Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Mitchell Pavillion - Woodlands, TX USA
October 1, 2003 with Supergrass
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Sit Down. Stand Up.
Where I End And You Begin
Morning Bell
The National Anthem
Paranoid Android
Sail To The Moon
Go To Sleep
I Might Be Wrong
The Gloaming
Dollars + Cents
No Surprises
There There

Encore 1:
You And Whose Army?
Wolf At The Door
Fake Plastic Trees

Encore 2:
Karma Police
Everything In Its Right Place
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 21:38:40

I am going to go a little different route with my review. People always say how great they were and we all know that. At times I was lost in it. I was absolutely amazing and Fake Plastic was the highest light. Not that it is my favorite song but everything was going on all cylinders at that point. I thought the first few songs were a little clunky but when Thom sat at the piano and they did Morning Bell it was on from there. But back to what I was saying, they were great, I was just disappointed at how little respect that Supergrass got from this crowd, those guys are fantastic. Secondly, Why not a show in Freakin Dallas. Why do I have to drive 3 hours down the Texas Nazi Cop infested highway to see the most important band on the planet. What is so great about Houston? Anyway, Radiohead is the most important band of our time, Period. I hate to hear people say well they've strayed from their roots, Whatever, the last 3 records are equally as brilliant. They proved again tonight. Holy Balls that was great.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 01, 2003 23:25:28

I just got home from this show. I'm from San Antonio and got a free ticket from a friend to drive there. Oh man was it worth it. I was never a big radiohead fan, but I always like their stuff. Now that has changed that show went off. Openning to close and the close was awesome, Everything in it's right place. I was in the lawn. I could have really cared less about seeing the stage all that well, because I just felt the music. Only thing about that show is I was lookin around and no one was really gettin down. Me and my friend were dancing our asses off, but felt kinda odd because we were the only ones.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 01:45:07

Tonight's show was absolutely incredible. I was lucky enough to win 3rd row seats on the radio about a month ago, too.

The gates opened at 5:30, but fans were lined up outside well before then. The opening band, Supergrass, went on at 6:30, but the seats hadn't quite filled yet. They were okay, but it was obvious that everyone there was ready to see Radiohead.

Radiohead came on after 7, maybe around 7:20. The lights went out very suddenly, then came back on to the sound of 2 + 2 = 5. Thom was on stage in a business jacket which had some numbers strewn across them (don't remember exactly, but it looked like a phone number .. 641-????). It didn't stay on for maybe two songs, though.

Next they rolled out a piano for Thom to play Sit Down, Stand Up. The song built up to "the raindrops" and then the lights exploded and so did the crowd. Thom was rushing back and forth between the piano and the guitar to keep up with the song and did it pretty well.

Afterwards they paused for a minute or two and then started a few beats and immediately the song was recognized as Where I End and You Begin. It was somewhere during here that Thom lost the business jacket.

Next was Backdrifts. While doing the opening with the synthesizers, Jonny was staring off into space just above our heads (we were on the right side of the seating, near him) and he missed his cue. Thom spoke into the mike, "Uhm, Jonny. Jonny." Jonny snaps out of it and come the next turn, he goes in and they start playing the rest of the song.

They went into Morning Bell next, the version from Kid A rather than the Amnesiac one. After that was Lurgee, which Thom introduced as an "old, old, old one." A lot of the crowd cheered but some people weren't sure what they lyrics were.

After this they went into Scatterbrain, which Thom put the guitar away for. Everytime he would come to the chorus, Thom was say, "Scatterbrain," then twirl his finger at the side of his head. A few times he'd point out to the audience before he said it too.

Next we see Jonny holding a small recorder and you hear some random radio noises and recordings, instantly you're thinking of National Anthem, and then the bass busts in and it starts. The crowd went incredibly wild for that song, you could see the energy flowing in the pit. Luckily the crowd was very respectful of the bands request and didn't mosh.

Next they started Paranoid Android, which they improved on by adding more bass into the beginning to give it a "thicker" feeling. Also, near the ending guitar solo it sounded as if Jonny may have gone to a higher key to give it a different sound. It was incredible. Ed was in perfect harmony with Thom the entire song, and the rest of the night was well.

The piano was rolled out once again and Thom took it to start Sail to the Moon. The crowd enjoyed this one, swaying back and forth along with the music as Thom basically did this one on his own (taking point rather than the music overwhelming).

Next was Go to Sleep. My friend absolutely hates this song, but they really did awesome with it because near the ending Jonny completely went off on his own with the guitar and made it his own. You could see Ed and Thom looking over at him as if he'd gone nuts because he was playing so strongly. Definite improvement to the song, my friend even admitted it sounded awesome when they played it live.

There was silence following Go to Sleep, exchanging of equipment, then the band jumped into I Might Be Wrong. If you've ever heard the song on the "I Might Be Wrong Live Recordings" you know that this is a gem of a song when it's performed live. The song builds up near the center, then drops off into an absolutely brilliant guitar solo by Jonny. He totally owned the stage at this point, and you could tell - he was all over the place. He went from the right to the left, behind Thom and all over the place during it.

Some more silence followed this song, and then we crept into The Gloaming. They changed this song up quite a bit - you could still tell when the form changed in it, but they used different sounds for each part, which made it interesting to hear. I think I enjoyed what they played tonight way more than the album track.

