Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre - Atlanta, GA USA
October 6, 2003 with Supergrass
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The Gloaming
There There
Where I End and You Begin
Exit Music (for a Film)
Morning Bell
Paranoid Android
In Limbo
Sail to the Moon
Go to Sleep
I Might Be Wrong
You and Whose Army?
Sit Down Stand Up

No Surprises
National Anthem
Wolf at the Door
Fake Plastic Trees

Everything in it's Right Place
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 17:25:20

So here's a good one- my mom called me Saturday to ask if i thought she and my step-dad should go see Radiohead in West Palm (they were in Port St. Lu-) I told her she should absolutely not miss it, though I'm sure she had never seen the likes of what I saw here tonight in ATL. I haven't spoken to her since the show- it looks like she got a good one in WP, but holy shit, ATL, baby. No Surprises - Exit Music - Creep(!) Fake plastic - not to mention many of what has been often played from "the new stuff" - Man oh man- never seen those guys in GA before, but they seemed to take a shine to us. A show at The Fox is absolutely necessary, and I will be there up front, with my Mom

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:02:33

wow....absolutley awesome. It was my first show seeing the band and I still cant form the words to describe what I saw. My only complaint was the venue, I wish it would have been a little more intimate, or intimate at all for that matter. But damn!! Definently the best band around.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:03:59

Hello, I just saw Radiohead. It was A M A Z I N G. (I just heard my mom say "it was amazing, that's not why I just wrote that it was amazing, I just thought i'd throw that little comment into it cause i'm badass). Anyway, I feel that Radiohead wanted to "mix things up" tonight. First of all, unlike most other shows on this tour they started it all up with "The Gloaming," rather than "2+2=5." And, they also really really mixed up the encores. Anyway, you can check the setlist for this kind of info. I'm sure nobody is probably really reading this. Anyway, i'll move on.
So, I had box seats, which was fantastic, but I really wanted to be in the pit, i'm sure someone in the pit will post on this review page and i'll get to read about what an amazing time that was. SO anyway, the show was really really breathtaking. My two friends who were gonna go ditched (they didn't have a choice, but still, they ditched :)) so I ended up going with my brother (who kicks ass) and my mom (who doesn't really kick ass, she just kind of taps ass with her foot, anyway, i'm not writing about the show, I promise to write about the show from now on so keep reading please.
Thom was in EXCELLENT form tonight, much more lively and energetic than their stone mountain performance two years ago. All the guys were having a great time (you could tell), Jonny especially. Like I said earlier, the biggest standout fact of this show was how different the set list was. Incredible that a band with such a huge catalog can....(I don't know how this sentence ends so uhh).
They didn't play Karma Police which really really suprised me, i'm not going to pass judgement against the greatest band of our times so i'm not going to (holy shit, I just got two cds I bought off of amazon in the mail (my mom brought them in to me, she kicks ass) dude, I got M83 and Clearlake (go to so anyway, on with the review.
It was my brother Nick's first real rock concert, and he loved it, he's really really stoked about seeing another show sometime, which is really great. As always Radiohead put on an amazing performance, a true gem. These guys will never stop, they are the most consistent band to grace our earth since the Beatles, and that says a lot. Thanks for reading. Catch you all later, please email me because I liked reading emails, and I like writing emails, and I like having friends because I don't have any. At least I have my Radiohead cds, peace.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:06:04

Despite the rain and wind, definitely one of the three best shows I've ever seen (along with The The at the 40Watt when I thought Matt's head was going to explode, and PIL/Sugar Cubes/Siouxsie and the Banshees at RFK Stadium)...The light show was brilliant; practically the sixth member of the band...and Thom Yorke has cemented his place as next in line when Bowie relinquishes the title of God...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:11:13

Dreary night with a good bit of rain. Had so-so seats just out of the cover. Solid setlist, lots of material from OK C and a few from Bends. Played a faithful radio version of Creep which surprised me. Band showed a lot of energy and really did their best against the weather. For whatever reasons, most likely it being Monday night and the rain, I never did quite get into the show. Would of prefered a much smaller venue for this type of performance. Amphitheaters are good for big, simplistic shows. Not so much suited to moody melody. Can't blame the overall experience on the band however. I would go see them again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:26:03

A few quick thoughts: overall, a strong show. A couple of lows, but the highs were spectacularly high. It definitely ranks second on my all-time list of concerts (behind Radioheads 2001 Oxford homecoming show). Highlights included There There (very intense-longer than usual?), Paranoid Android (the rain fell from the sky right on cue!), Idioteque (gotta love the dance!), You and Whose Army? (Thom sang in while staring cockeyed into the camera-the whole audience was laughing), Fake Plastic Trees (those high notes!), Myxamatosis (the spasmatic energy), Creep (the rarity of the song makes it always feel special-plus Thom changed it up a bit), Go to Sleep (high intensity from Thom, and wicked thrashing from Johnny at the end), and Everything in Its Right Place(what a way to end the show!).



Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:28:57

Well...I don't really know what to say except..if you missed it...go shoot yourself, because, yeah, it was that good.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:40:32

Another fantastic show from the world's greatest band.

Knowing that most of us share unbridled adoration of Radiohead, and are intimately familiar with their material, I will limit this review to the things that made the Atlanta show special. It was really a fun night. The band seemed very lighthearted, and Thom in particular was quite upbeat and at times even campy. He had very comfortable interplay with the audience and spoke a good deal more than usual, which was a treat. He introduced Morning Bell by saying it was, "a birthday song", and proceded to sing a brisk, less mournful, rendition that was excellent. Afterwards someone in the pit asked if it was his birthday, and how old he was. He answered, "It's actually my birthday old will I be? I'm not sure (he'll be 35), but I'm I'm old enough now to get lower rates on my auto insurance". I personally thought it would have been a great segue for Airbag, but it was saved for an encore. He laughed a good deal, gave gracious thanks for applause, and did quite the job engaging the crowd on You And Whose Army, as well as a number of others. Towards the end of the show, he even stopped to read aloud a poster that a girl close to the front held denouncing the FTA (free trade agreement)and encouraging protest at a Nov meeting. Thom added the protest would "fuck with the Americans who were employing unfair trade practices against developing nations"

Musically, there were several highlights. The band played Creep, although it elicited less of a response from the crowd than I had anticipated with the easily recognized opening chords. They played it sort of fun, completely dropping the "float like a feather" line, and changing the "want a perfect soul" to "so I can look good next to you". Everyone was quite engaged by the end. My other favorites were Fake Plastic Trees and No Surprises, both of which were excellent.

