radiohead at Field Day, which obviously flopped, so this was a nice treat. I wonder if the treat truly was made sweeter by Thom's almost apologetic rant on ClearChannel, which makes sense: any venue large enough to hold Radiohead in St Louis is owned by CC. It's nice of them to bend their personal ethics for the fans.

My fellow Radiohead fans really get on my nerves. Radiohead has such a quiet beauty at times, but all the folks of St Louis were interested in was screaming at the top of their lungs every time Radiohead wasn't splitting their ears with rock. Times I noticed it most include the mind-screwing splendor of Talk Show Host, in which the space between chords flourished in the wide-open atmosphere of the amphitheater; during Jonny's Martenot outro of How to Disappear; during the enveloping beauty of Sail to the Moon, especially the outro; and during No Surprises (although I did appreciate the fervent cheering at the lines "Bring down the government / they don't speak for us"...kinda warmed my heart).

I was disappointed by the crowd's malaise, as well. Nobody moved. It seemed like a good portion of the audience wasn't there to see Radiohead, but to go to a social event. I was highly annoyed. Shows aren't just for music junkies, this I understand; but a band like this deserves a certain level of respect that St Louis fans just didn't give.

Highlights of the evening in my eyes were the energy of 2+2=5, the electronics duel of Ed and Jonny at the end of Everything in its Right Place, Jonny doing god-knows-what to his guitar during Go to Sleep, and the confusion of most of the crowd during Pyramid Song...I love it when people furrow their brows because they can't figure out how to clap to it.

Disappointments: the crowd, by far, was the biggest disappointment. I would have loved to hear "We Suck Young Blood" live, and of course, I would probably die happy to see a Radiohead show come to a close with The Tourist....but I don't expect it from them like fans expect songs from the Bends or "Creep". This show was unpredictable, which made is just what you expect from a band like Radiohead.

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 18:36:17

This was my first radiohead show i haVE seen. Radiohead has been My favorite band for 6 years now so i felt it was appropriate that i was 3 feet from johnny in the front row of the pit. Anyone who can say anything bad about this show is an overcritical moron. Thanks a lot radiohead for putting airbag into the mix... that is the song that started it all for me and thank you for not putting creep in. I went crazy when they played airbag. It was the best thing that has ever happened in the history of the world. free tibet

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 12:38:27

There are no words to describe the show...I just wanted to post the actual setlist since the one here is outta whack...

The Gloaming
Sit Down. Stand Up.
Where I end and you begin
Knives Out
Climbing up the walls
Talk show host
Sail to the moon
Wolf at the door
Paranoid Android
Go to sleep
I might be wrong
No Surprises
There, There

First Encore:
Pyramid Song
How to Disappear Completely

Second Encore:
National Anthem
Hunting Bears
After the goldrush
Everything in it's right place

Radiohead FOREVER

Submitted on: AUGUST 31, 2003 16:06:41


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 01, 2003 07:19:28

My two girlfriends and I came all the way from the cornfields of Nebraska on a very tiny budget just to see this radiohead show. we even got tickets at the door. I felt so lucky to be there it was almost unreal. The set they played was bad ass, the lighting was completely unbelieveable. I try to describe it to people, but it's impossible. I will never forget this show! Thank you Radiohead.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 02, 2003 00:40:57

i drove from central arkansas to see one of the best shows of my life...and i can say it was well worth the drive and no sleep thing for like 36 hrs...there were some songs they didn't play that i exspected them to play...but that doesn't was an amazing show

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 03, 2003 19:33:13

It's funnyI can remember commenting to my friends that I would never want to see Radiohead in concert, as I figured that their music was more suited to the studio than the stage (a supposition that was supported by my distaste for the "I Might Be Wrong" recordings). However, I went after all...and it wasn't that bad.
In fact, it was quite good, once you cut out the crap from "Kid A" and HTTT. A die-hard old-school Radiohead fan, I was honestly impressed by the volume of early material that the band played at the show, and further amazed that the performances actually sounded *good*. "No Surprises" and "Climbing Up The Walls" were simply outstanding, while "Bulletproof" and "Talk Show Host" were a complete surprise. Overall, I wouldn't have missed it for the world, although I wish they had sold an actual tour T-shirt. Everything that evening was heavily slanted toward the post-OKC material, including the merchandise.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 07, 2003 08:12:28

The show was absolutely incredible. I've been waiting to see Radiohead since OK Computer. Radiohead is absolutely addictive. I'm going down to Florida to see them in early October. Thom was nuts, and I got to flail along with him. I agree that a lot of the people around me weren't dancing or singing, but I wouldn't say that the night was the worse for it. It gave me more room to move. Great show! Thank you for playing Bulletproof!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 07, 2003 12:01:18

