Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Sound Advice Amphitheatre - West Palm Beach, FL USA
October 4, 2003 with Supergrass
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sit down, stand up
where i end and you begin
go to sleep
talk show host
paranoid android
sail to the moon
a punch-up at a wedding
morning bell (kid a)
you and whose army
the gloaming
there there

1st encore
we suck young blood
the national anthem
wolf at the door
street spirit

2nd encore
karma police
everything it its right place
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 17:50:07

Without a doubt, the best band in the world at the present time. This is the best show I have seen since Pink Floyd toured in 1994. You could tell how electric the show was as the audience responded with a roar to every song. The swell of the show was You and Whose Army?, This was like Thom inviting all of us to take back the world and kill off the politicians. GREAT, GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 18:32:18

What a great show! Even though the New Jersey show two years ago (the first night) that I flew up to see was great, this was FANTASTIC! It also helped that it's in my hometown and my best friends were there. The band was in great spirits and the sounds were AWESOME! Phil danced like a DJ during BACKDRIFTS, Thom was a fun-loving rock star (dedicated KARMA POLICE to the people in the lawn seats), Johnny was on fire, Ed was in top form and Colin was having a great time. Everyone clapped to YOUNG BLOOD (well, not exactly like the album, but Thom helped us out when he could and at least we were in sync). They played JUST, which ROCKED! (I emailed them a few weeks ago asking if they could; who knows if they read it, but they played it!) TALK SHOW HOST was a pleasant surprise, as was hearing AIRBAG (one of my favs). All in all, we had a GREAT time! Even my best friend Alex was dancing with me and the girls (he and I don't dance) during NATIONAL ANTHEM. Great great great show!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 20:10:36

Amazing. Best show I've ever seen.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 20:27:28

if anyone has any pics on their site or computer email me!

well it's been two years since i saw radiohead at
boston suffolk downs. they are like a completely different band now.
what a show. very groovy very laid back and very atmospheric.

we got the generic 2003 set list:
no knives out, no no surprises, no exit music, no follow me around.
no fake plastic trees, no kid a, no dollars and cents
i saw the new orleans set list and it was nicely mixed.
they wouldn't play the same set twice
but enough complaining about the setlist!

so what..they didn't play their best songs, but the songs they did play sounded as good as they could possibly sound

i've never seen them so wired. never have they seemed so charismatic on tv or from seeing them live. thom was ALL over the stage
dancing to almost everysong. quite cheery. colin jumping up and down as usual playing those especially groovy basslines

and THE HIGHLIGHT OF THE NIGHT for me was phil.
Phil got up during backdrifts went to his drummachine.
and that smooth bald man in a white suit began to dance.
he was like jogging in place. it was so goddamn cool to see the most
quiet and polite member let loose and enjoy himself.

now to the important part. the music. i'll just pick out a few things that stuck out to me.
the two first songs sounded great, (no technical mixups or false starts at any point in the show)
but i wasn't pushed in until lucky. when that ended i was blown away. i forgot how
incredible it could sound. backdrifts was actually one of my favs of the night cuz i think
it should have been a b-side, but it came alive on stage. the new bassline and guitar parts along
with thom and phil's dancing brought new vigor to it. same with the gloaming. it was creepy halloween music
with a bouncing bassline and green scary lighting.
they played street spirit which was our "rarity"
it was beautiful. they played just which was loud and as good as it could be.
they jammed at the end of talk show host and i was suprised at how fresh it sounded.
everything in it's right place sounds great on the live cd and on tv, but when your actually there, it's disco thrust just
makes you want to boogie.

i know it sounds silly but these guys really make you feel at home with their shows
nothing feels forced or over the top. they can really put on a show.

the energy and the vibe was really up there. thats what really struck me the most.
people clapped during we suck young blood, even though it was more often than on the record
i like that audience participation aspect and didn't expect people to dig the new stuff as much.
the band sounded very tight musically, they sounded way better than at boston.

i thank those guys from the bottom of my heart for not just going up on stage and playing a greatest
hits with no energy or drive. it made so much difference to me to see them enjoying themselves up there
i know it sounds silly but these guys really make you feel at home with their shows
nothing feels forced or over the top.

maybe i'm naive, but thom seemed to be a lot more energetic and bouncy
johnny plays so fiercly sometimes that it threatens to unhinge the song, but he always jumps back in
when he gets a bit too crazy. and not to leave ed out. he can sound just like thom during those backup parts and
he added so much to songs like sail to the moon, we suck young blood and paranoid android.