If there was a downside, the show was less emotive and spiritual than the fantastic outing in Montreal in August. The difference in songs like Idioteque--which can play the full range from dance/fun to intense and disturbing--was really remarkable. Both styles work, they're just different; one more facet of this band that I think is just amazing.

My thanks for a great show and a very happy birthday to Thom. Radiohead has been such a gift.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 18:57:35

There is no way to put into words...what was witnessed tonight. So I'm not going to try. I"m in a higher place...we got "Creep" but that is not all. Thom is mad man, Johnny is a genius, Colin rocked out, Ed danced away, Phil...well what can we say about Phil he is just amazing plan and simple......I'm speechless....I can now 'Go to Sleep' happily for a change. So I will...Goodnight

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 21:23:15

The show was unbelievable... In Atlanta.. fighting the traffic.. hiking up a long road just to make it to the show as they kicked into "There There"... found a good spot on the left side of the lawn near the large screen TV.. as everyone will probably agree with me.. Creep was the pinnacle of the night... we all stood in awe as they ripped through the "wish you were special" part and never stopped rocking.. "Go to Sleep" had a jammed out space-patrolling solo by Jonny at the end that had to last at least a minute or so... Thom popped a string during "Paranoid Android" but quickly got his backup and finished the slow guitar break in step and then Jonny finished us all off with his blistering solo.. "National Anthem" and "Idioteque" were down right crazy with the sound just blossoming from note to note... "Fake Plastic Trees" was probably the most rocking song of the night in my mind... Jonny just wailed.. "You and Whose Army" had Thom looking straight at the camera next to his piano and he made the greatest faces, welcomed us to applaud, and laugh with his silly grin... but when it came time for the end, "Everything in It's Right Place" blew us all away... it had to last a good 8 minutes.. they all walked off stage, just leaving who i think was Jonny and Ed.. and the sound, wow the sound.. unbelievable.. was my first Radiohead show and it was a the best show i've ever seen..

Submitted on: OCTOBER 06, 2003 22:59:14

This being my first ever Radiohead concert, I don't have much to compare it to as far as other concerts that they have done. It was, however, a brilliant setlist, especially with the includence of "Creep". That was totally unexpected, but they rocked it out.

The highlight of the concert had to have been Paranoid Android though. It had just started to rain on the crowd, and that made for great irony in the part that goes (rain down on me....from a great height....)

They could have done without the cheesy reggae music, but if that's the only bad thing then they have a lot on their side.

Props to Thom and company for a great show.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 00:21:31

FINALLY....after years of waiting..
havent seen the band since stone mt.
show of 2001 (not counting going to
Bullrun shows that got rained out).
All i can say about the show was it
was well worth the wait. All my
favorites including a airbag-everything
second encore...thom made reference
to it being the day before his
birthday....and really enjoyed
the fisheye camera on him during
you and whose army....
GREAT SHOW!!!!and if you ask me the
rain just added to it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 04:19:31

They played Creep!!!! OMG, they played Creep!!!!!! I cannot believe they played Creep! CREEP!!!!!!!!!!!! How lucky is that??? It was so awesome, they lit up the audience during the song and it was amazing to see how big the venue was. The big bummer was the horrendous traffic getting in (like an hour to go a mile) and then paying to park and running to our seats. In the rain. We missed the first 3 songs...bummer! But got in and our seats were the row right behind the pit. So cool! Right in the middle too. It was so incredible. I loved Myxamotosis, thought it was the best. I loved how Thom danced like a CLockwork Orange marionette. It was great live. Everyone was really into it and loving the way Thom moved! Let's just say, it looks like Thom has been studying up on his dance moves. He clearly was loving showing them off! And they looked good too. He's really got the hip thing down. A little Elvis, a little Al Green....He just looks like he is having the best time. And loving the crowd. They were all incredible performances. Jonny amazes me! I can't remember everything, I'm sure I forgot something, I'm so tired right now!!!! But it was so wonderful and such an ntense experience for me. It's the second time I have seen them, and I felt like this one was really tight, really seamless. Just perfection.....

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 04:24:00

Unbelievable, one of the best shows of the year. To celebrate Tom's birthday, the band treated fans to a rarity, "CREEP". Although the highlight of the show for me was "National Anthem" & 2+2=5 both sounded incredible live, as the crowd responded with a roar. Two encore performances and three cups of beer made for a great night. For all who saw RadioHead last year at Stone Mountain Park missed an amazing follow up. I've never seen so many people fill hi-fi- buys amphitheater. RadioHead is by far one of the most progressive, innovative and realistic bands of our generation. If you haven't seen this show, go, buy tickets, run.... go NOW!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 04:38:24

hey, i just wanted to give you what i believe to be is an accurate setlist of last night's show. i was there and i can pretty much say with 99% confidence that this is entirely accurate, plus it has thom's little quirkey statements to the crowd. thank you.

01 the gloaming
02 there there
03 2+2=5
04 where i end and you begin
05 exit music
06 morning bell ("this is a birthday song")
07 myxomatosis ("1, 2, 3...huh!")
08 paranoid android ("it's almost my birthday, but not really...that's tomorrow. how old am i gonna be? i get cheap car insurance now. too bad." crowd says happy birthday thom. "i don't need a reminder!" something goes wrong on the rain down section. they go ahead anyway. thom mumbles something.)
09 in limbo ("that was worth a try anyway.")
10 sail to the moon
11 creep ("ah..")
12 scatterbrain
13 go to sleep
14 i might be wrong
15 idioteque
16 you and whose army?
17 sit down. stand up (repeated Hallelujah at the end of the song.)

Encore #1:
18 no surprises (thom sings the national anthem before the band starts the song)
19 national anthem ("stop the FTAA, 21st, miami, they're trying to fuck with the americas...more trade rules, more exploitation. this is called Wolf at the Door...")
20 a wolf at the door
21 fake plastic trees ("thank you. goodnight.")

