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Shoreline Amphitheatre - Mountain View, CA USA
September 23, 2003 with Supergrass
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Sit down. Stand up.
Where I End and You Begin
Kid A
Morning Bell
My Iron Lung
I Might Be Wrong
Sail To The Moon
Paranoid Android
Punch Up at a Wedding
Go To Sleep
The Gloaming
No Surprises
There There

Encore Number 1

You and Whose Army
The National Anthem
Wolf At The Door
How To Disappear Completely

Encore Nuumber 2

Eveything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 17:32:28

This was my first RH show and was very impressed. Sat on the lawn but pretty close to the reserved seating so the sound was excellent though we couldn't see all that well. Felt like I was at an art exhibit almost as much as a concert. The lights and video screens combined to make a visually arresting backdrop for the fascinating music.
Sensed that the band was slightly off due to their three-week layoff but that certainly didn't prevent me from having a great time. Thought Thom was in excellent voice and was quite impressed with Jonny's guitar work.
I thought Shoreline was a great place to play but I understand that the fans on the lawn further back would have a harder time hearing and seeing the band.
In summation, I'd say this was one of the better concerts I've ever attended (I've been seeing live shows since 1972)and came away wondering what live act could match them today.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 05:31:49

Radiohead weent over my outrageously high expectations. if they would have played every song off every album, including their b-sides and unreleased, i would have gladly stayed. colin greenwood is fucking amazing.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 21:29:24

"three days driving" from Mexico city. No food, no sleep, no sex, just driving and cafeine. The show paid us. no problem. very good, excellent!!!! we will see them again. the same way maybe. any question?????

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 10:48:25

After reading these reviews, I want to add my two cents. I have seen a variety of shows there and watched them all from the lawn. The video portion of the other shows has been a great asset the thier enjoyment. However Radiohead's absence of a brain behind a camera and decision to use remote-fed visuals frustrated the hell out of me. I sat down and closed my eyes to obtain a full enjoyment. The lawn bunch was very subdued and immobile because we couldn't see the boys do their thing. We'd hear screams and chants from afar, but couldn't see the action because the video feed showed an overhead of a taped out block on stage away from where Thom was. That was annoying...because we never knew what we were seeing, and were unable to see the boys bow. Everything we saw was chance/luck.

Boo to Shoreline as well.

I thoroughly enjoyed the music, and especially Thom's antics to the camera during "You and Whose Army." Fortunately we could see it because of the addition of the screens on each side of the stage.

See you again soon boys.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 07:25:08

There must be other "acceptable" norcal venues that could handle RH?
Shoreline is atrocious in every way.
Parking was the worst "set-up" i've have ever seen. we left reno well in advance to make the start, having had to endure shline in other "see it here or not at all" instances, and still got F!cked waiting to park by a drainage ditch under some electrical towers. Paid way too much for section 200 row s seats-still needing binoculars-and what was that pot-smoke-beer-spaghetti-hairgel smell?
my .02, add to the NEVER AT SHLINE AGAIN FUND

Radiohead seemed visibly tired, but they are human after all, despite the fact that they WORK like F!ckin maniacs releasing amazing artistic creations that inspire people from any walk-of-life, anywhere on earth.
I will never miss the opportunity to see them play, regardless of venue, jet-lag, or otherwise. I do not know of any other band that has progressed in the manner in which they have, and will impatiently wait until I can see them work live again.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 11:34:12

***From NY to SF**** WAS HUGELY DISAPPOINTED IN THE VENUE...NOT JUST THE ACOUSTICS BUT THE PARKING LOT FUN WAS COMPLETELY LACKING! I was being chased by women on horseback and cops on foot. Radiohead neverfails to rock...but PEOPLE COMON!!! SHOW SOME DAMN LOVE! I felt like I was trying to make up for all the loosers who weren't showing any appreciation. San diego was much louder.. both shows were rather short. But, Thom....god his voice just permeates through you!! See you in MSG!!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 19:38:20

Had seats in the last row.
Paid too much for them.
Still couldn't see.
Radiohead was incredible.
Don't care if they never play anywere else but Shoreline, because I will never go there again.
Shoreline Sucks.
Even my favorite band won't bring me back.
Too much money for rock shows these days.

Thanks for the vent.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 19:29:24

this one the best show i have attended. the only thing that could come close would be TOOL and The Arco Arena but nevertheless it was a spiritial chage for me. Thom and Johnny led the pack as usual, however Ed was very impressive back there. What am i talking aout? They were all amazing! if you have not seen Radiohead yet you better do it soon. This band was awesome before i got to the show, now... they are fucking amazing. My three favorites (if you can have them) were "hoe to disappear completely", "the chill "punch up at a wedding", and "sit down stand up" also my unexpected favorite was "lurgee". that was so awesome they just decided it would e appropriate to play and believe me it couldn't have been a btter show then that to bring it onto the tour. anyway thanks for reading and i hope you enjoy as much as i did. ---peace---

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 09:25:45

So- I've read all the other reviews posted here, and just wanted to pose a few questions to the masses at large who choose to make Shoreline the sole target of all their ire and frustration. The various issues being: parking, the lawn, people standing up, the acoustics, the video.

First, parking- you have such a serious issue with the parking? Realize that it is the City of Mountain View that owns those parking lots- NOT Shoreline! You don't like the way they're set up, you're frustrated with the time it takes to get in and out, with the size of the lots and how they're set up? Realize AGAIN that it is strictures placed by the City on where folks are allowed to park, how Shoreline is allowed to use said lots, what times they're allowed to open them, etc.

Also realize that when you have over 20,000 attempting to reach a single location in the Bay Area- TRAFFIC happens. Deal with it. I'll give you that Shoreline was not originally designed to have that many people coming there with the encroachment of all the local businesses- the area has grown up around it, and hemmed it in, so that there really are only two, two-lane entrances into the place- not the owners of Shoreline's fault- that's just progress.

The lawn- not much you can do here. Shoreline does it's best to offer folks what amenities they can to make the lawn comfortable- they even have lawn chairs specifically built and available for a miniscule rental fee- but it's true, you can't stop people from standing up and pushing forward, being selfish. Think about it- when Bill Graham built that place, it wasn't designed for a group of fans who are going to be fixated on standing still and watching a band- the lawn is for the folks who want the freedom of movement and space- even if with a sold out show, that space is limited. You want a place all of your own to stand or sit and watch the show intently? Get a Reserved Seat- that easy. Scalpers giving you issues, you can't get seats because of them, you say? Join a fan club- they do pre-sales. Join a group like GetAccess- THEY do pre-sales. Beat the scalpers at their own game. It just takes a little effort.

The acoustics- as someone already mentioned- you DO need to know where to stand, or position yourself, in an amphitheatre so as to get the best possible sound quality. Various uncontrollable elements like weather, cloud cover, temperature of the air and CROWD SIZE will change how sound waves travel. They do their best in any given situation. You also need to realize that while Shoreline may have sound technicians there on the payroll- 90% of shows bring their OWN sound staff. You had issues with the sound? Talk to Radiohead's techs as well.

