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White River Ampitheatre - Auburn, WA USA
August 31, 2003 with Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
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There There
Where I End And You Begin
Fake Plastic Trees
Paranoid Android
Sail To The Moon
You And Whose Army?
Dollars And Cents
Talk Show Host
The National Anthem
Exit Music (For A Film)
Sit Down Stand Up

Encore #1:
We Suck Young Blood
A Punch-Up At A Wedding
Go To Sleep
How To Disappear Completely

Encore #2:
No Surprises
Follow Me Around {Acoustic)
Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 06, 2003 10:59:09

What more could I have asked for! They sound soooo good live. I loved the drums in the opening song. I knew I had to go the this show cause I missed the one at the Gorge. So, I shelled out the big bucks, and paid the ridiculous handling fee, but it was all hella worth it. I was jealous of all the people on the floor, up & close to the action. But, it was bliss. They are such pros, they really are badass! & I think they gave us an extra good performance because Thom said the that after this show they would be going home to visit their families for 3 weeks.

It was most awesome to hear & feel the energy live, that I sensed on the HTTT album.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 20:08:22

my fourth show and doesnt get any better than these 5 guys. this is a band that continues to evolve....this is art at its finest! boo-fucking-hoo to you who are such "true" fans that were sooooooo dissapointed that you didnt hear creep and other pablo and bends songs. thats like asking a painter to paint the same picture year after year!
we caught the show the night before in vacouver bc and i have to say the energy seemed a bit more intense....they opened with 2+2 and what followed was a dead stop at the end of each song...seattle they seemed to have faded more of the songs to an end.....thats whats cool about these guys. the energy they gave off was a bit different than the next night in the states, but none the less....complete perfection and felt just as good as vancouver.....oh yes..i must add...there is nothing better than being in the headzone and the pit, 10 yards from the stage.....or sitting in box seats at the hollywood bowl during amnesiac(thank you waste)...and the scenic beauty of the gorge. thanks guys

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 21:04:51

It's always funny to read other peoples' reviews when I see a show. Often...I find myself thinking they are exagerating or just idiots. I am a taper and a fan of Radiohead. I had all plans to tape the show (and I did) but there were some errors (new gear) so my tape did not turn out. Others will surface eventually.

So this was my second time seeing Radiohead. The first time was 2001 when they played the Gorge. It would be a waste of time to compare and contrast the two venues. I like the Gorge better. There's something "magical" about seeing a show and then camping out. the show was good. The band seemed more upbeat then the show at the Gorge. I was digging Thom's upbeat attitude. The world sucks. We all know it. I come to see Radiohead to get away from it. Nice comments on the upcoming (at concert time) G8 conference. World is sliding into kaos.

Performance was good. The parts of my tape that did come out...amazing. I find myself amused whenever I read about people being dissapointed that older stuff isn't played or that the new material isn't close enough to the old. What the hell do you people want?...a band that repeats itself...album after album. If you don't like the new material...go find someone else to bitch to.

As for the White River is like any CORPORATE giant venue with one exception...parking.

Whatever dipshit designer came up with traffic control at White River should be fired with EXTREME ANGER. Just like everyone took 2 HOURS just to leave the parking lot.

Bottom line...good show. Keep up the good music.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 08, 2003 23:12:37

yeah the parking sucked....but really after a show like that, who cares....

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 09, 2003 17:43:31

I know this is a little late after the fact but I figured I may as well get my two cents in anyway. The white river show was my third time seeing radiohead. Location-wise, the first one at the Paramount theater in Seattle was the best. A very beautiful and delicate theater with a tremendous light show. And in the old building, the seats literally shook from the base in Climbing Up the Walls. However, that aside, Radiohead is improving as performers and showmen with each outing. Each time Thom is a little more comfortable with the crowd. I have heard parking was a mess, but if people had done their research they could have shuttled in from the Auburn mall free of charge. And gotten back to their cars and on the road in a half hour or so. My only complaints were 1) A short setlist from a band that usually plays 2+ hours when I've seen them before. Understandable though since we were their last stop before they got to go home for 3 weeks. And 2) there were these two huge Jumbo-Tron screens on either side of the stage that they never used, which was dissapointing for the people way out in the nosebleeds. The lightshow however was amazing nonetheless. It was an amazing show, and next time maybe I'll fork over the big dough to get into the pit.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 10, 2003 10:53:52

Incredible show. Too bad I missed the first 6 songs due to the complete lack of planning by the venue officials. I pulled into Auburn at about 7:30, and waited in concert traffic for almost an hour and a half before they finally herded us in to the parking lot. Then, the show gets out at 10:30, and we sit in our car until nearly 1:00 am before we get out of the lot. I will never go back to this venue until the yfigure this out. I can't believe I missed lucky!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 11, 2003 19:07:54

