Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Madison Square Garden - New York, NY USA
October 9, 2003 with Low
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Sit down, stand up
Where i end and you begin
Kid a
Morning bell
My iron lung
I might be wrong
Sail to the moon
Paranoid android
A punchup at a wedding
Go to sleep
The gloaming
Fake plastic trees
There there

1st encore
You and whose army?
The national anthem
A wolf at the door
How to disappear completely

2nd encore
Karma police
True love waits
Everything in its right place
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 01:42:55

Well, this was my third radiohead concert and i must say that despite the fact that they didn't play Like Spinning Plates, No Suprises or Exit Music, it was a phenominal show. They started out with the first few songs off of Hail to the Theif, played a song I'd never heard before continued on with backdrifts and then busted out with songs from OK Computer and The Bends. Some of the most memorable events was Thom's dancing, it was off the wall. As my sister said "Man you know? He's really sexy! Did you see the way he shook those hips? It was incredible!". Another funny thing was Thom Kept saying "New York City" I guess showing that he was happy to be there. I think the beginning to National Anthem was great. I see Johnny being handed a radio and for the life of me I couldn't figure out what the were gonna do. Them thom belting out incoherent lyrics to our very own National Anthem got me pumped up. Another good part of the show were the encores. I was so unbelievably pleased with hearing You and Who's Army, How To Disappear Completely, and True Love Waits. It was definately one of the best shows I've seen them play. he looked like they had a great time, and heck I sure as hell did.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 02:39:24

If you are planning to go to tonight's show, please be DO NOT SMOKE ANYTHING inside Madison Square Garden!!!

Dozens and dozens of people were thrown out, with any warning, for smoking. Security is super strict, so don't miss the show for something like that!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 04:12:10

This was by far the most intense show i've ever been to. the band was really in their element and the entire preformance was amazing. the lighting was phenominal, and the sound (for the most part) was excellent. i must note that for a while after paranoid android, the speakers seemed to be almost 'recovering' from the magnitude of that song.
Iron lung was amazing, i really didn't expect them to play this. the encores were exceptional, featuring Karma Police and National Anthem... songs i really wanted to see.

it made me want to go get scalped tickets for 10/10's show! it was such a good one. the crowd was so into it, everyone was standing up and dancing and singing along (myself included), and everyone was smoking... it was really funny.
by far the most moving performances were "Green Plastic Trees" and "True Love Waits". "Green Plastic Trees" was so well orchistrated with the lights that it will be burned into my mind forever.
excellent show.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 04:40:37

Wow what a great show! Only thing was someone was wearing the same shirt as me. Cheers to the other guy with the London Underground T-shirt that "yes I did get in London."

Gotta love True Love Waits and the always standard multiple encore show that has Karma Police. WASTE once again pulls through with awesome seats, good work.

Hey Thom, and I know you read these, Lurgee was a great choice. Keep up the Pablo Honey songs-we old timers love it.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 04:53:38

An absolutely incredible show! There are not words to describe this. They opened the first set with 2+2=5 and ended it with There There. The 2 encores were great.

The Liberty State Park show 2 years ago was great but this was almost better. And that LSP show was awesome.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 05:11:13

This was my first Radiohead show. I did not know the words to a lot of the songs but I was blown away by their performance. This show was mesmerizing! At certain points during the concert, if you looked around the arena, everone in the audience was in a trance-like doesn't get better than that!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 05:24:09

Fucking amazing! the only thing that sucked was that it had to stop. This is the second time i've seen them live and they are by far the best live band i've seen. anyone sitting in section 101 please excuse my freaky dancing i couldn't help it. Thom's got some kick ass dance moves too boot, didn't notice that last time.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 07:10:53

