Radiohead Tour Dates and Gigography

Madison Square Garden - New York, NY USA
October 10, 2003 with Low
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1 The Gloaming
2 There There
3 2 + 2 = 5
4 Where You End and I Begin
5 Exit Music (For a Film)
6 Talk Show Host
7 Myxomatosis
8 Paranoid Android
9 In Limbo
10 Sail to the Moon
11 Creep
12 Scatterbrain
13 Go to Sleep
14 Just
15 Idioteque
16 You and Whose Army
17 Sit Down. Stand Up

Encore 1
18 Lucky
19 National Anthem
20 A Punchup at a Wedding
21 Street Spirit

Encore 2
22 Airbag
23 No Surprises
24 Everything in Its Right Place
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Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 19:17:11

This was my first Radiohead concert and I can safely say it was one of the greatest shows I have ever been to. The energy was incredible in the garden. Ideoteque was unreal.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 22:14:54

Tonight was the 5th time I've seen Radiohead in concert, and I must say that I never have and probably never will again experience the set list which made tonight's show. I left last night's show knowing that tonight would be a continuation of that, and hoping that the countless songs I didnt hear then I would hear tonight. I can safely say that tonight was definitely the better of the two shows.

While last night's rendition of My Iron Lung was incredible, and they did play True Love Waits last night too (obviously spontaneous, and unexpected, though somewhat lacking due to the idiots' in the audience ceaselss clapping and cheering overwhelming thom's pure voice), I was blown away tonight by the block of truly incredible classics. While I thought going in it was a definite that they would play Creep, I wasnt particularly excited for it too happen, but once it did I was amazed. It simply blew my mind in a whole new way (particularly due to the light work during the song). Just was amazing as usual, and Thom soloing the guitar part at the end shocked me but was welcome. Paranoid Android tonight blew last night's performance out of the water. But wow, topping off the second to last encore with Street Spirit seemed to take my breath away and stop my heart from beating. My only complaint about tonight's setlist was the coming of Exit Music a littlle too early in the night, but knowing how the rest of the list was to follow makes up for it.

Ok, too much more to say and enough babbling already, so here I stop. I only wish I could've been in the GA section looking up at Johnny tonight, that would've been the only thing to make this the best concert of my entire life.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 22:40:34

and by the way....why cant a double disk live cd come out for the past two nights? I think I'd probably die in ecstasy!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 10, 2003 23:10:43

Hey, they played it for us!

Great show. I was there on Thursday, and Friday was a better show. Some sound mix problems on Thursday and the Garden did not seem totally jammed, either. Friday the sound mix was great and the Garden was jammed. Thursday we got a measly two songs from OK Computer and Friday we got five. Encore of Airbag and No Surprises (and Right Place) was wonderful! And to echo another fan: Please Thom, don't stop doing Pablo Honey stuff. It's great stuff and it's like a special treat because it thrills the fans that have been with the band from the very beginning. I saw three shows off this tour and Friday night was definatly not the "stock" show. They did a special show because it was the last night of the tour. I took my Uncle to the show. He's very cool and he likes new music. It was interesting seeing and hearing the whole experience through him. During 2+
2 and Sidown Standup I felt like he didn't quite know what to make of it, but he was digging it nonetheless because it's such a trip, man! What band's guitarist takes a solo and sounds like a broken video game? What lead singer incites his audience through a video camera? Who could make 25,000 people dance to "Everything In It's Right Place"? Thank you, guys.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 03:17:05

I have been reading the reviews of the shows up to this one. I was afraid of getting my hopes up to much. Let me tell you my first Radiohead concert was amazing. What a band! They are so powerful in concert! I am 43 years old and this was the best show I have ever seen.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 03:28:56

ive been waiting since miuddle scholl to see these guys and was totallty bummed out when i heard that my field day tickets werent any good grrr but it was worth the wait. its so amazing how radiohead can make teh whole audinece feel like their front row. on go to sleep johnny played a wacked out solo that was really bleepy and cartoonish, very cool. one of the most entertaining parts of the shows was you and whose army? where thom had a video camera that
he made winks into and shined everyone on with his hands, then hede run away waev his arms at us liek come and get me adn tehn hjed sneek back to his camera. phil and colin was airtight ad nkept everyone in the house moving withteh groove. amazing show, the best ive been to, easily. heres the setlist:
stars mean it rocked above adn beyond
the gloaming
there there*
where i end and u begin
exit music*
talk show host**
paranoid android
in limbo
sail to the moon*
creep (who woulda thunk it !)
go to sleep
you and whose army?*
sit down. stand up.

