Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles, CA USA
September 26, 2003 with Supergrass
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Sit Down. Stand Up.
Where I end and you Begin
Kid A
Morning Bell
My Iron lung
I Might Be Wrong
Sail to the Moon
big ideas
Paranoid Android
Punch-up at a wedding
Go To Sleep
The Gloaming
No Surprises
There There
You and Whose Army
National Anthem
Wolf at the Door
Fake Plastic Trees
Everything in its right Place
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 06:55:19

I just kept saying to my friends, "I can't believe this song LOOKS like this." The performance was flawless and it was hard to believe something so organic could make those sounds.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 08:21:23

From the first chord struck in 2+2=5, I was astounded. Then, as I became amazed with Phil's Kid A drumming, he revealed more of his proficiency in Morning Bell. But it was the return to the ancient and rare that set me off.
Imagine hearing My Iron Lung, No Surprises, Fake Plastic Trees, and Airbag at one concert. I suppose that would be a sufficient recipe for exhilaration. Radiohead, however, chose to play the once-in-many-lifetimes experience (namely Creep). And that masterpiece was followed by the never-released Big Ideas.
In order to preserve the resplendent noise in my head, I will take a great deal of time before listening to any music again.
Thank you, Radiohead. For immersing my soul in love. Thank you forever.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 08:50:46

I cannot even find the words. All I can say is that was the best night of my life. My friend got me into the pit, so I could see Thom perfectly, which enhanced last night even more than you can imagine.

Before you think I'm only gushing because I was in the pit, I must say that this still would have been one, if not the, best Radiohead concerts in history. The boys were tight. Every song sounded better than on record and they played flawlessly.

After Thursday's night's stunning performance and setlist, I thought there's no way it could be topped on Friday, but I was wrong. We were treated to nine, yes nine, songs that were not performed on Thursday incuding such gems as Morning Bell, My Iron Lung, Wolf at the Door, but more surprisingly: CREEP!

Yes, the ever elusive Creep was played. I thought I would never hear Creep live and I did and I almost fainted in shock. When the lights shone onto the crowd, I turned around and everyone was going nuts. The lyrics were changed to "I want a perfect body, so I look good next to you", which seems to be the new trend.

Just when you thought nothing could top the shock of Creep, something did. Big Ideas, the finest of the unreleased gems was played, but unfortunately only the first couple verses. It was just Thom and his acoustic guitar and let me tell you, the bootlegs especially don't do this song justice. It was the most beautiful thing I ever heard and I almost cried.

Thom was more energetic when it came to dancing around last night, but he was still quite a character to watch. Being able to see his trademark gestures and faces clearly without the use of a screen was to die for.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 08:59:31

The show was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen in my life, paralleling to the experience you have as a kid going to Disneyland for the first time. Truely breathtaking.

My friend and I had the greatest seats in the house- the middle front. I owe it all to him. My very first Radiohead live experience cannot be summarized in words. The energy and excitement of the band, the technical excellence (sound, light, effects), and positivity (which slightly contradicted my expectations and image of the band) left me in awe.

To add to the brilliant performance, my friend caught Thom's setlist and I caught Johny's- a special gift to remember the special night.

I truely encourage those who have never seen the band to go. You will remember it for the rest of your life.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 09:11:53

This was my second Radiohead concert (my first was the night before), and I was not disappointed in the least. It was surreal. The setlist was awesome. The band was incredible. One of the best parts was when Thom was singing, "You and Whose Army" and he kept looking into the camera and making faces. It was hilarious.

Here are the highlights:

Morning Bell: One of my favorites live
My Iron Lung: So much energy. And the way Thom sang it was cool.
Creep: I was suprised at this one. It was so electric.
You And Whose Army: Thom was awesome.
A Wolf at the Door: A cool one to see live.
Fake Plastic Trees: Probably my favorite.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 10:39:01

dios mio man. this was my first radiohead show, but have been a fan for a considerable amount of time. last night's performance at the bowl was like an orgasm that kept going. hearing creep was a pleasently unexpected surprise. but personal highlights were idioteque, you and whose army?, there there, sail to the moon, fake plastic trees, airbag, and a punch up at a wedding. thom's dancing was really entertaining. i think if john lennon were alive, he'd have just as much respect for that artist as we do. this was the best concert i've been to in my life. powerful, spiritual, "forever".