I saw Radiohead on the first night of their US tour up in Mansfield, MA. At the time, I thought that show was absolutely amazing. I thought the energy displayed on stage, as well as the setlist, was great. Then I go to see them on the first night at MSG. Best show I've ever witnessed in my entire life! Thom was all over the stage, so enthusiastic and getting the crowd involved as much as he could. He had complete control of the crowd, as I'm sure he does every night, but this time he was more energetic and was dancing and making gestures towards the crowd to arouse responses the entire evening. As far as the setlist: Encore #2: Karma Police immediately followed by True Love Waits. Need I say more.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 07:13:28

Madison Square Garden is where Radiohead ought to perform! Holy cow, the show was amazing! Every song was terrific, but probably the highlight of the show was Paranoid Android. Everyone sang along, and it was one of the most phenomenal experiences I have ever had. I can't imagine that they have ever put on a better live performance.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 07:26:48

In a word AMAZING...They never seem to disappoint. You can go to the show with hopes of hearing specific songs and even if none of them are played they still put together 20+ songs that your happy as hell to have been there to see and hear. Aside from mainstay concert classics such as Paranoid and Karma,they pull out Iron Lung, Fake Plastic Trees,and How to Disappear Completely... Mixed in with a bevy of new material,Where You End I Begin,Punch-Up at a Wedding,Wolf at the Door,The Gloaming,There There,Sail to the Moon,Over My Deadbody,you more then have the foundation for a great show.. Then for good measure throw in a healthy portion of other fan favorites such as The National Anthem,Morning Bell,Idioteque,I Might Be Wrong,You and Who's Army?,True Love Waits,and Everything in it's Right Place and you have yet another AMAZING show by the hands down,bar none,most incredible band around today..... RADIOHEAD!!! With that slew of songs you quickly forget you didnt hear Exit Music,You,Airbag,Packt Like Sardines...,Thinking About You,High&Dry, Just,Bones,The Bends,Polyetholene 1&2, Killer Cars,Living in a Glass House,Subterranean Homesick Alien,Lucky,No Surprises,Pyramid Song,and certainly not to be forgotten,Creep...The point is,You Can Not See a Bad Radiohead Concert..Thier countless AMAZING songs make that impossible!!! Adding to my personal enjoyment of this event was an upgrade in seating from a Sec.340 to Sec.12....An AMAZING night by all counts!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 08:21:02

Last night was the 2nd time I got to experience the best band out right now. They played their hearts out! And I have no voice for tonight's show. lol. The set list was prefect. They played 7 songs I hadn't heard live before. They pulled out what I believe was the best song of the night (True Love Waits), and the only thing I wish I could have heard was alittle more off Ok Computer. Thom was dancing and feeling the crowd. Ed and Johnny, amazing. Colin and Phil, unbelievable. Radiohead, round 2!TONIGHT!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 08:40:24

what a good show. only my third radiohead concert, but this one definately tops em all. first of all, i started out with awful seats, and was just feeling lucky to be in the building, when some anonymous stranger hands me his extra tickets about twice as close as i wouldve been. amazing. ill spare everyone the song through song list. the show really got going at around the time of kid a. this one really blew my mind, and is much better live thatn on the album. plus, thom did a great little jig which always helps. backdrifts is remarkable live. i dont get how they produce that sound.mornig bell-my iron lung-i might be wrong-lurgee:four in a row with high energy, really got the croud moving. P.A. is always very welcome. FAKE PLASTIC TREES. yes! sooo powerful. 2nd best part of the night: thom's camera play during you and whose army. he is so charismatic nowadays. he was having a great time, clearly happy to be in nyc. great little fellow he is. best part of the evening: TRUE LOVE WAITS. i never wouldve imagined i would be so lucky to hear this tune live. thom never sounded better, and it was in such a surprise spot i couldnt believe it. absolutely beautiful.
one thought- when ed sings everything is better. the guy is great, and i really dont think he gets enough credit for his additions to the music both on the guitar and vocals.
anyway, a fantastic show, as radiohead always is, and they will always be the best of the best.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 09:01:22

