Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA USA
September 25, 2003 with Supergrass
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There There
2 + 2 = 5
Where I End & You Begin
Paranoid Android
Sail to the Moon
I Will
The Gloaming
The National Anthem
Exit Music (For a Film)
Sit Down. Stand Up.

Encore #1

Like Spinning Plates
A Punch-up at a Wedding
Go To Sleep
Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Encore #2

Karma Police
Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 18:26:56

everything in its right place live is so darn hot! and the energy of rh+fans=lifechanging
ps:spotted beck after gig, he was of course jazzed like all of us.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 19:50:19

my mind is gone i have been blown away. the show was phenomenal i dont know what else to say thom played a gorgeous version of I Will just him and his guitar (i think johnny did some keyboards) but thom's voice in its falsetto was like a dream and then there was Paranoid Android and i think i died twice during the middle bridge and then i was obliterated by johnny's furious guitar solo on the outro where he tore into his instrument like a maniac oh shit and then there was There Ther, they started the show with it, and ed is on drums and johnny's on drums and phil's drums and the drums and the bass and the drums and the drums are mind numbing brilliant and they delved deep in their arsenal and pulled out Lurgee off of Pablo Honey and it sounded so so so happy and fresh and alive and i had a grin five miles across my face oh and Exit Music i dont have to say much about that other than it was a beautiful moment and of course they did two encores and brought out Karma Police and everyone is singing and swaying and dancing and singing and loving it and it was like a giant orgy of radiohead love and the guy behind me is passing me a joint and and thom is dancing around like a madman while fat insane fuzz bass beat of Myxamatosis rages on and he's having fun oh and then theres that piano version of Like Spinning Plates and the side screen panels with thom's swaying head and fingers drifting along the keys and then theres a big grin as it comes to an end cause he has to know how great it was and there was too much more to write and talk about and i dont think i can go on because of sensory overloads and spasmic reactions all in all pure beauty pure gorgeousity amazing brilliant phenomenal i cant get my head around it and i got a shirt...we suck young blood

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 20:36:20

Ah, what to say about such a remarkable band that hasn't already been said? They were amazing, despite the typical lack of excitement with the LA fans. I sat in the box seats and it was amazing. I had one of the best experiences with my girlfriend there. We laughed, we sang, we danced and we reveled in the beauty that is Radiohead. I was impressed with 'Lurgee'. I wasn't too fond of that song at first, but hearing it live was just amazing. Ah, this show will stay with me for a while. Thank you for the memories and music that we will all share for the rest of our lives.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 26, 2003 21:20:59

WOW,this was my second radiohead show,and radiohead gives so much back to there true fans,not just in breathtaking albums that always seem to raise the bar on music today,but when they play live ,and your fortunate enough to see them live ,it is TRULY a spiritual experience,I went through the whole range of emotions,from way high to tears in my eyes.Hollywood bowl is a perfect place to see them,the staff were kinda jerks ,but one guy aas cool and made the concert for me by letting me way closer to the stage(ricky,thank you,from the bottom of my heart,thom would of been proud).so IM glad to share this title of RADIOHEADS #1 fan with thousands out there in the world ,all the songs they played have been mentioned so i wont go through them all again ,but if you dont own ALL radiohead albums your missing out,they truly do take a special place in my heart as perhaps the greatest band in the whole universe..thank you radiohead for making me BELIEVE.....god bless....kirk

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 10:55:28

This was my first ever Radiohead show. When I heard the first drumbeats of 'There There' and Thom's energy on stage, needless to say that I was astonished. 'Myxomatosis', 'Idioteque', and 'Street Spirit' were some of my favorites. The band seemed to enjoy themselves very much and Thom's energy was that of a small boy in a candy store; he was very excited. I loved it!! I also found it very charming the way Thom caught his mistake during 'Karma Police'