Encore #2:
22 airbag ("well HIIIIiIiIiIiIiIIiii...!!! we've got to thank supergrass because um...they were going to play msg with us but they can't, so we got to find somebody to support us, so if you know anybody who's interested. um. oh man. i hear birdies. this is my new one." thom does a little "whoa" from airbag acapella, 2... 3...)
23 everything in its right place

[thanks assmann, mark & joe]

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 04:58:33

I don't think my feet have touched the ground yet since the show. The energy is still pulsing through me. There were some songs I wanted to hear but didn't and I don't even care. They ripped everything. They closed the first set with Sit Down. Stand Up. and it rocked more than I thought it could. It was raining, so "The raindrops, the raindrops, the raindrops" was especially appropriate. I think he even mixed in "At-lan-ta, At-lan-ta, At-lan-ta" a few times. That was pretty cool. Thom was on fire, as it sounds like he's been for all of these shows. He was jumping all over the stage and he was playful, especially when singing You and Whose Army into the camera on the piano. They ended the first encore with Fake Plastic Trees, which also rocked more than expected. I've seen them before and I'll see them again, but for now, this will remain the best show I've ever seen, even though I lost my friends at the beginning and spent the whole show by myself. I'm surprised I could get these words out about it. I haven't been able to speak all day.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 04:58:49

While I don't have the entire setlist suffice to say the show was beyond excellent. The clincher was the inclusion of Creep which I think stunned the crowd.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 05:16:19

Radiohead was amazing! I had seen them before when they came to the meadow at stone mountain 2 years ago but i have to say that this show surpassed that one. It was amazing to see how much their demeanor had changed. My first show was very fun, but also very moody, but the band interacted with the audience so much more during this show and the energy was huge. HiFi Buys Amphitheater isn't the best venue but my husband and i had great seats and security was so relaxed that i got to sneak my brother into the lower seats without a problem. the atmosphere was great and the setlist was awesome. some highlights were morning bell (one of my favorites off kid a), kid a (i didn't know how it would play live but it was even better than i had imagined), the national anthem (great live song), go to sleep (a great HTTT song), fake plastic trees (they played it!), and CREEP (they played it! they played it!). Closing, great show, great band, awesome time. Can't wait to see them again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 05:55:51

The show was absolutely breath-taking. It was the first time i've ever seen them live. They've been my favourite band for a few years now. The set list was really great, I thought. I missed street spirit, lucky, and true love waits, of which I thought they'd surely play at least one. They played 'creep' though. I'm not sure when the last time they've done this was. I don't really like the song, but it was a great moment. The lighting added a lot to the power of the chorus. If anyone wrote down the setlist, I'd like to know what it was, cause I can't remember every track. Just e-mail it, it'd be much appreciated. Or you can IM me: fresh too deaf.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 06:51:42

oh wow. that was amazing. radiohead makes such good sound on their albums, but damn can they play a show. The Gloaming came out in full force to open the set. I couldn't believe how good it sounded...and those poses thom was pulling! then the line in Creep, i wanna perfect body so i can look good next to you...and then the clapping...and the lights! Colin was so shy...just there in the back by the amps and phil...oh, and johnny's solo on Go To Sleep! i dont know what i can really was just so good...someone, a setlist please?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 06:56:57

Wow! What an amazing ShoW! They must have done over 22 songs! They also did 3 anchores as well. The Crowd fell inlove with them and they fell inlove with the crowd aswell. THey were hipnotic, romantic, and full of rock energy. They started out with The gloaming. About half way thru they did a blasting version of Creep! Yes, just when I thought it wouldnt be done! On of the most beautiful moments was an astonishing performance of No Surprises. The crowd reacted best when Thom did his energetic and aw inspiring "Wildmans" dance. Thom also had some moments of Brilliance when performing "You and Whose Army" by playing with the audience with his Piano Camera! Finally, they ended on Everything in its right place and ending with the Words lit up so bright Scrolling "FOR EVER". So that is how I will remember this Show...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 07:01:26

This concert was amazing, exciting and sweet. I couldn't believe they played Creep, since I know they almost never do. In fact, they didn't at the West Palm concert. I've noticed Thom likes to close the show with Everything in its Right Place. He's such a great singer! And keyboardist and dancer too!
The twinkling star-like lights were beautiful and the sound was also great. Especially, the light for Fake Plastic Trees, Paranoid Android, 2+2= 5, National Anthem and Myxomatosis.They did 2 encores and really long ones. This was so unusual. The beating on the chairs sounded like thunder.
It amazed me that there was no security inside the venue, but the view from the front lawn was awesome, anyways.
This was a great concert and I'm sad it's over, I'd love to see Radiohead in the future but that'll have to be in Europe or again in the U.S because I don't think they'll ever come to Peru, which is where i live!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 07:05:13

Without question, hesitation, or speculation, this was the best concert I have ever seen. And I have seen a few, including the 8/11/2000 show in NYC. Last nights show blows that one and any other concert I have seen away.

There were several things I really enjoyed. One was hearing all the Hail to the Thief stuff live. I hadn't heard live versions yet...d*mn it sounded full and thick and juicy.

We also gotta a treat, and heard Creep(sorry, didn't mean to rhyme there, it just happened.) What can I say but "neat." It sounded great. Thom sung it like he meant it.

My favorite song of the evening though was...ah who could pick a fav. This show gets a 100 out 5, perfect review in my opinion.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 08:01:29

this show rocked. The venue sucked, and I doubt I'll ever go back to hi-fi buys, unless of course Radiohead are there. They just played perfectly from begging to end. Thom's voice was beautiful. His intreaction with the audience was very cool, especially during "You and Whose Army". All in all a great show. I just hope next time they will go to Charlotte instead of HI-Fi Buys.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 08:34:28

Gosh this show was so good I don't know where to begin. 1st off props to Supergrass for a nice opening performance to get people in music mode. Then Radiohead came on right when it started to spit rain. They played a tight set, and to keep it short and sweet here I'll just touch on a few points.

Well I'll start by saying Paranoid Android was really cool last night. People really felt the song as it started to rain harder right around when Tom started to sing "come on rain down". Just added an extra touch to the song that we got from the rain.

You and Whose Army was a great crowd pleaser as usual. Tom really did a good job using the camera set up on the piano to help show some emotion during the song. Not to mention that the crowd really loved it and fed off of it.

