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Gelredome - Arnhem, Netherlands
November 19, 2003 with Asian Dub Foundation
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01 there there
02 2+2=5
03 lucky
04 myxomatosis
05 where i end and you begin
06 backdrifts
07 fake plastic trees
08 paranoid android
09 i will
10 i might be wrong
11 climbing up the walls
12 my iron lung
13 sit down. stand up
14 scatterbrain
15 the national anthem
16 exit music
17 idioteque

Encore #1:
18 the gloaming
19 go to sleep
20 the bends
21 street spirit

Encore #2:
22 we suck young blood
23 karma police
24 everything in its right place
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Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 13:15:18

fucking great concert!!!
In the beginning the crow was a bit dull, but after a couple of songs they began to live it up. fake plastic trees, idiotheque, streetspirit, sit down, myxamothosis, everything and national anthem were the best, sadly they didn't play dollars and cents and creep, but it sure was great!! What a great show!!!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 14:56:29

I'm surprised to find myself still able to speak. I can only hope I can express my view on tonight's concert in a decent way... It's good I can type this all down, for I am afraid I don't possess enough air in my lungs anymore to dictate what I am about to say after this breathtaking concert. Concert is probably not even the right word, "experience" comes closer to a good description.

Opening up with "There, there", Radiohead kicked off a 24 song vacuum in time and space, filled with loads of songs from the new album (2+2=5, Myxomatosis, Where I end and You begin, Backdrifts, I will -beautifully done by Thom Yorke all alone on stage, Sit down Stand up, Scatterbrain and in the first encore The Gloaming and Go to Sleep and in the second encore We Suck Young Blood, with a at times frantic Thom on piano). Hearing the new songs live made them even more special than I already considered them to be, adding an intensity almost outworldly. On top of the "Hail to the Thief" songs (Thom Yorke telling us how "fucking brilliant" the Leader of the Free World must be, to have bought himself the seat he's sitting on) they played a few of their finest tunes, including Lucky (I've been praying to some sort of Holy Entity of Musica that this song was on their setlist for tonight...) Fake Plastic Trees (semi-acoustic), Paranoid Android, I Might be Wrong, My Iron Lung (old time favourite), The National Anthem, Idiotheque (dancing time!) The Bends, Street Spirit (according to Thom: "These are songs to make you forget") and ending the show with Karma Police and Everything in its Right Place. During this show, everything indeed seemed to be in its right place.

It was breathtaking, soulwarming, smile evoking. At times soothing, at times orgasmic (Paranoid Android!) The band seemed to have quite a lot of fun and all their performances were nothing short of pure genius. Jonny and Ed were fabulous, especially Jonny's solo's and Ed's singing. I was wondering though, what the strange equipment was they were using at the end of the show? It was visible on the screens, which showed beautiful images of the show, but I couldn't really figure out what it was. Thom was dancing like a looney monkey -he was so cute!

The word that came on the screen at the end of the show really said it all. In my mind, in my heart and in my soul. Thank you, Radiohead.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 19, 2003 23:35:28

Last night i was overwhelmed by Radiohead. I went to allot of concerts and saw allot of nds, but this was one of the best shows i ever saw. I was very clos to the sage and Thom was on a roll. He really had fun and so did the audience. Th highlights for me where Street Spirit, we suck young blood, myxcamatosis, Karma police and exit music from a film.

Thnx guys for giving me a night to remember


Submitted on: NOVEMBER 20, 2003 01:30:20

Great, beautiful show!! Especially happy with all the older stuff they played!
Would have loved to send you some pics of the show, but my camera got confiscated at the entrance :-(

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 20, 2003 01:40:48

From start (There There) to finish (Everything in it's Right Place) it was great! Thom's voice was just amazing and the whole band seemed to really be into it tonight... I can't give a complete setlist, but here are some of the songs they played: There There, Sit Down Stand Up, Backdrifts, Where I End and You Begin, We Suck Young Blood, I Will, Myxomatosis, Scatterbrain, I Might Be Wrong, 2+2=5, Everything in It's Right Place, The Bends, My Iron Lung, Street Spirit, Exit Music, Karma Police, Paranoid Android, Idioteque, Fake Plastic Trees.
It was nice that the band sampled a bit of the soccercommentary in between two songs (the Dutch squad was playing Scotland in Amsterdam). Thom joked about it as well: "This isn't soccer"! Highlights of the evening were definitely Exit Music, Karma Police, I Might be Wrong and Everything in it's Right Place. The light show was nice as well. The lights really accentuated the songs, creating a cool blue background for Exit Music and blazing into a burst of white light during the loud parts of 2+2=5. This was truly a magnificent experience...