The video is a HUGE beef, it seems- here's a clue for you: Shoreline didn't DO Radiohead's video! How's THAT for a shocker? BGTV was refused the ability to use it's own cameras, it own video techs- but by who, you ask? BY THE BAND. Radiohead was responsible for those crappy video angles and the "what do you think we're wanting to look at?" shots of the side stage areas. They chose to use their own cameras, they set up the shots' angles and feeds- blame them. Or even better- get over it. Music is for the ears- not the eyes.

Overall- the folks who wanted to hear a great band play some great music don't seem to have been all that disappointed. Radiohead's tour chose the venue, they obviously had a reason- they've played other places before, have you thought perhaps there were issues at those shows that made them want to try Shoreline? Nowhere is perfect- I'm NOT trying to say SHoreline is god's own location for live music- it DOES have it's issues. But please, people- act like intelligent mature adults, and at least have the decency to get some facts before you go off raging about how much "Shoreline sucks". Sometimes- the issues you're having have NOTHING to do with the venue at all.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 19:01:56

great show, stupid venue. if it was at the warfield, that would've been nice. i hated the fact that there was photography prohibited and the fact that i had tickets on the horrible lawn. I stood on the very edge, and couldn't not see the boys quite well. Bah, the last time I'm ever going to the shoreline.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 13:00:35

It's really fucking cool when thom switches "the raindrops" to "Hallelujah" in sit down stand up. it's also really cool when he says "this one if for the children" at the end of idioteque.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 05:33:00

I've got a bunch of live videos and bootleg recordings of Radiohead playing but none of them gave any real idea of just how fucking good they are live. this was my first radiohead show and undoubtably the best performance I've ever seen. only one complaint: No True Love Waits. Other than that, and the occasional dancing stoner, loud obnoxious drunk guys and wierd short,dancing girls it was perfect. But still, True Love Waits would've been great. Oh well.Radiohead's still the best live band ever. And Thom Dances cool.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 20:57:14

I just got back from the Radiohead show at Shoreline and really can't put into words my show experience yet. All I can say is that they played Lurgee in the beginning of their set for no reason. I don't know who wanted to bless me on this night, but I thank them.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 21:08:41

The shoreline arm-pit-theatre is not the best venue for such a majestic band such as radiohead. I thought their sound was clean, and they were very tight, although the bands overall energy appeared dim, and the whole morale of their stage energy appeared as if they were "running" through their songs. Thom had some technical difficulty during "everything in its right place" and got up from the piano, and notioned that he was having trouble, but then continued playing and aplogized to the audience.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 22:15:49

Again a jaw dropping performance by the greatest true rock band ever!!!! Having the chance to see them the last time they were here and getting to catch them in hollywood I'd have to say im a bit spoiled,but tonight's show packed a lot of the new cd into one visually stunning show. The shoreline is an awful venue period. Yet some how the boys were able to rock the crappy acoustics harder than I have ever witnessed. And the addition of the video screens on either side of the stage were a much needed addition from the last tour. Major hits such as fake plastic...high show...pyramid....were sorely missed but a blistering rendition of the gloaming and the ever haunting how to disappear completey and 2 encores made it all worth it. Paranoid was by far the most intense fully utilizing the newly upgraded lighted backdrop setup. By the end of everything in its right place as the video wall scrolled FOREVER we all wished that was how long the show would last, sadly that was all they had in store for us tonite. Thanks to Thom for all the dancing and chat and thanks to Johnny for all the a__ rocking solos and the bada__ gadgetry. You are the greatest band in rock and any other venue would only make these great shoes better.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 22:19:47

Just got back from Radiohead at Shoreline. I am a bit disappointed, it had nothing to do with the band, they were AWESOME. The music was great, setlist and playing, the energy was good, but since i only got grass seats and was so far away from the stage i didnt really get into it. I would have had a better time watching a Live Recorded DVD with friends and drinking. I dont know if ill go back to shoreline again, its hard to judge the place after only 1 event.

The music was great they played a good number of songs from several cd's.

To Radiohead i give and A
Shoreline C-

Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 22:20:40

i've been a fan of radiohead for many years now, and last night what my first live experience. it was definitely amazing, despite the lawn "seats" i had, which resulted to my having no choice but to watch the show completely on the big screen. no less, truly breath taking. as cliche as it is for fake plastic trees to be a favourite, it's definitely one of mne and i'm sad they didn't do that, same with planet telex (but i didn't expect that one). however, they could play nearly every other song that i loved. kid a and ok computer are amazing and tonight was full of them. amAZing grAcE!!

supergrass was really good, as well - but i sat through them just because i couldn't see even if i did stand.

merchandise complain - GAHH - they need to have things in smalls that aren't for girls :P oh well. i got the black shirt with biege writing in old english. i'm wearing it right now and i can't read myself, otherwise i'd type out what it says to be more specific.

in response to what someone else just said on here... ya it did seem like the show was kind of rushed through, however, i'm still greatly satisfied.

next time i'll pray for fake plastic trees! idioteque is another fave and i went insane during that song. god bless radiohead.

shoreline is a great place for the likes of ozzfest, but for actual concerts - not a good choice. maybe next time they're here they should consider two nights at a smaller venue or something. bill graham civic center would be appetizing. or maybe even a sell out show in 5 minutes at the warfield. that would be brilliant.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 22:29:51

Great band, great show. General lack of energy from both the band and the crowd.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 22:31:51

wow. fucking amazing. i think what happened during "everything in it's right place" was that johnny was playing with that pad that fucks around with thom's recorded voice and shit, and thom wanted to go into the next verse. he started to sing, but he stopped and made some hand motion to johnny and said something to him. and then he tried to sing again, but johnny was still playing with his pad so thom got up and unplugged the pad.

but anyhoo, that was the most amazing thing ever. radiohead is the fucking led zeppelin of right now. they're rock gods.

also, how long did it take everyone to find their cars? it took us like 40 minutes. insanity.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 23, 2003 22:55:23

Great show I thought. It sure was difficult obtaining decent seats though. Ticket brokers were asking obscene $$$ for good seats & they sure had plenty of them from my research on the net. I hope fans didn't pay that kind of $. If anyone reading this sat in row B of section 102, email me for a very TALL story. Congrats to Supergrass for an outstanding set also. Peter Stupar, SF

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 03:45:28

Well... it is seven in the morning and I just got home from my first Radiohead concert and the show truly blew me away. My favorite songs for the night where "Sail to the Moon", "How to dissapear completely" and "The Gloaming". The funny thing about the show is that whenever I imagined myself at a Radiohead concert I would go CRAZY with rejoice after each song. Last night, however, I hardly let out a shout of appreciation because the music put me in a state of shock. It's funny how things never seem to work out the way you thought they would.
Now even though I LOVED the show to death, I still have a couple complaints. The thing I really hated about the show was all the stuck-up, dis-respectful pieces of shit who couldn't shut the fu*k up and enjoy the music. I mean, during "Sail to the Moon" I though I was about to cry because of it's beauty but everyones chatter kept me from reaching that level. To put it bluntly, I got horrable vibes from about 80% off those jerk-offs at Shorline.
My final complaint was that Thom did not seem to give it his all but I love him just the same as for the rest of the group.I can't wait to see the guys play again but i'm sure as hell not going back to Shoreline.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 04:17:05

This was the fourth time I have had the privelege to see Radiohead in concert since they opened for REM on The Bends tour. The setlist was lacking IMO, after seeing what they have played elsewhere (Fake Plastic Trees,Lucky,Talk Show Host,True Love Waits and Street Spirit would have made my night, but weren't there). I didn't care for Kid A (the song) and I was disappointed with the live version of "Where I end and you begin", as that is one of my favorites on the album. Otherwise, they were as tight as ever.