Oh and personally I really think sit down, stand up could end up being the long term crowd pleaser from HTTT. I think the crowd really likes the energy from the song!

All in all I hate to repeat what others have said, but well night after night they just put on great shows all across the world. I took a friend who had heard maybe 10 Radiohead songs before tonight and knew the names to only have of those 10. Definetly someone that wasn't really into the band. She left saying it was the best show she's seen in a long while by far, and I'd have to agree.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 08:55:19

Holy. fucking. shit. This was the best concert I've ever been to in my life. The energy was fantastic, the crowd was really pumped.

Radiohead started out with "The Gloaming", one of my favorite electronic-influenced track off the new album. It sounded 80x better live. Then, they proceeded with "There There", a great song adored by all with some phenomenal percussion by both guitarists. "Where I End And You Begin" was brilliant. I had a gut feeling they would play this, as it is my favorite song from HTTT. "Paranoid Android" rocked out, "2+2=5" was super-delightful, and then "Sail to the Moon" was nice as well. "Exit Music [for a film]" came out as a fairly rare but awesome performance. And I was also surprised at Thom's rendition of "In Limbo", he said it was "worth a try." I'm really glad they played a lot of favs from HTTT, like Myxomatosis(!), Scatterbrain, Go To Sleep, Sit Down.Stand Up, and Wolf at the Door (with Thom's speech about the FTAA and protesting on the 22nd...."they're fucking with Americans.") "Idioteque" really got me going, and I really dug "Morning Bell", the "birthday song." Thom's birthday was the day after this performance. Also, I liked the camera faces on "You And Whose Army?", it was grand. :) A few other nice surprises like "Creep", "Airbag" (Thom's "new" song), "The National Anthem", "No Surprises", "Fake Plastic Trees", and ending with "Everything In Its Right Place". is complete now. Awesome show, great band. 71.5 out of 10. :)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 09:06:26

Wow! I am back to work after driving back to Northern Virginia after an amazing Radiohead (with Supergrass) show in Atlanta. It was well worth the 10 hour drive home immediately after the show, even with the steady drizzle that moistened us on the lawn for the first half of Radiohead's set.
I had seen them twice before, once opening for REM and the second time just before the recording of OK Computer when the boys opened up for Alanis Morisette. My friend, in for a few weeks from New Zealand, was seeing the band for the first time, and raved about the show the whole way home.
First off, Supergrass played a rousing opening set, and Radiohead finally took the stage about 8:50, opening with a creepy rendition of The Gloaming. Then they kicked right into There There, with that heavy pounding beat just as strong live as on Hail To the Thief.
The set continued with a bunch of selections from HTTT, including a strong 2+2=5 (I like it live better than the studio) as well as Sit Down Stand Up (the raindrops!!!), a heavy Myxomatosis, a jammed-out groovy version of Where I End and You Begin and an excellent version of Go to Sleep. Scatterbrain was better live than on the album too.
Some other high points included Fake Plastic Trees- some great vocal by Thom on that one. Also, Thom's interaction with the crowd via video screen on You and Whose Army was really neat. In Limbo was bolstered by very interesting lighting, Idoteque was intense as it usually is live, and I Might Be Wrong was helped by some great guitar work by Jonny.
It was good to hear tight versions of Paranoid Android and Airbag, and both were played with great gusto by all band members. Good to see they still like their old stuff.
Encores were pretty sweet, as the version of Everything in its Right Place seemed to last forever (what the hell effects does the band use on that song???) and No Surprises was, well, a wonderful surprise.
All in all, a tour not to be missed, and I would drive that far all over again to catch them on this tour. Intricate songs played to perfection, with just a pinch of improvisation and great lighting and video efx really made the show enjoyable. I wonder how much it would cost to get them to camp out in my backyard for a week or two. In Atlanta, this rubber band sure tasted like the real thing to me.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 09:20:56

An undisputably flawess setlist, with the exception of the lackluster "In Limbo" at which even Thom remarked "well, it was worth a try."

I was praying for Lurgee or Creep, having noticed it on the setlists from previous shows, and the boys came through with "Creep." Spectacular!

As oddball as it is "The Gloaming" makes for an excellent opener. "2+2=5" got the whole place jumping, showing that even that tracks from Hail to the Thief can appease the most discerning southern crowds who seem to prefer the old stuff.

We got a healthy mix with "Fake Plastic Trees", "Exit Music" and "No Suprises", but I feel that the most energy comes from the post-OK Computer catalogue. "The National Anthem", "Sit Down Stand Up", "Idioteque", "Myxamatosis" and "There There" had us all on our toes.

And I don't think I'm alone when I say I could listen to Jonny's outro to "Go to Sleep" all day.

Overall, the crowd was cool, friendly and mellow, the very typical laid-back southern crowd. But that didn't keep us from banging the seats, beckoning for encores, it felt like the whole place was going to crumble down.

The Hi-Fi amphitheaters acoustics are outstanding, and despite some rain, it made for a perfect evening.

Thanks guys, you converted some of my friends who for the longest time just didn't quite get you. Now they do.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 10:55:56

wow..seeing your favorite band in the world is like nothing else..todays thoms birthday too!! he kept on mentioning it:D they played my two favorite songs(i could be wrong and idioteque) back to back!thank god radiohead exists..they make the greatest music in the pay to see them again anyday they really put on an amazing show!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 11:05:30

I loved it. The first RH show I attempted to attend was Bull Run (a 7 hr. drive) was rained out; I've been waiting ever since and I was not disappointed. Every song was a highlight; I had suspected that this would be the case. The sound could've been a little louder (I was on the lawn); I think some of the especially powerful moments (Paranoid Android, Exit Music crescendo, actually pretty much everything) could have been even more powerful if experienced with more volume. The Lakewood I mean Hi Fi Buys Amphitheatre is a piece of crap with subpar sound, insufficient parking, and terrible directions provided by the website (not to mention the lack of street signage directing people to the interstates after leaving the venue). Hey "Guy with the Thick-Rimmed Glasses" who was in front of me, if you attend any more RH shows please don't laugh and talk loudly during "Sail to the Moon". Anyway, the show was great and with the exception of the aforementioned glasses guy the crowd was very attentive.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 11:25:15