The show was unbelievable. A complete vindication for me since I was one of the hundreds of unfortunate fans to be caught in traffic for the Merriweather Post Pavillion show in Baltimore at the end of August (saw 8 of 22 songs). To put things short, Radiohead performed like gods. Everything was in its right place to use the expression. Playing for more than 2 hours, they satisfied everyone in the Garden. Encores included Karma Police, You and Whose Army, How to Disapper Completely, Everything in its Right Place, and one other. Hopefully a setlist will be posted soon. I am still in shock about the concert I experienced. Incredible music, perfect composing, every song played in tone with the studio versions, but added upon with rich & original improvisations. Johnny Greenwood is the insane. With my mind dizzying like spinning plates, I left this world last night and entered nirvana for the longest 2+ show I've ever experienced.
Radiohead Forever.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 10:20:01

I enjoyed the evening very much. Low was good to start, but they weren't as popular as Supergrass would have been to open. From where I was sitting among the floor seats, it could have been Art Garfunkle goes electric. The singer from low is a bit too much of a doppleganger. The crowd was crass to them, unfairly. Radiohead's stage is incredible, with flanking vertical video screens on either side of a long wall of blinking lights that were prismatic and psychadelic. Sit Down, Stand Up was memorable, as was The Gloaming, Fake Plastic Trees, There There, and True Love Waits. It sometimes felt as if the sound was not as loud as it was meant to be for the other songs, and everything was a bit less wall of noise and less complicated than the last time I saw them in Liberty Park. Simon LeBon was dancing beside the lighting techs later in the show, between making out with a rather dim-witted looking girl and staring at Phil's matching white blazer. The crowd was filled with the requisite drunks and plenty of people you' never would figure paying $50 for a ticket. Like the Pinky Tuscedero chick with the heels and her scarf, or muscled Brooklyn guys in their 40's. Still, a nice night. I was daydreaming all day today about the music.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 12:09:15

This was my third show on the current tour. Its hard to pick one over another, but the show last night at MSG was just incredible. It might just be my favorite one yet. Hey, it prompted me to write my first ever Green Plastic review!

My friend and I were pleasantly surprised to see that Low was selected to open for Radiohead in place of Supergrass. They played a really good, mellow set and quite honestly impressed me. I thought that their music had a smooth, quiet calmness to it that has a bit of a nostalgic feel a great way to set the stage for Radiohead. As openers go, I thought they did a fine job.

However, it was very distracting to me that a growing number of people in the crowd thought it was cool to heckle the band, saying things like Get off the fucking stage! and You suck! We want Radiohead!. These closed-minded people really got on my nerves. Did they realize that Low was not there by accident, but because Low is an established band that Radiohead not only likes, but likes enough to give them the gig? So, in essence, these idiots were not only disrespecting Low, but implicitly saying Radiohead, we think your taste in music sucks. So, if any of those music fans are reading this, try to show a little respect for people in bands who not only have more talent than you, but actually have the courage to take the risks associated with making and performing original art.

After a wait of about 45 minutes, Radiohead finally took the stage and ripped through 2+2=5 and sit down stand up. (I was really hoping theyd open that way). Those two songs set the tone quite well for what I thought was a fantastic set. Some of the songs that were particularly impressive were Kid A, Morning Bell, The Gloaming, Lurgee (!!), My Iron Lung, True Love Waits (!!), and, well, pretty much everything!

Johnnys guitar work was really interesting last night I think I picked up on more of it than I ever have before. He was doing this simple, yet really effective rhythmic string-raking thing throughout Morning Bell that was awesome. It fit the landscape of the song so well. He also tore up the end of My Iron Lung, Go to Sleep, and Lurgee. Man, if I could play guitar like that

Thom did his usual camera play during You and Whose Army, which was hilarious. He was just totally messing with the crowd, and he got such a rise out of everyone that, at times, it was difficult to even hear the verse. Awesome.