Highlights:Morning Bell, Sail to the moon(Brilliant), Paranoid Android(duh), Wolf at the Door, You and whose army, Punch up at a wedding and There There.

The Shoreline stinks as a venue. I agree with the notion they should do two nights at smaller venues (I was about 15 rows back last night,too). I saw them at the Bill Graham Civic center on OK Computer and that was perfect (though the acoustics can be iffy).

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 05:23:25

Its so good to see you again. . . were the words running through my mind as the lights went out and the five familiar faces appeared on the stage on this pleasant night. Maybe its a hint of some maternal place in me, but when Radiohead began to play 2+2 = 5 to start this amazing night of exceptional music, I felt more like I was welcoming home old friends than cheering for a rock band. This is show number three for me, and they have yet to disappoint me. The genius and beauty in their music is hypnotic and shocking. And then theres Thoms voice . . . But Ill get to that later.

It is impossible for me to grasp the degree of detail involved in each of the songs that were performed for us. Each time my eyes scanned the activity taking place on the stage, the sense of awe struck me harder. Where I End and You Begin was twice as good as the recorded version the bass was kicked up quite loud which added a weight to the groove. Paranoid Android maintained its status as one of my favorite live songs it takes the listener on a journey of fury, longing and satisfaction. A collective sense of delight filled the crowd when the band teased us with moments of release during My Iron Lung.

The first time I heard Sail to the Moon on HTTT, I basically collapsed on my seat in total disbelief of the beauty of Thoms voice. And hearing him swim through the melodies in this gorgeous song in person was overwhelming. His voice is the only one Ive heard that makes me smile, cry, and ache from the pure emotion pouring out from his lungs. And there are few things as enjoyable as watching him dance. I would love to be able to move with such child-like freedom.

From watching Johnny assault his guitar with every ounce of himself, to laughing at Thom making eyes with the crowd through the camera on the piano, the show was the best Ive seen & heard of Radiohead. Come back soon, boys.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 05:37:10

okay, I agree with many of you about the show--the acoustics SUCKED, and having lawn seats did too....but I don't know, everyone on the lawn seemed really nice but quite unmoved. I thought the band was killer and amazing and while some songs seemed rushed--I really enjoyed it a lot! I hope if they come to Northern california again, it is NOT at shoreline. they played most of the songs I wanted (there there, idioteque, you and whose army, my iron lung) I could tell that the band wasn't crazy about the venue either. but thom's dancing was lovely and he seemed much more active and energized than I thought. I hope this isn't my first and last radiohead show!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 05:53:55

This show was awesome, I just woke up and the songs are still in my head. Front row seats were the best, Thom actually spit on me!!!!!! That was my favorite moment of the night besides the tall guy behind me singing all the wrong lyrics...Overall best show of my life...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 06:12:26

PHENOMENAL--even though the acoustics were funky and the Shoreline people were apparently having camera problems with whichever cameras were transmitting the picture to the audience on the lawn. (Thought whoever was filming was trying to be artistic at first, but after noticing that they kept filming the ceiling, the empty piano, the empty microphone, and the stagehands, I started to think there must be something wrong. There really were very few shots of the band for the first few songs, but eventually the camera people got the hang of it. I wonder if they were working off an auxiliary camera system? The cameras seemed poorly equipped for filming the stage and kept vibrating violently when the bass got loud....Supergrass got the shaft and didn't have the screens on at all, even though it was already dark out when they went on, so maybe they rigged something up in the meantime....) Anyhow, the whole camera deal, even though I rambled on about it, was only distracting for about ten minutes, because the entire set was AMAZING. Everyone cheered during "No Suprises" after Thom sang the verse "bring down the government, they don't speak for us", and that really just made my evening!! (And if you weren't one of the people who cheered, screw you.) That's right, Thom! Thank you!
One of the highlights was "My Iron Lung", which kicked ass because the band kept accelerating and decelerating during he chorus, which just made it mind-blowingly discordant. And "The Gloaming" was mesmerizing. And "A Wolf At The Door" kicked ass.
But what am I saying. The entire set kicked ass. My only regret is that none of us lawn people got to see Thom's trademark freak dancing (freak in the best kind of way)during "Idioteque" because the cameras were still being a little difficult. We got some great shots of Jonny's feet and the ceiling though :)
Beautiful show! Loved it loved it loved it!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 06:18:20

Overall the show was great. I mean come on, it was a Radiohead show, what else would it be? That said, there were a few dissapointments. They just didn't seem to excited to be there, Thom hardly spoke at all and the set list was a little on the subdued side. The last tour was much better, I thought. I was lucky to have had seats but even then, SHORELINE STILL SUCKS!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 06:29:01

Man what a great show,I had good seats It was my first time seeing them live.Butnot my last.As i also have tickets for their sept 26 concert in hollywood.Radiohead rock it .But the venue sucks.SO im glad i get to see them play at one of the best venues in America hollywood bowl.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 06:38:54

Very enjoyable show, especially Thom's dancing (as always). I'm baffled why no-one ever comments about 'Where I End And You Begin', which for me is the highlight of HTTT and was the highlight when I saw Radiohead at Glastonbury in England in June. Wonderful song.

Shoreline should definitely change their camerawork, as us at the back were left with long views of nothing but large chunks of empty stage. The side of stage screens were OK, but too often filled with swirling lights, presumably for atmosphere and to fit with the song.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 07:15:02

Fuckin' awesome show.

It went by so fast, but the memories definitely remain. When they played "My Iron Lung" and "I Might Be Wrong" back to back I nearly shitted my pants. Highlight must have been "You And Whose Army" with Thom making good use of the camera on his piano. No "Talk Show Host" or "True Love Waits" but oh well. They could have done without "Backdrifts" and "Everything In Its Right Place" (not a good way to end the show), but everything else sounded amazing.

Yeah, getting out of Shoreline is ridiculous, but one of the local radio stations was playing live Radiohead songs for most of the time, so it wasn't too bad.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 07:50:59

Bad@$$!! This was my first time seeing Radiohead and they were excellente! I was hoping that they play High and Dry but How To Disappear Completely was good enough.The last show I went to the band wasnt that interactive with the crowd but I won't say that about Radiohead. When they did You And Whose Army Thom was staring right at the camera on his piano and well...... you just had to be there. RADIOHEAD

P.S the shoreline sux if you get lawn seats.The Arcarsenal says beware,Beware,BEWARE!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 07:51:54

wow... this was my first time seeing radiohead live and as i almost didn't make it to this show i'm happy to say that i made the decision to spend a little extra for reserved seats. i thought the opening with 2+2=5 was incredible - when Thom screamed "you haven't paid attention" with all due intensity i knew this was going to be a great show, and i was not disappointed. they did most of my personal faves - although i thought for sure they would do electioneering considering the whole recall situation, but they did sample some bits for National Anthem so that was close enough. the renditions of "backdrifts", "the gloaming", "go to sleep" (love the guitar processing at the end!!) and "idioteque" were some of the highlights also - and even had they ended with the incredible rendition of "how to disappear completely" instead of the second encore i would have gone home happy.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 07:56:34

This was my second time seeing them live, the first being the Kid A/Amnesiac Tour. Both at Shoreline. I was more into the show this time, but the crowd's energy was lacking. I would see them again and again.