1st encore
national anthem*
a punch up at a wedding
streeet sprit*

2nd encore
no suprises*
everything in its right place**

i only wish that they wouldve played we suck young blood, pyramid song and morning bell, ut hey maybe next time.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 04:06:26

FUCKING AMAZING. The showmanship of ths band was incredible. Definitly one of the best concerts i have the seen in my entire life. Awesome!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 05:04:52

godly. radiohead were at near perfection last night. it was my first radiohead concert ever and i've been a fan since OKC. phenomenal. highlights were idioteque, talk show host, national anthem and the gloaming, which was the greatest opener i've ever seen. pure brilliance, i had no idea thom was such a performance genious.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 05:34:10

Madison Square Garden
October 10, 2003

(First and foremost, thank you Philip Hammarberg for the tickets. Thank you very much.)

They opened with The Gloaming. Like being led into the woods - fear met with glad anticipation, anxiety coupled with a sinister grin, ear-to-ear and devilishly composed... Thom spun through the haze of purple and swamp-green fog laughing and cackling, leading the army of radiohead fans packed into madison square garden for the last show of the tour like the Pied Piper himself.

And the setlist was unreal. Thom dedicated Sail to the Moon to his child, and the audience took eachother's cue to sit down just then and drift away. You could sense everyone at MSG anticipated yet did not expect to hear Creep, but we did, soon after, and everyone promptly stood and looked to their neighbor as if to see whose eyes had grown the largest - whose mouths had opened the widest. I remebered the first time I heard Radiohead, summer before 8th grade, and playing Creep on repeat for nearly a year after that. This was a stadium anthem if there ever was one. It was lightning in a jar, rock'n'roll in a bottle, and it exploded in atomic light over the sold out crowd at Madison Square.

Just was played like a tragic rock band proving its worth on trial. They attacked the song and the crowd finished it off. And yes, the songs from their latest album went over brilliantly on stage, and Thom's wailing brought his concern for current affairs alive with a pulse and itching fever.

No Surprises was sadly optimistic. Thom nodded along with the crowd when he sang, "Bring down the government, they don't - they don't speak for us..." implying we were in this together, that we were with him on this one. This brought one of the most rousing ovations the Garden's seen of its audiences in years, I'm sure. Of course Thom singing God save the Queen in a candlestick witch falsetto just before The National Anthem was eerie and puzzling and perfect at the same time. But there was so much more....

Exit music was desperately beautiful. The crowd was quite loud throughout - but no matter - the midnight blue blackdrop composed something of a liquid dream accompanying Johnny's effects and his brother's fuzzy bass lines. There were moments such as these throughout the performance where I felt I was watching theater... like there was a development within each song and the lights - christ, the lights - the lights were spectacular. There were many moments when you just assumed (or silently hoped) that even in rehearsal Johnny's guitar could blanket the room with an interstellar burst of white light, with no help at all from lighting effects or pyrotechnics. He just had that sort of connection with his guitar. Anyhow, there's a better way to say this. I can't seem to do this much justice.

See, the ultimate cliche is this - that you had to have been there....I saw them a week ago in West Palm Beach and they were brilliant then, but they were better now. There is a certain standard they set when they stand together on stage and show us what they've been practicing. They set a mark last night which cannot be met by any other band but them - well, maybe Zeppelin in the early 70's, or Jimi in the 60's; but it's the 21st Century and its their time - its their time now. And if you don't believe me, well, I guess you just had to be there.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 06:26:02

This was my 5th radiohead show and the best one yet. The crowd seemed to be sleeping at the start of the gig but soon woke up. I did not keep track of the songs, but CREEP was played to the crowds pleasing. Im sure someone else will post the setlist. they did not play WOLF AT THE DOOR which i was hoping to hear. But you cant have them all. The camera work for the two big screens was really cool. Good Job guys see ya next time
Peace Anthony

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 06:37:05

this was my third radiohead show (the field day fiasco turned out to be the greatest 3 hours of my life, and last night's show was rocking on the floor).
friday night's show was incredible. the vibe was in the air. the band played about half of the same songs as the night before (they were all fabulous, but especially Paranoid Android, A Punchup at a Wedding-so fucking good!!!, There There with Ed and Jonny doing their drum beat things was so hot, and Everything in its Right Place-that is the perfect closer for that band-tight!).
last night they included Creep. wow. never thought i'd hear that live, it was so great. jonny fucking rocks with his guitar. Airbag as the first of the many encores was such a pleasant surprise-excellent live.
the Romeo and Juliet-theme (Exit Music and Talk Show Host) was great-everyone was hanging on Thom's every word.
cheers to Colin and Phil. cheers to the lighting and sound crew.
Jonny rocked my world last night. Ed's backup vocals put me in a trance.
Thom is the weirdest and most energetic shy guy in the music biz. His humor injected into the songs (like You and Whose Army? and The National Anthem) made the show so memorable.
i didnt' stop dancing for the entire 2 hours.
thanks radiohead for a fucking awesome night!

ps- can you give us some indication if you guys actually read these reviews?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 07:03:59

