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Color Line Arena - Hamburg, Germany
November 15, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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1. The Gloaming
2. 2+2=5
3. Morning Bell
4. Myxomatosis
5. Lucky
6. Scatterbrain
7. Exit Music
8. I might be wrong
9. Go to sleep
10. Sail to the moon
11. There There
12. Dollars & Cents
13. Karma Police
14. Backdrifts
15. Idioteque
16. Paranoid Android
17. Sit down, stand up

1. Zugabe:
18. Where I end and you begin
19. National Anthem
20. Punch up at a wedding
21. Street Spirit

2. Zugabe:
22. Just
23. Everything in its right place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 16, 2003 06:14:50

fantastic concert with great sound, and a great playset.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 03:11:13

I was at the show in Hamburg last saturday, and im impressed that no one has posted any review so far. well, that might show the lack of entuthiasm that characterizes the Hamburg audience.
For me the concert was magic. it was the first time i saw Radiohead live, and i had waited anxiously for that day since i saw the tour dates earlier on the summer. Every day and minute of waiting paid off. As i said, the concert for me was magic. it was more than i expected. I cant give the set list because i was too excited to pay attention to the order, but at least i know they played 23 songs, included the two mandatory encores theyve been doing this tour. But let me start "from the beginning". The support act, Asian Dub Foundation, was really entertaining and they really tried to cheer up the audience, but they as well failed. the people clapped politely but nothing else. Then Radiohead came on stage, at 9:15, playing a very cool and absolutely different-from-the-album version of The Gloaming. It was very nice to hear the song in such a new way. Then they played 2+2=5, then i guess came Morning Bell, and a bit too soon for my taste, Myxomatosis. but it was still great!! Tom Yorke said something funny and critical at the beginning of the song, and then when he finished he said "Lets forget about that", or something similar. :P Then i guess came Lucky. that was amazing! The song was so sublime. well. As i said, i cant remember the order, but they played Backdrifters (i danced like mad!!), There There (cool drums by Ed and Johny), Idioteque (also "dancing time", one of my all time favourites, it was amazing....), I might be wrong, Karma Police (it was the nice moment of the evening from the audience: we all sang along with Thom the This is what you getline, and it sounded marvelous), National Anthem, Like Spinning Plates, Go to sleep, Scatterbrain, Paranoid Android (of course, one highlight!! the combination of the very bright lights with the peaks of the song created an adrenaline flush of no comparison....). Then the first encore came. I loved to see the band coming into stage clapping to the audience, i found that so nice. Well, they played Where I end and you begin, Punchup at a wedding, and Street Spirit (Fade Out), if i remember correctly. then they left again, and some people left, i dont know if they knew that they would play two encores, but anyways. ! they came again and played JUST!!! that was amazing! i was singing to the top of my lungs (which was embarrasing because no one else around me was singing along....:P), and they closed, of course, with Everything in its right place.
All in all i liked EVERYTHING!! The screens were very cool, with the split image, so that one could see more that one member of the band at the same time. I was pretty close to the stage but still i liked to see the screens from time to time since i could get more of Thoms expressions :))) I loved it when Thom jumped from the piano to the mic and vice versa, like in Backdrifts, it was so cute! :) (sorry for being cheesy!), i loved to see Colin dancing and jumping next to Phil all the time, it gave the impression that he was really enjoying it. That Phil played "something" in Backdrifts was also new and cool for me, since i had no idea how they made the sounds in the song :P so, that was cool to see. and well, Thoms dancing was very funny, and the faces he made during Myxomatosis, hes such a performer.
Well, im just sad that i have to wait for so long until they release another album and start touring again. I felt incredibly happy after i left the concert, but at the same time i felt sad thinking that this joy i wouldnt feel again in a long time :)) It was a marvelous evening, im glad to had seen such a genius band when theyre at the peak of their careers, im glad ill be able to tell my children that i was part of it, and im glad im still young and so they are, so that i have the chance to see them again.
Well, i guess this is too long and boring, and if anyone reads this i guess it will be my brother and he will do so because ill tell him to do so :P
Cheers everyone! And Hamburg fans: please do something about your attitude.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 04:23:03