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 11:59:32

this was my seventh radiohead show and even though i saw them last night on my birthday (25th), i have to say that THIS friday show was THE BEST concert experience of my life. the setlist was f-ing flawless (got to hear creep live for the first time, as well as big ideas...OMG!!!), the guys were in great form, the crowd was appreciative. i don't know what to say except thank you thom, jonny, ed, colin, and phil. i'll never forget this as long as i live. LOOK AT THAT SETLIST FOR GODSAKES! amazing amazing amazing.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 15:12:43


Best concert I've ever been to and my first Radiohead. CREEP!! FAKE PLASTIC TREES!!
AIRBAG!! Highlights of the night.

I stood for the entire show, actually everyone stood.

Friday Sept 26 Hollywood Bowl


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 20:02:21

Oooooh god. Last night was the first time that someting was better than what i expected it to be. I know that radiohead show was goona be good but i never expected amazing. The whole show i couldn't stop moving. I can still fill the chills i got when they started playing 2+2=5. I can't believe they played My Iron lung. I was so choked up with tears and when i listen to them now i get that feeling. I feel sorry for all thoose people who didn't get to go to this show it was amazing. Thank you Thome,Johnny,Ed,Phil,Colin,and Nigel i just can't wait till i see them again, god willin.
Ooh yeah what about that guitar solo at the end of go to sleep.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 27, 2003 20:47:33

unbelievably crazy show

+ incredible set list - all the faves and some rarities - kid a, thom's impromptu version of big ideas (nude) when john's equipment wasn't working just right, you and whose army - which seemed like thom's highlight of the evening
+ hollywood bowl security needs to chill!!!
what a way to start off the jewish new year - SHANAH TOVAH! :)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 08:49:51

Wow, dare I sound cliche' by saying 'What an incredible show!'. This one started out kind of slow. After a really nice 2+2=5, the band seemed quite mechanical through the next 3 songs from Hail to TF. I went to the show at Field Day in June, and I must admit that I was biting my lip from telling my friends "you should of been in New York, they were amazing." Well, ... that all changes once they hit Kid A. From there on out, the vibe was amazing. Thom danced up a storm. I was right up front left for Field Day, at the Bowl we were one section up from the nosebleeds - I felt the energy all the same. This was a better show than Field Day, I must say. I was not expecting that, either. I mean, they pulled out creep and Fake Plastic Trees. For creep, the entire place was chanting the anthem, it was an amazing moment . There were a few times, especially during no surprises where everyone around was in a complete was just mezmorizing. After the show, we stayed in our seats for a while, in a totally zone, just in awe of what we had experienced. This had to have been one of the best shows on the tour, it was sick.

Going to San Diego tonight, not expecting as good a show, but maybe Thom and the gang will surprise me again.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 11:50:51

Radiohead was amazing. After never seeing them peform songs from everyone of their albums was spectacluar. Especially Paranoid Android, which is the ideal to hear, since no one can pull it off anywhere near them. Also playing Airbag after dedicating to the Red Hot Chili Pepers was fun to watch. But You and whose Army was stealer of the evening. Even though the set was flawless. The Gloaming and There There are surpisingly much better Live then on the record. No Surpises and Sail to the moon, impeccably peformed. Thom Yorke's dancing made the night joyous!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 12:30:04

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. so good in everyway except the stupid girls behind me yelling "woo" during songs. the show was incredible.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 16:05:17

Greatest show I have ever seen in my life. I can only hope the release a live DVD. Does anyone know the set list in order?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 28, 2003 18:14:12