Next was Dollars & Cents. A lot of people apparently didn't know this song because the crowd didn't seem as "familiar" with it. It didn't take long for them to let the absolute energy of the song fix that, though. People were dancing left and right especially near the "dollars and cents pounds and pence ... " part. The energy didn't stop when Thom sang for us to, "Quiet down .. why don't you quiet down?" In fact, that's when there was even more cheering.

Idioteque followed. Definitely a must-have by the audience, you could hear a crowd-wide, "YES!" when they started playing it. The song was just awesome, Thom's vocals very clear over the rest of the music. In fact, in the ending of the song Thom changed the lyrics, saying "This song is for your children," rather than "The fathers with their children."

Since Go to Sleep, the band had been delivering high energy songs and the crowd had been going absolutely bonkers. It was the perfect time for something softer, and they fit in No Surprises at a good spot. Ed, Phil and Colin took a break on this one, it was mostly Thom's singing along with Jonny playing around on the xylophone for this song. The crowd's mood swung with the song and everyone relaxed for a while.

After that, the stagehands rolled out some drums to the front of the stage to Ed and Jonny. They started to play on them and it was very obvious at this point they were playing There There. Awesome. The lights were going nuts during this song, and so was the crowd. Johnny had to keep switching from drums to guitar, then back to drums, but he managed to pull it off with ease.

At this point, Thom said thank you and the band left the stage. The crowd went absolutely bananas and began cheering and stomping their feet all over the place. It was only a minute or two before I could see Johnny's green shirt moving around in the darkness, followed by Ed and Thom. Phil and Colin came out too and they went back to their positions to start up again.

The piano was rolled out to center stage and turned to the side, so Thom's back faced the right side of the audience (where I was). He had his head turned to the right, facing the back of the stage where they must have had a camera - you could see Thom's face on the wings, where there were large screens set up for cameras. His face was right in it, so you couldn't even see past it as he sang You and Whose Army. It was kind of chilling as if he were challenging us to keep him out on stage, saying "Come on with yuor cronies."

Apparently we succeeded because after that Thom said a few words and they started with an older song which at first I didn't recognize - I'd thuoght they were starting The Bends, when in fact, it was Just! The crowd went wild, nostalgia coming back thorugh the room. Thom put a lot of emotion into this one, throwing out the words fast and angry like "Don't get no sympathy, hanging out the 15th floor" - that came out as almost one line in itself. Easily a crowd favorite tonight.

A Wolf at the Door was next. You could tell Thom wanted to do some sort of hand movements (like he'd done with Scatterbrain) but he couldn't because he was playing the guitar. The song is great on the album, even better live, thuogh it was a little bit tough to make out Thom's lyrics if you didn't alreayd know what they were. I already did though, so it didn't make much difference to me.

When they started up the next song, I heard a girl next to me whisper to her boyfriend, "This is their best one." Can you guess? Fake Plastic Trees! The crowd loved it. Since I was in the third row, I didn't notice it at first, but when my friend nudged me and pointed behind us, tons of people had their lighters on overhead. The mood was calm during it and the people swayed with the song. Great way to end the show, and that's what they tried to do.

But the crowd wouldn't have it. The band left, and went offstage once again, but no one was moving and we started cheering and clapping once again. It didn't take as long this time to get the band back out there, and when they did, Thom said something like, "This next song is one about when you crash a party and you wish you hadn't." And then Karma Police began.

They kept the piano tucked between Phil's drums and Jonny's synthesizing equipment for this one, and Jonny played it. Thom stayed up front with the guitar, and was really encouraging the crowd to sing along, as if he actually needed to. In fact, you could hear the crowd almost as well as you could hear Thom singing it.

Next was the final song of the evening. I had a feeling they were going to play it that night, and when they started setting their equipment up I immediately knew what was ocming. I told my friend, "Everything's in it's right place." And he shrugged. The next thing we knew the song started up and Thom went to work singing it.

It was awesome. Each member of the band exited at a different time during the song - when the lyrics ended, Thom stepped away from the mike, waved, then went off stage right. A few moments later, Phil stood up and Colin but down his guitar, they clapped a little bit, waved their fists, then left the stage. Jonny and Ed stayed out a little longer, working on the synthesizers on the ground. By now the music was lacking lyrics, drums, and bass and was entirely synthesized. Jonny was the first to go, then Ed followed him out only a moment later. They left the synthesizers running until the lights dimmed, then some stagehands came after the music had faded out, and the night was done.

Overall the night was absolutely incredible. The vocals were a little loud, but it went great with some of the louder background music, during songs like I Might Be Wrong or Sit Down, Stand Up. Thom was in an energetic mood the whole night and looked like he could hardly contain himself. Ed was in perfect harmony with Thom's singing, especially in the "rain down" part of Paranoid Android. Colin kept the bass clean, and even used a stand-up bass guitar at some points (after the first exit, I think) for enhanced quality. Phil was in the back, but still amazing, both on the drum set and the drum machine. And Jonny seemed incredibly focused on what he was doing, whether it be guitar or the xylophone.

Incredible show, incredible set list. Absolutely amazing. They outdid themselves this time and didn't do anything Half-assed at all. Can't wait until the next tour. Seems too long.