Not being someone who memorizes every word of every song, I was pretty psyched to pick out certain phrases that Id never heard before, like the lights are on, but nobodys home from Morning Bell and weve got heads on sticks and cmon kids! from Kid A. The Gloaming was great Thom started off by just saying New York City over and over again (it sounded like he belonged on one of those Pace Picante Salsa commercials). They did the usual vocal sampling and looping during that song and even sampled some crowd noise, too. During Thoms mid-song dance, he broke into this hilarious locked-knees and locked-elbows march all around the stage. It was cracking me up.

In the second encore, right after Karma Police ended, Thom turned to the mic and immediately broke into True Love Waits, which was intense. The lights went down on the stage and the rest of the band just crouched in the shadows while Thom rocked the true love. Most of the crowd started clapping along in the middle of the song. It was great. They closed with Everything in its Right Place, as usual.

This show had so many amazing moments. I feel very lucky to have made it I hope its not my last Radiohead Show!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 16:21:14

Let me say, that this was a totally amzing show, although it was my first real show (I choose to neglect the Jimmy Buffet concert when i was ten). They opened up with 2+2=5 and followed it with sit down stand up. The Lights were amazing, and thom was dancing all over the stage. Later on in the show they actually broke out a song off of pablo honey and my iron lung, which was totally unexpected. My iron lung was probably the most rockin' thing i've ever heard having thom and jon were just going so crazy. I'm trying to think of what else is worth mentioning here. You and Who's Army was really good, with thom taunting the audience on the big TVs. After their main set they followed up with two amazing encores. Highlight of them would be Karma Police where you had the whole MSG singing along and some people even broke out the lighters. Totally awesome. This show will definitly set my standards for shows in the future and I can't wait to see these guys again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 05:54:17

Shit! This had to have been the best concert I ever went to. Even though I wasn't in the pit, (which is where I wanted to be in the first place but had outside objections..damn my conservative friends) I still had a blast.

From the beginning, I was up on my feet dancing my ass off, jumping up and down, and screaming at the top of my lungs! (I could barely speak for the remainder of the day, but it was worth it) The people I was with were actually very surprised that I never sat down once during the 2 hour period.

Thom, if you read this, loved the hyperactive, give-me-some-Ritalin inspired moves you pulled on stage. They cracked me up and got me even more involved in the performance (if that's possible) :oD Plus, the You and Whose Army deal where you sang into the camera, making faces, and pointing at the crowd...another priceless comedic moment.

The effects were amazing, and the fact that the band looked like they were having a good time playing actually loosened the crowd up more...hell, it loosened me up. I, along with many people around me, sang loud and proud during practically all their songs without embarrassment. Fake Plastic Trees and Karma Police had to have been my favorites considering everyone broke down into a sway and sang to it. Paranoid Android also hyped a lot of people up...this show was just absolutely amazing! I can't stress that enough. Great energy and a lot of very excited Radiohead fans!

The only bad came to an end. Hopefully, I'll be able to see them in concert again soon.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 06:35:13

Well, this was my fourth Radiohead show and I have only one question. What the hell happened to OK Computer?? I mean they played the best song off the album, which of course is Paranoid Android, but where was No Surprises, Exit Music, or Lucky? Despite them not playing much of OK Computer, I found the show to be very solid. Radiohead, as usual, played flawless and filled the whole place with energy. The only reason that this review isn't the most positive is because this show didn't even hold a candle to the next nights show. I did think though that My Iron Lung, Paranoid Android, You and Whose Army, and A Punch-Up at a Wedding were phenomenal. And may I also say that True Love Waits was such a beautiful surprise. I abolutly love that song and I was hoping that they would play it andd of course, Thom came through. The crowd went wild. All in all this was truly a great experience.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 07:29:38

This was my first Radiohead show ever, and I can say that I can now die satisfied. I had gotten general admission tickets off of EBay and ended up getting second/first row, which almost made me cry. I was standing right in front of Ed OBrien, which was amazing. I have to say, although I was slightly disappointed that most of the actual show (not including the encores) was material from Hail to the Thief, it was still an incredible show because that album is really good anyway. 2+2=5 was awesome, and my favorite song off the album, Sail to the Moon was just really amazing. Being so close to the stage and actually seeing one of my all time favorite bands live was so overwhelming that to be honest, I can barely remember the show but I do remember that Sit Down Stand Up was really good. And I almost cried when Thom came out and started playing True Love Waits. The two encores were the best parts of the show because that's when they played all of my favorite songs, and I have to say, after seeing Thom dance and spaz out, I have a new crush on him . . . .