I swear "Everything.." wasn't supposed to be their last song, though. I think Ed's equipment was fouling up and interfering with the cue for Thom's vocals to come in. You guys get that, too? We got to see his frustration in the raw...unfortunately. I really wanted them to keep going.

Fave tracks they played were "Lurgee", "Kid A", "There There" and "You and Whose Army", with all of Thom's playfulness. Jolly good show, guys. Thank you, thank you!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 08:16:45

Dead sexy show! I was in the way back on the grass and had a fucking fantastic time. wasnt even weeded. the band was tiny but with my field glasses and with the help of the excellent projections I felt like I was right there. the sound was awsome. i was totally amazed by the setlist. i wasnt sure i was going to dig a radiohead show at shoreline but i think i might even prefer that venue to LA's hollywood bowl. standing up on the grass beats standing up on concrete with the seats digging into the back of your legs. did i mention fucking fantastic?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 08:34:30

The show last night was pretty incredible. I have to agree on the previous review of Radiohead "A" and Shoreline a "C". It takes a band of Radiohead's ability to make that venue at all acceptable. Shoreline sux -make no mistake about it. The acoustics are awful, the parking blows and the lawn experience is not worth it. You're better off renting a concert DVD and watching it at home on a huge theater system.

Highlights of the show for me were Idioteque, 2+2=5 and Everything in its Right Place.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 08:38:19

Good Show last night. I thought they played a little too much from the new album. They could have done a better job of cutting the new songs down and mixing in some more old favs. I just think it's too corporate and planned when bands do the 'new album' tour.

They are a very tight band and the sound was good. I thought the crowd was way too mellow/geeky for such a kick ass rock band. They ripped out 'Iron Lung' and that still didn't get the crowd into it!? I started to wonder how many people even knew there music, I don't think many did.

The crowd was full of people that were saying to themselves "ahh, I don't know if I really like like live music. I think I do, but I'm not sure" I saw several folks leave before the first encore set?? sorry for the rant, but why even bother going people? your low energy tones down the show.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 08:46:19

Sulk...Shoreline is accoustically dreadful. I agree with a previous critique that the Civic or Warfield (Fillmore, Greek) would be way better venues to "experience" Radiohead. I saw the '98 Civic show, and it was unreal. Last night's show left me wanting. The fellas were great, but everything
didn't "click" for me. I think it was the setlist. I realized last night that as much as I LOVE to bump the electronic stuff at home or in my car, the songs don't translate live as well as the loud guitar songs do. Bones, Just, SULK (yeah I know they don't play it live) would have added a little more to my experience than Where I End..., No Surpises and Wolf at the Door. My humble opinion anyway.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 09:03:38


I think there is a tendency to overanalyze these things. Sure, the band has played better (Best show I ever saw was in S.F. at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in '98), but they are always tight, and they delivered more than just a CD rehash. I was not doing cartwheels by night's end, but I was happy that I got to take my little brother to see one of the most influential bands of our age.

Shoreline may suck, but think of how many people were able to buy tickets at the last minute due to its huge size. I wish they would play the Civic Auditorium again. The acoustics there were unbelievable.

Few people have mentioned how nice Supergrass was. Of course, Spiritualized was, in my opinion, the best opener ever.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 09:17:44

Radiohead was great! Idioteque, Sail to the Moon, and Everything in its right place were the highlights of the night for me, even though there were some mistakes with ERP. TO ALL THE HYPOCRITICAL NORTHERN CALIFORNIAN PEOPLE IN THE LAWN WHO WERE TALKING AND OBNOXIOUSLY DISPLAYING TO EVERYONE THAT THEY WERE HAVING FUN AT OTHERS EXPENSE... THIS MIDDLE FINGER IS DEDICATED TO YOU.
Once again this show goes to remind me just how much I love Radiohead but hate most of the stupid fans.

P.S. I went to the Live 105 show and the highlight there was definitely Thom playing Spinning Plates solo on the piano.
Being one of the only people to get the bands autograph as the sly snuck ou tto their cars in broad daylight was also great.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 09:31:20

I thought this was a fairly decent setlist (mind you I've already heard some favorites at the shoreline & gorge two years ago, so didn't mind not hearing them again). I was surprised and thrilled to hear Kid A performed live. More for the fact that it's a favorite song of mine, because the rendition wasn't anywhere as gorgeous as the recording as the reached its midpoint. I'll agree that the setlist seemed short and rushed (I'm sure I walked out of the shoreline an hour later at the last tour). Compared to Radiohead's show here two years ago, I didn't think the band's energy was much less this time. The crowd energy at both of these tours has been poor though; is it the venue or the people in the sf bay? (nothing against my home area, but people seem generally unexcited).
A note to all and myself, avoid the lawn seats if possible. I had section 200's two years ago, and the seats were so awful that I thought I wouldn't be doing much worse with lawn. The last show I saw at the shoreline was the bridge school benefit on the lawn, and people were sitting and relaxed, and somehow I naively thought of that atmosphere when I purchased these tix. Should have waited for the scalped section 200's that finally came down to under face yesterday.
I have to agree with the overwhelming sentiment that the Shoreline is just an awful setting for a concert. My friend said it best last night, "it's like the first 200 people get a good show, and the rest are just screwed", except she really didn't say screwed, but anyway... It's really too bad that Radiohead continues to choose this venue. I was also saddened that they didn't choose to play the Gorge in WA again this time, now that was an amazing venue with great views from most seats (and you could get as close as you were willing to fight for)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 09:44:03

I'm lucky enough to have the perspective of seeing their last show before the three week break (Seattle 8/31) and the first show upon return (Shoreline 9/23). Last night was my 8th time! I gotta say that the common read about low energy (band and crowd) was right on the mark. The perfect example is Idioteque, where Thom normally goes nuts. I brought two first timer friends and cued them to watch Thom on the video on this song. At the end, one friend - "Uh, so what did I miss?"
Other than EIIRP, Johnny wasn't playing with the gadgettry nearly as much. There were times in Seattle where he looked like some Indian God with 12 arms (Guitar, Keyboards, Effects all at once). The closest was a big of noise during the solo in Backdrift.

I also agree about the lawn/video situation. If Shoreline are going to charge $50 for "seats" that are 100's of yards from the band, they could pay some people with a clue to give us a decent view.
And I'm *sure* the sound was not as good as the 2001 tour, even though I was about 15 feet from where I was that strange and magic night.