This was my fifth Radiohead show and it was by far the best. The set list was one of such brilliance. There were so many highlights of the night but I think the biggest highlight for me, had to be CREEP!!! I couldn't believe that they played it. The whole entire crowd was standing and singing along. There was so much energy flowing through everyone there during that song, it was just unbelievable. The other two higlights for me were Just and Street Spirit, in my opinion two of the best songs off of the Bends. Listening to both of these songs live is like having an out of body experiences. Nothing in your life bothers you. I mean during the whole concert I felt like I was high, even though I didn't smoke a thing. That's how good Radiohead is live. The best songs of the night were Creep, Just, Street Spirit, Paranoid Android, Exit Music, No Surprises, 2+2=5, You and Whose Army, Airbag, and of course Talk Show Host. My only complaint is to the security guards for letting that dick get on stage and jump on Thom during Airbag. Luckily, Thom handled it OK and was able to finish the song flawlessly. For anyone who likes Radiohead and has never seen them live I ask you, What the hell are you waiting for? This concert was one of the best experiences of my life. In a world full of such shit, Radiohead is the one glimpse of hope for our future. Thom Yorke, professional genius.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 07:17:37

Wow! I am still in a deep state of shock from seeing both shows at MSG. I can't get the lighting and songs out of my head. I am trying to remember every little detail. Amazing!!! This was my third time seeing the show and each one was totally different. I couldn't stop laughing when Thom had the Tamborine in his hand and said, "This isn't obvious." I will never forget these shows!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 08:15:40

thursday was my first radiohead show after years of anticipation (thanks again mark for an amazing deal on GA's!!). it was cool being up front and all, and how can a radiohead show not be amazing?!?!? but the band seemed a bit flat thursday. a nice set list, particularly iron lung, true love waits, and i thought one of the greatest moments was wolf at the door...but still leaving thursday i left a bit unsatisfied. like "ok so these guys are amazing...but i dont get why people go all bonkers for the shows???"

returning to MSG on friday, being a little disapointed on the thursday show I was entertaining offers for my tickets. with a 6-pack and hockey at home I was close to leaving, thank god i didn't!!!

the gloaming, while not one of my fav's of HTTT, was a great opener. thom was like a man inviting you to his twisted creepy carnival of delights. from there the show was non-stop jaw dropping. myxomatosis was amazing, simply amazing. they had the crowd wrapped around their collective musical finger and ready to pop. then throwing in Exit Music was, well, orgasmic, ecstacy. this show was amazing. i could go on for hours, i was dancing the whole time. they know what song to throw in when...creep was simply surreal and sadistic. me and my friend had a lil bet on if they would play either the bends or creep. i was itching for creep and oh my fucking god they destroyed it!!!! thursday they came in and did their thing. friday they came into the garden like a band possessed and something to proove, gunslingers with their six-strings ready to rock the garden to its very foundation!!

my only 2 shows being the past 2 at MSG, I cant really fathom how special of a show that was. i've been to my fair share of concerts, and none can compare to this. i was lucky(yeah I was itching to hear that too, almost had me in tears when they played it) and this show was amazing. i dont think this was a typical stock show. this setlist perfectly spanned their career in my mind. all albums were represented as best they could, though the way they were rocking, a return of iron lung would have been amazing. they were just on tonight, plain and simple. after they left after Everying In Its Right Place, thats where everything was. this setlist, show, experience was pieced together perfectly. i turned to my friend and said "well shit what else is there to possibly play??" i had my heart set on we suck young blood, but when the lights came up i was sooo wrapped in the show cause it was just so goddam amazing!!!!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 10:05:06

Simply stated: out of this world. This is my second radiohead show and the performance in Manhattan, USA last night blew the Camden show from August out of the water. I mean come on, they played creep. It is hard to even try and single out songs that stood out and were performed much better then all the rest because it seemed as if while i was listening to each song i kept telling myself "holy fucking shit this is the best song all night." Thom was in perfect form, both vocally and energetically. No one in the world dances like Thom Yorke, and that is the type of shit that gives me goosebumps. The entire band, for that matter, seemed in perfect form. Johnny was rocking out like no other, Ed was his usual smooth self, Colin chilled in the back and rocked out hard, and Phil was as fashionable and amazing as ever. From start to finish this was a show that had no errors, they took no songs off, and never gave the crowd a second to even breathe; I loved it. For those of you who are reading this and were there, then you know exactly what I'm talking about, but for those who are reading this and werent there--trust me you have no clue. Radiohead are gods walking on earth. Bye.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 10:45:25

I've been a fan for a long time but this was my first Radiohead concert. The experience was surreal. There was mad energy at the garden. Thom was as energetic as ever and the band was kickin. I browsed through the set list of other concerts, and 10/9 was amazing, the best out of them all. It was an absolute priceless opportunity to be at that concert.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 12:29:32

Last night was the best concert I have been too. Thom Yorke, and all the others play of the audience. They all have this Charisma, and a love of what they do. They are an unbeatable show. Being in the pit, only a short distance from the stage was amazing. Being able to see the facial expressions, the way they all look so happy when they see the excitement of thier audience, they have so much fun and they are so generous, two encores, and Creep. I have been lucky enough to see two shows with Creep.
I had a huge smile on my face the whole time, seeing Thom flirt with his audience, he has such a presence and it seems like he loves his work so much. He had the audience singing with him last night, screaming Happy Birthday and during Sit Down Stand Up someone was sprinkling water in the pit during the part when he sings "The Raindrops." Radiohead is such a musical movement, they have so much talent, and such stave presence. They are so influencial to so many people. They are so into thier music, its almost woven with thier emotions. Radiohead is a religion to me, they substitute any god, their music is holy, its a gift. I have to deem them the best band in existance.