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 07:34:04

Thank you Thom. Thank you for playing True Love Waits.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 11:09:20

Sorry...I'm the only dumbass who forgot to attach a name to their review...oops. But just to make this post somewhat productive, even though annoyingly repetitive : Best concert I've ever been to and probably will ever go to. (Even though this observation could just stem from the fact I love the band so damn much...I could be wrong)

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 14:38:16

It's hard to tell which Radiohead concert is the best sometimes until the initial insanity winds down, but this one was definitely up there. I managed to be only three people back from the barrier in the pit and right in front of Thom and the fact that he kept smiling at me freaked me out quite a bit. Hey, let's talk about the songs! "2+2=5" is a perfect opener and the pit was incredibly into the rockin' part especially. "Sit Down. Stand Up." ranks high on the list of their numerous live tension builders and anytime Thom freaks out is fine with me. "Where I End And You Begin" was pretty standard, but the groove is so ace you don't mind. "Kid A" was as bizarre as ever, but I think they dropped some lyrics for some reason. "Backdrifts" was noteworthy for Phil's robotic dance moves in the backdrop; hilarious to see someone so typically stoic get that into it. "Morning Bell" was a classy sing-along and is always fun to hear. "My Iron Lung" certainly got the crowd wound up and featured the first of the night's freak-out Jonny solos. This was the first time for me seeing "Lurgee" live, and I think it worked great! It's such a beautiful song that it seems like they could have written it lately. "Sail to the Moon" featured a thankfully silent crowd as Thom owned us with that trademark falsetto. "Paranoid Android" was ridiculous, of course. I've noticed Ed has lots of fun singing the "rain down" part along with the crowd. You've gotta love Ed! "A Punchup at a Wedding" hung wonderfully on that Colin bass groove and "Go To Sleep" thrived with Jonny's wild solo at the end. I have no idea how he gets those kinds of sounds out of his guitar. "The Gloaming" is amazing live, as most of you know, but this version was made immortal by Thom's zombie dance! Towards the end of the song, he walked in a circle like 5 times with his arms stretched out in front of him; possibly the funniest thing ever. This blended perfectly into "Idioteque", which is a crowd favorite and it's no wonder why. "Fake Plastic Trees" is my favorite Radiohead song, and the third verse is still the greatest thing ever. I couldn't possibly get tired of that song. They ended the first set with "There There", and the three drummer attack hypnotized the crowd accordingly. The first encore kicked off with "You and Whose Army?", which is now legendary for Thom's camera hijinx. I could barely see them, but I'll assume hilarity ensued. "The National Anthem" is near the top of their live songs and this version was as stellar as ever. It ended with a little bit of "Hunting Bears", as well. "Wolf at the Door" was most likely the song of the night. Thom furiously spat out the lyrics and somehow it seemed like the entire pit got every word of it right; just a surreal experience. "How to Disappear Completely" capped off the first encore and was as beautiful as ever. Thom smiled at me as he sang "I walk through walls" and it was just one of those moments. Yeah, one of THOSE moments! The boys returned and as Jonny walked to the piano, we knew we were in for "Karma Police". This is another great sing-along number and is as classic as anything. This faded directly into "True Love Waits", and Thom went right into the first verse before we knew what was going on. There was some pretty curious handclapping going on (though Colin seemed to be digging it), but the song was still as perfect as ever. The final song of the night was, of course, "Everything In Its Right Place", and the claps work a lot better in this one! Typically phenomenal version with the sampling, feedback, individual exits, scrolling "forever" in the backdrop and all of that fun stuff. I'm running out of adjectives so I'll end this soon, but I would like to say thanks to the immortal Warren for organizing the number system and making sure everybody got the position they deserved in the pit. Also, thanks to the other guy who was helping him, but whose name I forgot. I hope you enjoy that security story I wrote for you :) Finally, thanks to Jeff, Melissa and Andrea for being super-cool and almost getting me into the after-party. Hold on, I've gotta find a dictionary so I can review the Friday night show.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 15:51:44