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 12:30:15

The show was amazing. I sat before the last row of section G. The crowd was into the music but not has much as i hoped they would. For me it was incredible. The view wasn't all that great but i was just thankful that i was watching them liiveee. This was the first time i saw them live, after months and months of obsessing over their music this surpassed my expectations. Although i was pretty bummed out that i didnt get a ticket for the 26th :(

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 21:40:23

I was with my best friends in Section P. I waited for four hours in front of ticketmaster to get those seats. I created memories with my friends that will last forever. We never sat. We danced. We sang along. I have never been to a better show. Yes, we were quite far. But did we FEEL the Gloaming? Yes. Were we moved by Paranid Android? Yes. All around me, fans were simply euphoric because we were sharing something special. One man was praying to the band, while others pretty much made love. Talk about intense. Radiohead outdid themselves. There was no contest- this was far better than shoreline. Did we have the same experience as the noninterested VIP box yuppies? NO. Ours was better. Big ups to section P2/ Memories for life, high for a few hours.

P.s. Did anyone feel nostalgic for the venue... Beetles, Floyd, the list goes on...

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 07:37:39

A marvelous performance. The band played every track from HTTT with the exception of "We Suck Young Blood" and the more surprising omission of "Wolf at the Door." The energy on stage was palpable, striking, fun. Thom was in excellent form. Highlights for me included "I Will," "Lurgee," "Myxamatosis," and "Sit Down, Stand Up" (a nice album track but a pivotal live piece).

A complaint: though many have reported on the killer crowd, keep in mind that a venue the size of the Hollywood Bowl contains a group so large you're bound to have mixed experiences in that department. This is the FIRST TIME I've ever been ASKED TO SIT DOWN at a rock concert, let alone a Radiohead show.

It's halfway through, I'm groovin' and feeling the music, and a wedge-shaped swath of "fans" a few dozen rows deep has decided to rest their feet (beginning in the first box section and extending back through the second). A few taps on the shoulder later and after a few nasty looks from the folks behind me, and I've joined them, a little embittered.

Excuse me? It's a rock show, folks; everyone there had paid a pretty penny and the vast bulk of the crowd was behaving in standard rock show fashion -- standing up, cheering, enjoying themselves. Sit if you must, but don't hold your impaired view against any normal-sized person standing three rows ahead of you.

Enough of that... thanks to the band for a tremendous show!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 13:34:57

I could not agree more with Rachel. I went both nights but both times my experience was marred by the crowd. Don't get me wrong, Radiohead was amazing. Everything they had influence over just shined. I tried very hard to ignore the crowd but it really does make or break a concert. The first night was better because I was so lucky and got pit tix. But still, there were only two people in front of me yet one of them (I could not believe this) did not dance to the music, did not sing along and instead took photos and chatted with her boyfriend. But largely the audience in the pit was great, just unfortunate for that one person.

The second night had an even more amazing setlist but I was in Terrace seats and my entire section did not stand up for nearly any songs except the 'hits'. The guy in front of me did not stand once nor did he move or clap a single time. Such bullshit. Why bother going to a show if you aren't into it? Just go to a movie, or stay in your apartment and save the world from your apathy. As for the real hard-core fans, I don't know if I would have even found them in the back. I was at a Coldplay concert in the absolute last row and my friends and I were still screaming at people to get up and get into it. I hope its just LA, next time I'll go somewhere else to see them.

I am still on a high from the shows. I apologize for my mostly negative review. I agree with all the positive comments made. By no way are my complaints a reflection of the show, just of the crowd. And I still had an amazing time. The two best concerts of my life.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 17:31:47


Radiohead performed the first of two sold out shows at the historic Hollywood Bowl Thursday, September 25th. I have seen many shows at the famous venue- but I have never seen more people inside and on the premises. Officially the capacity is 17,500 but there must have been 20,000+ people including bodies crammed into a standing room only pit. Packed like sardines. CSC Event Staff (the people who wear yellow jackets and are supposed to keep the peace) were fortunate the crowd behaved.