I don't think GP has a setlist up yet but this is what I have from my notes:

2 + 2 = 5
Sit Down, Stand Up
Where I End and You Begin
Morning Bell
National Anthem
Paranoid Android
Sail to the Moon
Go to Sleep
I Might Be Wrong
The Gloaming
Dollars and Cents
No Surprises
There There
You and Whose Army
A Wolf at the Door
Fake Plastic Trees
Karma Police
Everything In Its Right Place

23 songs. Every one performed at its finest.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 03:48:00

WOW. Absolutely amazing, what i have been waiting for my whole life. The show was spectacular! The set list-incredible! Even though i was stuck out in the center lawn i was completely satisfied. They actually played some older stuff which was great and i was waiting for fake plastic trees (yippee!), idioteque, and sail to the moon, and you and whose army all night! Thom was a dancing fool and his fellow musical geniuses were fantastic and super energetic! These boys were brilliant, the event was spiritual and i am looking forward to seeing them again and again and again and again...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 03:54:43

What an awesome first concert to go to. less than 20 feet from stage. it was awesome hearing karma police and fake plastic trees and paranoid android. The light show was incredible, and so was jonny, he tore it up on paranoid android. I love radioheaad and I can't wait for them to come back!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 04:01:53

new to radiohead, and a thirty-something mom, i bought tickets to the show in houston as a surprise for my daughter. wow! the show was truly incredible, and the band has amazing talent. the evening was a mind-blowing sensory experience that left me totally awe-struck. thank you ash!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 04:20:33

My brain is still turned inside out. It was one of those nights you won't soon forget.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 04:33:54

It's the morning after the show and I'm still singing songs from the, what an incredible experience! That was the best concert I have ever attended in my life! Their sound was very clean, which hasn't been the case for other shows I've seen at the Woodlands. They are a very polished band who know how to make their sound live as good as it is in the studio. Thom's energy was amazing, I swear he puts himself into a trance during some of those songs. I heard alot of songs that I love and quite a few songs that I didn't expect to hear (thanks for mixing it up guys). Two encores...very nice.

I know the audience was enjoying the show (wow, what an incredible light show...very cool) & the music, but they (the audience) was so mellow (hardly anyone moving or God forbid, dancing?). I guess most people were just getting into the show in there own way. It was hard for me not to move throughout the show.

I was already a Radiohead fan, now I'm hooked for life. They are the best band on the face of the earth!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 04:43:15

Being a fan for almost 10 years, I finally saw my first Radiohead Show... let me just say it was far better than could've imagined-the weather was about 70 degrees, partly cloudy- perfect.

The guys truly never missed a beat; their consistency is legendary, lived up to everything I had ever heard, and every song truly awestruck me (and all in attendance) with their talent and showmanship.

Obviously, Thom is the heart of this outfit, but Johnny never ceased to impress me... definitely my favotie guitarist... it was awesome to see his those scintillating, raw, raucous riffs- he's every bit an extrovert as a performer, relative to his brother, who solidly held it down in a more understated way.

I also appreciate Phil's machine like ability to anchor the group, in essence the stalwart of the group.

It was notable that Thom's voice seemed really well rested as he belted out every last vocal, with that irresistable voice, in addition to his infectious dancing... that was a little suprising, but quite fitting.

As far fatched as it sounds, every last song was a highlight in some form of fashion- here are a few that stuck out to me personally-

Just- I'm very pleased they performed it- this song exemplifies their talent at blending frantic riffs to make their trademark sound... simply amazing, and the crowd was ecstatic for it.

Morning Bell- was nicely done, with the eerie riffs and programming in full array.

Idioteque- got the crowd a little riled up with it's abundant baseline and sythn programming.

Paranoid Android- phenomenal... hearing this timeless epic in in person was mind blowing... Johnny did such an outstanding job it was enthralling.

You And Whose Army- the screens displayed a clsoeup of Thom's face as he sung at the camera; it was a little sinister, but a couple of chuckles came out during his candid performace... very memorable.

Go To Sleep- This song is probably more similar to their Bends stuff than anything they've recently done. A very catchy song, another instant classic.

There There- Johnny and Ed were flawless on the drums that earmark this song... Thom's voice built nicely to Johnny's solo.. again, incredible.

Karma Police- Regardless of the amount of airplay this song has received since it's release, still easily my favorite. Hearing the song in person is something I can't describe, it's so good.

Fake Plastic Trees- The crowd pleaser of the evening... a very beautiful song- Thom's vocals were greatness.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 04:44:33

Yummy, yummy, yummy!!! I cannot get ENOUGH of them! The show was amazing, just as I expected. It was over too quickly. I was trying to savor every moment, as I have anticipated seeing them again, really since the lights came up at the show in June 2001, but intensely for the past 3.5 months.

They played 23 songs, but it felt like 10.

w.a.s.t.e. came through beautifully for me with third row tickets, so I was able to see Thom's playful & charming expressions, which was awesome as all get out.

Thom was danicing a lot more than at the show in 2001. He seemed immediately fired up and happy to be there. His energy is so contagious & magnetic! I love the way he gets into it - - - it's comforting to see how much he loves what he does. We got lots of smiles & a bit of laughter from him. (I WANT HIS was solid black with large numbers printed on the back in one line, just along his hips. It was sexy & very cool. I love to watch him at the piano though, and that's when I saw it first, so maybe it was the whole package, not just the jacket!) I think the flirtacious looks into the camera during "You and Whose Army" have become a signature to this tour. And it is just something you have to see - after reading about it before seeing it, it just didn't seem like such a big deal. It is quite charming. But isn't he always?

Jonny was as awesome as ever and seemed to be in his own world, feeling the music and getting lost in it. There was one time that Jonny was playing & sort of spacing out & Thom had to say his name into the microphone to get his attention. He was playing very hard on every song, it was so great!