I would like to start out by apologizing to "WILL." I am such a huge Radiohead fan, and I had an amazing time. I'm sorry your night was not as stellar thanks to the people of St. Louis. I'm a native St. Louisian and let me tell you I couldn't have been dancing more, and actually keeping my mouth shut more either. Sorry once again. However, I was blown away by Radiohead! They are everything I could have hoped for. I had always heard how amazing they were live, and I was not dissappointed by what I saw. They are absolute talents and outstanding performers. I walked away elated and a forever fan. Radiohead is genius.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 07, 2003 12:52:55

completely alone, and by myself - I drove from kansas city to see this show... nearly got in 5 highway wrecks, but radiohead was worth it.. walking into the pavillion was like walking into heaven, amazing people I could emmediately identify with walking around everywhere.. making the trip alone made the show a million times more meaningful to me, it was beautiful. Thom's voice was hauntingly stunning, powerful, and literally gave me a soulGasm. heh ;)
i only hope i'll be able to see them live again someday. it was certainly a rare opportunity.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 16:01:07

show was amazing despite the fact that my drunk friends embarrased me whole time. could somebody email me or post a link to where i could dowload the recording for this show? i'm not very knowledgable about where to look for these sorts of things. thanks!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 21:36:47

The show was just amazing. I could of stayed there forever. I was completely impressed by everything. It was awesome that Thom dedicated 'There There' to everyone in the lawn. (That is where I was at!) The setlist was amazing, I got to hear Talk Show Host and Climbing Up The Walls. Wow, it was just a moment that I will never forget.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 24, 2003 23:10:53

Show started out with a technical problem on the Gloaming. I was worried that this was going to be a bad omen for the rest but it wasn't. Out of the 4 Radiohead shows I have been to this was definately the best. As the setlist says Go to Sleep was definately amazing and I couldn't believe Wolf at the Door was played. Also thought the short song before Everything in its Right place was awesome.

Only complaint I have is The Pit crowd. Everyone was pretty stagnant and didn't seem to get into the show at all. I had MM seats in Center Right and everyone was really into the show going nuts (including me). Can't wait to see them in New Orleans and Atlanta in October!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 03:23:57

..simply and entirely, but in the most complex way...____. a friend of mine commented that he wasn't the same person as the one which entered. i think its safe to say that clearchannel is a bunch of muther fockers.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 04:31:04

What a great show. Absolutely fantastic from the "cheap seats" on the lawn. Took my 2 boys, ages 14 & 16; I believe it was a life changing experience for them.

The only shortfall for me was that the three songs I wanted to hear most were left out: The Bends, My Iron Lung & Creep.

Overall, one of the best concerts I've seen, and I've seen plenty.


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 05:50:08

I was one of the many at the sold out Radiohead show in St. Louis, MO. The show was amazing, Radiohead really do a great live performance. They came out and did two encores,at 3 songs a piece but didn't do songs the crowd was anticipating for the expected encore. I.E. There were some frowns that Fake Plastic Trees or High and Dry, or even Creep weren't performed at all. Other than that, the show went great , nice lighting displays/effects, sound was incredible, good set list. Radiohead rules, and we hope they'll come around again, Saint Louis is grateful. Thank you. ~Deanna M Cash

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 06:26:09

As reflected many times b4 - wow. HTTT was represented most of the night in an imaculate presentation. Just when you get all caught up in the recent releases, you get blessed with classic treats like 'just'(jonny, the mad genius) or National Anthem (god bless you Colin) and it throws you back into earlier years of nostalgia to let you know they're still the same old chums you've taken on many a road trip. My only regret is not making enough money to see the rest of the dates in the US. This concert is addicting. Please come back soon boys.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 06:42:32


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 07:56:36

I was right in front of Thom (3rd row) and of course it was amazing. For "The Gloaming" there were some technical difficulties with one of Colin's machines, so I was a little worried Thom would be thrown off, but he, in fact, was pretty cool about it. It was great to hear "Bulletproof" though I think the humidity got to Thom's voice a little. "Talk Show Host" was really good, and Thom seemed to be having a lot of fun with it. "I might be wrong" was incredible. "Climbing up the walls" seemed to be a lot higher in the set, it wasn't in the encore as is posted here. I felt that it was a turning point in the show, as the start was a bit rocky, but once they played "Climbing up the Walls" the rest of the show was perfect. It was great to hear "How to Disappear," but I think the humidity got to Thom a little for that song, too. It seemed like Thom had a bit of a hard time on the piano, but I'm guessing the humidity made his hands sweat and the keys got slippery. I thought "National Anthem" was the highlight of the show, and it was great to end with "Everything in it's right place". I hope they play St. Louis again, but indoors.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 08:16:46

What a fantastic show.
The venue is too large but even us little people in the lawn got some love.
The design and special effects were so vibrant and colorful i could of die peacefully.
They only came out for 2 encores and there were a few missing songs that it seemed like people were waiting for, however it was one of the best shows ive ever seen. It may have just been the fact that it was Radiohead, but who cares.
The show was fantastic. Definietly 5 out of 5 stars!