Alright, it was most wonderful. I liked "You and Whose Army" the best. But did anyone else know that Adam Brody from "The OC" and "Gilmore Girls" was a fan of Radiohead? Well I didn't until I saw him the concert. Yes, it was cool, but I think Radiohead fans needs to get out more, because nobody recognized him except me. Umm, I could have done without the excessive amount of pot smoking. My english teacher went. He's awesomely cool. So was the show. Creep and all that.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 04:58:03

This was my first Radiohead show and I came with the highest expectations possible... I was not let down - Instead I was blown away. Highlights were 2+2=5, Kid A (my personal favorite), Backdrifters, A Punchup at a Wedding (so sexy), Creep, Fake Plastic Trees (kudos to my neighbor who was hoping for this song all night) - ok the entire show was a highlight. The light show took this performance to a whole new level. Great energy from everyone. I can't wait until my next show. Thank you radiohead for a magical evening - I'm still on a high from Friday night.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 06:39:09

I don't think i have ever been satified by a concert the way i was when i saw RADIOHEAD. There was no disappointment in my heart like "oh they didn't play this song or that..." i had nothing to complain about. They played creep for crying out LOUD! i cried about 10 times during that concert i just could not believe how amazingly life like this band is, each memeber has such a presence on stage. Their music leaves you with an over load of joy, my heart was exploding. Fake plastic trees was amazing, airbag, CREEP, 2+2=5, morning bells oh my GOD they played KID A, i was left the end of the concert i was right in back of ANTHONY KEDOUS AND FLEA wow!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 07:26:03

If there was a god, it would not sound as good as Radiohead! The only problem I had with the show were the yuppie fans having conversations during the softer songs (like you and whose army), and people actually on there cell phones making plans for after the show! I almost wish Radiohead would skip places like LA just for that reason..... but aside from the lame fans.. Ed does more for the sond of those songs than I ever realized, and the rest of the bad and Radiohead together as a whole is beyong words... best show ever.. both nights!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 09:57:52

I was blown away at the energy Radiohead put into thier performance. I have never seen such a wonderful display of emotion, art, and skill. I was fortunate enough to find tickets for the pit. I could not beleive that the audience around me was so un-enthusiastic. There is not much that I can say in order to properly convey how great of an event it was, it was a once in a lifetime experience and I am incredibly greatfull for being a part of it.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 10:13:54

This was my first Radiohead concert. It really blew me away. I was very impressed with Thom's vocals. Seeing him scream through the soaring interlude of "creep" and then sit down and maneuver through the sustaining melodies of "sail to the moon" was breathtaking. The set as a whole was a lot of fun, I was most surprised with "big ideas" I love that tune. Jonny was awesome also. The thundering solos on "my iron lung" "airbag" "paranoid android" were so awesome. The best groove of the night was definitely "i might be wrong", much better than the live album, I think they need to do another live album. My favorite bass line was "where I end and you begin."
I really enjoyed watching Thom dancing around, but what was even funnier was watching Phil groove on "idioteque". He was back there on the drum machine for that song. And I imagine all he did was push play, but he was having fun. Speaking of drums, THERE THERE, definitely one of the loudest songs that night, awesome.
The only problem I noticed was that on the first chorus of creep, Jonny's "thunder" guitar effect was not working properly, so they didn't have the explosion I would have enjoyed, but they made up for it on the second chorus.
Wathcing Jonny and Ed on the the final song "everything in its right place" was like watching genius in action. Now, I am not sure what the setup is really like, but I would imagine that Jonny was working with a machine that would loop Thom's vocals, while Ed was looping the organ, drums, and bass. And to think that they created this awesome ending loop on the fly goes to show how awesome these guys are as musicians, and then I suppose that the loops differ for every show. Looping is hard, even in a studio, and here they were processing this live music, totally cool. This show was a great experience. All the music was great, and despite all the songs, the one lyric that was running through my head that night when I got home was, "you have not been, paying attention." which shows the power of the climax of "2+2=5" an awesome song on the CD and an awesome live song.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 13:33:20