I was standing to the left center of the stage, and he managed to stand right in front of us and have a time of his life. Thank you! Last night was heinous.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 13:39:30

I don't hve much to say, so I'll be brief. I am 26 years old and have been to over 100 concerts and this was easily the best show I have ever seen. Also, Creep and Paranoid Android, in that order, were the two greatest songs I have eevr seen performed live even though my favorite Radiohead song is Airbag, which was also amazing.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 15:11:57

This was my 4th Radiohead show (MSG and LSP#2 in 2001, and Blossom this year). At each show I have been treated to one or two special songs. At MSG two years ago they played Permanent Daylight and Follow Me Around; at LSP it was Like Spinning Plates (LSP, fittingly), at Blossom Kid A, and last night In Limbo and Creep!

I was hoping they would start off with Sit Down Stand Up like they did in Blossom because it's an ingenious first song and the crowd really gets into it when Thom jumps up from the piano and starts singing "the raindrops." But The Gloaming is an amazing choice as well because it is a song that completely encompasses Radiohead's style and the performance version is mesmerizing.

I appreciated Talk Show Host more than ever, they really jam away at that and the bass line is classic.

Thom dedicated Sail to the Moon to his son, and played it beautifully, and then, just to make sure everyone who had sat down for it got their arses up, they broke into Creep. When I saw the setlist from the night before, I knew my chances of seeing it were increased, but I didn't exactly get my hopes up. Nevertheless, I was surprised and most excited to hear that first chord. It rocked. A few songs later, they played Just, which is my favorite of their concert songs. I almost lost my voice from screaming so loud and singing along.

During Airbag, some lunatic jumped on stage and started dancing around (apparently trying to imitate Thom, but he didn't get it - Thom is COOL, you're NOT). A security guard immediately tackled him and dragged him away, and the band played on like nothing had happened. After the song Thom said "gee, that never happens at our other gigs."

All in all, another great concert. I only regret not going both nights because much of what they played one night, they didn't play the other. I would have liked to see How to Disappear Completely. But such is a Radiohead concert: the fans will always be disappointed that all their favorite songs were not performed. One day the band should have a five hour concert in an enormous venue so fans from around the world could come enjoy all their favorites. I'd fly to the UK for that!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 16:02:02

The Friday MSG show was unbelievable. The opening song, "the gloaming" was an all out attack on the senses. A distorted image of thom was cast over the speakers while they played. I cannot get over how they that song such an incredible opening song. I know this, they should only play indoors. They are better suited indoors in places like MSG.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 16:18:01

While I won't especially write out my entire thoughts on the show, since anyone who doesn't know someone who is talking about a band they like sounds irrelevant, I just wanted to add that during Airbag some guy got on up on the stage (audience's right side) and ran across jumping up and down and waving. A very large man (who came from across from the other side) tackled him and dragged him offstage. Absolutely hilarious. Although, I clearly wish this man ill for what he did, I would have traded much of my worldly wealth to get beat up back stage by Radiohead's bodyguards.
The song continued without interruption, with the exception of a few lyrics; I think he was laughing.
I hope a recording is out there somewhere.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 19:34:21

Fantastic alteration to Creep - " I wanna perfect body.... so I can wake up next to you"

Submitted on: OCTOBER 11, 2003 20:18:28

Hey, I read these reviews!!! haha.

I saw them at the garden Friday night... unfuckingbelievable. It was my first time seeing them and I just have to say, it was the best concert I've ever been to. They know how to work a crowd... Thom had so much energy and did the best things, like at the end he sat down at the end of the stage and just looked around at us, like he was just relaxing after the set. It was great... thank you for being amazing, Radiohead. thank you thank you thank you

oh yeah, how come no one mentioned the part where a random fangirl jumped on stage trying to touch Thom and everything? that was GREAT hahah the security guard pinned her down and then put her hands behind her back and took her off the stage. I think I even got a picture of it

So yeah damn that show owned like no other.
- Laura

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 05:05:46

this was my first radiohead concert and this was by far the best show i have ever seen. my heart stopped before each song cuz i couldnt help but anticipate the next song, thinking that it could be another one of my favorites (which it was). creep was definitely an unexpected surprise. but when idioteque started playing, and excuse my language, i almost creamed my pants!
Thom, Ed, Colin, Phil, Jonny, you are all amazing. and Thom, your voice is beautiful.
Jonny, you are a true inspiration. genius.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 06:10:42