Oh Please, Radiohead, Please, Come Back to St. Louis!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 08:41:08

This show kicked so much ass, mine was hurting by the end of the night.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 09:07:53

This was one of the best shows I've ever seen. The sound was immaculate (hat's off to the sound crew) and the crowd was alive. Phil's drumming was gorgeous, calculated and eerie; everything you'd expect from him. Jonny's guitar palying had an abrasion in it that I'd never heard before on the records. In my mind, he piloted the sound all night long. Thom's vocals and performance were wonderful as usual ... although he's a much smaller man than I thought he'd be. No matter. His energy is nearly unparallelled. I was also amazed with his all-around musical ability, much better than I'd expected.

Best song of the night? It's got to go to A Wolf at the Door. Huge sound. So big that I thought my heart might stop. Other notables were Air Bag, There There (where Thom showed he can hold his own at guitar without the other two), Talk Show Host and the National Anthem.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 09:45:40

Wow. Well it was my first radiohead show and well wow. In the past i have heard bootlegs but thought they wernt nearly as cool as studio works, but this show blew me away. Even though i was shafted with lawn tickets, and the crowd wasnt too great, it was still awesome. I think on the tour they have really perfected all the HTTT songs down to an art. And on all the pre-HTTT songs there were added goodies. TSH was very rad, as was the national anthem, paranoid android and the EIIRP with the intro id never heard. At first i thought it was Good Morning Mr Magpie. The only somewhat disappointing song was The Gloaming, because in the middle they stopped and i dunno quite what happened, maybe it was planned, but once they got back on it was still great. Another downer is i figured there would be more dancing, beside a couple guys that were on acid like 10 ft from me i didnt seeing anyone, also more punk-rocker types than i expected as opposed to hippies. To End this up, if you've never seen a Radiohead show and you even halfway call yourself a fan, geet a ticket and go now, its a great experience.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 10:23:18

As our caravan drove from KC we talked about all the songs we were hoping to hear...most from The Bends, however the night would be different than what we all expected. Many, many from Hail To The Thief and it was much better than what i had hoped. Hearing the newly heard songs from the album in a live environment was nothing short of unreal. Starting the show with The Gloaming caught every off guard and it was a start we would never want to end. Here are my thoughts per song. Altogether, this was the best show i've seen. Please, please keep coming back to us!!

the gloaming - oustanding, perfect (Greenwood thrilled us all)
2+2+5 - i was overwhelmed already
sit down, stand up - the sound was perfect vocals and music
where i end and you begin - at this point, i could've listened to them play the whole album with my perma-smile stuck in place
bulletproof - EXTREMELY excited...hadn't seen this on too many setlists...they should play this MUCH MORE
airbag - bass rang out and seduced us all
knives out - hadn't heard this one in a long time...back to top 10 favs list...that should tell you how good it was
talk show host - crowd got into this one and we knew we would never get out
wolf at the door - fired us up...this was an instant fav of mine before hearing it live...very, very crisp
sail to the moon - now they were just teasing us...thome's vocals rang out beautifully
paranoid android - the usual feeling you get from this song...speechless but screaming every word out
go to sleep (amazing) - beautiful song (and amazing)
i might be wrong - god i love this song...screamed out the lyrics
idioteque - it was already a top 5...jumped to paranoid android status after this one
no suprises - beautiful as ever...crowd erupted in the middle of this song
there there ("this is for all the people on the lawn, that we can't see.") - drums, percussion were methodical and mesmerizing

encore 1
pyramid song "this is song about the future" - hadn't heard it in awhile and now its back in the rotation :)
just - classic - crowd sang every lyric with Thome
how to disapear competely - loved this one! a beautiful song..lighters lit everywhere
Climbing Up the Walls - another one i hadn't seen on a setlist (that i can remember offhand...glad i got to hear amazing song
encore 2
National Anthem...(Hunting Bears at the end) - already a top 10...greenwood finishing us off.....or so we thought..till the next song
After the Gold Rush/Everything in it's Right Place - as in the usual case with this song...everyone in the band finished us off...i did NOT want to leave the venue...beautiful, amazing, simple, complicated, all put together in one song.

*Left us with a "Forever" on stage which definitely topped it all off...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 11:57:19

This concert was amazing. I was pleasantly surprised by some of the song choices like "Just" and "Talk Show Host" All in all a wonderful concert complete with Thom's crazy dancing and an involved audience.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 13:02:44

Amazing show. Best concert I've ever been to, hands down. Thom was amazing, his voice is ten times better live. Johnny is an absolute stud, he made sounds come out of his guitar on "go to sleep" that i didn't know could come out of a guitar. Over all, great setlist. Airbag was awesome along with climbing up walls and the gloaming. Just was great also.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 13:14:22

Tremendous show! Thom was all fired up about Clear Channel -- and the crowd was all fired up to see the boys return to St. Louis for the first time since OK COMPUTER/ THE BENDS.