Well what can I say that everyone else
hasn't, the band was incredible. I felt that Tom had an enourmes amount of energy.
I have a question can any one confirm what I think Tom said @ the begining of the second encore it sounded like "this is for the peppers" I took that as him meaning The Red Hot Chili Peppers which just so happens to be my second favorite after Radiohead of course. Well if anyone can respose to that please do so it would really make my experience @ the concert that much more better. Thanks!!!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 15:03:23

Flew in from Washington DC just for Friday's show at the Hollywood Bowl and it exceeded all expectations. Great venue, sound and light show. This was my first time seeing Radiohead live and I must say I was impressed that such a complex, cerebral and experimental set was at times even better live than on recorded studio sessions. They were absolutely spot on when they needed to be and spontaneous and improvisational where appropriate. Very impressive to see such a confidently and joyously delivered performance, especially in this genre of music, not to mention music that has a darker, anguished edge to it in many places. Friday's set which included several choice cuts from Kid A seemed to really expand and improve those tunes, especially. Somehow, I wouldn't have guessed that stuff was best done live. The OK Computer stuff was great, if a little less enthusiasticly presented; and the songs from Hail to the Thief were polished and excellently performed, I loved them and nothing disappointed; I heard everything I hoped for and more. To get chestnuts like "Creep" no doubt thrilled the long time fan, but having only listened carefully the last couple of years to this band, those just gave me a new appreciation of songs I had mostly heard on the radio. Again, better live, even with the guitar glitch. There were a couple of things in the setlist Thursday I would have liked to hear, I suppose, but what we got was really great and seemed the better set. The well mixed crowd was on it's feet all through Radiohead (though largely absent from Supergrass) and though they seemed mostly kinda reserved, many did dance and sing and howl with the band as we got a show better than one could hope for. The preshow crowd seemed very very very mellow and I wasn't sure what to expect from them, having seen many shows of all types in somewhat wilder venues in Texas and the DC area. I didn't care much for Supergrass, personally, though nothing against them, but I was thrilled with the gift Radiohead gave us this night, and had no restraint in letting it show. Thom was in great voice, but seemed a little tired a time or two (sitting down onstage for a waterbreak?). He still had the energy to fling himself into the material and get that moonskip or whatever that is he does going. Teasing the pianocam and improvising moves like hiding behind that gigantic security guard down front at one point, as others have noted. Great stage presence and humor, he seemed up for the more challenging vocals as well as the raw punk blast. The rest of the band were first rate too; simply perfect guitar (especially the solos!), keyboard/synth and percussion and truly awesome basswork. Also, hard to pull off that wonderful blend of acoustic and electric guitar seamlessly and coherently live, but they did as if it was effortless. I can't say enough about how fine the sound was, balanced and near perfect with only minor glitches all night. Whether due to the band's team or the Bowl's sound crew, it certainly worked. This band is so interesting in the way they manage to convey technically accomplished musicianship, but are willing to take huge musical chances and risk while showing such spirit, elan and courage in their live shows. There seems no doubt they love what they are doing, but they also don't seem overly impressed with it...just deeply into it. Thrilling to watch and hear. Those video strips either side of the stage that alternated straight and acidblasted video were a good solution, rather than the huge screens that dominate some shows. Lighting effects seemed well managed and truly added to the music rather than distracting from it, or gimmicking it up.
My only beef was with the beer line, nothing to do with the show... almost missed the RH opening song (2+2=5!!) due to the insanely slow bartenders in this joint! Must say most folks seemed way more patient or at least resigned to it, than I. Serves me right for not ditching the last Supergrass tune or two to take care of fluid maintenance.
Thanks, Ron for getting me here and thanks Radiohead for a fantastic show!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 17:28:55

amazing show! i wonder if they were poking fun at us LA kids by playing creep? just a thought.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 19:20:54

Does anyone remeber which song Thom dedicated to the Red Hot Chili Peppers? It was near the end of the Friday show at the Bowl, and Thom dedicated it by saying, "this one's for the Chili Peppers" I'm pretty sure it was one of their songs from an album other than Hail to the Thief. Best show EVER! San Diego show was phenomenal as well....MORE RADIOHEAD PLEASE! i can't get enough....!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 09:35:58

Definitely more energy than Thursday night. Unbelieveable show. My girlfriend and her sister started crying when they heard Creep live, probably for the first/last time ever. The boys gave Hell A an amazing show to tide us over for the next few years. By the way, I heard Dell (hip-hop artist) was talking trash about Radiohead the night of.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 18:35:41

I'm sorry to have to add a dissenting note to the previous reviews, but I thought this show was....