Whining aside, there were some smokin' highlights (duh!):
Go to Sleep - ROCKS live!
Encore 1 - the whole thing.
Noid Droid (actually got the crowd rockin)
No Suprises/There There (nice combo)
The opener (2+2=5)
The closer (EIIRP) [technical difficulties aside)

I will go see them anytime and anyplace I ever get a chance. As for my newbie friends, they both walked out with a big old smile...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 09:52:02

I drove 3 and a half hours from Fresno, Ca for my first Radiohead experience, and I must say my only complaint was Shoreline. It's slanted seating folks...if everyone would sit down on the lawn seats, then everyone could see. It's not good on your hips to have to stand at a slant for 2 hrs. Whoever was running the video camera onstage sucked a**. We dont want to look at lights or the stage floor; we paid to see Radiohead.

Radiohead...there arent enough words to describe how I feel about last night. The setlist, the lights, the music...blew me away. They played Paranoid Andriod ^^ which is my favorite song and the song that got me into Radiohead. Thom's stage persona was down-to-earth and FUN!! He looked like he was having the time of his life up there. That's what I like to see. I had the time of my life as well.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 10:11:30

I will never go to see Radiohead at Shoreline again. Instead, I will eat $50 of my own (plus the convenience fee) and then watch an out of focus bootleg live DVD from about 50 feet away. And get some friends to obscure my line of sight whilst smoking my weed and not sharing any with me. Bastards. At least I won't have to deal with the rush hour traffic this way. What was the Shoreline camerman smoking anyway? That it was possible to tell how great a live band Radiohead are at a shit venue like Shoreline is both heartening and frustrating. I've lost count of how many times I've heard or read that they should do a series of "smaller" shows next time, and I agree wholeheartedly. Goddam.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 10:18:16

My fifth RH Show since 1998 was incredible.
While this will not be the most memorible of the five concerts, or the best i've heard them play it was the most fun. I shook and danced like a junkie begging for more smack. Radiohead was my drug of choice at shoreline last night. Highlights were hearing Kid A done live (that song makes me feel strange, and i like it) and A Wolf At The Door, I love that song. I went with my younger cousin and my best friend who were both turned on to RH by yours truly, and also who had never seen them live before. Both were very impressed.
Thom danced around the stage like a native- americian medicine man in a frantic ceremony,
the band was tight as usual, and the sound was clear and pure. this was a life changing event for me, as close to a religious experience as i like to get.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 11:56:19

A very up and down night. As everybody has been saying, the crowd was weirdly quiet -- there were definitely a lot of casual fans there, waiting to hear Karma Police and Creep and then go home (not that there's anything wrong with that). The new stuff got very little reaction. The venue isn't that great -- there's almost no gradient, so you stare at the back of someone's head for large parts of the night. And I have to say, Radiohead themselves didn't help the vibe as much as they could have. I think they were rusty from the break in the tour. Lots of problems: people have mentioned EIIRP (which was still great, despite Thom freaking out), but how about Backdrifters? Thom was wildly out of tune and the whole song fell apart completely. And I know that Radiohead pride themselves on resisting the demand to roll out the old hits, but when you have learned to love this band because of great older material, and you go through all the trouble and expense of seeing them, and then you don't hear Lucky or Just or Karma Police (heartbreaking) or Exit Music or Creep or (worst omission of all) Fake Plastic Trees, it hurts and you feel jilted. Worse: you feel a lack of interest and concern from the band. Someone called Radiohead the Led Zeppelin of today, but Zep made sure to end every concert with Stairway to Heaven, because they knew it meant something to their fans, you know what I mean? Still a great experience, but I worry that the patience of Radiohead's fans is starting to wear thin: like a lot of dates on this tour, last night was not a sellout. Everyone wants them to play smaller venues? Another tour like this and the band may find they have to.

1. Iron Lung (fantastic version)
2. 2+2=5 (best new live song)
4. Paranoid Android
5. How to Disappear Completely
6. Where I End and You Begin

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 12:17:36

Radiohead played incredibly well. It seems to me that Thom's voice has actually improved over the years. His vocals, especially on Paranoid Android, were unbelievable.

I did noticee the same lack of energy that others have noted. It doesn't stop Radiohead from sounding fantastic, and after all this is a musical thing, not a glee club or Arsenio Hall, but it was still surprising. Perhaps it was the venue. The Shoreline really does suck. Maybe it's okay for some washed-up band (like, say, the Stones playing their "Hey, kids, get off of my lawn" tour) but not for a band like Radiohead who deserve a top-class venue. From where I was on the grass I could just see over people's heads (though my wife, who isn't as tall, couldn't), but everything was too far away to really appreciate. I'm not kidding: I was so far away that when Phil Selway hit that rat-tat-tat sound in Morning Bell, there was a delay between seeing his stick move and hearing the sound. And getting in and out of the parking lot was the hardest thing I've ever done. I'd sooner have my spleen crushed than see another show at Shoreline . . . unless it's Radiohead. I'd see them again inside a live volcano if it was the only thing around....

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 12:18:55

I agree with most of the of the greatest performances I've ever seen in one of the most marginal venues I've ever been to.

I was in the lawn, near the second speaker to the right, and it was as if a speaker was blown...I thought I heard Thom reference it, but might have been off in Radioheadland.

Shoreline: what's up with the 12 outhouses that are supposed to accommodate thousands of lawnies? I guess you really don't want to sell beer?

Through all of this, I still couldn't believe how incredible they sounded...and how much I started thinking about LIFE (and afterlife). Very moving stuff.

So glad I got a chance to finally see them...won't miss the next opportunity either!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 12:39:29

Folks, If RH played the Fillmore at this point: Tix would be $100-$200 each and 95% of the fans wouldn't even be able to get tickets b/c the scalping agencies would get them first. So that means you and I probably wouldn't get to see them.

They're a big time band now and that means that they need to play larger venues. Don't get me wrong I would love to see a band like RH @ the Fillmore, I just think that's not going to happen.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 13:00:25

There are a lot of reviews about the show that are positive about the band -- and that goes without saying, doesn't it? I love to read these and know that there were other actual Radiohead fans at the show and not just SF "hitters" making an appearance. I don't feel as though I can say anything further about the band that hasn't been said. God bless those guys.

The other thing that people have talked a lot about was how much Shoreline sucked. I want to focus on this because I haven't yet read a review that truly exposed just how much Shoreline truly sucks. I have been there twice, and the first time I had seats (for Tool). If you actually had seats, you noticed that the acoustics were absolutely terrible, but it is easy to be so happy about seeing Radiohead that you can let that go. For the majority of the people who were in the grass, however, the show was absolutely unbearable. Not only was the sound atrocious, but it is impossible to see anything that is going on. I am 6'2" and no matter where I went I could only see Phil without being blocked. The screens helped a bit, but they were only stretched across two of the speaker towers. People were packed in and it is impossible to enjoy a show you could neither see nor hear. There were people in the grass who seemed to be dancing around enjoying the show and sloshing their $8 beers around, but those were the people who would have been doing the same beer dance at a Bob Seger or Limp Bizkit concert. Anyone who actually had a stake in bonding with the music or the performance had no choice but to be... well, Let Down. Not through any fault of Radiohead. Shoreline is so carelessly and poorly designed that it almost seems as if the designers/organizers intended for the audience in the grass to not be able to see or hear. It is ironic, indeed, that the best band in the world would be showcased at such a cheap, tinker-toy, pseudo carnival venue where ticketholders are treated like packages and Packt in at $50 a head to be substantively deprived of all possible enjoyment. Even an absolutely gigantic venue such as Oakland Colliseum or Pac Bell would have been more condusive to enjoying the experience. It was impossible to appreciate what was happening on stage, and that was thoroughly depressing. I don't know if Radiohead or the management or anyone involved with touring decisions will read this, but if so, please, DO NOT EVER PLAY SHORELINE AGAIN. EVER. I feel as though Shoreline as a venue completely stole away from me (and other actual fans) what otherwise would have been a spiritual experience with reckless disregard for everyone involved with the concert, band and fans included. I have had bad nosebleed behind the stage seats in other venues and never felt as violated as I did lastnight in my enjoyment. I am *not* just complaining about bad seats.