i'm pretty sleepy and tired so i hope i covered most of everything i wanted to say. i hope someone
reads this, cuz i read everyone else's reviews before my show came up ;)
i hope you guys had/have as good of a time as i did.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 20:46:14

i've never felt as satisfied after a concert as i do right now. what a brilliant show all around.
the song selection was very good. i didn't expect them to play so much from ok computer, but it was great that they did because florida never got to experience that era in person. i was too young anyway but as far as i can tell from searching the gp gigography, radiohead hadn't been here since being REM's supporting act at the Miami Arena in 1995. they also covered everything key from httt, threw in a nice little sampling from the Bends, and got most of the essential Kid A and Amnesiac material (I would have loved i might be wrong, but i'm so glad they played you and whose army. everyone around me flipped out when we recognized the intro to it.)
it was also an awesome experience to turn around and see this endless wave of my fellow faithful, all there to enjoy the five lads we love so much. especially because south florida is a place where radiohead is pretty much completely unknown to the vast majority of the population.
favorite moment: karma police to open the second encore. obviously it has been one of the band's most successful singles and is very widely known, but there are some truly brilliant parts to the song that really stand out live, like jonny's incredible piano solo. it was great to sing along, as everyone joined in, but once jonny let loose with it i had to close my eyes and just let it completely sink in.
other tidbits: jonny biting his nails during talk show host. phil impeccably dressed as usual. i love phil selway- he comes out wearing a suit, always dressed for the occasion. and just the lads' demeanor in general was a sight to behold. they were so polite and humble. at the end of the first encore, they said goodnight and it was so sincere and nice. ed had clearly made some friends in the pit, phil stood above his kit beaming, thom and colin smiled and waved, and what jonny did really sticks in my mind. after unveiling his masterpiece, he just stood there leaning against his guitar, reverently gazing out at the crowd, so humble and appreciate. there's that word again- humble- but it is just so fitting.
it was an incredible night and i hope everyone enjoyed it as much as i did. long live radiohead.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 21:45:10

This was my first radiohead show, and it was the most beautiful concert i have had the priveldge to attend.. Johnny greenwood is a genius, and the rest of the band is good too.
The songs were mostly from their last three albums, a few off ok computer and the bends, none from pablo honey.. Lots of the songs that i dont care for from the past few years were amazing live. i cant say im speechless because ive told everyone i know who wasnt there how beautiful it was.. words and ideas,, well if youve never seen this band do yourself a favor, take a trip, go see them.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 04, 2003 22:44:00

WOW!!! I just got home from a five hour return trip. I was SO impressed with the attendence, THIS audience had fun, not as many people attending just because they're Expected to...a great setlist, and thanks to those in row K who tried to assist with my MD recorder, it was to no avail, but even with that, and the as usual lousy Ampitheatre audio, and of course, the songsNOT played, I had A GREAT time, and great to see other people in my (middle) age group intoRH..Supergrass were victim to a LOUSY mix, ..this also affected RH, esp, the first 5 songs or so, BUT HEY!!! THANK YOU RADIOHEAD!! I'll try to write more once I've slept this off ;-) I got to "Hear them again for the firs time" The other reviewers were right about HTTT songs being just MADE for live performances..Excellant!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 04:44:00

After all was said and done, one of the greatest shows i have ever seen was last night. Radiohead blew everyone away with not only great music, but a killer performance. The whole place stood as soon as they came on, and stayed like so all the way untill the band themselves surely could not take it anymore. The atmosphere of the place was nice, they gave off the right kind of "karma" that left the whole place in some sort of a trance. Stage presence is something they certainly don't lack. One thing though...whoever is doing that whole blue glowstick being tossed when they get into the part "and the rain drops and the rain drops and the rain drops" for sit up stnad down...GENIOUS!!!! I mean, south Florida, we are the main consummers of glowsticks are we not? Ofcourse, chances are that radiohead themselves probably came up with that...props...i would like to thank them for giving us all the chance to see them live, something i have been wanting to do for a while. Also, I heard Thom say that "South Florida is renoun around the world!" Thank you. I would like to think that the people here can appreciate live shows a little more, and will always give our favorite of artists a standing ovation for the whole entire show...but if u are waiting for the show to come somewhere near you...prepare. It was amazing. Clasics like Paranoid android, street spirit, and just where played last night. Karma police was one of two from the last encore, dedicated to all the people they couldnt see out in the lawn...heh heh...Don't worry Thom, most of us could see u fine...specially those of us that got there about 2 hours early to get the good lawn seats. >_< It was amazing. oh, and if they have that weird screen in the backround doing weird things, don't be surprised if u see hidden words in there or something. i know i'm not the only one cos my friend saw them too...i'm not crazy...RADIOHEAD!!!! David Bowie said it in the last Rolling Stone...Best live show out there right now...i leave you now with these last words. my casa es tu casa y estan bienvenidos a cualquier hora Radiohead.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 05:41:28

I had an AWESOME time! I wish they would have played more amnesiac songs. Still AWESOME. I can kill myself now and I will die a happy man. For my life has been completed.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 06:06:01

Being that the Radiohead concert at west palm was the only one in Florida i feel very lucky to live 20 min away from the venue. There were people all around north florida who drove hours to see the you already guessed, they were soooooooo amazing!!... despite the sound and acoustics in the sound advice amphitheater are kind of bad, radiohead still put an awesome show. the opening band Supergrass did a good job. I wasnt really into them though and the crowd wasnt that enthusiastic about them. After they performed for about 30-45 min they left the stage and then radioheads equipment was put up on stage. 45 min later the lights turn off and then a ticking sound echoed throughout the venue immediatly reconized as 2+2=5.after that was sitdown, standup....i cant remember the setlist at all in any was really cool to hear backdrifts and to see phil in his very formal, white, suit and slacks standing behind his drumkit and dancing while working with some electronics. and ofcourse thom was really feeling it, especially during national anthem and idiotique where his convulsive dancing entertained every body in the crowd. There was only one official encore and the song they ended the show was everything in its right place where during the ending of it the screen behind them read out "forever"...(after the show ended my girlfriend became the biggest radiohead fanand told me she would never forget this night....thats how good radiohead was) This show was an awesome experience!Only complaint was the sound of the venue ...especially during sometimes was not a defined sound and kinda messy ..not because of radiohead....but because of the sound of the soundadvice amphitheaterand another encore would have been soooo cool...o well). I Cant wait to see them again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 07:13:22