Ever since i stumbled across Kid A my sophomore year of high school, I have been aching to see this band live. I just had to see who and what made those god awful noises on "National Anthem", and holy sh*t what a show. Johnny is the lord of effects. I had not anticipated such a great performance, not to mention the much appreciated two encores. I originally had seats in the 211 section, row 19. I made it as far as the railing before the pit right around the time "Myxamatosis" was playing. Just then I saw these three morons jump the railing and get tackled by security. I took advantage of the situation and dove through the rails. I made it to the pit, 20 feet from Ed. I cried on "How to Disappear Completely" and I laughed when Thom sang into the camera on "You and Whose Army?". Thank God that I made it to see them, it truly was an experience of a lifetime. thanks guys.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 15, 2003 13:49:17

What an amazing show. It was my first. the only bad thing is i ordered GA off waste the day before tickets went on sale, and i didnt know they had pit tixx for sale at ticketmaster, so that kinda sucked cuz i was really far away on the lawn, but the show was incredible. i enjoyed all the songs, the band is simply incredible live. i really loved how johhnys guitar effects lined up with the video screen (im pretty sure that was during go to sleep) and i was blown away by them playing talk show host! as for people whining about ticket prices and merch prices, do you really think thom or any other memeber of radiohead controls the pricing. its the fault of the labels and venues, so stop bitching. the show was amazing, the parking sucked, the taco bell after was good. im satisfied.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 17, 2003 13:07:12

I seen radiohead at the george in 2001. Because it was so crowded it really didn't get the show i wanted but thought they band wwas great.
Since the show was in my backyard almost i decided i was going to try and meet the band. So i showed up early, like 1:30 in the afternoon and snuck into the arena, the road crew was already there and setting up. So i chumed around with them for a little while, and tried to stay out of there way. I got to see all of thom's guitars which was cool, he had a bunch of "no star wars" stickers on them.
Finally after waiting for an hour or two i see a tour bus come in to the venue and i figured it was the bands cause there were already 3 there and it seemed about the right timeing after a gig in vancouver the night before. sure enough, a couple of minutes later i see thom yorke walking across the back stage with his cell phone and rock star hair cut. he was saying somthing about 10 o'clock, maybe the time the show would be over? anyways, as my adreneline surged i called out his name hoping he would stop and talk to me but he just stopped, looked at me with his sunglasses to see if he knew me and kept on walking. I was pretty bummed out, but i got over it when i seen him up on the platform in the stands. He climbed up a few stairs, schecked out the view of the stage from the grass area and then took a few moments to take in the scenery of mt. Ranier. He just looked like an artist, and i was happy to behold him. His guitar technition took note of how i was watching him and gave me a smile.
anyways i didn't see him again for a couple of hours later, but i got to play ping pong with phil, he's not the greatest, and i got to meet steven malkmus and the jicks. who kick ass at ping pong. and steven's girlfriend is a hotty.Oh yeah, i had this life size head of George W. Bush that i got at an auction, i brought it with me to the show and i showed it to phil since thom wouldn't give me the time, and he thought it was great and asked if he could borrow it for a moment to show the rest of the band, i told him it was my gift to the band. when he came back he said it was a great laugh but that they didn't want to take it on stage, which i suggested.
When the jicks started their soundckeck, i saw thom in one of the road rooms and went to approach him, which was stupid because there was security there, but i wanted to meet the chap i admire so much. anyways it's all bit hazy in my head but i think he declined to shake my hand and because of this the security asked for my credentials, which i didn't have and i was asked to leave.
and i didn't even get to see the show! i was bummed out, but i did get to see them in 2001 at the george in george. cheerio!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 18, 2003 08:03:30

unhappy camper is right on. that venue sucks and radiohead should think twice about coming there again. just play the Gorge - it's the best venue in the NW.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 19, 2003 07:33:55

The show was awesome. For you people saying you wished they would have played creep or karma police, you're missing the point. What makes radiohead great live is that they play things you don't get to hear alot, i.e. follow me around. They are too talented to play the same damn songs night after night. True fans don't care to hear all of their "hits" they come to see something different or special, and they are just happy to be there no matter what they play. As far as Thom being a hipocrite, you're wrong. Do you really think he has any say about how much their t-shirts cost? That's all controlled by the record company, concert venue, promoters, ect. How the hell else are they soposed to make a living, they are a rock band. Actually the prices were pretty resonable, I've been to concerts where a long sleeve t-shirt costs 50 bucks not 30. Just quit your whinning. The parking did suck, but it was much worse the week before at Lolapolooza and there were alot less people there. I thought the sound was incredible, we were about 25 feet from the stage, my ears rang for 2 days. The best parts of the show were you and whose army, talk show host, national anthem and how to disapear completely. Thom looked great as well as the rest of the band, they really enjoyed themselves. Radiohead have been my absolute favorite for years now and seeing them live for first time was incredible. This concert proves that they deserve to go down in history as one the greatest of all time. Thanks for a great night!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 19:44:24

What a great show. I was dancing with Thom up in the stands. He is such a great dancer not to mention that voice.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 20, 2003 22:03:00

Hey, did anyone catch Stephen Malkmus' opening set? How was it? He's one of my favorite musicians, wish he was opening in L.A.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 21:06:37