Great show. I had pit tickets, and was close enough to the microphone that Thom could have spit on me if he had wanted to. I never envisioned "The Gloaming" as a great opener, but it was perfect. The bass really rumbled through my body, and the lighting made it look like Thom was a dark orange figure standing in front of a green background. Thom's facial expressions throughout the whole show were priceless. You could tell he was really having a great time. Particularly in "You and Whose Army" when he was making faces into the camera that was sitting on the piano, and then he'd turn his head away from the piano to give a sly smirk to the audience. I was really surprised to hear Creep as was everyone else in the venue, and the band really got into it. I think the highlight of the show was Fake Plastic Trees; that was probably the best version of it I've EVER heard. It was very timid the first two-thirds of the song, then it rocked at the kickpoint (She looks like the real thing) as all of the lights in the background burst into a bright green. Overall the setlist was awesome, the band was full of energy (especially Thom when he was showing off some of his dance moves), the lighting was fabulous, and I could not have wished for a better concert. I came into the concert with high expectations, and they were exceeded. My only complaint is the venue....HiFi Buys sucks. It took an hour and a half to get out of the parking lot when it was over, and they don't even have enough parking spaces for all of the concertgoers. I hope Radiohead can come to the Southeast U.S. more often, as they don't tour here much.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 11:57:15

Holy fucking hell. My God. Whatever you want to say, it will work out. I was on the lawn and when they played sail to the moon i think God touched me. Creep was too much for words, myxamatosis swept everyone away. the funny faces and dances. ed and jonny on the drums. the entire night has swirled into..RADIOHEAD.
everything in its right place FOREVER!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 12:58:38

the most incredible show i have ever seen. every song was played to its best and the band interacted with the audience wonderfully. a great time for everyone even if you havent heard there music before, a great time to mellow out and just rock. i already loved the band but with this concert they just became my favorite band and well deserve it form evereyone. if you ever have a chance to catch a concert then DO IT!!!!! otherwise go on ahead and throw yourself off a bridge because you missed the most incredible performance you could imagine. a few of my favs were there there, myxamatosis, idioteque, and last but not least......2+2=5. but over all everything was magnificent, not a single dull moment the entire time. definatly a must see.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 13:06:55

PERFECT!!!! the only songs they didnt play that i wanted to here were......karma police, true love waits, the bends, high and dry. BUT still PERFECT!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 13:50:23

what can i say guys? that was the most incredible show i've ever seen. It's beyond describable. It was so sick that i can't even get over it! Thanks for making it happen, Radiohead! you're the shit! Happy Birthday Thom!
Zeen Oehmig: Chattanooga, TN

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 13:56:14

holy shit! that was by far the sickest show i have ever seen! The setlist kicked ass, with 2+2=5, Paranoid Android (It stopped raining as that song went on, then once it ended it started rainging again), Creep, Sail to the Moon, Sit Down; Stand up, all awesome songs! Fake Plastic Trees was amazing, and so unexpected! Both encores were awesome. The energy in the crowd was crazy. That show is worth so much more than i could ever describe! Thanks for making it happen. My brother and I will never forget it. Thom i loved the facial expressions into the camera, that made my day! Happy Birthday! Thanks for an unbelieveable show!! ya'll kick ass! It was fucking crazy!
Zeen Oehmig :Chattanooga, TN

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 14:20:12

Radiohead....omigod! MY first Radiohead concert....I drove from Tampa Florida (7hrs) to see my favorite band!
I had horrible seats! WW row. Next time i think radiohead should play somewhere alot smaller but do more locations!
DESPITE MY BITCHYNESS! I LOVE RADIOHEAD AND IM GETTING A CRYING MINOTAUR TATTOO! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND THAT SHOW WAS SO GREAT, espically with the piano cam during you and whose army! i love you radiohead...i also have no voice from screaming everysingle lyric and every single note!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 14:22:11

Good show, wasn't totally blown away like everyone else, but for me once you've seen a band once it's hard to judge them again.

Definite highlight for me was hearing the new Hail to the thief material sound much better in person. Sit down stand up definitely stood out.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 15:21:51

Insane. This was my first concert and I am speechless. Unfortunatly we arrived late so we missed the first 3 songs. Every single song they played was incredable. I've never seen anything like it before in my life. Paranoid Android was the song that opened me up to listening to Radiohead and to hear it live makes me crave more. Myxamotosis had so much energy. Thom was really getting into it and I could tell that the whole band was having a blast. Johnny was showing his skills on the guitar in one song but I was pretty fucked up so I don't remember which song it was. Fake Plastic Trees was incredable. Idioteque was the song with the most hype in it in my opinion, the crowd went crazy! Two complaints unfortunatly.

1. Radiohead didn't play long enough but i'm guessing they were worn out which was excusable.

2. I paid $20 to double park in a church parking lot, whoever designed that ampitheatre was a complete dumbass for not accomidating enough parking. I thought that I was just getting ripped off paying $20 to park. Completely unexcusable!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 16:08:03

I'm that somewhat rare 50 year old who doesn't limit himself to "classic rock". I have been to many, many concerts over the years, but the standard has always been Pink Floyd in March 1973. Dark Side Of The Moon had just been released, and they were not yet mega stars. I saw them in a small venue, and no concert since that time has even been close---until now. I was already sure that Radiohead was perhaps the greatest band ever, but I didn't know how that would translate into a live show. I thought the show was awesome. I drove to Atlanta by myself, because unfortunately, people my age are unwilling to try new music. They have made a terrible mistake. This is music for the ages. When most of you have reached my age (and I have been reduced to ashes kept in an urn), you'll still be pulling out your old Radiohead CD's to show the "young" people what music is really about.
(By the way, I snuck a camera into the show and have some pretty good pictures. Once I figure out how to use my scanner I'll try to get them posted on this website)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 16:20:01

This was my first radiohead show..I was in the pit, directly infront of mr yorke. Someone took my spot against the grate though. Swine. Anyway. It was amazing. Thom reminded me of a every sexy rock god in the world..especially during myxomatosis. Just simply amazing. Probably the greatest thing i'll ever experience.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 18:06:53