Everything we could've ever hoped for in a Radiohead show. From it's explosive beginning to it's double encore ending you could definitely tell that Radiohead gave it their all on stage. We never could've hoped to hear "Karma Police," "Street Spirit" and "Paranoid Android" all in the same show. Thom had an amazing stage presence and really gave us all a show, especially during "You and Whose Army." All in all an amazing performance.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 07:19:57

So it's 5:30 pm, 10/04, and I am in a big debate - go out with some friends and try to find a lady OR go to a Radiohead concert. After a few hours of my friends begging me to come with them, I finally agreed. I had the assumption that it would be a good concert, nothing more, nothing less. I knew Radiohead was a good band, but there music seemed so... well, depressing to me. Clearly I had no clue what I was thinking.

Turns out, Radiohead is one of the greatest band ever. Now my second favorite band of modern times (sorry guys, it's all about Phish). The show blew me away! Even after the opening band (Supergrass) came on I was having a great time...but when Radiohead started up I was in awe. They are incredible. I suddenly felt like such a schmuck for ever not wanting to see them play. It's something about their style that just sent shivers down my spine. Not to mention his voice...
If this show is any indication to how good Radiohead is, then they must be amazing, cause this show ROCKED!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 08:47:16

This concert was by far the best night of my life.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 10:20:51

Saw them in Maryland, back in August. They kicked ass then and got even better. Merriweather Post Pavillion was ill-prepared for the size of the concert and tarnished a sterling performance.
Sound Advice Amphitheatre was a great venue. The crowd was kind of tame (and lame), but the band sounded great once again. The only disappointment was Myxomatosis missing from the set list. I loved the upbeat performance of their more mellow songs. Especially the finale of Everything in it's right place. An interview in the paper said that they were working on the sound of their next album while on tour. I hope that this is the direction they continue to go. It's an infusion of Fat Boy Slim to the signature Radiohead sound. I love it! Can't wait until they come back.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 11:13:40

perfect. . .

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 11:21:56

This was my first Radiohead show, and it just verified for me that they are the best band in the world right now. They are completely tight. I would recommend anyone who has yet to see them to do so immediately.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 11:30:10

Last night was the first time I had ever seen Radiohead live! It was so amazing! They did 3 encores and with each song, I was just blown away. When they played Talk Show Host, I was in awe. That is my favorite song and NEVER expected it. If you've never seen them live, DO IT! I hope someone gets around to posting some pics from the show, especially the way Thom danced on stage and the way he played with the crowd. I'm just babbling now, but it was completely amazing!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 11:41:54

An excellent, amazing, superlative show. The band sounded perfect all night, especially on "Paranoid Android" and "There, There". Things really got interesting when a stage light caught fire behind the drum riser during "Idioteque", giving the lyric "This is really happening" a strange immediacy. Phil kept turning around to check on the situation and was seemingly unfazed. Thom was in a fairly laid back (Florida?) mood, joking with the audience from time to time. Eight years between visits is a bit too long but the wait was well worth it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 13:12:21

This was a solid show. The first time I see Radiohead live and will definitely go see them again. Thom Yorke was in a very good mood, he interacted with the audience asking stuff like "have you seen any good storms lately?" During Idioteque the stage caught fire behind Phil and Colin but the roadies quiqly put it out. That was right after the lines "throw it on the fire, this is really happening" so I still don't know if it was an accident or not. Right before Karma Police Thom said: "This song is dedicated to..." then paused and pointed at someone in the audience "yeah right you! you and nobody else" then he said it was dedicated to the people that "he can't see up there." Lawn crowd was very nice, better than Dave Matthews Band crowd last year.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 13:15:36

Definitely worth the drive and to see how energetic Thom is on stage just dancing around. Richard Simmons needs to watch out. Any way the show was magnificent. I enjoyed it more than my husband because they played a lot more of the newer albums than he wanted to. I really wanted to hear My Iron Lung or even my favorite Subterranean Homesick Alien. I'm a little sad, but would never regret going. They'll probably never come to FL again so I feel priveliged. I couldn't tell you the setlist, but we did get 2 encores.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 13:25:46

Awesome show!!!!! Radiohead played for a solid 2 hours. Performances of "The Gloaming" and "Paranoid Android" were incredible. Thom played "you and whose army" with his face virtually up against the camera provoking all those looking on. Lighting was amazing as well!!!!! best show i have seen in a long while.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 13:52:36

Radiohead did an excellent job. The show was fantastic definatly worth the 4 hour drive from tampa.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 13:56:06

They played Talk Show Host, I can die happily now. =)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 14:04:06