2 hours and 22 songs later there is no doubt that Radiohead is the best band making music today and perhaps the most important in the last decade. They opened with a brilliant version of There There from the bands last release Hail To The Thief. And went on to play A Punchup at a Wedding 2 + =5, Go To Sleep, Sit Down Stand Up and I Will.

A third into the show Radiohead unleashed Paranoid Android the crowd stood collectively and celebrated by singing and dancing. The Hollywood Bowl was moving. To take the crowd down a notch, Thom took a seat at his piano and stunningly performed Sail To The Moon.

Radiohead played songs from OK Computer , Amnesiac , Kid A and other previous releases.

Thoms stage presence was unlike past years. Seemingly confident about the music and message, Thom was more animated on stage and even demonstrated his dancing talents. Why not! 20,000 enthusiastic fans singing your songs right back at you. And Radioheads last 6 releases have been #1.

Night two Radiohead played a completely different set list. Between the 2 sold out nights- 35 different songs.

Radiohead is Thom Yorke , Johnny Greenwood, older brother Colin, Ed OBrien and Phil Selway. They have been making music together since 1988 and performing live since 1992. Radiohead sold out 2 nights at the Hollywood Bowl in a matter of minutes. Hopefully when they comeback to Los Angeles they will play at Staples or any other indoor arena which Radiohead has not done in Los Angeles since they played at the Wiltern Theater July 1997.

Jeff T

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 14:05:32

This was no Doubt the best Show In my Life that I have expirianced. I have seen The Strokes, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The White Stripes, ColdPlay...and none, not one can come close to the feelings that Radiohead is able to creat. And there was no moment like RadioHead playing Paranoid Android.....I was seated at the verry end, literaly there was no one else behind me...and the ocean of people that was layed our before me was a sight. As the silence fell over the crowed Thom played to no end and in endless beauty the song that evoked life into me...Tears ran down my cheeks as he sang "rain down, Rain Down, kmon rain down on me...from a great height...from a great height"
THANK YOU RADIOHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLAY AT COCHELLA in 2004!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 12:25:42

Pablo Honey - 1 Song
The Bends - 1 Song
OK Computer - 5 Songs
Kid A - 2 Songs
Amnesiac - 1 Song
Hail to the Thief - 12 Songs (or I should say 1 song, and 11 bathroom breaks)

Most of the people posting positive reviews were probably sitting up close or had better drugs than I, because you couldn't see crap halfway up the bowl.

Too many new songs absolutely killed the crowd.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 13:04:10

i don't think i need to repeat that this was a priceless, wordless, and above all lifechanging experience. I love the new album, but after being there right smack in the middle of it all; everything in sight, nothing too far, no delay in sound. i don't think a radiohead show is best experienced on the floor right in front of stage. i saw them at the troubador few years ago, and i found myself not knowing at who/what to look at. i was right up against the stage w/ only 1 person between me and stage... anyway i do feel that the new album is best portrayed live. i've made myself a cd of the setlist. i absolutely adore every song. the only thing that could have made the show more than perfect than it already was, would be if "The Tourist" was the closing song. a great message for those of u who didn't squeeze all possible in the long 20 song, yet very short to the orthodox radiohead fan... anyway, i had a blast and a half; my good buddies to my left, 2 beautiful and very friendly ladies to my right one of the greatest bands giving it their all in front of me. i danced around like an idiot as expected. i'd give a lung (an iron one even ;P) to live thru that again. thx to everyone around me, and more importantly thanks to radiohead, for making this show a journey to remember... still in awe, still speechless... geniuses, all of them
P.S. if u heard someone yell at the top of their lungs "YEAH THOMMY!" during like spinning plates and setting off the place. that was me! : )

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 15:19:19

Great show! Far better than the first time I saw them in 95. As technical as their studio as their studio sound is, it came across live with the same sophistication. Still, I had expected to punish my ex-girlfriend with "Bulletproof," treat my best friend to "Fake Plastic Trees," and promise my future bride that "True Love Waits" but I ended up not calling any of them from my cell. Alas, "True Love" will have to wait until next time . . .