Thank you to the band for approaching your work with such intelligence, creativity, and integrity. I know that someday again I will be able to experience the music live the way it was meant to be experienced somewhere else.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 13:43:55

Well, not sure what to say...
I have been trying for 7 years to see radiohead, but could never get tickets till now. Their music has been a huge part of my life for 10 years and this was (in my opinion) a once in a lifetime opportunity. I had lawn seats, of course...and I definitely wore the wrong shoes, heels. Needless to say I couldn't see a whole lot and my feet were like instruments of personal torture.
The few glimpses I caught of the band will stay with me forever, as will Thom's seductive wink during "You and whose Army".
As far as the music was concerned, I am a bigger fan of the first 3 albums and was sad that they didn't play more old stuff. I haven't gotten into the latest album yet.
My favorite song is Black Star and I was very optimistic that the cards were in my favor, but it was not to be. The did not play my song...
However, the highlights for me were Iron Lung,Paranoid Android,Idioteque, No Surprises and You and whose Army.

Thank you radiohead for trying your best in an impossible venue. Seeing you live was one thing I wanted to do before I died. Hopwfully I will enjoy your music for another 50 years and get to see you again, maybe just once...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 13:55:54

This was my first Radiohead show and it blew me away. I am 15 years old and have been to many concerts but this blew all of them out of the water. From the opening song, 2+2=5 to Everything In it's right place, the energy level was amazing. I can't even really put this concert into words except it was a surreal moment for me, seeing my heroes play. My favorite song was definitely Paranoid Andriod; it made my night. Idioteque was also amazing. Thom seemed really into it, and his dance moves kicked ass. Overall this show was a 5-star preformance.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 15:41:28

Well, like almost everone on this review panel I had the "cheap" seats. Over all though, it was still a great show. Jonny Grenwood rocks on guitar. The whole band was great and Idioteque heightened the experience. The only thnig I felt was lacking was a good venue place. The band seemed to sorta rush through the set though and even tho the acoustics are bad they still pulled it off. Much thanks to Thom(for his dancing) and the rest of the band for a splendid show. Supergrass were also great. Rush Hour Soul was tops.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 18:32:29

I have been a long time Radiohead fan, and have always just missed their shows. Finally, I decided to leave nothing to chance and tried extemely hard to get these tickets. I was lucky enough to get reserved seats, 8 rows back from the stage. I know a lot of people are saying that the crowd wasn't into it, but I have to say that not everyone yells. Everyone experiences things in their own ways, and I feel that not one person in that venue, as crappy as the venue was, felt unenthused when they saw those guys come out onto stage. I know I was blown away.

Anyway, I just want to say that Radiohead is an incredible band, and did an amazing job considering the venue was less than perfect.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 19:32:07

You'll all love this review. I just have to say thanks to Jonathan as your review was the last I read and I wish I hadn't. So, this was my first Radiohead show. I have been listening to them for the last ten years and a great friend got backstage passes to the aftershow so after a kickass show we got in line, stuck on our special stickers and walked down a cement pathway to the patio area that has been already been described. The videogames were free as was the beer and soda. The four of us stood around and observed how mellow everyone was and how quiet and reserved the party was. We waited for a while and then I spoke with one of the security guards about the whereabouts of Thom and he mentioned that if he hasn't shown up yet he probably won't. So, we being losers left!!! Yes, we had the opportunity as Jonathan put it to meet a happy, smiling, APPROACHABLE Thom but oh no...we left! But I guess that's ok because the fantasy that I have in my head is probably way better than reality. But still meeting the winking, hop-dancing genius would have been pretty cool. So for those of you that had lawn seats and thought they sucked. Think again...what we did...sucked even harder.

I would like to say that the show was fantastic! The colors, screen, and setlist was great. It's been quite some time since I have been to a big concert and I am always amazed that so many people can be tuned in to one event and yet still each have a different trip. We truly live in our heads, don't we?

Oh yeah...and I had my camera with me because I didn't know that we couldn't have them and I didn't want it to get confiscated so I stuck it up my skirt and held it tight between my thighs and walked through the checkpoint with my knees locked together hoping that it wouldn't drop out like a chicken laying an egg. So to top it off, I could have had my picture taken with Thom. Oh the story I will have to tell my grandkids..."The day grandma blew it."

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 19:41:43

beautiful...i had been looking forward to seeing the best band in the world, live for some time now...It was worth the wait...I love KID A , and every song they played from that album just took me off to another place...great energy, THom and the boys just shined...they aren't the typical stand up straight, stum the guitar, boring stage rockers...they actually WORK, and i for one appreciate all the special effects, and different additions to the tracks just blew me away....hAIl to the band....they continue to set the trends in music...the bar has been risen again....

Submitted on: OCTOBER 24, 2003 21:17:54

I've spent fifteen minutes of my time reading each and every review of last night's show, and it seems most people have been complaining about what went wrong--the energy, the view from the lawn, etc. They have also managed to find nearly every way NOT to give an honest review of last night's show. So let the truth be known...

I paid around $170 for my seat high up in section 103. I paid airfare for a flight yesterday from Arkansas to San Jose. I rented a car and a hotel room, got about 4 hours of sleep, and spent the majority of the day today flying back to Arkansas. I spent a good deal of money and guess what? It was worth every cent, and not just because I came home with a setlist and one of Thom's guitar picks.

Seeing Radiohead play is not like seeing a band like Tenacious D or Limp Bizkit play. Seeing Radiohead play music is like viewing a piece of modern art. It's like going to a church service at St Peters Cathedral in Rome. Sorry folks, but, as hard as it may be for most of you to admit, it's NOT about getting hammered and slapping high fives.
When a renowned classical pianist compares your music to Mozart and releases an entire album of your music, it's time to take it seriously. End of story. If you disagree, take it from Thom himself who said, "If you want to be entertained, go and see Hanson."

Many of the reviews I just read complained of a lack of energy from both the band and the crowd. Anyone who has seen Thom play live knows that he does not ordinarily display the kind of intense energy like he did last night. I saw them two years ago in Houston, and he only danced during "Idioteque". He was all over the place last night, flailing away every chance he got. Colin was bouncing around and seemingly having a great time, and Jonny was his usual self. Ed was even smiling and gesturing at the crowd at times.