Yes I agree with most of what was said here in the prior reviews. Amazing, wonderful lights, Truly inspired performances from Jonny and Thom! Jonnys' guitar was astounding. Real raw energy in old school Neil Young fashion, yet quite obviously the mind of Jonny at epic heights. Thom was in a Great Mood! Really wanted to go out with a ROCKIN BANG! He was Mr. Showman, happy rockin Thom! There is no way one can see a show like that and not be Raving. So what's the downside? Seeing the setlist of Thursday! Knowing in my heart, as I drove in from far and away, That my song "How to dissapear completely" would surely be played, and hoping that 2 other favorite, genious works, "True love waits" and "Wolf at the door", Hails best song, might get heard on outside chance, I was shocked to see all 3 practically in row on Thursday night! Though I see your points on Fridays diverse, out of the ordinary picks, I like the darker more contemplative side of the band. All in all though, yep Amazing.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 07:18:25

This was also my first Radiohead show, among the others on here, and for a first show, getting in free and being put on the floor ten feet away from the stage was just too much and undeserving but it was AMAZING!! (Thank Bill Stray (Event Supervisor) for getting us in!) People were standing around with beers in their hands, talking, having a typically good pre-show time, (although I missed Low, so that bummed me out) and I kind of felt bad because I looked up at MSGs enormity and saw how people that paid like fifty dollars are all the way up there and Im on the floor. So, as the lights turned on, everyone cheered and clapped thunderously and we heard, in the darkness, Thom say New.York.City in a voice that sounded like a ghost and it was the moment where I said Okay, Im here. This is really happening. Purple lights came up that were flashing on and off in a frenzy and Jonny, Ed, Phil and Colin came out. Phil was rocking a white suit and Thom was dancing a little jig to get ready. The opening, pumping sounds of The Gloaming were filling the air and filling the room up with a infectious intensity. Everyone starting letting loose and dancing about. Then came There There and others. (Neal, the person four or five reviews above me has the correct setlist.) I went joyfully crazy during 2+2=5. It was great. And I was a bit surprised at why people didnt seem to be enjoying themselves. They were just sort of standing there like they were listening to the song(s) at home or something. I just wanted to grab them and yell This is Radiohead youre watching! Youre not at home staring at your stereo! Hahaha. It was all fun though. When Creep came on wow. I dont think I have to explain myself. And the vibe and feeling that in the air. The lighting at MSG was beautiful. In the chorus of Creep, the lights were the brightest. The huge screens at the side of the stage were showing angles of the stage and the members from over, under and forward and during You and whose army? the camera was on Thom piano. So, when he sang come on, come on he signaled to the audience and had a funny smile on his face. The whole band was in a good mood and it showed. Jonny was amazing as per usual. The perfect view I had of him was too much. I saw his teeth for christsake. His guitar solo at the end of Go To Sleep was cry worthy. Completely and godly stellar. Unbelievable. Phil really seemed to be enjoying himself, as well as Ed and Colin, running around on stage and laughing. The encores were great and exciting and Airbag made my day, or night rather. Some guy jumped from the side seats onto the stage and got pummeled by the stage security during an interstellar burst. It was priceless and Thom couldnt help but laugh, leaving out to save the universe and laughing instead. At the end of the last song, Everything In Its Right Place (which everyone dance to madly), and I dont know if anyone noticed this (well someone had to in a crowd of 25,000), the word FOREVER was scrolling to the left on the lightboard behind the stage. I dont know what it meant specifically, but it was a beautiful sight. To me, personally, it meant that the show is, in a way, going to last forever, in the heart of the band and the audience. Ive never seen Radiohead live before this, but I can tell you one thing. This show, that took place here in New York City on the 10th of October 2003, was, and forever will be, one of the best Radiohead shows ever. It was a beautiful night. This must be what heaven is like.

God Bless Radiohead.

P.S see Kill Bill.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 10:22:11

this show owned, but the 10'ths set list looks better.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 11:03:13

its been two days since the conert and i am still in awe. it was a beautiful experience. I would not have traded in my ticket for anything in the was my first radiohead show and hopefully not the last...amazing..pure genious...radiohead has an amazing presence on stage, it was incredible...

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 11:25:44

HOLY SHEEEEET!!! not that age has anything to do with appreciating music, but i'm well beyond "40" and the show in NYC on Friday was unbelievable. it was my first time seeing Radiohead in concert. i've been to many shows over the last 20 years and i'm still in complete awe. this band.. this group of geniuses far surpasses ANYONE i've ever seen. i cannot WAIT til they tour again. i'm MAKING all three of my kids attend. it was soooo awesome.... thanks..