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 20, 2003 04:58:09

What a night...
Asian Dub Foundation kicked off with a very energetic performance, too bad that the biggest part of the crowd didn't catch on to their vibe. People were coming for Radiohead and that is what they wanted to see.... Radiohead started off with 'There there' and I was very happy to see that this crowd could actually move. This is what we were waiting for! Tom was in excellent form tonight. Never heard such a great 'Idioteque'. Believe me..... the end was amazing! At one point in the night Tom reminded us of the Bush visit to London. I quote: 'If you've got nothing to do tomorrow.... Come to London! I want you to meet somebody. The king of the free world.... bought his way in. Isn't that brilliant!' After which they jumped into 'The Gloaming' We were clearly on his side...
On the same night as the concert the dutch football team played a very important game against Scotland and during two songs they mixed sounds of the commentary through the beginning and end. Very cool. At one point Tom said: 'Let's see if the football is still on' and the commentary came on. Tom not understanding a word of dutch made the funny remark: 'Does that sound like football to you?!?' The band was having fun tonight as always and Tom was swinging. Thanks for a great night Radiohead and Asian Dub Foundation!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 20, 2003 23:34:45

This was my first Radiohead concert, but will definitely not be my last. Thom's voice was just as amazing live as I expected it to be. The set list was very good. Most impressive were 'Fake plastic trees', 'Paranoid Android', 'Karma Police', '2+2=5', 'Street Spirit' and of course Thom's dancing. :) It was a good mixture of old and new songs. They opened up with 'There, there' followed up by '2+2=5' and ended with 'Everything in it's right place'. Had a great time, thank you Radiohead. Wroah!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 21, 2003 02:10:16

Wednesday nights radiohead concert was WONDERFUL! although the concert wasn't sold out (empty places in the sitting area) the standing area was completely filled. i got in at the last moment and so only saw about 10 minutes of the support act Asian Dub Foundation (you dutch people smoke to much weed, come on jump!). we waited for about 40 minutes for the rh-crew to get the stage ready. the crowd was getting impatient and started booing. but all that was forgotten when radiohead began there there and right after that 2+2=5. i dont quite remember the entire setlist, but as usual they played songs from all of the albums. the audience was very enthusiastic, which i think had a positive effect on the band and especially on thom: he was very energetic, (belly) dancing, making jokes about Bush (he's going straight to hell!!") and football stuff. (the dutch national football team was playing a qualifying match against scotland in the same time) jonny had a radio tuned in to a live report of the match and played flashes during 'climbing up the walls' and 'the national anthem', which gave a really cool effect. a funny thing happened during karma police. thom started to laugh about something, which made the audience laugh too. After the song he excused himself - sorry, for a moment there i lost myself! Just before the second encore, ed announced the final football score: scotland zero - holland 6! which made everyone in the audience cheer and clap. Fantastic lighting, fantastic video, fantastic show, fantastic band, fantastic audience, fantastic dutch football team! im still smiling two days after!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 23, 2003 22:29:21

It's been a great show, except for the Asian Dub Foundation. I didn't know it was physically possible for something to suck and blow at the same time. But now back to Radiohead.
The had a nice setlist with songs spreaded from The Bends to Hail To The Thief. The electronic songs from Kid-A and Amnesiac had that special psychedelic load, of course. When I thought the show was over, it seemed they were just taking a break.
We Suck Young Blood wouldn't have been such a great song if it wasn't for the clapping audience. Thom and Ed had to instruct the audience how to clap properly, but in the end the whole thing sounded like one morbid zombie song (that means it worked out).
I really loved it when they played Myxomatosis. Thoms imitation of Bush in the end sure was sarcastic. The rest of the show was also great, but don't have the time to tell y'all every single thing.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 24, 2003 10:08:51

exhobitant! this summer i saw radiohead for the first time, at werchter. i thought they were great. that's why i decided to see them again in arnhem. this time they had a better setlist. the sound was not as good as last summer. still it was great! groovy lights and thommy-boy was doing his nerdy dance (very cool). dissapointment: people were talking about soccer during the concert. the highlights of the show: exit music and karma police!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 00:24:54

It was a great concert. It was the second time i visit a concert of radiohead and this concert was even better as the one in Nijmegen a few years ago.
The setlist was great. They were finished to soon. Next time i'll be there again.

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 25, 2003 07:19:32

Last Night in the gelredome was so great. It was my second Radiohead concert( i saw them also at the pinkpopfestival 2001), but this one was definitely the best one. The evening began as a surprise with Asian Dub Foundation, who played such great music. After that, they finally begun. They started with There There wich is a perfect concert opening from my opinion. The setlist was so great, especially the songs Exit music, myxamatosis and Paranoid Android which had a freaky guitarsolo in it from Jonny Greenwood. I was just blown away because of this concert and I wished that it would never stop. But after two encores the concert was done. Now I know definiteley that Radiohead is my favourite band.

Thank you guys for the great evening!

Submitted on: NOVEMBER 29, 2003 08:39:44

Not so great venue but still great show. Flown in fresh from England they put on a a good one. Thom made this comment (later put in as a beat/noise effect in one of their songs): If your not doing tommrow i'd like you to come to London. Theres a man I want you to meet there. Leader of the free world he is. And he baught himself into. Isn't that brillant?". Heres to you Sir Bush.

I also like the There There and 2+2=5 new singles put on first.. nice setlist idea.

Submitted on: DECEMBER 01, 2003 05:54:55

I have been to many concerts, many been great, some been brilliant. This 'show' was the most mesmerizing musical experience ever. The sound Radiohead produce on stage is quite unbelievable, so much so it can't be described in words or from memory, just a fantastic spectacle that can only be lived and then cherished. Truly the best show I have ever seen. Hopefully the pictures I sent will be posted.

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