Ed was peppier than I remembered, acting a bit like a cheerleader to get us all more pumped than we already were. They all seemed to be a bit more engaging, with the exception of Phil.

They have upgraded the lights from the 2001 tour, with the same sort of idea, but more computerized and complex. It was difficult to see the word "FOREVER" scrolling across from the third row. If I had not been reading the setlist and reviews prior to seeing the show, I am not sure that I would have known what it said.

I missed the sweet light show during "No Surprises". It was so visual in 2001, it really stood out for me - even now thinking back. "Paranoid Android" is another one with a great light show, & remains so on this tour as well.

I was VERY happy to hear "Just" . . . it rocked! It sounded SO good and that song is always fun for me! "I Might Be Wrong" & "You and Whose Army" made me happy too, as they are not always showing up on the setlist this tour. Of course, the standard songs in the setlist were excellent as well. They were heavy on HTTT tracks, but I am in love with that album, so it really didn't matter. (They could not have a "bad" setlist.) I missed "Lucky" and "My Iron Lung", and would have loved to hear "Paperbag Writer" into "Puchup at a Wedding", and "Exit Music", or "Street Spirit". My ideal setlist would make for a 3 hour show...not exactly realistic. It was all wonderful!

Radiohead is amazing. They move me and inspire me in such a way that I wish that there were a way for me to give back to them what they give to me. I know that going to the shows & cheering for and supporting them is part of that, but it's just not enough.

I'm glad I took the day off from work today to chill and recoop....I'm still spellbound and any interruptions of my high would just seem offensive & rude.

For those of you that have yet to go, when the time comes: relax, breathe, savor, and strap on your seatbelt!

I danced the whole time & had a BLAST. It was once again, one of the TOP shows I have ever seen. I expected nothing less.

Can I say it one more time??? YUMMY!!! MORE! I WANT MORE!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 06:22:13

One more thing.....

Watching Thom play with the syth type box (whatever you call it) during "Backdrifts" was enough to make me want to go bite him! I mean, really. (In the loving, "what-you-are-doing-is-so-cute-I-am-going-to-come-get-you" kind of way.)

Okay, 2 things..."Wolf at the Door" was also excellent live. I love it when he uses his big voice. Also good for biting!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 06:37:39

This was my first Radiohead concert experience and I must say I am totally blown away. I knew they had great shows, but when the laptop beat for 2+2=5 started I was out of my seat watching as 5 tremendous bundles of energy let loose their extreme talent. It seemed like Jonny and Colin were having some trouble with their monitors, because they kept waving at the sound guy, but I didn't hear any problems through the mains. It seemed like Thom was in a very good mood dancing around shaking his butt with his hands over his head and making funny faces. When they played Just I almost died, that is by far one of my favorite songs, I called my friend who decided not to come during the "you do it to yourself" part and left it on his answering machine. This is definately the best show I've ever seen, I can't wait until they come back.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 06:38:34

WOW!!!!! This was an amazing show! BEAUTIFUL, BREATHTAKING, SUPERB, INSPIRING! I have seen this band before and from that moment on knew that they are the BEST live band I have ever seen! They didn't let me down at all last night. From the opening number, 2+2=5 to Just to Fake Plastic..., I couldn't stand still. They have by far, the best light show to accompany their phenomenal music. Thank you Radiohead for being such wonderful creative musicians, and a world class live band!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 07:29:40

The show was pure bliss. This was my second radiohead show I've been able to attend and these guys are amazing live. Definitely well worth the money spent to see these guys perform their art live. Beautiful and so much fun.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 09:59:42

My first time to see Radiohead and the only thing that I can say is that it was everything that I expeceted and a whole lot more! I was elated with most of the set list especially You and Whose Army?, A Wolf at the Door and Karma Police, three of my favorites. I wish that Myxamotosis would have closed out the show, but then I guess I would be getting greedy. I was blown away when the started Lurgee, I dont think they have played a single song from Pablo Honey during this tour (I might be wrong) and they picked a great song. My buddy (from Australia) and his fiancee (from Venezuela) were dissappointed that Radiohead didn't play their fave Creep, but still enjoyed the show for the sheer energy that everyone had and the beauitiful music, of course. I can not wait until I have another chance to see the greatest band of our time again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 11:54:45

This was the third show I've been to since Amnesiac, when it was Houston and the glorious Chicago. Houston was substantially more amazing this time around.
True, Thom did seem to be in a wonderful mood with smiles, dancing & just an ingenious charisma. He reminded me of an enlightened Aretha Franklin on acid when singing 'Scatterbrain', holding his arms to his side pivoting back & forth with a lot of soul- for lack of a better term.
Then things 'kicked in' for us as the bass kicked in for 'National Anthem'. This is when we began to notice how impressive the stage set-up was with the sound, lights & screens.
And then a great rendition of 'The Gloaming' with a new bass line I hadn't yet heard.
'Just' was great; considering how well Jonny is able to get lost on a tangent of madness, then perfectly bring it back to that bridge at the end of the song.
For 'Wolf at the Door', Thom seemed to be telling a story about how this "wolf" won't leave him alone threatening his life and his children, becoming very emotional through the song. But he just says "AAAAHHHH!..." raising his hand in a triumphant overcoming of the wolf. I found it very inspiring.
If you were at the show, you probably agree that there's not much good in trying to explain the closing, "Everything in its Right Place". Right now everyone's still wondering what the "GOODBYE FOREVER< FOREVER< FOREVER..." was all about.
It's incredible how this band can take these songs that critics, whomever, consider dark or depressing and turn it into a magical & hopeful experience for the world. Thank you for a fantastic gift to all of us.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 12:19:37