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 13:53:50

this was my second time seeing radiohead [last time was aug 16, 2001 at liberty state park]. the best concert i had ever seen was them in 2001, but now it's last night's show at msg. not gonna repeat what other people wrote but i'll ad some stuff:

opened with the gloaming.. green foggy lights made you feel like you were in the forrest.. and there there was the next song which works well with the video for "there there".

the stage had a very long screen on each side. it had cool effects, like delays and crazy colors. awesome addition to the lighting.

i thought the peak was when they played "Just" from the bends. this is one of my personal favorite radiohead songs. HUUUUGE energy. then they followed it by idioteque... pumped up the energy level even higher. every just danced around.. especially thom.

2+2=5 and where i end.. were also really good.

creep, lucky, myxomatosis, go to sleep, national anthem, and everything in it's right place were also amazing.

paranoid andoid was unbelevable the screens just showed a red outline of thom dancing around.. it was siick.

ended with the word "forever" in a marquee on the backdrop.

bravo radiohead, you never fail to amaze me.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 14:32:54

this was my frist time seeing radiohead, and it was the most amazing concert i've ever seen. while i was sad that they didn't play green plastic trees or high and dry (hey, if they played lurgee the first night, anything is possible!) the outstanding performances of myxomatosis, airbag, and lucky made up for it. i was pleasantly surprised with just and creep. creep is amazing live, everyone looked really motivated. the cool lighting helped alot. my friends went on thursday, all happy with true love waits, lurge and wolf at the door. while i wished i had been there to hear those songs, i was very satisfied with friday's setlist. i will would have been a nice addition, but im not complaining.
radiohead, you are something else!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 17:25:25

If Thursday's show was great, Friday's was phenomenal. Thursday's muddy sound was mostly corrected, the band played with more energy, and the setlist seemed to have a better flow.


* Talk Show Host - Sexy, sexy song, nice fills from Phil :)
* Myxomatosis - Thrilled to hear this gnarly, snarly, buzzy, beautiful/ugly mess of a song which they didn't play at any of the other three gigs I saw this year
* CREEP - Fresh from a nice long rest, it was MAGNIFICENT. Excellent sound + vision. I couldn't believe I was actually hearing it, despite the fact that I was certain they'd play it. Seventh Radiohead show, first time hearing it live. Thanks, guys - it was worth the wait!!
* Go to Sleep - Loved Jonny's extended thrashing and bleeping at the end, since this song is so damned short!
* Airbag - Despite Jonny's amp malfunctions up until the very end, a revelation. Plus, the guy jumping onstage and being swifly tackled added a bit of classic rock 'n' roll anarchy.
* The exclusion of Fake Plastic Trees - I sense this one's on the endangered list, so I'm glad they're rationing it rather than giving it the full Creep banishment.

I'm amazed and deeply moved every time I see this band. I know stadiums are a necessity at their level, but I'd dearly love to just hear them jam (but not in that self-indulgent 70's sort of way!). Here's a crazy thought: how about one of those old-fashioned recorded-live-in-the-studio LPs?

Submitted on: OCTOBER 12, 2003 18:01:26

Yep - probably the best show i have ever been to. How about that light show!

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 01:21:26

made it to the show
despite a strangely debilitating overnight stomach bug--felt like i was underwater all day---drowning by the time the gloaming began but

soon forgot about the death invading--
mr. yorke's voice stretching deafening so
very electrifying liquid poured
from the rafters of the garden (!)

so very awake when the lights came from sounds in the rippling waves 'round us--
new york city is so fucking alive

mr. yorke has power to be jubilant
while reserved...he gives this to us
in a jangly dance balanced on tightropes
that we york im talking about us

new york
watch me rant
catch cables of cantankerous
melody---are you there? show me your hands new and yr kronies

lets prop tony blair and w bush next to eachother while mr. yorke says everyone ever
y one aroun
d here has got
the fear

only one night to re-write faith
in the best band around (camden sucked)
only one night--
red pulses
i stare willingly
at the crowd around me
thom says kill me sarah kill me again
with love
and i have
for the first time in my 24 years
clenched my fists
with my hands still in my pockets

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 02:07:21

this was the sexiest radiohead show I have ever seen....everything was in its right place.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 03:08:03

RE: Highlights...
How could I have forgotten In Limbo? A distinct pleasure, since the only time I've heard it live was on the excellent Pinkpop 2001 bootleg. Another great showcase for their musicianship.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 03:36:37

Best Radiohead show I've seen far. Blown away in the Garden by the setlist, but moreso by the energy and enthusiasm with which the band played. So what if Thom was a bit horse? He more than made up for it in pure emotion. And kudos to his shout out in 2+2=5..."Fuck you G.W.!"