Of course, most of this cannot be seen from the lawn. NEWS FLASH...No one sitting out there should EXPECT to see anything, so quit complaining. If you wanted to SEE the band play, and to get the best sound the venue has to offer, then you should have busted your ass to get a seat like I did. I spent hours on ebay for days, pleading with the scalpers. And I would do it all again for ONE SECOND of the feeling I get each and every time I hear these guys play.

If you're not willing to put forth this kind of effort, then by all means, go sit in the lawn. Try to hear the music over the drunk guy who's yelling "PLAY CREEP!!!" behind you. Try not to fall down in a puddle of vomit, and try not to get mixed up in a fight, because if you really appreciated this band you wouldn't pay a dime to look at a fucking MONITOR anyway! I absolutely love Radiohead's music, but I'll take the advice of the guy who suggested we buy the bootleg DVD and watch from home rather than sit "among the apes" clinging to the fences up in the lawn.

I wish many people would have taken this advice and stayed at home last night. That way, I wouldn't have had to see a fight break out three rows in front of me during "How To Disappear Completely". I wouldn't have had to see bottles being thrown in the parking lot. And I wouldn't have had to read nonsense reviews complaining about how "the sound quality in the lawn was terrible for some, they didn't play what I wanted."

Yes, it's true, the band made mistakes last night. But for me, seeing their mistakes makes me realize that they are not gods. They are mortal men who make immortal music. They are creating all this beauty using the same tools everyone of us has, but which most cannot figure out how to use. THAT is what makes them great and sets them apart.

Do I think they are beyond criticism? Absolutely not. Jonny battled through technical difficulties with his gadgets all night(as did Ed), and this is why Thom was frustrated when he tried to correct his mistake and sing EIIRP's first verse but couldn't--Ed's sampler, which is connected to an effects device, was malfunctioning. Thom, being a perfectionist, became frustrated. It was beautiful to see.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 06:00:57

Radiohead was awesome, and I love Shoreline. There are a lot of reviews about how bad the acoustics are, uhm, I'm a profesional audio engineer and I thought the sound was fantastic. Of coarse I knew to stand half way up the hill, directly on axis with the cone of one of those giant speakers, but my experience was awesome. Radiohead is my new favorite band. Their guitar player, Johnny Greenwood, is the bext guitarist I've ever seen (and that's after having seen BB King, Buddy Guy, and the amazingly talented Ani Difranco). Unbelievable.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 10:42:24

The show was awesome. Despite lawn passes I had a great time. Jonny went off on the big guitar songs like My Iron Lung and, my favorite song ever, Paranoid Android. This was my first Radiohead show and I was not disappointed at all. I didn't care about anything except seeing them live right in front of me (albeit a few hundred feet away). I just had the best time and the music was incredible. By the way, I don't understand why no one has noticed this. The "technical" problems the band had during Everything in its Right Place weren't technical at all. Thom sang the second verse first ("there are two colours..." instead of "yesterday I woke up..."). Since the song doesn't really work when the verses are out of order he ended up singing the second verse twice. It was fine though, the song still sounded beautiful.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 11:00:38

I think Radiohead did a great job preforming, but I really do hate the shoreline as a venue. The audio was horrible and all I could hear was drum. I was very front and center on the lawn, against the fence, so i had one of the best views of the show. But in my opinion the shoreline just made a great preformance quite drab.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 13:38:53

I've been to the Shoreline Amp. before and I have to say they didn't do Radiohead justice with the screens they had up for the lawn people. I saw more of the actual microphone sitting by itself than I did of the band actually playing. Plus I think it would be worth paying more for seats. Sorry but my ass hurt after sitting on the lawn waiting for Radiohead to start.
But the show was incredible. I've never seen radiohead before. After seeing that show, I'm going to see them whenever they come to town. I liked that Thom was dancing during the more up-beat songs. They've changed a bit with the times, I like that. I was rock'n out to the newer more edgy songs they have like 2+2=5. I felt myself wanted to dance!! I'll have to say, the crowd was sedate. I've heard louder cheers for Steve Miller band. Must be the older ladies that yell their heads of during Steve. I just wanted to hear more roaring. What's up with ya'll at the show? I'm surprised they came out for an encore.
Radiohead for me has become the best band to come out of my generation.
Can't wait to see what happens next.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 13:51:52

This was my 7th show since 1995, which was when I first saw them live, and although I have to agree that the change in venues over that time has made the concerts more difficult to get into, RH is one of the few bands that I've been into for a number of years whose shows really evolve over time. Each one is different and great in its own way. The new stuff, particularly Go To Sleep and Punch Up, sounded tremendous live. But the highlight for me was Lurgee, which they really re-interpreted this time around. It was performed at a much slower pace than the recorded version, a real groove. And Thom seems to be settling into the rock star thing, he is so much more aware of the crowd. When he kept sticking his face in the camera during You & Whose Army, it was a real goof. So, their greatness as always overshadows any flaws in the venue, which SUCKS!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 14:08:34

Fortunately, I was one of the lucky ones with w.a.s.t.e. tickets in the seventh row. Therefore I, unlike the lawn reviewers, thought the sound was incredible and thought the band was full of energy and appeared to be having a wonderful time (just one glance at Colin singing along with all his might is enough to make you appreciate the camaraderie between these guys - they LOVE their music). Don't get me wrong though... Shoreline is a piece of shit venue.

I don't know if other folks up close would agree with me on this one (there does seem to be quite a bit of confusion) but the problems during Everything In Its Right Place were because Thom **FORGOT THE WORDS**, they weren't having technical difficulties. Frankly, it was hilarious and quite endearing... he even said "Sorry".

I thought Backdrifts was a little off and I would have enjoyed hearing more pre-OKC material but I really don't know which songs I would have replaced. All in all, a FABULOUS show.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 15:23:05

I am not sure that I will ever have a Radiohead experience like this again. I wouldn't hesitate to use the word transcendent to describe the performance. Two days later, I still can't believe I was in the center of the third row watching them in full detail. Talk about "shock and awe"; and to be so close and not be crushed by other rabid fans was truly a privelege. In fact I would say because of the seats I cannot agree with other reviews which comment on the band's lack of enthusiasm because it simply is not accurate. For me, it 's impossible to say anything negative about the evening. Perhaps, the concert experience of a lifetime.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 19:00:43