Great, great show! I was on the lawn and still blown away. Thank you, Radiohead: 2 encores...including "Fake Plastic Trees"! HOLY CRAP! Other highlights were: "Sit Down, Stand Up", "Paranoid Android", "Idioteque", "No Surprises" and "Karma Police" among others. Perfect weather and amazing lights. Awsome show last night!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 12:32:30

Overall, I have to give my premier Radiohead concert experience a 9.99 out of 10, only because I can only give a perfect 10 to my absolutely favorite band, TOOL.
Radiohead's show was...beautiful. I'd never been to an outdoor concert before, and the atmosphere was so condusive to a Radiohead listening experience. I can't imagine TOOL outside, but Radiohead, complete with Thom's frenetic dancing and maneurisms, Johnny's thrashing guitar, the lights, the stars, the beauty of the moon [especially during Sail to the Moon], the temperature [cool enough to be comfortable in a t-shirt and jeans], was just ideal outdoors.
Everything about it was beautiful. It just seemed like the atmosphere exuded an aura of brotherhood and friendship. There was many a time during the show when all my friends just had to stop and give each other a big fucking hug, most notably in No Surprises.
I was highly surprised to hear anything off of Pablo Honey, and crazy surprised to hear Karma Police or Fake Plastic Trees, which I must say was my highlight of the night. It's the first Radiohead song and video I ever heard or saw, and hearing it live made me cry. I wish I could have been in a seat or in the pit, but even on the lawn, it was incredible. There are some songs I would have preferred to hear compared to some of the songs that they ended up playing, but the show overall was amazing. Even the minute performance flaws did nothing but enhance it- like Thom's voice cracking in one of the songs- just gave it a real essence of humanity and brought Radiohead surpremely down to earth from their god-like pedestal. It was so fulfilling to see them live and to know that they, in fact, are human beings, and beautiful artistic creative creatures.
I wouldn't have changed the experience of the show- it was almost a religious experience for me. And the climax of the FOREVER in gleaming lights was just...amazing. I can't wait until I can see them again. Hopefully they will play for 3 hours...I wouldn't mind.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 12:40:19

Great Show. Ranks #2 in my list behind summer of 2001. The song selection was great. The weather was great. The crowd was horrible. I know there were some big fans there that traveled from a long way away AND it was on a week night... but that's no excuse for the rest of you. I thought the energy on stage was great considering the lack of feedback from the crowd. ONLY after the first break, coming into the encore did the crowd seem to realize that these guys were a sight to behold and unless they really worked the night was going to be over. Great show otherwise... -J

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 13:10:21

This was the 3rd Radiohead show I've seen. I saw them in '98 on the OK COmputer tour. They played a very small venue in Dallas at Fair Park. That show was amazing. The 2nd show was 2 years ago at the Woodlands. That too, was amazing. Well, last night's show ranks number one for me. I agree with the earlier review when the guy said that the 2001 show had a little more joking and talking from Thom, and yes, it did have a more vintage Radiohead set list to it. But lat night I saw something that I had never seen before at one of these shows. The band looks totally happy, and at peace with where they are today. They are on top of their game, like at no other time. "You and Whose Army" and "Wolf at the Door" were my 2 highlights. "ok Computer" is my all-time favorite album, so I would have loved to hear more than just 3 songs from it, but it didn't matter. I loved "Hail to the Thief" before I walked into the Woodlands last night, and now it is a classic to me. They made me appreciate and understand songs on that album that I guess I just needed to see them perform live. Radiohead is perfect. Their mood, their vibe, their style, Thom's all adds up to the greatest band out there today. No question. The only band I can compare them to is Pink Floyd. Like them, Radiohead ignores the cliches and norms in music today. They have no rules and no boundaries. ANd there words are so important and meaningful in today's climate. I just wish they would play more gigs in Texas, than just Houston. Dallas and Austin would welcome them in the same way. Last night was beautiful.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 13:48:33

wooowwwwwww, i just come back to my hometown (monterrey, mexico), i made a 10 hours road by buss only for radiohead and it was worthy, I HAVE NO WORDS, they played Fake Plastic Tress, Karma Police, and they rocked, i must confess i shed tears during the concert. i can RIP from now on.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 17:57:54

I am speechless on this show. I was lucky enough to have pit tickets. Me and my fianc arrived at 11:30 pm and waited to get in. We were able to be in the front, and my breath was taken away. From the beginning to the end, this show was unbelievable. The best part of the show was when the band was coming out for there 3rd encore and Colin was the only one to run out, and the rest of the band just stayed back and laughed at him. Another great moment was when Thom gave Johnny the finger. Over all I can die happy now, it doesnt get any better than what I experienced. Thank you Radiohead for making it such a memorable night.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 19:40:09

i'm gonna keep this short. this was my 3rd radiohead concert
'sail to the moon' was the most amazing thing ever. not only b/c it was played so well, but everyone in the crowd got really quiet. ya know how people are always screaming during the whole show....and that's no big deal...but everyone realized right then that they needed to shut up and was could hear a pin-drop.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 02, 2003 20:20:57

a goregous evening with radiohead- it could not have better. my second time to see the band. This time i was sitting fourth row, on jonny's side and in perfect view of him and thom. The weather was beautiful, a rarity for texas, and the lights and the sounds just made everything so lovely, and slightly better than the amnesiac tour show.

