Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Coors Amphitheatre - Chula Vista, CA USA
September 28, 2003 with Supergrass
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01 2+2=5
02 sit down. stand up
03 where i end and you begin
04 lucky
05 myxomatosis
06 kid a
07 sail to the moon
08 talk show host
09 paranoid android
10 just
11 no surprises
12 go to sleep
13 scatterbrain
14 you and whose army?
15 idioteque
16 the gloaming
17 there there

Encore #1:
18 pyramid song
19 the national anthem
20 hunting bears
21 a punchup at a wedding
22 how to disappear completely

Encore #2:
23 karma police
24 everything in its right place
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Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 07:30:14

Its always hard to explain what you just saw at a Radiohead show. They have the ability to amaze on a consistent basis. I arrived to the show early enough to be treated to Blow Out during the soundcheck. Unfortunately they didnt perform it during the show. Regardless, Radiohead were on their mark. Each song performed with great precison and on occasion, surpassing the studio versions and in some way making each song a special performance for each individual in attendance. To all who lost faith, interest, or have been disappointed with Radiohead for the lack of guitars and change of direction on their last 3 albums need to see them live. Radiohead have not just changed they way we view their music, but the way we view music as a whole. Im still in awe!!! 5th time and hopefully more to come. Thanks for listening to my rambles. And a big thanks to Radiohead for constantly restoring my faith in music.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 07:40:35

Second Radiohead concert this week! First Shoreline, know Coors.Comparisons/Contrasts.
The biggest contrast in the two concerts were Thom's voice. Shoreline was the first stop on their second leg of the tour. So Thom's voice was much healthier. As a result, I felt like I was sitting in on a studio recording at Shoreline. Very clean, very tight, Amazing. However, last night at Coors, it seemed like The previous shows in L.A. had kind of taken a toll on him. So, Thom's voice was very rough and almost sloppy. Now sloppy sounds negative, but its not. Because of his sloppy vocals, the songs sounded much more spontaneous and I felt like I was actually at a rock concert. So, once again, Amazing!
Second biggest contrast. Lighting design. Random, I know, but I was a theater major, I notice these things. I don't think Shoreline could handle the Radiohead design, because last night the lights were amazing. They were a total visual orgasm. It totally added to the energy of the show. Speaking of which...
Third difference. Energy. Like I said earlier, the shoreline show was technically stunning, however, it was very No. Cal. Very chill. Last night however, Thom looked like he was at that drunk point where we all hope to end up. Not vomitting, but totally free and having fun, jumping around and loving his job. Once again, totally adding to the performance side of the show.
Comparisons. Not a negative, but the set list was very similar to the show I saw at Shoreline. Even the choices from previous albums were the same. I guess thats what I get for going in the same week. However, I did get some great new ditties, like "Talk Show Host", "Scatterbrain", "Just", and "Lucky". All exceptional.
So All in All, two totally different shows, but both proved to be the best concert experiences of my life. Ed, Jon, Colin, Phil, and Thom are truly the most gifted musicians of our time and their music gives me hope for the future.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 08:09:47

I forgot to add that Justin Timberlake and his woman was at the show

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 09:24:59

this was my first radiohead show and i was just blown away. it looked as if thom was having a great time talking with the audience, dancing all over the place in most songs, and making faces into the cameras during you and whose army. jonny was indescribable so wont even try. i thought the highlights of the show were lucky, no surprises, the outro to go to sleep, pyramid song, the end of karma police, talk show host, and you and whose army. kid a was amazing too. the only thing i really missed was i will but hey, maybe next time. i was also surprised with the lack of technical difficulites, everything ran very smoothly. well, i looked forward to this day for 3 months my expectations were blown away, greatest performance ive ever seen.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 09:27:39

Absolutely amazing. My girlfriend Debbie and I have been fans for a long time, but this was the first show we have attended. They played "Talk Show Host" and "Paranoid Android!" During "You And Whose Army?" Thom jeered at the camera that was fixed to his piano, beckoning with his finger and taunting the establishment. They finished the night with two encores; the word "FOREVER" flashing against the screen behind them. We have never been to a better show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 09:31:57

Tons of energy on stage. Thom was wiggling and squirming more than usual. I guess he was glad to be out of L.A., and made some comments referencing the plight of Hell A just before going into Karma Police. The setlist heavily favored new material, which is disappointing but to be expected.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 09:34:53

the show was amazing, although i was hoping for a little longer, it was less than two hours overall. the best songs were the ones they improvised on, a lot of the songs played sounded exactly like they did from the cd, but overall a great show and an awesome list, ravi i love you

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 09:57:42

Wow! What a show! Great set list and the crowd was really into it. Nobody left until
the house lights came up. Standouts were Talk Show Host and The National Anthem. Johnny was amazing again. This was my 3rd show and my friends 1st show. They were looking at me going "what the hell is he doing"? Thom's voice was sub-par, but his energy made up for his harshness. I was a bit dissapointed in Go To Sleep, they were sloppy but I'm sure the vast majority of people didn't notice. This show was equal to the show at the "Greek Theater" I saw acouple years back and WAY better than the Shoreline concert.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 10:23:37

Even from section 302 Row P, Radiohead was astounding. The show itself was a cacophony of amazement. And just the thought of being in the same amphitheater as Radiohead was surreal. When the music began it was orchestral orgasm.

Opening with 2+2=5 brought the crowd out of their seated funks and we all soon realized that we may never see anything like it again. (If I could have seen at all.) Coors' lack of using the big screens was depressing but at the same time, our eyes were all fixated on Thom's spaztic dancing way down below. To the fans at the very front, I envy their ability to see Thom's expressions.

The second song was "Sit down stand up" And I writhed and danced along with Thom and the band during "The rain drops the rain drops..." The rest of the audience writhed, as well, with the spacey cacophony.


I have never seen something so amazing in my life. The light show was a beautiful epileptic dream and brought the band to life, as many fans think they are British droids who simply refuse to play "Creep".

But never fear because they played "JUST" from THE BENDS which was definitely the highlight for many old fans.

During "YOU AND WHOSE ARMY" Thom got quite close to the camera while at his piano making funny faces and beckoning us with a finger singing, "Come on, come on, you think you drive me crazy" The crowd roared with laughter to see the inane and feverishly genius Yorke being playful.

Myxomatosis was perhaps one of the most amazing of the songs played that evening with the revved up thrusts of musical genius. The music paused and Thom sang the forgotten language of his mind like the world was focused on him. Perhaps it was.

Of course they played Paranoid Android, my personal favorite. At that point I almost wanted it to "Raaaain down...on me" just for irony.

However, the surprise song was

"TALK SHOW HOST" an unexpected rarity.

By the 2nd encore the band played the very much awaited KARMA POLICE at the end of which Thom stood before the audience intrumentless and sang with the crowd "For a minute there I lost myself." It was like a camp singalong with somethousand people and Thom was holding our hands.

The ending song was "Everything in its right place" Ever so appropriate.

The line itself, "Everything in its right place" that Thom wailed seductively, was like a message to us about that moment in time. Everything was in its right place.

Once the band left the stage, the word FOREVER flashed across on a screen.

It was surreal. 'Now, I'm gonna go to sleep and let this wash all over me.'