Hello, em, i just wanted to say that ive read another review from the Hamburg show in, and the guy has the right setlist :)) so, dont believe mine, but the other one :) i guess i confused dollars and cents with like spinning plates, but, that happens to me all the time with song names. and i forgot to mention "Sit down. stand up" and "sail to the moon". well, thats about it.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 08:29:33

short but true:

this was the first time, we saw radiohead
live & direct.
and it was amazing!
these guys are absolutely genious: great band, great sound, great show!
this was the best weve ever seen in concert.
this is the band of our times...

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 17, 2003 11:44:57

What a blistering performance! This is the first time that Ive seen Radiohead live and I really had the feeling that I was seeing something special akin to those who saw the Beatles in concert. Considering Radiohead have been touring since May I was impressed to see so much enjoyment and energy in their performance. They all become part of their music and when their created genius is generated you are watching truth, honesty, and an uncanny ability of a group of lads expressing a connection in us that brings us to love their music. They seem to have a shy realisation that they are aware of this ability and are humbled that this connection is alive in so many people. Seeing Radiohead live you are witnessing craftsmen at work, all of them becoming one with their music and with each other a true masterclass.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 18, 2003 07:57:29

The show was absolutely fantastic, eventhough the arena wasn't completely booked out. The light show and the way the band (in particular Johnny and Thom) performed was totally stunning- although performing might not exactly be the right word for what I saw, the whole band seemed to be living the music. It was an experience I would never ever want to miss. The setlist included a lot of HTTT songs (of course) but also some great performances of exit music, karma police, lucky, the national anthem, a very nice idioteque, just and street spirit... It was the best show I ever saw and I will always remember this evening and all that it gave me. Thank you very much to all of Radiohead. Please keep it up!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 20, 2003 04:33:06

An absolutely brilliant concert with a great setlist and a perfect order of songs. My favourites this evening were "Idioteque", "Myxomatosis" ans "Exit Music". Thom's singing and Jonny's guitar playing in combination with the outstanding lightshow made this concert a marvellous event, I will never forget...
Thank you Radiohead

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 21, 2003 03:44:23

Gabriella honey, I have no clue where you were sitting at the hamburg concert but i was on the floor with my good friend and we were in a sea of incredibly loyal and crazy fans. It was phenomenol! Everybody knew every word to every song and I can honestly say I've never been to a rougher concert in my life. It was so exciting and amazing and wonderful!! Thom's vibe was picked up by everyone around us as they were all dancing along and singing with him. I have seen radiohead in the states and I think they were even better in Germany as they fed off of the crazy crowd. It was the best concert I have ever seen and it only fuels my desire to see them more and more.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 21, 2003 09:50:36

An absolutely brilliant concert with a great setlist and a perfect order of songs. My favourites this evening were "Idioteque", "Myxomatosis" and "Exit Music". Thom's singing and Jonny's guitar playing in combination with the outstanding lightshow made this concert a marvellous event, I will never forget.
Thank you Radiohead!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 03:31:21

I invited my girlfriend to join the fanstastic universe created by Radiohead everytime they take over the stage, so we both came down from Copenhagen.

We both left Hamburg the day after just wishing for more, eventhough we only the night before enjoyed a perfect and complete setlist!

As good as it gets!!!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 26, 2003 14:43:22

This was my first time in a Radiohead concert and it was a great experience, This won't be my last Radiohead concert that's for sure, The lights, the band, even the the envioroment was amazing, well it was more than i expected and if i liked radiohead before the concert, after i loved the band. But the only bad part about the concert was the oppening band Asian Dub Foundation I think i wasnt the only one who wasnt pleased by their music, but then radiohead came on stage and it all changed... and my brother was very surprised that they sounded a lot like the recorded versions or even better... well that was definitely the best concert I have been : )

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