2+2=5 was a nice opener, my favorite off hail to the theif. It seemed like radiohead read my mind and played all my favorite songs. backdrifts was so dark and smooth, even better live than i thought it would be. yet again they played no surprises with the same blue-green light effects. i was drowning in bliss, that song is so peaceful and thom delivered it with ease. lurgee was nice to hear, i wasn't expecting that one. i also was not expecting to hear fake plastic trees---total shocker. i had wanted them to play it so bad in 2001, but they failed to make my wish come true...but they made it up and it was so warm and fuzzy. it seemed to be the song that brought everyone together--cell phones and lighters were up in the air and hand claps became the background to thom's vocals. Just and paranoid android brought this sense of electro-shock and robotic moves to jonny, really mind-blowing to watch him play guitar. wolf at the door was great to hear live, i couldn't stop smiling and giggling, thom's voice became somewhat whiny and nasal and he was all up in the crowds face, giving them a pelvic thrust as a bonus. every song just sounded so amazing. nothing was bad or even just decent. i wasn't disappointed in anything that they played, although street spirit would have been lovely to hear again.

thom didn't really say much, no joking or real conversation with the crowd. for you and whose army thom decided to be ultra seductive and jam his face into the camera by his mic, looking at the screen i felt like he was personally looking at me and when he kept smirking and raising his eyebrows i felt as if i had just committed a crime or something--fantastic song. thom must have fun with that song, cos last time he was egging the crowd on and laughing through the song messing up some of the words. there was a certain communication that the band kept with the audience though. thom's mad "booty-shakin" dancing was driving the crowd wild and he totally ate it up. believe it or not thom yorke is an attention whore. he loves it. such a beautiful evening i became teary eyed when it was over. i didn't want the show to end, and now i'm going to have to wait at least two more years to see them again...of course it is well worth it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 04:28:45

There is soo much to say and also it can be summed up very simply. Radiohead is the best band in the world right now. It is undeniable. Absolutely fierce and beautiful. It was amazing to just be in the prescence of their energy. Im a huge U2 fan and have seen many U2 shows. Radiohead is the only other band that can stand next to U2 in a live arena. If Radiohead and U2 played a gig together I think the United Nations would have to step in because it would blow up the ozone layer. Radiohead are just getting going.
When the show ended I was still picking up pieces of my brain which were scattered all over the Woodlands. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 07:00:18

I've seen a bunch and this was the best sounding (mix and performance) concert I've ever seen. Yes, I was right by the soundboard, but the mix was perfect.

A great show. Although they didn't play all my favorites, but Fake Plastic was the best version I've ever heard and Wolf at the Door was smoking! Lurgee was cool.

Overall one of the best RH shows I've seen, despite the song list.

FYI: They replaced Airbag in the 2nd encore w/ Karma Police.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 07:19:54

I'm a huge Radiohead fan and this was my first show. It was about as I expected, nothing more and nothing less. Well, maybe I expected an "out-of-body" experience as I've read on previous posts on this site, and it certainly wasn't that. I've seen better concerts, and I've definitely seen worse.

The highlight for me was Johnny Greenwood. The man was nuts, and I enjoyed watching him wail on my personal favorites "Paranoid Android" and "2+2=5" and it was refreshing to see him add pepper to slower songs like "Where I end and you begin". I sat a few rows in front of him, and found myself watching him most.
The video display on the stage's sides were great. I love the loop of Thom dancing they'd play during "Idioteque" and the up-close and person view of the guy's face during "You and Whose Army".
"There, There" sounded excellent in concert, as well as "Fake Plastic Trees" and "Karma Police."
But something was missing. Maybe it was Thom's lack of banter with the audience, I don't know. Could be the high number of the 23 songs that just kinda slowed it down (see "Gloaming" and "Sail to the Moon") or maybe it was the fact that I was recently blown away at a Pearl Jam concert, and just expected Radiohead to outdo that.
Still, great show, great experience and the weather was freaking perfect.
Rush is right.
Peace out.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 10:46:45

wow, amazing....

i cant believe i traveled 20 hrs, paid 150 dlls for a taxi, 10 for a hotdog and 20 por a phonecall, just slept 3 hrs in two days..... and i dont care

but i would like to see radiohead with mexican crowd....

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 11:19:14

these guys are all depressed, they're breaking up I swear. I thought the crowd was there for the wrong show or something. I think they must've been frightened of the state police and local sheriffs stalking through the crowd like the Hell's Angels at Altamont. What's happening to this forsaken shithole Texas? They kept cutting the songs short, maybe playing one or two verses. I really can't believe the record execs obviously have a gun to their heads. too bad. I've seen them twice before and now it's like the lyrics are coming true for them, they can't be disaffected anymore.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 03, 2003 20:06:41

unfathomable, mindblowing, life-changing. some people said that Radiohead was not good live but that theory proved to be completely false. it was the best night of my life and i'll never forget it. i was dissapointed beyond words when it was over but was it really the end? or the beginning? thank you for changing my perspectives on life and allowing me to see what others are not capable of seeing. we had lawn tickets but just happened to be around the seats when they busted out 2+2. we jumped the ledge and it was on. the band seemed so relaxed yet absorbed. and their talent? oh no it cannot be articulated in words. the woodlands seemed the perfect setting for the concert as well. and can we say WHAT KINDA HOT THOM.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 07:34:31