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 05:47:29

You know a band is great when you have been to the best show you've ever seen in your life, and they skipped your favorite songs (Wolf at the Door, Knives Out, Tourist)...;) The Garden was packed and really enthusiastic, the light show was phenomenal, and the sound mix was great. Interesting surreal vibe inside and outside the venue; a few strait-laced more conservative looking fellows offering to pay a lot of money for my tix at the last minute, and the guys walking around the arena selling champagne lol. I am a long-time fan but had not seen a live gig before, and I was amazed at how well they were able to reproduce their studio sound (including keyboards, more techie stuff etc). Best band still going by far, such a wide variety of material stylistically speaking. A fitting end to what I'm sure was a great tour.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 06:38:58

This was my third time seeing the band, and while it was a great show (I think it's hard for any fan of this band to not enjoy seeing them live) I've gotta say that this was the least inspring show I've seen of the band's. The set list was extremely lackluster inlcuding almost all of Hail to the Theif and you could really tell that they were on the tail end of a long tour. Thom hardly said a word to the crowd and appeared to be drunk at the beginning of the show. In the future, it would be nice to see them stray from their predictable patterns and play some of the fantastic material that seems to have been forgotten in their archives.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 13, 2003 15:41:12

Hey, Just wanted to let you all know that I am reading the reviews! Sounds like a really terrific show, the one show I was at was the 2nd one at Liberty State Park in 2001, and that was great too, so this must really have been something. I bought tix to Friday's show when they went on sale in the Summer, knowing I might want to give them up when the time came, and in fact I did because I was with my wife celebrating the birth of my son! So I'm glad I got to miss the show after all, I'll just keep looking forward to the next one! :) Dan

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 00:09:03

corrections, first off:
scatterbrain was song 12.
idioteque was played in between just and you and whose army.

The Oxford boys, whom I also saw in St. Louis this summer, can rarely be caught off their game. Just when the earth-shattering beat of the Gloaming ends, and your eardrums are trying to recover, Thom screams his way through a modern rock masterpiece, 2+2=5. This song is an impressive start to an impressive LP, but live, it truly takes form. Sneaky guitar and percussion build slowly until Mr. Yorke builds the bridge to a a vocal tumble down the cliff.

Live adaptations of other songs hardly pale in comparison, and even slower ballads ooze energy. Exit Music had the crowd so excited they couldn't contain themselves before its crescendo. Sail to the Moon, fittingly dedicated to Thom's son Noah (you'll build an ark...), was pitch-perfect. Scatterbrain, with its disconcerting melodic contrast, was a revelation thanks to Thom Yorke's passion.

Other highlights included Lucky, a song with a lot of open space that manifests itself best in the live setting, and of course, Creep. This was a more-than-pleasant surprise and a forceful nod to the band's earlier days, with a beautifully designed sync-up of lights and Jonny G's guitar blasts. Yorke's camera antics on You and Whose Army never get old

Idioteque and The National Anthem, both Radiohead concert standbys, were entrancing and begged you to dance the night away even if you were at the top of the Garden.

The setlist overall was very impressive, with Exit Music, In Limbo, Creep, and no shortage of other relatively rare beauties.

Everything In Its Right Place is always a tasteful ending, especially following No Surprises. Unfortunately a member of the crowd burst onto the stage and had a drunken reel during the second encore, but the band didn't miss a beat on Airbag and were able to make light of it. And speaking of missed beats...these never happen with the ever-perfect Mr. Selway. He is an artist and a robot, creative and consistent. The younger Greenwood is always busy and always on target as well, playing the role of mad scientist on the close of Go To Sleep.

The lighting was impressive as it has been for this entire tour, Thom was shy but playfully energetic, often letting loose for some disjointed dance moves. The pit proved to be a very very nice place from which to view the concert, especially in a place like MSG. All in all an amazing experience, one not soon forgotten for anyone who attended. Of course one would like to assume the band feels proud of this particular performance as well, but who can say? Not I, as I'm just happy to have been there and bobbed my head off to every tune.

Thanks to everyone who had a hand in that show, even the drunken idiot who went on stage, because you were pretty funny too.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 04:35:57

I was nervous about this show after watching Meeting People is Easy, and b/c NYC audiences can suck, and I wanted to have a great time and hear the songs that I love since I probably won't get to see RH for another 2 years.

For those who are holding on to tickets for an upcoming show - relax! This band has never sounded better. It seems like they came to make us happy and are having a great time doing it. Those 2 nights were such a release - I feel like I've been on a weeklong vacation.

My highlights were basically any song that let me spazz out/jump up and down/scream and sing along till I lost my voice: 2+2=5, Talk Show Host, Myxomatosis, IDIOTEQUE!, and Everything in its Right Place.

Now I think I'm suffering from post-Radiohead-concert-syndrome: I can't stop thinking about the concert. I sing aloud walking down the street, on the subway and especially in the elevator at work.

Thank you Radiohead - I can't wait to see what you do next . . .

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 11:05:18

This is my third Radiohead show, and I must say...INCREDIBLE work guys. I was feeling really down for personal reasons that night and the show lifted my spirits.