If you missed the show? 'You can scream and you can shout...And it is too late now'

"In a little while
I'll be gone
The moment's already passed
Yeah, it's gone"
p.s Supergrass was awesome. A mix between Radiohead, Starsailor, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

God save the Queen.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 10:23:37

Even from section 302 Row P, Radiohead was astounding. The show itself was a cacophony of amazement. And just the thought of being in the same amphitheater as Radiohead was surreal. When the music began it was orchestral orgasm.

Opening with 2+2=5 brought the crowd out of their seated funks and we all soon realized that we may never see anything like it again. (If I could have seen at all.) Coors' lack of using the big screens was depressing but at the same time there were small side screen. Besides, our eyes were all fixated on Thom's spaztic dancing way down below. To the fans at the very front, I envy their ability to have seen Thom's expressions.

The second song was "Sit down stand up" and I writhed and danced along with Thom and the band during "The rain drops the rain drops..." The rest of the audience writhed, as well, with the repitition.


I have never seen something so amazing in my life. The light show was a beautiful epileptic dream and brought the band to life, as many fans think they are British droids who simply refuse to play "Creep".

But never fear because they played "JUST" from THE BENDS which was definitely the highlight for many old fans.

During "YOU AND WHOSE ARMY" Thom got quite close to the camera while at his piano making funny faces and beckoning us with a finger singing, "Come on, come on, you think you drive me crazy" The crowd roared with laughter to see the inane and feverishly genius Yorke being playful.

Myxomatosis was perhaps one of the most amazing of the songs played that evening with the revved up thrusts of musical genius. The music paused and Thom sang the forgotten language of his mind like the world was focused on him. Perhaps it was.

Of course they played Paranoid Android, my personal favorite. At that point I almost wanted it to "Raaaain down...on me" just for irony.

However, the surprise song was

"TALK SHOW HOST" an unexpected rarity.

By the 2nd encore the band played the very much awaited KARMA POLICE at the end of which Thom stood before the audience intrumentless and sang with the crowd "For a minute there I lost myself." It was like a camp singalong with somethousand people and Thom was holding our hands.

The ending song was "Everything in its right place" Ever so appropriate.

The line itself, "Everything in its right place" that Thom wailed seductively, was like a message to us about that moment in time. Everything was in its right place.

Once the band left the stage, the word FOREVER flashed across on a screen.

It was surreal. 'Now, I'm gonna go to sleep and let this wash all over me.'

If you missed the show? 'You can scream and you can shout...And it is too late now'

"In a little while
I'll be gone
The moment's already passed
Yeah, it's gone"
p.s Supergrass was awesome. A mix between Radiohead, Starsailor, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.

God save the Queen.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 10:31:35

it was an incredible show. well it is radiohead. they played talk show host. and thom yorke introduced it by saying something like, "this is a song about lynching." and introduced myxomatosis , "this is a song about a man-made disease." also in one of the encores said, "weve been in LA living the hollywood experience. this song about hollywood." for karma police. the best concert i have been to. The place is a nice one good sound but it would have been cool to be in the pit but i dont have money. it was incredible. thom was dancing around. i loved the piano mounted camera.
wish they had played wolf at the door, my iron lung, and i might be wrong, maybe fake plastic trees, maybe next time. an incredible show. i drove from arizona and it was well worth it.
thank your radiohead.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 10:37:50

last night was my fifth time seeing radiohead. and my second time seeing them this week. (i saw them at shoreline also).

last night was the 2nd best RH show i had ever seen. (first being @ The Greek in LA in 2000)

i have to be honest, on Tuesday in San Francisco, i was dissapointed with the setlist and lack of guitar songs in the first part of the show. but this show more then made up for it. it was a perfect mix between Guitar and Electronics.

sadly, there was no Creep, no Exit Music, no Follow Me Around, and no Big Ideas. and i know they have been playing those lately.

climing up the walls and dollars and cents would have been cool too...hint hint guys...

but i cant complain because i got my dose of Talk Show Host, Lucky, Idioteque, and a great performance of Everything in its Right Place...

the new songs were awesome too. 2+2=5 and Sail to the Moon...

and so on...whatever...this was amazing...thats all there is too it... i hope everyone had as much fun as i did. Tony Hawk was there...that was cool. so was my cousin anthony and my friend fran. call me guys!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 10:54:30

Very good show last night, much stronger opening than on Friday at the Bowl. The opening tunes were narly the same, 2+2=5, sit down / stand up, where I end, kid A, sail to the moon (myxomatosis was thrown in as well - very cool guitar distortion). While the opening was much stronger, I am sorry to say that this show was no where near Friday night. For those who were at the bowl, I think we witnessed something truly special. I was close enough to see the band members tonight - Jonny's performance alone is worth the ticket price. He's hunched over at the edge of the stage noodling with a little black box one minute, playing a glockenspiel solo the next, playing piano, then we'll put it all down, strap on a guitar and play a killer solo. Not taking anything away from Thom, but Jonny is true rock genius. Thom interacted with the crowd during "You and Whose Army" again, hamming it up for the piano cam - funny stuff. "Pyramid Song" and "How to disappear" were my highlight of the show last night (along with no surprises, my favorite from Firday night) - amazing emotion. "Karma Police" was dedicated to the "Hollywood thing". Once again, Radiohead sems to have the power to entrance the entire audience, between the interesting electronic timbres, the lights, and Thom's voice. There are times were you close your eyes and they just take you to another planet. No other band does that for me.

This was my third and final show in the tour. My favorite was Friday night at the bowl (even though Thom and the boyz were little ants), followed by Field Day in New York (where my 9 friends and I managed to hold on the front row seating we snagged during the rains all day - well earned), and San Diego (it was a very good show, but it lacked the energy of the other shows - they were electric).

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 11:11:48

the show was so amazing, i was so pissed when i found out radiohead would be playing my home town in england while i was here, but when i found out they were playing here i was overjoyed.

They didnt dissappoint, from 2+2=5 through to everything in its right place the played a blinder. one of the many highpoints for me though was you and who's army, with thoms piano cam antics.

Bloody Amazing.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 11:12:47

When I was a freshman in high school, I saw Marilyn Manson with L7 on the AntiChrist Superstar tour. At the time, that was by far the best show I had ever been to, because of the anticipation, and the timing of it. The next year after that, I saw Tool with the Melvins on the Aenima tour the second time around. So then that was the best show, with the multimedia blitz of psychedelic imagery mixed with martial arts clips and George Bush Senior talking about using cocaine, not to mention the cover of Ted Nugent's Stranglehold with Buzz Osborne on guitar. In 2000, I saw Nine Inch Nails with A Perfect Circle. So then this was the best show, and it was. Until last night. Last night I saw Radiohead for the first time. They hadn't been to my town (San Diego) in about eight years as far as I know. I was never really that into Radiohead until recent years. I didn't despise them by any means, the way I do despise some bands, they just never caught my attention, until the release of Kid A. Then I was hooked. I own all their albums now. This was the most anticipated show of my life, and it was the same with some of my friends too. You see, we didn't think they were going to come back. But they did and it was amazing. Supergrass opened, and they didn't even play the "Who sucked out the feelin'" song! They were alright, not bad, but not great, which may have been (and probably was) deliberate. I can't remember the whole set in order, but Radiohead played a lot of songs for a good two hours. They opened with 2+2=5, Sit Down, Stand Up, and Where I end and You Begin. Then I believe they played Lucky from OK Computer, but that might have been a little later. They Played a lot of stuff from Kid A, and they played the whole new record minus two or three songs (Wolf at the Door, Backdrifting, I Will). They played Myxomatosis, and it sounded very similar to a Skinny Puppy song, the pounding synths and the overdriven vocals. There were two digital screens (LCD?) very much like the ones NIN used on the Fragile Tour, so similar in fact that I'm still wondering if they both had the same lighting company. They would show split screen video of Thom and the rest of the band and it was run trough something to make the video look simeltaneously like a moving drawing or painting. During the twacked out solo at the end of Go To Sleep, the shots of the guitar player would twitch and move in synch with the solo. Very cool. And during You and Whose Army, Thom sat at his piano glaring into the camera, taunting the crowd to "come on." So, despite the fact that I was about a mile away, this is probably the best show I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of shows. Radiohead has secretly and subconsciously become my favorite band over the past year or two, and this show was simply a conscious affirmation of that. And for $46 for ALL tickets, even the floor, you really can't go wrong. You can use this review or not, I just felt like I had to tell someone about this, even if it's the guy who decides what to use on this site. Thanks for reading my rant.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 12:08:50