Perfection is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 11:05:51

Hey Scotty,
I'll tell you why they didn't play Dallas. Starplex Sucks. The Woodlands is a extraordinary venue. I also saw the Seattle White River show and this venue is by far superior. Good weather for the show,too.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 14:37:41

drove from San Antonio to see the show, and i'd do it again in a heartbeat. Radiohead is easily the best live band i've ever seen, and i'll definitely be 1st in line for tickets for their next tour (now hurry up and come back to TX!). an unreal experience overall.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 18:56:21

I have just experienced the most memorable night of my life! After the show, my brain was in a complete state of exstasy, I had never in my entire life experienced something so beautiful and awe inspiring. Every song was phenonmenal and I wish I could go back in time and experience it over and over and over and over and over again. If I had to choose the top 5 songs of the night, they'd be "morning bell," "you and whose army," "fake plastic trees," "paranoid android," and "a 2+2=5." It has been several days since the show and I still I am still recovering from this amazing experience.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 20:46:09

Awesome show, lots of dancing, Thom's a nut and Jonny's a maniac on guitar. The lights were cool and the crowd was great. Definitly the best live show I've ever seen. It cracked me up when they came out for their second encore and the rest of the band held back and laughed as Colin walked out and soaked it up. Radiohead - FOREVER.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 06:30:34

Being less than 15 feet from the stage "unexpectantly," only one word can describe this show....GODLIKE. Best part of the show at least in the aspect of Tom Yorke's stage performance came during Paranoid Android. Towards the end as the crowd's singing "god loves his children, god loves his children..." red lights sillohette Toms body and his face as he lets out the most evil "YEAHHHHH" as the rest of the band ends the song in harmonius Radiohead fashion. I swear for a second, I saw the devil on stage, red, and in the flesh. It was sick.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 10:53:02

OH MY GOD! I know this is a little late to post a review (it was almost two weeks ago now) but I still remember one thing: FRIGGIN INCREDIBLE! I loved every solitary second of it. Even though we were on the lawn and so far away, it was easily the most incredible show I've ever been to. I had expectations, and I also had worries ("What if it's not as good as I hoped it would be?"), but I was amazed at how profoundly blown away I was afterward. I swear, I was tingling with excitement. This was my first Radiohead show, and I had heard that their live shows were unbelievable (ranked #2 best live performance band in Rolling Stone) but I had never imagined this. Thom and gang are really a bunch of absolutely incredible people, and I look up to them so much.
As for specifics, I reaaaaally liked how they did "Where I End And You Begin" from the new album. This was the first concert I had ever been to at which everyone sang along. And when they began "The National Anthem," "Idioteque," and finally "Everything In Its Right Place," the thunderous cheer and applause from the audience was a rush that I just couldn't resist a huge smile.
Heh, all the while I felt like I was being spoiled. It was such an incredibly beautiful show. I can't wait until I can see another.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 07:38:46

LORD GOD!!!! The most incredible thing I have ever seen in my life. I will never forget this. NEVER!! During the National Anthem my friend Nick punched me in the stomach as hard as he could....It didn't hurt because I didnt care. During You and Whose Army he asked me to punch him in the face as hard as I could(and Im not the biggest guy but I can punch fairly hard)so I did and he didnt feel a thing because during that song we believe we cannot be hurt. Every day I think about it. Nick actually brought a recorder in and we recorded it. You can hear us going crazy and yelling. Its good to listen to. Makes me feel good.

Words cannot desribe that night for me.

The whole time I was thinking "I'm not here, this isn't happening."

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 22:10:23

Best live show ever period. That's including some pretty badass bands. Kate's first concert ever, completely amazed and can't wait to see again. RH proving they are easily the Pink Floyd of our generation.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 26, 2003 21:06:21

I've seen a few shows.

They always rock.

This one made me cry.

I was SO moved.

And look forward to being moved again.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 01, 2003 18:11:24

I just got back from the show. Wow. My first Radiohead experience, and I must say it was unreal. To be honest, I'm not extremely familiar with the newest material, but everything sounded perfect. I was surprised to hear "Fake Plastic...", and it was the highlight of the show for me. It is such a beautiful song, and with the weather being as perfect as it was for the show, it really became one of those times you know you won't forget, because the sound and color and everything around you seems to stand still, you know?. Amazing show.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 01, 2003 18:45:43

Holy Crap, That was my first Radiohead show and i was expecting it to be really good but man i didnt think it would be that good. From the moment they opened up with 2+2=5 all the way through to everything in its rights place everything they did looked like they were putting alot of energy in to it. I loved Thoms dance moves to. Jonny was also increadible on the guitar espicially when they played just he was just out of this world. I especially liked the facial expressions thom was giving the crowd, it was bloody cool.I almost went mad when they played fake plastic trees i was totally expecting them not to play it and i am so thankfull that did. I feel sorry for the people stuck on the lawn cause it looked like they couldnt get a good view but on the other hand luckey for me i had good seats and could see the band perfectly. During Idioteque thom was just fanominal his voice, dancing, harmonies and movement was just jaw dropping, i wonder how he does it. This is by far the best show ive ever been to and i hope they come again soon cause they are my favorite band. On the dissapointing note......... oh wait there was none.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 01, 2003 18:48:50

Hmmm...............................................I had to give it all a moment to soak in. Breathtaking. Inspiring. Beautiful. Wait till they post the set list. Thanks for playing Dollars and Cents. So much energy, and drums-Phill can play. Johnny is mad. The Gloaming was incredible. I have a very big smile on my face. For those yet to see the show, you're in for a treat. P.s. My wife has never been a fan, so I drug her along just to prove something. She thanked me on the way she understands. Thanks guys.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 01, 2003 19:20:43

Oh my god....I got to see the most amazing band in the world ....LIVE...literally a feet away from those geniuses onstage..It was the most beautiful experience. This show was so amazing... The sound was perfect..the guitars the bass and the drums crystal clear..and Thom's voice was just beautiful..with no faults..sounded better than their recordings..AMAZING!!!!