Holy wow.
I was at the boston show, near the back... and that was great/awesome/mindblowing.
Now i was front row by Jonny.... how can one describe that? He even looked at me and nodded! It don't get any better than that.
The band seemed to be having a very great evening - very social and just cordial as can be. Thom talked plenty and played with the crowd - and was simply hilarious when he looked into the camera while he was playing the piano on ______ (i cannot remember which song it was! horrible me. i'm sure someone will post it)
The setlist and the songs... what to say? Perfect imo.
Personal highlights include Myxomatosis, Fake Plastic Trees... but EVERY single song was awesome. Plenty of nice rarities and mixups from the Boston show.
Much thanks to all the folks who tried to organize the early-comers aiming for the pit! You did a great job; the venue however did not. Better luck next time. Thanks to the band for a great swing,

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 22:16:32

This was my second time seeing our boys, and they did not fail to disappoint. Holy shit, they rocked the new ampitheatre to it's very foundations! They opened with a cool, dark, steady There There with Ed and Johnny joining on drums. Thom was all over the place, rotating from guitar to piano to just plain flailing around in some good ol' interpretive dance (especially on Myoxamatosis! Whew!) He seemed especially into it, I loved him hamming it up for the cameras during You and Whose Army. Johnny ripped his telecaster to shreds, and made those boxes scream all sorts of squeals and bleeps. Colin doesn't really move around per se, but he sure bounces up and down! Phil was phenominal on drums as usual, and, as my dad so eloquently put it, he "baby-sat the sequencers and drum machines" whenever he wasn't playing. Ed was angelic on the backing vocals and just rockin that guitar. So after about an hour 15 of ass-kickin art rock and two encores, we were spent... but boy was it worth it! Radiohead is god... but we already knew that.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 22:19:50

Long drive up & back from Portland, but well worth it! The setlist seemed a bit more diverse than some of the recent ones (not quite so HTTT heavy). Band was having fun - Thom was dancing up a storm. Some real highlights: Percusive openning with There There, Camera Hyjinx on Whose Army, Strange vocal/guitar interplay in Backdrifts, and a gorgeous rendition of How to Disappear - which is what the band is going to do for three weeks - until I get to see them again at Shoreline! Poof.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 23:23:51

Radiohead 8/31/03

There There
Where I End And You Begin
Fake Plastic Trees
Paranoid Android
Sail To The Moon
You And Whose Army?
Dollars And Cents
Talk Show Host
The National Anthem
Exit Music (For A Film)
Sit Down Stand Up

Encore #1:
We Suck Young Blood
A Punch-Up At A Wedding
Go To Sleep
How To Disappear Completely

Encore #2:
No Surprises
Follow Me Around {Acoustic)
Everything In Its Right Place

This was my first Radiohead show!! They were soooooooooooo awesome! Having been a fan for many years, I feel "lucky" to have finally seen them. Even though my tastes tend heavily toward classic rock, I think it is appropriate to give proper respect to Radiohead as being perhaps the only non-60's band in the highly prestigious "great as a late 60's band" category. Being a rock 'n' roll junkie, I am highly addicted to Radiohead. Opening with "There There", the band exploded already at full throttle! "2+2=5" rocked followed by "Myxomatosis"! I know that there couldn't be a better version of "Backdrifts" than this one -- oh, so trippy!! Well, anyway, "Sail to the Moon" was killer with Thom's piano. Next, the crowd was pleased by "You and Whose Army?" Both encores were pure highlights all the way through with Thom doing an acoustic version of "Follow Me Around", a true surprise to follow "No Surprises"!! Very glad to have heard "We Suck Young Blood" also. All in all, the band rocked the whole night. Even though I thought it wasn't possible, I love Radiohead even more! I have many shows on CDR of them but my discs are nothing compared to seeing them live!! Go see them live if you are humanly able to do so. You won't be disappointed. However, the traffic was beyond a farce getting out of White River Amphitheater. It took me well over two hours just to exit the parking lot!! This venue has no idea what it is doing concerning parking management, proper facilities (no water fountain with concessions shutting down before the show ended), or paving its roads or parking lots (I can handle dirt roads but nothing but large shifty sharp-as-hell rocks is flat out abusive to your guests!!) Despite it being the absolute worst venue I have ever been to in my entire life for any concert of any type for facilities, at least the sound quality was very good. So, I therefore would hope that next time they come to the Seattle area they go to anywhere else but White River Amphitheater. (please) Nonetheless, I guess I've thoroughly put "Everything in its Right Place" for this review. The bottom line:
Thanks Thom, Jonny, Ed, Colin, and Phil!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 07:59:57


I have wanted to see Radiohead for years and had quite a lot of expectation built up around seeing them. All there is to say is... "WOW". I knew that it was going to be good, but it was one of these rare cases where the performers go beyond all the hype that you hear and truely crystalize a special little moment in time for you. I think that my concert mate will never forget the bear hug that I gave her when Thom started to sing "Fake Plastic Trees".