A great performance by the boys, but definitely fell short of their phenomenal performance at the Bowl on Friday. That show was in a class of its own, and was probably one of the greatest shows ever. Despite minor sound issues, vocal timing and guitar timing, along with technical inaccuracies, the San Diego show was a good one and the setlist was also great. Among the songs, Pyramid Song, Talk Show Host, and Kid A stood out. I also loved the band's performance of Just and Myxamatosis. The crowd's interaction with the band was awesome. Again, the band was very jubilant and excited to perform. Thanks again to Radiohead for one of the greatest weekends of my life.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 12:34:49

We drove about 110 miles to get to this concert and it was well worth the trip. Originally I could only get a hold of lawn seats but we got there very early and the box office had just released some extra tickets. I was able to trade in our 2 lawn seats for a pair of center seats, 10 rows behind the pit! Incredible! I only had to pay a difference of $13.

I was also at the Hollywood Bowl show on Friday, but the band seemed to be having more fun this time. Thom was talking more and joking around with the crowd. Johnny was insane on his Telecaster again. When the crowd started chanting “Johnny, Johnny”, Thom asked, “Who’s Jenny?”. The whole band was in top form as usual.

‘2 + 2 = 5’, and ‘There, There’ were awesome live. ‘Talk Show Host’ was a highlight and I was happy that they played ‘Scatterbrain’ (my favorite new song), because they didn’t play it at the Bowl on Friday. They played Karma Police during the second encore. Afterward Thom started singing the chorus without music (For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself). He then pointed the mic to the crowd while we all sang along.

While Supergrass was on stage, Ed was sitting on the left hand side of the stage in the dark, singing along and pretending to play drums. Overall, this was the best Radiohead concert I’ve seen. Maybe someday I’ll get to hear ‘Fog’ live. Or maybe even ‘The Trickster’. Then it would be perfect.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 13:04:26

HOLA!!! Saludos desde Mexicali Mexico..
Pues la verdad no me alcanzan las palabras de lo que prescencie ayer,,,,,,el concierto estuvo de poca ma....estuvo fantastico,excellente,execpcional,,,,,lo mejor que he visto y presenciado toda mi vida,,,las luces, las imagenes, el audio, el video,,,,,,todo estuvo excellente!!, con rolas como 2+2=5, sit down stand up, karma police, Myxomatosis, there there, lucky, kid A, national anthem, go to sleep (con un final espectacular por parte de Johnny greenwood, con su telecaster), where i end you begin, pyramid song (mi favorita), no surprises, paranoid android, everything is in right place(la ultima del show, con un final impresionante de efectos auditivos), how to dissapear, Talk show host, sail to the moon, scatterbrain, you and whose army, a punchup at the weeding, just, idioteque, the gloaming.

Tuve una gran experiencia al haber aisistido a este concierto, el cual disfrute mucho, ojala regresen otra vez por aca..

(NOTA: Proximamente 2do. Tributo a Radiohead, en mexicali, mexico....para mayor informacion...manda un emnsaje a:

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 13:59:32

Yes, this was one great show. Holy crap. During "You and Whose Army?" Thom kept making faces at the camera and would turn around sporatically and look at the croud. It was pretty awesome. National Anthem, How To Dissapear Completely, Just, Everything In It's Right Place, 2=2=5, and There There were some of my personal favorites. The whole thing was spectacular. Best concert ever.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 14:15:50

The show was excellent...I had heard mixed reviews from a friend who saw the Shoreline show up north in the earlier in the week, and after how good the Hollywood Bowl show was that I saw on the "Amnesiac" tour back two summers ago, I could only hope for as good of a show. With the 3rd and 4th songs of the show being "Lucky" and "Myxomatosis", I knew we were in for a great evening. Even though no "Fake Plastic Trees", which is great live, the encore of "How to Disappear Completely" and "Just" were definitely the highlights of the show. Thom was as animated as ever, and when they played my favorite song off of the new album, "Scatterbrain", the concert was definitely worthwhile. Can't wait for the next tour.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 14:54:38

In one word, badass. It was my first Radiohead concert, they put on the best show by far. I was taken by the high energy that every song had. You and whose army, Myxamatosis, 2+2=5, sit down. stand up, Paranoid Android and of course, The national anthem were the main highlights, but all of them were awesome and there wasnt a bad song in the set. The gloaming was a big surprise,they re arranged the song and made it 10 times better than what it is on the CD.Thom did his signature dancing and running around the stage on most the songs. In between some songs he would loosen up the crowd, and say some funny things like before he played Kid A he said, "This song is about lynchings." Lighting was awesome, the mood was awesome and the energy was high, a near religous experience by a perfect band, god bless Radiohead. I suggest to everyone reading this to go see them live, there is really nothing like it.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 15:02:34

This was my first Radiohead show, but won't be my last. I'm not what you'd call a longtime fan. I liked Creep, but never bought the CD that has it. Somehow I wound up with Amnesiac and love it. I heard Kid A last week and was floored. But I can't even tell you what songs they played for the most part. But I can tell you that these guys are full of soul, and play some of those most beautiful original music in the world.

They played for about 2 hours, including 2 encores. The mood ranged from rocking rhythyms to hypnotic psychedelic trance, to aching, heartbreaking, melancholy.

They even had the crowd cracking up to 'You and Whose Army'. Thom sang the lyrics while looking straight into a slighlty fish-eyed camera, which played on the screens to either side of the stage. The effect was of him looking out at the crowd from a giant keyhole. Very trippy, effective, freaky, creepy, and humorous. This band is great, and they are at the top of their game.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 15:41:20

Until last night I hadn't been to see Radiohead live, despite being a big fan spanning back to The Bends. I also hadn't been to a large venue concert in sometime (The last I can remember is Beck on ODelay) preferring small venues and smaller bands. I also don't consider RH to be a group sport - its not party music for me, its put the headsets on and lay on the couch me time music -- so I had my reservations -- but I was won over by Radiohead in the end -- they sounded great, put out tons of energy, played a diverse set list -- entirely satisfying.

My favorite song surprisingly was 'Holy Roman Empire' and it was/is stuck in my head while waiting in intense traffic leaving afterwards -- it struck me as the best of the dualistic Radiohead I've come to know and love -- on the one hand dour and gloomy but also sneaking in Thom and RH's sense of humor that so often gets overlooked -- expressed with his camera play during the song that captured the crowd and made us all laugh that knowing laugh.