All that I can say is that this was an unbelievable performance. The 6th was my birthday, and seeing Radiohead was definitely the best present I've ever received. I cant lay a finger on what tune was tops, because they were all amazing. I was very impressed with the lights and think they added tremendously to the intensity of the music. Never going to forget this birthday.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 18:24:50

To clarify, when Thom said, "This is my new one," he was referring to his new guitar, not to Airbag.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 18:37:39

came up from gainesville,florida for show
with girlfriend [both huge fans] and with pit tickets awaited our first radiohead concert. all i can say is our minds have melted, as we both realize that we just saw an amazing band. i was dying to see how the httt material holds up live, and now i believe they have several new live standards to add to their already enourmous wealth of songs that kick ass live. 2+2=5 is awesome, better that i would have dreamed, the buildup part- "it the devils way now" was excellent. and "go to sleep" is great as well. but "myxo", my god. just go to this show, and see a great band. and i don't say great that often. my brain is in the clouds man.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 19:27:21

Just to clarify one thing, Thom said that the FTAA represents big business "trying to fuck with the Americas." That is, Central and South America will be fucked by the FTAA (North Americans.)

Also, the "bring down the government/they don't speak for us" line from "No Surprises" got a great response from the crowd. A good sign in my book.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 19:41:05

I'm upset that thanks to Radiohead I will never be able to see a show that will compare to what I witnessed last night in Atlanta. They are a sonic marvel masterpiece. This was my first Radiohead show and will definetly not be my last. I'm 22 and have waited since I was 15 & they were on "The Bends" tour with some opening shows for Alanis Morrisette that were cancelled!( I would not buy a ticket to Alanis but would buy a ticket to see them open up) ( how the hell could she follow an act like that!?) I got my wish. I can't say a whole lot more that all the other reviews haven't already expressed but if there is anyone that is going to an upcoming show in N.Y. or Canada and reading these reviews like I was a week ago. It's true you are in for it and reading these reviews cannot do the experience justice. With an ever changing set list and energy everyone will feel something different.
Highlights for me were "Exit Music"... him singing "today we escape" at that point I lost all human contact... "2+2=5" really shook me, it has a wonderful energy live... "Morning Bell" very happy version..."I Might Be Wrong" Rocked my socks...Johnny is splendid...."Creep" was a wonderful surprise I felt like it was Christmas."Everything in its right place" no words to describe that! I can't believe they pulled off all those effects live. My only criticism was the looseness of "Airbag." it made the energy really raw and fresh but everything was so tight and surreal the whole show that I just wasn't ready to come off my little cloud yet and remember that they were only human. I really wish I had tickets to MSG. Thanx to Radiohead and all who made the show the most intense feeling I've ever had second to skydiving.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 19:44:48

It was my first time seeing the band. After the worst weekend of my life a couple of years back in bullrun park, I was looking forward to this show like I would have been my own wedding. It was a huge let down. Although the setlist was great every other element of the show was horrible. The venue was the worst place I have ever seen a show. The sound quality was mediocre. The crowd was so large and somewhat apathetic that I think too many frat boys had nothing better to do than go to a show on a monday night. People who "said" they worked for the venue where getting 20 bucks for letting people park in grass lots and ditchs. The traffic was so bad it took nearly 1 1/2 hours to get to a place that was only 15 minutes away. And, not to mention the tickets cost 50 bucks just to sit on the lawn. Radiohead is a great band with great music and ideas. The fact they played at this place, underneath a clearchannel sky, makes me lose an element of respect for a band that I had nothing but respect for. The band should give up there anti-rightwing movement talk if they are going to continue in this manner. Some of us who listen to the music and who have grown up with them take what they say to heart. And me as an anti-war person have taken their resent words to an even greater area in my heart. They need to know that it isnt just Bush who is our enemy, but all the corprate and media control that they have over us and our music, media, oil, goods, agriculture,etc.. If radiohead wants to enter this fight with their words and music then they need to take it the entire way. Anything else is unacceptable

Submitted on: OCTOBER 07, 2003 20:20:08

Of course I could add to the positive criticism of the show and be like everyone else...and well, I will, cause it's Radiohead and what's to hate about a Radiohead show? I had pit passes to the show, about the same place I was for the Stone Mtn show but dead center (10 feet from Thom). He really seemed to enjoy this show quite a bit more than any from the last tour. The facial expressions from Thom were more than worth paying anything to see this band...That's not to mention the incredibly balanced sound that they meticulously work on creating along with their broad knowledge of musical instruments mixed with an unbeleivable light show. The setlist was quite perfect...couldn't have asked more much better, I'm not sure why everyone disses the Gloaming but it's such an incredible song and I was very happy to have it open the show...I was asking for it. I also sneaked a peak at some of the prior setlists from this tour and realized that they might just play Creep and well, they did, for the fourth time now in the states in the past 7 or so that was quite special, along with the fact that they even seemed to enjoy it. Not sure if I've ever seen Thom so happy almost seemed ridiculous in comparison to Meeting People is's nice to see the guys happy for once...well at least Thom.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 02:46:27

I dont think i have screamed so hard in my entire life. The drunks were shitty. THey stood in the "good seat People's" way but i got me a security guard to keep them off the rail. I had kick ass seats and could see thom extremely close. I cant describe the feeling i felt jumping up and down to every song everybeat... i was in a trance from start to end. Im so thankful for being able to go.

thank you radiohead.

Down with drunks, we came to hear music, not to get hammered. Priorities, priorities, priorities. Sad america.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 07:47:40

Just wanted to clarify something that seems to have been confusing to people about the show:
When Thom said "This is my new one" at the second encore before "Airbag," he wasn't referring to the song. He was referring to the guitar he was handed by a technician. Proof is the brief spat he played on it right after saying this. (It sounded like a beautiful new axe).