I was awe srtricken by Johnny's ability on the guitar. Sometimes it is hard for musicians to recreate they're music on stage; I think this not the case with Radiohead. Indeed, much like a jam band (only in they're own way) they built upon they're already ingenious music.

What a thrill and an honor to finally see them. Thank You to the entire band for taking the time to come to The U.S. and play for us.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 08:08:10

This show was absolutely one of the finest I have attended. Seeing Radiohead live made me have a great deal more of respect for their talent. Thom encouraged audience participation, and you could see he enjoys what he does. I have spent countless hours on the road (I travel for a living) listening to all of their CD's, eagerly awaiting the day I could sing along live with them. Myxamotosis live was beautiful, as Fake Plastic Trees. I will always attend their shows when they tour in my neck of the woods.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 09:30:53

So good...much better than the Gorge show in 2001 (which was awesome). Jonny's guitar work at the end of 'Go to Sleep' is still blowing my mind. Thom was in a particularly playful mood (thanks for 'Follow Me Around', by the way). And Phil Selway has to be the best dressed man in music (killer white suit, Phil).

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 10:50:58

I stood dead center 20 yards out from the stage - unreal. Today the show is like a blur - one long, flowing stream of bliss. The high pitched melodies in the opening guitar parts of The National Anthem sounded like laser beams being drilled into my head -it was a pure white out and I got goosebumps. Exit (music) managed to shut the entire place up. Never seen(heard) anything like it. It was stunning. Radiohead were gracious, worked hard, had a great time, and put on an amazingly tasteful show. The road crew were unbelievably dialed in after every song, ushering in the approapriate instruments and rolling the other ones away. Seamless.
I hoped for A Wolf at the Door, but it did not happen. No complaints though - this was hands down the best rock show I've ever seen. It was one of the shows where everything comes together - perfect sound, perfect place to stand, perfect temperature, and perfectly awesome people dancing all around me. If only the world could always be so kind. Peace.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 12:52:23

Radiohead put on a good show (albeit no different than listening to the albums), but White River Amphitheatre should be absolutely ashamed. Boo to you for your poor sound system and complete lack of planning for escaping the parking lot. The show ended at 10:30 pm and, although I was one of the first people to my car, I finally was released from the beast of the parking lot at 12:30 am. I understand there is traffic, but I was honestly looking around for cameras to see if we were in some twisted video about rats in a maze. At first I couldn't believe you have the audacity to charge an additional $20 for "premium" parking, but now I see its just another service charge that we need to accept in order to see a band.

Radiohead - Boo to you too. For all the hooting and hollering you do about American politics and corporate business, why would you choose to deliver the concert at a money pit like this with $50 lawn seats (plus another $5 if you actually want a lawn chair...)? If you want people to believe you, you've got to live what you preach (Fugazi). You could have played Bumbershoot to spread your message with the likes of REM and other respectable bands for a much more reasonable entry price - not to mention the organized parking.

Thanks for listening

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 13:03:04

I went to the show last night and it was awesome! They were as good as usual playing all the "Good ones" the crowd responded very nicely and all in all it was a good show. Unfortunalty I had to leave early due to health problems but what I saw I liked. If you have never seen this band I encourage you to do so it is well worth the cost. Luke

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 13:20:52

Walking down the handicap-accessible ramp into the pit was glorious. I couldn't believe I had done it. I paced around and turned in circles, coming to grips with my surroundings, and I saw my seat way way way up there.

I quickly snuggled in as far up as I could get to the crowd and literally 2 minutes later Where Bluebirds Fly began to pour out the speakers. The black cloth backdrop fell off and as a genius techno beat put the audience into a trance, they marched on stage a mere 24 feet from me. I could nnot believe how tall Ed was and how short Thom was. Thom was wearing baggy clothes that made him look like a little teenager and he squinted like a rat. He's just so little and goofy. Anyway, Jonny and Ed, the 59th and 60th greates rock guitarists of all time (according to Rolling Stone) each sat in front of their own drum kit, and right after Thom said a brief, "Hello" to the audience, 3 drummers started an overwhelming beat that swelled into the openner, There There. Without even a pause a drum loop began and 2+2=5 cranked out over the crowd. Thom screamed, "Maybe not!" and everything was dark. Quietely Ed did the eary strumming above the bolt of the guitar, which sounds like tinkling raindrops on a post-apocalyptic field, then Lucky began. The lighting was amazing and the guitars were so emotional. This was one of the best songs of the set.

Ack! Then one of my personal favourites. Next was Myxomatosis, which I had never been a huge fan of, but it was jaw-dropping live. During the first 3 songs Thom had a guitar and thus stood at the mic bobbing and singing. But he didn't play for Myxomatosis, and on the first tone of the fuzzy asymmetric sequence Thom just exploded into a dance all over the stage. It was so awesome to see him with so much energy and having fun with his song. He did hand guestures along the lyrics, felt himself up and coyly smiled with the line, "She ate me up for breakfast," and then made faces at the audience for the line about being tongue tied.