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 21:25:21

Having some basis for comparison on this tour after seeing the Shoreline show two nights before, tonight's show was infinetly better and absolutely incredible.

Radiohead played for a solid two hours and played everything from "Lucky", "Exit Music", and "Karma Police", to the rare "Street Spirit" and "Like Spinning Plates."

Thom danced accordingly as Radiohead played two encores and, fittingly enough, ending with "Everything in it's Right Place" as they have done most of this tour.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 21:38:28

On this sterling eveing in the Hollywood Hills at the jam packed Bowl, Radiohead played with much more energy and passion than they displayed two nights before at the Shoreline Ampitheater.

After ignoring the popular "Lucky" and "Exit Music (for a film)" the previous show, Radiohead played "Lucky" for the third song, and even dusted off "Like Spinning Plates." Both were performed to perfection. Thom was much more animated and toyed with the audience throughout the night, but it was Jonny that stole the show. Doing his usual multi-instrumental balancing act, juggling instruments with such graceful precision it was hard to keep track, he absolutely cut loose on his guitar leads, tearing through the night like an electronic demon. On "The National Anthem", Colin's thundering bass line sounded like a runaway freight train cascading down the tracks and bouncing off Hollywoods Hills with radical abandon. Ed was all over the stage, prancing around and showing more emotion than usual. And Phil was note perfect again, the consummate professional.

All in all it was an incredible evening....and even with 20,000 screaming fans bouncing around, virtually bursting the venue at the seams, the vibes radiating were fantastic, both mellow and positive; no fighting, no arrests, no trouble of any kind that I could was not unlike being at the world's largest backyard barbeque with my closest friends, bordering on the spiritual. It's a night I'll never forget, and I get to do it again tomorrow...then again in the pit at Chula Vista on Sunday.

The Bowl hasn't rocked this hard since Pink Floyd played there in September 1972.

Wish You Were There!


Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 21:44:50

I just got back from the concert and let me just say, "Wow!" This was my first Radiohead concert and it was truely amazing. From start to finish I was in awe. A great setlist (well, let's face it, Radiohead cannot have a bad one). Thom was very animated (more than I thought he would be). He danced the entire time.
Well, here were the highlights:

Myxomatosis: Thom Yorke put on a great show
Airbag: Such an awesome live song. Phil Selway was awesome.
I Will: I really wanted to see this one live and I got my wish.
Lurgee: A great song live, let me tell ya.
Idioteque: Another great one live. Thom went nuts like usual.
Like Spinning Plates: A great rendition of a great song.
Everything in its Right Place: A great one to end on.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 21:46:50

This is going to read like some of the reviews from the Shoreline show, but a theme there applies to the Hollywood Bowl show as well: right band, wrong venue.

An 18,000 seat open air venue is simply the wrong one for the kind of music Radiohead are mostly doing these days. I *love* "Mxytomatosis" on record, but at The Bowl, it was just a wash of sound. The PA system was fine, it's just that with no walls to bounce off of, the sound just disappeared in the Hollywood hills. Not much of a problem on "The National Anthem", a bit of a problem with the slow, moody songs.

It was a typical setlist, heavy on the new stuff. But the crowd kind of sagged after 4 out of the first 5 songs were new ones; maybe they could mix them up a bit better? Highlights: "Lucky", "The National Anthem", "Idioteque" and "Street Spirit". And I simply think it's poor form to play for 1:20 then milk it for 2 encores that contain 7 songs.

Thome was in mostly good voice, Johnny was really "out there" with some of his sounds and Thom's Moby-esque dancing was fun to watch. I enjoyed the show, but yearn to see Radiohead in 5/6,000 seater again.