so this was #3 for me...third times a charm eh? msg 2yrs ago was TIGHT...giants stadium in june had me re-evaluating for 15 hrs my sanity..but it was worth it...and this time...i looked at the band retrospectively

i was too reserved.......though aurally FIXIATED

btw...kudos to the champ behind me for gettin kicked out 3 songs into the show

another thing....seeing the people in attendance...i thought.. did they just stay over from a bruce concert or something..i'm 20 and i felt YOUNG..but it was cool to see dudes three times my age jamming..and as opposed to giants stadium were i felt old next to all the immature "this is too xperimental for me" beastie boy fans from NJ...
but onto radiohead

the delivery was solid
thom was a trip..with his robot walking and 1st it felt like they rushed into the music..but just got better..i dont remember the song...but progressively they worked themselves up to a HIGH.. i longed for street spirit and myxomatosis

where i end and u begin
iron lung

here is a word of advice
if u get really quiet when thom' plays sail to the moon.....where no one makes a sound...but his mouth and the piano..DIVINE
maybe next time.......but enough about me being bitter about the fan base
(old white men and hipsters)

cant wait until the next show somewhere down the line

paraniod android
kid A
true love waits
wolf at the door ....

it was good
though i felt like something was missing
(i wanted more xperimental songs)

but maybe thats just me in my new skool university post modern deafeatist trip
that doesnt let me appreicate

beauty when i see/hear it

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 15:51:59

You all had to be smoking what a large number of people in the audience were as well. I was thoroughly disappointed with the show (my first), and left less of a fan than when I entered. Seriously, I love the band, and have lost many a night lost in a Radiohead groove. I had been looking forward to the show for months, ready to experience it live. But after the first song was over, and ALL THE STAGE LIGHTS CAME ON, and ALL THE ENERGY AND MOMENTUM THEY HAD BUILT UP DISAPPEARED, I was scratching my head. "Surely the won't do this after EVERY SONG" I said to myself. But that's exactly what they did, and it killed the entire mood of the night. Thom looked like an ACTOR, giving the crowd the show that they expected, but not feeling it AT ALL. How do you go from joking with the sound guys one minute to sputtering around the stage in an ecstatic state the next? Either the show's got you in a trance, or it doesn't. I read Thom's act as pretentious art posing, and not performing, and I won't listen to their music the same ever again.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 16:49:41

Wow, this is the third show ive been to. They really seemed together this show. Thoms voice was great. My iron lung was awesome. I saw the mtv $2 bill concert at the beacon and that was amazing but they seemed more confortable at msg. Radiohead is the greatest band today and they prove it every night.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 09:55:33

Without question, the greatest concert I've ever been to. But I wasn't thinking that during the first 6 songs. In fact - I was very excited about "2+2=5", and it's incredible momentum and incraesing tension - but @ the "you've not been paying attention..." bit - I was expecting a full frontal assault - that visceral, blistering wall of sound that the song totally suggests. In fact, I suspect there may be some technical problems...I dunno. And the next five were really good, but it wasn't until "My Iron Lung" that the concert really took off, at least for me. And then, followed up by an AWESOME version of "I Might Be Wrong" (Phil, you are the best). SO much more alive than the record version - great groove. And then it just went on and on - "Sail to the Moon", "Paranoid Android", "Idioteque" (absolutely jaw dropping awesome - Phil I love you!!!) But the emotional centerpiece of the concert was a perfect rendition of "Fake Plastic Trees".

And the two encores - and amazing "Karma Police" (the entire audience singing), "National Anthem", and "True Love Waits".