I was surprised that they didn't take themselves seriously. 5 foot Thom was dancing and acting like loony and the others were getting as into the music as possible.

The next big milestone was Fake Plastic Trees. Ah. It was so powerful with the explosion of lighting and the rumbling sound through me. Jonny was insane on guitar. Later came an insane duo. You And Whose Army was hilarious. Thom was at the piano singing, so the audience couldn't see his face, thus a camera was mounted next to him so we could see him on the big screens. While he was singing Thom made love to the camera coming up insanely close, making goofy faces, just doing dumb stuff that seemed so funny coz firstly it was Thom Yorke and secondly he was singing You And Whose Army. After that song rocked out, we were given a lighting feast with Dollars & Cents. That song too was unbelievable live. It's definitely the weirdest one they have and coupled with the lights it was intense to listen to. Gah. Idioteque...National Anthem...Sit Down Stand Up....they were all divine live. They were made to be live.

Okay, in the first encore, there were 2 amazing things. One was the solo at then end of Go To Sleep. I had no idea the sounds that Jonny made could even be accomplished. He just went off like none other and the other guys rolled their eyes and lauhged in joy while Jonny stole the show with an amazing solo. It's only problem was that it was so long and incredible that it sounded kinda out of place.

Then came How To Disappear Completely which was beautiful. It ended with a string loop that Jonny sampled while playing and that kept on repeat while the boys quietely walked off. After a wait, they came back on for the last encore. It started with No Surprises that evoked cheers from the crowd when the line, "Bring down the government, they don't...they don't speak for us" was sung. And then an acoustic version with solely Thom of Follow Me Around, a rare live only song, which I had never heard before but was magical. I wish I had heard the that song earlier so I could've appreciated it more. I spent most of the time trying to figure out what it was.

Then Everything In Its Right Place began. I had checked gigographies and knew that the show would end with EIIRP and so I buckled down and savored the last few minutes of the show. The song was sampled and edited live, and one by one they left. First Thom, then Phil, then Colin, then Jonny, and after fiddling with the samples alone, Ed stood up and walked away. We were left with an aura of processed music coming out and faded lights with the word "FOREVER" streaming across the back. The music grew louder, FOREVER scrolled by one last time in brilliant radiance and everything stopped. The lights turned on, background music quietely played, and the concert was over.

I'm still coming to grips with the fact that I saw Radiohead incredibly up close. This show will definitely be with me...forever

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 14:41:02

A truly spectacular show. The crowd seemed a bit mellow but Thom and the boys were in high spirits. They started out, as usual, with "There, there" and then "2+2=5." The new material was well received but the crowd certainly wanted to hear some of their old favorites. Thom obliged about mid show, when after a short screed against the WTO, he launched into "Talk Show Host." Goosebumps followed. The other singular highlight for this reviewer were Thom's funny facial expressions during "You and Whose Army?" He raised up his arms in a muscular stance similar to a rap star or something while singing, and at one point brought his face nearly flush with the camera, showing off a brilliantly mentally unhinged expression. He also shook his head "no" while singing the words "you think you can take us?"

The sound quality at the White River Ampitheater was noticibly superior to the previous Radiohead show this reviewer attended, at The Gorge in George, Washington in September of 2001. The colorized video monitors were a very nice touch as well, especially for us unfortunate lawn seat patrons. They were messing around with the live feed, adding color, effects, reversed color, outline, start and stop, and it was very nice in combination with the usual light show.

Of the new material, Mixnamatosis and Go to bed were two of the stronger tunes, although "Sail to the moon" was also sweet. Johnny's guitar and other instrument play was quite uniformly spectacular. Of the older songs, Paranoid Android and Fake Plastic Trees seemed to get the warmest responses.

The first encore had mostly stuff from HTTT. The second encore featured a surprising rendition of "killer cars." Finally, "Everything in its right place" with the words "FOREVER" flashing on the giant light display, over and over and over. This reviewer hopes the band keeps recording, and especially touring, for that period of time.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 15:18:19

White River Amphitheater was packed (an official said 16,800 people were there), the weather was perfect, Mount Rainer was out in all its glory and Radiohead was awesome! You could feel the love coming from the musicians on the stage, and audience returned that love in spades.

I was out on the grass long way from the stage but the sound system was excellent and the video displays lent intimacy to the show. The acoustic guitar sounded clear, the electronic effects were clean, the mix was better that good. Each musician lend artistry and magic to the music.

There There with dueling drums on either side of the stage started the show with a tribal feel that set the mood .I felt I was among friends in a safe and beautiful place. Radiohead became my most favorite concert band . Thanks for coming to Seattle!!!