No need to go into concert specifics -- I've seen RADIOHEAD two others times -- once in Santa Barbara -- The other at the Greek in Los Angeles. In each show they delivered the same amount of enthuaism as the others -- creating an electric crowd and an electric evening.

It was nice to see KARMA POLICE & FAKE PLATIC put back on the shelf --- these guys have too may good songs that never get concert play.

Thanx alot, Radiohead.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 13:31:10

This show was incredible! I saw the show at Alpine Valley the night before, and I'd have to say that this show was a bit better. The setlist was amazing and included a few great surprises...Talk Show Host (rocked), How to Disappear Completely, Bulletproof, and a very cool Hunting Bears outro to The National Anthem. Great Show!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 14:38:08

This was my first Radiohead concert. I thought it was absolutely great! Thom Yorke has an excellent Very energetic too...he looked like he was having a lot of fun. Was it me or did it look like something was not working right during The Gloaming? And I couldn't understand what he said except at the end when he said: "We are doing it for YOUR benefit..not theirs". Does anyone else know what Thom said?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 15:09:23

What a show Radiohead put on last night, and a killer set list too. The Gloaming is such a cool opening song. Thom made a comment about UMB being a Clear Channel facility, but that they decided to play there anyway. The whole band was on tonight. Some standouts were, Paranoid Android, 2+2=5, Airbag, No Surprises, Talk Show Host, Go to Sleep, and Idioteque just blew my mind. That is a show that like the screen says will live with me "forever"

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 15:11:38

I had been waiting to see Radiohead for a couple years since they came to Grant Park (I missed it), so I was peeing in my pants before this show started. It started kind of late, around 9:15, since the opening act played like 12 songs. But when they hit The Gloaming, it was as if we had never waited.

The Gloaming was done very well, although Thom seemed to be traveling back and forth to the synthasizer...maybe that was on purpose.

2+2=5 was incredible. That song was conceived to played live.

Sit Down, Stand Up was probably my favorite song off HTTT, so I was about to faint when I heard the opening hooks. The song was played was awesome pulsating lights, and the song sounding amazing.

Were I End and You Begin was done quite well...great work on the guitars.

I didn't recognize Bulletproof...I actually thought it was Talk Show Host (since I had seen on this website they played that song live). Still...a pretty good song, not great.

Then the band kicked into Airbag, which was the first song off OK Computer. Fantastically done.

Thom got the aucustic out, I thought they were going to do Paranoid Andriod, but they did Knives Out. It's not that rocking of a song, but like all of the songs, they played really well.

Talk Show Host was really, really good, even though I had never heard it before.

Wolf at The Door was done with a very sinister vibe. Thom took the mic off the stand and began sneering, kind of like Johnny Rotten. It kind of fit for the song.

Sail To The Moon was the antithesis -- it was very somber and peaceful, and that emotion seemed to be mixed into the crowd.

Then came the biggie...Paranoid Andriod was performed so well, with so much energy from the band and the crowd that it almost made me weep. It was like a religious experience -- it was THAT good.

Go To Sleep was fantastic, it's one of the better songs off HTTT.

From the opening bars, I thought they were going to play one of the my favorites off OK Computer, Electroneering, but instead they played I Might Be Wrong. Once again, it was played really well. That song, like 2+2=5, was destined to be played live. Thom went nuts and so did the crowd. It was unbelievable.

No Surprises is my all time favorite Radiohead reminds me of an ex-girlfriend. I almost got teary-eyed, because they played it so beautifully.

Then came There There. They brought out two sets of was really well done. Then the band left the stage, but we all knew there would be an encore...since the roadies were setting up their instruments.

Pyramid Song was's an incredibly good song on Amnesiac, but it was even better live...I didn't even know that was possible!

Just was a surprise from the past. The crowd went was awesome.

Like Pyramid Song and No Surprises, Climbing Up The Walls is very somber, but since the song is really about playing live music, it was beautiful listening to the song live.

Then they came on for a second encore...National Anthem was kind of weak without the brass instruments...with the guitars, it seems like any other song. But then Thom began playing a Neil Young was very odd, until he went straight into Everything In It's Right Place. What a way to end an incredible show. It was by far the best concert I've ever been to...I hope the word at the tail-end of their concert is true and the band stays together...FOREVER!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 16:33:13