Note to people going to the show on Friday: leave early, the traffic around The Bowl and lines to get to in the venue were horrible. I missed Supergrass and got to my seat halfway through the first song.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 23:00:25

you already know what i am going to say...they were incredible, breathtaking, the show was amazing. and it's all true. the band was in great spirits, bouncing bobbing and weaving all over the stage. thom resembled the energizer bunny, at one point he started marching around the stage like a toy soldier. thom wanted everyone to sing all the words. the lighting set was really great this time around. similar to the kid a tour, but a little more animated this time. thermal cameras getting some wicked angles. and at the end, the token "FOREVER" raked across the bulbs. im probably over analyzing, but this word both elates and frightens me at the same time. what does it MEAN?!?!?!! they sang a good deal of new songs peppered with some old stuff. here's my setlist:
they messed around with one of the new bsides
there there
where i end and you begin
paranoid android
sail to the moon
i will
national anthem (thom started this by singing the star's spangled banner)

1st encore:
exit music
sit down stand up
lsp!!!! (they played lsp!!)
punchup (they put some extra groove in this one)
go to sleep
street spirit

2nd encore:
karma police

alas, no creep, but there's always tomorrow!! thanks guys -- killer show.

forgive me, this could be better, but it's very late! and i'm ready to 'go to sleep' ") nite!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 25, 2003 23:14:34

AMAZING show! I have to admit that I was getting worried they wouldnt do anything from The Bends, my favorite album, which wouldve put a slight damper on the evening. And then the played "Street Spirit." I couldn't have been happier. Great setlist. Thom and the boys were full of energy, which made for a great show.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 00:09:30

What a religious experience!!! This was unbelievable. I was real close up and it sounded awesome. Like Spinning Plates was so damn beautiful as well as Sail To The Moon. Exit Music was unreal! During the you can laugh part I felt my body spiraling upwards and it got so psychedelic it tripped me out. During Paranid Android I alomost left my body. Tears started to come in uh uh damn I forgot, but there is such wisdom in those songs. Please everyone take the time to listen or read the words. Street Spirit, that must have been the part I almost cried at. If you haven't gone yet go tommorow if you are in Southern California.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 00:32:59

Tonight was my third Radiohead concert. Tomorrow will be the fourth, and Sunday will be the 5th. Wow. what an experience. I can't believe how great it sounded and LOOKED. The boys have really got their shit dialed in tight. The lighting effects are spectacular, and totally enhance the music perfectly. I especially liked the lighting for Paranoid Android. Not that the music needed any enhancement, the sound was great, Thom's voice was perfect, he did Sail to the Moon and I Will back to back and hit all the notes spot on. The crowd seemed into it, lots of singing along. By Sunday night I'll be able to compare all three shows and I'll report back in. Hopefully by then I'll have heard Fake Plastic or maybe even Creep, and I know that if I keep going to shows religiously I'll eventually get to hear Let Down someday, right?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 00:44:54

hmmm... what can i say, but amazing show? it is impossible for these guys to put on a bad show. however, i would have to admit that i am too spoiled after seeing them in spain and portugal, performing in venues of 1200 capacity. i could only complain that it was too short!! i have a sneaking feeling that tomorrow night's show is going to be even better. i can't wait to see them again in a small venue.

being a native of los angeles, it is surprising that this is my first radiohead show in los angeles. to say that the crowd in this city is disappointing is an understatement. i could bet that the people around me took sleeping pills before the show. perhaps it was due a bored girlfriend sitting next to me, with her boyfriend trying to explain and console her. thankfully, they left a quarter into the show. i think angelenos really need to learn to let go and liven things up.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 06:29:33