Boring. It was mainly because of the setlist. Look at it; the first 6 songs, with the exception of the second half of both "2+2=5" and "Sit Down..", they're all slow mood pieces. It's great that the band wanted to break away from the "do 3 rockers to start, and then do a ballad" thing. But the problem was, it took the crowd out of the show. By the time "Backdrifts" was played, the crowd was getting a bit restless and all. I think there has to be a mix of old/new, rockers/slower things, but I feel that the balance was tipped way too far towards the new/slower things tonight. It was great to hear "My Iron Lung" but, erm, it wasn't great to hear it played so sloppily.

In addition, Thom's voice was not as solid as on Thursday and he was far less animated.

I know it's blasphemy to write this on a RH site, but, um, I *can't stand* "Creep". It's always struck me as a crass Nirvana rip-off and I was hoping to avoid it throughout my RH concert-going. Alas. Give me "Lucky" any day.

OK, maybe I'm just ticked off that it took 90 minutes to go from our seats to the Hollywood & Highland parking lot because of cruiser traffic on Hollywood Boulevard! :-)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 18:50:52

This performance was BRILLIANT!!!!

There's nothing I could possibly say, that hasn't already been said.


For the reviewer who asked about the song Thom dedicated to the Red Hot Chili Peppers:

The song was AIRBAG, and it was the first song played during their second encore of the night.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 13:35:24

I am thankful for the most superior musical experience I have or will probably ever have in my life. During "Fake Plastic Trees" the crowd looked like a small city from far away with all the lighters emotionally illuminating the arena. "Creep" had me looking like a 60's beetles fan crying and weeping, flattened by the music entirely. The energy on stage reached all the way to the very back row. And there is nothing to say but thankyou for "No Suprises." What a performance, what a band, and what a night.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 17:28:25

I saw radiohead at the shoreline on the 23rd and at the hollywood bowl on the 25 and 26th. not one of those nights did they play climbing up the walls,pyramid song,motion picture soundtrack, optimistic, let down, subterraneaebn homeseick alien? what the fuck is this shit? they used to play three encores? Also, I don't understand how myxamatosis isn't an 'every night' part of the setlist, while punchupataw edding is? I think the :"FOREVER" thing is fucking ridiculously silly, and I wish they hadn't done it.

secondly, they're the greatest band in the world, and these were the three most amazing concerts I have ever seen. god damn it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 22, 2003 15:30:06

Just a quick note to say how endlessly amazed I am at reading the reviews from the North American tour. I tend to agree with the vast majority of them, but I'm rather tired of reading how disappointed some folks seem to be that Thom and the boys didn't play "my favorite songs" at their show. WHAT-FUCKING-EVER! What's with the selfishness? How could you go home from a show on this tour and feel anything but glad to have been there? I was fortunate enough to go to both shows at the Hollywood Bowl this time around, and I have to say, without any reservations, there was not a single thing I would have changed from either night. Sorry for the cliche, but the shows were the closest thing I've had to a religious experience since seeing Pink Floyd for the first time.
No complaints from me. Thank you Thom, Ed, Colin, Jonny and Phil, for making those two nights in late September two of the greatest nights of my life.
Can't wait to see you again. You have a way of changing what music means to me. You'll never know how much I appreciate that.
Take care of yourselves.
Cheers upon cheers,
Eric in Los Angeles