The best band in the world - not even the slightest doubt in my mind. One of the few bands who are arguably better live...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 16:45:43

Can't imagine a Radiohead show that wasn't amazing, first of all. This wasn't the best I've seen, but still world-class. The only negative things I could come up with would be 1) the sound didn't seem quite right (confirmed by Friday's being better) and 2) that after the first two songs they played three mid-tempo ones which created a bit of a lull in the setlist flow. Highlights:

* I Might Be Wrong - my favorite Radiohead song to dance to (though the choice is getting tougher as their list of danceable tunes is growing rapidly)
* Lurgee - an especially strong version of an oldie that's aged well
* The Gloaming - preferred this over Friday's version, since it's a great "jam" song, and I think it's better when the band's already warmed up.
* Fake Plastic Trees - Thom, exhausted from flailing on Idioteque delivered a seemingly heartfelt rendition of a song that can sometimes seem "phoned in." I forced myself not to sing along so that I could really listen to Thom's voice.
* A Wolf at the Door - Kick-@ss song which I'm thrilled I got to hear since it seems it would be really difficult to sing live,
* How to Disappear Completely - Simply, beautifully etheral, always a special treat.
* True Love Waits - Pure loveliness. I hear this wasn't mean to be on the setlist. Not a bad consolation prize for Friday's crowd winning the toss and getting Creep.

Of course, it goes without saying that the rest of the classics were amazing, and that I left feeling what I always do when I see Radiohead: that as much as I love their recorded music, I'm lucky to have gotten to see these great musicians live; it's such an emotional experience. And just when I get nostalgic for shows gone by, or envious I didn't get to see them in smaller venues (first show I saw was Radio City in 1998), I remember that they hadn't written all the great songs they have to choose from now, and the new ones are some of my favorites.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 08:05:33


Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 11:35:35

Thursday night's show was truthfully one of the best experiences I have ever had in my entire life. I drove to New York from Philadelphia and got caught in traffic and arrived at the concert around 9:15, thank god it hadn't started yet! The band opened strong with an awesome rendition of "2+2=5" that really got the crowd ready for what was yet to come. Other songs that were highlights of the night were "My Iron Lung", "Paranoid Android", "Morning Bell", and "There There" which in particular was one of the best live percussion displays that I have ever heard. Everyone knows that Phil Selway is a stellar drummer, but live, he is completely unreal...what an amazing performance! In addition, the final encore was probably the best part of the entire night. "Karma Police" was fantastic and all of the audience participated by gently singing "this is what you get when you mess with us." Next, Thom played a beautiful rendition of "True Love Waits", which is rare to hear in concert and in my opinion, is one of the best Radiohead songs ever. Thom, I strongly advise that you put "True Love Waits" on your next album and play it more frequently live. Lastly, the band finished with "Everything in Its Right Place", which was a perfect ending to a magnificent concert. I wish that the band would tour the US more often...the concert was near flawless and a great time.
----Also, the light work was phenomenal, it was one of the main factors that made the concert as good as it was.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 02:05:06

Great - amazing show! As far as I'm concerned, "Fake Plastic Trees" was the center of the concert.

Everything else was prelude, and/or denouement.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 08:48:27

Phew! For two hours there, I lost myself! This was my first RH concert, but it won't be the last one for sure. MSG, a Radiohead in high spirits, and a pair of pit tickets... It just doesn't get any better than that!
I had listened some live RH stuff before, coming to a conclusion that Thom Yorke often sang off-key. Well, I'm quite embarrassed, now that I've seen how phenomenal and accurate he is on stage. I really wish they recorded the show.
I loved the way thom danced on stage. Frankly, I didn't know he had such a presence and confidence. Well, after so many shows, you learn how to entertain I guess...
The MSG staff are all anal-retentive... I tried to light a cigarette just before the show, and one of those assholes directed a flashlight on my face and shouted me to put it off. Now, I'm asking you: If I can't smoke at a radiohead concert, where can I? It's not a fucking basketball game, it's a concert!! (If you think I didn't smoke anything during the show, then you must be completely off the hook! :-))
Dear RH, I had to pay $140 for my ticket, which means that I won't be able to pay the rent on time next month... And I missed a mid-term exam because it was at 6:00 on the concert day and I was at MSG at 3:00. And this is exactly where your greatness as a band comes in. I had a blissful time, and you guys deserved every penny and every second I spent that day.
Thank you for being an influence...
Thank you for evolving...
Thank you for not becoming U2.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 08:48:31