This brings up another topic -- these guys don't hate the world -- they were very much enjoying themselves up there -- they could come out and be all gloomy and I'm an artist in a malevolent universe routine -- but there was none of that on display, quite the opposite; very refreshing indeed.

I wish I had gotten to see them in LA -- from the looks of it a very different set list and mood -- I won't miss them again if I can help it...


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 15:57:07

fue un concierto impresionante, rodeado de maravillas que hace la banda con la musica, el baile ezquizofrenico de thom en la cancion idioteque hace que la gente se contagie y bailen como el, fue impresionante verlos en vivo y valio la pena viajar 150 millas solo para verlos

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 21:34:18

Jonny Greenwood-Go To Sleep-No human being should be able to coax those sounds out of a guitar.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 21:58:50

My girlfriend and I attended the Thursday show at the Hollywood Bowl and we both agree that this one was far superior. This was definately happy Thom. The band seemed to be in great spirits and the set list was amamzing. Getting to hear Just was a terrific experience. The crowd was chanting "Jonny" after his exclamation point at the end of Go To Sleep. Thom's antics into the camera fixed onto his piano were a definate highlight. The addition of Talk Show Host was great. An absolutely sensational show.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 29, 2003 22:31:04

i traveled amprox. 1,300 miles for the show. they blew me away! they brought so much energy and power to this show it was unbeliveable. perfect seats, perfect sound. i had a wide smile on my face the entire show. highlights were myxomatosis, the national anthem, a punch up at a wedding, you and whose army?...ect. i danced my pants off at the show, and loved every second. can't wait till next time!!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 00:11:06

This was my fourth, and last, show of this leg of the tour. It was the best concert I have ever seen, and I've seen Radiohead eight times. Here's the Good, the Bad and the Ugly:

The Good: The setlist and the band were incredible. The lightshow from about ten rows back in the pit was truly awesome; The overall effect was mind-blowing. Jonny and Thom seemed to be having as much fun as the fans, if that's possible. Thom was in fine spirits, dancing and playing with the crowd like never before, trashing LA and even leading an acappela rendering of "Karma Police" that had the crowd singing along like we had rehearsed it. Jonny's guitar solo at the end of "Go To Sleep" was beyond description and had the crowd chanting his name over and over. Jonny appeared to be truly moved by the gesture. "Lucky" "Talk Show Host" and "Just" all in one show, along with "How To Disappear Completely" and "Karma Police" It was an amazing setltist.

The Bad: The parking lot. Nuff said.

The Ugly: The five fans in the pit including the self-proclaimed 'hero' KAMPY and his buddies...and don't feel bad for the jerk that passed out...he was one of the five thick-headed animals that were bullying people around down there. The area football team had just lost a big game to a local rival in overtime and those five gentlemen were in a surly mood from the outset, even joking about blocking the view of the smaller fans. It was a mugging, and they were throroughly enjoying knocking the smaller kids around...what a shame! My wife and I were standing next to two diminutive kids, both elfish, Thom Yorke-sized fans that were brutalized by these morons. The girl was crying at one point and was forced to retreat from the stage area! One of the meanest of the morons, this one with a with a particularly large head, actually stood and FACED THE CROWD in an intimidating manner! WHY?? Yeah, KAMPY helped remove the fallen idiot that drank too much and simply bit off more that he could chew, but then he proceeded to elbow his way back to the front, knocking my wife to the ground in the process. It's too bad people like him and his cronies had to act like that at a Radiohead concert. Oh well, it takes all kinds.

Except for KAMPY and the ohter four bullies, it was a magical evening, the best concert I have seen since Pink Floyd's infamous "Raving and Drooling" concerts at the LA Sports Arena in 1975.

Wish You Were There (again)


Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 01:59:52

WOW! I went to all 4 California shows this week and I have to admit, the San Diego show was the best, just incredible. Yah, at the Hollywood Bowl they did Creep and Fake Plastic Trees, but the SD show got Talk Show Host and JUST!!!! The smaller venue in SD made it a much better show too than the Hollywood Bowl shows. That place is just too big. Loved the SF show too, especially You and Who's Army? and No Surprises there, but the guys blew me away (again) in San Deigo. I am so glad I followed them up and down the state this week, completely worth it! Have seen them many times before and will continue to see them because Radiohead is simply the best. Thanks guys for a great week off of work to follow you through Cali.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 06:17:59

I went from Mexico City just to watch the concert. It is the best concert I have ever been to. During the soundcheck they played blowout, subterrenean homesick alien, airbag, we suck young blood and go to sleep... it was amazing. My favourite song was you and whose army?... thom really sets the mood. They also played Kid A, which I found absolutely awesome. they should play it more often. supergrass also played very nicely. They rock.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 09:48:11

What can I say that hasn't already been said. Well, the most I can do is compare it to the only other time I've seen them, Hollywood Bowl 2001. I know other people were bummed that they didn't play more older stuff, but I got to see most of that last time. In fact, the only songs I didn't here then that I wanted to were Just and Talk Show Host. Imagine my surprise this time. Here's some highlights, even if they are a bit personal.

Before the show: I was almost late because I went to dinner and the waitress was the worst. Plus, I lost $20 I had in my shoe. Oh well, I made it with 5 minutes to spare.

2+2=5 - I like Nat'l Anthem better as an opener, but no matter. I was literally shaking the whole song.

Sit Down, Stand Up - my favorite song off the new CD. The buildup to the end was incredible. Ten times better live than on CD

Lucky - was really hoping for Exit Music, but this was still really cool.

Talk Show Host - I could have died after this was over. Good thing I didn't.

Paranoid Android - seems to be a constant on tour now. Awesome since it was after TSH and right before...

Just - I should have died after this, because I don't know if I could ever be happier. Shaking again.

Kid A - my only disappointment. I'm not sold on this live. Would have rather heard Optimistic or another older song. Still, the word disappointment is used VERY loosely.

Myxamatosis - incredible. On par with Idioteque in terms of live performances.

Go to sleep - only started really appreciating this song lately. Jonny just went off at the end, so much that the rest of the band sat and admired. Truly incredible.

You and Whose Army - for those that have seen past performances of this live, with the up-close camera, Thom was MUCH more animated this time. He had the whole amphitheater in stitches.

How to Disappear Completely - fucking amazing. I was surprised to hear this. 5 songs off of Kid A? I couldn't be happier...again.

Karma Police - the best part was Thom leading us at the end, just us and him. Thank you to the rest of the crowd for masking my horrible singing voice.

Just an amazing show - I don't think it could have been better (except for the Kid A selection) Oh yeah, I found my $20. It slid down into my shoe. Hooray!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 11:27:40

This was my first major concert experience, and the first time I have seen Radiohead live. And my amazement was to see thousands of fans just like me, singing and having a good time... and this is true magic.
I traveled 12 hours to watch the concert. But a two hour show changed the life of this humble music fan.