The Gloaming as an opener was moody and beautiful and completely unexpected. Myxomatosis grooved. Live, that song has takes on a whole new power and excitement. In the middle of the set, they played Creep and it shocked the shit out of everybody. My highlights were all the songs they played from HTTT (although Scatterbrain dragged a little bit), Idioteque, EIIRP, No Surprises....shit screw the highlights, I liked every song. Although I am quite disappointed that I didn't get to hear Wolf at the Door.
The lighting was spectacular as well. I wonder how the band can change its setlist every time they play and still have such a well-choreographed light show?

Anyway, Thom's voice was in wonderful form, none of these cracks that I hear people talk about. He bonded well with the audience. He was like the leader of some huge movement, truly transcendant. I must say that, judging from Friday night's performance, Jonny and Ed on guitar rank a LOT HIGHER than 59 and 60 on any "best of" list!!! Colin and Phil reminded me of why I fell in love with Radiohead in the first place... the beats, the beats, the beats.

My only complaint was that my space on the floor was cramped and I didn't have a lot of room to dance. Guys next time you come to New York, screw MSG, do Liberty State Park again. Now there would have been perfect.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 15:46:21

Wow...amazing. This was my second RH show. I saw them in '01 at Red Rocks. That being my first show, and the atmosphere at RR, it was special. But I saw this show with my gf, who is not a huge fan, and she was more than impressed. Some highlights: I thought Just was awesome, just (ha ha) because they had played new stuff until then, and it rocked. YAWA was incredible, the way Thom played with the camera. I really wanted to hear Exit Music and No Surprises, and they played them both.

Again, just fucking mind-blowing. Jonny is a goddamn genius.

On a down note, some people asked us to sit down after The Gloaming (the opening song!!) My girlfriend and I moved down a few rows because, for some reason, people weren't there. A few songs later they asked a guy, now behind us, to sit down as well, and that guy basically told them to fuck off. I mean, it's a concert, not church! I didn't pay $60 to sit down! What the hell is wrong with people?

Well, I can't wait until I see them again. Hopefully I can be front row sometime.


Submitted on: OCTOBER 14, 2003 21:35:57

I took a few days off from from the searing boredom of my day job to fly to New York hoping to see Radiohead perform with the Merce Cunningham Dance Company. Learning that ticket was as scarce as Montana jackalope, I dropped a fortune on a couple of tickets to see them at MSG. I rationalized this excess by asking myself, if it was possible to see Coltrane, or Ellington, or Mozart for that matter, would I spare any expense. (No) O.K., that's a bit too much even for RH to live up to, but I have a real, almost organic bond with their music. Accepting that the venue is hardly condusive to playing soft or pretty, the performance was by necessity hard-edged and gritty, and at times very humorous courtesy of Thom. There is no contemporaneous music I would rather hear. Afterwards, in a euphoric state, a temporary and illusionary reprieve from the meaningless drudgery of my existence, I treated myself and a young women to a numbingly expensive meal at one of the "hottest" restaurants in New York, Ducasse's Mix. (Although mish mash would better describe the food, 'nother story.) So, I sit here back in the cultural waste land of middle America, sensing the inevitable effect of its perverse anaesthetic creep back into my fingers and soul. I think I'll go watch some t.v.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 15, 2003 10:33:48

This show was the reason that you go around talking about Radiohead like you do all the time, annoying everyone. Ineffable.

Submitted on: OCTOBER 16, 2003 05:57:03

The show was so amazing. this was my third time seeing Radiohead. They never disappoint. I love Paranoid Android live. so exciting. The crowd went nuts when they played Creep. They are the best band live. I was just hoping they'd play longer. I never wanted it to end.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 09:14:34

This was my 4th Radiohead show (saw them at MSG in 2001, Liberty State Park 2001, and the previous night at MSG) and it was simply amazing. It's been over 6 weeks now and i still have goosebumbs when i remember that thursday and friday night.

I started Thursday off in a state of apathy, not really caring if i went to the show or not. Life has a way of making one feel like that sometimes. I ended the night racking my brain, trying to come up with ways for how i would get in the next night, i knew i HAD to go. Friday night was more of a continuation of the previous show for me, as i stood in the aisle, smoking a joint, surrounded by all this intense crazy and positive energy. i fi could i would have become a Radiohead groupie at that moment. I would have followed them across America and back to Europe just to keep that feeling with me.

My Highlights -

* You and Who's Army - Yorke is a lunatic genious.

* No Alarms - As was said somewhere earlier, when the line "they dont, they dotn speak for us" was sung, MSG went crazy. It was like...we're ARE in this TOGETHER. I wish i could bottle that feeling.

* Fade Out - I so love this song, and was pleading with the gods that it would be played. And when they did all was well =)

In closing - Radiohead is doing something that no other band in our day and age is capable of. They are actually creating. It's an amazing feeling.

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