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 20:50:52

Awesome show. The band really seemed to be enjoying themsleves tonight. The whole setlist was turned upside down. And they played CREEP! Also played FAKE PLASTIC TREES.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 21:02:16

this was a fantastic show. i was really hoping that they'd play i might be wrong, and they did. i just got back from it. the music was great, but i was stuck next to some weird guys who kept waving their arms about almost smacking me every time. other than that, it was fantastic. i really like the guitar solos in backdrifts, paranoid android, and airbag. great.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 21:05:33

This is what I have been waiting for . They really came out and gave it like we wanted. In the middle of the show, which they seemed at first to be trying to just run through, they played CREEP. I found tears all over my face. Their were many moments in this show and I thank Radiohead for all of them...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 21:07:01

This was my first Radiohead show, and I sure as hell wasn't disappointed. Everything about tonight was amazing: setlist, performance, energy, the freaking crazy ass lightshow in the back.

The new material translates great live. If 2+2=5 is great on the album, I don't even think there's a adjective to describe how awesome it is live.

And then there's the fact that they played My Iron Lung, Creep, Airbag, AND Fake Plastic Trees. I think I almost died during Jonny's solo in My Iron Lung.

Radiohead was already my favorite band before I ever saw them live, but now I know why that's the case.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 21:12:43

Creep, Big Ideas, and Fake Plastic Trees, all in one night.. I think I can die happy now.. WOW

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 21:31:15

I don't think you'll find a single bad remark from anyone who attended this show. Simply spectacular. Thom was in an extra chipper mood. I caught them last time around at the Santa Barbara Bowl and I thought that was the best concert I'd ever see... And then there was the Hollywood Bowl 26.September.2003. Some highlights: "CREEP", I thought the day would never come. And we all felt giddy during "You and Whose Army?". Thank you Radiohead. And yes, we can all die happy.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 22:06:09

i think that radiohead is the greatest band to ever live. and i know this may sound crazy, but i could ask for more. more songs, more songs, i think i could have gone all night listening to them play. i want to hear them play everysong they ever made. and then the others that are just live silly stuff. other than that i had a great time. a little bit of jumping up and down, and then the ones that were so dear to me a.k.a. fake plastic trees, no surprises. tear, tear. i love radiohead. encore, encore.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 22:19:00

CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!! YEEEEEEEEEEHEHESS!! i was blown away when they played 'kid a'. then they dive into 'creep' and i felt like i had just been handed the largest christmas gift under the tree. the crowd was wild tonight. thom was goofin off - i laughed, i sang i may even have cried but im not sayin, hehe. thom-not too talkative, but VERY animated and in to the audience. jonny was possessed. thom sat down in the middle of the set and started drinking water & taking a little rest, and colin was like "get up!"

every song was great - performed beautifully, excellent sound. thanks radiohead for a memorable evening, one to rival the greek 1999. now, to spend my weekend formulating questions for kevin and bean to ask at KROQ's breakfast with radiohead. since i'm pretty sure i won't be caller 20 monday morning, i'm going to take kevin up on his invitation to submit questions. muhahahahaha.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 22:21:33

Yes. best concert I ever been to, probably the best i will ever go to unless i get a chance to see them again. Thom trying to look smooth on the piano while making faces at the crowd was quite funny. The Gloaming......I dont think I will ever be able to enjoy the cd version the same way again. Creep for some reason and also a good bit of big ideas. Oh yeah, if you havent seen Johnny's crazy patch-bay, rackmount synth thing, look it up, or just go see them live.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 22:28:42

This was an EXCELLENT show! it was much better than the previous night and i had much better seats the first night. Kid A was really cool, My iron Lung was Awesome, No Suprises was also really cool And they played creep!!!!! other highlights were big ideas, you and whose army and morning bell and 2+2=5.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 23:02:27

All I can say about tonight's show is "Big Ideas" was played. The show had a great setlist that brought all the albums together in one great jam. Did I forget they also played Creep. The list goes on and on but the above songs made tonight very special. It is also true what everyone has been writing about the other concerts regarding Backdrift and the Gloaming, they are better live and they sound completely different from the recorded version. I have seen Radiohead more than once and I feel like its my first time everytime I see them because they always amaze me with something new....