This is my first Radiohead show, and they did not dissapoint. From start to finish, the band was at the top of their game. The completely overpowering bass of "The Gloaming" got things going, with minor technical diffuculties between the first and second verse. They didn't do quite as much of "Hail to the Thief" as I thought they might. I was very surprised by the inclusion of "Pyramid Song." I could be wrong, but I don't think they have done that very much lately. I was also surprised that they played "How to Disappear Completely," "Climbing up the Walls," and "Airbag."
It was interesting how little Thom said during the show, although he did take the time to criticize Clear Channel Entertainment during his dedication of "There, There" to the people in the lawn seats. But the crowd went insane when Thom sang "Bring down the government, they don't speak for us..."
The highlights of the show were hearing "Hunting Bears" and the end of "The National Anthem," Jonny's guitar solo and the insane video that went along with it during "Go to Sleep," and every second of "Idioteque," even though Thom's spastic dance seemed a little subdued.
I believe that some people were a little shocked by the fact that they didn't play "Karma Police" or "Fake Plastic Trees," especially the guy who had made his own Karma Police T-shirt. But the addition of other lesser played songs made up for it.
As a whole, the show was absolutely incredible.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 17:21:21

what is there to say? it was RADIOHEAD.
the opening 4 songs from hail to the thief were tight, though to search for a critique the ending bridge of "raindrops" on "sit down, stand up" didn't live quite live up to the recording's intensity, since thom did not double his vocals. just when we thought we were going to hear pretty much just thief stuff (not that it would have been bad), out came "bulletproof" then "airbag" then "knives out". on "airbag" a great twist was that johnny played lead until the last few measures of the song, where he played the main lick in unison with everyone else (other words: great ending). unless you were way past being overly jaded with the band, johnny on the guitar, etc. drove you slackjawed. on the relatively rare "talk show host", thom played the main hook with guitar instead of keyboard like in the recording. the crowd gave the fairly predictable yell when thom sang the line "the government they don't speak for us" in "no surprises." everyone in the band was impressive of course (if you're like me and want to be impressed by them anyway), and thom was in an almost frisky mood. besides his usual twitching and dancing, he jumped up and down waving at the crowd before leaving the stage after the main set and the encores. as always the lighting and video work added a lot to the show; the video's variation and and complexity that surpasses plenty of actual films that try to do the same thing was especially superior. personally, i enjoyed most the ok computer favorites they played, i guess because it's still so hard for me to believe how much intensity they can put into doing them. no matter how many times i hear "no surprises", i want to cry because of the people i know who are in the song. the band closed with "everything in its right place", and left the stage one by one, after adding to the loop of sounds they put at the end, and the billboard lights behind the stage flashed FOREVER. over and over until the loop faded out. it's fun to watch the show, and the lights and cameras, but the long set list and intensity from the band helps tell you that it's not all just a false front to get the crowd to worship them. you can fake the smoke and mirrors sometimes, but the sincerity of RADIOHEAD always comes through.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 17:39:18

My first show, I drove all the way from Mid-Michigan to see this, I was not disapointed. UNREAL, what else can you say?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 25, 2003 17:55:42

Outstanding show. Met expectations. Worth $50. However, I found the crowd in St. Louis to be rather lame and somewhat lethargic. People around me were actually sitting down...during Idioteque? Sitting down? What the fu*&???

Also, a friend of mine overheard a bunch of sluts near the bathroom say "This is the worst concert I've ever been to."

Maybe there was a dark cloud following me that night, or maybe God is playing tricks on me. Whatever. I got high on the drive home, and as I was going to sleep, running over the day in my head, it seemed as though something special happened.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 01:48:58

7 days, through 6 states, 5 concerts, 4 bands, 3 Radiohead shows, 2 Liz Phair shows, 1 memorable week ends in St. Louis. A more subdued show than the previous night's in Alpine Valley -- Thom must have been exhausted from all the spastic dancing he did that night -- a fitting conclusion to my Radiohead field trip. From the lawn at Camden's show to the pit at Alpine to Row Y Center at this show, what a week!

Tonight's show, as mentioned, was more laid back, but one of the highlights was Thom's commentary on Clear Channel, and how their control of so many venues essentially forced the lads into business with them. He made a couple pointed critical comments, and I can't wait to pick up a bootleg (hint, hint...anyone out there?) for the exact wording.

You can see the setlist elsewhere, but it was good to see a lot of first-timers getting a taste of Radiohead. I was astounded talking to people how many had never seen them before. In fact, while my girlfriend spotted a couple guys from the night before, no one I saw or spoke with had ever seen 'em. There were a bunch of new converts, I can assure you, though, after the show.

Now, I just have to figure out how to stay home while Radiohead is still on the road...I'm not there, this isn't happening :-(

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 04:59:17

THIS SHOW WAS AWESOME! I thought the set list was amazing, their energy on stage was amazing and the weather wasn't bad either! Thom seemed so happy & energetic, and I couldn't take my eyes off of him. In fact, I still can't stop thinking about the show. One of the more energetic songs was Idioteque, I loved watching Thom dance to that song. They included songs from every album since the bends, which was great! Overall, I loved every minute of show. In fact, when they opened with The Gloaming, I wasn'y too jazzed, b/c I never really liked that song, until I saw it live! Now I love it. Radiohead Rocked!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 05:36:12

At times I was moooved, dumbfounded; it was the best live show that I have seen in years...definitely in my adult life (30). A beautiful crowd. Could you hear the casinos cashing in around you...come back and play for the rest of them...America needs musical salvation

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 05:43:32


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 06:09:51

Awesome show. The Gloaming, 2+2, climbing the walls, Myximo, and talk show were the best. The bass at the concert was really clear and loud. Thom really worked the crowd during the show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 07:00:04

This was my second show on this tour (I saw the show at Alpine Valey the night before.) The set list was completely different from the night before -- overall, more mellow. That said, Thom seemed to really enjoy the crowd. Opening with The Gloaming may not be the best way to start off a show, but they make up for it with an impressive 2+2=5. The rest of the set was remarkable.