An absolutely phenomenal show! Flawless in every way! Way, way, better than my highest expectations! You and Whose Army was the most fun I have had at a concert. National Anthem - stellar. The band was so right on all night and Colin and Thom were getting off. Radiohead are the best band in the world. Period. A regular old stop in West Palm Beach just shows that the best bands prove it every night out.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 14:05:40

This was without a doubt the greatest show I have ever attended! The energy on stage and in the air was unmatched by anything I have ever witnessed before. I just about lost all emotional control when Thom sang on Street Spirit and Karma Police. The band seemed like they were having a great time! The audience was soo enthusiastic to finally have Radiohead here in Florida!! One of the nights highlights were the audience particiaption on the claps to We Suck Young Blood. What a mood!! Thom and company rocked out on Idioteque, National Anthem and Sit Down Stand Up. It was a very emotional moment for me as I am sure it was for everyone else in attendance. Thank you so much Radiohead!!! for finally coming to Florida. Please come again...DO NOT MISS THEM LIVE!!! ITS NOTHING SHORT OF A RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 15:04:08

Words cannot express the show.
It was immaculate.
I have nothing left to live for.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 15:36:19

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. My expectations were exceptionally high, and the show definetely surpassed every hope of a good show. The live version of Punch up at a wedding was absolutely amazing. Some other highlights were airbag, thom playing around with the cameras in you and whos army, and there there being combined towards the end of everything in it's right place. thom was very funny with the crowd, telling jokes throughout the show. Overall, AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING. not one bad thing to say. every song was absolutely brilliant live. I urge everyone to go see them live. All I want to do now is drop out of college and follow Radiohead around. Everything was surreal and perfect

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 16:09:21

The best band out!!!
no question.....
The live show... AMAZING

their song selection was nice too
mostly stuff from the newer albums..
nothing from pablo honey
a few from the bends
but mostly hail to the thief
i just wish they could have played
some more mellow stuff..
but they did play a few
like street spirit
Awesome Show
probably one of the best i have ever seen

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 16:59:05

Wow, practicaly a religous expereince. This show could only be topped by another performance of Radiohead. Street Spirit, The Gloaming, Idioteque, and There There are just some of the great highlights of the show. There was a small fire back stage during idioteque, which went well with the lyrics "Throw'em in the fire"..."This is really happening." I think one of the stage hands ended up picking up the flaming light and running off stage. Boos followed Thom dedicating We Suck Young Blood to Clear Channel, he responded sarcasticaly saying "no, no they're really nice." Paranoid Android was insane. For You and Whose Army a small camera mounted on the piano captured Thom's animated stage energy and got the crowd going crazy.The lights were absolutely amazing, I think I was almost blinded a few times in the pit when the back lights went solid red (I forgot which song that was for). I originaly had lawn tickets, but managed to get ahold of a pit ticket from a scalper only to discover 10 minutes later that the box office just put a few tickets onsale(got 2 more for friends). Oh well, $80 + what i spent on lawn tickets was well worth being able to expereince the show about 15ft from Thom. Congrads to Zak, Alexus, and Sara for getting to go back stage and meet the band. I'm horribly jealous. I do hope Radiohead doesn't wait another 7 years to return to Florida. I'll leave you with this final image: Phil walking off stage in his nice white suit after the first encore taking a sip of his glass of white classic!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 17:08:56

Finally...Radiohead has come back to Florida. And it was well worth the wait. I could not get over how good their sound was at an outdoor amphitheatre. And we were all suprised when they played Talk Show Host. Over all, a great show; I just wish I could make it to Atlanta.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 18:56:56

I got in a minor car accident on the way down to West Palm... but it was well worth it. This was my first Radiohead show, hopefully not my last. These guys know how to put on a show, and they enjoy doing it.
I was in the lawn, far away, and a horrible view; but the sound was amazing. I was blown away with the power of 2+2=5, that song, like Paranoid Android are best experienced live. During Jonny's guitar solos, he rocks out and rocks hard. He was making noises that i thought weren't possible with a guitar.
I was impressed with how they interact with the audience. They've been around for a long time; but the time and countless concerts hasn't given them the huge, "I'm a rockstar" complex. Thom eagerly thanked the audience, they rocked hard, and enjoyed doing so. The funniest part was when they were performing You And Whose Army?. There was a camera mounted on Thom's piano. He would get close and make hand gestures. It was wildly hilarious.
Thom: "Thank you, good people of Flor-ida."

The encores were nice, even though it was sortof expected seeing all of the other setlists. Thom: "Alright, we'll do some more."