Saludos a todo los fans desde, Cd. Juarez Mexico... Gracias por la experiencia.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 11:46:15

I drove down from L.A. with a 'lawn' ticket and also was lucky to overhear someone about the just released much better seats. I ended up with section 103 row j !!! I was so far back on thursday night that I was just about pinching myself to make sure this was real. What a stroke of luck. Sound was crystal clear and i could actually see great. My 3rd and best Radiohead show yet.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 12:16:16

This was the best concert ever. It was my first Radiohead, concert but certainly not my last. I was pleased they made it to SD & especially chose Coors Amphitheater because of sound, lighting, parking & traffic. (Never will I go to Sports Arena again) My ears weren't ringing because of bad sound but because of voices in my head, those of mostly Thom. His voice ran thru my veins the whole night. The band rocked & kept me dancing with the enticing energy of the crowd. I am 4 months pregnant, what a sight, I bet my unborn child enjoyed every moment like I did. I waited in anticipation for this event since I heard they were coming to SD. I was so happy to hear different versions of new & old songs. Then they brought out the piano again & I said to my husband, "Please let this next one be Pyramid Song!!!" Then the cool orb lights & first few notes had me screaming at the top of my lungs "Yeah". It was amazing. I was so glad they played it along with other favorites like just & karma police which was dedicated to hell-A hollywood, right on. I loved the "phew, for a minute there, i lost myself" from Thom, with everyone singing along in the crowd. I missed Street Spirit, Airbag, Spinning Plates, Bulletproof & a list of others, but that's ok. It would take a full day to hear all my favorites from them live. One of the other highlights was the facial expressions & come here finger from Thom during You & Whos Army which had everyone laughing. I am sure that all emotions were felt this evening by all that were there because I was laughing, screaming, tearing, singing & dancing. I loved this show & can't wait to see them again. Come back soon RH, your music, lyrics & energy are addictive & enlightening.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 13:23:20

I was there. It ruled. I wasn't going to post this, but i had to laugh when reading the reviews and saw a post from a person named Ian. He couldn't believe that Supergrass didn't play "Who Sucked Out the Feeling." Probably because it isn't their song. Now, if Superdrag had opened...

Thom, Johnny, Ed, Colin, and Phil are...I can't find words to describe it. Amazing? Stupendous? Superhuman?

Did anyone else notice Phil being blinded by the smoke machines?

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 13:36:33

This was my first Radiohead experience and it was in the pit! I was just behind the people at the railing. I must say that throughout Supergrass's performance I got a bit dizzy from the heat of everyone and was nervous that I wouldn't be able to hang for Radiohead. But I stood my ground and I am so glad I did. I was there with my husband, brother and my bro's friend. We had been at the Coors Ampitheatre since 11am standing in line. Met a cool guy named Kenny in line(Kenny if you are reading... hello!).

First, I was blown away by Thom Yorke's performance. He is simply amazing. He had me dancing and dancing and I swear to you that I was the female Thom Yorke. There were moments in the show where he came over to our side of the stage and smiled at all of us crazy people. A definite highlight of the show! I nearly lost it when he sang "Sail to the Moon" but then when he sang "How to Disappear Completely" I DID lose it. This song is very dear to me because I associate it with my brother, who was there experiencing the show with me. My brother and I are very close and he means the world to me so when this song was sung,I lost it. I was actually hoping they wouldn't sing it because I knew it would get me.
Being in the pit for Radiohead was something I will never ever forget. The people in the pit had some crazy energy! This will be a story I will tell my children one day. They are so good that they are scary! I can't wait for the next tour!

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 15:00:24

Beauty is it's purest form...i swear man. Even though the emotions are still running through me, This has topped all my experiences in life, from MOZ to coldplay. Radiohead had happieness in their palms and spread it on all the music lovers in Chula Vista that night. From dancing my ass off to idioteque to drying my eyes on How to Disappear Completely. The whole vibe hit me hard but with Radiohead it feels like u fell on a soft cloud whispering "bring down the government..they don't, they don't speak for us"(as the crowd was doing during no surprises). I know my words could never give justice to the show, but the feeling radiohead fans had that night was shared throughout the venue and it could not be spoken of but easily felt. Thanks for the beautiful experience Radiohead. You have restored another persons faith in many ways.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 15:05:50

Para ver a Radiohead tuve que viajar desde Guadalajara, Jalisco,México,días antes del concierto, ya que San Diego es lo más cercano de México que ha venido Radiohead en los últimos años. Fue un poco dificil el conseguir los boletos y sobre todo ir al concierto; pero después de todo esto, pude ver a mi grupo favorito y el mejor de todos. Considero que valió completamente la pena el haber ido, y sobre todo fue una grata impresión lo bien que tocan en vivo y el espectaculo que dan.Las ejecución de las canciones fueron excepcionales y considero que este concierto fue una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida.
Es el mejor concierto al que he ido y espero que pronto pueda volverlos a ver, ya que en verdad puedo decir que son un excelente y fantástico grupo.

PD- Me hubiera gustado que tocaran más canciones de The BENDS, sobre todo Fake plastic Trees.

PD- Saludos especiales al MOE y al Soldier

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 16:57:58

Soundcheck Setlist:
1.Going To Sleep(excerpt)
2.Going To Sleep (excerpt)
3.Blow Out
4.We Suck Young Blood(excerpt)
5.We Suck Young Blood(excerpt)
6.Subterranean Homesick Alien

Band Arrived in Big Brown Tour Bus with no windows at 2pm
Soundcheck started at 3:30pm
Soundcheck ended at 4:30pm
Band Left Venue at 12:30am

Band did not come out and sign autographs.(Bummer)

Awesome Show. Great sound, Great Lights, Great set.

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 18:10:31

proud to live in this city (tijuana) and have the bigest events so at next door...
raidohead was awesome.. my first concert of theme...
i love coldplay and radiohead, but this one is 30 times best concert than the coldplay one concert...

tom played whit us, faces on the camera when he sang you and whose army... great guitarrs... greats drums on there there.... parking suck... but radiohead worth that and more...
you better listen MUSE if you like radiohead... lights and camera was greaaat...
saludos desde tijuana.. la ciudad mas privilegiada de mexico... por tener eventos como estos... :)

Submitted on: SEPTEMBER 30, 2003 20:25:04

“Thom Yorke is a very sexy man.”

I still can’t believe I said those words.

Seeing Radiohead up close and personal was a very enlightening experience. Thom Yorke was beyond amazing. I am thoroughly convinced that Thom is not a human being. He is an elf. A myth. A fantastical wet dream fantasy. An extraterrestrial. A mythical being. An alien. Not of this Earth.
Yet o this night…

…WE made eye contact. Several times. It was almost spiritual. It was a moment I will always remember.

His performance at the Coors Amphitheatre was beyond description. I wish I was worthy of being able to relate the feeling of seeing him perform live in a SETTING SO LARGE SCALE…YET SO CLOSE…TO SEE HIM AT THAT DISTANCE…

…it reveals so much about a human being. I saw Roger Waters perform many times…and he once he saw me…a the Wall shows in LA…I had binoculars at a close range... twelve rows from the stage, right in his face, yet I had my binocs fixed on him…and he later got his revenge by shooting the spotlight on me during Waiting For The Worms…on acid, with the binoculars in my hands, it was very imposing. Roger’s Revenge.

No binocs required for Thom. Not in Chula Vista. My wife and I were less than twenty feet from the stage.

Let’s get something straight right now.

It took courage.

It took balls.

It took stamina.

It took passion…the same passion displayed by the leader of Radiohead.

Taking into consideration we had been to three show in two cities in five days and we were broke and tired.