Overall, an amazing show complete with songs that the crowd likes as much as Radiohead seems to enjoy performing: Talk Show Host, I Might Be Wrong, Idioteque, Knives Out, and There There.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 07:28:36

This was an absolutely great show. We travelled from Kansas City (as did many others that I talked to)to make this gig and it did not disappoint. The show started off with "The Gloaming" and after a small technical problem (Thom messed with the tape loop to get it back on time), the show went on flawlessly. "2+2=5" was their second song and it really got the crowd going after the slow but spectacular starter. Other highlights for me included an absolutely rocking version of "Paranoid Android" and the serene "Bulletproof". The band worked their way through their catalog seamlessly, bouncing from tracks from their newer records to songs from OK Computer and The Bends. The band was truly on tonight and it seemed as if they really didn't want to leave, coming back for a second and third encore. The climax hit as Thom played the first 5 notes to "Everything in it's Right Place". That song capped off a perfect night of music.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 07:35:18

Great show! Thom's voice was off at first, but he warmed up and kicked butt after about the 4th song. His voice was downright amazing at the end, especially with Pyramid and How To Disappear. There were a lot of highlights, but my favorites were: There There, I Might Be Wrong, Paranoid Android, Talk Show Host, and Everything In Its Right Place. Great live songs. This was my first RH show, and it sounded better than any of the inconsistent bootleg shows i've heard. They were great tonight-- blew me away. Weird notes: Thom stopped and walked towards the back of the stage part way through the opener (Gloaming) to fix some problem with his mic or the music (?), the music played on and he came back to pick up where he left off. Thom badmouthed Clear Channel, saying we wish they weren't involved, but "we decided to play anyway, for YOU, not for them". The Neil Young organ-based cover went right into EIIRP-- awesome transition, crowd went wild, clapping, then at the end Thom joined the clapping and mixed it up with his own slightly jazzed up clap rhythm. We got the "FOREVER" message with the finale, just like previous shows. Also, great view of Mars above the stage from the lawn. Great set list, too. I yelled like hell for Lurgee, but we didn't get that one-- maybe next time. The Jicks were pretty good in the opener, too.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 08:24:53

This was my first Radiohead show ever and it was simply the best show I have ever seen.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 09:38:26

i went into this show with dangerously high expectations, thanks to my love for the band and the fact that i had never seen them live previously. it would seem impossible for expectations like the ones i had to be met by any band, but radiohead exceeded them. everything from the setlist (bulletproof and pyramid song! i couldn't believe my luck at hearing those, two of my very favorites) to the overpowering lighting to the pleasant weather to the usual frenzy of the crowd...all the elements were in their respective places...and all radiohead did was blow us all away with their music. don't get me wrong; the jicks were somewhat impressive, but by the end of the night i couldn't remember a single note they hit on stage after my memory was wiped clear by the rock soon to follow. maybe the moment was the very first bass kick-in of 'the gloaming' after thom bellowed "fee fie foe fum." maybe it was the palpable tension of the crowd as they leaned in on "BECAUSE!" in '2+2=5.' somewhere in the first three songs a lot of the attendees (including myself of course) lost any semblance of control over our bodies. i found myself shaking visibly during bulletproof, and thom's voice on sail to the moon was almost studio-pure. he blew me do you prance around and scream all night and still nail pyramid song during the encore? ridiculous. the highlight of my night, as i know it was for some others, was the rockout by jonny at the end of 'go to sleep.' my one quibble with HTTT since it came out had been the lack of development at the end of that song...they just kind of let it die on the studio version. but last night, jonny tore into it like a mad scientist. you could see thom's swagger in 'wolf,' his emotions as he seemed to kiss the mic during the "silent, silent" part of 'no surprises.' perhaps the most impressive live adaptation was 'there there' (dedicated to the "people on the hill") with a startling triple-percussion attack and a slow build to the rock block at the end. as i was saying to my co-show-goers, i would have made triple the drive and paid triple the price for this opportunity. it was something so full of energy that we couldn't stop talking about it even when we got back to our hometown at 6 in the morning, and we all wish we could personally thank the band for such a stirring performance. awesome...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 10:26:25

1st ever Radiohead concert, and what show it was! It looked like the band was having a few technical problems during the beginning of "The Gloaming" but the rest of the night was perfect. A lot of songs that I didn't expect: "Just", "Bulletproof" "How to disappear completely". Awesome lighting, made every song better. I must go again sometime.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 12:46:18