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 23:03:04

If you read my review from last night, you know the only way I thought they could have possibly improved upon the Thursday show was if they played "Fake Plastic Trees" or maybe even "Creep." Well, guess what? Got em both tonight. Whoaaaa yeah. And "You and Whose Army" was really clever in the way Thom hammed it up for the piano-mounted camera and really got the girls screaming. "Iron Lung" was incredible... I could go on and on. As blown away as I was last night, even more so tonight.

The only bummer for me was the way I was so rudely interrupted during "Creep." You see, I smuggled in my MiniDV camera and was doing some guerilla-style filmmaking. I especially wanted to capture the beauty of an all-too-rare performance of "Creep" on film. But 15 seconds into the song, I got busted! 4-5 security types all shining their maglites on me, and I could see their goons closing in on both flanks. I quickly stashed the camera and played it off like had nothing but a pair of binoculars. A couple songs later, I tried to resume my filming, implementing the ol' "nonchalantly hold the camera by your waist and pretend not to be filming, but you really are" maneuver. I thought I was getting away with it, but this time the headset-wearing enemy snuck up on me from behind and tried to confiscate my camera. When I resisted, the big one said, "We just want the tape, you'll get the camera back." "What tape? There's no tape." "OK then, you're outta here! Let's go" as he grabs me by the arm. I say, "Wait, I need to grab my stuff first" and start pretending to fumble around for my keys as I eject the tape and slip it to the unknown girl next to me, along with my business card. No way was I gonna let them get their greasy paws on my hard-earned Radiohead footy! I don't care how shaky and blurry it is! Insteading of tossing me out on my ass, the big one just takes my camera and opens it up. "Where's the tape? Gimme the tape." "There never was a tape," I reply. "I was just taking still photos." He knows I'm lying. Nevertheless, he lets me return to my seat, as long as he "never sees that camera out again." He even tells me to enjoy the rest of the concert, and we shake hands. Sweet Armistice! And just because the camera stayed out of sight for the rest of the night doesn't mean its microphones couldn't record a couple more songs, only slightly muffled. Anyone know how to rip MP3's from video?

The moral of this story is I had an incredible experience, small segments of which were captured on video. Maybe some will make it onto this site?

I'll check back in here after San Diego Sunday. Whew!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 23:18:15

WOW!!! Greatest show EVER!!! This was my first Radiohead show and I think I could have spent the rest of my life listening to them play. I was back in the cheap seats and could only see an already tiny Thom dancing his ass off and I felt his energy from there! If I never see them live again I will be satisfied.Thank you Radiohead!!! You and who's army was the highlight of an already brilliant show.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 27, 2003 00:13:39


if you need to know why this show supercedes the rest, it's summed up in that word. it was a special night, tinged with energy around the song every person there wanted, but dare not hope, to hear.

They nailed down every track, with extra efforts to Idioteque, Kid A and Everything in Its Right Place to make them better than studio. Beautiful Experience for a Beautiful Crowd. So Fucking LA.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 27, 2003 00:30:40

This performance had an entirely different setlist than Thursday's show. Thank god i went to both, I got to see all the songs I wanted live. Thom's voice wasn't as "on" as it was Thursday, but they were still immaculate. The light show was spectacular, especially in such songs as National Anthem and Evertyhing in its Right Place. I broke tears when they started to play Creep, I was shocked, it was like a blessing, I thought they would never perform it again! My favorite performances of the night: The Gloaming, Idioteque, National Anthem. Thom did is usual dancing. Phil was dressed in all white. It was neat to see him dancing next to his drum machine during Backdrifts. The crowd was very pleased with the classics. Everyone had their lighters going during Fake Plastic Trees. The pit was full of duds, Thom had to keep using his arms to get the audience into it. Tonight was awesome, but the energy was nothing like Thursday.

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