This was my first Radiohead concert ever and I was lucky enough to win tickets on KROQ.
It was some of the most fantastic fun I've had in my life. My girlfriend became an instant Thom fan after watching him bounce around so crazy, it looked like he might fall back into some amps or right off the stage, but he seemed to have the balance of a cat. During "Backdrifts", Thom ran to the piano for a solo, and somehow made it back to the microphone to continue singing the song. They all seemed so happy to be up there, Thom most notably, grinning from ear to ear at the piano. The loudest song by far was "The Gloaming" with it's roaring bassline... I guess my eyes were vibrating, cuz the band looked like they were vibrating too. "The National Anthem" seemed to have samples of TV evangelists, talking about "Jeeeeesuss" and such. I was really suprised to hear anything off the first album at all when they played "Lurgee". Thom: "This song is from our first album, which we usually toss in the bin..." When "Karma Police" started, most people were on their feet, singing along at the top of their lungs. At the end of EIIRP, the members started leaving the stage, one by one, until only Johnny and Ed were left, turning knobs and making sounds, while the "FOREVER" lights scrolled across. Then they left too, making me think they were gonna keep that sound going forever hehee. Finally they both came back out and hit the final button to end the show. The sound at the Bowl was incredibly clean, as always. I have to say though that I was disappointed with the crowd a little... many showed up almost too late. Some guys next to us also won tix, but they weren't fans and won them only so they could try to sell them on Ebay for $400... they failed, ended up going, and leaving before the first encore. (Serves them right!) When Supergrass started their 45 minute set, the Bowl wasn't even half full. I guess no one wanted to see them, but Supergrass was very tight and very rehearsed and closed their set with "Caught By The Fuzz" which is the first song I ever heard by them. But I guess most people must have been having fun, cuz the constant smell of the "wacky tobbaccy" throughout the night made me feel like I was in a Cypress Hill concert! Anyways, wish I could go again tonite, but I feel very happy about being as lucky as we were to get tickets at all. Giddy as a schoolboy.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 07:04:03

im still recovering from last night.
great show. i just read the last two bad reviews. as far as i can tell, everyone was very well into it... screams of 'your beautiful' and 'jonny'..wait, that was me.... (but i heard others too) were heard throughout the night. the sound was great and the camera work was good too... though i was close it caught alot of jonny just jamming out on the piano(wow) and guitar of course and after 'everything....' he was left alone jamming on his looping pad... (wow)they all seemed to be into it.... colin seemed to be having alot of fun during idioteque... playing his three keys or so... just smiling away grooving out...
myxomytosis (however you spell it) made thom just freak out and dance everywhere....
these were some of the certain things that stuck out for me.
there so much more... so much... a great show... cant wait for tonight.... hopefully ill get some motion picture soundtrack? the bends? or kid a .... i was really hoping theyd do it live.... but nahhh.... hey, does anyone know how come they NEVER do palo alto?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 07:30:42

this show marked the 10th time i've seen them. they just keep getting better every time. and LURGEE. i felt better.
wow! everyone there was on their feet.
i always get nervous before they do a song... coz they'll hit me like a piano falling on me and make it feel like raindrops. LURGEE! WOW! i feel better.

tonight and sunday's show is next.
WOW!!! thank you jonny, colin, thom, ed, phil.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 07:31:38

Thursday's show was simply one of the best live performances I've ever seen. The sound was incredible, the lighted backdrop was evocative of a great equalizer, and lended a sweat light to a glowing show. The venue was packed, but the mood was good and security was calm. In a word: awsome. I wish I was going tonight. Everyone had a great time.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 07:55:10

Wow. The fellas put on a spectacular and kinetic show at, in my estimation, one of the best venues in the world. I've been to the Bowl several times, and the acoustics are amazing when they are handled correctly--which Radiohead seemed able to do almost effortlessly on most songs.

I was surprised by Thom's playfulness with the audience and there was a moment (I think after "Exit Music" or "Sit Down...") when he took a break from marching and thrashing on the stage-- he took a step back, bowed, and seemed simply ecstatic to be in front of 20,000 screaming LA fans. In my eyes, this was definitely the highlight of the show.