I just wanted to write to say that the concert was fucking awesome. I have been a long time fan and it was amazing to see the band live for the first time. Everything was in sync, except for a small technical difficulty during "the gloaming". The sound system, lights and stage effects were simply amazing. Personal highlights: 2+2=5, Wolf at the door, Bulletproof, Paranoid Android, Go to Sleep, How to Disappear Completely. I don't know who the fuck submitted the setlist, but they failed to include the best performance of the show, "Myxomatosis". I was never really that found of this track on Hail to the Thief, but after seeing it performed live, top ten Radiohead tracks of all time. The bass was pulsing the whole damn amphitheatre. Everyone was going nuts and Thom was basically letting the audience sing the chorus. The only disappointment that I took from the show were all of the so called "indie" kids who scratched their beards during the show. Why do you attend a live concert, only to sit there like a freakin zombie? Stand up dance and sing. I heard too many coments from these "TOBY'S" putting down other fans. I was definitely pleased that they played parts of Kid A because all the human cloning was taken part in UMB Bank Pavilion that evening. Plain T-Shirt, Suede/Leather shoes, Tight jeans, and a little patch of hair spiked up with alot of gel. Does this sound like you? If so lighten up. Enjoy yourself the next time that you attend an event like this in your life. Radiohead is the MOST amazing and artistic band in this day and age. Thank You.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 13:49:06

I was 6 rows from the stage and the concert was amazing. There wasn't a song where I thought hmm they weren't "on" or they didn't perform well. York seemed upset about Clear Channel entertainment, he said something along the lines of "we're not going on with this concert for them (clear channel) we're doing it for you guys (paraphrase)". However none of that seemed to effect their performance. This was the first time I have seen them live but definetly not my last. By far the best concert I've witnessed.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 18:50:30

My first Radiohead show. It was fantastic, mezmerizing, beautiful, colorful and perfect...just too damn short! Paranoid Android knocked my knickers off! I am listening to all of the cd's this week with renewed appreciation.

If Misha from Kentucky ever comes across this, thanks for the ride to the show! You were much more interesting (and quicker) than a hotel shuttlebus.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 19:17:48

This show was absolutly brilliant. I could not have picked a better set. The band played "Wolf at the Door" for the ninth song, and they usually do not play this song unitl the encore, if at all. Thom also made a statement about the producers of the show, saying, "it's a shame that Clear Channel produced this show, we normally do not work with them, but we really wanted to play here". There seemed to be a lot of energy coming fom the band, which I did not expect seeing comng from them in Missouri, but it was terrific. Hats Off and Knives Out.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 03:11:06

The show was incredible. I just wanted to add that they played Myxomatosis in their first encore.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 05:07:09

The best concert I have ever seen. The band seemed to feel at home on the stage. Thom was dancing all around, and Johnny must have played 20 different instruments. What I liked most about the performance was that the songs weren't played exactly how they are on the albums. They gave us something extra (especially "talk show host"). These guys are still the best band in the world.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 05:07:39

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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 07:57:36

OK, I will just have to say that this was the best show that I have ever seen live. It knocked the Flaming Lips right off their pedestal... and I LOVE the Flaming Lips. I was surprised that they would play 'No Surprises' and 'How to Disappear Completely,' but they did them very well, and they are great songs anyway. It was hard to see Thom and the boys from RR Center, but I managed to sneak up a row when some idiots left after the first encore. Hats off to the band for a great set! I have never gone from dancing out of control (Idioteque) to being in complete awe (No Suprises) so quickly... or vice-versa when they played 'Pyramid Song' then 'Just.' Hopefully I will get a chance to see them again next year.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 09:45:34

Am I the only one who thought he saw Stephen Malkmus on stage with Radiohead at some point in the show jamming hard?
Played idioteque and no suprises (tearjerker/make out music any one?)
got to sleep? Fuck me. Hell of a first show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 09:53:13

Truly a wonderful experience to see them on stage so loud and full of life. They were great! 90% The crowd however were so reserved, pretentious, and full of themselves that my evening was actually dampened for a moment. RH and the other 10% of the non-posers were completely AWESOME!! Please, let them come back some day!

Goldie Holmes :)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 15:14:41

I've seen MANY shows, and many GREAT shows for that matter. This was definitely in the top 6 or 7. All around it was a great show. My only complaint was that some drunk girl behind me was SCREAMING in my ear for EVERYTHING. (If it was you, how could you LISTEN to them play?) Certain parts of the show blew me away. The HTTT selections were solid, and they played my favorites from KID A... Idioteque is the first song when that album came out, which grabbed ahold of me, slapped me around and demanded, "LISTEN UP. WE'RE RADIOHEAD." They performed the dynamic change-ups with perfection. My highlights would have to be Myxomatosis in the first encore (not listed). Thom demonically chanted like a creature clawing at the soul. "I... DON'T... KNOW... WHY I FEEL... SO... TONGUE...TIED. They followed up with an emotional "How to Disappear Completely". Thom showed great depth and compassion. A solid performance.