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 08:36:42

my first radiohead show and they far exceeded my expectations. needless to say, a more intimate place than an ampitheatre would have been appropriate but the performance and setlist was incredible. despite being stuck on the lawn i was still in awe throughout the show. thousands of hands were raised in the falling rain during paranoid android as though thom had summoned it with the beautiful "rain down" break in the song. myxamatosis had a snarling energy i wasn't even aware the song had from the album track. the older songs thrown in kept everyone suprised. mindblowing is the only word even nearly apt in summing up the show. from the light show to the perfect performance, radiohead kicked ass.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 10:36:52

This was the best show I have ever seen period. I am not exagerating at all. I was lucky enough to get Pit tickets and watched the band perform 5 feet in front of me. I have been waiting 7 long years to see RH live. This show was highly anticipative for me after the dissapointing debacle at Bull Run in 2001. I must say that the first song they played "the gloaming" was the best song performed, especially the visual effects. The way Thom looked with those glaring eyes and the green & purple lights reflecting off of him was jaw dropping. Speaking of jaw dropping, Exit music (for a film) was completely amazing & mind blowing. There was complete silence through pretty much the whole song, how cool is that?! And finally, Sit down, stand up was perfect along with the raindrops that actually did come down during the show.

Radiohead is my favorite band ever and I hope they continue to surprise everyone. They have come a long way, there's no stopping now!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 15:05:52

Yes, I would have to agree.
Radiohead is the best band IN THE WORLD.

This was my first Radiohead concert (finally we're on a continent at the same time) and it was very gratifying. Definately worth the 9 hour drive from Virginia on a Monday. Even though my seats weren't that great, it still felt pretty intimate I thought and I wasn't even the least bit intoxicated. The next day my throat felt like it was cut from screaming so loudly... They sound so good live and you could tell that everyone in the audience really really really liked them. (No-half-assers here! or at least they were drowned out by the real fans haha) Next time, I'm dishing out for those pit tickets...I can only imagine how insane that is.

Seriously hoping that they'll tour again in 2004 so I can fallow them around ...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 15:18:12

Radiohead has been my favorite band for some time, I knew they were the best. After seeing them live in Atlanta though... I don't think anyone who was there has a doubt now. After a few songs it started raining, the whole theatre was packed back to back. Not one person left though when it started raining. I'm sure everyone else was as captivated as I. They put on such a great show, I loved Thom's performance in you and whose army. I think my favorite they performed was Idioteque and the only thing that could have made the show better would be Karma Police and Talkshow Host.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 16:02:19

Like everyone else I was completely blown away by the best show I have ever seen - it was intense, fun, thrilling and transcendent! The band really seemed to be enjoying themselves and were definetely "tight" - you can tell they are in complete top form! Highlights - "The Gloaming" was the best show opener ever and sounded 1,000% better live; "The National Anthem" wow what a light show; "Myxomatosis" with that cool voice sound (really evil) that Thom got; - oh hell, the whole show was a highlight!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 17:02:25

Wow. This was my first Radiohead show, but definetly not my last. They opened with The Gloaming, and got better and better. Some highlights: You and Whose Army. One of my favorites anyway, but Thoms antics were hilarious. Idioteque ruled. Creep was amazing, and this leads to another highlight, Johnny f'ing Greenwood. He walked around the stage as if he was born on it and created sounds that noone has ever heard before. I feel lucky to have been a part of such an important event, and look forward to my childrens wondrous eyes when I say "Yes kids, I saw those guys live"

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 18:48:02

First radiohead concert couldn't have been better! Heard all my favorites, from the pit, mind you, against the rail in front. Jonny was 6-7 feet away and Thom wasn't much more! Perfect!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 19:02:22

Can Thom Yorke dance or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 08, 2003 19:07:38

truly a great show. I have seen radiohead once before, but I have never seen thom so animated. The band was definitely playing for the crowd, and the crowd was providing energy for the band: the crowd of 19,000 were performers themselves, with percusion and that awe inspiring pounding of the seats. I was lucky enough to have pit tickets and my linsey. My only complaint would have to be about that bastard in the pit that had to push everybody, including my girlfriend. He smelled like horse poop, and he had crappy hair: "I tease it with bert's bees wax."

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 04:03:30

What to say that has not been said!! For starters, my four friends and i drove several hundred miles to be at the show...since North Carolina doesn't get shows like Radiohead. It was most definitely worth it. Secondly, the lawn section was hopping. As the pace of the rain began to accelerate, and the stunning and brilliant lights flooded the crowd during Paranoid Android, I remember one brief second into the riff in the middle of the track, the entire venue was lit up momentarily, and it looked like something out of the temple scene in the second Matrix movie. A massive caucophony of sound, masses of bodies, arms and heads moving in motion to the most intense concert moment I have ever experienced. The crowd payed near-silent and reverent homage to the slower, more deliberate 'No surprises', with echoes of a sing-along the only accompaniment to pure musical expression. There was a terrific moment of applause and cheers immediately following the anti-gov "...they don't speak for us" line...I don't doubt that this kind of response is an RH tradition simply for its truth. Thom seemed genuine and sprightly, smiling and dancing more than I've ever seen on tv or videos. It was my first RH show...and a lifetime memory I will cherish. From the odorific clouds above the lawn, to the rain-soaked fans relishing the roller-coaster of sound only one band provides, this show was the pinnacle of my concert experiences. And by the way, the reggae music over the pa system was old-school dance hall sh** from the 50's and 60's, and it was just fine for such a non-commercial crowd.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 06:17:16

just a note on the setlist - you and whose army should be the second to last song from the main set and national anthem should be the second song of the encore. also, optimistic was not played.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 07:17:45

is it just me or are they the best band on this planet? if you haven't seen these guys live yet, buy a ticket when you get up from your computer. a couple favorites from the evening: the gloaming, 2+2=5, exit music, morning bell, you and whose army, national anthem, and ofcourse the breathtaking fake plastic trees. the tone of the music was inspiring. also, national anthem was the loudest song i've ever heard live. it was beautiful. thank you radiohead, and cheers to all.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 08:23:03

An amazing show, and I was in the outfield - center, towards the wall. I couldn't see a lot of details from there, but the sound was incredible. I moved foward to the front of the outfield later, and the sound wasn't as good, so I moved back. Sometimes I had to close my eyes to enjoy the music, because the visual effects were so fantastically overwhelming. Interesting song selection; I was most pleased with "Where I End and You Begin" which was simply outstanding. Ed with his e-bow (i'm sorry I'm a guitar geek) and Jonny on that weird sliding keyboard really created some rare energy. I concur with others: the rain really added to the venue and the temperature was really quite pleasant. Their setlist looks so huge but the time seemed to fly by too fast. It was over before I knew it. My last rave - the screens on the sides of the stage featuring Ed and Jonny (respectively, left to right) manipulating their effects on the floor for "Everything in its Right Place" was a great touch. Some of my friends went to the West Palm and New Orleans show too, and said this was the best of the three! I certainly enjoyed it. I wished they had played "Lucky" though. Maybe next time. Great job, guys!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 09:27:00