We got to the venue hours before the show.
We stood in line.
We fought with security.
We pushed and shoved.
We pushed and shoved again.
We had to pee, but held it for hours.
We pushed and shoved with all our might, but we were consequently pushed and shoved aside by the larger people at the show.

But then Thom walked out on stage (after the house lights were killed and the piped-in sound, basically elevator music, died with the lights).

In the black of night, Thom was suddenly at the mike for the moment we had all been waiting for.


Fuck me.

I’m telling you right now, this man has no peers.

And this was HEAVY METAL.

Heavy Metal for all it is worth.

But with a plus sign attached.

When I was a child, my mother was escorted to the front of the stage during Elvis Presley’s BIG GIG at the Hilton in 1971 The mafia got her close. (I love being Italian) She said after the show, after Elvis brought her on-stage and kissed her on the cheek, that she would have died happy after the show.

When Thom looked me straight in the eye and sang those words… “YOU HAVE NOT BEEN, PAYING ATTENTION”… I related to my mother for the first time in my life.

And I almost fucking died.

Then he made THE connection. To us. He WAS us. If for only a moment, Thom was here with us. He stood at attention. He pretended he was us. He projected. And we were subsequently under his spell for the duration.

Then he proceeded to slowly draw us farther into his world, drawing us into his web. HE KNOWS who he is and he knows what we will be after watching him.
His. Forever.

The little fucker knows.

That he is special.

That he has no peers.

No shit.

I am not lying. Thom Yorke is special. And we ALL were caught in his web. Caught in his web.

Radiohead’s unearthly web.

I LOVE Roger Waters.


…Thom Yorke is on a different plane. He is not Roger Waters. He will never be Roger Waters. He DOESN’T want to be Roger Waters…but he is the only person in rock that matters these days, him and his band of geniuses and merry musicians.

Phil is so much like Nick Mason. Professional. Steady. Precise. Awesome.

Ed is a combination of Rick and Rog. Nuff said.

Colin plays with an air of unconcern. He plays DESPITE us all. He is the glue that holds that band together.

Jonny is…well Jonny is the TRUE alien. Jonny is the mechanic. Thom is the driver of the car, and what a driver he is, but Jonny makes the pistons pump. Fucking intense. Precise. Another world of discipline. His world. We lok up at him in awe…the man on the flying trapeze.

But without Thom, this would just be another great band…another Bends at the top of the charts for years on end. Another band that made it BIG.

But after seeing the show in Chula Vista, I am convinced that those five men are the true successors to The Beatles and Pink Floyd.

…and then there were three. Three bands.

John Lennon…Roger Waters…Paul McCartney…David Gilmour…Thom Yorke…Nick Mason…Phil Selway…Geogre Harrison…Jonny Greenwood…Rick Wright…Ed O’Brien…Ringo Starr…Colin Greenwood…

Oh yeah…


I haven’t had the opportunity to actually see Syd Barrett perform live. My friends have. They said I missed something special.

I didn’t miss Radiohead at the Coors Ampitheatre in Chula Vista.

And I can guarantee that it was a moment in rock that may never be reproduced. Sorry if you weren’t there. But Thom Yorke and his four friends did something special on September 28th, 2003. And I got to see it up close and personal. Thom Yorke is Elvis Presley plus Mick Jagger plus Tom Jones times five.

Remember when the Grinch That Stole Christmas stole the hearts out of everyone that believed in goodness and took the life out of evil when his heart grew so big on the verge of dying, leaving all those beneath him in awe of his goodness? Well, that was Thom Yorke, hanging on that branch, surviving to tell his story. Giving it all back?

Giving all he had to give.

Thom Yorke in Chula Vista. Thom gave his all. And that is a lot.

GODDAMN…I wish YOU were there

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 10:13:39

This was my third Radiohead show and as usual they were awesome. The first two Radiohead shows I'd seen (Greek Theatre 2000, Santa Barbara Bowl 2001) were the two greatest concert-going experiences in my life. At the Santa Barbara Bowl I was in the pit and I was so close that I could literally reach out and touch Ed. So, seeing as how I only had lawn seats for the show at Coors, I was kind of bummed on the way to the show and not really all that excited.
Yet, as soon as 2+2=5 started blaring from the stage a smile crossed my face and I was reminded once again why RH are the greatest band on the planet. Even from a mile away in the lawn you could feel RH's electrifying energy.
The highlights:
2+2=5: Great song to start the show. It's just got such a great energy and packs a real punch for being such a short song. Filled in nicely for their former opener The National Anthem.
Talk Show Host: This song just grooves really nicely and you could tell the band really enjoyed playing this one. During TSH my girlfriend, who is only a moderate RH fan not a RH crazy like myself, turned to me and asked me what song was playing because she thought it was awesome. I'd have to agree with her.
Paranoid Android: I'd actually found myself growing quite tired of Paranoid Android when listening to OK Computer. And as they began playing I found myself saying "Oh, it's just Paranoid Android again". About a minute and a half into the song I was completely mesmerized again. This song was made to be played live and it totally rocked. I hope they never remove it from the setlist.
Myxamatosis & The National Anthem: I was really happy that they played both of these songs since they are two of my faves. If you weren't bobbing your head and moving your feet during these two songs then you might as well be shipped off to the morgue right now. I love how these two songs give Colin a chance to shine. Just a really raw energy during these two, as if the stage might just explode in front of your eyes.
Pyramid Song: My favorite down-tempo Radiohead song. Complete stoner-jazz-rock. Phil Selway is god. Enough said.
Thom's dancing: Thom's voice was not in top form but his dancing moves were, as always, entertaining. He seemed to abandon his old crazy chicken dance, the one where it looked like he was trying to jerk his head free from his body, in favor of his own intrepretation of the beloved "running man". I mentioned to my girlfriend that Thom bore a resemblance to Clay Aiken on PCP.
Overall: Mesmerizing is the one word that always pops into my head when I think back to a Radiohead live show. The lights, the music, the energy; they all = mesmerizing.

One last thing: I don't think Phil gets enough recognition for being a great drummer. I paid extra attention to listening to Phil on Sunday and his precision and drum fills were astounding. This is just a great overall rock band.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 15:19:55

Que mas se puede decir, Radiohead es la mejor banda del mundo. Tienen un equipo de sonido impresionante, además de que sus interpretaciones son muy limpias, en vivo se escuchan como ningún otro. Viajé desde Guadalajara con dos amigos solo para ver a Radiohead. Vaya que si valió la pena esperar tanto y hacer el viaje. Las canciones estuvieron perfectas, además de que Thom demostró que tiene un gran carisma y sentido del humor. Sin duda alguna la mejor experiencia de mi vida que jamás olvidaré, como tampoco olvidaré que la comparti con dos de mis mejores amigos, Valdivia y Oscar. Lo mejor del show es que llevabamos nuestras banderas de México y Ed nos pudo ver y hasta nos señaló diciendo México. A ver si así se hacen de valor para venir a México y en especial a Guadalajara a dar un concierto. En fin, muchas gracias Radiohead y a los que disfrutamos del show felicidades por escuchar a una banda tan buena.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 15:03:25

thank you for playing the Pyramid Song. It was an awesome 1st encore song, a visual and auditory feast. It was my second concert, my first being five days before at the Mountain View show... completely awesome. I must lament the fact that I will never get to hear Radiohead play their Amnesiac album in its entirety... that would be my dream... yes, please.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 15:40:11

The show was full of energy and excitement. I cannot believe they played Kid-A! It was a real live set, and quite a blast to see the boys again.
Thom was full of energy, as I have come to expect.
Johnny was right on and hidden behind hair.
Ed was tall and imposing but played masterfully.
Cozzy and Phil were rock solid as usual.

