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Knig-Pilsener-Arena - Oberhausen, Germany
November 10, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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01. There There
02. 2+2=5
03. Where I end and you begin
04. Kid a
05. Backdrifts
06. Morning Bell
07. My Iron Lung
08. Lucky
09. I might be wrong
10. Sail to the moon
11. Paranoid Android
12. Punch up at a wedding
13. Go to sleep
14. The gloaming
15. Idioteque
16. Fake Plastic Tree
17. Sit down, stand up

1. encore:
18. You and whose army
19. National Anthem
20. Wolf at the door
21. How to do disappear completely

2. encore:
22. Like spinning plates
23. Everything in its right place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 10, 2003 23:26:04

Hi! I am trying to find the right words, well, it was f* good!!! It was great!!! It was cool!!! Watching the guys playing on the stage is amazing! Particularly Thom and Jonny delivered really great performance. Only the one thing I was really disappointed with, was "Koenig-Pilsener-Arena", filled up only for a half...But Iam thinking of going to Arnheim/Holland next week to see them once again. Thank you,RADIOHEAD!!! Wladi

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 11, 2003 23:39:29

I really was impressed, yes I was. As a visitor of many rock concert over the last years and wondering what Radiohead shows might look like I really was impressed by their performance. The were able to generate an electrifying atmosphere that was well supported by a fantastic light show. While I always believed that a lot of singing, dancing, clapping and jumping makes up a perfect gig, this was a new experience for me. Thank you Radiohead. By the way, their gigs are a good way to find out why they do songs like they do. Go out, watch and listen.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 06:55:39

Wow!!! I was at a Radiohead concert with my pal Bernd and we both loved the show at Knig-Pilsener-Arena, although it wsnt sold out. Every single song was a mindblowing, chilling, thrilling and absolutely fantastic experience. What a night! And what a band!

P.S.: Despite all murmur going around, Radiohead is a f***ing funny band!!! Ed, Thom and Jonny sang a canon of the phrase "Son of a bush!" right before they played "The Gloaming"!!! Everyone laughed!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 11:56:04

What a night!!!
Absolutely fantastic!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 12, 2003 21:24:29

ok radiohead has been my favorite band since the bends came out. and this was the first show i ever got to see. and it was totally worth the wait. to see them live and how they actually perform what you hear on the albums is amazing. thom and johnny were absolute mad men. thoms voice was strong and clear. there was only one mistake in the show when a mic went hot on them. but hey its live right. i waited around after the show on this platform above thier buses hoping to catch a glimpse and maybe get an autograph. i gave up after an hour. phil, ed, and colin were amazing too. some of the stuff i thought were drum samples phil actually played. eds backup vocals were good. i had wondered how they worked that out. they are the best band ever. of course i might be a biased. a little.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 13, 2003 03:30:27

It was my first Radiohead show - and I was blown away! What a pleasure to watch real musicians playing fantastic and fearless music!!! Excellent, guys!!!!! And thanks a lot!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 30, 2003 02:47:50

I also enjoyed the concert very much although the arena indeed isn't a nice place for a radiohead concert.I'd just like to add one point:
I was quite disappointed because actually no one danced or attempted to rock!
Radiohead is ROCK and DANCE music!
Of course there are a lot of songs to just close your eyes, listen to the amazing sounds and dream away but there is also 'idioteque' or 'paranoid android'.
Just standing around and whipping your head isn't that much fun and the crowd at Hurricane Festival knew that way better than the audience in oberhausen.

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