I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more variation from their last 3-4 albums before they came out for the first encore, but hearing Lurgee live shut me up pretty quickly. All the HTTT songs were better than their album versions, even Myxomatosis (I'm sorry, I cringe whenever I hear Thom's beautiful voice behind a wall of sonic noise).

I was upset by the lackluster crowd, and the bored girlfriend with her enthusiastic boyfriend next to us, but I'm sure tonight's show will be better in all respects. Live on Radiohead. FOREVER.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 08:35:19

The last time I saw radiohead at the Hollywood bowl, I was sliding down the mountain with my boyfriend--dodging the 30 or so security flashlights, trying to catch the fans that REFUSED to miss the show. It wasn't planned. We thought we'd pay for parking in hopes to hear them as we sat ticket less, in our car. One of parking guys told us about a secret balcony around the side of the bowl, and we took off. Kids were flinging themselves over the railing and running through the woods towards the lights and music coming from the other side. I'm such a dork. I was afraid to go. There were so many security guards running through the hills. My boyfriend hopped over and scouted out and area where we "would not get caught." I couldn't decide...and THEN they started to play paranoid android. I began to think--U2 doesn't want you to sneak into their concert. N'Sync doesn't want you to sneak into their concert. But Radiohead is singing to the kids on the other side of the balcony. Before I knew it, my legs were flying over the railing and I took off running. We flew through the woods, crawled down a drainpipe, and slid over to tree, giving us box-like seats just to the left of the stage.

Last night, as I stood dancing and singing along to the music, I kept looking towards the hills, hoping that someone else would have such an experience. Say what you will about how different arenas make the music sound, or about the size of the amphitheatre and the crowds of people, but just remember that you got tickets to the greatest band in the world.

See you all at Chula Vista!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 08:44:53

I got my seats Thursday morning @ 11:30am online through ticketmaster and my day was set slap in the middle Section H. Supergrass pulled off a great set but it was radiohead that stole the show. It was my first time seeing them live and let me say the best show of the year hands down. There were times during the set I stood in utter amazement. Thom and the crew were perfect from the new there, there to the old karma police, every note, every beat, every lyric was on point. The bowl was the best venue (even with the 17.00 parking) Thom danced around as if in a trance by house music. It will be a night I will never forget and too see I Will live was all worth it. Thanks for the blessing. I always thought Radiohead was the best band in the world they proved it this night.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 09:15:20

This was my second time seeing Radiohead-I was on the rail in front of Johnny- I can no longer function as a normal human being- I think I lost my mind. I spent an arm and a leg to see Radiohead as close as I did- but money doesn't matter anymore after you witness something as breath taking as I did!
Thank you so much guys!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 09:34:55

This was my 1st Radiohead concert, as I have recently just got into them. It was an amazing show. They didn't play a few songs that I would have liked to hear, like:

High and Dry
No Alarms (& no Surprises)
Fake Plastic Trees (come on!!!)

The encores were great, Like Spinning Plates was sweet...Paranoid Android was perfect.


Thom actually screwed up the words to Karma Police during the 2nd verse. Instead of saying "Karma police, I've given all I can..."

He sang "Karma police, arrest this..."

And he quickly corrected himself. I wonder if anyone else noticed.

Great show though. Awesome.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 10:26:12

Very good show Thursday night at the Bowl. The high point for me was "Exit Music". The sound and lighting were perfect and the intensity of
the song seemed to freeze everyone in the Bowl.