We had a great setlist, but there were some songs that have been I wanted to hear like How To Disappear Completely, Creep, Lurgee, Kid A, Fake Plastic Trees... but who am I to complain? I loved it, and I have been giddy ever since.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 05, 2003 20:30:59

"Best concert ever!" This is the first time I have seen Radiohead live, it was amazing. Radiohead's sound was perfect, I didn't want them to stop playing. The bands performance of "There There. (The Boney King of Nowhere.)" off of the Hail to the Thief album was my favorite song of the show, they brought two tom drums to the front of the stage and went off on this killer rhythm. The lighting had me feeling like I was tripping, they had some kind of LCD curtain hanging behind them on stage, it was super bright and would almost hypnotize you. During there performance of "Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes & Ladders.)" someone in the back of the audience threw like a hundred blue glow sticks up in the air during the "Rain drops" part of the song, the timing was perfect so I think it was part of the show. The energy, sound and lighting of Radiohead coupled with the company of my best friends Roc1 and Papa Diaz led to an awesome night in West Palm Beach.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 00:04:07

I drove 13 hours to go see this show and what a nightmare of a trip it was but Radiohead made everything that was going wrong disappear. It was my first time seeing them and it was absolutely amazing!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 03:02:23

Incredible show. Thanksfully they came to Florida this time. Seeing them at Red Rocks in Colorado was the only concert I have seen better than this one. Too bad they didn't play True Love Waits. Oh well, maybe next time.

Anybody know what Thom's "Clearchannel" comments were about?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 03:19:04

I have no words to describe all the emotions I had that night. From the awesome Supergrass opener to the 2nd Radiohead encore. This was my first show and my best birthday ever. EVER. I started off on the lawn with some friends for Supergrass. Then to my seats when Radiohead kicked in. But the seats were too far away and I was too excited to just stand there so far away. I made it from the far left end of row R to the right side of the front of the stage. I still don't know how i managed that. But to be able to see the show from that close was the highlight of my 25 years being alive. I'd like to thank the guy and girls standing around and talking near the left entrance to the first seating section that snuck me in. Diane, one of the security people, for letting me stay (after I showed my ticket, then my ID with my b'day). And KENNY the big guy, with greyish long hair and beard for getting me all the way to the front of the stage. Big thanks to him. That's one of the best b'day gifts ever! ...The show was fucking incredible. I loved every song and I wish they didn't stop playing. I don't know why I never saw them sooner. ...Now I want to see them again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 04:57:29

I've been waiting along time to see the fab five from Oxford. I had some high expectations for this show and not only were they met, they were blown away!! I've seen like 20 concerts with the likes of Pearl Jam, Dave Matthews, Metallica, Oasis, and this was by far the best show Ive seen. I had chills most of the night. Thom moved like a man posessed. My favorite song of the night was Just, they rocked it!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 05:12:01

What a great show. Drove from Orlando to go see it with my friend and we were both blown away by the show. It was by far the best show either of us has seen. Highlights included You and Whose Army? with Thom putting on a show using the stage cameras, (for those of us on the lawn) whoever brought the blue glowsticks and threw them up at the end of Sit Down Stand Up during the whole raindrops part that was awesome, the dedication of Karma Police to us lawn folk, and Paranoid Android which brought out many lighters during the slower part. The audience was awsome and Radiohead was better than I could have imagined. A big thanks to them for coming to Florida and a request to come again. What a great night. If anyone is reading these reviews debating whether to go to a Radiohead concert or not DEFINITELY GO it is very worth it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 05:37:44

I drove 5 hours to see this show and I don't regret a second of it. I would've driven 20 hours if I had to! And if I had more money and more vacation time, I'd follow them around the states because I couldn't get enough! I was SO sad that the show had to end!

This is the best show I've been to in my life. As soon as 2+2=5 came on, I started crying. I had been looking forward to seeing them for so long and it was finally happening.

Highlights for me were: Street Spirit (I play this song all the time in my truck and it gives me goosebumps...hearing it live brought tears to my eyes!), Karma Police (I love when the audience sings along!), and Idioteque, which is the best song to sing along to. We were all screaming the lyrics back to Thom and it was so much fun!

I danced the whole night! FABULOUS SHOW!

I think Thom is the cutest thing ever...dancing around the stage and making faces at the audience and loving every minute of it! He was so energetic and happy!

Radiohead is the best band of the past 20 years, no doubt! I felt honored and privileged to see them live. All those people who are not fans or who don't know about them are missing out.

All in all, I am still in awe from Saturday night and find it very hard to find words to describe the show to my friends. I just say,"No words can describe how unbelievable this show was."

They didn't play Fake Plastic Trees, High and Dry, Like Spinning Plates, or Knives Out. It's ok though. The show was unbelievable and I think I have it in my heart to forgive them. :)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 05:49:20

2+2=5: The first shout of "Because" - awesome

Sit Down Stand Up: a group on the lawn threw a ton of blue glow sticks as Thom sang "the raindrops"

the lighting during "Lucky" was so hypnotic and fitting to the song

Just- simply an incredible experience to see

PARANOID ANDROID- this was The One, this song made the entire concert... the entire crowd singing along, the wicked solos, seemed like every person in the theatre had a lighter duing the slow part

Sail to the Moon- almost surreal as the moon came out from behind the clouds

You And Whose Army- great time watching Thom taunt the audience while singing

We Suck Young Blood- "this one is dedicated to the fine people at Clear Channel... We love you guys, no really..."

The National Anthem- awesome time all around

Karma Police- dedicated to those on the lawn, "this is what you get" becomes a singalong

Everything in it's Right Place- perfect closer for a perfect night of music, began with Thom playing on the synth for a little bit, ended with Johnny making this crazy loop and leaving it on for about 5 minutes as "FOREVER" scrolled along the back of the stage

Thank you Radiohead for everything

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 06:39:52

I thought the concert was amazing. I was a little nauseated at all the corporate sponsors and vip's in attendance all chanting" Play 'Creep'!! Play 'Creep'!!". All and all, I am happy I was one of the few who made it. And they didn't play 'Creep'. Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Thom, please do more US dates next time please!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 06:40:05

Absolutly great concert on a great night! ISupergrass was a pleasant surprise.