I was in the pit three people deep and about even with Jonny Greenwood. Wow! I cried for the first five songs. When they played Idioteque the pit went crazy, as if we weren't already full of energy. Best Show I have seen! Radiohead is my drug and I need more!!!!!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 12:47:53

well...i raced down to atlanta from north carolina.... making a five hour car trip in four hours. Sat in traffic for 45 minutes....pratically ran into the ampitheater. god i loved seeing them at lakewood..oh excuse me HiFi bUys...probably owned by clearchannel or viacom or some shit like that. there was a fuckin sea of people..anyway...It has taken me four years to see these buggers in concert... always something has come up...and finally i skipped two classes and drove home for the night to see...what is the best band in the world. i truly am a changed person. i have been spiritually exaulted. i called my mom the next morning after returning five hours that same night...and told her that college is worthless...i'm going..i'm walking out the door...i have to see them...again and agian. she was happy to know that i had had a good time...and that i finally got to see them...even if it meant me ultimately backpacking around europe for a whole year, just to follow them...i plan to start in the spring..if anyone's interested...Monday night was the shortest night of my life...they blew me away.Words cannot describe what i felt...what i still feel... I am a different person. I will say that unlike most of the previous reviews...creep is overrated..and while yes it is a stellar was defintely over played back in the day...amazing what media can do to you. The pinnacle for me was exit music( for a film) or you and whose army?...both times i had an intimate experience with thom yorke. Thom, you rock my world... you are so weird, and i love you for it. keep on living everyone... somehow it's all worth it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 09, 2003 15:42:23

The best show I've ever seen. Period.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 03:36:50

wow. i'd say "thats all i can say about that." but i'm gonna type more :).

second time this year ive seen them, other being at east troy on the 23rd of august. saw them in boston in 2001 also. of the three, this definitely ranks highest, then boston, then east troy. interestingly, in the other two shows i was almost right next to the stage, this one i was back in the seats. i think having a view of the whole band helped some with the atmosphere. the other high points being (in no particular order): creep, "hallelujah" in sit down.stand up, the crowd singing happy birthday to thom before the first encore (sec 203 was a blast!). my friend mistakenly thought i almost passed out during "fake plastic trees" ... just closed my eyes and took in the whole thing, it was amazing.

was a little worried going in to this show because i was disappointed in east troy, the band started hot there and then there was a big lull in the show as they played some newer/electronic dance stuff. in this show they spread the songs out which helped TREMENDOUSLY.

and finally, the fans in atlanta are the best in the world. i've been to concerts in many places now, and the two best (by quite a bit) were in atlanta. thanks to radiohead and thanks to the other fans who stuck through the rain to see them play and make it worth it for all of us!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 16:58:45

This was my first Radiohead concert, so I was extremely excited to see them, and I won't say much on how the concert was (except it was perfect) because everyone else has said enough. Just wanted to say that I took a friend that was not a big fan, only song she's every known was creep, and she loved it, danced around like a maniac the whole time, and said it was the best concert she's ever been to. I think that's a wonderful example of how great Radiohead are. Amazing!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 21:29:13

i saw radiohead and now i'm sad............................................because until i see them again nothing can compare.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 17:09:19

this was my first time seeing radiohead and this performance cemented them as both my personal favorite band of all time as well as the best band ever. no one can touch radiohead, lyrically, musically, or as a live band. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 18:56:09

This show was fucking unbelievable. These guys are my favorite, and I still can't seem to make myself believe that I have seen them in person. I've been reading reviews for past shows for some time now and a lot of them talk about seeing a Radiohead show is like being in a presence, and it really is. Euphoria was just radiating off of myself and everyone else there..... Incredible! I couldn't believe the songs that I finally got to hear live (and to think that Morningbell was Thom's birthday song!!!). I have seen the best there is to see, there's no going back now. For all fans that have never gotten the chance to see them live, please go, any chance you get, my God, please go. And for all people who only know the typical mainstream Radiohead songs, I beg you to go too, for the experience if nothing else. Wow. It truly is an experience not to miss, I took nothing for the show, yet felt as if I were floating 10 feet off the ground! Amazing!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 18:39:35

I fell in love the day I heard "Fake Plastic Trees". I finally got to see my loves almost ten years later. Those two hours seemed like the shortest seconds of my life. I never wanted it to end! I wish that I could have stood there FOREVER and listened to them play! There are just no words for how much I love them and how deep their music touches me.
I don't really have any friends that love them as much as I do, so please feel free to write to me so we can discuss them at even greater lengths. :)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 12:43:18

I was surprised and happy to hear Creep and was fascinated at how powerful the Kid A songs were live. The two high points for me besides Creep were Thom's antics during You And Whose Army and the crowd sing-along on Fake Plastic Trees. Drove there and back by myself with the flu from Birmingham and felt better than ever the next day. Look for my book coming out next month online - Bedlam In A One Man Band at Hoping the fellows release a live DVD soon...


Submitted on: OCTOBER 18, 2003 09:13:26

I can't say anything that hasn't already been said. Wow. Best concert I've ever seen...and wasn't the last song on the second encore Idioteque?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 20, 2003 11:38:26

THE greatest band of all times. Thank you so much for such a great time. I was really pleased with the setlist, especially since all of the old albums were revisited. It would be a great gesture to the millions of fans if Radiohead would sell many of their live shows like "Live Recordings". I first saw this amzing band in Montreux, Switzerland; great show and great venue. The energy in Atlanta was out of this world!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 21, 2003 17:49:05

not a long review here, it was great! my wife and i's first radiohead concert. we've been waiting to see them since OK Computer. finally got our chance and were not disappointed... :)
for anyone thats interested. i have the rebroadcast by 99x in wav format, and i'll be converting it to mp3 by request. email me if you want a copy and we'll work something out. thanks radiohead and the crowd for making this a show to remember!!!

Submitted on: JUNE 22, 2004 18:35:16

there's really only one word to describe the concert and that is..AMAZING!!

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