Anyone who has the chance should SEE THEM LIVE!!! Can't wait til' I do again.

P.S. Does anyone know where to get a bootleg of this show???

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 17:29:08

the concert was amazing, but what alot are forgetting is myxomitosis in one of the encores
perfect show

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 21:06:31

I've been a fan of Radiohead since The Bends came out, but never managed to catch them live until Sunday night's show. Let me just say, Rolling Stone is all wrong. I've seen U2 live, and Radiohead puts their live show to shame. I'd like to sum up my feelings of the show, but I lack the vocabulary to do it justice. It was simply amazing. The best concert I've ever been to (and that's saying something, I think). They opened with The Gloaming, which caught those of us who have been watching the set-lists off guard, a very pleasant surprise. There was a slight problem with the tape-loop, and we all got nervous for a second, but Thom got it fixed and went right back to the mic to start again where he left off, and the crowd exploded into applause. The rest of the night is a blur to me, but there were several highlights. Turning back to the lawn and seeing a sea of lighters during the "Rain Down" section of Paranoid Android was enough to give me chills. Mars was shining brightly in the sky just off the right side of the stage, which really added to the atmosphere during Sail to the Moon. When Thom sang "Bring down the government, they don't speak for us" during No Surprises the crowd exploded into cheers. A Wolf at the Door was mind-blowing. And towards the end of the show, Thom spoke out against Clear Channel, which made me very happy. I agree 100% with how the band feels about that media conglomerate, but also applauded the band for taking into consideration the fans in the midwest who had to drive to either Red Rocks or Chicago to see them during their last tour. This band sticks by their ideology, but also shows a lot of respect for their fans, and I love that about them.
Finally, the most amazing moment of the night I thought was during How To Dissapear Completely, when the sold out crowd was completely silenced, as if the thousands of people standing in their seats, or shoulder to shoulder in the lawn, were so moved by the song and engrossed in Thom's vocal that nobody could bring themselves to make a sound throughout the entire song. It was awe-inspiring. I thank my lucky stars that I was able to see them live this time around, and I hope they stay together for a while longer so that we can all have the chance to catch them live again.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 05:57:45

Freaking amazing. Drove all the way from Norman, OK. Didn't sleep at all fo like 36 hours but It was worth every hour we were crammed into that minivan. They didn't play Fake Plastic or Karma like I thought they would, but then again Radiohead never does do what you expect them to, do they? That they played Talk Show Host, Climbing Up Walls, and Just totally made up for the fact that they didn't play Like Spinning Plates (my personal favorite). The crowd was dull (zombie-like to be truthful) but the show was still cathartic and probably one of the best nights of my life. Who am I kidding, it was the best night of my life.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 14:23:48

I drove all the way from central AR with two of my best mates, it was well worth it. we had a blast even thought evey one around us was standing still except for the people too our immediate right. we were moving the whole night. I couldn't even sit still when they weren't playing. the person with the bootleg should share it up!!! That show was amazing!!


Submitted on: OCTOBER 22, 2003 12:29:23

This was the first time I had ever seen Radiohead live, and it was incredible. I almost didn't get to see them, because my car broke down just west of Terre Haute, Indiana. Having exhausted all other options, I hitchhiked the last 200 miles and got there on time. And yes, that was me in the parking lot with the sign that said "Indiana," looking for a ride home. Thanks to everyone who helped me out. Radiohead put on an awesome show, and that really was the best night of my life.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 01, 2003 17:44:59

Ahhh....... it brings a tear to my eye that it couldn't have lasted longer. *sniff* It was simply amazing. It was so great! The only slight disppointment was the crowd. Here I was, flipping out to some great music, while all everyone else was doing was nodding their head... oh well. It was awesome when everyone took out their lighters in the from a great height section of "Paranoid Android" and when Thom let the crowd sing some of the chorus in "Myxomotosis" There was also a song when Thom was jammin' out on the tambourine, but I've been thinking forever and I can't think of the name.....
I can't wait to go to their next concert!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 10, 2003 18:43:02

awesome show! i was disapointed because so many people were not moving to the music at all.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 14:11:48

It's been about three months since I attended this show but it is a memory in my mind like it was yesterday. Just like everyone else reading this review, I am a HUGE radiohead fan. This was my second time seeing radiohead perform live and there WILL be a next time! I first saw radiohead do a show at Red Rocks in 2001. Both shows were spectacular. I have to say though, if you can get a ticket at Red Rocks Amphetheatre in Morrison, CO you will absolutely love it. The atmosphere completely fits the mood. As far as the St. Louis show goes, it was great. Thom pronounced St. Louis as "St. Lewy". It was funny. One of my friends came along who heard a little bit of their stuff and was merely interested. I made a believer out of him. He now too a fanatic. Ha ha ha. Peace Dog.

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