I never knew Radiohead would be so great live.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 06:53:14

This was my first Radiohead show, and it was more than worth the drive from Miami, the tolls on the Florida Turnpike, and the waiting around for two hours just to make sure I got a good spot on the lawn at SoundAdvice.

I will get my one complaint out of the way first. As much as I love "Hail to the Thief", the setlist could have done without a few of the 11 songs off of that album the band played. I gladly would have taken a couple more off of "The Bends" instead of "Wolf at the Door" and "We Suck Young Blood".

That said, the show was still fantastic. SoundAdvice's acoustics aren't the best, but the band really shone through on Saturday. Everyone on stage was really into it, having a great time, and the crowd was was giving off a great vibe.

Highlights for me: "Lucky" three songs into the set--absolutely amazing; "Backdrifts"--Thom was working it something fierce behind his keyboard for that one; "Talk Show Host"--the band really ripped into it on the ending, much as they did all night on some of the more mellow tunes. Johnny was getting some truly freaky sounds out of his guitar; "Street Spirit" to close the 1st encore--as good as I'd hoped it would be and then some.

The lights were great, the band, especially Thom were having lots of fun, and I only wish it could have gone on the way the lights spelled out during Johnny's loop at the end of "Everything In Its Right Place": FOREVER.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 07:02:08

Amazing Show!!! Easily one of the best concerts I've have ever seen in my life. Got teary-eyed a couple of times by the band's sheer brillance. Great from start to finish. The new material really came alive on stage and as usual the older stuff was top-notch. Standouts to me were
a jaw-dropping version of Morning Bell (good song but never a fave),
Wolf At The Door (this is the one song from HTTT that I was dying to hear live but wasn't expecting) and a very powerful version of The National Anthem. There There and Idioteque were also really strong. Do Not Miss this band live!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 07:58:43

i saw a god that night. it was glorious.

"c'mon. c'mon."

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 09:36:41

Fantastic show! I probably hit 75-80 shows a year, and this was one of my top ones to date...I just emailed some pics in, but I'm unfamiliar with this site, so I'm not sure when they will posted, etc....

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 10:54:28

I've never felt more surprised by a band performing live in my life!

I thought for CERTAIN, it would be an amazing show sound-wise (which it was) but didn't have any idea it would be so exciting performance-wise.

From Thom's manic dancing style, ala Michael Stipe in some sequences, to his winking, and general cheekiness during 'You and Whose Army?' I was not prepared for the absolutely GLEEFUL performance by the band.

They brought all of us along for a very personal (and nearly religious) experience. This ranks second behind last year's WILCO show in WPB for sheer brilliance, in my book.
Long live Radiohead!
Check out Summer Blanket's 'a girl named regret' for a thom yorke shout out...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 11:44:56

....Really great show, almost as great as it was in Alpine Valley, but thats because i had better seats... Radiohead is the best band i have ever seen in concert, I have been to many....

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 13:49:28

best fucking band in the world.


never have i seen a band more in tune with their surroundings. they were so "on" this night, so focused and it showed in their show. my second time seeing them live, but i have seen many videotaped shows... this night was by far the most focused i have ever seen them. not one single mistake.

they are true musical geniuses.

highlight of the night for me... probably the lighters during paranoid android. wow. you and whose army was superb, as well.

too bad it seemed like there were ALOT more "trendy" people there for this show, compared to when i saw them at stone mountain, georgia in 2001... but... it was south florida, that can only be expected.

regardless, such a good show!!! thanks to the guy from chicago i met in the row right in front of me for the smoke! you took off before i could say thanks... glad you got to hear airbag!!

if anyone has any pictures, video, or a clean audio recording of this night, please contact me.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 15:02:22

Well this was the first time I saw Radiohead live, and it was incredible, I have seen many live videos, but there is no point of comparison. A thing tha was incredible was the energy expressed by the band and the audience. I never imagined Thom as a funny man, because in the videos or in other shows he always looks serious, but in this show he danced like i never seen him do before, and he actually made me laugh many times, when he was playing You and Whose Army. They played almost every song of Hail to the Thief which is great because every song of the record is great. Phil and Thom danced through Backdrifts which excited the crowd. I believe I recieved energy from the band and the crowd, and the crowd and the band recieved energy from me. What I felt was not a human feeling, something I never felt before.
They played some old songs like Just, and Street Spirit, they played several Ok Computer songs which are perfect, and sounded even better than in the actual CD. They of course played Idioteque and National Anthem, wich are some of my fav. songs. Simply Greatest night of my Life!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 15:03:07

AMAZING. This was the first Radiohead show I have ever been to and it blew my mind. It was unlike any concert I had ever been to. Everything was flawless...the vocals, the music, the lighting..everything. I would have to say the best song of the night was a toss up between Idioteque and Karma Police. Idioteque simply for it's sheer intesity and Karma Polica because it was so cool to hear tens of thousands of people singing "this is what you get" in unison when all the other instruments cut out but the piano. Great show, I hope the boys start coming back to the U.S. more often.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 15:10:49

amazing of course. one of the best times of my life. me and my sweety were right up front next to thom. because it was so incredible and perfect, i actually sold my atlanta pit ticket. thank you radiohead