The Bowl, BTW, blows away Shoreline as a concert venue. It's steep, so you have good
sight lines, and the sound is about as good as
you'll get in an outdoor environment. For your
maximum Radiohead listening pleasure, don't go
for anything higher than section K. I saw
Radiohead at the Civic in SF and the experience
was a lot more powerful than what you get in
Section P at the Bowl. If you're far back,
be sure and take binoculars. The video screens
are nice for special effects, but they have an aspect ratio of about 1:5. They're just wide
enough for Jonny to fit on the screen. And
that ain't wide!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 12:17:22

wow. i can't even explain how much this show completely amazed me. it was my first time seeing radiohead and i am SO happy that i am going again tonight. the band did a spectacular job. "like spinning plates" was beyond gorgeous. "karma police" is always a favorite, even if thom did mess up the lyrics ("karma police arrest this- i've given all i can..."). the lighting was pretty cool- in particular the word "FOREVER" that scrolled across the stage at the end. "myxamatosis" was great, and "airbag" was very exciting. i could go on forever. i was disappointed that they didn't play "talk show host"- but hopefully they will tonight. great sound quality, amazing band, beautiful songs, spaztic thom dances. spectactular.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 13:03:34 everyone else said, the show was radiant. Please, no one listen to Jim. Experiencing Radioheads ingenious music of passion, chaos, paranoia and beauty in the outer atmosphere of the unlit sky and chilly air just made the show superior. Thoms vocals hit the core of my heart and gave me chills when he sang "I Will," "Lurgee," "Like Spinning Plates," "Lucky," "Sail to the Moon," and "Street Spirit." Johnny's mixes and guitar playing were electrifying, no other could pull off what Johnny does. I wish they could have played "No Surprises" but just being able to exprience the music live was enough for me. Overall, the show was everything i hoped it would be and more.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 13:57:02

Here are a few highlights:

-The vibe of There There; the band was energetic and in great spirits--grinning and giving it their all. (Jonny and those drums...!)

-The mind-numbing bass of The Gloaming (I remember actually wondering whether vibrations like that can stop a person's heart from beating)

-Thom dancing, *of course*

-Exit Music. The blue-lit stage along with those sparkling echo noises that were added in during the personal favorite of the night.

-Thom grinning and repeating twice: "Thank you all. Very much. For coming out here tonight."

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 15:06:30

I just finished reading a review about the less then impressive... well audience. I remember the first radiohead show I went to-it was at the hollywood bowl- I was literally 2 rows from the very back of the venue. Two rows from the back- it was still hands down the best concert Ive ever been to. Last night I was center stage, 2 rows from the back... of the garden box seats. not bad eh? - I have never in my life wished that I was in the very back of the venue. Why? all the hard core fans sit back there. You know that they're excited just to be in the same city as radiohead let alone the same stadium where they are blessed with an ant sized view of their favorite band. These are the people that stand for the whole show- sing along to every song- yell scream clap chear.... good times in the back of the venue. Where I was last night- way up in the front... the people around me sat through abotu 95% of the show, showed almost 0 excitement even when they played their "hits" I left though show thinking- wow that sucked. By no fault of radiohead- but a crowd tends to make or brake a show- this time it definitly broke it.
Radiohead was awesome- next time I plan to see them in a city that cares ;)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 15:15:27

Thom messed up partly in Karma Police, started singing the right words with a smile on his face
and i loved it.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 22:08:07

This was my first time seeing Radiohead live. I had heard stories about how they are the most amazing live band ever. But I realized the second they came out and opened with "There, There" that these stories were not accurate. They were understatements. I was sober throughout the set, yet I was in another state of mind. I can't even explain it. I am a seventeen year old, a senior in high school and still living with my parents. When I found out they were going to be playing in San Diego that Sunday, only three days later, I made plans to go with a friend. I live in Northridge (the valley), so San Diego is quite a ways away. I then made up the most extensive lie ever for my parents so I could go. And I went. Again, the show was incredible and I was happy they played a much different set (though I wouldn't have minded seeing them play the same set again). My friend and I were back home by 4am, and I had to be up for school at 6. So I drank a couple starbucks double shot espressos, pulled an all nighter, and went to school off no sleep. And it was SO worth it.

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