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Les Eurockennes - Belfort, France
July 4, 2003
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01there there
02 2+2=5
03 morning bell
04 lucky
05 talk show host
06 scatterbrain
07 national anthem / hunting bears
08 the gloaming
09 just
10 fake plastic trees
11 sail to the moon
12 my iron lung
13 where i end and you begin
14 just
15 paranoid android
16 idioteque
17 after the goldrush /everything in its right place

encore #1:
18 exit music
19 kid a
20 karma police
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Submitted on: AUGUST 10, 2003 02:12:37

I think this was one of the best shows radiohead ever played!!they really enjoyed
theirselfes and the audience was grateful!!
they played more songs than on other gigs and they played 3 of my favourite songs:talk show host;KID A;paranoid android!
and of course the encore was brilliant!!
i nearly died when they played exit music!!
and at the end thom yorke sung lines from karma police acapella with the audience!!!

Submitted on: AUGUST 10, 2003 22:01:18

My first RH gig: what a thrill!
We thought we'd never get to the site festival, we were like 20 minutes late, but it was an increadible feeling to hear the band from so far...
Anyway, we were there & it was absolutely the best show ever! Just I like I imagined!
I think the best part for me was Scatterbrain & the song from Kid A. I only wish they played some Amnesiac songs, but it will be for my next show...
Thank you so much for this great performance & I hope next time it will last 3 hours, so that I can remember every single detail forever!
My own private fantasy: RH playing just for my dear love & myself... but just a dream I guess...
Cheers to all RH fans, take care Greenplastic!

Submitted on: AUGUST 14, 2003 06:54:54

After enjoying some great grooves from the Roots, my friend and I traversed the soaked red-clay of the "Grand Scene" at the festival and quickly made our way up about 50 feet from the stage. We were somewhat amazed at how easy it had been to get such a great view despite a crowd of 30,000+. Perhaps the French crowd wasn't as Radiohead-crazy as we were, but we certainly weren't complaining. Before the show some military-clad people came on stage and spoke for 15 minutes in French, I have not idea what it was about, but i found myself following along with what seemed to be a fake air-raid drill. Whatever. The show finally began with the johnny and the boys freakin out on the drums for There There. This was my 4th Radiohead show, but first time i got close enough to watch johnny in detail. He is above all things tall and energetic, he was all over the place and really into the show, and smiling behind the hair. The band was in great spirits, and seemed to be more in control, fluid and tight than previous shows i'd seen. The hits just kept on coming, with a healthy dose of Bends materials along with the usual suspects, National Anthem, Paranoid Android, etc. Also a nice surprise to see Thom lead into 'Everything' with the 'After the Goldrush' cover. Despite the rain, ankle high clay/mud, and rude french guys shoving it was an unreal show. though i guess at this point thats what we all expect. These guys are too good. I saw Coldplay earlier in the week in Nijemegen, Netherlands, it was a nice show, but Belfort reminded me how Radiohead just blows away all other bands. A highlight definitely came at the very end, after a classic Karma Police, the band walked away, but Thom stopped, walked back to the microphone and sung the "Phew for a minute.." ending along with the crowd. All in all an awesome experience.


Submitted on: AUGUST 15, 2003 14:06:18

This was a ture breath taking experience, much respect to the French, thair silence during the performance was through complete respect for a band that have now fully established them selfs as the most important on the planet, as this guy turned to one of my frends at the end of the show and said "now i understand why you have came all the way from the UK (Aberdeen) to see them."
Tom York's beautiful vocal,next to Jon Greenwood's complete all out drive through the show and Ed O'brien just balanced the hole thing out, and the added Neil Young tune 'After the gold rush' was just like perfection!!
I am just looking forwrd to seeing them at the end of ther tour in Aberdeen to relive the experience, that is RADIOHEAD!

Submitted on: AUGUST 17, 2003 05:11:55

I ll make this short and to the point... First I was in europe for 2 months and ended my trip with the show in Belfort. All I can say is oh my god, radiohead has the best sound out there right now. you cant really put your finger on it, but it just works. Johnny is making unbelievable noise with the radio and ibook. And Thom, well the show in France re-confirmed it, Thom is God. He was going crazy on stage and the sound was amazing! Having Thom come back out after everyone else left the stage to finish Karma Police was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Saw the show from about 30 feet in the clay and mud. It was amazing!

Submitted on: AUGUST 24, 2003 00:17:35

Does it get any better ?

Having gone to Belfort on my first gig I was surprised by how good the Roots were on-stage...but Radiohead....that was was...honestly it was one of the best moments in my life...

My thoughts are now occupied by when will they be touring in France so that I may see them again, hoping they won't disappoint me...

Submitted on: AUGUST 29, 2003 10:17:49

Le 4 juillet au matin , avec un ami, nous sommes partis direction Belfort: Les Eurockennes. Notre but: RADIOHEAD le soir 23 h!!!
Depuis ds annes mon rve tait celui-ci , voir radiohead en concert La journe fut longue en attente mais quelle rcompense nous avons eue pour finir!!Un Thom Yorke en pleine forme , une nergie et un charimse norme!!!Je n'ai pu m'empcher de pleurer...Le concert a t fabuleux!Ce fut une sorte de Best-Of de six albums plus magnifiques les uns que les autres.De Anyone Can Play guitar There There ou 2+2=5 en passant par Paranoid Android, tout a t comme nous l'avions dsir ... Un vrai rve qui s'tait enfin bel et bien ralis!!! A revoir!

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