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 15:22:02

Drove three hours from Tampa to see this show, and I certainly don't regret it. I've loved Radiohead for two years now, and all I could think the whole time was 'When will I see them live?!' From what I read on this site's gigography, they last played FL. in 1996. So when I heard they were playing in West Palm, I just had to go.
The show was awesome. They best I've ever seen. Musicianship par excellence - hell, I can't use words to describe it.
I had OK seats (Section 8, far left), but I don't regret that either. It was certainly good enough.
I don't remember the lights catching on fire during Idioteque; I guess this section of my view must have been blocked. Still, the show went off without a hitch (except for when Thom messed up his guitar part in Talk Show Host; distorted guitar instead of clean, which he quickly corrected, and actually made the song more interesting than it already is).
See them if you can.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 17:15:30

well i had a ticket to go see the show, but my parents found some input and output devices to my mind experiments, so i was restricted from going. My brother went though and was kind enough to let me listen to the whole concert over a cellphone...and even over a cellphone, it sounded amazing, so rocking show even though i wasnt there personally.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 20:38:52

I wish I had a chance to see them before, but I am truly glad I got to see radiohead once in my life. hopefully ill get the chance again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 02:54:17

It was amazing. During Sit Down. Stand up. This kid, Jon, and his friends, starting throwing hundreds of blue glowsticks in th eair. Where did he get that many? It was the coolest thing ever.

THis was my second show and by far, it was the best thing I've ever seen. Too bad they got boo-rd at the clear channel remark. I guess the audience didn't get it.

The only bad thing: The lack of traffic controllers afterward. It took like, an hour to get out of the parking lot.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 03:56:39

The best way to enjoy a concert is when youre standing on a lawn smoking the fattest blunt yet. Prior to our previous smoking by this time of "the blunt" we're as retarded as we'll ever be, and Radiohead sounded amazing.

the Glow Sticks were a great touch

D from Miami

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 08:14:46

I traveled from PR with 5 of my friends... their live performance was awesome! They fulfilled my expectations... i was speechless when they played some of my favorite songs (wolf at the door, street spirit, 2+2=5, morning bell, the national anthem, paranoid android, lucky, etc.)

I wish we could have gotten better seats to the concert, after all, we came a long way to see their performance.

***if anyone took nice pictures of the concert please send them to my email:

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 14:33:26

am i the only one who sensed that fuck you in "you and whose army?" was directed towards the audience when he flicked off the camera? not to mention he did a dramatic look to the audience after singing the main title.why else would they have shown his face on the big screen like that?! other than that they kicked my ass.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 16:17:01

After several missed attempts with the homecoming performance of Oxford and the headlining Glastonbury Festival in 2001 and 2003, respectively, I finally got the eager chance to attend my first Radiohead concert in West Palm Beach. The performance definately was a beautiful, melodic experience. The opening act with Supergrass was a good attempt to get the crowd prepared for the main concert. Once the concert started, I was literally overcome with awe and amazement in the enjoyment of tunes from HTTT, notably "2+2=5" at the beginning and "There There" at the end, yet I was surprised that "Creep", "Fake Plastic Trees", "Subterranean Homesick Alien" or even "High And Dry" were not played. Thom Yorke definately has a bright presence in casting a perfect interaction between the band and the audience. Phil was energized and played the drums well, not to mention he looked real sleek in his white suit! Colin's bass thumped with the movements of the entire crowd. The guys truly gave exceptional performances of the rarely performed "Street Spirit" and "Talk Show Host", and Jonny's guitar riffs were amazingly simultaneous with the surreal and hypnotic lighting effects of the stage background. In my opinion, "Lucky" was one of the best songs of the night, since the song's melodies also coincided with the illuminations of the lights. Thom's camera gestures during "You And Whose Army?" were inviting and amusing. "Idioteque" was a shocker; nevertheless, the song sent shivers down my spine. My wish came true with the performances of two encores (similar to the previous concerts of the tour). When Thom suddenly came back to the stage and stated, "Alright, we'll do some more", the audience cheered. The audience participation with the claps of "We Suck Young Blood" were phenomenal. "Karma Police" was truly a good encore opening with Ed's callings. The ending of the 2nd encore with "Everything In Its Right Place" was definately similar to the live cd, but watching the song live proved to be an example of a speechless and beautiful rendition to a splendid tune (the 'FOREVER' message on the background was compelling). The concert, as many have stated, was similar to "a religious experience" with the sounds and well-defined lyrics. The only problem that was not even Radiohead's fault was the amplification and camera views of the venue (somewhat subtle and "dried out" projection of sound and sight... probably since I was situated on the lawn). Overall, Radiohead displayed an astonishing concert that tended to capture the listeners emotions. This show surpassed other artists that I have seen in the past, and I highly recommend my friends to at least see the band in concert to understand the uniqueness that Radiohead possesses. Radiohead are indeed the epitome of alternative rock, and they will continue to be one of the best bands that ever graced this earth.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 16:40:32

Orgasm for 2 hours straight? It IS possible during a Radiohead show!