After reading everyone elses reviews, I too must agree. Radiohead is gwreat, and shoreline is a big tented piece of shit. Not only does the venue suck but it is so far out of the way for 90% of the people who attended. I live in the east bay, and personally I would have much rather trekked up to sacramento than down to the boondocks of the world that is the silicon valley. Unfortunately I arrived late because my friend had to work until 7:30, we got to Shoreline at 8:30, then had to wait a whole fucking hour just to get into the parking lot when we were already late and missing the show. I mean come on, that is ridicules, I felt so ripped off. They had us make some huge circle on this dirt road away from and then back to the venue, in bumper to bumper traffic the whole time. Because the imbeciles that run the Shoreline can't think of a better way to organize parking, I missed the first half hour of radiohead. Granted, I was late in the first place, but waiting an hour just to park is bullshit. I regularly go to pac bell park for Giants games, where attendance is twice what it was the other night, and parking there is a cinch. Don't even get me started on the length of time I had to wait to get out of the parking lot after the show... Get a clue you retards. I don't feel the need to further comment on the acoustic quality of the show, as many others have covered the topic. The lawn was awful, I could not see anything, and the majority of the people I was around were very subdued, and kinda killed the mood for me. With that said, I would not have missed Radiohead for the world, and all that hassle was well worth it. While it made me sad that they didn't play lucky or Black Star, I was very excited to hear some of their new hits such as Wolf at the Door, and Drunken Punchup, and of Course the stunningly beautiful Sail To the Moon, I also loved How to Disappear Completely, and Paranoid Android to name just a few. In conclusion I would like to second the plea to any in the Radiohead family who may be reading this NEVER AGAIN PLAY AT SHORELINE EVER, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. Play anywhere else, I don't care where, carve out a stage in Ikea if you have to, its about the same size as shoreline. But I love Radiohead just the same, and if they decide to play at Shoreline next time they come, I will be there.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 20:18:07

Ok, we all know shoreline SUCKS. But seriously.......There are far worse ampitheaters it could have been at. For example, Chronicle Pavilion, or......Marysville. So if it had to be out door.....I'm glad it was Shoreline. I'd like to see them at the War Feild. That would be great.

That aside, the show. Beyond words really. A great show. A f*cking great bad. I was not dissapointed by a THING. In reading the reveiws, some people felt that the bad wasn't as into it. Maybe that was true, but they rocked it none the less. I didn't really get thge feeling of it being rushed like others did. My section wasn't too bad either. Section 204 Row v ...heh.....close as it gets to the lawn! But I could still see, and that was great. I found out after the show that they didn't turn on the monitors for the lawn. I was dissapointed for the people on the lawn for that respect. YOu really can't see a thing up there, and Thom was being silly during You and Who's Army. YOu could see it from the monitors at the side of the stage, but I later found out you couldn't see those monitors from the lawn at all. So I felt bad for the people who didn't get too see that. It was really great. Everything In It's Right Place......not too sure what happened me it seemed like Because they were messing with the vocal pedal so much, Thom couldnt' tell where to jump back it.....just seemed like it got a little confused there for a minute. That's when he got up and talked to Jonny, and then kinda danced around a bit.....then finally they all got it back together again. Awsome none the less. I was thrilled to hear Lurgee actually. That was great. The one and only song I would have loved to hear but didn't was Like spinning plates. OH and True Love Waits. But i wasn't counting on that one. Another thing I noticed was that pretty much EVERY single person that night remained standing from start to finish. I've been to a lot of concerts, and it is rare for a band to be able to keep and entier audience on it's feet for a solid 3 hours. Goes to show what a powerful experiance it is to see Radiohead live. As far as Shorelibe sucks.....but if they played there again, I'd go without seconed thought.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 20:19:36

Hey everyone. I would like to please urge anyone who was disappointed with the shoreline to e-mail them and let them know. Also e-mail radiohead and tell them that you love them, then tell them to never ever play the shoreline again. Here is the shoreline's e-mail:
Thanks a bunch!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 20:49:49

Thats the wrong email for shoreline! I apologize, my email was returned. Im gonna have to further investigate, I dunno whats up!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 01:17:24

I was personally mesmerized by the whole experience (my first Radiohead experience, that is). I never thought that 5 guys plugged into a few amps could work that kind of magic. If I had gone to the show and all I heard was I Might Be Wrong, I would have gone home happy, content, and certainly not bitching about the Shoreline traffic. Did anyone else feel the bass grab them by the ass and put a funk on that would shake the moon during that song? I would love perfection myself, but I'll take Radiohead in its place. I was on the grass, couldn't see a damn thing, but somehow I was still dancing throughout the whole show. Radiohead has managed to take beauty, put it into lyrical and musical arrangement, and share it with the rest of the world. When are you coming back?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 07:54:24

Radiohead, please don't play Shoreline ever again. to pay $50 and not see a band is pretty awful.
not a bad performance. seen better from the boys though.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 10:13:11

It was exactly 3 years ago last night when I witnessed Radiohead play in London's Victoria Park under their big top tent. Funny to think that three years later I would be seeing them under the "tent" at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA. I tried to count and I think that last night marked my ninth time seeing the band and I was not let down.

I've read a lot of reviews and it seems that a lot of people were let down by the crowd's lack of energy and enthusiasm. The fans I saw around me were definitely in to it, dancing around like it was a Phish concert or something. I think the problem was not with the crowd, but with Shoreline. It's a crappy venue and a pain in the ass to get to, especially when you're running late. We arrived about 10 minutes before Radiohead took the stage so I missed Supergrass. We located our seats in section 102 and were about 12 rows back from the stage. We had great seats but could definitely see how people back in the lawn area would say that they didn't have the best time. I wouldn't either back there.

Out of all the Radiohead shows I've seen, I've never seen Thom as happy and enthusiastic on stage. He danced around all night and was constantly smiling and making jokes with the crowd. I still don't think last night beat the 2001 Chicago show or any of the 2000 London shows.

Highlights included "2+2=5," "Sail to the Moon," "Wolf at the Door," "Lurgee (!)," and "How to Disappear Completely." I was somewhat disappointed that they didn't play more pre-Kid A material like "Street Spirit" or "Fake Plastic Trees" and I'm not going to lie and say that I wouldn't enjoy a nice performance of "Creep."

They played two encores and ended with "Everything in its Right Place" which was awesome, despite some difficulties and Thom clearly getting frustrated.

I was fortunate to receive aftershow passes so after the concert we got in a line and were guided backstage to a little patio area with tables and candles everywhere. There were probably about 40 people at the party, most of them somehow related to the music industry. Phil and Jonny came out and started talking with people. It's weird to be sitting there and have Radiohead come out and be just a foot away from you! I was thinking that everyone would crowd around them once they appeared but that wasn't the case. Most were content at sitting at their tables drinking the free alcohol. Despite being nervous, I approached Phil and introduced myself. I had met him two years ago at the Barrie, Ontario aftershow party but I knew he wouldn't remember. I told him that I did and we talked a bit about how he was jet-lagged cause he had arrived the day before from England.

I tried to talk to Jonny but he quickly left so I missed out on that. Colin came out next and I introduced myself to him and he remembered who I was! He asked me why I had moved from TN to California and I was a little shocked that he knew that! Apparently he had read on greenplastic that I had moved. Crazy! He asked how the site was going and we talked about how Warner Chappell had made me remove all the lyrics a while back. Talking to Colin is fun as he is witty and always has something to say. I would be willing to bet that he was a little tipsy too cause he asked me twice how long I had been living in California.

Thom walked in next and he was nothing but smiles. As you can guess, a big line gathered around him and I figured that since I had already met him in Barrie 2 years ago, I would let others have a chance. It still would of been nice to talk to him, though. He seemed way more approachable last night then he did when I first met him.

Ed was absent, which is a shame cause he is just awesome to talk to.

Overall, last night was just plain awesome. I know you're all sick of me talking about meeting them so I'll shut up now. ;)

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