Oh yeah the opener Steve Malkmus and the Jeets was good too!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 16:32:46

I am a huge fan of RH and this was my first RH concert experience. They rocked! The highlight of the concert (speaking for myself) was a brilliant rendition of "The National Anthem", full of energy and fully synchronized with lights. From HTTT, I really liked "A punchup at a Wedding." It was a re-mix of the original and done very well. I was surprised that they covered a whole range of albums. Here is the setlist (as I recall, and not in order):

SONG My rating
Kid A
Everything in its Right Place ***
The National Anthem *****
How to Disappear Completely ***
Idioteque ****
The Bends
Fake Plastic Tree ***
Paranoid Android ****
No Surprises ***
You and Whose Army ****
Knives Out *****
Dollars and Cents *****
2+2=5 ****
Sit Down Stand Up ***
Sail to the Moon ***
Backdrifts ****
Where I end and You Begin ****
We suck young blood ***
There There ****
A Punchup at a Wedding *****
Myxomatosis ****
Scatterbrain ****

I was on the lawn at the White River Amphitheater with the magnificient Mount Rainier as the backdrop at Auburn, Washington. The acoustics were good (but I prefer indoor acoustics as in Rose Arena, Portland, OR). The lowlight of the show was that it took me an hour to locate my car at the adhoc parking lot after the show. Next time I am carrying a GPS gizmo like Gecko.

All in all, a fantastic experience. RH packs a lot of energy into their shows. I cant wait for the next album already.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 19:17:58

First radiohead show ever!! What an expeirence. Thom York knows how to put on a show what can i say!! Playing atleast two songs from all the albums except pablo honey. Thom York was fired up hoppin around and laughing and having a great time as we could tell. Crown definatly played off of his performance eating up both of the encores that were 2-4 songs long. All and all it would have been worth 500 dollers for the ticket instead of 40

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 07:43:49

WOW! If you haven't seen Radiohead live, as your lawyer I recommend stealing a fast red car with out a hood, and going to see these guys. They are the best rock band around and you know it when you go to the show. Their albums are so clean sounding that you'd think they would not sound as good as the album, but instead they blow the roof off of those songs that are packaged up so tidy. They played a lot of new songs which are awesome especially Drunkin Punch-up at a Wedding, There There, 2+2=5, and Go To Sleep... but the cherry on top was No Surprises during the second encore!! The venue was great, the sound was better than at the Gorge 2 years ago (even though that show was the greatest ever!) and it was great seeing all the real Radiohead fans drive down to the show. It definately deserves a big HELL YEAH!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 11:15:23

If you got into the new album, this was a great show. For those that are fans of the older stuff, there may not have been quite enough of it to satisfy. The sound quality was excellent and the lighting effects were definitly Radiohead-esce by using stagewide banks of LED lights to whirl colors, words, and designs, sometimes extremely bright. The sound quality was excellent, as was the live renditions of the very complicated and effect laden music. If you took the time to warm up to the new album, you enjoyed. If you keep it old school, Exit Music and Green Plastic Trees cost you about $20 each.

PS. The parking SUCKED!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 13:10:55

Well, I couldn't believe how *good* they sounded. We all know they can play, but the sound guy should get a moon rock or something. Mount Rainer was right behind the band; 'put the whole show in a new perspective for me. Time really stopped when they played "Sail to the Moon". Gorgeous. Johnny: Where did you learn to play your guitar? Someone should carve your bust on the Rainer's summit for your solos on "Backdrifts" and "Punch up at a Wedding". Thom's "Follow me around" was a real surprise. I'd gladly follow you to Califronia, but Texas... Anyway very beautiful. Thanks Thom! In all, very tight, sounded like a million quid; still the best band in the world. Oh yeah, Phil can DANCE ("Backdrifts"). What else? A beer for $7 should be the BEST BEER IN THE WORLD or illegal. Criminal, when it's Coors. Getting out of the parking lot wasn't a good time--almost two hours and no beer (after an hour I would have paid $7). Too many turds in HoneyBucket #1457.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 13:23:12

jeers to the guy right behind me who kept screaming "THOM YORKE!!" all during Stephen Malkmus's set...

jeers to the beer garden price gougers...

cheers to the guy right next to me taping the show with pro gear - hope to see it on usenet very soon.

and SCREAMING cheers to the band for being in such a great mood. and if you're reading this, please play Lift more.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 16:47:05

...well, kids; I'm a 46 year old man with alot of entertainment having bubbled through his head. The Rolling Stones in 1975 was damn good, The Who with Keith Moon, Miles Davis, The Dead, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin in full's a long and ugly list. I took a train to the middle of nowhere on Sunday, to see my favorite band for the first time. Un-fucking-believable. The blisters on the inside of my skull from the excitement TRYING to get out, are still hissing. This was the best thing I have ever seen. To witness shear genius being ridden like a raging bull, by a guy in a virtual tu-tu...a violent ballet. Dumb-struck in awe, I am. Hail to the King.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 19:25:13

The best damn thing I've ever experienced. Very theatrical/meniacal performance into the camera by Thom on "You and Whose Army" with a short Morrison-esque insult to the crowd and to GWB's regime. Jonny's starving guitar breathed fire and a new definition to rock'n'roll. The band obviously enjoying their last concert in the first leg of their American tour, fucking rocked the house!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 08:21:59