My only wish was that I could have seen more of the tour…oh well next time.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 16:33:12

No hay mas que decir, la mejor Banda del mundo. El show más espectacular, el sonido impecable. Thom se mostro con un gran humor, y muy simpático al estar jugando con la cámara y hacer reir a la audiencia. Para mí la mejor canción fue There There, aunque todas estuvieron muy bien. El viaje lo hice desde Guadalajara, Jalisco, México, solo para ver amis idolos. Lo mejor de todo es que Ed nos pudo ver con nuestra bandera de México el momento en que salió por tercera vez al escenario y dijo México al apuntarnos. Le doy las gracias a Radiohead por tener tanta creatividad y a mis amigos por haber compartido esta gran experiencia, Valdivia y Moe.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 22:06:07

They keep outdoing themselves!!!! This now marks the 5th time seeing the boys live. three of those times occuring in the past weekend starting with Thursday and Friday night at the Hollywood bowl then two years earlier at the bowl and all beginning with The Nile Theater in Mesa AZ back in 95 on the bends tour (did I forget to mention that the bar held less than a thousand people) Each time I never thought it could get any better and each time I am proven wrong by the unbelievable talent of the entire band!!!
Thanks again and thanks in advance for the next tour!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 10:04:27

Hard to explain it in words... this was a spine-tingling experience.
I anticipated i'd be amazed with their great performance history, but not on this level. Truly musical magnificence!
I like others , cannot wait until they play again. When i listen to the set list now i have the urge to fly to see their next show - it was that great!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 14:27:00

Yo solo quiero decir , que Radiohead es la mejor banda del mundo, y valio completamente la pena haber viajado desde GUADALAJARA, JALISCO... esto es en MEXICO por supuesto, y más que nada poruqe viaje con dos de mis mejores amigos, saludos al Soldier y a Valdivia. Acerca del concierto que puedo decir, me quede sin palabras, sobre todo por el show tan espectacular que realizaron y por el gran ambiente que hace sobre todo Thom York y el buen Johnny que es una pistola. Dentro de las mejores canciones que interpretaron fue sin lugar a duda YOU AND WHOSE ARMY???, LUCKY, PARANOID ANDROID, THERE THERE (ESPECTACULAR), KARMA POLICE...Espero que puedan regresar nuevamente a Mexico, y en especial a Guadalajara, ya que es un espectaculo que definitivamente volveria a ver, fue una de las mejores experiencias de mi vida.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 00:29:43

It's been a few days since the show, but I remember it quite well. Amazing!! But I'd have to say, due to my seat- section 302 row B- it wasn't the best Radiohead show I've been to. That would be when I was second row pit in Boston 2001. Unbelievable!! But the SD show did kick ass, they played Talk Show Host- my favorite radiohead song of all time, tons from Kid A- life changing album. Paranoid Android- the greatest live performance song ever, You and Who's Army- best song on Amnesiac and awesome live. There is nothing like a Radiohead show, I've seen some great ones too- U2, Cure, Depeche Mode, Tom Petty, Third eye Blind, Dave Matthews, Godsmack, Korn, Elton John, Neil Diamond, Red hot Chili Peppers and that's not even half of the concerts I've seen. Radiohead puts them all to shame, even from a quarter-mile away! They are the greatest band of my generation, I will continue to see them over and over again (sober next time). Next time you go, you should take all the people you know that do not like RH, seeing them live will change their attitude (just don't take my pit ticket).

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 11:15:25

La mejor noche de mi vida. Sergio, un amigo, y yo viajamos en auto desde la ciudad de México para ver, primero, el show de Mountain View, y, cinco días después, el de Chula Vista. Ambas experiencias fueron absolutamente inolvidables. Yo no vi la bandera de México que dicen haber exhibido mis paisanos de Guadalajara, de haberla visto, sin duda, me habría emocionado. Pero quiero hacer un comentario a través de este medio: ¿por qué tenemos los mexicanos que viajar miles de kilómetros para ver a Radiohead? Radiohead es una de las bandas más populares entre quienes escuchamos música alternativa en México. Si vinieran a tocar aquí llenarían estadios. Ojalá la banda y los promotores de espectáculos recuerden que el mundo no termina en el Río Bravo.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 20, 2003 18:12:53

I saw Radiohead in San Diego in September. They have quite a following. Before the band started, people sat around on their blankets telling the stories of when they first started listening to the band. Normal people. Eighteen-year-old college students, mid-forties internet marketing consultants, twenty-nine-year-old stoners. There was no "typical Radiohead fan." All different styles of dress, all different races, different faces. 50,000 people sitting around on the lawn talking about their favorite musicians. When the band walked onto stage, people leapt to their feet in unison. Picture an endless sea of humans, all singing along, on every song, whether it was ten years old or just released. Fortunately this is a huge commercially successful band with a more-than-adequate sound system, so Thom Yorke's nasally, "creatively-pitched," falsetto magic was not lost among the throng of backup vocalists. Several times the tears streamed down my face in response to the sheer magnitude of the experience. If that doesn't get you off, well, there were these three women who had (obviously) taken ecstacy, who were slithering all up against each other, writhing in pleasure. They fondled each other, groped at each other's breasts and crotches. The crowd disappeared as the ladies tickled their fingertips over each other's erect nipples, which I could see through their tight shirts. They wet their tongues in each other's mouths. They gyrated their hips, grinding against each other. The band disappeared and I could hear the women groaning. I could smell their wet desire. They moved like temple dancers, pulling you in with their seduction. Right there in the middle of it all, in among the singing people on the lawn. A crescendo of pulsating light and sound brought the band rushing back to existence. I was reminded of film clips I've seen of the Sixties, except this was in the dark, not out in the daylight. Yes, Radiohead has quite a following. I listen to Radiohead's new CD every day at least once. This has been going on for several months, and I'm still not sick of it. That's how good it is. Go buy this CD! It is their first disc to include the lyrics, so at the next show maybe you too can join the singing throng on the lawn. Here's a short sample of the lyrics you will find inside the new CD, Hail to the Thief:

Are you hungry?
Are you sick?
Are you begging for a break?
Are you sweet?
Are you fresh?
Are you strung up by the wrists?
(fois gras style)
We want the young blood.

Are you fracturing?
Are you torn at the seams?
Would you do anything?
Flea-bitten? Motheaten?
We suck young blood.

Won't let the creeping ivy
Won't let the nervous bury me
Our veins are thin
Our rivers poisoned

We want the sweet meats.
We want the young blood.
We suck young blood.
We want young blood.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 28, 2003 20:33:05

oh my god. I just got back from the show and boy was it amazing. After him gone to both the thursday and Friday show at the hollywood Bowl, I thought that there would be no way to top Fridays set list but they did. They started strong with 2:2=5 and then did some of their regular set list, but then they changed it around a bit and played talk show host wich I absolutely love. Another of the seldom heard has just wich rocked. A highlight of the show was when Thom,Ed,and Colin watched as Jonny was rocking out during Go to Sleep. You and who´s Army was histerical with Thoms funny faces. I was totally excited to hear The Pyramid Son, and How to Dissapear Completely because these are songs that are seldom heard. Overal, Radiohead rocked and the audience was really into the band. Thom looked excited because of the way he was received in San Diego. Great show wich can´t be topped off.