They started the show with a couple of their new songs 2 + 2 = 5 and Where I End and You Begin..The sound was just beautiful..After the new songs they played Morning Bell...then they played a song from Pablo Honey I believe , i am not too familiar with that album..Thom was totally happy that night dancing around and jumping and making jokes and making funny faces, it was great to see one of the most amazing people in the world just having fun onstage with his band...They also played National Anthem.....everybody went crazy....and Idioteque...Paranoid Android..You and Whose Army..Fake Plastic Trees..Just...Karma Police ...There There...Scatterbrain..Sail to the Moon...The Gloaming..Go To Sleep..A Wolf at the Door...No Surprises..I Might Be Wrong..Dollars and Cents..(not in order) ...and the last song they played was Everything In Its Right the end Thom left the stage first..then i believe it was Colin that left then Phil...then Jonny and Ed stayed longest making noises with his pedals..I was very sad to see them go.....I think they are the most creative amazing band that exists today...If you are not a Radiohead fan you are really missing out on the most beautiful music ever written..It truly touches my heart...I totally recommend seeing this band live...completely worth your money...I LOVE YOU RADIOHEAD!!!!!!!!THANK YOU FOR A GREAT SHOW AND PLEASE COME BACK TO HOUSTON AGAIN SOON!!!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 01, 2003 20:00:07

23 songs, double encore..who could ask for more? Thom was at his best, dancing and commanding the crowd like a god. ended with Karma Police and a sweeeeet rendition of Everything In It's Right Place...the word FOREVER scrolling across the backdrop. we all went nuts. best concert ever by far.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 01, 2003 21:02:54

Radiohead seemed to bathe itself in excellence this evening. Having just returned from the show I can't help but wonder if Radiohead will ever stop. The marquee scrolling the word "Forever" at the end of the show gives us a hint that maybe this band has even more up its sleeve than what was seen tonight.
The attitude and mood was perfect. A sea of fans filled the lawn behind me and my fellow seated patrons were ready for action the second Thom and Co. hit the stage.
As expected, 2+2=5 got the show started right with some crooning followed by pseudo-obnoxious ramblings from Thom as he spouted off the lyrics to the second part of the song like a schoolboy hellbent on rallying his classmates for a battle against the powers-that-be.
Thom politely told a sign-bearing patron that "that song [cuttooth] will not be played" before leaning over to a pit-patron and saying "that song [scatterbrain] will." I was completely satisfied. Thom seemed to just let Scatterbrain ooze out of his lips as his pointed his finger at his head and twirled it around as if trying to convince us that he wasn't in the right frame of mind.
The jokes from the 2001 Woodlands show were missing (about off-roading and getting high in the lawn) but Thom still seemed as energetic as usual getting the crowd into the show by pointing and doing more dancing than ever before.
The lighting set-up reminded me a lot of the Amnesiac tour but had a lot more colors this time and the welcomed addition of a giant LCD backdrop which included what looked like a giant doobie.
Jonny still maintains his usual head-thrashing while he played even the sweetest of tunes (such as encore 2's: Fake Plastic Trees).
Ed seemed in high spirits as he jumped around and clapped his hand a lot. Phil and Colin, as usual, maintained their places in the background.
Sadly missed were Radiohead favorites like Exit Music (for a film), Street Spirit (Fade Out), Like Spinning Plates, Talk Show Host, and Climbing Up the Walls but we did get Lurgee and Just so I guess I cannot do too much complaining.
The set-list was Hail to the Thief heavy but proved they can pull off some of the highlights of the album such as Sail to the Moon, The Gloaming, and a Wolf at the Door while appeasing the long-time fans with oldies like Lurgee and Just (mentioned above), as well as Paranoid Android, No Surprises, and Karma Police. Other song highlights included I Might Be Wrong, the Morning Bell (Kid A version), and Dollars & Cents.
There seemed to be some minor technical difficulties and someone's instrumentation was off in one of the songs but otherwise the music was flawless and memorable.
When Thom was playing Sail to the Moon on piano they did an above-head view and show that the top of his head and his hair are in the shape of a heart. Thom also utilized the piano-camera to make silly faces into the camera during You and Whose Army? just like he did in some other recent shows.
All in all I enjoyed the 2003 Woodlands show a lot but it will rank as my second favorite concert behind the 2001 Radiohead Woodlands concert mainly because of the song selections.
Good stuff.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 11, 2003 04:30:19

I was fortunate to have found some pit tickets; it would be an understatement to say that my money was well spent. This was my second time to have seen them and it exceeded my already high expectations.

I couldn't believe how close I was to these men I have idolized for so many years. I couldn't belive it. My favorite performance was fake plastic trees. Aside from it being my favorite song, it was something I hadn't considered they would play. It was absolutely beautiful. Coming in second was "Paranoid Android". All but Phil came to the front of the stage. It was so intense. ...words can't express how i felt about the show, and at the show. It's nice to know you supported a band that deserves to be supported.

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