T'was my first Radiohead show and it was tremendous!
My favorite two spins ("There There" and "Lucky") came right up front and I about went flippin' nuts! Now I had lawn "seats" with a friend who was nowhere near as big a fan as I am, but I expected the other kids on the lawn to rock out pretty hard, but no joy. In fact, I only saw a handful of people even bobbing their heads.
What the hell was that about? I was very disappointed in the Seattle area youth.
So to further disappoint my friend keeps leaving me to drink beer and make phone calls. I wanted to smack her with pimp-like fiercity, but good thing that I didn't because at about 30 seconds into "Dollars & Cents" she comes running up with a club seat ticket that some security guy gave her (he must have thought that she was there all green & lonely like). What a woman!
So there I went happily bounced to "my" club seat, just left of center stage. Three of the seven people in the box were rockin' out (one guy must have been at least 50 years old!), so I felt much better. But the other slackers in the other boxes around us looked as if they were watching an opera. Too bad for them, cuz the boys from Oxford were kicking arse! It was the best concert that I've seen since U2 back in 1992. I even loved it when they made us work hard for the first encore! Most artists will run back to the stage in 30 seconds. Thom made us wait for closer to 2 minutes. If you are a fan then do yourself a favor and see this band! I'll be at the Atlanta show as well.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 09:19:55

8am August 31st I wake up and check my phone messages. My friend Bryan had left a message telling me that he had an extra 3rd row ticket to the Radiohead concert!!! Exstatic, I dial his number wrecklessly, scrambling for a verbal confirmation that he still has the ticket. He answers and says the ticket will be of no cost to me and that it's a great seat! Excited to no end, I thank him over and over again talking about how great the concert will be. I'm a radiohead nut and was a large numbered poster on Morgi Tempo when we still had it. Anyway, I ask him when the concert starts and he says 5:30. FIVE THIRTY!? My heart sunk because this... of all the Sundays... I have to work until 7pm. I scramble to call my co workers and ask if they will cover me for the day because I have the opportunity I've been waiting on for years. No one comes to my aide. Stupid freaks, I even offered them 50 dollars plus whatever they'll get paid for only 4 hours of work. Nothing. Finally I call my friend in a state of anger/despair letting him know it looks like I can't make it.
Sitting in the office angry and exasporated, I stare at the wall thinking of what I'm about to miss out on. The phone rings. It's my friend again. Turns out - Radiohead doesn't even start until 8pm, so there is a great chance I could make it up there after work and catch the show just in time. Now sitting and waiting for my work shift to be over is the most difficult task as I'm now beaming with delight and anxiously waiting the arival of the show. FINALLY I am done with my shift and I jet out to my truck and slam the gas down to the floor, letting out a shrieking scream as my tires roll black smoke onto the chipped pavement. I get caught in traffic and smoke about half a pack as I watch the minutes crawl by. Make a long story shorter, I get outside the gates right as they start the concert. My friend is no where to be seen.
I start pacing with great speed back and forth looking for any way to get into the concert. I start talking to the ticket takers and asking them how I could get my friend from inside to bring me my ticket. As I am explaining this, a worker walks up and asks me if I am trying to get into the show. I exclaim YES and all of a sudden she produces a ticket from her back pocket and says ENJOY THE SHOW!!!!!!!!!! This is unreal, I ran into the concert, forgetting to let the people at the gates scan my ticket. After I run back and let them perform the monotonous proceedure, I burn into the upper part of the amphitheater looking up and down the isles for my friend. After one song I still can not find him and decide to go to the bathroom then come and just sit in the seat they had given me. As I'm walking to my seat, I bump into my friend in a crowd of thousands of people. Forget taking a leak, we turned running to the seats he had gotten.
Aproaching the stage faster and faster through various ticket checks, I realize he had gotten AMAZING seats. We're sitting less than 30 feet away from the band I've grown appreciate so much. It's unreal. It felt like I was sitting in a dream. Radiohead played a great set and couldn't have been better. Thom's voice was right on and even if his notes slipped a bit, it sounded just perfect because of his diverse range. This was more than entertainment, it was honestly a spiritual experience. Crazed fan? No, I didn't wait for the bus to leave the amphitheater or scream their name with a paper sign but I'll tell you, there is not one group of artists I could respect and admire more than Radiohead. The show was great, Thom talked to the audience and looked to be having a great time the entire night and so did the rest of the band. Thom even danced around the stage numerous times and commanded the audience to clap with him a few times. When we thought the show was done, they came out and played 3 or so encore songs. Marvelous. After this was done, Thom thanked the audience for about the 10th time and headded off stage. People clapped for honest to god, about 10 minutes it seemed while other, lesser mortals, were pouring out of the amphitheater. Much to my surprise, THE LIGHTS CAME BACK ON, and I'm not talking about house lights, I'm talking stage lights. A DOUBLE ENCORE! At this point I think my lungs are about to expode, and they probably would have.... if they weren't made of iron... heheehehehe. GOD DAMN that was a magical/spiritual/FUCKING WONDERFUL concert. Thanks for the experience of a life time.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 11:12:22

Disapointed that they didn't play many hits. I still enjoyed myself but hearing Creep, Nice Dream, Karma Police... would have been nice.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 15:39:17

This show was awesome. The band sounded better than I've ever heard them. They really are exceptionally talented musicians.