Here´s the Setlist
sit down, stand up
where i end and you begin
kid a
sail to the moon
talk show host
paranoid android
no surprises
go to sleep
you and whose army
the gloaming
there there

pyramid song
national anthem
punch up at a wedding
how to dissappear completely

karma police
everything in its right place

Submitted on: OCTOBER 28, 2003 23:21:52

I'm writing this just after gettig home, so if it doesn't make sense, it'll be due to my fatigue. I actually attended the Hollywood Bowl performance early this week and was captivated. Although tonight's performance, through my eyes, blew that one strait out of the water. No, they didn't play Creep, so what? What I did see was a side of Thom that consisted of complete humor. During his performance of "You and Whose Army" Thom did the goofiest face into the camara for the majority of the song. What can I say but "you had to be there." He had the crowd laughing their arses off. I found that the performance of 2+2=5 to be much better tonight than thursday as well. Thom hit the "Don't question my authority or..." perfectly. Throughout the show I was hit with the chills as each song sounded better than the previous. Come time for Karma Police, the audience was told "This is dedicated to Los Angeles." Again giving me the chills was the crowd singing in unison "This is what you get" in the most erie monotone voice, but that obviously happens everywhere. The night wrapped with "Everything in the Right Place" and as that concluded we got the word FOREVER.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 00:05:48

I'm not sure how I'm able to write this, as my brain is melted. I was in the pit tonight, and was about 10 feet from the stage dead center in front of Thom's microphone. Being that close to Radiohead when they are really throwing it down is an indescribable experience. Words can't do it justice. My brain melted from sensory overload. I have new appreciation for their musical talent, seeing them play so close has made me realize that they're working their ass off up there to make sure it sounds perfect. All 5 of them are so integrated into the sound they're churning out, their intensity is impressive. And Thom Yorke, what can I say, the guy is an alien. He's a goddamn alien and he melted my brain. No Earth-born creature can bring the intensity and effort he brings to every single song in the setlist. This was my first time in the pit for Radiohead, so I can't really compare and I could be wrong here, but it seemed that "our" pit was way more intense than either of the Hollywood Bowl shows. Nearly everyone around me was singing, bouncing, shaking, bobbing, screaming, and passing out cold (literally)

The setlist was pretty similar to the Thursday Bowl show I think, except they started out with the usual "2+2=5" this time and saved "There There" for later. And "Kid A" made another appearance tonight, along with "You and Whose Army," on which Thom seemed to really milk the audience for laughs. The whole band seemed in good spirits, all smiles, especially Thom. Dancing all over the place, making funny faces, pumping up the crowd, and more talkative than he was in Hollywood. Some of his remarks as I remember them: "If you hold up those lighters too long you're going to burn your fingertips."; "This one goes out to all the people we can't see, the people up top there. Why can't we see you? Must be pretty ugly, they have to hide you like that. Just kidding."; "We just spent a couple days in Los Angeles. Believe me, we did the whole L.A. thing while we were there. This next song is about that." (Karma Police). And the crowd was singing along so well to "Karma Police" that after the song was over and the band was setting up for their "Everything in It's Right Place" finale, Thom unexpectedly grabbed the mic and started leading the crowd in a few acapella extra repeats of the line, "For a minute there, I lost myself..." and seemed to be motioning for the rest of the band to pick up on it and bring the music back, but by this point they had all changed instruments and everything, so it didn't happen. But it was still a very cool little moment.

Sometime during one of the slower songs (I believe it was "Sail To The Moon") the guy standing next to me just passed out cold, landing hard on his back. Several of us helped him up. I thought it was no big deal, he just fainted. After all, we had been standing pressed up against the stage since 6:30 (Radiohead started just before 9). But as soon as we let go of the guy to see if he could stand on his own, he passed out AGAIN! Obviously he was having some sort of medical problem, so me and another guy scooped him up and got him out of the pit area and turned him over to security. The hard part was working my way back up through the pit to regain my spot near the stage... I'm sure I pissed some people off in the process- sorry folks!

I was able to get some more video footage tonight, too. Should look great, but I'm afraid I was too close to the speakers to get any good-sounding audio. But I'll pull some stills when I get a chance

If I had to compare all 3 SoCal shows, I'd say I loved this San Diego show the most, but that might just be because I was in the pit. Friday's show at the Bowl will be the show people remember, because the setlist was a dream come true. Whatever - I can't write any more, my brain is melted.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 02:33:49

This was by far the best show I have ever seen. It was my first Radiohead experience. I have never been more in touch with each song as I did last night, it was incredible. Every song was perfect. After all of that why would you play Kharma Police. Johnny is a madman. Thom is now my wifes new boyfriend.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 02:42:00

Just an add-on to the last review. I wish I would have brought my 3 year old daughter, she loves Radiohead.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 06:13:17

Awesome show, from those one's that only comes one in a life-time, played like 2 hours 15 min, a very nice place, very nice people, Radiohead looked great, specially Thom, those guys who wasn't there miss an unforgetable show, the best concert in my life, believe me.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 06:17:26

AMAZING show!!! Great setlist, lots from Hail. They played Just!!! That was awesome.
Great pit crowd, just two annoyances (denim jacket guy & the stoner couple that insisted on bouncing, bending backwards and bumping into everyone around them, if you were down in the pit, you kno who I am talking about). Great vibe. Thom was very animated.

Radiohead is the end all be all of bands. Simply amazing

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 07:26:09

Great set... I forgot how small Thom is (last time I saw them was 1993... before they went "loopy" with the audio sampling and video sampling)

Put pointy ears on the dude and he does a good dancing elf impression. =)

Personally, I miss the days when they were more rock and less electronic... but they fuse the two better than everyone else out there so I can't complain.

Xylophone on No Surprises was a great touch... authentic and a rare treat.

All "Bends" era songs rocked intensely...

I liked the funk groove to "Punch Up at a Wedding"... much better live.

Really wanted them to play "Spinning Plates"
Dang it, Hollywood got it on Thursday...

Speaking of which, you could tell who was from LA (crashing the last SoCal show) and who was an SD native by who cheered and who boo-ed the LA reference...

Many SD Natives think of LA as Hell-A

They got two shows, we got one... I would have gone to all three if I had the time =)

Just a suggestion (in case any tour related people are reading) Try a "Thom and his guitar" coffee house mini-set. "Stop Whispering" would bring a non-Creep Pablo-era song into it. "Fake Plastic" would work well too...

Also, an acoustic compilation of RH hits (like the bonus album from the latest Cure compilation) would not only be awesome... but it would sell well...

Of course Thom said that would be re-treading where RH "was" and not represent where they are going... but nostalgia can be great some times...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 29, 2003 07:33:23

This was a fucking amazing show, up there with the Hollywood I went to a few years ago. You and Whose Army was funny with Thom working the cameras, they all seemed to be in great spirits. Don't remember quite all of the songs that were played last night but the set was great, a good mixture of songs. Loved hearing No Surprises and Lucky live, just amazing what this band can do. I can't wait till they play in SD again!

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