I saw these guys way back in 1995 in St. Pete when they opened for REM...and they haven't been to FLA since (can we blame them?) But those 8 years of waiting paid off 10 fold after this show.

I can only echo the sentiments posted above and agree that this was the absolute best show I have ever seen. Ever. The guys were electric and I was completey mesmerized. Completely alone with Radiohead, in a crowd of thousands... somehow able to block out the screaming fans and drunk fucks.

In love with them all over again...only ONE REQUEST GUYS...please come back---SOON. You have a real loyal fan base here in Florida. Don't make it another 8 years...we need you.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 05:22:53

That was the best show ever! i was left speechless.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 18:04:57

The Radiohead concert was the first concert I have ever been to. I have been holding out to see a band that was truly worth it. Radiohead was that band. It was a surreal, almost religious a experience. I never wanted the night to end. I was in heaven. Highlight of the night was lucky. I can now die happy.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 06:48:00

radiohead took the stage while the 2 +2=5 metronome was running. Overall everything sounded really great, despite the far distance from the stage which i think caused me to lose a bit of enthusiasm towards it.
Stand outs were 'sail to the moon' and paranoid android, which replicated the album w/ expert precision. Another strong point was 'you and who's army'(the only track played off amnesiac) in which thom looked straight into the cameras, personally inviting the audience to 'come on'...the crowed roared w/ delight. The closer was 'everything in its right place'..which johnny ran thom's vocals thru some kind of effects and looped it/f'd it up. great stuff.

The end of the show left an inconsequental 'forever' on the screen which dragged on and kinda left everyone wondering what was going on..absolutely GREAT! The noise was fantastic.

The MVP of the show was definitely johnny greenwood, who brought in some extended jam/serious sound fuckery. He is definitely a talent to look out for, and i'm looking forward to hearing his solo work.

Another great aspect to the show were the visuals. The video person they had running it was excellent. Thom would do a move and they would loop it and come back and so on. Overall, Very well done, and well rehearsed.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 13:50:59

It was an amazing show. It was the close to heaven. Highlight of the evening was Lucky and You and Whose Army.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 03:51:41

it was .....(sigh)....(tear drop).....need i say more?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 08:51:13

WOW! I just found this site...and dude, this was the BEST concert EVER. Who knew Radiohead sounded better live than on CD?

I took my fiance and introduced him to the Radiohead love and he left a big fan.

A BIG THANK YOU to Eva and her friends on the lawn. You made the concert an even better experience!


Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 12:10:14

Me and a friend drove from orlando to the show with lawn tickets but ended up sitting in the good seats second row and right in the middle. I think I thanked god for every second of that and not getting kicked out of the seat. You can't compare seeing them live in concert to anything else you ever have seen on video or heard of them on CD. They sound better than on CD if thats even possible. The show was awesome, the lighting, the effects, the songs couldn't have been better. If the show never ended I would have been fine sitting in that seat all night long. If they ever come back to the states I will be sure to see them again no matter what. Thank you RADIOHEAD

Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 15:34:23

Great setlist... sounded poifect... great visuals!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 19, 2003 10:08:48

truly of the greatest nights of my life...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 19, 2003 15:32:52

radiohead is by far my favorite band and has been for years.
two years ago i missed out on them at madison square garden :( but the wait was worth it.
words cannot describe.
where one life begins the other ends.
i am a new person.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 28, 2003 18:37:37

Sorry I'm posting this review so late. This was the first time I saw Radiohead live. It was the greatest concert I have ever been to and probably ever will go to. Every song they played was just amazing how it sounded, it was almost like listening to the albums themselves. I'm just kicking myself for not bringing my camera, so if anyone has any pics of this awsome concert please email them to me at

Submitted on: OCTOBER 31, 2003 08:24:44

Are people still reading these reviews of a show that was almost a month ago like me? Is that how truly legendary this show was? So glad that I didn't have to swim in the ocean of people in the lawn. I've never seen the Coral Sk-er, Mar-oh, SOUND ADVICE so packed! I didn't think they would go farther back than ok computer, but just and street spirit STILL bring chills to my bones and tears to my eyes. I've wanted to see them for over 10 years and it was more than I could have ever hoped for. Thank you RADIOHEAD!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 03, 2003 19:57:32

The reviews above pretty much summarize this AMAZING show! I have been Radioheads fan since Pablo Honey, and I think they are the most talented and gifted band of my lifetime. I set the goal, that before I die I must see them perform live, and what do u know, they came down to Florida. When I saw them come out on stage, I could not believe it, a dream come true. I wish they came down more often. I was amazed at the attendance, and the energy the crowed put into it. My life is complete now! This show set the unreachable standards of a performing live band. Keep making music and inspiring people all around the world.


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 13:31:50

this was definantely 1 of the best shows
i have ever had the privilege 2 b present
4. i was standing up top at the lawn, so
my view wasnt the best, but....the sound was
awesome, and the big screens on the sides
of the stage captured the band's expressions
2 the t. this was the first time i got 2
experience radiohead, and i will never
forget the show 4 as long as i live.

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