They opened with "There, There" with Johnny's drumming being about the coolest thing I've ever seen.

Other highlights were "Sail to the moon" "You and whose Army" "backdrifts" (with Thom enunciating every word so the audience up front could sing along) and "Everything in its right place."

Thom was dancing around like a madman the whole show, snarling and doing some goofy robot dance. He kept looking at the audience up front with this half evil, half playful pause from time to time. It was wonderful to watch him sing, he knows exactly where the band is and they know where he is at every moment.

When he broke into "Follow me around" everyone looked surprised. It was fantastic, afterwords even Colin gave him a big smile and a look that seemed to say "that was good enough for a tape, mate."

I flew up from Austin to see this show and it was worth every dime. How fantastic to see the best band of my generation at their peak and loving it.

Swagger on lads.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 19:59:00

just wanted to say it was great to see the guys having a good time and, dare i say. happy. they acted like a bunch of kids up on stage. thom had fun with his piano camera, hamming it up and getting some laughs from the crowd. awesome sound. a tight, tight unit they are. the lighting was simple, bold and totally modern. the best i've seen them. footnote: was anyone privy to the dude dancing in the 205-206 section towards the front rows. smelly guy with shorts, fanny pack and an oh-so interesting way of expressing himself. he added a bit of whimsy (and b.o) to my experience.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 11:33:28

This was the single greatest event/moment I have experienced thus far. I was present with two of my best friends, afterward we were in complete awe of our memories , we left better people than the ones who had entered only hours eariler. From hear on in I will see radiohead as much as posible. Sorry but I can not explain what happened, you'll just have to see for yourself. And that as they say is that.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 13:14:48

Unbelievable show from beginning to end! "Exit Music" and "Sail to the Moon" were beautiful. Hearing "Follow Me Around" was a treat as well. This show, along with the Gorge show in 2001, blew my mind. Easily the best band in the world today

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 22:02:45

most everything to be said has been said except for 2 things:

1 - 'follow me around'
i was shocked to hear this played.
i've been waiting for RH to release
this track. it was great.

2 - white river amphitheatre
whatever government official that
greenlighted this venue to be built
should be hung from a tall tree. i can
think of nothing good to say about this
place. avoid it at all costs.
screw ClearChannel.

(on a minor note)

what's up with RH charging anywhere from $30 - $50 for t-shirts? insane. thom's little crowdwarming speech about the evils of the West pimping the 3rd world sounded a bit hollow in the light of the merchandise prices. i respect Thom and Radiohead's political views, and i think they are sincere people, but they dropped the ball on that one.

overall though, i was quite pleased with the performance. if this show were at the Gorge it would have been perfect.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 08:33:14

I suppose this is more of a response to what a previous reviewer said than an actual review. It was stated that the venue had bad sound and bad parking. While I'll agree with the bit about the lot (though it "only" took me 40 minutes to get out and was home by the time you finally made it out), the complaint about the sound quality is without merit. The sound was quite good, actually. Better than the Gorge or Memorial Stadium (Bumbershoot's large venue). As far as the ticket price is concerned, if you didn't think it was too high when you purchased the ticket, then why complain after the fact? I mean they played "follow me around" for chrissakes, which made the event worth it for me, as well as for a lot of others. Granted White River wasn't the best place to get out of , but who really cares if the show was as good as it was, and it was as good as it was because Radiohead played a great set. As far as the band's political bent is concerned, I think it's fair to say that those with the opportunity to speak their minds for those who have no forum is remarkable and just. For a band to play to the size of an audience radiohead has, they must sacrafice so-called indie-cred , which is a choice a lesser-known and less successful band like Fugazi simply don't have to make. Like it or not radiohead has a mass audience, records for EMI/Capitol, and are probaly doing fairly well financially. But that doesn't mean Thom Yorke cannot say to a large audience that the WTO is a crock, and that it represents the big crushing the small. In fact, it's more remarkable because of it. And to use REM as a marker of fair ticket prices is just wrong, as their show proir to Bumbershoot was in Vancouver, where the promoters charged the same price for REM tickes as they did for Radiohead tickets. And Bumbershoot can charge 20 bucks because so many people go to it, which is why it's a good thing to me that Radiohead played White River instead. It's not like Bumbershoot should be applauded for this, they sell tickets at Starbucks after all.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 12:50:54

All the reviews, with the exception of "Unhappy Camper" were right on. Radiohead was simply AMAZING!!! The music and energy couldn't have been more perfect, the show superceded my strong expectations....I WANT MORE! Yes, the parking was awful, but, seeing such gifted musicians - from England no less, was well worth the parking hassle. Music like this doesn't come around often, please, do yourself a favor and see them live. I see a lot of live music, but this show will always be close to my heart.

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