I've been lucky enough to catch Radiohead three times on this tour and once on the Amnesiac tour. They were stunning at Field Day and very solid in Mansfield, but their performance at the MSG completely shattered my expectations. They were incredibly tight and always playing with blistering energy. I was about 30 feet from the stage, so I could see everyone in the band very well. Lots of smiles, and they all seemed to be loving it, especially Colin and Ed. During National Anthem Thom kept nodding his head and he looked at me and I started nodding my head and he said "That's right" and laughed. I was pleased to have had an interaction with him, he played around with all of the fans. He really has turned into a great performer. To sum things up, I would have to say that this was one of their classic shows, one for the books.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 17, 2003 03:31:56

1st time seeing them live. i wondered how it would translate live. musically it was a superior concert, but I'm not going to heap on acolades and praise That they ar an outstanding band, at this point it is a given if you scope the reviews. but that so many are comparing it to the greatest experience of their lives is over the top, and then these reviews become utter meaninglessness drivel.

the sight lines were bad we i was sitting so i could only see Thom and Jonny, becuase of those long video screens which didn't seem to add much avieance, each looked like they were totally into it. I appreaciate when performers have a musical cathartic on stage. 2+2 started the the show out very strong, i love when the whole thing just explodes. raidiohead even since creep has always know how to build the tension to an apex.
The band then methodically went about there buisness between songs with very little interaction between themselves and the crowd. this seem to drive home that this was probably their 20th stop on the tour this series. all to routine with No surprises it all seemed to fixed and predetrimed. i understand that quick changes between songs might prevent lulls but it might have been too rushed like they had some appointment to get to after they concert. talk to us besides the mandatory chanting of the city and or venue you are currently playing. i like watching sports tv live and screaming at the thinking somehow i have some influence on the outcome. i would like to at least believe that the crowd has some energy to give the band that inspires a good show. it seemed tht it wouldn't have matterred if the entire crowd screamed out for "exit music" standing on their heads, these guys weren't going to veer from there set course or set list. it makes the whole facade of encores just so ridiculous and disengenous.
set list.
i expected heavey on the hail, but i think i'll remember more what wasn't played. i checked this site prior to the show and i am utterly jealous of the georgia show, they got creep, exit music, and trees. that's a trifeccta perfeccta. we got trees at least. it was nice to heard the the crowd be able to sing along. however tress actually sounded a little thin. i wondered if i just wasn't used to the acustic, i could never bring myself to buy the clueless soundtrack, or i also wondered if by comparison to the other songs the band had just come along way in layerring their sound. hey why don't you guys ever do "let down" in concert too me that song is comparable to a symphony of sound. it's got to be amazing live.
ok enough bitching.. hightlights were paranoid android, very intense. i really aprecialte them bringing out the toms on "there there" in was a great deliviery. National anthum is a favorite of mine but get some live horns on stage. to symph there line take aways away from the beuatiful chaos of the song. still very glad they played it. "everthing in it's ..." should be moved up as last song before an encore. the last image of the concert i was left with was the sound guys bobbing there heads in sync to turn off the sound. still an excellent song. liked wolf at the door very much because it's the only song on the album in which thom's voice is tonely differrent. thom great dancing, jonny great hair mopping while stroking out those guitar parts. is it me or does "punch drunk" sound a lot like "emenice front" by the WHO.
seriously though a great great show well worth it, everyone i was with had a great exeperience. i think the girl next to me wet her pants... but in a good way.

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